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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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his plan for dealing with isis'. >> james: on walnut creek's it will be warm. we've been seeing not all day long. cosby '80s by the bay 90s in line and were talking near upper 80s by the bay in the upper 90s and near one hundreds.
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>> george: what is affecting other ride is the leading lights of the bay bridge. and the westbound direction. already backing up the commute. not long before we see things back up and the macarthur maze. the eight in the approach is only backed up in the right-hand lane. south 101 has reported that there several lanes blocked but is only having a minimal impact on the ride.
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>> jame>> mark: we are about to approach the moment when the second plane hit. >> darya: we brought to the first moment of silence so let's bring you to new york on the second moment of silence for the continued to read the names of the victims. >>: the nation mourns along with the families for the the victims of september and left. the station the day of reflection and remember only.
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>> mark: and we will continue to follow the latest on this 13th anniversary. and a moment of silence was just come it was at the 603 our time with the second plane hit the next world trade center. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department will hold a remembrance tete pay tribute to all the lives lost a ceremony takes place at the mission district bay will take place 45
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minutes from now. everyone is it isn't open to attend. then the 3000 people died in the terrorist attack. and of them many first responders trying to save the lives of others. we are expecting fire officials to read about some of the fall in response. >> reporter: the north tower collapsed half hour after the south tower did. this is one of many ceremonies taking place on around the bay area today. "
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parke posted all of them on kron >> mark: and a prime-time address to the nation the president been announced strikes inside of syria. he announced that he was in 475 additional service members to train in communications and he is in cesta they will not be in combat. >>: to keep it clear we will destroy isis'. working with the direct government so where hitting targets s forces, on
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offense. he is not saying >> darya: his star pupil of been talking about all week. and the investigation on what the nfl knew and when did they know it. >> mark: and the fbi signed robert mueller is going to conduct the investigation. >> darya: the nfl commissioner roger godell. says he never saw the tape until everyone selah.
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. darya: sources say the day gave the nfl that tape in april. >> mark: the 49 is due suspend one of their own but it's not ray mcdonald. >> reporter: macdonell will be behind me on sunday when they play the chicago bears. a loss of one of suspended but in the meantime he will continue plan.
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he has been the niners employee since 2009. and after they found out this information after the raid race news exploded. hip- ho >> reporter: take the lookit to restrain how to read exactly what he said. the victim bears some of their slots ability for not speaking up and to me that this the saddest part. he didn't only work for the nav is but the pact 12 network said he suspended from the that as well. >>: at a bank be should be
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punished for your feelings on the air. >> reporter: robinson also came out and said he apologizes for a statement and now his goal to undergo sensitivity training. [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land. it's a place you've been before, but it's not on any map. so go out there,
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caltrans of the finance looks good. >> darya: still ahead breaking new from south africa with the olympic runner is found guilty and as you can see here there's a lot of fog at the golden gate
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morning i heatproof the house. >> james: even in san francisco today is going to be 82 degrees.
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visibility is on the poor side ratepayer. temperatures in the moment up 60s low 50s. by the known will be left with temperatures that are in the '70s are ready. north bay east bay and south bay will alter the taste of it. 98 in the anti-iraq 98 in livermore. 91 in san jose. 86 in oakland. 82 and san francisco.
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>> george: but the more we manage to avoid any hot spots this morning. but we do have our share of slow traffic. the media lights have been active for about half an hour. here were already backed up on the 580 flyovers. for the san mateo bridge millike . we will see that big
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friday back the memories of last week. >> george: slow going saw on highway 44 year westbound iraq. but the drive times are not bad. the livermore riot is fairly heavy. here's a look into south bay community. there's no slowing and no problems. conditions under an act.
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>> george: 101 south about a seventh look good. >> mark: its judgment day for oscar. the jets indicates that the olympic track star was negligent. the judge has still yet to issue a final verdict. all the evidence that was considered a trowel was given. he is accused of killing his girlfriend. >> darya: his video of some of
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the damage that was done and that storm saturday. so far day x 850 people that get the money. after the day after the storm heads the with the donated money towards the calls. >> erica: in brittany speeds officially joins tendered. charlie sheen publicly offering a thousand dollars to the server. caugh
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>> erica: with the good deed comes after the burger joined q y t posted. >> mark: the 13th anniversary taking place right now of these read the names of the fall of victims. >> gary>> gabe: alter you what r people i have been doing with their technology when we return. alex
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a while fiat spa and to exceed, when network. this can pay off big time if there's not area in your life we're coverage drops off. >> gabe: this also means calls to other countries can be free and that's great for those who travel abroad. >>: the blending of why fi with traditional cel phone signals is what we need for the future. it will lower our cell phones.
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>> darya: still had richmond police are on the same for a stabbing at shooting. and we continue to follow the 911 remembered ceremony on this 13th anniversary of the terrorist attack create .
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>> mark: opening bell on wall
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street but doll features down 73 points. >> darya: 911 remembrance ceremonies are going on all around the nation. and president obama is there. >> mark: several memorial's aren't taking place today let's go to new york >> reporter: so much has changed here lower manhattan and one thing is the simon master tremendous grief from family members who lost loved one. san with the twin towers one still one trade center now stands as a
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beacon. it's the first time in the museum will be open on an anniversary. the people of new york was forever changed by the attack. >>: the room were there were on that day as they remember their experience. >> reporter: the name of everybody who perished in 2001 when also and 93. and the pentagon chuck sailboat its muscles a ceremony bringing about another moment of silence. and names there will be read and bear of a brawl in remembrance. >>: at the it's important that on 911 each year we remember those lost allies' superior
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adhere and not letting our guard down when it comes the homeland's security. >> darya: belly posted in september 11th memorial. you'll see more on kron
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>>: take you for being here this morning. a loss offer a special bank to the families preque. nog ago i received a no from a model rose garden is married and our legs and cemetery. anything can
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bring about the memory before and things changed. and she learned it brief is not a sign of weakness but the price of loans. and about today is about the love of the of the live said lost. >>: we find strength in those who bought synergen and 911,
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today offers us all of us to reestablish from lives. as one of our nation's leaders said he did allow the crisis of the moment where we must also laid the groundwork to define our future. >>: >>: the soil and act of terror that set the world into
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the lives of many americans. and we're surrounded by those who love we as celebrating we draw inspiration from the victims' families. the first responders fechner with terrorism and we became resistant friday. america has always faced challenges.
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ponce and will always responded as a nation responded in purpose. >>: the straits are embodied in a commander in chief the ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states. >>: scripture tells us that we, blessing for those who persevere. we sure rely on fuel
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early to know will be there with you again. it is now been 13 years since the peace of the american morgan was broken. 3000 your full lives were taken from us. 13 years of moments there would share with this 13 manitoba of memories considered.
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>>: as americans if we draw strength for love is the also attribute. and they tried to prove to the world of their power to destroy urban grit and our power to persevere. but you and americans approve the roll.
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doris in the tenacity of our soviet bible. for you for a nation this is been difficult buyer presence here today and you'll abide the truth that no matter what, by way. >> mark: the firefighters the officers of the empty were forced to work each and every day compared to make sense
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sacrifice for us all. >>: because this in these men and women americans now work in this gleaming tower. knop amerit is encouraged by the service of men and women. more than a decade of war this 911 generation. in three months from now and more than 6800 american patriots to keep our country
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safer. 3 america endorsed as the perennial of optimism that defines us as a people. rain has also taught us pain and strength. >>: what gives me hope pizazz be sent americans that would give me hope and they succumb.
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>>: the small-minded science to breakfast and america's to install. will only grow stronger cottbus generations from now. >>: generation from now they're still build towers a reach towards the heavens. this of the land of the free call of the braves. the matter the challenge america will always be america may god bless those will persevere and a guy bless our
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armed forces. and may god continue to bless the united states of america. bulldog: quarterback takes the snap...
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>> james: through the marine layer is compressed. divide the bay psalm clouds. still upper 50s low 60s. san jose 91. 93 in santa clara. 94 and amish and that. 95 in redwood city. in the east bay is the delta. and 97 in
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livermore will look for mid-90s and the ballot friedberg of glen will be 86 san francisco is in the '80s. and in the north and their lead in the upper 80s and low 90s. another forecast: 4. >> george: the morning >> james:. the has been an incident here where it doesn't pass in southbound. it was an alert with sick but multiple lines blocked. when now it's
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only a single blank. at the bay bridge the backup reaches to the macarthur maze. and the eight in any approach this morning as a best bet to the bridge. if you're headed into marin the richmond center felt right. >> george: that backup is reaching on to find a westbound. >> mark: as with goteborg
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another live look in new york city.
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now a simulated. the singer axed
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been that she loves to snuggle and then head and watch tv. >> mark: been ballast spokespersons says is too early to figure what mcbride should make intel. >> darya: 656 in shooting and a stabbing coming of overnight in
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rich and more trouble on array rice. >> darya: we will talk to >> gary: which you do notice the 13th ceremony of the september 11th attacks. and these are san francisco for not firefighters pain their specs. jaca
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>> mark: we will tell you how high as or to be in your area >> james: we will start off with this live look at of the east bay. did you hear is relatively clear when we woke up when not many clouds. but especially at the coast we are seeing clouds this morning. and the support line see some of our highest temperatures this morning.


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