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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 21, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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expressway on 101 north from. this is an extremely slow ride from north on 11 trip this morning. as it is for the west bound trip into the mcarthur maze . it's 26 minutes for the recent drive time. at the summit to your bridge is also beginning to slow down 22 to 26 minutes to get into san material coming out of the word.
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>>: reporter: if he waited 29 years for the world series better believe these tickets are expensive. i talked to a flight attendant she said that she has a friend dating all the way back to high-school he has tickets to the game he wants to put a monster of coal but he told her since for friends of give you a special deal. she asked how much he said 1750.
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the board oct. in the giants' pride. keeps sending your pictures to us accept
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may only actually spend 10 months in jail for that sentence.
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authorized airport rights. these will be authorized. drug driving on a snow plow leads to a plane crash. tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand,
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was killed with three crew members. the driver of the snow removal machine was not injured it reports that he was drunk on the runway. first
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drive times are running towards 48 minutes. this is due to earlier occuring problems from the roadway. as rebecca and to the mcarthur maze to the paper tried for looking at 30 + minutes drive times trippe 2628. the volume is up a little. where not only backed up all across the land of the toll plaza were backed up on 580 west bound as you have out of richmond toward the bridge.
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and the dallas hospital got infected with this disease. they have to be covered head to toe. they have to properly put that gear on and take it off. they get more training and supervision. : reporter: often fatal no vaccine or no cure. they're
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injected into high-tech machines that frankly look like a giant mass. for this web this is a perhaps fi protein. the research network is chasing a sierra. because a this is a war at exhausting. they are up until midnight back at dawn. they help and develop antibodies coming and at dr. search for better drugs. across san diego the
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laboratory researchers are pushing any idea that may work. thomas duncan were given another experimental drug this experimental tilt is being used right now in germany. >>: reporter: the idea is the tiny fibers winterly filtered the ebola virus out of the blood. they don't know if any of this will work for short. with the bullet there is a common call. they have to try it. the
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line : reporter: they're saying that this is an urgent recall there's already been four deaths connected to faulty air bags. we're going to show you some of the cars that are on that list. these are some of the major ones we f. troy iota which has a potential of 778,000 cars affected. and honda has 2.8037000 of the nissan's. there's other ones on that list if you want the let's go to and we will give you
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the full list. people need to get their cars checked out. it's usually their backs that are defective. i asked them what the procedures was and they said people will get the notice in the mail. if you don't you're concerned you can go ahead and bring it and they will check it and check your vin numbers. >>: reporter: they will fix it if they don't have the parts that will order and try to get it fixed. but the main thing is that they have an urgent message to get any of the people who have cars out there to get it checked out and make sure that they get their air bags checked and that they're working ok.
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respect this bike lane at all. for example look at this driver of the mercedes benz create it finally exits' at st. mary's ave. it's almost the same thing as this mazda. the driver drives the entire car into the bike lane. the fact is the driver knows that they're not permitted there. he is so new recording he stopped and tried to get back until normal land of traffic and it's the freeway is also the drivers coming off the side streets that drive and is likely.
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don't perceive down until they turned onto the avenue and go straight down san jose. i did notice that there's not many signs not like they actually read the signs but they are in place and year because a driver not in a cycle list gave me a quick video of the video in the bike lane. not just to be aware there's a fine for driving in the bike lane. not to mention you can seriously injure a writer--writer. --ruder.
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traffic is getting back to normal but it's still gym up to the ride for the south bay with the accident at the one no one money view expressway. it's backed up all the way to highway 85 that's a big hot spot. it has an over 44 minutes drive time. and still tracking big delays at the bay bridge for the west bound commute. we are backed up into the mcarthur maze with 30 minutes drive times. you're right to the cemetery a bridge is extremely slow as well.
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little windy but not bad. temperatures will be nice and mild. we have 50 degrees right there at duff 50 degree mark in oakland and santa rosa is on the chilly side at 46 pre they're seeing mid-40s right now for san francisco. eventually we will warm it up. this is low seventies for the inland valley and upper 60s by the bait mid-60's along the coast. it looks like we will hold on to this for the next couple of days before the rain comes back. briefly want to give a quick look at the forecasts for game time. the first pitch is at 5 07 tonight. it will be in the upper 50s by then. keep those pictures coming at and we will share them on the air.
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there it decided to go to kansas city to see the game in person. he paid 350 bucks for a ticket. it's cheaper when you add the air fare and the parking at sfo. >>: reporter: basically two nights ago decided to get my plane ticket and get my stub hold tickets. got two days off work and had the chance of a lifetime.
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the tickets are way more expensive and even with the travel you'll come out of all lots. >>: reporter: this guy got a deal. after he paid for air fare and tickets it was cheaper than what he would pay for a ticket here for friday's game 3. how big of a giants fan are you? how much are you really went really willing to pay. this all comes down to basic economics. this is the fly and demand. there's a huge demand and not a huge supply. there's 42,000 seats at at&t park. you will pay a pretty penny for each of these seats. we went on stub hub. this is what an idea of what you will pay for a ticket there's $540 to
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stand and walk or run the stadium. this is the cheapest that we've seen so far. $700 for a seat. $25,000 was for each seat on some hope. >>: reporter: you can go out and buy a car before you go to win world series game. you have to pay for parking. this is a championship series. parking is between zero hundred and hundred and $50 at nearby garages. this may go on board at 200 to $500 to park your car. how much are you willing to pay? i talked to a few people the moment that i talked to said that she's from chicago but she is willing to pay. >>: i pay honor a hundred to a thousand bucks each. it's a hot
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commodity. it's absolutely worth it. it's the excitement of the court. they played so hard all season and at the end of the year this is where they give it their best create the product segments. it's definitely worth that. >>: reporter: these are the cheap ones for several hundred dollars trippet. you are paying $2,000 to go to a game.
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undercutting the markets. i will make the money.
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moisture. the bay area will potentially be an acting on thursday.
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have fled the scene. you concede the impact because of the activity on the shoulder its backing up the ride into walnut creek. it's affecting south kron 680. we have also been tracking major delays for the south bay on 101 north bound. the result earlier crank accept the money you expressway. this took so long to clear because tow trucks were required.
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so traffic on interstate 580 as you come out of richmond.
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was thinking when they get back here will is there. he was out all night it was cheaper for a giants fan to fly to kansas city get a ticket for $350 go to the game there that would be to buy a ticket here.
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on tv.
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comes back.
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cellphone 680. the biggest problem is still here and san jose 101 north bound. this is the earlier creek accept money view expressway taking two hours to clear.
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interstate 580 as you had west bounoming out of richmond. there's a sunny commute this morning different from yesterday.
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the royals in kansas city. we also have will tran in kansas city. >>: reporter: the just opened up the ticket gates here and these people have been waiting for hours to get their hands on the leftover tickets. they're turning these over to the royals fans. they found out these will be on line. they are not cheap. joining me now is a lovely family from texas. 29 years in the making. what are your thoughts on getting your hands on some tickets? my >>: we went everywhere. we rated here all morning long we got no tickets we don't know what to do. >>: reporter: it's a cut was solid and tried to retire. how much were you looking at for the tickets online?
8:04 am
>>: we've been offering up to 1500. we've off your 12,000. now you're getting in the nose bleeds for six or 700. just standing around tickets are four to 500. >>: reporter: are you looking at your family member saying make it happen? >>: you want these tickets that the guests. >>: reporter: how much are you prepared to pay? 2000 each? i guess the trick now is to get your hands on those tickets.
8:05 am
$1,000 for family of the 12th. i've give for get that's-all gift for grand for a ticket right now. i'm willing to pay a thousand. i will be in the stadium. the good part is that you guys have 29 years to save up for this. i feel so bad being here these guys are great fans their dying for world series. i want you guys to win. but not on our watch.
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: reporter: it's an urgent recall others are ready for deaths connected to this problem. this is a video of what actually happened when the airbag deployed. you could see in the video that basically metal get sprayed out here. this is causing tons of injuries. some of these air bags are deploying and never mentioned in sports is already. we're going to list of which cars have these. there's more than just these three makes. there's actually more on the list. these three have the number of the most sense. these of the affected vehicles of these air bags. you could see how high
8:08 am
these numbers are. 2.8 million cars are affected. if you want the full list go to this gives you all the other makes and models. >>: reporter: the main thing is it is important to check your car. we spoke to the service department they told me that if you did not get a letter from them that you can come and and get your car checked. they will check your bin number on the list hopefully you're not on it and if you are they will definitely order the parts to make your car safe.
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minutes. this is the wake of earlier caring accident not clear from the lane's. remember you can get traffic any time for mobile application it's a free download. the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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monitor delays on highway 24 and the west bound direction the police activity of a high-speed pursuit ended west bound 24 at wilder wrote. it ended in a crash there. it's also a visual hazard for the freeway so the traffic is backing up to highway 24 in fact its backing up all the way from interstate 680 and it's affecting the 680 ride. this is both northbound and the san ramon valley and south from. this is coming from concord and pleasant hill.
8:16 am
the pressure is on highway 85 as people come north. this is a detour route toward the west freeway. there's big delays as well for the trip to the guadalupe parkway.
8:17 am
mid to upper 40's for the north bay. delay of 47 right now. livermore 48 so it's a chilly start for this tuesday morning. it will warm up but not by much. in 71 san jose with very mild afternoon still may be of 2754 evergreen. 74 paul model and monte mollen view 69. he's dave valle is looking at 71 to 73 degrees for the adults appear upper sixties to low seventies for someone and livermore valley.
8:18 am
pacific may very well start impacting. beyond that we're looking at saturday morning for some sharp words. will talk more about that as we get closer to it.
8:19 am
mom is defending her daughter the nurse. she's being care ford at the university hospital. the 29 years condition has been improving and is projecting claims that her daughter acted carelessly when she got on a flight from dallas to cleveland after treating don't limit. now she is willing to send her daughter home. and that is an option because the mother has not been cleared to fly and a commercial plane.
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cannot so download are mobile application.
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your giants pride. this is and kansas city we have lots of photos featuring families and children and also animals. you could see that people are decked out and their giant fans here. >>: orange be its i and lots of big smiles. were getting hundreds of photos into crime 4 news room. and send them to us that we are loving the kids photos.
8:22 am
send them to us at breaking news at or tweet us your foes syria we will show them to route the broadcast.
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school : reporter: one-family thinks there he was in their backyard. they said that the dog tracked his scent. they had to go in and clear. i hope they find him. the search for one of the fbi's 10 most wanted. he's a self-styled
8:26 am
survivalists. he's believed to keep holding a grudge towards law enforcement officer serious for six weeks he's avoided capture. until now the search was tightly focused on the wooded area near the family home but a recent sighting reviewed efforts 10 mi. south his former high school. >>: reporter: the first possible setting was friday night a woman and walking near this empty house she saw him his face covered in mud. then on monday another possible sighting this time by a police officer of
8:27 am
sorties then swarmed the neighborhood near the high- school. though he is still of sight he's on every mind.
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area for the second day in a row and then the second day of the week but there's a couple hotspots really jamming a particularly rides on highway 24 west bound or police activity at wilder road has an accident that ended in a result of a high- speed chase pursuit. this still blocks the off ramp. no lanes of the freeware block but it's backed up to walnut creek trippet
8:31 am
8:32 am
doing pretty well even though we are near peak traffic flow time.
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8:34 am
chef gunned down in oakland on sunday. the police of trying to track down the person that shot and killed eric as the server from cuba's old neighborhood.
8:35 am
exposing himself his car is a blue volvo possibly and suvs. at a spare tire mounted on the backs.
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8:37 am
the cheapest for the sitting ticket was $659 trippet the most. the expense of $25,000 for these seats. if you're driving your going to pay with parking going from hundred and $250. >>: reporter: it will cause to wonder dollars to park your car for three and a half an hour street a lot of fans that talked to said that they will pay a thousand dollars.
8:38 am
>>: reporter: with the money you save you can buy it for a couple of flat screens. and has been a couple years but those tickets have a lot of money attached to them. a lot of people are willing to pay. hopefully the giants will too. coverage is continuing live from kansas city and san francisco. we have a special section on
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880 hope for improvement on 92 has not materialize is still basically slow from end to end. now is where we should see the peak traffic on the golden gate bridge. it is a very slow is a little sluggish from the south of an tracking arrived at the richmond barrett bridge.
8:47 am
oakland. temperatures this afternoon will develop along the lines. at this point were seen widespread '60s as it and see the green on the map. when other communities join that list of 73. its plan to be low seventies across the board. as a take a look at temperatures you see that we're looking at 71 to 73 degrees for delta and livermore valley.
8:48 am
saturday we could have some light green bay area wide.
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products that apple pay will work with.
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this the rep from san francisco and 2015. it also follow to fly the school plane to china. this is taiwan's china airlines. it made it look like a lounge. instead of the three separate seats they could give you a couch with a gorgeous bad. one thing you saw was a coffee bar. it kinda looks like a lounge. and has moved lading 358 seats and flirt first class to get cozy with a gorgeous bed. this will start in 2015.
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friday. santana will perform instrumental before game 4 on saturday.
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traffic around the bay as were watching hot spots. we have a backup continues here at the bay traffic around the bay as were watching hot spots. we have a backup continues here at the bay insunce d foet aut i[pf. bke] 'y but e mo youearnbout yo covage, likeow y thoht y wer e mverefor is.t nd. [boychecit o,mom rof.urkehen u'reeall ly ceredor ts. orow y figed y wer verefor is. whenou'ractuly ping r rof.urkehen u'reeall ly cerethists. u mit beurpred awhat hing iyourovere. talko faers d gesmarr abouyournsurce.
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over onto the truck. part of the roof was also brought down and all three cars in an rv were destroyed.
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interchange and across the bay. the corridor commute is extremely slow again 62 minutes south from from to 38 down two to 37. the bay bridge and has much better news for your west bound ride you can actually see the back up. this is the first morning that the commute has retreated from the mcarthur maze .
9:02 am
studio in downtown has san francisco with a cool start. a lot of us are several degrees cooler now than we were 24 hours ago. 49 unconquered it's even cooler and santa rosa and 44 degrees. highs for this afternoon nice and pleasant. we will see lots of sunshine with highs in the lower '70s. 66 in downtown san francisco. more details on your complete forecast a net chance of rain coming up.
9:03 am
nosebleed seats. there were there all day last light well into the evening. this morning were finally buying lottery tickets. these are giants fans that showed up to the ball park. do you have tickets? not and your hand but do you expect tickets? >>: we have a friend in the giants' ticket office to contacted us last week. it looks like the giants will be plans kansas city and we ask if he could get us tickets? he said yes give me your credit card and i'll arrange it. >>: reporter: walked the well, and there is none yet. he will be driving a nice car with my credit card number. would you be disappointed to come all this way and not get the tickets?
9:04 am
>>: absolutely yes. we've never been here so it's nice to just have the experience. but to knock on the stadium will be very upsetting. >>: reporter: a much are you willing to pay? let's say this deal fell through with your friends. how much are you willing to spend to go to game 1? >>: i guess i'll have to cross that bridge when it comes to it. as a once-in-a-lifetime experience this is my first game so i'm willing to pay what it is reasonable to take. hopefully at and that the take a second mortgage out. >>: reporter: of which are you willing to spend. >>: these people are making me so proud the ones that i've talked to at 8:00 there working deals say that they have service fees and and and fees. i don't know what they said but the look on his face was just beside himself. right now the seller's
9:05 am
market for those who cannot get their hands on the tickets their waking that's-waiting for the prices to drop.
9:06 am
the deaths of more than 4500 people in africa. we have video this morning of dallas for the relatives of thomas duncan now they are free to move rather
9:07 am
air back out. it's been breaking apart and spring metal fragments at people. four people killed because of this the morning their warning drivers to get this fixed. they're made by toccata. the vehicles affected include a wide range. toledo-- liotta--toyota , bmws and also nissan. you used to sleep like a champ.
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the bayshore freeway.
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bridge it's a different story we're jammed up was from 26 to 28 minutes drive times they were over to san mateo. we saw the peak of traffic on the golden gate bridge about half an hour ago. there quickly returned to normal with no delays and for the rich member dried it's no longer delay it and five the west bound as you head towards the toll plaza.
9:17 am
complete washout yet. 67 and san francisco and 55 and san jose. it's still in the '40's including santa rosa at 49 degrees. that is very chilling. here's the future cast showing you what's happening.
9:18 am
here is a look at your giants and royals forecasts for tonight's game. the first pitch our time is in kansas city misery it will be at 7:00 but you are expecting a really nice night for baseball 65 for the first pitch. : reporter: have to be fair. i hit them with a max numbers. it puts the matter out of business and or selling a great quarter for the two combined. we're selling plenty of i falls. that
9:19 am
average selling price $602 trippet this means the margin is one to be improving it will be a very good next six months for apple. there's a strong demand for all of their products right now. the max sails--mac sales. they're easy company to say that there up with their location number. >>: reporter: let's talk aboutuber it's kind of a big deal. >>: they're going to be allowed to downgrade that. this does not make much sense but it is what is. they're legally allowed to operate in san francisco this week. the services officials had
9:20 am
to get this building going on it. this permit is $3.85 per car. i use the service is a wonderful service it is a pure servers. it gives you an idea that you don't feel like you're in this relationship you think you're in your buddies car it's cheaper it's better than taxis. this is apple. the car can pick you up. it's like heaven. >>: and good to call list and say can you stop by commerce and get my mom spells and crabmeat a six-pack of beer. can you take this letter to my boss also. were and watched this on the mortgage giants. >>: everyone said it was too
9:21 am
loose and too tight. and all people are experiencing them. >>: they basically would get money from fannie mae and freddie mac. it's 59 percent of all mortgages that have this relationship with the government into--end to institutes. the novelist and a down to 3% for the down payment for borrowers. the people are lower to middle and come in the housing markets. they're incredibly low mortgage rates. it's a great time to get into a home if you're going to be in it for 30 years. now because the prices are so low. we're going to talk about a net flicks. >>: note market adenosine their coming out buying stuff. and now it's worth about $20,000. apple has of hundred and $55 billion.
9:22 am
they're allowed to use the cash from google. they also have microsoft and also someone that's in the company. more cuban he became rich offer broadcasts stop crime. everyone loves to hate. that went a billion dollars up. it's got a p/e about seven times. it's not cheap but it makes it cheap for the taxers. they're going to up and buy the company and seriously consider it. >>: if your question for him to compose another facebook fan page. at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing.
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prepare an hour. it does affect parts and s f general for a short time.
9:27 am
>>: they did everything they can to save the man. people also call upon-a-people outside called 911 after seen video of the fire she said her entire family is so proud of her husband. >>:
9:28 am
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is still heavy. and it's still and san mateo. across the bay were still heavy on the mimics freeway north bound tried to get from hayward into downtown oakland. your ride to the salmon steel bridges still backed up in the west bound direction and the drive times are improving is looking at a 20 minute drive time from a work over to san mateo. let's set over to the weather center.
9:32 am
9:33 am
>>: reporter: as a supply and demand of 22,000 seats as that of at&t park and there is way more people that want to go to the game starting on friday than that. so to get prices are through the roof. what are you want to pay for tickets? here we found our some ticket prices from stub halt early this morning. this means you don't even have a seat. you have to walk, the stadium. $543 area the cheapest thing that we found was $690.51. please do not forget that 51¢. the most expect it was out of the blue $25,000. obviously this guy is looking for new car or something that is the most expensive seat that we've found. >>: reporter: this is not done yet because it takes about 3 1/2
9:34 am
hours to park your car. it may be as much as 200 to $500 trippet. there were zero hundred and a hundred and $50 to park. for the world series here definitely gonna pay more. basically you're going to have to be extremely fanatical to have to pay $25,000 for a seat at the world series record people will do the.
9:35 am
serve meals to the homeless. and the slight chance that the royals went we will trouble them to the third graders at the public school.
9:36 am
they never led again. several businesses have been targeted in the recent months. early sunday monda--early sunday morning they found out that they vandal happen nearly three times by now. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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screen of a middle school in texas and two dozen students have been stalled by bees. this is and seconal and we have a live shot here coming from the middle school. you concede that the emergency responders and paramedics are saying that the entries are my best-minor at this point increase a lot of students are at the scene there and they have been stung by a bunch of beads. coming up on the kron 4 morning news will have the full check of your weather forecast on this tuesday morning.
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>>: rabin here a wonderful things about mr. hunt. he was a pilot that did die and fighting the fire. people can say nothing but good things about him that he was a hero and he died a hero. he served the state of california. right now you see a lot of his fellow firefighters gathering around here. it's quite a procession hear the actual service is not start until 11:00. they are expecting a lineup and escorting the family into the church there's also point to be a flight over of two planes and one of those plants as a s to t plane and that's the type of plane that he used to fly that's what to fly over in his honor as well. >>: the up to fire trucks up there with a flag out to honor
9:46 am
him when the body comes by. it's a very heartening to hear when you hear somebody so good that does their work so well he's actually behind a wife and two daughters. they said that he was loved and hunting and fishing. he was a great outdoorsman he also had a degree and a biology chemistry he would teach on this off days at uc santa cruz. he seemed to be a man of many talents. he would definitely be missed. but there is a break recession between 10 to 11. the actual service starts at 11.
9:47 am
interstate 80 the bay bridge itself is not backed up. there was an accident here on highway 24 west bound right at interstate 580. this is part of the reason why it's so slow there. is still slow for the ride on a 80 heading north out of a word and to downtown oakland though the corridor commute looks better. the 1 01 north on ride still is nearly one our up 2 to 37 from highway 85 were still tried to shake loose from that backed up as we are on the peninsula where it is especially slow thru s f zero and san bruno. the north a right to marin county is still a little sluggish does not back to normal again. but the drive times are below 35 minutes from a vital to the bridge.
9:48 am
bridge where traffic is looking good and no delays in either direction. after the richmond bridge it thinks have cleared out and no longer backed up on 580 west from. let's killed and another look at the weather now.
9:49 am
and san jose. or looking at 61 degrees for the brave. '60s but by 3:00 today were seen as the widespread of '70s for the east a valleys. san jose and for parts of the north bay. here are your eyes for today's 66 in san francisco 70 in oakland low '70's and san jose and the livermore's were looking at 70 as well.
9:50 am
stars oscar de la renta is signed of glamour in the fashion world he died yesterday at the age of 82. we take a look back at the credible career. >>: legendary fashion designer has died. the cause is currently unclear. they lorentz's style and generation had a relief from oprah referring to his old school tor. this serious sex in the city even feature the entire episode from one of his stunning creations. the fashion icons finally masterpiece a cluny's gown for the wedding of the year. the original from the
9:51 am
dominican republic he moved to new york in 1965 launching his own label and stitching his way into america's history forever. whenever a repetition of addressing your social life and the rents also dressed every first lady since jacqueline kennedy. hillary clinton were one of its clout that such bonds to her operation. >>: even the curve first lady who cannot escape the sell-off. she had her first dressed this month create.
9:52 am
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national anthem with his son. and the giants are in kansas city but kansas city what? there really doesn't matter they're going to come home after a couple of games. there's no place like home. let's take a look at how you're celebrating. back home at the giants' it is october and look at these guys all suited up put on your orange and black. this is where you can post them.
9:57 am
pre, >>: were looking for a chance of rain friday night in a few showers saturday in which should clear out with the second half of the week.
9:58 am
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