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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now at 11. a third indecent exposure case rattles the city of palo alto. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. police are looking into the possibility that the same
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person is involved in each case. the most recent incident was on miller avenue. near the san antonio shopping center. the other two indecent exposure cases involving children happened in the northern area of palo alto. kron4's philippe djegal is live at the police department headquarters -- philippe? the most significant difference in this case, they say today's victim was an adult on monday in an northern part of town at this man exposed himself to a 14 year-old girl. a day later police believe the same man exposed himself to a 10
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year-old girl. this time the sergeant said he's stopped his vehicle in the middle of the street and ask a 20 year-old girl for driving directions. there are similarities in each case, though there are some differences as in vehicles. the description of the man is the same, older white male.
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today's victim is scheduled to meet with a sketch artists, the meantime extra officers will continue poll trolling the neighborhood.
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the family of the man shot and killed by a police officer near a-t-and-t park this week says they're questioning the actions of san francisco police. police held a town hall meeting to discuss the shooting today. they say oshaine evans was shot and killed around nine-thirty tuesday night. they say he and two others were breaking in to an s-u-v.
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they say evans had a gun and refused to drop it. and they shot him. police said today that evans had an *unloaded, semi-automatic pistol. his family is upset and say it's hard to trust what police say. "want us to believe." we are skeptical of the information the police are giving us. one of the suspects has been arrested.the other suspect was shot but is expected to survive. rangers at yosemite say sparks from a car caused the wildfire which also led to the death of an air-tanker pilot this week. it's not clear yet what kind of car was involved. that fire has burned 245 acres and is 10 percent contained.
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the embattled chairman of the california public utilities commission says he won't seek another term. michael peevey's announcement today came just as a state senator called for his removal. under peevey. the p-u-c has been crticised for having a cozy relationship with pg&e -- the utility it's supposed to regulate. some accuse the p-u-c of trying to help pg&e after the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. peevey's current term ends in december. president obama will be in the bay area tomorrow. he's on a 3-day visit to the west coast. he was in santa monica and l-a today. the president was at a democratic fundraiser at the home of actress gwyneth paltrow. he's scheduled to fly into s-f- o tomorrow afternoon for a fundraiser at the "w" hotel. among other events. the president will spend friday night in the city. coming up. a high school student and police exchange gunfire near dixon high schooll. plus -- bay area based company
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tesla. unveils a new sedan. the new features and how it compares to the model-s. also --- a mother's frustration.after police do not make an arrest in an alleged sexual assault that involved the woman's daughter. a lawyer weighs in. it was significant cooler out there today, things will continue to warm up in the weekend.
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tesla motors made a big announcement today.unveiling a new all-wheel drive model. called the tesla 'd'. the d is said to be faster - with new safety features and dual motors. it will be able reach speeds of up of 155 miles an hour.compared with the current 130 mph. tesla hasn't said when the new model will go on sale - or much it will cost. the new safety features include automatic braking to avoid a collision.
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still ahead the blue angels taking to the bay area skies, and a mother who claims her daughter was sexually assaulted, and more the police said they could not do anything.
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a vallejo mother says her 13 year old daughter was sexually assaulted on a bus.
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police say there's nothing they can do.because of a certain law. kron-4's scott rate first broke this story yesterday. tonight he talked to a local attorney about the law. it's a story you'll only on kron 4. the dow hasn't slept, she's scared to go to school, need someone to help me a boy approached her and sat down with her and put his hands down her pants. the police said they know who the perpetrator was, say they
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can't do anything because he has down's syndrome. just because you are developmentally disabled doesn't mean you can be insulated from the consequences of your behavior. despite the california penal code section 26, this says that mentally incapacitated people cannot commit crimes, the police should have taken that boy in custody weatherbee juvenile hall or hospitalization, they should have been done. the police still had no plans of making any race or rest, although they are looking into who should have been with the
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alleged attacker. it's not that he needs to be prosecuted, much as he needs to be taught that his behavior was unacceptable. police say they have been working with the district attorney on this case, and they are close to finishing their case, where it will be turned all the way to the district attorney's office. a 15-year-old high school student in dixon has been arrested after police say he shot at an officer's car. it happened near dixon high school yesterday morning. police say the teenager walked behind the officer's patrol car and fired shots through the back window. the officer then got out of the car and returned fire, hitting the teenager in the torso. he was taken to the hospital.and later released to a juvenile detention facility.
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the officer was not hurt. a bank robbery in petaluma. police are hoping these surveillance photos will help them track down the suspect. the robbery happened at the u-s bank inside safeway on south mcdowell boulevard today. police say the man claimed he had a gun, although witnesses didn't see a weapon. the man is considered armed and dangerous. it's not clear whether he got away with any money. the blue angels were zooming over the bay today - for their first fleet week practice. they were grounded for part of the day because of fog.but were able to take off this afternoon. people were watching -- all over the city. a family from morgan hill says the late start actually turned out to be bonus. about 2:00 the pilots came out
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to get some coffee, we were able to the talk with them, made our day if you missed the blue angels today, don't worry.they'll be back out tomorrow, weather permitting. this saturday -- be sure to tune into kron 4. we'll bring you the blue angels flying high above the bay area for the fleet week air show. that's this saturday at on kron 4. the weather is looking perfect for the air show, but we will see a lot of fog tomorrow like we did today, but when the blue angels take to the sky the air should be clear. if you can see the fog tomorrow morning on fog tracker it is fairly spread throughout the bay area it looks clearer add to but not much before then.
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temperatures tomorrow in the south bay will be in the '70s and '80s and the most part. also in the '70s and '80s through the east bay. we'll be at 60s along the coastline, '80s along the north bay. saturday very little fog and will clear out fast, and temperatures a little warmer, and by sunday no fog it all with warmer temperatures. saturday these and sunday a lot of low 90s, with drier area that
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gives us concerns for the fires. warmer weather had this weekend, but not too bad, with drier winds coming in. a much loved veteran of saturday night live has died --- actress jan hooks. hooks was a series star during some of the golden years. alongside colleagues including phil hartman and dana carvey. she was on from 1986 to 1991. she died today at 57 - after what was simply described as a long illness. in sports. it's only pre-season basketball. but the splash brothers already look in mid- season form. and the giants rolled out to st. louis today. gary has player reaction on the
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the giants are making it fun for us in the month of october october
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the whole game is ready to roll, and hudson is plying his first world series. samenesses plan really well right now, so we need to bring it to them. giants leave for st. louis but here's why you don't ask a football coach a question in the middle of coaching i haven't had many conversations with bruce i'm a big fan.
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kaepernick fined for wearing beats headphones colin kaepernick was fined $10,000 by the nfl for the pink "beats by dre" headphones he wore around his neck postgame sunday while kaepernick has an endorsement deal with beats and has done a commercial, the league's contract is with bose. keapernick was wearing the pink version for breast cancer awareness day and also had the breast cancer awareness ribbon logo shaved into his head he declined to say whether beats would pick up the fine, saying, "we'll let that be unanswered." andrew luck best young quarterback in the nfl? luck 33-yard touchdown pass to t.y. hilton 33-21 colts final: 33-28 colts despite almost blowing a 24-0
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warriors at lakers jerry west former laker great and g.m. now warriors advisor 1st quarter klay thompson 3-pointer 13-4 warriors 3rd quarter kobe bryant with the baseline fake job and fadeaway jumper 3rd quarter stephen curry bear-hugged by jeremy lin and still makes the 3-pointer final: 120-105 warriors splash brothers: 8-10 from three we got about with the san
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is it ebola? the deputy sheriff under quarantine. plus ebola and dogs, did excaliber have to be put down? then what the nanny saw. the embattled "7th heaven" star and the nanny next door. >> he used to come over for breakfast every morning. he would show up in his striped pajamas. and the cop accused of being a pickpocket. >> give me my money, man. >> then he had to nerve to pepper spray the witness. >> oh, my gosh. plus shark versus teacher. >> the shark was about 2 feet away, so -- then -- >> how is the honeymoon going? >> newlywed george clooney back in the u.s.a. and with love from anne hathaway. plus in the kitchen with co


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