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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 30, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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victory celebration. >> reporter: to route the day fans like the mother and daughter have been stopping by to take photos of themselves in front of severance cisco city hall. >>: will public come early in the morning. >> reporter: already flags flying. >>: is a family of vince lots of kids and grandparents bringing kids people taking the day off from school no alcohol be respectful of police officers. would like us on have a good time in doing this to we should have to be worried about what's gonna happen. >> reporter: barricades on the sidewalk set up.
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>> reporter: and what would a parade be without flux the finishing touches are being put on. >> reporter: and back live now appeared 54 they're putting on the finishing touches on the floats built the rolling them out of here and to the staging area for tomorrow celebration. >> reporter: reporting live >>dan kerman kron 4 news. >> reporter: looking at tomorrow's parade route. >> reporter: the manager in the team will be gathering near broken darrow. >> reporter: in insets civic center plaza that's where the mayor and look at some of the leading states team stars will address the crowd. it
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>> reporter: more than 1 million people are expected even though we had where having rain. >> pam: hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to come in to san francisco. >> pam: every train will be on the rails tomorrow. >>: would then have extra police officers so that make everything save. if you have to drive just realizing too should leave very early and if you do not have a permit you cannot perc parked in a permanent spot or you will receive a ticket. >>: the lines for tickets tomorrow will be very long. starting at 4:00 a.m.. >> pam: bart is also
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extending service tilts to weigh him to take fans back home. >> pam: street closures begin tonight a bronze 7:00 in the evening around civics center plaza including streets adjacent to city halladjacent >> pam: parades' street closures start tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.. >> pam: minisub would trains will stop and irregulars intervals. >> pam: that at 6 melt up extra shuttles to their existing service. >> pam: giants championship gear is flying off the shelves. >> reporter: the dugout store is opening up earlier to open up at 8:00 in the
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morning and here is ready to go. >> reporter: the hottest team surge is now $32 and fans are already lining up for them. >> reporter: before look like black friday and people ran in. >> reporter: to renounce kim she purposely came to get the shirt to wear work. >>: three p and no red and ready for the parade and a win instead of taking my friends with me. >>: this is the best series i have ever witnessed i'm getting chills just thinking about it. >> reporter: what about your your all smiles as well what
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is your take about being here you could anywhere but here. >>: well and went to the store is like a hundred people waiting in is really great. >> reporter: the items are a wonderful but did not see. >>: and this one get some hats. >> pam: kron 4 is live coverage of the parade will continue after the morning news at 10:00 a.m. until the party ends at san francisco city hall. >> pam: did watch the players and the close as they make their way down market street and for the third time in five years. >> pam: will have that live on a web site at kron 4 doctor,. it >> pam: if you going to the
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parade tomorrow on the luck of the will be a wet one. >> reporter: the rain will roll three if you plan to get out early. >> reporter: looking right live from the bay bridge toll plaza now. >> reporter: the clouds are going to the bay area now. >> reporter: this is the main band of rain the redundancy overnight into tomorrow morning. >> reporter: tonight as we move into the evening a few light showers by head of the band of rain that will continue until midnight as we head into over the overnight hours 7:00 in the morning you secundus the heavier rain. >> reporter: with and it's
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time we get out on future cash and how it will affect the parade in a little bit. >> pam: the two brothers accused of a vicious attack at the niners games are back in court this morning. >> pam: the two were involved in an unprovoked attack on to innocent people that were just trying to use the rest room. >> pam: boldface multiple felony counts. >> pam: the man behind an online video where he's behind a motorcycle. >> pam: the men from brett wood shot the video and discharge with accessory after the fact in commission of us.
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>> pam: and then taunting all loan officer that was not able to stop them. >>: we have every reason to believe that the videographer is the one that was involved in the crime. >>: he's cutting off innocent traffic a complete disregard for public safety. >> pam: the police say that they're still willing to that video to identify other writers. >> pam: coming up the 515 police finally make an arrest in a road race incident. >> pam: the world looking at the party that got out of hand with the giants win kent. >> pam: some parents are
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afraid to send their children out on halloween. hey john, check it out.
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> reporter: >> reporter: tonight remember the stunning video from earlier. >> reporter: the big cat up there to slacken up their. >> reporter: amal
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was also seen their williams elementary school just a couple of blocks away to sidings and a glass to days. >> reporter: people attended a meeting about a mile line and sightings. >> reporter: parents are concerned there's only been 15 attacks on humans. >> reporter: >> pam: officer said hit by car. >> pam: no affirmation about the nurses union about ebola. ebolfemale announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds
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>> pam: a chp motorcycle officer is in the hospital with major injuries tonight after being hit by car this morning. the collision happened at the intersection of west macarthur boulevard
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and martin luther king jr. way in oakland. the chp says the officer was trying to catch up with the police chase went he was hit. authorities said a police officer did have his lights and sirens on at the time of the accident. >> pam: both the officer and the driver of the car were taken to the hospital. the driver suffered only minor injuries. >> pam: tonight of homicide suspect is in custody is building roads range shooting. >> reporter: and arrest has been made and the road rage shooting deaths. >> reporter: this is video of the sea with oakland resident was taken into custody wednesday just outside the city of sacramento and alcott roles. >> reporter: in addition to
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the arrest there was >>: >> reporter: the shooting accident happened about 12:30 p.m. of the was driving home from the grocery store with the husband and a 500 block of 98 avenue when the boy was allegedly drove alongside their black toyota camry and opened fire of the a was the in the passenger seat seat and fatally wounded. >> reporter: they're offering a $30,000 reward for all information leading to the rest of the shooter in this case. >> reporter: pearl of the note to work as a medical receptionist and she leaves behind her husband and four small children. >> reporter: as thick mud doomed kron 4 news >> pam: a sanford doctor is
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held up in his redwood city home and isolation. >> pam: he's home from after trading in all patients in liberia. >> pam: so far he has no symptoms. >> pam: he is talking to reporters from his home via sky it. >> pam: he said the best way to fight ebola is divided in africa. >>: my family was not a becoming home today we are made that decision. >>: understanding the and illness we know that we that there has to be a separation. it >> pam: while the doctor is to stay in his home his wife and daughter have moved to a hotel. >> pam: he is allowed to
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leave the home only if he is in the place where other people are not. >> pam: meantime 18,000 nurses will be going on strike november 12th. >> pam: they're calling the strike to demand tougher ebola safety regulations. >>: the kent spend money for has met suits on their noses that tells me that they are protecting their profits and not the nurses. >> pam: their season cities across the country will be holding safety actions in support of the striking nurses. >> pam: the first round of clinical trials for the bowl
5:20 pm
of vaccine is under way. it >> pam: volunteers are hoping that it will help them in the battle against ebola. >> pam: the testing will be done here in the nine states. >> pam: the governor of maine says the negotiations have failed with the nurse that was self corn team. >>: we're gonna use the legal proof the provisions to the fullest extent that allow allowed. >> pam: she tested negative for ebola but she was in africa treating people p. >> pam: she will not be confined by paulist titian's who ignored finance. >> pam: stay to for coverage about the ball was here and
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you could go to the website for further information. >> reporter: we think increasing clouds throughout the day were looking from the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: now looking from the bay bridge toll plaza you see mostly cowboys cloudy skies at this time. the rain is gonna be somebody around 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: will have morning raid friday at a taper off in the afternoon. >> reporter: a little bit of rain lingering into saturday morning and saturday afternoon and will be warmer and drier on sunday. >> reporter: one of the clouds until about 9:00. >> reporter: as you move into the midnight hour as a
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light rain. >> reporter: about 4 5:00 in the morning it will be spreading to the east bay peninsula. >> reporter: is gonna be some pretty heavy downpours. >> reporter: would tell the house on impact the giant parade and the tracker treaters peter. >> pam: how residents describe of law buffalo this destroying their town. and a san francisco woman is giving back to children this halloween. hey! welcome home! hey mom!
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>> reporter: the video here is molten hot is the sum of the flames here about 80 members of the alliance national guard is getting involved with the safety issues.
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>> reporter: saliva is inching closer to the community a polar. alliance officials say could reach homes in the next day or two. >> reporter: is started back in june when the killer whale. >> reporter: mostly conceded the direction in which is that it is headed. >> reporter: the destructive power is potential is growing is taking down power poles which will that communication. >> reporter: the utility company has now put powerful protectors and place. >> reporter: the lawbook and start since consume start
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devour and several homes. >> pam: the welcome for our world champions series giants next. a look at some rowdy fans surge following the game. bulldog: what's this?
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>> reporter: with breaking news just in to our news room. and obstruction on the track as they tried that had been to pittsburgh bay are experiencing delays because of an obstruction on the track. >> reporter: looks like it might be a palm tree and crews are working to get it off. >> reporter: we're dealing with major delays and we don't know how it came to be on the tracks and looks like it may have just fallen over from some sort of worksite. >> reporter: a major delay between pleasant hill in the pittsburgh pay point. >> reporter: hopefully not too much longer before sought the trap we're back to normal.
5:31 pm
>> pam:giants fans take to the streets to celebrate the world series win. most of partying was in good fun. >> pam:but in parts of san francisco.some rowdy fans did get a little out of control. san francisco police arrested 40 people during celebrations last night. >> pam:most of the arrests were for public drunkenness following the giants win over the kansas city royals. police chief greg suhr says officers were pelted with bottles as they tried to disperse crowds. >> pam:three officers were treated by bottles. >> pam:police said two people were shot and another person was stabbed in separate incidents.although it's not clear whether they were connected to the celebrations. >> pam:one of the hardest hit areas was the mission district. fans were out in force.some lit fires, others broke windows and hurled bottles at police. >> pam:today.residents and business owners were out
5:32 pm
cleaning up. >> pam: their reaction. this is thousand dollars >> reporter: this is thousand dollars worth of expense. >> reporter: the damage from the post world series win as extensive and hard braking for those people that live here. >>: will love our community and this is hard for us to say. now we have to fund raise the pay for all the damage that has been done. >> reporter: more tagging on the wall of this restaurant. some windows were broken by bottles on at this. >> reporter: we have to pay
5:33 pm
$2,300 to have a painter repaid. >> reporter: that they get off easier this time because of the way people police handle the crowd. >>: i think they were better organized and i think they predicted very well what was gonna happen and they did the best they could. >> reporter: he says he's proud of the when officers responded. >> reporter: though he said was a lot of jerks out there wednesday night but the majority of them were celebrating the win in the right way. >> reporter: >> pam:a viewer sent us this
5:34 pm
video of fans setting fires on francisco. you can see all the broken glass and garbage right in the middle of the street. >> pam:some people even stopped to take pictures of the flames. >> pam:others got right into the and put the fire out. >> pam: celebrations that got out of control. >> pam:san francisco wasn't the only city celebrating the giants win. check out these fans up in sacramento. >> pam: our champions the giant to arrive in san francisco brightener early this morning. >> reporter: is the celebration of the giants friends hope for. >>: completely nerve wracking i was screaming and crying.
5:35 pm
>>: three * baby three times >> reporter: >>: and just excited for the team >> reporter: team buses dropped out this giants this morning. >> reporter: giant's ceo marched into a sea of orange and black. it's equally wonderful but there's something special happening in the clubhouse. >> reporter: maybe not next
5:36 pm
year will do it all over again. >> reporter: a lot of fans wanted to interact and chat with the players but the retired and a stroke, that's what we're gonna have the parade tomorrow. >> pam: kron 4 is live coverage of the parade will continue tomorrow morning until the party in the city hall and will be commercial freight. >> pam: as they wait there may down market street for the third time in five years if you can't watch a live on air were streaming get on the web site. >> reporter: if you're planning on having up there definitely bring your umbrellas. >> reporter: the good be lining up as early as 6:00
5:37 pm
in the morning as when the rains will be coming through. >> reporter: by 10:00 the brain should be tapering off. >> reporter: by noon some of seaway which hours. >> reporter: will talk more about the range with the future cast. >> pam: former oakland a's slugger jose canseco is speaking out after accidentally shooting off one of his fingers. it happened tuesday and cite his love vegas home. police said canseco was cleaning is done when it fired taking off his middle finger of his left hand. canseco's of the hospital recovering at his house. and in an interview with inside edition canseco said he was glad he was the only one hurt.
5:38 pm
>>: and traumatized by it. >> pam: heatwave it this photograph of his bandaged hand and he's glad that he wasn't seriously hurt. >> pam: coming up with 545 starbucks new dress code is not sitting well. >> pam: wendy williams under fire a out, it is for reality star bruce jenner. female announcer: right now, at sleep train
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>> pam: apple ceo kent cooke is says he's proud to be gay. he says that he has never denied his sexuality. >> pam: he said being gay is one of the best guess they got has given him.
5:42 pm
>> pam: his desire for prided privacy was holding him back from doing things for others. >> pam: wendy williams has ignited a firestorm about bruce jenner's appearance on her show. >> reporter: will know that when the never goes anything that but this time she might cut too deepcut nobody's running up there to say cut stop because life. >> reporter: just five days after sitting down with the insider she is triggered backlash for her hot topic analysis a bruce jenner's polish new look. >>: he's on his way to being a woman with the polish new look.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: glad fired back to say " that the nail polish or hairstyle this not define gender and gender identity. >> reporter: bruce covered his covered his nails. and has not commented on his gender identity. >> reporter: answers someone that prevents a gender online controversy. . >> reporter: we are waiting the arrival of the rain we see in the clouds throughout
5:44 pm
the day. >> reporter: were timing and on future cast were looking at halloween and the parade. what's possible today?
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bringing media and technology together for you. >> pam: a company spokesman says that the change is based on drive. >> pam: expressed some workers are signing an on- line petition against starbucks. >> reporter: rain is just a few short hours away. it's
5:48 pm
got a pretty much momentum over the overnight hours. >> reporter: will generally be up to three-quarters of an inch of rain. >> reporter: in the afternoon thunderstorms are possibility even some small hail. >> reporter: receive increasing clouds a new band of rain offshore. >> reporter: that is debate and that indicates instability. >> reporter: piquancy rate approaching ahead of the front. >> reporter: about 4:00 in the morning the rank which pushes then. >> reporter: the coast line by seven and a bit the
5:49 pm
peninsula. >> reporter: dobie's some heavier downpours. as we head toward the later hours of the morning if you're in san francisco you get wet early but it should dry out as the parade starts. >> reporter: a few lingering sell us down towards the east bay. >> reporter: we do have a chance of thunderstorms. >> reporter: to be of the sea that on future cast. as we head and took early saturday morning will see a few wayward showers. >> reporter: the parade starts in the early of earlier that afternoon there should be some sprinkles. >> reporter: for the trick
5:50 pm
or treaters and should be a little bit trying. >> reporter: were expecting snow out of this system. >> reporter: the bill makes of rain and snow as we head into friday evening and that will head into saturday morning. >> reporter: were gonna pick up quite a bit of snow bill be a winter storm warningstorm >> reporter: we might have the least a foot of snow. >> reporter: here's a look at the extended forecast rain and wince. >> reporter: 1 have drier conditions saturday and
5:51 pm
sunday and all of next week. >> pam: after the break a local woman is trying to make a difference with halloween. making coffee?
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brew for one, brew for all. >> pam: a san francisco woman is on a mission to put smiles on faces. >> pam: she showing us the costa on the issues making by hand for children in the neighborhood. >>: i love it against me so much pleasure. >> reporter: year after year in vinyl here takes time to make children's costumes in her neighborhood. >> reporter: she's made their custom since they were babies all from scratch that chose to be a strawberry and a jack of lantern.
5:55 pm
>>: stays a love these amazing costumes. >>: i like my sister and her strawberry costume because she does look so cute when she makes the space. >> reporter: is not only about the fun that they have played tressed dress up but it also teaches them arts and crafts and a little sewing. tabby she brings the neighborhood together she's a very special lady bills and amazing community and neighborhood. >>: it takes a village to raise a child this is my belief. >> reporter: suit wants them to learn from each other.
5:56 pm
>> pam: of your told us about this story and if you have a story you can visit our web site at kron 4 dot com and look under my kron 4 story tab and cynosure idea as well. >> pam: a bottle burglar is shot by the police coming up. >> pam: wal-mart getting ready for the holidays with the price guarantee the plan on targeting all lined sales of other competitors. of other combulldog:. the veterans day sale is ending soon! get four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397.
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a bay area doctor is talking about this time in africa. >>: i am very confident in the cdc's recommendation that and on the personal level i really need my neighbors and my community in this area to understand is ae foremost is of the foremost importance. >> doctor: but talk to us this morning he just returned to the bay area friday from treating patients in liberia.
6:00 pm
>> pam: has no symptoms but he is isolating himself and his home for 21 days. >> pam: he is still working hard to get doctors and nurses to fight the bowl with the virus hit the hardest. >>: with lots of advising and sharing the experience i think that i have a continued responsibility to pull practiced practitioners helping them to making it easy for them to respond. >> pam: doctor boxes hold up in his home alone his family and the dog have moved to a hotel for the rest of the isolation. >> pam: negotiations with the nurse in maine negotiations have broken down. >> pam: she left her house
6:01 pm
this morning for a bike ride with her boyfriend and the governor of the state is trying to get a court order to keeper at home against her will. >> pam: meantimes researchers in switzerland are beginning human trials for a bowl of vaccine. they hope that have >> pam: the results early in december. >> pam: they will be test testing on thousands of people and and africa in as soon as january. >> pam: kron 4 has more information and get information online as well as some the air. >> pam: we put out updates on face book and sweater. it >> pam: 11 update to on the
6:02 pm
developing story in the east bay. barge service on the pittsburgh a point of nepal tree falling on the tracks. >> pam: their rerouting other trains the other tracks the trains are 50 to 20 minutes behind schedule. >> pam: the city of san francisco plans to celebrate the world series champs in style they're hanging fret flags and declaring the san francisco giants the world champs assault the city hall is all lit up in orange. crews just put up barricades. and is starting to putting together grants their stand. >> reporter: what would a parade be without a parade float is this one
6:03 pm
celebrates the pack of the panda. >> reporter: we have but two or of some of the other floor slopes the two will see in tomorrow's parade we got the ball stopped believing float we've got the home run slope. this would appear as the baseball diamond on the back and is celebrating all the years in the past that they won. >>: we have the jury giants which is one of our favorites. tabby weave at this city float the city's gay and the gigantic as low as the day of the debt float for the giants. >> reporter: backlighted pier 54 they're doing a
6:04 pm
little work on the pan afloat but it will be ready tomorrow. >> reporter: a few inner- city slums as well as the giants make sure you get there long before 12 note to get a good spot on the parade route. >> reporter: some people have to scramble to get ready for all-out world championship parade but not the giants. >> reporter: the prep and the same route that will in the civic center plaza with a million people expected in attendance. >> reporter: the parade starts heading west along market street it will leave here than maternal mcallister and end at civic center plaza sometime early afternoon. >> reporter: people should really be preparing for traffic is really gonna be a
6:05 pm
mess. >> reporter: were encouraging people to take public transit but that'll be packed as well. >> reporter: 10 in the morning the party and our coverage will end in afternoon at city hall. >> reporter: you watch the players and the floats and they will make their way down market way market street third time in five years. >> reporter: did check our mobile apps with rain in the forecast shows a good options. >> reporter: were stingray and during the prep time up until the parade. >> reporter: people are heading out as early as 5 and 6:00 in the morning and that's exactly when the rain will start. >> reporter: will start
6:06 pm
seeing drier conditions around 11:00. >> reporter: is all from this storm system this sitting offshore. >> reporter: here's the main band of rain as it goes through in the loop to the morning hours and be a few spotty showers behind it. >> reporter: about 9915 spotty showers. >> reporter: about-face 5:00 in the morning the main dan will start to push his way through. >> reporter: will see some heavier sells the yellow self downpours. >> pam: also coming up caught on camera taunting
6:07 pm
police on wheels. >> pam: latest what set people out in the st. in oakland. >> pam: looking at the law of the strike threat and destroying and hawaii. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization.
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>> pam:police are looking for this san francisco man.who's been missing since this afternoon. 21-year-old joseph han has
6:10 pm
down syndrome.and was separated from his caretaker.on a muni bus in the city's mission terrace neighborhood. >> pam:police say his caretaker got off the bus.but he did not. han is considered a "dependant" adult. >> pam: himself. >> pam:people working in downtown oakland got an unexpected break outside this afternoon.because the strong smell of gas was reported. officials evacuated city hall.the federal building.and sent students home early from all oakland city schools as a precaution. >> pam:but as of right now.p-g-and-e has not determined the cause of that gas smell. >> pam:the latest on a police shooting in the east bay coming up on the kron 4 news at six. >> pam:plus - an arrest in the road rage shooting that ended an oakland mother's life. how far away from the bay area police had to go to get their man.
6:11 pm
bulldog: what's this?
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>> pam:one person is dead.another recovering after being rescued from the rocks near lands end in san
6:14 pm
francisco. the call went out just afternoon.about a man and a woman stranded on rocks over a cliff in the area of el camino del mar and 32nd avenue. >> pam:fire department rescue swimmers and boats responded. but were unable to save the woman. >> pam:one man is in the hospital tonight following an officer involved shooting in the city of richmond. >> pam:according to the richmond police department, just after noon thursday, 2 detectives spotted a man allegedly trying to burglarize a vehicle in this parking lot. the detectives confronted the man and he tried to flee the scene. during the confrontation, one of the detectives felt that his partner was in danger and fired at the suspect, injuring him. >> pam:the detectives were unharmed and the suspect drove away from the parking lot and crashed his car a short time later here along jacuzzi street in nearby albany. officers arrested him on scene and he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. investigators are also searching a large area looking for any evidence that the suspect may have
6:15 pm
discarded. >>:the suspect in the this case is described as a 19- year-old white male and the detectives involved in the shooting are being questioned. >> pam:a c-h-p officer is in the hospital with major injuries tonight.after he was hit by a car during a police chase in oakland. the officer was on a motorcycle around 10 this morning. >> reporter: this is that the adl the man who shot it has now been identified as a 32 year-old brentwood
6:16 pm
resident a professional stunt driver. police announced his arrest thursday morning. >>: he was charged with committing after arafat up after the fact commission of a crime after the fact. >> reporter: officer can be seen and the video as these being taunted by others. >> reporter: instant they think it was safety in numbers and would not get caught pillar. >> reporter: eventually the loan officer of concern for safety of himself and other made a tactical decision to break away from the drivers. >> reporter: them videos
6:17 pm
will be used against him. >> reporter: we show him taunting the officer and refusing to pullover on doing wills to cut off traffic. >> reporter: complete disregard for the public safety. they're still going to the video frame by frame to find more suspects that are potential. >> pam: and arrests tonight in the road wage killing of a mother of four. >> pam: pearl of the new was killed in the shooting after confrontation on oakland. >> pam: this started getting tips from the public that
6:18 pm
help track the suspect down. >> pam: another court appearance for the two men charged in a fist fight and lee by stadium. >> pam: of surge level rest room what many had severe head injuries. >> pam: the two were attacked as they waited in line for an available restroom stall. >> pam: two brothers charged in the assault interpleading this morning. >> pam: prosecutors characterized the incident as of this is a unprovoked attack on to people that would just try to use the restroom. >> pam: they face multiple felony counts and that if formal plea will be on january 20th. it >> pam: is molten hide and
6:19 pm
is just yards away from anything in its path. >> pam: the hawaiian national guard is sending in road closures and evacuating residents from the community all local high school is breen threatened by the lavathe >> pam: instead of pat hickey engineering students are trying to come up with a device to control the lava. the power poles and burn it up. >> pam: the local utility company has used the students' idea and is so far is working. >> pam: but unfortunately there's no way to stop the flow of the law but towards the town. >> reporter: were waiting
6:20 pm
the arrival of the rain will see a few showers overnight. >> reporter: massive lead the bay area by the early afternoon. >> reporter: looking at generally about three- quarters of an edge of rain. >> reporter: as we had in the later afternoon hours this body of toward the clothesline. >> reporter: a stick a look of satellite and radar pictures of the main band of rain is sitting right offshore. >> reporter: conceive despite the clouds right behind the rain band. >> reporter: here's a look in future cast a few light showers ahead of the main front. it >> reporter: then into the early morning hours here
6:21 pm
comes the main event in a move to the north bay and is 6:00 our 7:00 in san francisco and east bay and then it will be moving pretty quickly. >> reporter: at 8:00 is still virtually in the same spot but with heavier downpours. >> reporter: 50 dow the south bay and livermore valley. >> reporter: the parade starts at noon your umbrellas and you need earlies early >> reporter: the 7:00 hours starting to die down and looked like things will be in the clear. >> reporter: and piquancy to the evening hours and thunderstorms will be more likely towards the coast.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: the rain will taper off saturday. >> reporter: when the mid to upper 60s and the alan. >> reporter: 64 in hayward >> reporter: again for the trip to treating forecast there's a chance of thunderstorms lingering through the evening. >> reporter: we are gonna be seeing snow a winter storm warning above 7000 state. >> reporter: as a one in done deal late friday early set surge early sunday. >> pam: wal-mart is already
6:23 pm
matching prices with its competitor down the street. and if you're going to the big parade tomorrow for the san francisco giants sixth big when book telling how to get there as nexus 6there ♪
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
>> pam: watch out amazon wal-mart may take some of the retailer. executives at wal-mart was the rev up sluggish sales with the likes of amazon competing with amazon. >> pam: federal regulators are suing a well-known baby food formula company. >> pam: the claim by the berbers of good start fifth
6:27 pm
is not true. >> pam: but what sec wants gerber to pull that claimed and that label from their eds. >> pam: mortensen one san francisco neighborhoods as the destruction has to stop because of the wind of the giants. >> reporter: until you win the rain will arrive and how will flex that children
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: on thursday afternoon some two men were shot in the parking lot. >> reporter: and fired shots at the sub suspect wounding a man a crashed the car and
6:31 pm
he was taken to the hospital later and critical condition and the detectives are being questioned kent. >> reporter: chp has an announced an arrest was the recent motorcycles stopped on the freeway. >> reporter: a professional stunt driver as bennett accused of felony innovation. >> reporter: he put up video on u2 of him doing spot for and evading police. >> reporter: more rest are likely. >> reporter: here on the campus of uc berkeley people are gonna let bill are due the commencement speakers here despite a petition dan
6:32 pm
have somebody else to do that speech. it >> reporter: school officials are moving ahead with that decision. >> reporter: the students have mixed emotions summer ok with them and some say is not a good idea. >> reporter: reporting on the campus of uc-berkeley. >> reporter: and san francisco and the mission with district deal with the cleanup after last night unruly dinettes celebration. >> reporter: people are wiping off and covering over graffiti that's been painted on several built buildings >> reporter: this will calls for thousands of dollars to clean their stores up and they're very angry about it >> reporter: those that i spoke to say that there doesn't appear to be as much
6:33 pm
damage as it was in previous years and give the police credit for that >> reporter: the giants fans are celebrating the third world series in the last five years. >> reporter: when the team arrived around 445 people were cheering and waved signs. >> reporter: after three titles and 5¢ years. >> reporter: everybody speaking about the giants and the parade friday. >> reporter: and cannot be at the parade without walking your new giants year. >> reporter: so many people were at the store before it opened so that they could buy their championship year. >> reporter: a lot of people
6:34 pm
say that it is important for them to go to work with their gear and the threat parade tomorrow >> reporter: final prep preparations are now being made for the float. >> reporter: this is celebrating the panel made that final out in the world series p. >> reporter: you would want to get there a lot earlier >> reporter: >> pam: if you are have going to the giants operate tomorrow bart is expect to expand. >>: would have extra police officers to make sure everything is safe if you have to commute take a bus walk again dropped off but
6:35 pm
if you are gonna drive his realized allots syllabary early if you park in the wrong spot you will get a ticket. >> reporter: >>: don't wait till tomorrow to cut the line to get a ticket will be very long. >> pam: bart is also expanding its service and extending until 2:00 in the morning to take stands back home. >> pam: golden gate will be running five continuous varies between seven and 1130 below and gold service. >> pam: the ferries will not be sticking to their usual scare kids of schedules is based on need to carry it >> pam: parking is limited
6:36 pm
as the ferries said the parking is limited. >> reporter: fans or all hyped up over the championship. a lot of people have been sending end pictures of fans in all ages rocking their giants where. >> reporter: another family have their place all decked out for the giants and halloween. >> reporter: we had to a close this face look at that jersey and we want a secure celebrating the giant world series with the latest. >> reporter: we are waiting the rain that is expected to
6:37 pm
move in tomorrow morning we will get a few light showers before the main event over than in the overnight hours. >> reporter: and 5:00 morning and to the north bay area by seven. >> reporter: moderate rainfall we could see some pretty good downpours. >> reporter: down in the east bay in the south bay by 10. >> reporter: we could sip your wayward showers and in the afternoon drier conditions. >> reporter: we do have a possibility of thunderstorms along the coastline. >> reporter: about 567 depending on where you live of the trip a tree is and should be ok.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: and the saturday morning the rain is the low leaguer. >> pam: of sake and seiko cries in front of the camera as he talks about shooting off his finger. >> reporter: a popular social network is about to change how they do things a lot of people are not alike it. bulldog: the veterans day sale is ending soon!
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>> pam: a woman in mill valley will up this morning to find a strange manner that bedroom. >> pam: to call the police about 350 this morning and they found some write down the street from her home. >> pam: they charged with
6:42 pm
burglary and decent exposure and try to commit rape. >> reporter: >> pam: neighbors alerted sfax police to suspicious activity. >> pam: still ahead tonight gary has allot more on the giants' triumphant return home. gary has all his as his report and all the sports next hey! welcome home! hey mom!
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
ikea kitchens. >> gary: there it is outside of malmo switches across the street from the 80 teapot as the giants won their third world series in the last five years. the giants
6:46 pm
return home early this morning around 5:00 a.m. the parting kansas city. they made the trek across the country bears came caring the trophy. >> gary: the rest of the players were tired and had become. >>: this group was really felt that they earned it the defied a lot of hot. the playoffs including the pittsburgh theories. >>: is equally wonderful but every time >>: to a third time is special. >> gary: with the good guy
6:47 pm
to a month living with his wife. the polls the pictures to. jeremy got out of the summer. and defense of the players and party all night you want to go home. >> gary: a proud to announce the parade and they're having and rumblings. >> gary: there have been rumblings here but we don't know it is good on a team tv operate. >> gary: our bosses a one- two on the parade so being you so. >> gary: normally we work together but mombasa's want
6:48 pm
me on parade. >> gary: kent thought we were a team with the walking dead getting all the cut ends together. >> gary: i will be mr. for raid on the radio and on the tv. there in our office rumblings about carry on the parade but i will be on radio and tv tomorrow. for the next 24 hours a would like to be addressed as mr. parade. >> gary: i had to do when the boss calls i had to do it i can't think about you. >> gary: the parade as guards when mr. parade gets
6:49 pm
there and new time. >> gary: asset when amtrak into a corner is not about us is about me carry it >> gary: whenever you do to me do it. you have to be tough >> gary: every other big question i talked about it all morning long dynasty is in the eyes of the beholder. the newspapers will throw out something. and this is what you have asked you won three championships in five years that mean to have more the one good starting pitcher and have a dynasty. >> gary: 51 argue the facts about a dynasty but the oakland a's back in the '70s reds worst starting
6:50 pm
pitchers were so so. >> gary: guys were calling me go mess now is living in sacramento. >> gary: and other words the giants a going every other year. >> gary: if you win four out of six in back-to-back that you are a dynasty. >> gary: he was knocked out in the second inning with this is his first world series title in 16 save seasons it will hear from him wearing the ring and introduced in the parade tomorrow by mr. parade. >>: the society picture than
6:51 pm
your mind? these guys are amazing. esol been doing all year. >> gary: the ndp baumgartner wasn't even close. >> gary: in the third break of the living dead have and the third break of the living dead last night we interrupted the walking dead. >> gary: we rhodora not cut dan submit one back-and- forth about baumgartner. but he had to carry and years we got for his efforts. >>: we've also been proud of
6:52 pm
the latest and greatest technology and our lineup and a truck lineup the seven tall. >>: >> gary: you know why this guy was so emotional wreck while he's a lifelong royals fans and the now works for the chevrolet and he was allowed set. >> gary: baumgartner gets the truck at here right now from chevrolet. >> gary: their new slogan will be we have new technology and stuff. >> gary: as much as i tease about the living dead and we had a good time. >> pam: massive parade thank you coming up jose canseco
6:53 pm
will be talking about how he shot himself. the tilt to the break
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> pam:that's former oakland a's player jose canseco crying during an interview with inside edition. canseco gave details about san francisco wasn't the giants win. >> pam: he said he was cleaning his gun when it happened and he is now recovering at his home after a stick into the hospital. >> pam: the parade is tomorrow and there is a concern about the weather. >> reporter: it looks like when the parade starts we will have drier conditions
6:57 pm
but the rain will return in the afternoon. ♪
6:58 pm
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. what's going on with bruce jenner? >> he at least waited for his kids to grow up so he doesn't have to go to pta meeting with a shaved adam's apple and blowout. >> that's really harsh, wendy. >> the talk show queen is under fire for attacking bruce. >> when they say here's wendy, nobody is running out there to say stop, cut. >> and our lloyd boston is front row at amfar's wild black red carpet. >> honoring tom ford, everyone from miley to gwyneth. >> incredible. >> and "mom" star anna farris is what's trending. >> and kim is weighing in on kylie's lipstick. >> it looks amazing. >> so good. >> and we're going behind the
7:00 pm
screen to investigate the big business of having an affair. >> we'll have half a million dollars a year. >> we go inside the site that's fueling hollywood's obsession with adultery. >> no, you did not. >> careful, adam, it's time to go inside. >> don't want to go there. >> hit it, hit it. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> the a-list and the big "a." it used to stand for a shameful scarlet letter branded on one's chest, but is hollywood making adultery more acceptable? we're going inside the business of cheating. hey, everybody. i'm thea andrews. >> and i'm louis aguirre. first, we're inside another conflict as daytime tv's queen of controversy ignites a firestorm with her comments on bruce jenner's appearance. this time, wendy williams' cutting edge style may have cut too deep. >> when they say here's wendy. >> here's wendy. >> nobody is running out there to say cut, stop, because it's live. so it's really just me out there. and i'm like here i go. >> just five days after sitting down with the "insider," wendy


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