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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 10, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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was treated out and pop friends there is one here is another not big account hard this see billions see them in relation to the pocket knife they are what crews believed to be again there is one there is another the prince from the cat in question these were found and put out earlier this morning right now as we mentioned the big cat is being sent to sacramento for dna testing will be performed to confirm hopefully that this is it the cat in question but did attack and injure boy or a weekend the cupertino area for no on short if the big cat has rabies is one thing that the crews were testing for hopefully maybe prevent that young boy from having to go to a series of rabies shots. were still gathering information gathering crews are from the scene written with the story complete details as they come into the newsroom >> :
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six people hurt in a filing crash in some detail after investigators say a car jumped a sidewalk hitting a group of special needs students. buckley all those involved are expected to survive and to my team coverage we begin with the anchorman live at the scene of the pressure off hills stovall boulevard and sematech no >> : so far there are five people involved in this creche driver put the student teachers to students of expected to survive and in fact we were told employees one student released from hospital this happened right here on the sidewalk the students had been crossing the street and are the crosswalk on the sidewalk right here when the car jumped a curb and hit them. >> : please send an 30 morning this black actor wrote heading west on it was tabled their noble lord had come to have teachers three special needs students from his hillsdale high school.
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>> : the card of the sidewalk hit right here at another kid then hit the post at another kid. >> : tree trimmer was working in the area and saw the crash. assorted to people thought there going to die because of all the blood that was being dropped. >> : thankfully all those involved are in stable condition non with life- threatening injuries >> : meth the vest and head trauma of broken bones that she listened as stable from life-threatening injuries could to ensure she was with are all stable with a variety of abrasions and losing driver himself suffered >> : those hit were part of a group of 15 special needs students five teachers from hillsdale i school or out on of children >> : take field shore fishing trips to learn various was
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it was like to be an outside learned of less skilled >> : but live on cemetery boyer a question now is where this driver jumped a curb at this point please consols a couple of things that don't believe he did it deliberately to the complete his avoiding anything in the road so question remains of their part and the driver and now menaced fifties and now they're all sort and texaco your pores the seat of drugs are overhauled literal and the situation >> : saw ice on in several sacks and was cheered a hillsdale high school reasons not yet known the car veered onto the curb to the sidewalk along was still available large and kron 4 terrace and the afternoon talking this instance and little known as the but the victims here serve a great deal of concern >> : is really difficult day here in hillsdale was cool spoke with a teacher issues leading visibly shaken up by
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and do all the special needs students that were involved in the sex and she told me ask an for shirley i can't talk about it >> : erotically sums soon to talk to know what the accident until school will was over others said they heard helicopters late this morning then looked then found out that there was max then only three blocks away from the school. >> : another girl or boy >> : per bushel a special aids were sad but it's really tragic air armada the details. those at hillsdale are happy to hear that all the injuries in this case are not life-threatening. huge sigh of relief for hayward family tonight team honored student missing since saturday has been located since sound miles from his home in the search
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area, for his seat when the index for and the boys' disappearance and how and where he was found >> : 15 year-old miami has been found >> : so relieved to missing last friday from his home in the hayward hills following some sort of family dispute researches to place the days followed on wednesday the search was shifted to services go after someone there will said sergeant j.d. nelson will be of art of the shares of this >> : the piece of said we needed to figure where he was >> : the brother was recognized by someone in san francisco's largest industry you center he from the shelter so he got back to close enough food with see him he's ok his good healthy he just going somewhere to counseling to talk about things >> :
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one hour from now president obama will address the nation on his plans to deal with threats fleiss' islamic state that controls much of northern syria and iraq before the president live right here on kron for his review >> : he of the most well funded was capable terrorist group in modern history >> : as those executions the news of murders are preparing the an impressive arsenal of modern weapons captured tanks artillery even fighter jets. isis rule extends over two countries and threaten to raise its black flag over the white house. several thousand of them hold hold western press for some american experts >> : again one planted away from major disaster in the united states >> : vest after first declaring yet a strategy the president come up with one and a first point likely to hear the
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need for partners secretary of state john kerry in the middle east right now. to assemble most to this fight. the second is training including american boots on the ground and syria not to fight to provide instruction to rebel groups fighting against us the third is a strikh says the paragon has applied a warehouse with intelligence that will allow the president to expand their war and syria. while the first targets could be a syrian government airbase captured by isis last week. president's address expected tonight the last 15 to 20 minutes and we will bring it to you live from washington at 6:00. he will prole to spark a lot quicker action and if you like to join the conversation during a speech to canoga the crown books facebook page and share your views >> :
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high above 515 did nfl officials see a video of rice if plunging his wife and the elevator was to go to clinics and been a big trouble for the nfl and next all in all but the first death related to the nine to six earthquake and at the area led or others say '80s and '90s brown much the bay area as the is he gonna stick around at the answer coming up >> :
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ntur areery ffertthaneal teet. th're out n tis fternd have surface res ere cter n muiply polident kil 99.% of od-caui and lps ssolve sins.
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to the 65 year-old woman laurie thompson and her home when a magnitude 6 quake and struck by a television show that on friday on head injuries >> : this is the first click related death scores of other work for others were injured included a 13 year- old boy whose poll this was shattered wedge in a collapsed on top of him. tonight at 8:00 scott rights talks with the boy at his home in napa about the terrifying experience and pat >> : meanwhile and apple officials assessing damage from the quake next week and up a public health department will go door to door talking with residents in the city will be surveying people on how the quake has affected their household volunteers will with identifiable badges are on site per 15th 18th to conduct the survey >> : showing nfl player country
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is what the elder. was that since the nfl months ago. >> : celebrities putting their support behind rewrites. other player at the domestic routes and set up another 49 a player in the dollar sank on social media. >> :
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now on breaking news kron 4 learn online that attack the child in cupertino has been killed kron 4 charles clifford live the sulfate on details charles with the bay decide that that the chill lime verses tranquilizing it. eliza ashley because of aggressive behavior and was shot. on a cut this morning truckers with-what life without with dogs trying to track this cat down route 1030 in the morning they treated and online was mailed sharing a very aggressive behavior 65 ft. up a tree because it was so aggressive and so high up the ground and still it
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could safely to tranquilize animal they did shoot and kill my online is a male lion fish while live as transporting the carcass to sacramento or they will conduct dna test the animals out on that hole where the test rabies and lectures on effective and also won because of that nature is protesting that this is the same animal attacked that six year old boy back on sunday. and the shells in the area of the close of the past few days and looking for this online those will remain closed for the time being and clear out some of the traps they had placed an order to try to catch the online also may be lingering evidence in the area that the 1:00 to the right now those trails will remain closed. nuance according to associated press all law enforcement official claims of a copy of the video showing way rise punching his fiancee and the elevator was set to the
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official. mighty m's see to see section on roger gesell continually said that door is untried and what not was not able to get the video and the fallout continues insiders c. andrews has more on the celebrity showing their support for rice and his wife. >> : the shrine where support for a wall reality star comes to was one side. yelling and rubber the for a showdown. airline former housewife to armstrong's with domestic violence rushing to the defense of whereas standing by her bed >> : i was hoping someone closer could lead her to someone would make it smart decision not with her family >> : was on once allies. >> :
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box of floyd miller jr. says the nfl should have stayed with its original two game punishment >> : the hopes that you your second chance. both men spent time in prison. and vic for his role in an dogfighting scandal. more entertainment news at tonight at 7. >> : aside seven followed by entertainment tonight at 730 and kron 4 news at 8. >> : reg donald has public support of his parents end will come from his last week. traced the profit picture on facebook use see that the war right here recently commented on that post in part to a 49 or position saw u.s. mission of this is true he would have
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not set the field not true and will come out. the trend and respect number forthcoming and becoming very taxing the par the pose meanwhile today organization for women one of the largest women's rights groups in the country called for nfl commissioner roger adult to step down organization cites the richmond dole case when rice case and others recent examples of how the league has a problem with domestic violence >> : boy was it ever will address a lot of '80s and '90s still very hot to sorensen discuss we could see here for bay bridge toll plaza came onto a little bit of fog of the golden gate bridge and raise you and see satellite imagery that is it. sunny skies everywhere else and look at these numbers '90s for inland valleys '90s for the north bay 93 down in sunnyvale in hades inside
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the bay 84 hayward 817 tel right now 95 and antioch 93 in a bottle 96 out of their field of the coastline low 60s but sold a warmer here just a few hours ago sea breeze and landscaping at this hour. overnight will stay pretty mild temperatures in the '50s low 60s to start today and watched this as we had and the new hours temperatures warming up in a hurry. milady's run on the screen here you conceive '90s edging into the nine is already a noon would allow more from there to members in your neighborhood coming up >> : the popular air naval then is returning to the bay area this october. bradley made the announcement today there was canceled last year you may remember because of federal budget cuts but this year the show is on and that includes the return of favored event such as u.s. navy's blue angels airshow and the friendships on the
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golden gate bridge. the drop boards to watter find mayor ed lee todd saw how important even as to the bay area >> : along time coming fleet week is back in san francisco wonderful thing. as much as we missed it last year and undermines us as to how important is to air new relationships we have with our military forces to celebrate the men and women and i uniforms conducting our country also the practice continually what we have done with flea week to prepare and be ready. >> : it takes place through october 15th trade >> : reports of nonscheduled medical procedure mutt collateral and the death of joan rivers.
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john rivers death remains a
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mystery nearly a week of your she died there are reports circulating about the manhattan clinic abortion and throw procedure don rivers stopped breathing she went into cardiac arrest during that outpatient procedure september 4th a we don't know is exactly what happened at the clinic because the 81 year-old take a turn for the worse your daily news published a story today claiming that a non plant biopsy on rivers to vocal cords was done by dr. doctor's letter arrived with her perhaps one rune who had spd something in decided to investigate >> : the clinic is denying ever having performed a biopsy of her vocal cords at their facility meantime near cult officials are investigating >> : coming up a 530 we learn more about the rescue of a mother after she was kidnapped in kept in a cage for months >> :
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i outn the open. 'timeo drop you o maneedepend undeear., a use e sh them the'reot alone and ow o a pr of depend. becae weing diffent kind undwearis nbig deal. sh them the'reot alone and ow o a pin us.epend. suppt thcausand get a fr same ofepend police in san jose searching for the person who stabbed a 16 year-old boy this all happened on humming park near central westfield
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revenues authorities say the boy is in serious but stable condition supply and today like illness boat with his friends who detail the terrifying attack. >> : becomes friend tells me there are actually four of them involving the incident all high scores on the way home from school to all the laws across this freeway over the past the fun of large government bigger wade to 10 people as the altercation occurred. they're about the partnership with abc seven news shows see overhead before 3:00 tuesday afternoon high school sophomore tells me he his three friends typically what home school paramount concern over the 17 to embark teenager tells me at this they enter the park and across a group of five men appear to be drinking and another group of men and a truck and as the scenes of terror in the game and once it's of no less when the team who tells me that where the attack started >> : for was hurting from a guy trying to attack with a taser iran is against time
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trustee in the vehicle and my other friend said the trend run to. the came at us and everything. i know what to do the high school sophomore tells me he and his friends ran every which way trend away from the attackers three of them did so successfully after everything calmed down a fourth person with them engineered by more high school had been stabbed urgency cruelest of the and the hospital please have any suspects but the boy you heard from zero drugstore this is a message of hope they come forward to a better for the attacker. >> : man charged with kidnapping and murdering morgan hill teenagers year low marked in court so this afternoon trial date will not be selected for angela garcia thorez in november beckham november arrested or is it indicted on the disastrous of cyril mark her body never found. this it torahs to plead not guilty and also
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charged with three counts of carjacking attempted kidnapping and related other tax and more 2009. airline barring more about how indiana woman was rescued after being kidnapped and confined to a cage for two months. mother of two vanished in may and discovered a few days ago. >> : police say they were shocked to find a mother to hell in terrible conditions encage inside this mobile home the new family of lockwood had been desperately and shirt session for the third year old for more the two months police arrested this man rickey house jr. and his girlfriend kindred thule accused of keeping the woman and a small cage they once used for a dog. as for how officer of she away second of is that ron hayes once married to thule says that he did not leave it at first but casually told the boy and i have a girl back here and a cage. then he saw the
5:32 pm
room where she was being held. said before the put the thing in their taste months the clinton up >> : this is in some limited overnight the woman wore something like a dog collar and half dressed after a confrontation he led the woman to safety and called police. what happened or was tragic and one more shot on anybody the section lived through that speaks of her character and her willingness to survive crawfishing go forward with that >> : the key arseno formally charge for the string of charges including criminal confinement kidnapping also entered nine guilty pleas and will be back in court next month. that man not offer a reward but says today he isn't going to upset the asking of the cash be given to the woman's
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family trade >> : 13th anniversary of the 911 attacks house centiliters honor the fallen heroes of the tax and a special capital hill ceremony lawmakers presented congressional gold medal teach moral site where thousands of people lost their lives on the attack one medal goes the flight 93 national memorial in pennsylvania one to national some moralism in york and the third to the pentagon memorial. gold medal is highest civilian award to congress comes put >> : president met with top national security is with analyst issuing new warnings some of the nation's then marked our risk. eric c. bridges historical landmarks transportation lifelines
5:34 pm
tenting targets worth terror >> : human disaster economic disaster said bottled investor none of which any of us your sustain pot for the '90s when although rock and convicted of the for slow trade center attack and plotting to check out the george washington bridge in 2003 on and there is convicted of the orchitis team to slice the cables on and the brooklyn bridge and goes beyond bridges knowledgeable ozzie bechtel kited nearly pulled off boy up new york subway fbi swat him just before the battle of an anniversary in 2009 he set up a car bomb unfortunately fizzled in times square in 2010 at >> : bridges toddles subways to response chosen for reason anywhere people would be in their everyday life in the
5:35 pm
caught up a situation where they end up killed other people get that in goes the could be me i do then i go in to tell what did the train or guy drug are sub bridge i fly on airplanes any thing that people do a in their everyday life where people be killed to doing the terrifies other people. at first no one knew what to say last july when a huge all i american flags over night appeared on the brooklyn bridge. " what terrace with a calling card we don't take these things lightly or as a joke or as art. within the realm of speech these are issues of trespass and put themselves in danger put others in danger that's why we investigated >> : tune the german artist caught an architect or control march unclear whether charges will be filed. should any where be relieved they climbed the top of the bridge without
5:36 pm
being detected >> : where one response to it is really. terror analyst >> : put so much resources into thinking about who might be a terrorist and a half on the individual confession old-fashioned law enforcement particular bridge tolls and the marks of the city. a little more emphasis there. it was a wake-up call the lines tonight at 6:00 president addressing the nation on details of his strategy against isis better just to you live a first of 545 slightly tart with political analyst michael luckey about what we can expect from the president >> : to the carrot and the warmup third as much as 15 degrees warmer in some spots upper 90s through inland valleys hundred or more than yesterday. in the north bay also a lot warmer 97 nappa 96 the cerros of 94 and center fell downtown san francisco 80 degrees in
5:37 pm
south bay ada says jose 93 in sunnyvale. to do with the change of the past 24 hours of the ultimate reason oakland hayward 15 degrees warmer in redwood city richmond vallejo and nappa all warm 15 degrees from yesterday's readings. business day, as we head into tomorrow the answer is coming up. airline starks broken today losing streak with a jump in apple shares having pushed the index higher and today's closing numbers and only come back after the break the best griot in the nation is here in the bay area. ady r a eat reer
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the lover was everyone loves a good breed of san francisco's mission district home to america's best commercial untaught we also
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need belsen brio joins espn affiliated with sights high 38 with about competition the writer and jester sampling rios at the top 64 restaurants. sure the bombardment of liquid flavor from the brittle or enough to stop everyone in her tracks anyone who's been leading the british daily for two months straight. on facebook were asking was your favorite rose on the bay area to let imagine goes off for this one bill for to join the conversation this know what you think on kron4-dot-com and facebook fan page >> : how they in store for tomorrow temperatures but do in the '80s and '90s check this out a lot ids again tomorrow take what the numbers in your neighborhood coming up >> :
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we carry live in its entirety but for the american people the need for united states to step up its role in the fight against the terrorist group license here now a preview of a partisan speech to my political analyst michael the polls already show the american people support the u.s. air strikes against viruses certainly not ground troops to the present have to say tonight on the president actually speaking to different audiences in terms of people out there and police went to deal with what part of what he sings night as i'm going to take this action and really don't you do it. very interesting speech because this is his right at this strategy speech to make up for what happened the other week were what he said he would a house energy has about strategy talking about why ices is a threat but the strategy is to deal with that threat and essentially also a time table is what
5:46 pm
>> : was called the issue of christian this to be involved in the scudder decision carter should be involved in some ways is one be involved i you have a big political issue work republicans decided the president's weakness in foreign policy all polls show is very down on that issue and sought a one views from its collection to force a vote on this prior to midterm election what candidates allied with democrats and president himself don't not want the vote happen. and all probability there will be some kind of a vote every polls tomorrow in favor of waiting to see if there's going to add and would expect to be a $25 million request. airline of the all- america at best about that ice is the largest army in the middle east wind of eastern leaders rising up to say we want to join you want to be a part of this fight to not i suspect many of
5:47 pm
their genes are a threat turns. including saudi arabia part of the whole seat to the split is the radical group and more majorities' like saudi arabia you have a lot of other countries starting to bore is a cluttered room for those found in individuals eyes on the fly >> : very delicate balance and very delicate as a recession coming and to take care of a threat that is not yet on a threat to u.s. airlines >> : a public does want us to go and do something >> : we go again says caught our carrying the president's speech live at 6:00 stay with us for that the like to come back with michael he is on twitter at yaqui block >> : bay area he is on level 9 is out there and so on the '90s at this hour and concord livermore 96 symbol
5:48 pm
those locations sunday in san rosa the fathers and was a lot looks more comfortable in san francisco scene is now kicking in this field of fog out there tonight and nikko's piquancy hear from the bay bridge toll plaza on a clause no clouds in sight at this hour as we head into tomorrow another warm holiday spirit the air alert in affect for tomorrow and tomorrow will be c one as well as my conditions on tap for friday. what fog tracker tomorrow morning this is the extent of the fog and less over saw this morning bottle the fog benson rose the seven cisco's oakland in the hancock tower and removing all that much by tunnel on o'clock it is clear and we see the clearing at the coastline again tomorrow as well. temperatures of the coast at the upper 60s and 75 in downtown 7 cisco 86 in san mateo scenting a redwood city space shoreline running largely in the '80s moralize
5:49 pm
well hitting 84 in san leandro and union city 80 oakland upper '70's for richmond all meet the berkeley more '90s it can lend moral 94 unconquered and walnut creek 92 in san ramon the 97 out and redwood 95 in livermore a mix of 80s and 90s for your thursday night to unsettle a 996 in morgan hill 87 in san jose. in the north bay also my 78 '80s and '90s 93 and santa rosa 91 impanel a my '89 on vallejo 84 in mill valley a senate forecast are another hot day in stores same thing for friday saturday sunday a whole lot of fog expected over the next several days but as those clouds return monday tuesday wednesday they start to a cooling trend much more mild than to wednesday >> : today's winners loses a lawsuit brought black and ran to go all apple to a
5:50 pm
huge day for cupertino company and as we will start phone 66 + watter loser. the nail that the right thing they had to do bigger phones out there have i found out their tiny most over two years old this is a bit upgrade cycle 46 + 6 + will have a better battery life and a couple new features and the operating system os 8 added into the phone next year a big year for appro on the upgrade cycle. sunday's% of the profits coming from the phone and it competes in the payment system the apple mount introduced yesterday when our loser >> : this a letter mobile app is people under age of 35 uses a lot transactions already with their phones of gen figure a way to make our secure credit cards it is to begin your credit card and apple servers and lb of your phone you can authenticate the purchase with fingerprint and mole system
5:51 pm
is a little bit of money from the banks and announced partnerships of the gate with a slow game out some traction and i see and there's a watched in the surprise people in the end with the launch an announcement is not available yet but masoud what you think of it when our loser >> : my guess is in the eyes states their national is a real letter that apple brand your missing is it your consider " luxury so lb ok but to me it's a little bit too chunky we heard nothing on battery life etc. out there you can already do on a phone face of xenophon a better experience. it's nice not gonna be a big winner for them financially speaking but i phone one horrible compared the phone sex with ford's the what they did the future and will
5:52 pm
run up and ask the guests or between 6 months 18 months of momentum upgrades to the bigger farms and is on a platform technology bigger payment of funds and a 120 this year and last big push for apple and its related most other money of your question for rob his stomach is the temptation will post here on kron 4 >> : coming up by kron 4 story where the trail was the scene of a bicyclist and its inclusion how fast and writers go out and investigate the next addition of people behaving badly >> :
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if you log on today was a loss of the internet won't be any slower than usual might look a little tougher on some very popular sites including catholics and the red it others to display a
5:56 pm
cost of loading assembled the pen will the loads here this is a fair or better slowly until some awaiting is not alone in this as all part of a protest called internet slowdown day government support for so- called enough gas lines and may fcc proposal lime broadband for writers to charge companies like amazon now flex for their ties access to consumers proposal now open for public comment could be changed before final vote to commence >> : next at 6 president obama minutes away from a nationwide address about the conflict in iraq and syria and what actions america will take next during the speech she can join the power station on our facebook page then >> : six and a security warning for those who used female your online communications may be a risk >> : lot more news for you and the president's letter addressed next six
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>> :
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good evening everybody at we are standing by right now for a major speech from president brought obama he's expected to lay out his strategy from the increasing threat from terrorist group isis we do have a live look up the state room and the white house on the right side of your screen where the president will speak plus side shows video of the eyes disorganization president expected to announce a list of military effort still limit the terms criraq and syria this comes on the heels of two very disturbing videos released crisis as they were beheading to american or less with the president's
6:00 pm
speech live in its entirety right here on kron 4 adjustments by first top local stories this wednesday >> : first call hall online that attacked as soft white bay boy over the weekend has been killed authorities say they found the online entry this morning shot and killed we're told animals body now in sacramento or authorities will conduct a dna analysis. in sematech of three students a student teacher hit while there are working on a field trip this morning. officials say a car jumped a curb on the 300 block of west hills boulevard this all happened about 11:00 this morning student teachers suffered head trauma broken bones the three special needs students it would tells the law school suffered minor injuries. all them however expected to survive. hayward teen boy missing since saturday is back home tonight manley found the larkin street youth services in san francisco authorities
6:01 pm
say that he is safe and good health police say he left his family home on saturday after getting into an argument with his father. again president robert obama expected to speak at any moment now addressing the nation on a growing threat of vice as you can join the conversation provide your thoughts on the president's speech as it is happening on our kron 4 page. the president will be speaking from the state room and is expected to say that there will be merrill's terry campaign that will target ices in syria that has not happened yet with their strike interest rates have been going on and on iraq against a terrorist group u.s. is also expected to is expand its campaign bringing in a broad coalition of supporters we can see a live picture here comes the president to speak right now let's listen in >> : to nine accounts big to with friends and allies to degrade and ultimately
6:02 pm
destroy the terrorist group as commander in chief my highest priority is the security of this people >> : it consisted take the fight to terrorists. but to go much of by a kind of leadership and afghanistan pop song. retarded all it had recently all manet the top commander in somalia. we done so bringing more than zero hundred 40,000 american troops home from iraq and drawn down the forces in afghanistan. or, mission will end later this year >> : as for military counter- terrorism professionalism america as safe still we continue to face a terrorist threat. we can't erase every trace of people from the world in small groups of killers have the best can do great harm of the case before 911 old remain true
6:03 pm
today that's why we must remain vigilant drug merge at this moment the greatest threats come from middle east north africa medical groups exploit grievances for their own game what those groups is isis which is called the islamic state >> : was the two things clear is not islamic norwich's content condones this. and much of the victims have been muslim ijssel is certainly our stake formally i cut the affiliate iraq and taking advantage of strife in search so or to green territory on both sides of the arab syrian border as recognized by no government nor the people of subjugates. and as a terrorist organization's principal no vision other than the slaughter of all who stand in its wake. in a
6:04 pm
region known so much blood is shed these terrorists are unique and brutality they execute captured prisoners to kill children they enslaved rate to force women into marriage. they threaten religious minorities with genocide and the next they took the lives of two american journalists jim foley stephen. they pose a threat to people on iraq and syria and the broader millie's including american citizens personnel and civilians. if left unchecked these terrorists could prose goes a growing threat beyond the region including to the united states will not yet detected specific plot against our homeland the leaders have threatened america and allies. the intelligence community believes thousands of foreigners including europeans some
6:05 pm
americans have joined them in syria and iraq. trained battle hardened these fighters can try to return their home countries in carrying out a deadly attacks. i know many americans are concerned about these threats tonight i want you to know that the assets of america is leading them with a strength resolved. last month ordered a military target of action against the stop advances since then we conducted more than zero hundred 50 successful air strikes and iraq. these projected american personnel facilities told iso fighters destroyed weapons given space before iraq british forces so we claim the territory. it's also help save the lives of thousands of innocent men women and children. this is not our final american bar to make a decisive difference but we
6:06 pm
cannot do for iraq what they must do for themselves nor can we take the place of partners in securing the region and insist additional u.s. action pending they formal occlusive government which they now have done in recent days tonight with the >> : iraq government and placed and consultations and congress a home i can announce that america will be a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. our objective is clear we will degrades ultimately destroy isis through across apprehensive sustained parterres and strategy. first conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists working with iraq government we expand efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missionaries hitting the targets as forces go on
6:07 pm
offense. moreover medically your we will hunt down terrace that threatened our country wherever they are and will not hesitate to take action action and syria as well as iraq. as a core principle of my presidency if you threaten america you will find no safe haven. second we increase support the forces fighting on the ground and sub deployed service members iraq to a hit at how can best support security forces now those teams completed the work and erica form the government we will send an additional 475 service members to iraq have said before the american forces will not have a combat mission will not be dragged into another ground war in iraq but they are needed to support iraq british forces with intelligence and equipment. we also support iraq's
6:08 pm
efforts to stand up national guard units to help committees secure their own freedom from control >> : across the border is really wrapped up a military assistance to the syrian opposition; congress again to give additional stories and resources to train and equip these fighters. and fight against i so we cannot rely on one regime that terrorizes own people a regime that will never regain legitimacy it has lost instead we must strengthen opposition and bess counterweight takes and pursuing political solution necessary to solve serious crisis once and for all. third we continue to draw on substantial cuts are to czarism to prevent iso tax working with partners we will redouble our efforts to cut off funding approved
6:09 pm
intelligence strengthen defenses counter its world ideology and stand the flow into and out of the middle east than in two weeks we share meeting with u.n. security council the further mobilize the national committee around at this effort. fourth we continue to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians who been displaced by the terrorist organization this includes muslims during risks is to tell those of thousands of christians and other religious minorities we cannot allow these communities to be driven from their ancient homelands. our strategy in each of these four parts of our strategy america will be joined by a broad coalition of partners already allies are flying planes with us over iraq sending arms assistance to our security forces and syrian opposition sharing intelligence providing
6:10 pm
billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. secretary carian iraq today and meeting with the new government and supporting their efforts to promote unity and the coming days he will travel across the middle east europe to enlist more partisan this fight especially arab nations to help mobilize an arc syria to help drive the terrace from the lands. american leadership at its best we stand with people who fight it for all freedom and the rally other nations on behalf of our common security and common humanity by administration also secured bipartisan support for this approach your home. i have the authority to address the threat by aid believe that we're strong assassination one president congress work together i welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world where americans are united in this danger >> :
6:11 pm
here we take time of sit time to eradicate any time we take military action there are risks involved. especially to servicemen and women who carry up positions of the american people understand how this will be different from the war's end iraq afghanistan it will end all american combat troops fighting on foreign soil this card terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady relentless effort to take them out where they exist using air power as support for some partners forces on the ground the strategy of taking on terrace instead us well supporting partners on the front lines is one be successfully pursued in somalia three years and consistent with the approach i outlined earlier this year to use force against anyone who turns americans core interests to mobilize partners were possible in an address broader challenges to international. my fellow
6:12 pm
americans we live at a time of great change tomorrow marks 15 years 13 years since our country was attacked next year's shows the six years since the economic setback. airline to the pain and grueling work to bounce back america is better position today to see the future than any other nation on earth. our technology companies universities unmatched manufacturing auto industry's energy independence is closer that's been in decades. for all the work the remains of businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation and history. this what all the divisions in discord with democracy i see the it career determination and confidence of the american people every single day. the
6:13 pm
mixed and more confident than ever about our country's future a broader american leadership is the one constant data on certain roles is america where has the capacity to in will to mobilize the world against terrorists is america and is rallying the world against aggression and a score of ukraine people's right to determine their own destiny as america scientist doctors are know how i can help contain the outbreak of ebola america helped remove destroying chemical weapons so assyria come pose a threat in america that is helping muslim communities around the world not just in the fight against terrorism but a fight for opportunity and more hopeful future. america our enlist blessings
6:14 pm
the stow and during but as americans we welcome all responsibility to lead. from europe to asia from the far reaches of africa toward foreign capitals and the middle east we stand for freedom for justice for dignity these are values that guided our nation since its founding arsenite us for your support in carrying that leadership forward i do so as commander-in-chief who could not be prouder of the men and women in uniform pilots who briefly fly in the face of danger by the middle east service members to support our partners on the ground. only helper rent the mr. civilians on this among his a one of them said >> : the zero our american friends our lives our children will always remember there is someone
6:15 pm
who thought our struggle and made a long journey to protect innocent people. that is the difference we make in the world and our own safety on security some depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation and a whole the values we stand for timeless ideals that will and door long after those who offer only hate destruction have been vanquished from the earth >> : and god bless our troops may god bless the nice it's america. >> : you just listen to president obama outlining a strategy for attacking isis' islamic state and syria are iraq again this has been a very big issue on the international front leaders all run the world have been dealing with the same goes via the mail for my sins be heading of the two american journalists and so many
6:16 pm
other things that the group as done to gain national international attention. has a drug isn't accomplished the strategic merit of the music in his speech. this is no drop. not all with big rhetoric snow bloodless and terms of revenge for the deaths but it did lay out a very common strategy during much like the one he took out in for going to use a car terrorism campaign he thought rested the art afghanistan oars and this is counter-terrorism strategy were just going to find hot new down until you and not so many words >> : he did not specify who are allies are and this mission with no other having conversations in the middle east retinol but who are our reliable allies in this agenda divide is part of what making is so complicated >> : right now we have our
6:17 pm
reliable fronts for middle we have rarely germany poland's we have great britain officially so for the kron said wilson bunch. the question as with these arab countries would do to help us with less florey or theirs as well let us use our bases those little things that can be done without necessarily announcing widely because of the fact that this is of most things are some nations and this is an offshoot of oracle offshoot and they're worried about trouble in their own country for example what one or abroad the buses has the consul general >> : for the issue were talking appeared no americans won a green ground troops say ok were getting a strategic hulk airstrikes reliable ground troops by local population but our troops were supporting the four left the field of battle
6:18 pm
>> : to can we as a nation really rely on for a ground offensive. so far led people are the militias that they had very successful even have been defeated many times a field by says. this is gonna be a very interesting strategy you see a lot of working a capital for me on a bone >> : the board and talk about where is a good means and how or when a prioritized targets >> : we don't know how does this will really unfolds >> : i think that this is why he structuring and crumbs of terrorism since thing the before september 11th we'll take our time find them killed on >> : the likely assume the isis is relishing all this attention from leaders all on the world's >> : may still first-run has the will think twice >> : and you for following up the president's speech will much more on the president's address tonight on kron 4 news coming up 8:00 calcify
6:19 pm
affirmation reaction from views are facebook twitter pages we will be right back much more ahead.
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
an on-line that texas schoolboy on a cupertino trail has been captured and killed kron 4 news first report that while officials at check on that adult animal this morning.
6:22 pm
>> : well listen are former tracker is using dogs at the dissent among life very quickly around 1030 in the morning they'd see you online 60 ft. off the ground. according to fish wildlife this animals showing extremely aggressive behavior locking eyes with the truckers they say they haven't seen aggressive behavior and like this are long time and a cat usually they're very shy avoid people but this animal apparently being very aggressive and so high up the grounds of behaving strangely didn't feel it could safely tranquilize it they did shoot and kill the small on-line this is a male on-line card is being taken to a sacramento and oregon to conduct a some test rule out rabies so that because i'd never implications for the six year old boy attack last sunday whether it might need treatment also make sure that this is the same animal let's take that the texas well look how fast it is in cat
6:23 pm
>> : -like often this is the same cat and one thing the dogs took up the san tracking at one particular cap the match the sent from a child's clothing so there is that then also behavior of the cat was pretty much in line with the strange behavior those short earlier. oddly some trails in the area appeared been close since last week and remain closed set for a couple days-what levy the get in here most of traps and place also could be evidence out there on the trail somewhere. coming up frightening scene in sematech 04 people including three teenagers hit by a out of control car live report straight ahead. and relief for a spade a family a missing teen gone for several days is not always safe. or stories on him next >> : ♪
6:24 pm
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three special made soon as the teacher covering tonight after a vehicle jumped a sidewalk and sematech when hit them. video from hulk of the partnership with abc seven the incident happened along west hillsdale boulevard with kron 4 stand kron joins us live tonight with details >> : it's right here on the sidewalk that is exactly where the students were when they were hit by this car was called a video and you can see it police tulsa's about 1030 this morning and accurate coming west on will bustles doubled margin sidewalk 15 specially students and five teachers crossing the street onto the sidewalk. one student teacher three of the teenagers from hillsdale are hit take in the hospital along with the driver. those who saw this including a tree trimmer in the area said and what he saw was very certain running >> : she got hit from the back and sit cars coming in only
6:28 pm
could walk in a straight as he especially needs it and recognize the sense it is about to happen >> : if he hit the windshield and then the other kid got had but jumped lot fell by the carter month miraculously police tell us that nobody suffered life-threatening injuries and fact one of the three students are released from the hospital that is good news and how did this happen why did this happen police still try and figure that out and they do know a couple of things one they don't believe this is deliberate also don't believe that the fifth year- old driver was try to avoid something in the roadway. right now they the results of toxicology tests are pending and still want to find out with drugs and alcohol contributed to the
6:29 pm
sex in >> : this latest reporting live and sematech of kron 4 news >> : yesterday of we talk about all of more than it definitely was. today's high temperatures in the '80s and '90s practically bay area wide will hit 90 degrees 7 and livermore conquered this afternoon sifting and that but and in fairfield the '96 and pleasanton and stock and is that arose the 94 and center fell 93 down in sunnyvale even 80 degrees in downtown 7 cisco is a change of a past 24 hours again significantly warmer in a number of spots 60 degrees warmer and center fell 50 degrees warmer and richmond fed would city 13 degrees and 7 tailcoat 14 degrees warmer and sign a bill. as a ahead tonight we will see some fog return but it will be very minimal and really just near the be coastline for thursday will clear fast again to another hot day in store to store their alert
6:30 pm
for tomorrow and several of those in the days to come will stay hot as they headed to the weekend of 0 to the numbers coming up and just a bit coming back after this break >> : bulldog: save up to $300 on sealy posturepe
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teenager rhubarbs reported missing for four days saved now back home searchers have been scouring the area and the home and have a word about finding him in san francisco. desiccators discovered the facebook page had been accessed in the city and found him at the larkin street youth center authorities say he went to the center on his own left his home on saturday after a disagreement with his father. >> : but the top stores including offering frightening crash as some people the house will change your password to announcing billions of g l accounts may be compromised. atop their tomorrow another really warm day in store and a look at the numbers in your
6:34 pm
neighborhood coming up >> :
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
trawls ghostwritten cupertino wednesday morning california fish wildlife has shot and killed my on-line that's believed to attack the six year old boy this past sunday and trekkers started falling animal dogs round-the-clock ban on wednesday went morning they treated animal runs of three shot and killed the carcass of on line being taken to sacramento for dna testing the oral rabies and also confirm that this is in fact same animal letter to the old boy is test again. and lime >> : was killed in some detail of vehicle jumps the sidewalk had a student teacher and three special needs kids. these kids on a field trip from hillsdale high school right now police and so try to determine the cause the driver to caught the
6:38 pm
sidewalk and canoes all involved are expected to survive all in stable condition but none with life-threatening injuries. >> : pit or hill's family of 16 year-old runaway manley say they are relieved that he has been found to airline will see him he's ok healthy he just the wrong somewhere to get counseling >> : and the skaters able to trace the runaways location to sanisco youth center after some one in the city law into his facebook account. that was the piece of evidence that we needed to figure where he was. >> : conversant the step of the 60 year-old boy. it took place tuesday afternoon victims friends and three friends walking home from bellmawr high school and across a group of 10 men who attacked them. three of the teams got away safely but says the 60 year-old friend
6:39 pm
was stabbed please tell me they did not have any suspects in the case 16 all its domestic and the hospital authorities say he is in serious but stable condition. >> : woman has died from injuries sustained in the nappa earthquake the first quake related death not but it sure officials say 65 year- old lori thompson hit by a television in her home during the quake on august 24th that she suffered a head injury but did not immediately go to hospital. she collapsed the day after and then taken to hospital where her condition continued to deteriorate. she died friday morning >> : it weather story tonight but warming trend starting today temperatures in the '80s and '90s out there this afternoon we see the same into tomorrow. 97, occurred since the livermore 96¢ out 94 and center fell 93 in sunnyvale and tomorrow we see some pre warm weather as well. not so much to me
6:40 pm
because for temperatures in the upper 60s on the peninsula we will be a reason such a redwood city and also. also in the '80s inside the base for east bay shoreline at 80 oakland 84 hayward 85 in fremont 80 inland valleys running in the '90s again tomorrow at 7 run would of 94 top warmup creek 92 in san ramon 95 in livermore a mix of 80s and 90s on south bay 96 for morgan hill and the never bring 92 in sunnyvale also in the 80s and 90s to the north bay 92 nappa 91 and over 91 snow monday and report any for a mill valley for the warming trend begun under way today stay with us through the rest the workweek and the weekend to the israeli and '80s and '90s >> : to mold a major announcement that could turn a mobile phone and said down and the report on news at 8:00 what they did and how it's got a lawyer for bill improve
6:41 pm
signal strength forced the other carriers followed suit >> :
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california although require most employers to give millions of workers sick paydays. send a bill mandating workers be given up the three sick days each year as many as 6 1/2 million workers including temporary part-time employees will be eligible. new law goes into effect next july. >> : california are paying at least some attention to calls for water conservation stillwater agency's sale last month watter used it dropped 7 1/2%. not bad so way ashore on governor brown called for 20% reduction. the drop does represent more than 17 billion gal. of water. for 1.7 billion people to take a 5 minute shower. because
6:45 pm
of the drought supply is now required to submit monthly numbers to a state officials water restrictions were approved in july which includes the fines of $500 a day for water waste. >> : truck new revelations and the lane rice scandal what the nfl commissioner could be in jeopardy >> :
6:46 pm
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news developments and larry rice scandal law-enforcement official says that he send the complete video of whereas punching his fiancee to the n.f.l. signed by must go and of all clans and did not see the video until monday commissioner roger gesell suspended rise indefinitely. officials say he had knowledge of anyone receiving a copy of the now to this video analysts said the nfl owners today assured bell maintains that he asks for low tables will times during the investigation >> :
6:49 pm
is really didn't know was on the ticket being very open honest from a tuxedo we didn't get this this response and i am accountable for that. >> : press has been charged with felony aggravated assault but in may he is accepted into a pretrial intervention program which allowed him to avoid jail time. the program could lead to the charge being purged from his record. the wife of former nfl players suffering her own abuse to talk with cnn about her experience >> : on only isolating i was isolated told by coaches and our particular situation plug the talk to the media but the talk anyone not to get an attorney they would handle everything it's hard to believe that the nfl had no ideal was going on >> : shot to say she believed that the nfl trying to cover-up the fact that it did have the video of the
6:50 pm
way rice incident back in april. milan forty-niners >> : and the dolls were of his parents posted that support on facebook waiting to hear will come of his felony domestic violence rests last week and here is the pictures has mom to him the perfect picture and says that my son is a lesson >> : here use see part of which wrote a brittle a call from florida she now lives in part it says trust that of the 49 organization thought even a smidgen of this was true would not have sniffed the field not true out and it will come out the process were trying to respect has not been very forthcoming and becoming very tight taxing. again part of what she wrote on facebook our mcdonnell has not been charged and currently still sitting up for the niners will legal process plays out. for more exotic dancer
6:51 pm
of all lawsuits against dallas cowboys owner jerry jones accusing him of sexual assault in the suit filed monday general walker lee claims that jones assault her in 2009 and claims the dallas cowboys nobody covered up the incident. the suit says that she's seen more than a million dollars and monetary relief attorney representing the cowboys called allegations " completely false and shake down >> : just in to a kron 4 news room new video out join a bus fire in the south bay video here from helicopter partnership with abc seven news. this is live over the scene right now you see firefighters got around the back of the boss and the fire is out and see black and charred and the media there. and san jose happen around 6:00 tonight this is a contract but not to be to
6:52 pm
us there were reports of a evacuations so possibly some passengers were on board at the time but no one was on the bus when fire crews arrived on reports of any injuries so fortunately that is the case certainly a scary situation of the heart of rush-hour in the south bay and continue to monitor this right in story and any updates for now we take a short break and be right back >> :
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...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. 5 million she maladjusted as passwords appeared on russian coin form today however google says that servers were not breached the list appears to be a collection of passwords exposed to previous attacks likely on using computers. google says no way to tell this list is often accompanies warning affected users to take steps to prevent there to protect the original accounts ratings
6:56 pm
are passwords and using to stop authentication >> : look at the weather. warming trend forecasts lot warmer out there today temperatures and '80s and '90s tonight we will see a lot of fog and cost action right there you can see the golden gate bridge right now clear up festered smaller sunny hot again tomorrow this for their lawyer is in affect temperatures running in the 80's 90's too much the bay area once again 86 cupertino 87 as san jose 96 down and morgan hill and is also threatened $70 cedis and sybase 76 in richmond away for a word if they also in some detail '90s for the north bay they extended forecast things are not to be cooling down for the next several days these '90s well until weekend but cooler by next week. you'll be back at 8:00 with a complete wrapup reaction the presidential address on isis tonight all
6:57 pm
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i actually don't feel comfortable. unless i'm in my calvins. >> oh, justin, please stop. bieber booed. at fashion rocks. we're in the middle of all of last night's cheek, cheek fashion. very booty-ful. while nicki calls booty bias. >> i don't know how to dress your -- up. and intimate with britney. she's showing us her unmentionables. then, ray rice gets some wanted allies. as a former housewife defends domestic violence victims. >> there's no way you can relate to the feeling. and rosie rips sherry. >> is the world flat? i don't know. plus -- >> everybody's short in the industry.
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you need to fit in, honey. >> eva longoria takes a shot at me, but i have something for her. >> that's when i was the ugly duckling. >> time to go inside. >> i got up early and had a nap. i've been busy. what have you done? now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, "the insider" together with yahoo!. j-lo, nicki, miranda. for them, fashion rocked. bieber, kind of booed. i'm thea andrews. >> i'm louis aguirre. >> rosie is revealing all in her interview. >> an last night's fashion rocks where there was one clear theme, a night of booty-ful fashion. ♪ >> when i look at your profile shape, profile, for those who don't know. the shape. yeah. that's what they call it in the hood. i love that dramatic graphic leg. you're like a walking fashion sketch to me. >> we all want to look like the -- >> jennifer lopez and versace arriving before her ex.


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