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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 23, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> reporter: we are heading out to increase in cloud cover. much different this morning compared to two to four hours ago. yesterday was that of the low '40's and 50's. some heat daily develop a guest today has been trapped in. august 50. concord
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below 60. we don't have the chill in the air temperature is look like yesterday. 69 for san francisco. sunnyvale high of 76 and 74 in redwood city. is what to bring some light rain into the north bay. i think we are looking at dry conditions in least until late friday another system of laws to drop our temperatures and bring rain to our area. my concern is it could affect the world series friday will be ok to win saturday with a going to see widespread rain to out the bay area. by sunday was to look at a morning chance
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we may be completely 5 for the afternoon. more telling the forecast coming up about 15 minutes >> reporter: we're not looking at a problem there is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is looking good and the problems at the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: not a car in sight as a work away was about into marin. >> reporter: game to the rose series will royals came roaring back area in the sixth inning it
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came off the wagon for the giants. what we're down here we gave up the double he is a competitor. san francisco many of those fans will stick around for the whole game.
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game 3 friday first pitch scheduled for 5 07. dozens of reckless motorcycles failed in a dangerous high speed in common with the chp. they're doing stunt they did all this with no regard for public safety. >> reporter: standing on their seats at some times. and that
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high rate of speed. the california highway patrol is video of load on the internet. a group of about 50 motorcyclists on march of 11 driving recklessly on southbound 680 near the montague expressway. the officer notice he was an
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unsafe location decided to remove the self employed. the chp decided my time back up a ride the two officers terrell the bike riders. the other riders recital or less at the same >> reporter: we are learning
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more about the suspect. they're calling the shooting the terrorist attack. learn our thought some friends with his family. shaw's also fire yesterday at the canadian parliament building. >> reporter: will take a quick
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break and be back more than a minute.
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>> reporter: police are looking for a pair all robbers who stole-and watches police released a surveillance photographs. the roar happened at a store the jewel store. the
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man and woman in fort ordered the employees to the ground while she stuffed into five watches and her purse. >> reporter: this is video from our helicopter you conceal world series goes being painted on the grass. >> reporter: major league baseball logo. the tenor
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vladimir and are full of energy. >> reporter: they are starting to paint world sit series--world series >> reporter: they know what to expect but that does not mean hosting game 3 game 4 in game 5 will be in the last of the real. >> reporter: we do have line on
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>> reporter: we are heading got to i clouds right now. yes to let scott also clinton to drop the to the mid-40s it is much warmer this morning to lot of upper 50s. we do however have a slight chance for rain in the north bay. we are trapped in the tail end of the week system. we will see mild see the conditions. livermore 76 and 69 for san francisco we do have laid on the
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horizon at will to walk you through we then see in iran develop on the 5 m model friday evening with rain could affect our world series that is something we will continue to monitor.
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>> reporter: nice and my ride from the bay bridge. golden gate bridge drive times with five minutes here is a live look outside for the richmond san rafael bridge. we don't have any access to report if you're driving around the south bay. >> reporter: hundreds of homes and send those that remained on the boil water alert because of the e coli bacteria they have
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been working to clean up the contamination would could be several more days before resins it clear >> reporter: the water company believes they near of the contamination to 50 homes the coli it was detected last week at the new waterway was installed in the area within the law with a bacterial contamination came from the they do have a theory. that's why we testified before we put in service.
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in the meantime bottled water is then delivered to the home >> reporter: living on the streets and the red zone. but is still under the boyo or watch.
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>> reporter: police say the process they're no arrests or injuries. national park service are investigating the vandalism case is been reported in yosemite allowed to parks and you saw in critter-that's crater lakes nearly a dozen are creation of including here in the bay area armonk stopped in danger landscapes this year. the group announced 11 new park gardens that are threatened by demolition. groups are working
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to preserve the bay bridge flights. >> reporter: no symptoms with kelly's been so careful about the threat of ebola there are moderate to people who recently traveled to west africa. >> reporter: the two people are now self monitoring. it means they will take their temperature plus a day and give them instructions on how to do what
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we ask you want them to and should ask the others that we want the to do. there will call as a sign that it is to pressure so we can record it. lot >> reporter: there is a hot line for you call if you have questions about ebola. no. isn't about on the screen you see it there 8554215921. >> reporter: the kneller tech ebola and that there's blue that those with the virus after she flew from texas to ohio.
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>> reporter: it was a joyful day for him and his family the also think the doctor for the lead in his blood. will take a break.
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>> reporter: their names were
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read aloud. his refusal to speak. he was wanted to know what why he was not allowed today he was charged with another murder in a desk of another person. the three victims remain the same bell we feel pretty positive that we will have an identification and
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take some time with the dna will be collected on the victim's >> reporter: web when to show you a dramatic rescue of the california coast along on all caught on camera + unique site expected in the skies where you receive a solar eclipse here is alive with outside the san mateo bridge traffic will be well we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: after the best start imaginable the giants fell back. dozens of reckless motorcycles failed and i see a concert with the highway patrol all the south bay freeway. the day at the gunmen killed a soldier in canada and incited
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attack inside the parliament will and a more about the suspect. >> reporter: looking at pretty mild seasonal weather will see an increase and cloud cover. were in the '60s and san francisco 55 santa rosa press to 47 degrees yesterday at 57 in livermore much time reached the afternoon we're talking high clouds temperatures climb into the oppressed '70s. friday
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requesting a few sprinkles late friday evening. widespread rain by 7:00 saturday morning. >> reporter: if let's get to up
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the door with a quick abridge check. like in this is the leading lights to deal with over at the san mateo bridge. drive times to talk to the team met no backups at the toll plaza >> reporter: he shot the 13 euros seven times he led the toy gun the boy was carrying was a real assault rifle.
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>> reporter: it has been one year of the death of committee members and lopez telling supporters to the term to keep and is limited alive and let the paul read to commemorate the date. he was shot multiple times and is that a lot in 2013 by sonoma county sheriff deputy.
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>> reporter: he is back on the dock. their giants get him removed. line >> reporter: this is right near the point lot of the bay.
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>> reporter: 6 service agents and the of the white house fence along fuzzily avenue a minister to the defeat before came and did. at the last month
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>> reporter: security was above the been heightened but there was yet another breach. >> reporter: a partial eclipse of the sun the best time to see it this afternoon between 3 and
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330 it is for 37 still ahead the new global application ,.
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>> reporter: small dead-end that
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attaches to the bottom of the backed. offers a vice on how to improve. the application-free and a lot of the features are
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free it would give your results and advice to quash any bill that were made by the pros if you want extra advance training that cost one lifted dollars. if >> reporter: greasers give a detailed look for abusive behavior on the web the marchers
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on the abuse is interested in stopping. exorcising wallace into music seem like an obvious thing to do music might do more the think. we'll have more will return.
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>> reporter: where are tracking another call from out in the pacific. that is one to rank rain is to the bay area. will
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sources to my right over my floor to make. did your lawless and it will be monitoring this closely with the world series come back to town hasn't looked at just seven days around the bay forecast. >> reporter: the bay bridge
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looks good where say an increase in the volume here agree on the roadways centers for the east shore freeway pileup to the floor is a high shot typical slide on the was about 580. asked >> reporter: 0 home filled with stray cats they move through the neighborhoods as they please but was merely gather in one san jose yard viscountess seventh
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test in his yard and and >> reporter: there's too many cats food water on a 4 yd where the cats themselves at home the cameras spotted pcs and flies those has are causing other lawyers distressed. there is no
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control street cats but of one the size to feed them to our way to go about it. if a person is not want to track them they should not be feeding them at all >> reporter: if you have a story for us to look into those to our web site at kron 4 dot com... >>
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cheers & applaus >> reporter: they're looking for a suspect after a nine year old girl was shot and killed while playing in the street last night. >> reporter: of the of the death grip the tight knit community police are looking for a suspect or suspects who shot at least one bullet in his nine year-old girls abdomen. she saw the
4:52 am
little girl outside on the sidewalk her father was trying desperately to save her. one or more shooter's possibly on foot maybe in a car fired at the yonder release once she died at 8:00 at a local hospital there are still trying to determine if it may have been game related
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we will be back with more news coming up in a minute. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes.
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i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. >> reporter: the people on the soundtrack are true heroes. you're gone to the mining law. the album releases the november 17th. they already have a five
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year old daughter they married in 2012 >> reporter: you have a million bucks to spare to a look at the million-dollar suit the cost to the 10 skintight spandex covering the body was tools is a bit heavy but the purchaser will build to see it in spite of the diamond coatings
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but the caller problems on the south bay highway was all caught in the latest on the well water and how long it will last coming up next.
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>> reporter: a ride from the bay area so far this morning with an eye tracking in the hot spots are the latest for you no major incidents to this later--delay ride like traffic for interstate 580 and for the
5:02 am
westbound highway 84 ride. the divers tried to raid were a series back to send this is the with the to the rain lead >> reporter: the giants with five pitchers in the inning and the royals scored five runs in that inning and the final score was 7 to 2
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>> reporter: they're going to be back later this afternoon is all about game theory it would it takes to get ready. they're giddy everything ready takes over the stadium the network television date paid the lows on
5:04 am
the first and third base side sprayed down all 42,000 seats before the big game. a lot of people are going to be coming and going not have a chance to finish up the series if they win the next three games here at at&t park >>: defends are optimistic
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everybody the one to come out the third world series is been played here and the last five years >> reporter: them are turning to people who recently traveled to was after the collapse of the law of ebola with the baltic any chances. is not clear why the pair decided to travel right now there are modest and them. doctors say they no longer the
5:06 am
sec ebola in the nets to blue flu from dallas to cleveland. she's been moved out of isolation. >> reporter: the man who jumped the white house fence last night 23 year old man was not armed with a jump the fence to secret service dogs were able to knock him down and he would immediately surround officers. he was hospitalized and two dogs were taken to the vet. he was armed with a knife he made into the white house before he was stopped he shot and killed a soldier.
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>> reporter: he converted to islam and chase's name >> reporter: three people reportedly sec the well water is still in effect will have the latest on the water contamination for e coli. we will explain it ahead.
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>> reporter: if you read the take public transit to avoid the delays will be fine in school officials say the three teenage girls are being invested for trying to join syria this and is one of the girls' community was on on-line when tourism to travel to syria and israel detained at the airport to germany before say that home in the state the girls to sisters a 17th and 15th and the centennial friend were headed00 added to syria
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>> reporter: the coli bacteria is in the water they are will say it was area is not infected. subject is arise from a 10 to park fo wholesomerain
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>> reporter: year and for a nice mild forecast. to a quick look outside the loss of clout of their with our low of '50s or '60s.
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>> reporter: the rest of the bay area will be dry today that may change later on. as to the message that images will be in the mid to upper seven is for some spots 814 evergreen that entire area we will see to it is right in the mid-70s.
5:17 am
>> reporter: we're not track and in hot spots yet this morning in
5:18 am
san mateo bridge is still in the the trip you're lucky enough to commute the bridge you have not seen much change in the drive and pattern for your ride to the golden gate bridge is still in easy chair no delays across the bridge so far this morning that accident of the morning and the east bay ride for interstate 580 slowly the commute you're right here at 101 mid peninsula looks great with no delays.
5:19 am
>> reporter: one year since 13 year-old boy had died there the term to keep his memory alive can of were met--let and palms were read. >> reporter: the shooting they said was justified there's time
5:20 am
to get the city to turn a plot of land into a park and named after and the lopez. >> reporter: place are trapped in the recent movement of indiana man who may be a serial killer officers say he has confessed to killing seven women and has said he had more victims they found 90 euro by in
5:21 am
a hotel room. allied >> reporter: in these two people were arrested after water bottles were thrown he was an art the autopsy said he was shot at close range they're out boys in their anger over the out michael brown case.
5:22 am
>> reporter: a lot of factors have been coming in today take a look at the 70 men to breaking news at kron 4 that come with us a lot of families and babies in their giants gear. i it's not a good start for apple
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>> reporter: is to have a free
5:31 am
good idea are ready for the weather for baseball. friday is is a chance of showers and manley arrived after the game but it could be a speck or two in advance just be ready for it. we are looking at rain by the chances are both 50% on saturday's game >> reporter: force and some of
5:32 am
the morning the incident on the westbound 580. it started out as a solo bid accident shook the center divider that another car came along and hit it now is the left when the bloc is slowing the rise coming over from the 2 05 interchange. south bay freeway is doing pretty well you see with no problems
5:33 am
>> reporter: crews tried to clean up the contamination but they're still saying it may take several days that have an idea out with the damage control? >> reporter: at this point is a possibly from animal feces they got into a pipeline over the past week or two. the war companies said three people have reported getting sick stomach growled it for them to get treatment and seek medical treatment. dixie to flush out
5:34 am
pipes try to solve the problem is and exactly how many--have a call i got into the water. even the dead animal or animal feces that got into the water licet is full of dishes i haven't showered it's kind of a drag i don't know how safe it is to take a shower this is a because of hot water out have to believe them. they hope to lift the
5:35 am
restriction by tomorrow or saturday. >> reporter: there were popping willie's and doing stunts they did this with no regard to >> reporter: there or attempted
5:36 am
to sell writers to slow down. the officer at that point based on the amount of riders behind him in next to him it was an unsafe location in deciduous was becoming unsafe so decided to move at that point he was able to call it is a backup by the time that the ride to arbiters trailed by writers and silk ride
5:37 am
is better off at the next exit. >> reporter: he acted for really what keeping his safety in the safety of the public in mind. >> reporter: people in san jose are fed up with a woman who is roaring cats in their neighborhood will have details ahead.
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we are trapped in a hot spot here all westbound 580. designed times now hours 46 minutes as you had from the of what has to
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the dublin and to change. >> reporter: snowplow driver plans for the senate was denied that he was dropped on the runway. four people were killed when the plane the snowplow. we will talk about the chance of showers and an update today and d fomanyit'sbes stggleo ke youa1c wn. so imagine, what ither waa neclasof micinthat works diffentlto lowebloosuga
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>> reporter: with kelsey much of
5:45 am
yet in a way to 61 and the city wide spreads of fifties and low '60's in the east bay in mid '50s right now in san jose. times are there at the moment as for the wet weather that could come into play later on today. it is still was far north.
5:46 am
>> reporter: 76 over the map as the sea of the all will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. 69 in san francisco opera 60 to seven these and the bay. it should be fairly
5:47 am
widespread with the boat bay. >> reporter: bad time for has and it was about interstate 580 is not a bad accident what is has backed up the ride all which the 2 05 the drive times already 46 and is now the rest of the ride around the bay is not too bad the north a ride to moran looks we are and started to pick up a little slowing. leading allies have been activated that's why is already starting to slow on land to the
5:48 am
cemetery ridge must tell problem free was bound to go to get rid eye with the screen of the lazy and. >> reporter: agree star to a world series the giants fall last night. the game to
5:49 am
>> reporter: after a gunman killed a soldier and cab of set up and in the parliament building. >> reporter: there is a neighbor of theirs is a strike against the cash leave behind feces and make a bit less in their yard. there to the cats were the three cats come to define your the kilts world and there are messy
5:50 am
these individual is a legally allowed to on five panels would neighbors claim a lot these animals are strays the woman can feed is many strays as she lies as long as they are neutered the word on how authorities note of the cats are neutered >> reporter: checkout the video on wire this morning seeking keep up last night before of the theater he will step. the police
5:51 am
when not on sing what they viewed the video and are interested in following up with interesting video .. >> reporter: is a partial eclipse of the sun be very careful staring at the sun it could damage your eyes. between 3 and 330 is to get a partial eclipse expected to look like this with the moon passes between the sun and the earth.
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>> reporter: showers don't come to view until about midnight or so it's got to be a fairly fast moving on. that is what we are expecting and now. >> reporter: next friday is
5:57 am
halloween you need a last-minute cost some how about this dueled more suits. it cost a million dollars because those are real diamonds 70,000 diamonds is a skintight spandex covering covering the bodies with the jewels on the outside. coming up in the next hour the giants are tied up. the series, the synthesis of will tell you what the bureau for the game tomorrow
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>> reporter: to the live look outside and we are paying attention to the locked today the chances are pretty small


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