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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 20, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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direction is also backed up all way to the martinez bridge. this was a moderate setbacks in the left and lane. we don't have steel plates on the back but we do have a typical backed up into the mcarthur maze 26 minutes for your drive time it started in little later than usual but the backup is now here for the san mateo bridge ride with drive times pushing up towards towards 22 minutes. : reporter:, on the west end of the bay bridge were traffic is heavy this morning. there's nothing like it was on friday morning. it's basically throughout the day here some video from friday. by some accounts traffic was backed up for miles and miles. some people
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spend an hour just to get across the bridge for. the reason go steel plates were put and so they can do an expansion joint repair work. this had been planned for a long time but one thing that happened when they put the plates and people of freaked out and came to a complete least stopped a nightmare. >>: reporter: their tape those plays out and come up with the evaluation to get this fix free . so now it caused a former to the project but they're gonna have to evaluate it and they have a meeting planned for
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today. this is with caltrans and engineers to come up with a better solution to this problem. it sounds like the steel plates will be put back in but part of this will be educating the commuters to let them know about it. they obviously wanted to slow down when you get to the steel plates with a did not want you to come until a complete stop. >>: reporter: at least they took out for the start of the week. even though its heavy it's better than it was on friday.
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announcement issues be monitored for the deadly virus. the crews ended yesterday. then the tests confirm she did not have ebola.
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tomorrow and the giants travel to kansas city. at the last workout on saturday at the park. they say that having two wild- card teams and the world series a special. they also mentioned that madison baumgartner will start one and two. there's no changes for the starting rotation for the world series. game 1 tomorrow night in kansas city. and that it returns to at&t park for friday and saturday and sunday if necessary.
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points on friday. were down 81 right now. ibm is one of the down stocks. there down 8 percent right now.
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the lands of the on and off ramps. these are the only land setter open. so the entire left hand side of the roadway has been shut down to accommodate the crude. perhaps a getting ready to open an additional lane.
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to gross and to the mcarthur maze .
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bay area will see this a little later on. the future cast for its your 7:00 hour. probably closer to 745.
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show some calls out there but the temperatures are in the low 60s and by later on this afternoon and will be the upper sixties to low 70's. looks like we will keep temperatures place and mild. warm up and therefore we see some 80s first thursday and friday.
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the weekend. this estimate does appear near the campus months ago. they found the remains scattered are run of the ban home about 8 mi. away from where she was last seen. police told her parents that they called off the search and it's not a missing person investigation.
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several people were arrested but no injuries reported.
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said that baby for the speculation of twins is not over. this and this will mark the fourth anniversary of millions--william mccain. held a 21 months old by the time this sibling arrives. shirt, on twitter facebook and we may share them on our broadcast.
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captured by a phot giants fans are known for their their plans when they attend giants games rijeka people let the screeds and create mayhem. this man is creating chaos in doing donuts on the middle of the street until someone had the sense to call 911.
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giants win the world series this is just the taste of what the residents could be in store for. congratulate sends to the third world still the world series in five years trippet
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there's a touchdown by the way. you don't feel like it's going in. the fellow came about and killing you.
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record. you look at capra neck and where he is and what he's done he has the look at this guide 10 years older than him as far more accomplished theory he got schooled and i don't think he should feel bad about it.
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reserves patrick wallace may be the best defense player was there. all this mess i'm not making excuses if they would've gone be an but i had a lot closer.
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punts again because that was really risky. i don't think they'll do that again either.
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that's only thing you can hope for fear raiders fan.
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get those tickets.
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could all issue tickets i thought these would be good tickets.
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left-hand lane but it sure has gym up the right. two separate accidents on the e sure freeway and has backed up the traffic from hercules all the way into vallejo.
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over to san mateo. the golden gate bridge is problem free. and your trip and to marin is backed up into richmond on 580 west bound.
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bomb. this is coming from west bound highway for a minor accident at creek boulevard has managed to back up the traffic all the way along highway 242 onto highway 4 west from. six city sells bound is backing up the benicia bridge. this is not far away were read continuing delays out of vallejo on interstate 80 west, because of earlier curring accidents and hercules.
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election. voters have to register as they have moved since the last election. you could submit an online application. or you could pick up an application natural local election office. this is in the u.s. post office paper applications can be mailed or had delivered.
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going around right now. some more phone and summer mail scams. the caller scams include people that call they say they were at the local government. sometimes they claimed to be a grand file at and is in distress and needs money. their mailing things fraudulent home repair office sweepstakes the lottery.
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separate accidents when a car to get apple novella road and traffic is backed up solidly from richmond of the way into vallejo. this is across the martinez bridge so backing up the ride. or also looking at so traffic here from six cities south, which is backed up all went to the benicia bridge. this is backed up onto 42 into concord slowing the right west bound on highway 4 because of an accident that's at creek boulevard that was a minor accident that took a very long time to clear from the left-hand lane.
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corridor even though the backed up the store reach that far. tracking year commute to the bridge is your neighbor drive is backed up into the mcarthur maze uno made its this morning so better speeds across the span. the san mateo bridge is ball down 2226 minutes. for the golden gate bridge is the easy ride both northbound and southbound into iran.
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hour were predicting to see some light showers began to pop up. the better chance to actually comes around 9:00 or so. this is maybe the chance of light showers by the bay bridge. and then by noontime will see some scattered showers for the north bay. this is as the firm begins to passover prayer of the bay. i threw in the afternoon you should see it the south bay clear out. this is kind of the way the weather is expected to play out. the brain won't be a big storm. -- rain.
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cat shows that. this is before another round of wet weather.
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those folks create a lot of is negative. one person and say that it's been over 15 years with their rage about monica lewinsky. i want to end and her hair. she has joined twittered this boat and well at all.
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>> reporter: we're still waiting for it to come on it is offshore. several co-stars is a showers soon. is there we are to wait for it to get there. the lobby outside as yet looking at these missing at the cloud covers. will be tracking id wait for it to a ride as the weather had line where look memos the
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cloudy skies. one into afternoon. this afternoon periods of light rain lately for love bay. the research head around the rest of the bay area. >> reporter: jar whether to bid friday as to to is gradually warming. >> reporter: we have been tracking of the hot spots this morning. here on interstate 680 in the southbound direction it was almost a bid to-decimal to vehicle crash. that crash is clear now but the traffic behind it is trying to work his way
8:02 am
south to the dublin it to change. and that's refine called for >> reporter: i am just passed the 580 early just passed it island 680 southbound and is the traffic that going into some low rate. it happened allows six was he in for about an hour this morning it was shut off for lines were shut off. it was really hard to track to get through. the cargo and is still very slow to be patient with the
8:03 am
sec allows you where you have to go. >> reporter: this is the extent of the backed up. is that the solidly to the san ramon valley. the ride on interstate 80 is also backed up into the county. we had two separate accidents for that was about ride and we continue to track delays here for the commute or 580 with bob. for saw about 680 the bay bridge is backed up the 2 curb the maze. is really a to see a minute drive time from hayward over to san mateo. and here we are sad that's that's solidly
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backed up. >> reporter: those played still look like much the boy did they cause a traffic nightmare for commuters on friday. traffic is slow nicely today it was a different story on friday here is the video from friday. they install those metal plates on the western side of the bay bridge the they have to do expenses repairs. it calls a nightmare for commuters that is because that size out there to sell to the slowdown was the at the place some commuters all was a to a stop. faugh it to the
8:05 am
more than a hour to get across the bridge over the weekend caltrans issued said they were mistaken and that those plans out on saturday. they still have to do those expenses the repairs but the plan is to come out with a new plan we had a chance to talk to a spokesperson for caltrans with the plan is going for. we would take a couple steps back but it still has to be done. it has to be replaced but we try to replace the before it becomes a catastrophic failure. >> reporter: have intent on doing the repairs they have a meeting planned today for the engineers to come up with a new plan probably will intel was
8:06 am
metal plates going back end. commuters we see those eyes and plates slowed down a little bit difficult to complete stop. although this is chapter was a lot better today if they may have to deal with these place again before the week is out. >> reporter: the world health organization and just this morning declared nigeria now free of ebola. for two days as a last taste of nigeria came back negative. here in the united states to the man who died of ebola in a texas hospital earlier this month a 21 day incubation period for those who had contact with him is still to be over them is that are able to leave their apartment which they have been on the court did a good contact. it was a lecturer that none of the contracted ebola. that incubation period is
8:07 am
almost over for a dozen health- care workers. >> reporter: in for a message this morning come from officials if you think you have a picture you go to a real regular full- service hospital not an urgent care center because as it can centers are not equipped to treat ebola. officials are warning that are not set up to deal with them. >> reporter: jose police are asking people for a missing man who was released for a hospital that looking for a 71 year old man kron 4 clock yesterday police said he was released from hospital saturday after he was hit by a car black hair brown eyes he really speaks spanish it could be where i ran a hospital bed around his wrist. he these
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medicaid to the diabetes dementia and anxiety. >> reporter: just south of the area we have the latest bill come in the kron 4 model will return. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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>> reporter: welcome back we are
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tracking hotspots take a look at both 8680. coming out of solano county. because of a class at tribal art. the sonoma valley road. sadly these and not our only has lost all have the complete chapter check on the kron 4 morning news return.
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>> reporter: welcome back we are trapped that's-tracking another hot spots this morning. we are jammed up coming down from cockpit about backed up. that guy town is not about 40 minutes leading down to the 40 minutes. it is still backing up ride to the solano county for the southbound 680 ride it was an accident that occurred over two hours ago that was described as a minor accident but for some reason it took forever to get the tow trucks to the same that is what attracted is backed up here also because so many people tried to get relief from highway for the
8:15 am
satellite malfunctioned--signal light. coming out of san ramon to try to get down to pleasanton is still backed up as a conceit this is a southbound just to forestall rich. >> reporter: the right at the bay bridge was about is back up solidly into the macarthur made. to see a minute drive times the san mateo bridge solidly backed up again to this is a 28 minute drive from hayward over san sale did trip to the golden gate bridge is an easy one but is a little heavier now in the southbound direction in very heavy across the land for westbound interstate 580 with the backed up his the richmond parkway rep. >> reporter: the tropical storm
8:16 am
passed to the south of the island they're warned drivers to be careful in not up powers from thousands of people for >> reporter: a pretty good rate we should begin some rain soon. >> reporter: the bulk of is still too far north which is impacting the bay area is getting closer and closer to the shore. as with gears and look at the storm track before and get a closer look at the bay more ready to the impact santa rosa gallo mo. this walk you through the timing feature cast is set for the o'clock hour pretty much to saw on the radar. about 10:00
8:17 am
will see showers and san francisco and the north bay shoreline. and by the is this light scattered to propose. by 3:00 to see it exiting the south bay. >> reporter: it will give you damp pavement but that is a about it. to adjust the upper fifties to low 60¢ francisco 65 everybody else on the list is called in that period of our six is a low seven is afternoon highs. seven to the senate three
8:18 am
degrees for some of our warmer spots. and our 70 around bay forecast a gradual warming but not look to the door friday will start to feel that inland. there is still more rain on the way a potentially saturday. >> reporter: happening today to start paying with their apple from if you have one of those at 06 phones a guest up and running today fingerprint scanner so you can use a fraud at the register income by stuff from macy's to mcdonald's and more. >> reporter: stores we are following it is eye on prices. the key border town and syria over my airdrops weapons in that town. their five airstrikes into bosnia. -test to bonnie
8:19 am
>> reporter: to the deal include the release of more than two on the school girls who were kidnapped six months ago we have videos when the first girl or located back in may. that not confirmed that have attacked more towns and nigeria there's speculation they're using this bill to score points ahead of the upcoming election. >> reporter: the five we search for the missing the virginia student has been suspended now is a murder investigation on saturday that volume remains a smile somewhere anagram disappeared a body of another missing still was far back in 2010 he has also been connected for her disappearance but the
8:20 am
2010 case to be in the evidence case. i don't know how else to explain its but they were told to continue to look. he is the only person the same to her disappearance. he is the cab driver the night that she vanished. if the remains are those of her and then need to be facing a murder charge. >> reporter: rams them rams fans started fighting outside of ferguson. the protesters flag and tried to run away the protesters where able to come the crowd down
8:21 am
the first ruggles' possession to a man the broncos quickly got on board and a follow-up call the second possession was walker almost every career touchdown passes already at forte nothing. that was manning's 509 career touchdown manning is celebrating. the game was an ugly one with the broncos blew out the 9 us 42 to 17. >> reporter: he almost quit the
8:22 am
game of baseball entirely this year i will explain. making coffee?
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brew for one, brew for all. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. >> cheers & applause >> reporter: the world series
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start tomorrow. they're in kansas city get you ready for tomorrow's game. the man almost quit baseball at the beginning of the season he was playing in the minors when he decided to finish the season and got called up to the giants certainly for this out the season and a dramatic fashion is what the county now in the grocery starting tomorrow. to give me this opportunity is so ratify and i'm so happy i was able to do this is married with three kids the giants fan gave
8:26 am
him the ball back. >> reporter: gary and not ashamed the giants but that response and gave the guy the world series tickets so they this weekend
8:27 am
>> reporter: 7 is still backed up into a mall to vehicle accident will have that in the rest of the traffic right after the break. rest of the traffic right after the break. insunce d foet aut iy but e mo youearnbout yo covage, likeow y thoht y wer e mverefor is.t nd. [boychecit o,mom rof.urkehen u'reeall ly ceredor ts. orow y figed y wer verefor is. whenou'ractuly ping r rof.urkehen u'reeall ly cerethists. u mit beurpred awhat hing iyourovere. talko faers d gesmarr abouyournsurce.
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let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. now, more and more americans are discovering that... shred after shred... dish after dish... day after delicious day... shredding galbani mozzarella yourself inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one block mozzarella. >> reporter: we are seeing a lot
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chapter this morning. remove the still place over the weekend we have a number of hot spots and we are still backed up into the solano county. it will be repaired and took to this afternoon the core commute is pretty crowded this morning this
8:31 am
is just out of the 68580 interchange. it is extremely slow going here in the bay bridge we did not have to deal with the steel plates would recently there was a stall and the backed up the track all the way across the bridge the drive times of 4 to 6 to 28 minutes with slow traffic on the stand now in san mateo bridge to to the minister commit was down habor over to sen sale. >> reporter: bearing down on san
8:32 am
francisco coastline we are waiting for that to happen as well as for what we are seeing in the skies right now in san francisco looking up it is partly cloudy the clouds will continue to increase during the morning our that is how the more it will progress. light rain will begin to pick and a lot of low 60s ride not attempted by the light i will spread around bay area on-again off-again spotty showers. by 3 in afternoon to see leaving the south bay. that leaves us with our conditions.
8:33 am
>> reporter: man in hospital for critical condition after being shot off times driving at antioch. the driver shot lost control of his car. 23 year-old to a hose were spotted in the back of the driver seat. in this is still on save disabled list could hurt somebody. he refused to assist with the investigation they say that he was shot and oakland back in september is still recovering from those injuries he had extensive criminal histories. >> reporter: is a man and a blue
8:34 am
cap slowly, walking toward the burning house again moments later he is coming out carrying a man on the shoulder he was inside he and his family lost everything in that fire but they are happy to be alive >> reporter: we went and closed and is starting to be a mini explosion she and >> reporter: more land under the one-year rate is only 3.9% san mateo and 4.1% according to the state employment office. there
8:35 am
are one you that there are several scams going around people call on the phone and said they are representing a local government agency or soliciting donations for earthquake released on the also have people call claiming to be grandchildren and distress in need money. that's the way so to claim their winning lotto tickets that it matches all five numbers from friday drawn. this year was a record-breaking year for a lot of sales. $5 billion a lottery ticket sold. what a $20 million in winnings are still on client.
8:36 am
>> reporter: some of those dogs got a big home run butchy crawford and cousy found for ever homes they're still looking to find homes for the rest of these animals. >> reporter: will say about the song coming up. more on the tech report will we come back.
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>> reporter: paper application can be mailed or hand delivered to local election office. we are watching what they're here is what looks like on the satellite and radar. more detailed look at the forecast coming up.
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>> reporter: there is a gadget that can be helped boost your signal for wireless connection. >> reporter: so many of you wrote in thanking us for help you fix your week life i signal i'm showing you more ways to do just that. >> reporter: he is surrounded by women live twin daughters for an exchange student 313 majors and the house. why this connection
8:44 am
is a former for the disaster. i suspected the signal was not making it upstairs. in the man hallway the top of a steadily are reading about a 74% the bathroom were getting less than 50% in the neighbor's wife by a stronger and here. a bass said no means drop out the slow speeds. a network extender can help with this device does it fixed a strong wife buy signal that nearly installs itself by piggybacking onto your existing network to talk about-that's it costs about zero hundred dollars. >> reporter: we have more than
8:45 am
double the speed and more importantly the connection in the kitchen. how the internet working? it works really great. >> reporter: if you have this one applies need to plug in like a smart tv instead of the lottery to look for a product called a power line adapter. if you want to learn more about all this stuff goes to the web site is the tech report that tv. >> reporter: an accident or pedestrian was fatally struck by a car in the san francisco news this morning this is an accident that happened at 43rd avenue and the boulevard. the cadets in is a man and he was killed at the
8:46 am
same we have crews on the way to bring the latest live report. >> reporter: the bay bridge was got really backed up in the last half hour and 45 minutes. because of a stalled car on the upper deck. that meant better conditions and better designed times and a really push the backed up now to the locker the maze. we're looking at was a plus the drive times late in the commute is these are just born to pick up now across the bridge was bought but that that the trap all the way to the metering lights. as the team to track the laser into the upper is sure freeway out of solano county and for interstate 680 out of solano county we are still jammed up for the ride here through the corridor leading from to 38 down
8:47 am
to 237 and interstate 680 south bronx still have it from pleasanton down to low. >> reporter: looking at the rest of the bridge said the severance is still an extremely slow ride 26 minute drive average drive times they were to san mateo. the golden gate bridge is problem free but could be flawed and showers was bought at the toll plaza that is why it's so come across 580 west hour. >> reporter: we are starting to see some sprinkles in the north bay. we have a much and that all morning long but also the home will have ceasing showers to% to lay as this was this map over
8:48 am
those like showers and a no. they that with the debt it for the 9:00 hour. the 2:00 for and time by a 10:00 hour the showers will get a little more to impacting san francisco at that point and then by noontime but three in the afternoon it will be impacted. listen to look at what we are seeing on the cameras. the golden gate bridge shot looks low with the morning sunshine. >> reporter: the fog is rolling in your starting to see it be a little hazy that potentially could be like showers. it is very drizzly and you send a lot of raindrops and i'm surprised
8:49 am
we testing so rain began to fall and north bay. we're talking hundreds of its east bay and south bay. but we would take it. a perfect is the low 60s and 07 his letter on the afternoon and tonight will be around 77 to san jose are 74 has called for a gradual warming. thursday and friday we may see it and one of. >> reporter: is intended also some media monica lewinsky has a new twitter account. you're real song is banned until the world series is over rose will be claimed on till best guess was that the cisco rail station. >> reporter: they banned the
8:50 am
chart topper and song until either of the kansas city royals when world series. is somewhat inspired to entitled song royal at the same old for from the '70s of the song itself have nothing to do with baseball here is what you are saying about the stalls story also some media. >> reporter: lot of folks are basically saying the song is played out any way we don't want to hear it.
8:51 am
>> reporter: tickets for tomorrow games are starting at $410,000 for the really nice seats. tickets are starting at 4 under and 50 the goal to $27,000 for premium club seating. >> reporter: you might be able to find tickets on a special application he, application called gangue time. unless you
8:52 am
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>> reporter: another baby for the duke of dutchess they're having a second baby. the first time was terrible in this time was that to this day air condition is improving right now the five weeks search for a
8:57 am
missing studentbe connected to another student murder plus what changes to the bay bridge that will pull out the metal plates will tell you was going on will have more you for calves with bay area traffic in just two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. these pajamas are really a hug.
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>> reporter: them in several this morning good news and bad news here at the bay bridge. the good news the couch had canceled their plans or suspended them for a while to do the repair work in the west end of the stance of a remote the still played but they did not have that dilemma to contend with. but 45 minutes ago a stall occurred on the upper deck of the bay bridge is still in recovery from a. the continued attract hot spots for the ride the upper east shore for interstate 680 coming out of solano county this morning earlier occurring accidents because of the signal lights being out traffic still six to
9:01 am
strain the jammed up. >> reporter: traffic is still recovering and dublin southbound on interstate 680 here is a live look at traffic which is finally getting back to normal for the camille leading down to san ramon almost a vehicle accident jammed up the ride for over two hours and back to the traffic map the problem and said francisco the pedestrians struck a killed. traffic is still sluggish for your westbound direction in the san mateo bridge. >> reporter: the rain on the
9:02 am
windshield this is where we start to see light showers we are still saying showers falling throughout the bay area. it is still scattered here's a look at the satellite and radar pictures regency but to the is still an unknown to bay lossy any big amounts of grain but we will get a little bit of order but as for some locations including san francisco and san jose. the city bought a tent or even less. but we will take what we can get. >> reporter: recon build a person is dead after being hit by a car in san francisco this morning at 7:00 this happen at 43rd and slope. the began cpr on
9:03 am
a prediction that the debts it was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. we have accrued to the scene but it is closed. >> reporter: the ebola crisis of health organization nigeria is free of ebola officials say is good for two days is the last case in nigeria paid back negative. herein u.s. nikkei for liberia he died of ebola at the texas hospital is in 21 days since his family had been an incubation quarantine period. it wants to make sure that none of them had contracted ebola after being in close contact with duncan. that period is over also. an important message for
9:04 am
people who think they may have ebola health officials say he should not go so urgent care center go to a full hospital that urgent care facilities are not equipped to treat ebola. >> reporter: the woman with passenger on the ship she had of the specimen for thomas hunt in the hospital is at in isolation for days of the 4000 passengers were told for an officer was being monitored for the deadly virus the cruise and a guest today confirmed she does not have ebola >> reporter: 3 is of ebola
9:05 am
prevented the ship from docking two men were killed in separate incidents one man was shot to death that was around 730 and then two hours later officers responded to a stabbing at a home on chestnut a man was found multiple stab wounds. >> reporter: please locate a missing man released from hospital 71 year old was released in the hospital saturday after being hit by a vehicle he had diabetes the mitchell and anxiety. dementia
9:06 am
>> reporter: the giants travel to kansas city in the grocery start tomorrow. there are no changes to the giants starting rotation of five we search for a missing virginia student is over now is a murder investigation. >> reporter: we're expecting light scattered showers on and off for the first half of the day. it does not look like showers. day. it does not look like showers.
9:07 am
californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news one of the hot spots we are tracking gear is said problems at a shell valley road. directions headed southbound is
9:10 am
pretty much closed this morning said allies will not be repaired until two this afternoon. did you have any time with the kron 4 mobile application is good for android and apple devices the download is free. >> reporter: 5 weeks search for of a distant and is suspended and now has turned into a death investigation on saturday crews found human remains a miles away from where hannah disappeared the man she was last seen with has been connected to the 2010 case with dna evidence and this is a big break in the anagram case-that have not grammar >> reporter: he is the only person that has been detained is
9:11 am
behind bars charged of the action police also seized the cab he was driving if the remains are those of hanna he will be facing a murder charge. >> reporter: agassi more rain another chance in a seven day (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. and, we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, prescription drug coverage, plus free memberships at participating gyms.
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>> reporter: bay bridge is still a hot spot because it is 30 + minutes out of the macarthur made. we are still slow here from highway 2430 + met delays less checked the other hot spots for your the east shore freeway up for still extremely slow drive times about 40 minutes hercules to berkeley. we are finally recovering six a southbound it is still sluggish across the benicia bridge. signal lights malfunctioned that is really time of the ride or commute extremely slow 680 south about just heavy now from dublin
9:15 am
down to presents and no longer back up because of earlier recurring problems and the apostle. the police department still investigating a pedestrian acid that the person was killed this morning in san francisco there's another motorcycle accident this morning at this time southbound 1 01 in redwood city but lookt the traffic on wall once out about it is instead is slow ride all the way for best fastball down to pull out so. >> reporter: the rest of the bridge from the bay is still pretty sluggish 222 to 6 minute drive from the trip to the golden gate bridge this is what was to see the heaviest traffic the rain that we have been talking about this deftly slipping across the toll plaza now. over at the richmond bridge similar conditions here windshield wipers are working down as the rain doesn't come you. late this morning listed
9:16 am
over to the weather center again of they all did the dishes. >> reporter: desist from the port area where you can see steady drizzle coming down the rows as expected you see a lot of rain this morning. you concede is about the outside and some drizzle up at our studio in downtown san francisco you conceive fairly scatters starting in the north bay now started to spread into downtown san francisco if you're an oakland and berkeley you're going to see some rain hit through this morning and it looks like we're going to see storm track of for is having a hard time moving. you can see
9:17 am
more of a light rain pickup distills see from san francisco down to the peninsula is a redwood city. >> reporter: the rest of us including the downtown san francisco may be bought a tent and for rain. woolsey's school --rain or around school time. 63 is san jose 65 in livermore 60 is santa rosa and apple. 70
9:18 am
in fairfield 72 pleasanton same in san jose 69 in redwood city downtown san francisco 6667 in santa rosa. >> reporter: your next seven days are shaping up only light showers for the rest of today and tomorrow to be drying out the will see more sunshine is best in the afternoon and one could this wednesday and thursday back into lower '80s and thursday and friday. but as the friday and saturday will keep you posted but it does look like the wicked is not going to be a wash down if you want to take your kids out to pick out the pumpkin for following
9:19 am
>> reporter: this includes target home depot and others include a 29% that most likely will not stop with those resellers women are more likely to continue to shop at those infected stores than man. >> reporter: the payment system >> reporter: reducing crime one
9:20 am
gun shot at a time. technology is being used to fight violent crimes. >> reporter: in 2008 the city >> reporter: the test of light in its telephone poles. all that takes less than a minute from the time the plan was put on
9:21 am
hold pg&e she gets stuck in a 10 and it's time to into the home of a man she met on-line. they had to take apart the sydney that the woman out safely she was awake and a sponsor during the rescue they're charging her with the information and the legal injury >> reporter: he was into a burning home to rescue a stranger. >> reporter: he is tommy walking
9:22 am
toward woodhouse was even as his own life to walk into a burning home the family had lost to set up they're glad to be alive when she saw the smoke. this is the first time she ever shot a self on video ever tried to put the fire out with the hose already i start water shooting their decided to be of any explosion. >> reporter: much more ahead on
9:23 am
the kron 4 manos we're tracking rain on the bay area will be back. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death.
9:24 am
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find that right dentist. we can do the same for you. so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist. >> reporter: new u.s. their sights here is the video of the last airstrike that happen on friday. there were five and strikes a good money the u.s. said they lost 11 u.s. air sites that killed eight ices members.
9:27 am
them and little information released about the girls that had more towns and nigeria >> reporter: 1 woman and her daughter were arrested a man and
9:28 am
a hospital this morning after being shot gavin to antioch is still recovering from being shot last month to have more on the story.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> reporter: we are looking at rain here is a picture that was twisted out you concede the rain drops in san francisco on a window will have a lot more for less this morning you can also tweaked them to us we're already starting to see the rain come down it is cloudy and drizzly and it is to call out there.
9:31 am
we're definitely saying downtown san francisco as well into parts of burlingame. this is all fairly light rain and light showers. not a huge rainmaker in a bit that we get can definitely be used. maybe some pockets of yellow may come down a little heavy but at lunchtime a little more widespread a lot of was
9:32 am
most will get a lot of rain will will start to dry out. >> reporter: if the rain did not help at all as it set a look at the bay bridge ride in the westbound commute traffic is backed up silently into the macarthur made. their remote over the weekend we are still dealing with early recurring stalls traffic tied of all the
9:33 am
way back to s.f. 0. i am here have the corner or according to the san police department a pedestrian has been struck by a car at 7:00 a.m. this morning he was transported to san francisco general hospital. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead a half of that the road
9:34 am
they cleared it opened we did get some additional information his age was 87 we did learn from the sap assistant police department the driver of the vehicle >> reporter: this is the problem out here in walnut creek take a look behind the to see the traffic lights are out that is because early this morning the driver struck a traffic control box that our morning everyone to
9:35 am
be extra cautious >> reporter: the repair they need to make a start noticing a lot of cracking. and repairs were
9:36 am
ordered fifth back of stretched for miles. at the place were removed early saturday the bridge almost entirely smooth out will almost. sit we want to take a couple steps back return to commit to a normal should not compromise any one safety we always try to replace the >> reporter: a man with a in a
9:37 am
hospital in critical condition was shot most was times when he was driving in antioch this happen near buchanan wrote the driver lost control of his car tended to your old was forced rush to the hospital for two holes were found in the back of the driver seat. and is still unsafe you refuse to assist in the investigation. he was shot in oakland just last month and is still recovering from those injuries he has an extensive criminal history oic is sandy got lucky her cane and the fed downgraded we have the
9:38 am
lead the videos on was going on there the forty-niners were not so lucky.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> reporter: a major hotspot for the peninsula with traffic jam up on one 01 and the southbound direction the motorcycle accident and south lawn has backed up the ride all the way into san bruno have a look at this in the rest of the hot spot, ride a. >> darya: try to the world series is not one to be an expensive proposition but one fan could lay part with his beloved car.
9:42 am
there is a lot of things you're saying about his 1965 ford mustang driving with the windows down for the engine the american muscle but there is something else she loves more i would love to go to world series i love to see the royals that an act after 29 years he put this classic on price lists 24,000 is a fair price be prepared to spend at least for margin of $50 but spending even that will likely only get to a spot to stand selling this car maisie detective family of six to game at home and maybe even a way hopefully they sweep them are like to go to the for the game in san francisco not everyone thinks given this up is a good idea even some of the people interested in the car asking why
9:43 am
are you doing this you do not want to sell that rare for him it is worth it. i could buy another car down the road bassein the rose and the world series is once every 30 years almost. >> reporter: tickets for tomorrow's game starting at for the dollar's and goes to $10,000 parking cost two to $400 to the today the kansas city tickets are starting at 5 are the 15 to decide 27,000 parking start at $2 and it goes to five under $50 will be back on the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> reporter: they're bringing a lot of grain streets are flooded
9:47 am
by heavy downpours from the storm the storm that knocked out power of thousands of homes and businesses the atlanta city came back on last night. >> darya: what's the weather for our area. >> reporter: we are in conflict with rose and we have more showers on the way we're looking at store tractor for. over the next couple of hours this is the area i am talking about the grain is indicating like rain come through the next time to see parts of the rain falling here in san francisco and also along the coast you could see the cold front will start to get some more moisture coming through the to the judge will cool down little bit today
9:48 am
especially in the north today. here is a feature forecast did concede basically the light rain impacting majority of the bay area also the peninsular by lunchtime beckoned the south bay most of it is pretty light at the grade is indicating >> reporter: 63 is that consist of no 7 is in oakland 72 as san
9:49 am
jose 66 in daly city around 64 degrees definitely going to see more wet weather the next few hours tomorrow we are rain free the next chance for some rain right now is friday and saturday will keep you posted >> stanley >> reporter: will give the
9:50 am
credit to the traffic this morning we are still tracking hot spots and not because of anyone's bad behavior much earlier this morning we are still recovering from that the traffic is backed up into the macarthur made. 30 plus that drive this is not because of the steel plates that has been postponed. >> reporter: is back of all the way into san ramon is still affecting the ride is should be repaired in time for this afternoon's commute.
9:51 am
>> reporter: the next possession of the game 14 nothing but it was a yard touchdown pass in the second quarter 509 touchdown passes
9:52 am
celebrating their with his teamtes for breaking all-time touchdown passing record the broncos get rolling in this one for itself to the broncos' 17 to nine hours. >> reporter: their cleats got stuck the velcro our time to private are part >> reporter: he is not a
9:53 am
spokesperson their party with him after he was caught shoplifting that paid him enough to get rid of the 29,000 find in their supply you with underwear he could buy underwear that was some kind of a lot of people are upset about this. >> reporter: will be back with the forecast and traffic in a
9:54 am
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psst >> reporter: is still backed a call with the the apart the maze. highway 24 the steel plates removed from the upper deck with that not help this morning. barrymore reporter rain showers moving toward the bay area that this is for today see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4
9:58 am
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