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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> reporter:an arrest made in connection with the stabbing death of a 14 year old boy in san francisco >> darya:fast food workers getting ready to walk off the job today how the strikes could impact the bay area. >> james: here is the view from the mt. tam. beautiful shot
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here with blue skies. will have some pretty decent sunbreaks. we have our day broken down into three different parts. morning is 60s. noontime in signing and '70s to low 80s. once again it's a bit warmer for us. will send a few more 90 degree day to around his bed and we did yesterday. >> george: drive times already a
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monk's 40 minutes helped to livermore. it was an anticipated slowing between livermore and dublin. southbound interstate 680. >> george: and for iraq to the bay bridge westbound is not as slow as it docked. it will mean slower median lights and a faster back up. >> darya:and we could learn more about the large earthquake that hit napa last another
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aftershock hits the east bay. >> darya: this comes on the heels of the six. los quake. and napa is unfortunately getting used to this rocking. more than 9000 structures art still red or yellow tag. >> mark: and the arrest was made on the 14th wrote a research on williams. last night, nearly 100 people gathered at a makeshift memorial. where the teenager was stabbed on folsom street.
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>> mark: the memorial with the lateat. mike >> erica>> reporter: he was a fn football player and a prep school. and he was stabbed after leaving a corner market with his brother. police have not commented on the motive and says that this was not in random attack. and for the 14 year-old who was described as a great student and kids. >>: it as an important to get
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involved in our community. and this is something that hits all of this freewheeling. >> reporter: the memorial is continuing to grow at this morning. now this the morning we are hoping to learn more about the teenaged suspect and what charges he may face. at this point they have not said the person they have in custody in the same person connected to these stabbings.
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>> darya: the restaurants affected included mcdonald's wendy's and burger king and kfc. and many workers want their minimum-wage raised. and they also want to be able to form unions. >> james:later today the justice department is expected to announce its plans to open an investigation into the practices of the ferguson missouri police department. >> mark:the government will look at practices in the past few years, including patterns of stops, arrests and use-of-force and officer training.
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>> mark:this investigation is in addition to the investigation looking into the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager that sparked riots in the streets last month. >> mark:the president is now in wales for nato summit. >> darya:this is video of him landing in wales earlier this morning. >> darya:today the president and the british prime minister issued a statement saying their nations will quote: "not be cowed" by exteremists who have killed two american journalists.
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campaign from malaysia airlines backfiring in giving them more trouble preheat
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>> mark: we had a slightly below are a number then what was expected. tamara's and we would have are government members from. but the s&p 500 is a dallas. will have on our opening bell and 20 minutes.
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>> darya: nevadas government is but making an announcement but the batteries will we build better. the factory will be easily able to transport matters. >> darya: we are watching what world leaders they're explaining the affairs.
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what the?
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>> james: the weather is the easy part. there's similar to yesterday's just read few more degrees. the western spent of the bay bridge. would conceivably everything just
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fine. temperatures are mild. how does a person wanted to get into the job or walled. it's a brisk morning as the head outside. the clouds are extensive. we are dealing with overcast conditions this morning. >> james: as a result of the sea are temperatures, the degree to. 82 in sunnyvale 85 in santa clara. a silicon valley forecast partly cloudy with 82 for sunnyvale. we're looking for a 90 degree. an upper 80s for the san ramon valley. 74 in fremont.
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and 75 in downtown oakland. the will see more low 80s today. and 80 in san rose. >> george: as lookit the ride into walnut creek. there is a bad accident in the same location were a half yesterday appeared it and it appears were most of it has been moved from the roadway are ready. the hercules to berkeley drive time is still only about 16 minutes. >> george: bleeding into dublin
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and come in and out of tracy. so is derived from livermore to dublin. the south bay freeway is still not showing any problems there. to the bay bridge was bound the there wasn't earlier occurring accident that has helped with the slow median of lives. a trip to a san mateo bridge is problem free. the golden gate bridge writers problem free as well.
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>> mark: president obama is and where else for talks. and president of blockbuster is speaking about the crisis and ukraine. and meanwhile the family of the two americans be headed have been supporting each other. >> reporter: going behind words of the grease and a love for their son. will not allow our enemies to hold us hostage. >>: fight in the cost of bagdad
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those who fight you god loves not the aggressors. >>: it is our responsibility the president of the vice-president all of us to do everything we can to stop this now. >>: isis' this is much of a threat to them as they are to the people and syria. >> reporter: isis' is just one issue that leaders will discuss.
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>> darya: malaysia airlines is renaming their campaign of the bucket list. they see that the idea was not appropriate due to be unfortunate crashes that took place on that airline this year. >> darya: they decided to can the budget last promotion. >> mark: in a 17 was shot down over ukraine the killing all 298 on board. an investigation will
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>> gar>> gabe: i met the 49 a stadium where we of heard that the technology is taught not to with they're trying to prove it today. there are 1200 s solar
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panels on these white pillars. in that instance fully covered the energy for all the home games they have this year. how about that this truly is a green stadium. caho >> gabe: over 2 million pixels delivering a very sharp image. and it is a bright sunny day and i am surprised to see how well you can see these images. >> gabe: a lot of buttons and this high-tech control room from 43 people handling the cameras audio and replace for anything that you see on the screen. how
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you provide strong qualify for 60,000 fans? u-turn the dominion into a giant hot spot. no wireless access helps to plug in all the friends. with the global application you can buy drinks and where there will be ready by time you get there and for $5 extra you and have it delivered to your seat. >> darya: a richmond teenager to your seat. >> darya: a richmond teenager and nearly obstructed by man.
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>> mark: and the dow had a little bit of a disappointment in the meantime the dow features being a up by 30 points. >> james: were looking at clouds
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but it would it warmer by this afternoon. what fast clearing tomorrow of few of the '90s are in the mix. there will be the main theme going forward. in just a quick snapshot as your seeing in nine degrees in the delta. afloat forecast coming up and 645. >> george: we are looking at a couple of accidents that's kind of debate. a new accident this i seconal one of the morning. that means as fluoride for the entire trip coming in. all the way to
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to 05 there are problems as on 680 southbound. baj >> george: the south hour ride starts to slow to recounted. let's follow the trip on highway 24 west bound, but macarthur mace. interstate 80 is now turned into an accident. it will be slower on the mccarter mays arrived. and the westbound traffic is backed up to the eight a cross over. >> darya: are you want this morning is a a a good muffin and all the workers want is a fair wage and they have a process
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where they are walking out of this morning. >> reporter: we know that the bay area protest is it very quiet now, however that is not the case and other times on such as a dietrich. -d chart. that they're looking for $15 an hour. there are rape protest earlier this year and now they want to send a message to the employers they want a fair wage. so far we know there are hundreds of
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protesters there we do not know the a number of people are the same thing happened in new york adnd detroit. >> reporter: that is the number they want regardless of the location. they believe seven to $10 is not enough for a single person. >> darya: these guys have to work with those to are not scheduled will protest today.
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even if you have nothing to do with this your order made take the longtime. >> mark: richmond police on the hunt for a man who tried to kidnap a 15 year-old girl. there is a reward for the kidnappers and arrest. >> reporter: on the man speaking who we will call him least did not want to be identified in any way. his very upset of what happened to is daughter as she walked home from school. >> reporter: she was very sad it
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all happened back in august 20th seconds. louis 15 year-old daughter was walking down the sidewalk when she was approached by this man. investigators said this meant camel behind their grabs her arm and tried to pull her into his car. luckily she was able to get away. >>: based on, so like the assault with sexual in nature >> reporter: three days later she was walking down third street and after she noticed the suspect she ran home to get her father became ought to chase him down he left but not before least it's not separate pitchers. >>: and just get the gatuy >> darya: a former napa why it
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--the wine tasting in network he pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax is set up a " fake company who would supply to winery's and make payments to companies that were never rendered. >> mark: 01 in going out to a cat owners and paul auto about coyotes. ...we need to break up.
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eastbound on hilltop a drive it's in that left-hand lane and slowing the west to bomb commute. it's a one ac transit bus in madrid ended a another. then must be as these three lines of 80 locked. >> darya: it was a bad day for baseball and the bay area. >> darya: on the seattle mariners. >> darya:and this was a pitcher's duel between jhon lester and king >> darya:and the a's newest player adam dunn gave oakland an early lead with a home run in the fourth. >> darya:but that is the only run the a's >> darya:seattle would take the lead with back to back home runs in the 7th inning. and they would win by a final of 2 to 1.
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>> darya:the a's have now lost 7 of their last 10 games and find themselves 4 1/2 games behind the angels in the american league west. >> darya:oakland has the day off today but will be back in action against the astros on friday. >> darya:things not any better fior the giants in colorado. >> mark:san francisco jumped out to a 2 to 1 lead in the 5th inning.and then the wheels fell off the wagon. >> mark:ryan vogelsong gave up 4 runs in the bottom half of the inning on back-to-back homeruns. >> mark:vogelsong gave up 4 homeruns in a game for the first time in his career. >> mark:the giants unable to come back. >> mark:the rockies win 9 to 2. but the good news for the giants.the didgers lost in 14 innings to the washington nationals. >> mark:and that means the giants are still only 2 games behind the dodgers in the national league west. >> mark:the giants and dodgers play eachother 6 more times this year.
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the giants are off today before taking on the tigers in a rematch of the 2012 world series.
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>> darya: the woman was accused for trying to steal a hundred and $44 of eye shadow and kansas. she took the the lot of
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makeup and you can read more about this on kron 4 data,. >> mark: we have more on how the snake got out on the kron >> darya: here is the spoiler is not good for the maker of the eye phone checking out on our web site. >> james: a beautiful sunrise the sun rises at 622 this morning. you can't see it under all the cloud cover with this is
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what it looks like from below. generally is kind of hazy out there. as for temperatures upper 50s low 60s. 63 and 0: 63 and san francisco. as for it, cover as we've seen it's pretty expensive. . >> mark: it will be warmer than yesterday by at degrees or to were made three degrees depending on where you are. '70s and '80s and everywhere else by three in the afternoon warming up in the delta. rep to the 90 degree mark with macy's in '90s there. livermore's pretty close
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to 89. in mid '80s to december and the amish and valid. in the north bay more and more eighties and we had yesterday. >> james: 10 which is of barely budging. speaking of barely budging let's talk about the traffic. >> george: a bus accident jams up to ride in both directions. that's why the drive is backing up well before highway no. 4 the incident that has a top draft.
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and were still jammed up at the macarthur maze. towards eastbound 580. the were still agenda of concord in pleasant hill. we have two separate incidents or there's a up motorcycle and a 580 right still jammed up into dublin this morning. . >> george: looking at the bridges, they're easier now because of all d " delays on interstate 80. for 92 in the san
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mateo bridge and no delays on the waldegrave down to >> darya: the 49 is open up this season on sunday against dallas cowboy us but we still do not know if our rate mcdonald will be able to play. >>: we will not tolerate domestic violence. have respect half for due process. >> reporter: coach harbaugh
6:51 am
used by a phrase due process about 10 times when describing ray mcdonald. as for ray mcdonald himself although cleared to practice with his team but he was nowhere to be seen. coach tom walsh said there isn't a lot of questions we can answer or that can be accessed. and for lack of answer is much in needs to be answered. >> reporter: the d a spokesman said that will happen until they
6:52 am
complete their investigation. >>: a man or woman should not be punished before the due process occurs. >> reporter>> mark: the 49ers hn decisive with the turf because they ripped it out twice. this was replaced late last month after they complained about slipping and sliding. >> mark: we have 10 days in
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order to get digressed ready. >> darya: how about heavenly grains. >> mark: of players do not like astroturf.
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plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> reporter: force compiled a list of the highest-paid actresses women still make a
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left on the men of the list and the top but women are cayley cocoa from the big bang theory became a third at 11 million. burning a one at marion dollars per episode. for the third year enduro modern families of theodore r. and the top and female at $37 million. that's from modern family and hair day with cancer. >> darya: and lager has
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encouraged and in the bag after this amazing text will showed see we talked to >> gary: at 745 s.
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hmm,his oks od. [ etrealusics stt yo dayith son y stts bakfa flaread and cris flaees,alittysosau, flbrea anyou art withetteingrient-- d oudelious ndwies, atbrds, d wrped elet
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