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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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our top story tonight, a 22- year-old taking the lives of six others in a shooting rampage near uc santa barbara. two women standing outside a sorority and one man outside a deli were gunned down. 13 others were injured and others stabbed to death at his apartment. the shooter, elliot rodger, a student at santa barbara community college. he was carrying three semiautomatic handguns which he obtained legally. the college community will is coming together to remember the victims of this mass shooting. alicia
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shoot -- scott rates is live there. >> reporter: they're just trying to find a shoulder to cry on, doing anything they can to pass on. for thousands of those students, tonight was the first step in the recovery process. the pain in their faces is evident. the loss in their hearts, apparent. students took place at a vigil, a vigil to honor those gunned down by 22-year-old elliot rodger. >> it's good not to hold everything inside. >> i feel safer here knowing so many people care about what happened last night. >> reporter: it started in the center of campus. then they took to the streets walking candles in hand walking to a nearby park where the reflection of the candles could be seen lighting unso many
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faces. >> we're -- lighting up so many faces. >> you can tell walking by everyone, they are super upset and confused why it happened. >> it's awesome knowing that even though a lot of people didn't know the students, we are still a community and everybody does care about each other and that -- that this community does matter. like, we're not, like, we're not crazy. we care about each other. >> reporter: and despite so much sadness out here, there's still a lot of optimism. these students say they will recover, move on, but it'll take time. reporting live in santa barbara county, scott rates. >> the victim of father chris martinez held a news conference today. he's blaming the nra and politics for his son's death. >> when will this insanity stop? !
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when will enough people say, stop this madness !!! we don't have to live like this. you don't it will happen to your child until it does. chris was a really great kid. ask anyone who knew him. >> martinez is the first family member to speak out after last night's shooting. elliot rodger, the alleged shooter, passed the required background check to purchase firearms. >> three nine-millimeter semiautomatic handguns were recovered from the suspect's vehicle. two of these were cig power p226 guns and the other was a glock long slide. we have determined that all of these weapons were legally purchased from federally
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licensed firearms dealers and they were all registered to the suspect. >> tune in to kron 4 news to find more on the coverage at santa barbara. we'll have updates from the scene and also on we'll be updating our facebook and twitter pages as well. clear skies around the bay area for this saturday evening, and some gusty winds as well. that's messing with the camera there. winds there 30 miles per hour. and for san fransisco, 20 miles per hour winds. these winds will subside after midnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. the winds are turning more to a north direction clearing out the fog. so we'll have sunny skies for sunday from the morning all the way through the afternoon, and temperatures will be warmer as we get into the afternoon hours. up about 5 to 10 degrees in
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some spots. looking at 70s for san fransisco and oakland into the 80s for san jose. even the 90s for the north bay and east bay with santa rosa going up to 91 degrees. i'll have the forecast for memorial day monday in a few minutes. a motor boat collided with a whale off the coast of pescadero today. all were evacuated safely today. the sheriff's office got a call saying a boats had scratched into a whale about 5 to 10 miles from sail. nobody was injured and the whale appears to not have been injured. many officers were ready for the dui enforcement. they chose the great mall parkway to conduct their checkpoint. >> the signs were out, and dozens of officers were lined up and ready for the long night
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of dui enforcement. they chose the great mall parkway to conduct their checkpoint this year. >> we're looking to take drunk drivers off the roadway to make the roadway safer for the public. and we're looking for those without licenses. >> reporter: they say the majority of offenses are for not having a license, but the dui component is important too. he says he's seen the dangers of driving under the influence way too many times on the force. he says he takes dui very seriously. >> within the last nine months, a young lady was driving her child in the backseat. and she ran off the roadway and caused severe injury to her child and herself. >> reporter: the sergeant says there's no excuse for driving drunk. >> when you have drivers driving vehicles when consuming alcohol, your motor skills slow
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down, your perception slows. you may think you're safe to drive, but you're not. >> reporter: last year, they made one arrest. they're hoping this year that number is zero. i'm jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> police continue to answer questions why a woman was found floating in a south bay creek. >> also, a plane makes an emergency landing at a bay area airport. what went wrong after the break. moments of certainty.
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. a small plane made an emergency landing tonight at buchanan field in concord. the plane was forced to make aan emergency landing due to a problem with the landing gear. it happened around 7:30 and no injuries reported. the santa clara sheriff's
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office is investigating a cause of death after a body was found floating in a creek today. kron's alicia reed has details. >> reporter: rescue boats sailed four miles out toward the alviso slope in the vehicle creek to find him. -- in the creek to find him. it's unclear whose jurisdiction it was. alameda fire department, park services, wildlife service, and san jose pd all helped in the search and recovery. that was then handed over to the santa clara sheriff's office. after 7 hours of investigating, they're being tight lipped whether that death is being treated as a homicide. neighbors shocked to hear of the body says the marina is always quite busy. >> fishes and hunting and
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boating. it's pretty safe out here. it's pretty busy. >> reporter: the sheriff's office tells us the coroner will have an update on the victim once the autopsy is done on tuesday. the coroner's office is closed for the memorial day holiday. reporting in santa clara, alicia reed. >> we'll tell you what the chp spent the day cleaning up. >> and can the a's take one from the blue jays? sports coming up next. female narrator: through memorial day at sleep train,
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new efforts to improve treatment of vets following allegations of falsified records in medical attention, more veterans are being allowed to have health care in private hospitals. eric shinseki says v.a. facilities are enhancing clinics so veterans can get treatment sooner. they say veterans have died while waiting treatment at v.a. centers. an explosion and gas fire in texas. a utility crew digging ruptured a line by accident. that caused a substance to come out that caused the explosion. that substance is still unknown. more than a dozen cars were burned by that fire. the boy scouts of america
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may be a familiar -- president may be a familiar face. he was elected thursday as the group's new national president. it's a volunteer role lasting two one-year terms. he says being an eagle scout prepared him for a life of leadership. he's also the owner of a silver award. two lightning strikes in lower manhattan. he took this picture of lightning striking the top of one world trade center. that was taken yesterday. severe weather blew into that area. that tall spiral is attracted to lightning bolts. we have severe winds in the bay area. gusty winds bringing in cool temperatures in the bay, but most places in the 50s bay side and coast. we'll continue to see the winds until midnight and subsiding
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after midnight. that's more coming out of the north instead of offshore. that will keep the fog away not just for tomorrow, but for the next few days, we'll have a lot of sunshine for the rest of the weekend and warmer temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, 5-10 degrees and a carbon copy for memorial day. we had some fog this morning, but it's out of here. we won't wouldn't see that again until tuesday or wednesday. the storm track going to the pacific northwest. so that'll stay there. no rain in the forecast all the way through next weekend. temperatures for the south bay, sunday afternoon, low to mid- 80s. san jose topping at 84 degrees. mountain view, 81. redwood city, low 80s as well. from the east bay valleys, low 90s. bear field, low 90s. 90 also for concord. the sea breeze will still be
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strong for the afternoon, up to 30 miles per hour. so that will push in wind by the bay. san fransisco, warmer, 70. near 80 for oakland and a fairly warm day in the north bay areas with upper 80s and low 90s. monday, very similar weather. another sunny day. temperatures just a few degrees cooler but still on the warm side, especially inland. here's the seven-day forecast for the bay. things change tuesday, some more fog working in. gusty winds for the afternoon. temperatures dropping about 5 degrees. and that's where we'll stay through mid-week, and the sea breeze getting a reinforcing shot by friday and saturday. 60s by the bay and 70s inland next weekend. things will change with the plan on heal 280. that's been closed downtown. crews with installing hinging. the highway is expected to
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reopen at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. traffic hasn't been too bad, officials say. much like what you'd see during a friday commute. but anybody i've talked to says it's been worse. they recommend taking public transit to this weekend's giants game. if you've driven around the bay area lately, our hearts go out to you. if you've been fortunate not to, dan reuben tells you what you've been out of. >> i'm ready for a nice saturday drive by the bay. it wasn't long before i hit trouble leaving san fransisco. there already appears to be an accident blocking the right lane. >> getting out of the city was an add adventure i'm still not through it. once on the bay bridge, things moved a little better, but only
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a little. once you got to the east bay, i was ready to end my trip. i asked my fellow motorists how they were feeling. >> reporter: can you find the words to describe this traffic? okay. i can't use those words on tv. just short of an hour to get to emoryville. according to google maps, that was only 2 1/2 miles where i started. 52 minutes of my life, gone. why is traffic so bad? >> the closure of 280. >> reporter: i knew it! i drove right there, made some calls, and demand answers. >> the game isn't until 7:00 tonight. that's not it. >> reporter: they lay down of fresh roadway, but their word of advise coming to san
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fransisco, avoid the roads altogether. >> cal train is the best option. >> reporter: reporting in san fransisco, dan reuben, kron 4 news. >> all lanes of this road was closed earlier today. this driver was airlifted to the hospital. a dump truck was there to clean up the debris and tomatoes on the highway. there's some bananas too. a vigil held in pittsburgh tonight honoring veterans and putting a hot spot light on posttraumatic stress disorder. >> the bay area nonprofit wounded minds says every day in the united states, 22 veterans commit suicide because of
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posttraumatic stress disorder. more than 40 people joining together to light candles and honor the men and women who have taken their lives after seeing combat in the military. he served in the army from 2007 to 2008. there's no way around it. war is tough. but he urges returning soldiers to open up to others when they get back to their daily lives. >> talk to about it. talk to your friends. talk to your family. don't be embarrassed about it. >> reporter: mark is a cofounder of wounded minds. last august, his son was awarded a medal for his actions. he says his son, sergeant carter has also suffered from ptsd and says the illness also affected the friends and family of the soldier as well. >> for 8,000 warriors to die here in the united states due
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to posttraumatic stress and we've only lost 7500 in the 13 years of wars that we've just experienced? 78,000 a year is a lot. and -- 8,000 a year is a lot. that can't go on. i can't -- i can't let it go out. >> reporter: if you couldn't make it out out here, you can still show your support. on sunday and monday, 15% of all sales from this barbecue store will go toward wounded minds. and in bay area sports, giants on a hot streak. ryan struck out 7 of 6 innings. and homers for the 4th time in 6 games. that gives them a win at at&t park. a's pitcher chavis led to
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two dropped runs. matching their longest slump of the season, they go at it again against the blue jays tomorrow. landon donovan is not headed to brazil for the world cup. that was a shock to the player who felt he absolutely felt to go. he feels u.s. coach, -- jurgen klinsmann's decision was personal. instead, the player says he'll focus on helping his teammates heading to brasil. it would have been his fourth world cup. ing join us right after the news, a full hour of your sports news. we have a one on one interview with the man from the giants
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hey, carnival is hitting up the street offense san fransisco this weekend. >> and the weather is heating up too. it looks nice for tomorrow evening in the 60s and 70s for the afternoon. 80s for the south bay, 90s inland. nice holiday weather. >> that will wrap it up for us. get the latest news at
11:28 pm or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you in the morning, everybody. have a good night.
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house of horrors kidnapping victim, michelle knight, breaks down on tv. >> i need a break. >> what set her off. then, storm over tv personality, mark cuban. >> if i see a black kid in a hoody at night on the same side of the street, i'll probably walk to the other side of the street. >> i was molested from age 6 to 10. >> pamela anderson parents, what they are saying about her shocking revelation. as police announce they're investigating. then the winner of survivor. he's a cop. but can he ever return to his job after this? >> was it worth it to you to sacrifice your own father? >> are you worried that this is going to jeopardize your ability to be a cop? >> plus, furious johnny weir. what he is saying about the big "inside edition" exclusive with the man


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