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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 5, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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leads, of the person who ran into a patrol vehicle. as the officer attempted to make an enforcement stop on the vehicle, he took off leading to high speed pursuit. the suspect went right past san leandro police headquarters. if the person knew the neighborhood, they wouldn't have
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driven to where they did. the suspect vehicle accelerated and ran to the front end of a patrol car. the officer opened fire. the suspect vehicle was able to speak off in a bid to capture. due to the high speeds and distances of the vehicle, we were unable to continue the pursuit. residents in the place where the chase car went are not accustomed to this kind of thing. it's important to mention that the officer who was in the car
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that was hit is not entered. oakland police are on the lookout tonight for the person or persons responsible for a triple shooting early this morning near a downtown nightclub. one person was killed, two others were wounded. kron 4's dan kerman has the latest. sunday morning it was shop keepers, not anyone from the city of oakland cleaning up blood splattered on the sidewalk. from a triple shooting that occurred hours earlier anna/works in downtown oakland: a man lost his life and it's disrespectful the city didn't clean up after him, it's a biohazard too police say about 1-30 sunday morning a fight broke out after a group of people left a 14th street nightclub in downtown oakland then gunfire davis: i didn't see anything, i just heard a lot of things like pow pow pow pow and people
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scattering running police say one person was killed two others wounded no suspects yet in custody rhonda davis/works in downtown oakland: i think there needs to be more polices, before the clubs let out , they need to be out here on the scene at the clubs, clearing up the traffic , just need to be more police presence period this is the second early morning shooting in less than a week outside a downtown oakland nightclub on wednesday a man was shot and killed outside this club at 11th and clay. matt jacobs/oakland resident: i do walk home by myself a lot so it's definitely concerning for those who live near these downtown oakland clubs, these shootings have definitely raised the stress level, but it's not anything new. agata kamler/oakland resident: even in my neighborhood which is just a few blocks away weve had muggings at 9pm, an attempted kidnapping at that time within the last few months so it does cause some concern, you have to be careful.
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standup dan kerman/oakland: typically there's a police presense outside oakland nightclubs, especially at closing time. we're told oakalnd police were in and around the area at the time of the shooting but in this case it didn't make any difference. do police have plans to change their tactics going forward? at this point they're not saying. in oakland, dan kerman kron 4 news. police are searching for the person that shot and killed a san francisco man. this afternoon police responded to shot's fired in the city's bayview district. police found a man shot dead near harbor and ingalls streets, they have not released the man's identity yet. police are urging anyone with information to come forward. petaluma police are looking for over 70- thousand dollars worth of segways stolen from a trailer. police say the white, 14-foot- long trailer, owned by segway tours of petaluma was stolen from a sonoma county sheraton hotel parking lot. a deputy found the empty trailer on friday morning at adobe and stage gulch roads. the nine segways inside, along with other equipment were gone. petaluma police are looking for
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anyone who might have seen the trailer between september 26th and last thursday. the license plate of the trailer is 4-n-b-4-2-1-9. the hayward neighbors of a mother stabbed to death last night by her own son are reacting to horrific murder. 20-year-old joseph badiali has been arrested for the crime. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal spoke with one woman whose known the family for more than a decade. police say she was murdered to death by her 20 year-old son, by stabbing. he was a wonderful kid, i would
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never expecting to do anything like that. just before 7:00 last night, hayward police respond responded to the stabbing. the lady had multiple stab wounds and was killed by her son, who stayed around the scene and cooperated with police. police said what led up to the deadly stabbing is still being investigated. she was one of the most positive persons i never met, she talked all the neighbors. i wouldn't even imagine that, a million years.
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we send their our prayers' out to the family. i always wanted to be like her when i grab. it was another day of unusual hot fall weather around the bay area.but the heat wave seems to be tapering off. kron-4 meteorologist brian van aken is here to tell us when we'll see some relief. cooler weather is on the way in the next few days. today we had some record- breaking hot days. the inland valleys were little warmer because the coast head off a slight seabury's.
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the sea breeze will push the cooler ocean air into the base, later this week. a quarterback showdown at levi's stadium. as the 49ers face off against former niner alex smith. in the end.colin kaepernick and the 49ers getting the win kron-4's scott rates was live on the sidelines for the entire game. scott what was the atmosphere like? it was great vicki. it was the third regular-season game here and leave by stadium, the niners did not disappoint. they did amazing, it was great it was awesome, was a good win for the season
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we're looking forward to begin next week. i think the fast plays really helped us win today. so the fans were rocking in here, why not? i did see a lot antecedence this time, though the first to gay games were packed out. there were some alex smith fans and the crowd among the niners. the niners are now 3 and 24 this season. it seems rainout everything is good for the forty-niners.
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government health officials say they are against a travel ban for ebola infected countries. they say shutting down travel could get in the way of stopping the virus. some have said banning travel to and from these countries would be safer. but officials say it wouldn't help in getting ahold on ebola. they also say the ban could keep people from getting back to the u-s. the travel scare comes after a man traveling from liberia to dallas was diagnosed. the hospital caring for thomas eric duncan says he is in critical condition. he traveled back two weeks ago and began feeling symptoms. five days later he was named the first case of ebola in the u-s. the director of the c-d-c talked about his condition in a press conference today. "we're really hoping for the recovery of the patient in dallas. we understand that his situation has a taken a turn for the worse. we know that ebola is a very serious disease and we are hoping for his
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recovery." he had previously been listed in serious condition. ten others who came into contact with duncan are quarantined. the c-d-c are also monitoring almost fourty others. the texas apartment where duncan was getting a thorough cleaning. the other four other people living in the apartment ---were all relocated to an undisclosed place friday-- and will be required to stay there until october 19-th. the incubation period for ebola -- the time between infection and the onset of symptoms -- ranges between two and 21 days. an american journalist infected with ebola is being taken a nebraska hospital for treatment. ashoka mukpo was working in west africa as a photojournalist when he contracted the deadly virus. he will be the second patient treated at the nebraska medical center's isolation unit. he is the fifth american to be evacuated to the u-s for treatment since the ebola outbreak started. a deer carcas is causing concern over mountain lions in san mateo county. police say that a lion is most
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likely responsible for the deer's death. the body was found in a resident's walkway this morning in hillsborough. police are reminding people to take precautions to protect themselves. they say to not approach the animal, try to look bigger than the cat or throw objects to distract it. the next step for computing giant hewlett-packard, may be a split into two companies. the wall street journal reproted palo-alto based company plans to put the p-c and printer operations under one roof.and its software and services business under another. the journal said the announcement could come as soon as tomorrow, and the separation would take place next year. an h-p spokesperson declined to comment on the report. coming up at eight. harvard university on alert.after hundreds of students receive threatening emails. plus.the search resumes for the missing malaysia jetliner that went down in the indian ocean. and next. dramatic video of a deadly a car slams into a
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southern california donut shop. hey john check it out.
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the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. one person is dead and four others are injured after a car crashed into a los angeles doughnut shop. it happened last night as the driver of the car lost control in the parking lot. one customer who was inside the shop at the time of the accident. says the window next to the parking lot exploded as the s-u-v crashed into the store. it looked like, and was getting pushed by a bunch of metal, time to slow the way down. the driver was identified as 42- year-old kristen chang. she was taken to the hospital and released. however. it's not clear what caused her to lose control of her car. or if charges will be filed. harvard university is on alert after hundreds of students received a threatening email. the email threated to shoot and
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kill students on campus today. students say the email was addressed to about 500 people. harvard police released a statement saying. it's increased police presence this weekend, but has not determined if the email is a credible threat. i definitely appreciated the increase in security.seen a lot more outside the dorms and stuff. on one hand, you don't want to get so scared you paralyze yourself and don't go on with your life. harvard police notified the f-b- i and other local law enforcement agencies. however, the university said it's made no changes to planned activities this weekend. it sure was hot this week and around zero bay area, breaking heat cooler temperatures flooding into the bay right now, with cooler temperatures tomorrow, drop as we go through the week.
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the temperatures are in the '70s and '80s and a lot of locations right now. we might see some low clouds and the beria even of north. we will continue to cool things down as a go through this way, but it looks like another heat wave next. the low clouds are coming in, see on the fog tracker. the fog hangs on at the coast all the way through tomorrow afternoon, and will increase as we go through tuesday, and will decrease temperatures throughout the week.
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tomorrow will be mid to upper 80s and low 90s, is cooler than today. the blue angels are back!!!
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i need to show you something, it involves this crossing guard holding up the stop sign a bicyclist and a high school student trying to cross jefferson street in redwood city lets stop the video right
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here notice the mercedes benz suv .look how close the driver came to hitting the people in the crosswalk that is a constant problem here and according to people who often use this crosswalk which intersects with cleveland street no one wants to stop for no pedestrians the only time they stop is when this lady is practically throwing herself on the cross walk watch what happens when lori the crossing guard tried to help me cross jefferson the driver never slowed down some driver actually speed up to ignore the crossign guard like this driver but drivers' ignoring the crossing guard appears to be the norm. in cased you missed that part of driving test, when the crossing guard taked one step inside the crosswalk that person has control of the entire crosswalk driver are not permitted to move until the crossing guard is 100% back on the curb , you cannot as a driver or cyclist enter the crosswalk now normally around a school zone the speed limit is 25 miles per hour , however since
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the school is a block a way the speed limit for this section of jefferson is 30 must most drivers appear to be well above that, if the driver wpould adhear to the 30 mph speed limit it would be easy for drivers to stop in case you wondering, if you get stopped for ignoring a crossing guard. the fine could be as high as 600 dollars and a point on your driving record. however hitting a child or a crossing guard attemping to cross the street to go to school could have greater ramifications when all you have to do is stop and wait i'm told it's just as bad when school lets out . there is also a no left turn from 7:30 to 8:30 am. and even that is ignored. in redwood city stanley roberts kron 4 news
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a teenage girl being held as a hero after she defended a 75 year-old man. coming up at the top of the hour, and the 49ers really foil alex smith? plus we go in depth on the giants' playoff series in the nationals. sports might look live is tonight after the news.
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in national news. a 21-year-old marine is believed to be the first u-s casualty in the fight against isis.
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in national news. a 21-year-old marine is believed to be the first u-s casualty in the fight against isis. last wednesday, corporal jordan
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spears jumped out of a plane. the plane had lost power and they thought it would crash. another marine who jumped was recovered, but they were unable to find spears. he's presumed dead by the marines the pentagon is deciding how to classify his death. the u-s navy and marine corps will investigate the cause of the incident. president obama maintains he doesn't want to use ground troops to fight isis. but many are saying it's the only way to fight back. former british prime minister tony blair says it's the only way. and today republican north carolina seanator lindsay grham is agreeing. he spoke on cnn's state of the union about the isis conflict you cannot destroy isil in syria without a ground component. there is no way that i can see how we fix the problem in iraq and syria without american ground troops so far, the u-s led strategy has focused on airstrikes against isis targets. the president has resolved not to send troops to the region. the first national memorial
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honoring disabled veterans is now open in washington d.c. president barack obama helped dedicate the memorial in a special ceremony friday. it honors veterans. both alive and dead. that were seriously injured while serving in the military. the memorial features walls of granite and glass. and a star shaped fountain with a ceremonial flame. a veteran on the memorial foundation shared what it means to him. what it means to me, it takes me back all the disabled vets i met in my career. it makes me think of those individuals, who never see a beautiful sunshine that we take for granted. congress authorized the memorial in 2000. it was signed into law by president bill clinton. one u.s. airman is dead. and two others are mssing after being washed out to see by a typhoon off the coast of japan. it happened this afternoon in
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okinawa. in northern japan. as of tonight. typhoon phanfone was off the coast of southern japan. with winds up to 90 miles per hour hitting the coast. air force officials have called off the search for the remaining airman for the time being due to rough seas. forecasters say the typhoon is now heading for central japan. where it could drop up to 16 inches of rain. 90-thousand pounds of beef are recalled in texas after metal was found in it. that's around the weight of 15 elephants. most of the beef was sold at h- e-b grocery stores as ground chuck. authorities say at least four people have complained. and one says they chipped their tooth on the metal. the beef was shipped by sam kane beef processors in corpus christi. a malaysian search vessel arrived in the southern indian ocean today. to begin the next phase in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. the go phoenix is one of three ships. that will conduct detailed sonar sweeps of the ocean floor. in the hopes of finding wreckage or other clues. it arrived in the search area about 18-hundred kilometers west of australia today.
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the other two ships will join the search later this month. the effort is expected to take at least a full year. malaysia airlines flight 370 and all on board vanished in march. during a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. protests continue in hong kong today. city officials want the crowds to clear by tomorrow. but protestors aren't going anywhere. some of the crowds began moving to hong kong's chief exectuive they are upset over china's electoral process. activists are asking for the right to choose their candidates through direct election/ police have arrested at least 30 people since friday. authorities searching for a group of missing students in mexico have made a horrific discovery. they've unearthed mass graves in guerrero, one of the country's most violent states. the identities of the bodies are unclear -- but d-n-a tests are now being carried out. the students disappeared after a deadly police shooting last week. on wednesday, the blood moon is back.
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some people need an extra push and motivation by a personal trainer to exercise. i want to show you a great new mobile map that will help you meet personal trainers. it's a nice sunday evening with mild to warm temperatures. cooler weather is coming up this next week.
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police are trying to find a man after a chase.
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a trick play and a big turnover helped the forty-niners go to their big win over alex smith and the kansas city chiefs. plan to win the game this is the second in four eclipses in six month intervals. nasa says it's unusual to get four in a row so all these eclipses are a rare treat. the next one will be in april and the last in september. the full eclipse will start just before 2-30 wednesday morning. in total, it will last about an hour.
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i think by the time the blood man happens on wednesday, we'll have some fogging town which will bring cooler temperatures. we have a sea breeze bringing cooler temperatures that will last most of this next week. low clouds will push into the bay area early tomorrow morning. for the afternoon, sunshine although it will be a little cooler, by about 5 to 10 degrees and has been. cooling trend will continue
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through tuesday with the help of the fog and the sea breeze change. fri. sat. and sun. we will see temperatures coming back up. you see this weather system way off to the west and will approach the pacific northwest. the other thing going on is this tropical storm here, which is moving up through mexico and will push up through arizona by midweek, we will see no direct impact.
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tech reporter gave slight here. not everyone is that discipline to make themselves exercise every week. personal trainers held motivation but it is not easy because they are expensive. i found a really cool mobile at to make it easy and affordable to find a personal trainer. that helps you get fun and affordable workouts, and is on demand. if that at this on your phone gives you on demand counsel from personal trainers, which is
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less expensive and more convenient than a gem. actually boxing in martial arts is very popular. whatever type of work that you want they offered, they can come to a group or to your home or office any public place. anything in terms of payment and communication is handled through that. this boxing trainer says it's a great way to meet people, and when they see at on more of a personal level though they want to do it. a decorated athlete is seeking help, following some trouble with the law. and a disney classic gets the concert treatment. scott thompson has those stories and more in today's hollywood minute. less than one week after his d- u-i arrest, michael phelps has announced he's seeking treatment. the olympian tweeted sunday he
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will, quote "attend a program that will provide the help i need to better understand myself." phelps was arrested tuesday, after failing a field sobriety test. he's charged with driving under the influence, excessive speeding, and crossing double lane lines. phelps was previously arrested for d-u-i in 2004. "a whole new world." more than two decades later, and jasmine's still got it! voice actress lea salonga recently took to the stage to perform aladdin hit 'a whole new world.' the concert performance with il divo took place in april, but the video went viral this weekend. thriller 'gone girl' claimed the number one spot at the box office this weekend, becoming director david fincher's biggest debut ever! 'annabelle' followed close behind, taking the number two spot. and 'the equalizer' rounded out the top 3. it was supposed to be an emotional moment for a loved one. but. a cleveland man says the
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government is to blame for turning a memorial for a mother into a horrific event. and now. it's led to a federal lawsuit. it was his mother's wish to have her ashes spread in the caribbean sea, but a lawsuit claimed a disturbing event happened which destroyed her wish.
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the lawsuit claims that agents unscrewed the lead and then put the earn recklessly back. the man whose mother was mother's ashes were in turn was very very upset. policy on how to that handle in turn are very clear, but he is the rules state that no officer should it ever opened in turn. the lawsuit claims that this
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policy was not followed. he is suing in asking for $750,000.. thomas' lawyer says his client never received an apology for what happened to the ashes. when a 75-year-old man was being attacked, it was a teenage girl who came to his rescue. hero.
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when a 75-year-old man was being attacked, it was a teenage girl who came to his rescue. on friday. the 75-year-old man was reunited with the 17-year- old girl. who is being hailed a hero. whitney wild reports on the touching reunion in colorado. the magnitude of the foothills is no match for the gratitude in their shadow. "caitlin deserves more than flowers. she's my hero." 75-year-old earl miner says he was attacked by his live-in employee, 21-robert bozarth tuesday. police say bozarth took earl's keys, cell phone, locked him out of the house and slammed a door on his hand. earl escaped to find help, but bozarth chased after him. "i flagged her down, and i asked her to help me. please call the police and he came running up behind me and grabbed me around the neck." that's when a 17-year-old girl called 911, ultimately leading police to earl's house on indiana street.
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the incident left his hand swollen and sliced. he says it could have been worse had it not been for the girl in a white suv driving by. "she means a lot to me, more than she'll ever know." earl spent days trying to find caitlin torgerson so he could tell her. friday, with pink and white flowers, he got the chance. "thank you so much." "of course!" "it's for you, i wish i could give you more." "thank you, it means so much to me." caitlin says over the last few days she's been worried sick about earl. "it feels great. it feels great to see him and his smiling face." lots of people are calling caitlin a hero. she says the words that matter most are earl's. "you're my hero. i know what sat
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heroes. you're my hero." bozarth was booked into jail on first-degree kidnapping. second-degree assault. and theft from an at-risk adult. he is bing held on a 500- thousand dollar bond. a four-year-old dog has been nick-named "lazarus". after he survived a euthansia attempt by veterinarians. it all started about a month ago when a veterinarian injected the animal with a deadly chemical. however. the dog managed to rebound overnight. and is now fully recovered. records show the dog arrived at an alabama animal shelter in august. after it had been struck by a car. when volunteers couldn't find a home for the dog. they decided to put the him down. volunteers still aren't sure what caused lazarus to wake up. since then. he has been adopted and now lives with a family outside of birmingham. ah the sweet taste of victory at levi's stadium this afternoon. we're talking about the niner's win against kansas city. but we're also talking about football food. tailgaters - in full swing at the niners game. of course, parking lot grilling all part of the football experience.
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but like everything at the new home of the niners - the tailgate experience is stepped up a notch at levi's stadium. celebrity chefs michael mina and french laundry's thomas keller - giving their spin on tailgate grub at today's game. come to mine and i'd go to theirs. look at this tailgate party is pretty highfalutin don't you agree? we got read this and all kinds of food it's extraordinary michael mina has been firing up the bbq's - tailgating for 23 years at candlestick park before going more upscale. and yeah, the chefs cooked up some kansas city spare ribs in honor of the other team. but, hey we know the winning dish had some 49er heat to it.
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in a matter of minutes will have jason and bit for your all your area sports needs. they will talk about the forty- niners and the giants. why would a game it was the hot game on a hot day. temperature will continue to drop over the next few days because of the sea breeze. the giants and nationalists will see temperatures in the '70s. that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps.
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our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then.
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welcome to the program everyone, baseball playoffs in full swing, a break down


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