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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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campus area.also known as frat row. kron4's jeff bush is live in berkeley tonight..with the latest. jeff, what have we learned about the suspect? berkeley police arrested 20 year old [name redacted due to court finding of factual innocence] at the delta upsilon house on warring street thursday night. aearch warran and [name redacted due to court finding of factual innocence] was taken io custody without incident. [name redacted due to court finding of factual innocence] is accused of pc261 rapewhich means the victim was under the influence of some sort of intoxicant and was unable to resist as a result. the arrest is the first stemming from three separate sex assaults that happened last saturday. all three took place off campus. a u.c. berkeley crime bulitin states that two of the three sex assaults took
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place on the property of a fraternity. it is unclear if the delta upsilon house was the location of the rape. fraternity members did not comment on camera but refered kron four to the national chapter which issued a short statement saying the group is cooperating with the authorities. members of the fraternity could be seen coming and going from the large, somwhat rundown, property that houses the u.c. berkeley chapter members. berkeley police say they are otr two rapes from last week. i'm jeff bush, live at police headquarters in berkeley, kron four news. a morgan hill teacher has been arrested -- he's accused of molesting one of his female students. police arrested fifth grade teacher john loyd - he teaches at paradise elementary school. police say the incident
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happened this month in loyd's classroom. the teacher is in a santa clara county jail facing charges including lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. morgan hill detectives are working with the school to warn parents and search for other victims. in other big news. a wave of severe respiratory illness has swept the country. and it has reached the bay area. the en-tair-o virus 68 causes serious breathing problems in many children. it's now a possible factor in at least four deaths and is blamed for causing paralysis in some children in other states. so far in california, 14 people under the age of 15, have tested positive. 5 of them are in northern california. and today we learned that one of those young patients lives in san francisco. bay area schools are now taking extra precautions. kron 4's philippe djegal reports on what school officials are doing to protect children.
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the san francisco department of public health friday announcing that last month. a child from san francisco was diagnosed with enterovirus d68 at a hospital outside of the county. >> "it usually causes mild symptoms similar to a cold or a flu." in this case, doctor cora hoover says the chuld was treated and released from the hospital after two days. she says the child experienced respiratory problems, but is now in good health." >> "similar to colds, theres, uh, no specific treatment for enterovirus d68. there's also no vaccine for it, uh, but, that said, it usually does cause mild illness that resolves on its own." the san francisco unified school district, reacting quickly. >> "we take the things very seriously -- the health and safety of our children." district spokesperson heidi anderson says even though its unknown whther or not the infected child is a district student. on monday, the district's more than 56-thousand students will receive this letter.
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available in three different languages, explaining how kids can protect themselves. >> "just hand washing is a really really affective way to keep this particular according to dph, particular flu from spreading." anderson says safety tips are also available on the district's website. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. the c-d-c says there's no specific treatment for the virus -- so prevention is key. advice includes washing your hands often with soap and water. for at least 20- seconds. you should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. and - clean frequently touched surfaces, especially if someone is sick. and avoid close contact with sick people. finally - if you're sick - stay home and prevent spreading the illness. we'll continue to follow developments online. we have a special page dedicated to the en-tair-o virus. it's on our website - kron4- dot-com. you can also get the latest information on our facebook and
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twitter pages. it was another hot day in the bay area -- an october heat wave with sizzling temperatures. a lot of people were outside enjoying the sunshine. and we even broke a couple records in the bay area. chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is tracking the weekend forecast. jacqueline? catherine was very hot today howcoming up. '90s throughout the bay area if you look outside right now, we're still in the '70s and a number of places. we have virtually no sea breeze wind right now. the new evidence that jahi mc- math's family insists prove that she's improving.
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new at 11. a startling medical breakthrough --- a swedish doctor says a woman has given birth -- after getting a womb transplant. it's the first time it's happened. the 36-year-old mother received a uterus from a close family friend last year. this photo shows doctors performing the surgery. the woman gave birth to a baby boy last month. he was born prematurely, but doctors say he and his mother are now at home doing well. a developing story. the dallas family who hosted a man from liberia later diagnosed with ebola -- has now been moved out of their apartment. the family of four left the apartment this afternoon. they're said to be in isolation - in an undisclosed location. a hazardous materials team
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worked through the day to decontaminate the apartment. the mother of the ebola patient - thomas duncan - spoke exclusively to c-n-n. i want to say i love my son. i want to speak to him. i want to tell him hello. i want to hug him. and i pray for him every day and the family members. meanwhile - the parents of an american freelance cameraman diagnosed with ebola overseas - say their son is in good spirits. a-shokah mook-poh was being flown from liberia to the u-s for treatment. other members of the nbc news crew he was working with will also be heading home this weekend. dr. nancy snyderman - who has worked for news stations in the bay area in the past - is part of the team. she and the others will be monitored for any ebola symptoms. still ahead. two brazen robberies near an east bay bart station has a neighborhood on high alert.
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this just in to the kron4 newsroom.
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cruiser fighting the fire near the bart station, and it is not under control. the case of a bay area old girl ruled brain dead nearly ten months ago is not over. lawyers for jahi mcmath's family have filed paperwork to reverse that court order. the 13-year-old has been in a new jersey facility on life support. she was officially declared brain dead after losing too much blood during a routine surgery last year. as kron 4's j.r. stone reports - her family insists that they have proof she's improving. the way i am of my children is like a marriage for better or worse in sick in health.
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it seems like, honestly , i love her now even more. this is no of a video showing to high. in another video her mother asked her to move her hand in it appeared she did so. the family argues her brain was swollen 10 months ago and that's why she looked brain-dead. you concede her brain is not liquified and therefore not brain-dead.
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people call her corpse, the deceased, but there is so much more to do-that. she is not the brain dead girl from california and, as not deceased, and i want to prove that and for people to eat their words. her family once the court to reverse the brain dead diagnosis. two violent robberies near an east bay bart station has a neighborhood on a high alert. one man was beaten. and another was shot. a man, who asked us not to show his face on camera -- says he saw several men who he believes are connected to the robberies thursday night. it happened along key boulevard and humboldt.near the el cerrito del norte bart station.
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it is very scary, it was so dark it's such an easy target around here because no one is here. so you heard the shot then you came outside? the two suspects are described as mixed race - between five- foot-10 and five-foot-7, with medium builds. police say they were seen leaving the area in a dark colored mid-sized car. thousands of music lovers packed golden gate park for the "hardly strictly bluegrass festival." the three day event kicked off today.
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the heat advisory rain remains in effect for tomorrow. a purse '70s and the lower 80s in the bay for the most part, upper 80s and 90s and other parts.
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the north they will largely be in the '90s tomorrow. here's a look at this weekend. still very high number of places. checkout ocean beach, the high and low '70's. slight cooling this weekend, but we will cool more dramatically next week as the sea breeze comes back.
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tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. nlds #1 - giants/nationals wild crowd in washington dc top 3rd scoreless stephen strasburg on the mound joe panik singles to right- center travis ishikawa scores 1- 0 giants bottom 4th/ 2-0 giants jake peavy strikes out jayson werth looking he didn't give up a hit until the 5th top 7th/ 2-0 giants
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buster posey grounder hits the pitcher's leg and bounces into center panik scores 3-0 giants bottom 7th/ after bryce harper hit a home run asdrubal cabrera. takes hunter strickland out 3-2 giants bottom 8th/ 3-2 giants harper up with 2 on sergio romo gets him to bounce into the force at 2nd final: 3-2 giants giants lead the series 1-0 their 9th straight postseason win i just want to be no weakling in the chang. we have to rely on the entire team, not just one player. here's joe panik
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nlcs #1 - cardinals/dodgers after yasiel puig was hit by a pitch adrian gonzalez then puig get into it with yadier molina nobody died top 7th clayton kershaw after being spotted a 6-1 lead gives up the bases-clearing double to matt carpenter 7-6 cardinals after kershaw is pulled matt holliday. 3-run home run off pedro baez 10-6 cardinals bottom 9th/ 10-9 cardinals puig with a runner on strikes out to end the game final: 10-9 cardinals cardinals lead series 1-0 game 2 tomorrow in los angeles 49ers on facing alex smith-sot royals are fun to watch because of what they did to d.a.'s.
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they are the first team to win three straight extra inning post-season games. the angels are now facing elimination, will be very hard for them to come back. the 49ers talked about facing former teammate alex smith. sunday versus the chiefs. q was a great teammate, and now we just have to win even though
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she's here not here. i wonder if you asked alex which rather stick a needle in your ire talk to the press? 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps.
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quarantined! >> it's now touched our extended family. >> the tv doctor. her cameraman has ebola. >> we shared workspace, vehicles, equipment. >> and what it's like de contaminating an ebola hot zone. and don't panic. >> we're all gonna die. >> dr. phil's message to america. >> people panic when they don't have good information, and they fill in the blanks. and high heels drifter? why this beauty queen was
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busted. >> yes, your honor. then, joan rivers had the procedure. >> people have wonderedr they safe? well, i'm about to find out. >> now our jim moret is getting it. >> i'm just minutes away from


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