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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 1, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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excuse - the information wasn't "fully communicated." it all means means the ebola- stricken man spent a total of 4 days amidst the public before finally being isolated. >> reporter:officials are now monitoring as many as 18 people -- including three members of the ambulance crew that took him to the hospital -- and five school children. test this cannot be monitored at home for the disease. >> reporter:the c-d-c is not worried about people who were on the same plane from liberia with duncan. saying ebola isn't contagious until symptoms surface. and as bad as it all experts still insist there's no cause for alarm. >>: we should not panic at all.
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>> reporter:this is the apartment complex where duncan had been visiting relatives in dallas. health workers aren't ruling out the possibility they'll find more people who were potentially exposed to the virus. so far - the people being monitored have not shown any symptoms of ebola.but testing continues. as for duncan - he's been upgraded from critical to serious condition. >> reporter: the ambulance crew is not among those being tested. the text look at how first responders and bay area can protect themselves as well. >> reporter: today i spoke with the medical director for the downtown in mercy medical center. >>: they're very carefully trained. because of the hiv
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epidemic. >> reporter: because of ebola is not caused by casual contact that upset paramedics and other first responses. >>: they wear down to keep them protected from that. >> reporter: they're contemplating an additional step of protection offered its founders. >>: if this cenobite was a potential cost what's your breath. >> reporter: the reason for the change is what happened in texas. this with their medical no was gone long ago and to when
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the dispatcher asks the question. the dramas are a bit concerned. they're getting calls and concerns. it is a three page document to to people in alameda county. does your monitor what ebola is and how you get it and more importantly how you do not get the virus. >> reporter:we'll be updating new developments with this story on our website. and on our homepage. you'll find a special section dedicated to our ebola coverage. >> reporter:symptoms to look to protect it's transmitted.and much more. it's all here on >> reporter:enterovirus 68.the respiratory illness that strikes mostly children. has turned up again in california. >> reporter:this time - two patients from los angeles county.
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that's on top of four other cases diagnosed two weeks ago. >> reporter:a long beach hospital confirming today - a case of the virus was being treated at the hospital. although it's not clear whether the child had been released or what condition they were in. >> reporter:the la county public health department also revealing today that one case of enterovirus had been diagnosed back in august. >> reporter:that patient was ill with a respiratory infection before experiencing acute limb weakness. >> reporter:and that's the other troubling symptom of this bug - paralysis. >> reporter:also we're hearing of a death associated with enterovirus 68. a ten year old girl from rhode island died last week from the virus and a staph infection. >> reporter:so far 472 people have become ill with the enterovirus in 41 states. symptoms include fever, runny nose, cough and body aches. >> reporter:but the severe cases include trouble breathing and now a type of paralysis of the arms and legs. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> reporter: that bay area
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weather is heating up. you concede the beach there is free into right now that is likely to change now. >> reporter: we already seen what went out their proper '80s will see tonight is here in just a few moments ago. our inland valleys on the upper 80s and antioch livermore concord down to south bay and 867 sunnyvale. 73 in the bay right now. clear skies '50s and '60s. will be in the '80s practically by noon tomorrow. by 3:00 hour the '90s
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what to the red hair of your screen will see more '90s when the when the feature cast a showing. >> reporter: stretching down to gilroy in the south bay. we'll see extreme heat. a lot to break any records? coming up in a bid. >> reporter:two teens driving near the hilltop mall in richmond were injured by gunfire from a passing vehicle this afternoon, a police sergeant said. the teens were driving a tan mercedes on hilltop drive near the intersection with san pablo avenue at 1:57 p.m. when five shots were fired at nicole abetkov said. mercedes suffered three graze while the 17-year-old front passenger suffered a graze wound to his head, a 14-year-old male riding in the back seat of the car was uninjured.
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>> reporter:the victims were taken to a coming up at 5:15. video from an alleged confrontation at a bar. involving an off-duty bay area police officer. then at 5:30. we are tracking the latest on ebola in the united states. the infected person. and the americans he may have come in contact with. and next. >> reporter:if you can't smell the roses -- you might soon be pushing up the dasies. we have new research that found a connection between a persons sense of smell. and when they are going to die.
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if you wake up in the morning and you cannot snowpack let her finish you may have five years left. that strange and chilling to find research at the university of chicago is a man and women who have lost their sense of smell are almost six times more likely to die within five years. it might be i but it forces the smell raise the eyes of debt of many medical conditions including cancer and testing people they you the sense of we mentioned this setback, it's easy to set to detect lead they're being the hardest still ahead. the special device a community wants installed. at an intersection where an elderly woman was hit and killed in a crosswalk. then. a young family torn apartment by a case of mistaken identity in the south bay. a case of mistaken identity in the south bay. bulldog: [yawning]
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>> reporter:new at five tonight. a bay area police being investigated for pulling a gun on people.while off duty. >> reporter:grant has details.and video showing the officer moments after the
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confrontation. >> reporter:a vallejo police officer is at the center of an investigation that he pulled a gun on people in an oregon bar. television station ktvz quotes witnesses who say sgt. michael kent tribble of the vallejo police department pulled a gun during a confrontation with a birthday party at a series of bend bars. the station quotes dustin pomeroy as saying tribble pointed the weapon at him when he tried to diffuse the fight. >> reporter: you can have a verbal conversation right there. this set of to pull the gun out at a bar. that's the one person in the group you see and up on the ground. he said he stepped in and try to diffuse the fight.
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the night but also to pull out a gun. >>: i suspect in the plot a gun i'd put my hands up and sell my god. >> reporter: there are few minor injuries but they will determine if any charges will be filed. but they told us about all this and on investigation will become a tonight. >> reporter: the family says she still was across what was she was struck by driver make a left turn. gavin more than 22
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predestinate ended and that same intersection. into other fatalities. them into section is too dangerous setting of drivers and pedestrians together our failures. the action is needed. it does was put in place even two weeks ago my mom still be alive. >> reporter: this is video from the day of the crash. it will look into installing a scramble like a possible long-term solution and immediate solution is to bet police also said the misfortune
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in the area. >> reporter: 44 family of a man shot for a mistaken identity. a 24 year-old man with three children a devoted father now mark the spot on avenue as the san jose where demand was gunned down in front of his home. that team is now raising money to help the family. >>: on the find that that night that he was killed for unknown reasons. it is a mistaken identity and he was a good guy. >> reporter: he had no affiliation ballgames and appears to be killed by a bullet meant for someone else. his debt of the 29 homicides this year is
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san jose. >> reporter: can you imagine is going to get even one of the net is now. looking down on the bay it was warm even near the coast line. right now we're looking live from the was shocked. we are sensitive to are still pretty warm. the upper 80s in called livermore 9 degrees right now and apple. --not t we stille a little bit of that sea breeze right now. even near the coast line the heat wave is under way. now for the weekend timid tomorrow will be of our '80s low 90s. there is a key advisory to
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the entire bay area for the high temperatures that will be effect thursday and friday. >> reporter: easy parts of the delta and fairfield not under the allies a. in the bay area we are the north bay. san francisco all adults san jose and gilroy. we are expecting abnormally high temperatures. >> reporter: will be in '80s 87 in san francisco. 90 in redwood city. of our '80s and low 90s for the east bay shoreline. 89 in fremont. ellen body is will receive. 95 out and livermore.
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will also sees a 90 degree ratings. 96 down and morgan hill. 93 also and catalog. san rafael livermore oakland a little closer and i agree to more montague looks to be closed tomorrow afternoon. >> reporter: will be even warmer friday. we'll stay in the 90s this weekend but cool off dramatically early next week. >> reporter: it is increasing the chances of fire in the bay area.
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>> reporter: over the next 67 days low limited the reconditions and the drop you at all those things together and there is a risk for fired block the bay area no place more so than the oakland hills. very sister to solve the 1991 oakland hills fire you to see the crews are very busy today over the course of the next several days to make sure this place is safe the man who got the to this location lives in the oakland hills hardly ever to make this happen? >>: >> reporter: i got 5000 grant for the fire said council.
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to caltrans property and oakland school district there are fire risk in this to you can't really write into the fire is coming of the hill to do something about we are removing mass of. >> reporter: they're not doing anything out of the ordinary but they're having a full staff ready to go just in case of fires. >> reporter: there was cause for celebration in the town of rodale. that is after being shut down for more than two years' budget cuts that in may 2012. the three men dollars federal grant. three full-time firefighters this will double
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d cotipaon. noing n rerse pd. spirivhelpme eathbett. sf blong snd. do brehingithco... .wei youown? dot wa askour ctorbout irivhandaler >> reporter: it will raise to 11 doloroso for is 2015. all this is raising is memo ways to $12.53 an hour next march. is that why minimum-wage with a $10 an hour in january to about 16.
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how about something free today? well, today, sf is offering free wi-fi services. and in fact, it is not just today they are offering the services but it is part of a larger plan to provide internet connections to everyone. kron four's terisa estacio has more on this story for us. >> reporter:i am out here at the marina green. and this area is one of the new free wi fi spots in san francisco. starting today, the city is rolling out a new program to provide free wi-fi access to people. >> reporter:the city teamed up with google to provide the service. the cost is about 60 grand, google is footing the bill. the intial roll out will include centers. in and around sf. >> reporter:besides here in the marina green, there will be a hot spot in the tenderloin. mission dolores will get free wifi when the park finishes up repairs to the popular spot. the city tried to roll out free wifi several years ago, but the >> reporter:officials have a lot more confidence this time around. thoughts, we would love to hear from you. >> reporter:send us your comments on facebook, or tweet; me.
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>> reporter:coming up at 5:30. new details are emerging about the first diagnosis of ebola in health officials say more than a dozen people came in contact with the patient, including school children, but none has shown any symptoms. >> reporter: an intruder with a knife made into the white house will have more to come back.
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>> reporter: new details emerged about the first diagnosis of ebola in the health officials say more than a dozen people come in contact with a set including schoolchildren but none has shown any symptoms at this point. polo sandoval has more from outside the texas hospital where the infected man is being treated. >> reporter: he is being treated in isolation. we have now learned of the liberian about a week and have to go have been visiting and dsm to of ebola virus. the man behind storr was also learning that officials are keeping a close eye on five of schoolchildren who was exposed.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: officials and sexist and now scrambling to track down every person who came into contact with the man who brought into the u.s.. which is every step in every this context may have had with anybody is one of those contests will monitor them the 2 to 1 days. >> reporter: he did not feel sick and to four days later. he sought treatment and e.r. what was until two days later and was hospitalized and isolated in dallas. yesterday the cdc confirmed that the patient is in deep effect would ebola patients so the nurse about travel to africa but in connection with not to communicate it to the medical scene. the state is ready to face the problem.
5:33 pm
>>: there are few places in the role better equipped to meet the challenge that his post in this case. >> reporter: pillories to panic --no reason to panic. i have is a reason to panic at all that will we should not be going. >> reporter: 42 year-old thomas is a man who the fourth person to be diagnosed in the united states which ebola virus. this in this is proving from critical to serious. >> reporter:a big shake-up at the secret service. agency director julia pierson
5:34 pm
has resigned. that's a day after her testimony to congress about recent presidential >> reporter:security failures. including the fact that an armed man managed to get all the way into the white house east room. >> reporter:the last straw might have been the report that the president was recently on an elevator with a security contractor who had a gun -- and a criminal record. >> reporter:as details continue to come in - there's word that more people may also be out of a job soon. >> reporter:as for the man accused of jumping the fence last month to get inside the white house he pleaded not guilty today in a federal courtroom. omar gonzalez is a 42-year-old iraq war veteran who had a knife. >> reporter:he made it deep into the white house before being stopped by the secret service. >> reporter:authorities say they found hatchets and a machete in his car. >> reporter:a judge today ordered more mental testing for gonzales - to determine whether he's competent to stand trial.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: notice we want out there today five centigrade warmer than we did seetoday in n the layout. >> reporter: we had 87 briefly in richmond. moribund the '60s and san francisco. take a look at the change within the last 24 hours. >> reporter: 12 degrees warmer in san francisco. 16 degrees warmer in richmond. you see the clear skies and berkeley. as you start to see the driver wore inland valleys we are still the warm side. 87 concord 86 a
5:36 pm
little more 80 and santa rosa. there is a heat advisory it was a look at the numbers coming up in just a little bit. >> reporter: they have been sending their cars on these warm weather pictures. all right that is specific up. we all love to see your pictures you also e- mail breaking news at kron 4 dot com. >> reporter: a lot of people are complaining that their id phone 6 will not connect to their cars blew too. what was afoot to the
5:37 pm
text--test. will return with the news. bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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that is how people can talk. is a lot safer for them to be handsfree while they're in the car while they're driving. >>: reporter they have the built-in look to it. to call i made seems to work just fine with into all the calls i made the audio from the call was not working with the 22. for me it was an intimate some problem.
5:46 pm
the visit was on you have our criticism is running amok are you have. >>: reporter of your having this problem is you got your settings this is the working for most people. and change a lot of things on your phone. apple and has not commented on this yet but they're excited to release of the day soon that will fix this. >>: reporter we did have dusted and this is in san jose. it did die down into the afternoon. the golden gate bridge where when i want to be seen in the fall. -- all thfog still largely in the'
5:47 pm
86 in livermore and 88 in santa rosa. >>: reporter and one the worst days of it. timber to be in '80s a line is the most part he did advisory's for the entire bay area. is very dry out there and take a look at the area under the it library. --advisory this is where were allowed to seadog abnormally high temperatures. 89
5:48 pm
in richmond until 90 to all around. >>: reporter the southwest of larceny--largely '90s. pretty much 90s across the border. 94 and san rafael and nap. senator phil a livermore not even close here the projected high to mar. there is the record high of directors in san rafael was well into the triple digits. will come a little close in mountain view. richmond is 10 degrees shy of that record. it will be one
5:49 pm
out there tomorrow and into friday. to the judge would automatically into next week. >>: reporter fire officials and vallejo shows the extent of the damaged and its plans are close to the time battling the flames. >>: reporter from this is at the lay of firefighters there were spotted here around 820 this morning from heavy smoke coming from the building. the italian cheese with one house turned into a duplex. it was to be at
5:50 pm
courthouse. >>: reporter and that it was no one inside. it appears the home could have been vacant when the fire sparked. >>: reporter i'll have more in the next edition of people
5:51 pm
behaving badly.
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reporter lavish tunnels bonds include paris. >>: reporter at the end of the day when i in the hotel is pretty much . >>: reporter in a close case and
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lagoons of on the laguna beach is. >>: terrell is a yacht as $228,000 a week. reporter the couple stayed six days with a whopping price tag of $5,000 a night. >>: reporter television is number one, met the premier on kron 4 tonight is the walking dead. you will be of the to
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watch the zombi drama will have back-to-back episodes each and every wednesday at 9:00 p.m. followed by kron 4 news at eleven. coming up next at 6 like helpless also gets into a compensation and is caught on camera with his superiors told us tonight about this today of server for early pull out a gun. >>: reporter we have a lot more news ahead at 6:00.
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some school-age children have been in contact. >>: reporter goes to paint contact with the place and being treated for ebola we know more about the flights to liberia. >>: reporter before the show since of the illness and had been days that past. >>: reporter he is thomas everett duncan hit the liberian national. his first visit to the u.s. they're less scramble to find everyone became a contact with. and it is clear that a hospital made their job lot harder when h first went to the hospital in dallas after being said he did tell the staff that he had been in liberia one of the hardest-hit areas hit by ebola. he was sent home with
6:00 pm
antibiotics. he did get any ball screening and enough to affect a total four days amid the public before finally returned to the hospital and being isolated. >>: reporter we go from the moment he could of been effected problem around the 24 and then retraced every step in every contact remontant to them for 21 days. that reporter this is the apartment complex acp for now being monitored including the five schoolchildren so far no symptoms he had to take several
6:01 pm
flights including to united flights. >>: reporter got in has been upgraded today from critical to serious condition. >>: reporter they're pleading with the ctc to do more it shows a need for after a screening for ebola a u.s. that have let immediately. third american's to avoid travel to west africa.
6:02 pm
technically at war passing through with a fever or increase temperature could be questioned. >>: reporter the amahs crew is among those now being monitored and taxes out repair our first daughter is here. >>: reporter we all sat the worry is there another patient how they wanted to hospital there what's called ambulance. >>: reporter immense medical reporter his first his founders are eps-to-prepare for ebola.
6:03 pm
>>: the first responders and alameda have a lot question about ebola. information she had been prepared they're contemplating an additional step for protection. >>: shortage of breath that specific question is they will ask teddy banter which in africa recently? >>: reporter will be updating
6:04 pm
new developments would distort our web site you find a special section they're dedicated to our ebola coverage including sent them to look out for how to protect yourself how of the illness is transmitted and much more it is all kron 4 dachau. >>: reporter the west now virus is in sonoma county. a mosquito sample in the dead were collected in santa rosa tested positive for the virus so far this year they have seen 31 dead birds and add to the skills to as possible of the virus officials say high temperatures could mean an increase for west now virus activity there are urging residents to attack the cells for mosquito bites and keep clear the way from outside san the water. >>: reporter you deceive the
6:05 pm
people enjoy in the fall sunshine. a seasonally will attempt to cross the bay area today. it is only one to give a concert. the heat advisory before the bay area their runs through friday some areas could seek to the digits. plus the hot weather and wind have fire officials on alert especially in the east bay. >>: reporter hot and dry conditions combined heightened fire dangers in the bay area are reason for all of us to be on alert the crew were monitored dry vegetation. over the next few days. let's find out now how high is going to get she is standing by tracking the heat. >>: reporter to the judge are in the '80s and '90s. for much of the bay area the coastline is in
6:06 pm
the '70s 72 and daly city's 74 nat love belay held is in the '90s. >>: reporter that is how much we are warmer today by 16 in richmond 13 aa no the will be even one out there tomorrow. sunnyvale in the '90s will tomorrow and friday at 88 tomorrow the 92 on friday dublin in brentwood most days in gilroy it will be 102. by friday our law to correct any records out have that answer coming up. >>: reporter they're offering free why service. that's-
6:07 pm
wireless service the city team that would go. --google they try to roll out free wireless service but that plan had failed. >>: reporter how does that compare with other cities in the region he will record all down next. the south may father killed it was the case of mistaken identity. the push to make a dangerous intersection is have a cisco safer for pedestrians will have more when we return. ...we need to break up.
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switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. reporter an off-duty vallejo police officer accused of pulling out his god. --gov. johgun one person in the group
6:15 pm
ended up on the ground the internal affairs is looking into the allegations. we did not receive all the information yet will receive a free to pour as of yet a number of times we don't know if he was detained their conflicting stories on this. it is to order for us to make any furlough for the determination. then a reporter he remained on active duty while the investigation is underway. >>: reporter he was a devoted father he had become the 29th homicide victim this year police say his death may have been a
6:16 pm
tragic mistake and identity. reporter flowers can load as of the cars mark the spot where the 24 year-old man was killed saturday evening with two daughters and a baby on the way father and close friends like dawaylin hutchinson say his death is a huge loss. reporter dawaylin hutchinson/friend of victim so far, the investigation has produced nothing to dispute his family's claim that watkins was not involved with gangs known to frequent this part of town and that he appears to have been >>: reporterkilled by a bullet meant for someone else. dawalin hutchinson this is home video of watkins daughters, who is on the cheer sqaud for the san jose saints pop warner football team, which is now rallying financial support for his family. dawalin hutchinson
6:17 pm
standup closer everyone still be double what we are doing every thing that we can to support the family. >>: reporter their release handle the blows and hold thought arise the for their family. >>: reporternew information on the southern california mayor shot and killed by his wife. she has been released without being arrested. bell gardens mayor daniel crespo reportedly got into an argument with his wife yesterday afternoon. according to authorities, the couple's 19 year-old son stepped in, and while the father and son were fighting, levette crespo grabbed a gun and shot her husband. >>:daniel crespo was pronounced dead at the hospital. levette crespo and her son were questioned by authorities and released. the district attorney will
6:18 pm
determine whether to file >>:the family of a 78 year old woman killed while walking in a san francisco crosswalk is calling on the city to fix what is being called a dangerous intersection.and calling on drivers to slow down. >>:kron4's maureen kelly explains what's being proposed to make that area safer for pedestrians. >>:geen lee's mother pooey yim lee was the 13th pedestrian to be killed on the streets of san francisco this year. she was in this chinatown crosswalk last month.when she was hit by a driver turning left. >>:the driver has been arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. today the sons and grandchildren of yim lee were joined by community activists calling on drivers to slow down. >>: this is our home is not like the freeway >>:but they also say the intersection itself needs to be
6:19 pm
in a ten year span there has been more than 22 pedestrians injured in that same intersection, and two other fatalities. community activists want the signal to be replaced with what's called a scramble what can be found just one block down. a light which stops vehicle traffic in both directions and lets pedestrians cross at the same time.even diagonally. >>:the head of sfmta says they are in the meantime sfpd is stepping and the city says they plan to hang signs reminding drivers to watch for restripe the crosswalk so it looks like this one here. . the family of yim lee just wishes these changes to make the street safer had happened sooner. maureen kelly kron4 news. reporter. the heat wave is under
6:20 pm
way. the temperature will be in the '80s and '90s. because of the unseasonably warm temperatures here's a look at the temperature. the peninsula the coastline the south that all of downtown gilroy will be affected both days to the judge tomorrow will be in '80s. we will have no seabury's went to war. '80s and '90s down the peninsula. 89 in oakland 88 in hayward and fremont. will see tonight is out there tomorrow. 95 down and livermore.
6:21 pm
>>: reporter this might be a time is one to be pretty half of the coastline 93 and santa cruz. 80 at the monterey. of the north because line 86 and fought race marat afternoon you may be wondering if the senators here are the centers for tomorrow center fell the law not even close. madam reporter loss of '80s and
6:22 pm
'90s in the fall of next couple days. . >>: reportersan francisco will add 12 new buses to its transportation fleet by next spring. thanks to a 9 million-dollars grant from the federal government. the funding will pay for new 60- foot-long buses, the longest that muni operates. >>:the busses will operate on the 38-geary, mission, san bruno and bayshore express lines. the head of the secret service says that down. will have more of the new return.
6:23 pm
bulldog: [yawning]
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service today. agency director julia pierson has the wake of a string of embarrassing revelations >>:about presidential security breaches. it comes just a day after pierson's poorly received testimony to congress. >>:questions focused on the armed man who managed to get all the way into the white house recently. and the last straw appears to have been another incident - them allwith a criminal record was allowed to ride in the same elevator as the president. yesterday the white house said it supported pierson. >>:today - it was a different story. >>: the present concluded that that agency was required. >>:as for the former u.s. solder accused of jumping the white house fence and running inside - armed with a knife.he was in federal court today and pleaded a judge ordered more mental health testing for omar determine whether he's competent to stand trial.
6:27 pm
>>:authorities say when they later searched his car, they found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, two hatchets and a machete. >>: new information on the liberian man guy knows what ebola. an extremely high fire danger around the bay area as much as three to two digits in some areas. >>: i'll show you more in the next edition of the will be adding that it. >>: reporter is one to get even warmer for the next couple of days but would take a look at the numbers coming up.
6:28 pm
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>>: reportertoday we learned the identity of the ebola patient in a texas hospital. he is thomas eric duncan.who lives in liberia and flew to dallas to visit relatives. health workers are rushing to test anyone who came in contact with duncan >>:during his 4 days in dallas before being hospitalized. it also became clear that he actually had to go to the hospital twice before he got an ebola screening and was >>:on his first visit - his family says he was given antibiotics and sent home. now - among the people who might have been exposed to the deadly virus - five school children and 3 members of an ambulance crew. they're all being >>:duncan has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. catherine heenan, kron four news. >>: reporter they haven't had to level of protection for first responders. dispatches might as
6:32 pm
they've been to west africa the person calling said they may have a call or shortness of breath. >>: in the wake of ebola case in texas many travelers out that i all have not grown shy about traveling san guest are concerned about ebola but has not chapter from visiting their destination. >>: a young man who may have been killed because of mistaken identity he was a devoted father and a loyal friend to many dismantling for your richmond. he had two young daughters and a baby on the way he was shot and killed outside of his home decided night the bullet was apparently meant for someone else. he was not tied to local games--
6:33 pm
>>: they're calling on the city to fix all what is called a dangerous intersection the driver was arrested for suspicion of misdemeanor and manslaughter. police are stepping up enforcement the city for safety and area. >>: best of all the family has been called in all these years. keeping her memory alive not a day like he did nothing about the doctor. in the bright future she could have had. the low down memory lane will have more about her at her death as the others.
6:34 pm
>>: the temperature and winds continue to go up so the concern that over the fire danger of situation from the oakland fire retardant-- department. it is important for to not to do in the yard work it could easily start a fire and very dry conditions. keep vegetating clear from the house. >>: our bid what's the story tonight the heat wave that is on the way. chemical largely be in '80s and '90s including the coastlines will have a need revisory--advisory of the east
6:35 pm
bay stretching down to gilroy. problems to pull of exercising a wall of earlier. tim is in the south bay run largely in the '90s. in a valley will be 90 tomorrow night before in pleasanton. in the upper 80s decided the bay area. >>: we are a lot warmer today. here is stanley roberts that
6:36 pm
also be behaving badly. that mark stanley.. i want to find out why less to say is a lot going on. that could lead to tragic results the their first in the call my attention was his driver is a giant the part in the red zone with her self all a chapter here. instead of a notice from high above was the amount people data across the street. >>: stanley i notice the pattern that the safety of the window for reasons to get a buzz. like that of the last was in the world like this man darted across the street. because they're the bus at the corner -- as the to be held
6:37 pm
accountable. there is a sign that read no stopping you the driver cannot stop there you need to fit a lot better with lower. terrell i mean stopped if everyone does not do the part to make it safe that they tend to happen. ebro know is not permitted to make use of terms. >>: stanley it is the one across all even if you're not dropped you could be arrested on the spot things have changed his advances go stanley roberts kron 4 node. >>: they're on the hunt for this man will have what he is accused
6:38 pm
for will be come back. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46.
6:39 pm
well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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they say he stole all four tires awful lot car in the parking garages. they say it happened back on police say the wheels were stolen off a car that was parked in the civic center parking garage on the b-level. they say it's a brazen crime because parking enforcement and police officers are frequently police say when he's caught, he'll be arrested for grand theft. three people are displaced after the duplex they lived in caught on fire this morning in vallejo. fire officials say it happened
6:42 pm
just before 8-30 this morning on the 200 block of gleason avenue. >>:officials say a hoarder lived at the home. they say the fire was hard to access because there was a lot of stuff crammed inside. officials say no one was inside at the time of the fire, but one cat was killed. >>:they say the think an electrical problem caused the fire. ( yawn )
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
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that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at! ♪ mattress discounters just like the a's last night. the giants season on the line tonight. right now in pittsburgh the giants are _ _ the pirates _ _ to _ _ in the _ _ inning.
6:46 pm
>>: absolutely heartbreaking loss last night kansas city while the store by now with their eighth it all came crashing down. by the royals in this game winning. bob melvin a day later it all the truly unbelievable game. the, the intensity with which
6:47 pm
the self in a position to be very disappointed you know the whole way and you lose a game is it the feeling. would you comment today texan time to reflect. >>: a whole but to stuff went wrong for the a's last night. it was about as painful bottom- line is turned to been undisputed but no if as a but. he is allowed a few mulligans. with the 28 highest payroll in the leak. --league they welcome back and old friend this weekend for the forty- niners. the fresh off a three touchdown performance 41 to 14.
6:48 pm
he is 13 and 6 star quarterback. he is getting nothing but love for his former team. >>: have done a lot everything is nothing but the utmost respect they in turn as the controversy is a locker room. i've never seen alex smith not be good. >>: how he is playing down the is always been a very good quarterback. >>: reporter the forty-niners touchdown the raiders are on the by this week and o'clock lawn today a chance as a few players
6:49 pm
about the new head coach terry >>: is one of the best coach done on my whole career. he knows up when they did all the same page. it is kind of gridlock on all right now we are excited to have them. >>: he does the job of getting the best out of everybody. >>: reporter you might expect that is not going to happen here is not even thinking about coaching because the raiders and 98 to 2001 these bill would espn to last five years. you have a
6:50 pm
ton of better options than the latest. nba season is right around the corner. the preseason games next tuesday. >>: that already in midseason at a basketball. >>: he will consider teaming of
6:51 pm
a tighter again if he is axed. it plans to retire at age 50 any free much will work part-time. them a reporter will return.
6:52 pm
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four men had been a rat--all rested they have been arrested for stealing training software. federal investigators have already seized one of of of dollars that they have gotten. . as always required to use the real name of rosa buyers
6:56 pm
they may offer the i pad and gold. it will come with a fingerprint center. they're expected to unveil a new i pondered this month. it's the walking dead makes its first premier tonight on kron 4 is star tonight. >>: 2 mar and friday will be even worse will be '80s and '90s the out the bay area. it will affect both days. saturday will be pretty hot sunday it will cool down. will be back all the knows whether and forecast at 8:00 join us then. test
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> it's very hard to survive without some form of privacy. >> stop taking pictures of yourself. your sister is going to jail. >> the tale of two weddings. the year's biggest ceremony. two very different ones. >> turning a corner in 2014. >> i want to get a butt x-ray. >> is it a case of class versus crass? with the clooneys reportedly relaxing in morocco, we'll show you how to honeymoon like a star. then -- another kardashian hip hop star coupling. is kendall cozying up to chris? and -- >> let me hear you scream, twihards. >> we have info on the new "twilight" film frenzy on the verge of going viral. plus -- >> everybody has the ish.
7:00 pm
>> michael gets to the root of his blackish identity. >> my dad is black, my mom is korean. >> korack. >> are you korack? >> it's time to go inside. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's the "insider" together with yahoo! not sure if i've ever seen fishburne laugh like that. first, clooney and his bride continues to be the buzz in hollywood and abroad. hello, everybody, i'm louis aguirre. >> and thea andrews. the woman who stole george's heart piqued our curiosity. there were two fairytale weddings this year. let's get to now the brides and grooms behind the nuptials of the year. could the couples present a case of class versus crass? >> no one wants to hear me complain. i don't. >> i am so frustrated. >> it's not only about getting the wrongly imprisoned out of prison, it's also a call for


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