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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 15, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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contingencies or more. and on entire airliner may been exposed president demands more protection for health care workers >> : what rapid response essentially from cdc >> : bay area researcher tells the virus is stopped now >> : allowed to continue on able to eradicate it from west africa >> : and evening they said one and faction on acceptable now there are too. 29 year- old amber vincent rushed summer university hospital in atlanta today one day after being diagnosed with the deadly disease. >> : president obama called off campaign trip to the northeast to meet with his cabinet >> : and make sure nothing like this is not repeated >> : and what my answering at super buys and overseeing and much more oppressive wade. >> : nina vincent helped care for a library in a mobile
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victim bought thomas duncan went to cleveland for weekend planning for upcoming wedding >> : reportedly traveling with c c approval on her return flight monday she had a slight fever diagnosed with the disease on tuesday >> : to buy corn seed emory university in atlanta to other americans treated after getting a bowl and liberia. both of them survived >> : meantime frontier airlines jet than some of lawn has been quarantined as well >> : her 132 fellow passengers all being urged to contact cdc >> : part of team coverage tonight possibility of mobile spreading among the airline passengers causing concern for travelers asset about state officials are just the risk to california today was being done to keep us safe here. talk to infectious disease expert about ebola. kron for scott wright spoke with the
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experts he got in corner questions answered and questions when one people's minds might >> : still kind of confusing how exactly transmission happens what should we know >> : what of things and the information up their summit in dublin things transmission and payment and what about mutation can this thing get worse today and to an infectious disease expert at semantic >> : research rehoboam buyer is nothing new for dr. charles he's been set working at ucsf more than eight years have those a year is spent specifically studying non infectious dna are a samples of the ebola virus obtained from infected patients in west africa mine all of it as we know of a window a this is not airborne virus a virus spread by close contact with infected secretion of another investor the virus develops
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a fever bleeding bombing diarrhea when a patient can be can be incredibly considers >> : what a person infected with the virus for recovery >> : a list of contagious >> : and potentially may be contagious and have to be through very boy born transmission infectious >> : and the virus to mutate into something much worse >> : perhaps airborne >> : hasn't happened in the virus's ability mutating to become airborne extremely low >> : however other forms of mutation could mean trouble treating the virus >> : as it more and more cases the virus has more more opportune needed change in mutate >> : certainly as new antiviral drugs or vaccines being introduced to treat patients certainly possible but may mutate to and certainly is a possibility >> :
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potential problem mutation has potential of mutating so the current test for using to test made no longer be effective >> : because of that containing ads boris is key. and although seen very few cases in u.s. as congress longer to continue must ever greater the probability we'll see it and spillover infection in the united states the hon. virus may become endemic unable to or read a kidder from west africa >> : and edition also told me very important to protect from on health workers. the floor of you needs to be done on local law bull and national level of cdc to prevent any further exposure. also said extremely important we focus on research. nurses in particular are speaking about a national level about their exposure there for when workers are tired more >> :
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say health officials trying to, and fears about abolish or appear kron 4-interment to sacramento to dead this be what they're doing to keep that from happening >> : on top of this getting very close to the drug california >> : state department ron chapman says the will purchase rates throughout california and how of all officials not only in constant contact with the get care providers and hospitals also sending inspection and control specialists across say >> : those are out all over the state working with hospital's nurses and nurse association to make sure those particles being implemented the lendable poses no significant start at this time ever did californians and plans in place to prevent the spread of the disease they do believe there must be greater protection airports >> : and a presidential officials to add california's international airports to list of those conducting a
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double screening >> : we believe and need to brush our pro-government out in california >> : will help officials say all hospitals be able to deal with it will patients they hope to identify those best prepared >> : in dallas system by which maybe with the health care system or original area hospitals and we know fully prepared any connection to transfer patients to hospitals >> : state officials say may be a matter of days before the start of identifying which hospital throughout the state are best prepared to deal with the bull patients >> : in sacramento during kron kron 4 news >> : sfo some travelers say the to the extra precautions on hearing the news second health-care worker to become infected with ebola and united states has travel on
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frontier airline flight the day before coming down sometimes. use a lot hands sanitizer carter will trip >> : some travelers fun news worries some others not so much >> : concerned about flying >> : the weeks ago it bull showed up in the u.s. thomas duncan died here last week through from liberia brussels then to dallas near dc after that layover the nice liver cutlasses september 26th goes to texas presbyterian hospital the fever tells nurses set hit some home with antibiotics called >> : today's later returns to a hospital placed in isolation and deteriorates quickly died a week and a half later >> : october 10th amber been sent 29 year-old nurse treated dunkin board the plane the cleveland so she can plan
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her upcoming wedding october 12th another nervous traded duncan 26 year-old anita tested positive for ebola >> : october 13th bentsen flights from cleveland back to dallas and yesterday october 14th goes to or a hospital with a fever >> : today test positive for bullet 4 into a glass of the treatment won initial case now the people diagnosed in the u.s. officials in texas warm a bowl could very well get worse before it gets better. none we have extensible cover for general website how spreads with the help you save this and a special session: i never need to know including a c c q&a on this mutt more on that later in the show what useful coverage are able here on kron 4 kron4-dot-com >> : san leandro police looking for men accused of inappropriately touching to
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young girls allegedly inside target wal-mart >> : the lead live in san leandro police department where the new information on the case >> : police say surveillance video confirms the victim store is a must figure say clearly seen in the aisles of the victims when the alleged crimes happened now the hope is someone out there recognizes the alleged groper >> : we think to disregard the fact that news and video acting upon urges gun- control himself had to offends that my >> : monday night and first that this wal-mart then the team as later on the target store of the day care center >> : lt. robert said this man dressed in black professional tire red tie allegedly groped to girls under the age of 10 and two separate incidents >> : this surveillance video
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targets shows entering and exiting the store alone and without making purchase >> : from the first case of its own screening for help after been touched and in fact macmanuses the girl tells investigators she noticed a man following her before being approached and the second case police say the victim's mother confronted the man in the store but he left quickly >> : the silly jumping in the car driving off before police arrived >> : both cases with said the victim's briefly separated from their mothers when the man zeroed in >> : quite possible he has done this before ever been caught. irresponsible if not caught he'll do it again >> : a possible he's already a sex offender and if he is not and it caught convicted that will likely be to have been someone to spend registered on a new bases >> :
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on how this man was dressed in all happened so and 45 monday evening police believe the man works in retail recognize him contact investigators immediately >> : , caltrans and accident told about 6:00 and experiencing major delays in both directions after one train hit and killed a person and pot all. southbound train to 64 hit the victim near charleston avenue by 40 tonight how trance experiencing delays more than an hour in the northbound direction 40 minutes in the southbound direction >> : has been released from the scene area here for a short time ago courtesy of pop up the partnership abc seven news kutcha officials say seventh fatality of the year incident now under investigation >> : ahead tonight at 8 sling politicians on the hot seat over illegal dumping in the
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east bay >> : music superstar turned comes up with an impressive were bull device what can do others cannot >> : hundreds of bay area students for service " hands up what led to the campus' lockdown >> : we did see ran out there this morning at the highest total of the bay area couple spots got hit good navarro center fell but otherwise a 7 in. of rain or less more rain and the forecast tell you when coming up >> : hey john check it out.
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whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. irvington high shut down for hours while police tried find the gunman nearby campuses also lockdown robertson high warner junior high and elementary hearst elementary. police your read live tonight or the suspected gunman was spotted
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>> : very apparent to the rusher from irvington high to pick up their students >> : after some claimed he saw gun men walking on the campus >> : police and searched every question >> : rented parents rushed to rescue their children >> : haven't seen put this many people out or this long >> : please survey the ground swat team also in search for it booking for the gunman on outside looks terrifying but on inside students say teachers made as comfortable as possible mine interest in a classroom until clear >> : effort hours of waiting students released to their
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guardians police department says if you marston's number one priority. silly conditions campus' it will not reopen >> : school remains on mock all searches being completed told class will be back in session tomorrow >> : we know what most likely cause air tanker crashed during all firefight near a saudi investigators say the pilot 62 year-old cried from san jose and hit a tree >> : pilot another plane flying near told investigators that the plan and had a tree with that swing and that the wings broke off the plane >> : accident happened october the seventh he had made one drop and it was on his way when he crashed >> : rain done for now dealing with farm bit from golden gate bridge visibility is
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reduced year to house less of visibility and the coastline right now. seen fog out there tonight temperatures that these overnight what once the fog clears we see miss high low clouds partly cloudy tomorrow. little warmer than most of today as a look ahead returns the bay area friday than leaves sunday night to monday >> : look at fog tracker to our morning fairly widespread coverage all over to the north bay eased myself by and slowed to clear by nine synge virtually no clearing noon back to the coast remember but also so and si mikhail close to the afternoon at some cloud cover >> : into the afternoon temperatures '70s in south bay's 74 pa the 75 was goddess santa clara 72 of milpitas and '70s the east bay as well 75 warmup creek 71 castro valley 74 antioch cents in pleasanton and at
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the coast expansion '60s a person stays on towns and francisco low seventies for the north bay >> : settle a radar picture this evening trying little cloudy missed and moving and all mid high low clouds doesn't pick apart what all >> : the look offshore we see another storm brewing over the coastal waters and we see some of the card as no rain with that policy rain by friday >> : the cast for from claude's not on farm in >> : the morning hours as a stroll into the north bay and ec by 2:00 we have chars going once burned the north bay and seymour cloud coverage and you should test showing. couple days out but compare miles refine closer to what we actually seed a day before look at again tomorrow more coverage on a friday. florida's scattered showers by rain all sunday night minerals and not that mainly comes in
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monday morning and then it got more rain on that one closer to half an inch of rain for most the bay area >> : woman shot in san francisco by boyfriends and died monday >> : woman, identified as 35 year-old cecilia boyfriend says that he shot her at their home and a thomas street last friday morning >> : young then shot himself to death. the best years say he had been arrested earlier that week on suspicion of public intoxication later released investigators say it they it and some pause series of domestic disturbances at the home >> : look at >> : pavlik early showing the damage apple probably does not want it to see just yet >> : a bay area paramedics' preparing in case the boy comes aria >> : that in a broadcast dry as cardinals the stories coming not all times bay area
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greats will see up to later in the broadcast >> :
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stocks ending mostly lower than 406 points as afternoon clawed back much of the ground lost ended at 173 points airlines stocks heading out to of the second health worker diagnosed with the ball flown on a commercial flight >> : shares of major u.s. airlines dropped 46% in midday trading >> : euxenite mets the late release images of the >> : pad expected to unveil tomorrow >> : published on apple i had user guide for i/o essay on my tunes the company announced the i pattered to
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>> : image of for now were taken down >> : apple not confirm if israel or mistake of people saw one that bob dole the >> : called eyecare pad and op-ed the three >> : looks same as existing models with fingerprint to try be systems >> : entire fleet declared to the screen >> : airpark had erred to upgrade 88 processor >> : investor or power efficient >> : dry and told. inch by pad >> : and a gold colored i had lined up >> : alston leptons i met computers available. will know for sure tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. >> : live to eat the event followed me at this late steal apple unveiled >> : still ahead dog attack on to
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people not far from the bay area answering important questions about ebola we need to know the second nurse has become infected >> : coming up >> : simple question to oakland i called the hot seat >> : con 4 news at 8 >> :
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thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. and vicious attack on elderly woman chow to the
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sidewalk and hurt and east bay new at eight high tech fashion accessory big-name pop star unveiled in sentences go see what it does >> : and what bay area pet but bay area ambulance responding case of a bullish show up here >> : rain totals more representing than zero is almost the bay area few hundred tons of an inch of rain we do have more whether the forecast warmup coming up >> :
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new developments involving latest u.s. applicable as cent and expected in dallas a health official mount confirms nine cdc did in fact tell the nurse she could fly from how to dulles
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not everyone on that frontier floyd asked to contact cdc. if a simple virus is show up here first responders will be among those coming contact with the victims of bushel unconquered with preparations underway there >> : american medical response provide ambulance service for a majority of contra costa county officials here say they are ready prepared and if they have a patient >> : protective masks and gowns seen being worn by help caregivers treating the ball patients issued to the ambulance crews of amr. paramedics will put the gear on and they think the patient is infected with ebola or any other highly infectious disease. whether they've had a fever apricot or know of someone who has had contact with ebola virus. if they answer yes to any of those we start the
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series of protocols: a place for protecting the hospital patients ourselves >> : a spermatic feted with custom amassed its at his or her face that year goes on then call made to hospital they can be ready to upon arrival >> : at we determine the patient may remain not have been exposed and possibility of having that >> : we start the process sending notification process but the hospital notifying them in ems the possibility prepared on arrival for that situation as well as a show and all thethemselves with persl protective equipment >> : county officials say they're doing what they can to prepare for the possibility of the bull case at in contra costa county. if it protected the from that protect our providers work force. isolate the patient and that effectively in our
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case transport the patient >> : can officials say they're having daily meetings coming up with refined protocol the get in the event of people infected patient >> : a we need to know the centers for disease control pulling out all stops information graphics and the information been released and where you can get it can get to the air capable of the end to a cdc answered people's questions facebook couple for you like how long does the virus live on services as an infected person at the sneezes are touches a doorknob grocery cart could get that way cdc answered able virus killed with hospital registered disinfectant able virus dried on services hardtops to survive for several hours however virus body fluid blood can survive for several days at room temperature >> :
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can the bolo be spread by sneezing and upper if a person out reliable news context guides a dozen of the disease may spread >> : special legal section kron for mobile app access any and all legal related stories and more q&a for cds see it check out kron 4 mobile app useful free to download >> : it tonight: politicians for a fire people behaving badly we show new accounts are problems with illegal dumping certain sections of oakland and showed you the application website called see quick fix it was designed to help the problem >> : now with the election coming up kron 4 stanley roberts roberts reached out to all canada it's about the problem for them responded at >> : forefront of trying to combat illegal dumping in oakland as a lot of the people running for office one simple question it's what is your solution to end
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illegal dumping in oakland speak on an illegal dumping in local and insure we enforce laws we have make a dumping free present people to take their stuff to the dump and then find them out and pursue them criminally after caught dumping >> : cyclo fixed making sure we keep an accurate data and reporting it out to the public how long is it to a text about the number close cases a month and quarter >> : solution to affects illegal dumping in oakland have been accountable government eight years reporting city hall as broken >> : need america will hold city hall available and making sure when they put the report on see quick fix it gets picked up a credible leadership >> : burkhart is objecting there are causes for illegal dumping west and east oakland some time homelessness also dealing with illegal haulers take
8:35 pm
things to the dump known get there also u-haul co. is for burnt out trailers people don't stop on the seller of for the trick the trucks back out one solution of the salsa this of the x erica has cost us we have and hulk sting operations there mayor argued to do in town vehicles involved in that for one month charge of the get there to the vehicle's back and then send a message to people coming things office of the repair price for this and oakland's >> : would i would do is exactly on doing right now and year net loss from the top public-works restructure part public-works court of the dead weight seconds implement policies already in place and then implement third continue to work with the district attorney fbi getting the violators already doing in >> : to be fair i sent an e-mail to all canada its exact same time >> : you showed up >> :
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one person london shop mayor jean anything as right outside her office >> : here and as well i am new wearable devices called pulse made its world debut first musician to move in the tech hardware reno into a giant like apple google samsung. stay tuned in the tech report all about this this device and that has both features at >> : look back at the disaster that cypress structure from left yet quite a quarter- century ago >> : rain taper off now dealing with all golden gate bridge more rain in the forecast in the coming
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over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all the growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved info safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then neighborhood begins to thrive and really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company
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so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities so we are now working in chicago, and in washington d.c., and newark. it's amazing how important safe affordable housing is to the future of our society.
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earth could cause major damage to about the bay area particularly in oakland during the evening commute is trying cypress freeway changing landscape in that part of town. as a monument atop the former city official on how not and things are there now >> : committee changed the lot 25 years since so, theater earthquake causing the collapse of the cypress freeway right here on mandela parkway west oakland's >> : oakland police chief new o pd recruit quick hit back in 1989 >> : this was under construction for a long time after years many years 510 renaming of this was a big deal after mandela. it allotted justification that took place in this community lot of things born here before
8:40 pm
here now >> : one thing no longer here cyprus freeway >> : members of the community but the rebuilding and location instead today on bill parkway find cyprus freeway memorial park. talks with still not stands where freeway columns once stood >> : here along with wall street's 15 seconds reminder shoreham on a time it took for deadly quake to bring down the upper deck taking lives of 42 people >> : people from d.a.'s office that died and the result of that there's footage of some colleagues coming up on the structure to get this one of the injured >> : great a young officer trained to deal with crime things happening in a moment but war prepared for natural disaster. >> : i think your board heard now than it absolutely more alert more aware better trained having gone to this
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experience >> : special earthquake coverage on our web site information there includes supplies the knees with look-alike strife all at kron4-dot-com >> : sorry this morning saying fog warm morning with the golden gate bridge see visibility here fog settles an already spilling in the bay shore and we see overnight fairly widespread like up to that tomorrow morning clear to the afternoon still see some high-level clots pushing through it will become sunny tomorrow afternoon but will be warmer the of rain in the extended forecast showers return friday: other rain monday morning late sunday night into monday morning >> : by fog tracker you conceive fog fairly widespread source 60 fog here of to the north bade livermore bullet to the south bay as well by 9:00 we see very little clearing by
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noon fog will come back to the coast seeing some of that met high-level clouds into the afternoon >> : temperatures tamara warmer than today and low 70's south the 73 cupertino mound you. 75 a status 74 san jose also '70s the east bay 72 vallejo 72 union city same thing in bill 75 kits were hayward 6 is that the immediate coastland 58 san fransico 07 news north bay. look at satellite radar picture clouds of our leverage to push the north sea's hanging on to some cloud cover to the north by east bay right now and we continue to see the cloudiness right here tomorrow another storm runoff for friday bring some light rain. as a future castro's in a car bumping by letter morning hours in early afternoon rain approaches the north bay by evening it will spur to the rest of the bay area were stole livestock and water brand again l beat shoring much like today another
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round of rain to monday that brings a little more talking about half the venture rain for most the bay area >> : pack of dogs attack said northern california man and mother on their own property " we learned about the victim's >> : coming up in sports be have an update on the giants royals' game and one team party made the world series garry has their pilots all sports next >> :
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told by a pack of pebbles in the neighborhood last night's 77 year-old mother attack and remains in hospital critical condition. deputies arrived on the scene that found three pit bulls attacking a man in his back yard fourth was circling him deputy's eventually shot and killed all four animals miss your say dogs owned by neighbors who got in the victim's yard through conference >> : orders have not been arrested and >> : 58 year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly attacking injuring an elderly woman in berkeley last month. carol freeman faces to battery charges that the 85 year-old woman said she was walking down chadic avenue near allston way berkeley when it showed faced first to the ground by the suspect a >> : woman suffered serious injury someone who saw this video of the incident gave police the reformation that led to the rest >> :
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of the evening another night pretending in heist cable did dry sense is a 48 >> : the giants very exciting again something about the north home run nothing spectacular goal in their another leading >> : 64 giants and bought the of the eighth inning st. louis won more at the score holds the giants will have a three game to one leave chance to close out tomorrow night >> : winter of this series right now will take on the texas city royals who today pollinated baltimore orioles four straight games. everyone talks about the
8:47 pm
giants' team of destiny and came all of know where the giants had been champs to rot of the last four years >> : to get the city hasn't been to the playoffs since 1985 making plays like this with alex gordon just running into a wall. here's timeout sought to baltimore and four straight games. >> : the last time they made the world series that guy was the star george brent a special assistant for laurels since then and to what the board member there were gert bedtimes' kansas city long as nonpros season when north american sports over the world's took the
8:48 pm
world series >> : from beginning of the playoffs something clicked and totally used to this atmosphere no pressure they were loose on the attack very confident >> : sunday night a tremendous recap all week and activities and fact are even of the watch any of these turned and and dates you have it all sunday night complete wrap up of sports right here >> : >> : when it dry as 64 lead in that both she just lantastic >> : all-time great day aerial athletes. isn't it the studio in 1988 gold medal olympic winter men's
8:49 pm
figure skating and gone on and really car got a career for himself entertainment and he christi on november 2nd posting at their own ice show at san jose arena >> : this is going to be best we put together a olympic medalist 6 including charlie white maryland david garth the animals coming in nasty carian mixture of >> : big stars and icon stars >> : all benefits dream foundation coming up for young kids >> : less when you hit and reach the top in your 20s and retired as one no matter rego you won the gold medal of some but bunch of things to >> : its when you hit and a big you feel relieved would ever do for the rest of life alicea did this a 24 >> :
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doesn't bother you and tell me what happened 27 >> : and doesn't bother me a highlight of my athletic career >> : the st. louis just got the giants so three at best for st. louis >> : pam it gave me an honor i was unaware of all o'clock tonight >> : and uneven no soviet the got after me >> : off the not watch the end of the giants in >> : the mechanics thing and let the pam >> : capt. $11,025 fine against a should harbor for
8:51 pm
inappropriate language has been cut in half >> : word is that there was not inappropriate language and keep going at a good as a quarterback tired of talking about your headphones inappropriate language. outgo watched the giants >> : said 11 >> : only on four cameras were there famous musician moved into the tech hardware arena compete against the rise google apple samsung >> : and his device make a dent in the world market >> :
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only on for will ibm unveiled new where all test device did you made at the dream for this conference san fransico first sentence
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that but the to go in the car where reno to giants like apple will tech reporter gave got his hands on this >> : is where bull gives us his first impression >> : the new where bold but as the polls may world debut >> : p well ask made by well i am consumer electronic company and plus a horrible risk device aug. kharkov magnetic clamp us and a clamp on your wrist very light weight really impressed with how light weight it is all the help of credit but dragging calories make phone calls text messages facebook twitter start with you pictures of the camera built but even place the music to a built- in speaker maps and directions the way this device is unique it not tethered to phone connects to the internet not only through why fine also threw three g signal >> :
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partner with at&t >> : a like a stand-alone device no pricing release information available yet for the pulse >> : when it comes out available black white painted blue gold. >> : we have live picture show you outside at&t part giants fans prime for a win tonight ninth inning the giants are leading 6 to 4 against the cardinals in game 4 of the national league championship series when by the giants and some night and tomorrow then go on to the world series >> : us were hoping american league chance to the kansas city royals already celebrating their keeping an eye on 18 see park will have the latest coming up tonight at 11:00 jacqueline is here with rain in our forecast >> : saw little bit this morning was a whole lot of for and about zero more friday showers friday again next monday complete details tonight at a news at eleven >> :
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