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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 31, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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one or more in some world champion san francisco giants celebrated in the city today. and full itinerary of the world series parade. >> : and recognition san francisco for no review of rain on the way he tells of forecast coming up >> : happy friday such a big day today >> : the parade 64 today and find out what the weather's gonna be like we do have a storm also coming to make it in the bay area this morning >> : a sickle red star trek for dry conditions for now on this wister still well offshore. we take a wider view on the upset later.
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canada's most born in california dealing with grain quite and stirred up the bay a just yet >> : thomas's friend of the most part in the fifties will see lots of 6 is a clear conditions no '70s and the forecastle and 6765 degrees and and yet and 64 for half moon bay. at big story rain coming our way to look your feature test shows not much into the 6:00 hour and remember yesterday looking at to nothing remodels. the rain pre early in the 67 morning >> : the other 100 occur rounds 10 or 11 in the morning >> : to put it this one most recent molly lotus rain for the most part going and the six cargo realigned by 9:00 still not much and there's a very good possibility he will be dry for morning commute to work >> : as a ticket to o'clock it looks like heavy rain over the entire state of san francisco keep in mind it's the timing of the giants' victory parade we see rain
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along was adults the mid peninsula coastline. and we continue to see the showers for most of the afternoon. and then on shower activity will taper off into the evening >> : continue with the pot showers as we've had in the early saturday morning >> : rainmaker earlier this afternoon >> : bring your tumbrel pancho all but try and steer to the victory parade >> : talking about periods of rain in breezy conditions unsettled weather to early tomorrow morning. and then pass the lots of sunshine dry conditions warmer temperatures throughout next week >> : details coming up in a moment. and now it's got to traffic in the bay area no hot spots right now. the applause of the meter lights are off >> : track time to call the 13 minutes >> : at the golden gate bridge and then at the richmond center old bridge no incidents to report. quiet conditions on the westbound drivers
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>> : crews are working at a to get so excited flaw is already forcing a us just a countdown to a celebration. >> : war on the celebration >> : the other daughter cannot wait can now with a four >> : is set out in orange large monitors in place no fence will make it to the this celebration >> : what all good spots here. now say they do not want miss the flow is as players and coaches. >> : before being set up a head of the parade >> : when city employee sees something for the plaza who works nearby says shall have a prime spot for a parade >> : of silly watching the parade of best and see from the san francisco main
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library. the for the best use in the city. we gonna get some work done to end server patrons noontime at the current laws on market street heading down west market street turning mcalester and of course at the civic center plaza. mayor ed lee addressed the kron year's best. a hearing more than a million people expected to attend off the crowded. public transportation of course is the best way to get to the parade. but the trigger more people across the country and will have the extra capacity than the more riders during the morning commute hours and several
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yachts and off market's streak can slow motion street. are expanding service to of those attending the parade every train at the bar can put into service will be on the rails today >> : bass need to ensure we're gonna see why the 4:00 a.m.. >> : also spending service until 2:00 a.m. and to extend back home all day all evening to go to the city >> : are now trained expecting record writers >> : you can catch live coverage of the parade after the morning news not attend this morning till the party ends at city hall we will be commercial free for the official ceremony >> : the islamic weather weighed on market street for the third time in five years >> :
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assuming they'll manslaughter website kron4- dot-com and mobile app >> : are five trends championship dear fly off the shelves. in san mateo and other jazz of the cisco will open in early get their hands on the new town. a one you be careful what a transfer out their counterfeit talking fake jet skier. all seized 0658 began see a real slim look >> : persian justin from vendors try to sell this stuff for an at&t corp. and >> : intel for aram's resting quality on some shirts look carefully >> :
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still come a man shot by police crushes his car trying to and to detectives had to take quick action to stop a suspect >> : again most-wanted captured tell your police found >> :
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female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ on the part police need help finding tyumen in sexual assault happened before 1:00 yesterday in the 100 block of a casino royale. and taking up the trash the done
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stirred the river to the ground and tried to take off her clothes in mind the woman screamed and the man ran away. a charming about hundred 30 lbs. the earlier this month barred police believe the house what all hundred jones shot major award involving a small amount of marijuana and killed sitting in his car october 6th >> : police have arrested the man for driving recklessly as south bay freeway. tickets video posted online showing a group of 50 motorcycle riders
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interstate 680 and shot this video earlier this month. this is this the man allegedly going through the small parking lot. kron 4 charles clifford with the detectives and what had to do to detain suspects >> : to detectives had the shopping mall britain car window and the parking lot >> : to car and jumped and when detective went to the driver's side and the as the car took off with all part and was in danger >> : and fired at the suspects in a car and the suspect >> : either detective was injured
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in a suspect described a 19 year-old white male. fled the scene in the car >> : and at a short distance away on the kersey street by an albany officers arrive shortly thereafter >> : on him in critical condition and taken to hospital >> : following the arrest investigators such a large area believing the suspect they've discarded evidence >> : also says the two officers involved in the shooting are being questioned >> : happy friday leveller centered we gillis, like one stroke short close to the center of the details on awesome your halloween giants victory parade forecast one returned on
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i to talk about for today morning plans evening plans >> : you have a lot plans for
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today in the kits have halloween parades we have the giants' victory parade and of course tracker trading later on with starting to see showers west of santa rosa right now this continues to go southward into the rest of the morning of the bulk of the moisture will rise into the early afternoon >> : bad is if you're heading to the giants parade number to assure coverage right here satellite radar were dealing with a cloud cover right now heading in the 6:00 hour this are to see if you showers fairfield vallejo cinephile was present on the golden gate bridge. approaching 9:00 marine along the coastlines impossibility wont see moisture for morning commute and as we advance across told o'clock. check this out heaviest rain expected by lunchtime and that time of the giants
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parade. all sentences go under the yellow indicating heavy rain and down toward san bruno. we continued to see showers developed for the rest of the afternoon and evening. you could drive breakwater those heading of the trigger trading so the system all said and done it could see anywhere between a quarter of an inch to three- quarters of an inch of rain and a little more percent cruz mountains behind they're talking about it and stability. but some are a possibility on a clothesline to one deconditions possibly a hail of along the coastline >> : and then focusing on but howling weekend most showers will arrive before the afternoon hours and we will catch breaks as we head into this check retreat hour and five at this late evening >> : sunday on the day forecast showers officially out in early saturday morning has that quite calm of the sunshine warmer
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temperatures into next week a month more details coming up in a moment. and not with any hot spots approach to the bay bridge the meeting will start off >> : some retail bridge did check the chp to have an instance to report your >> : golden gate bridge drive time about 25 minutes out of nevada and the city >> : and live look at the center fell bridge right conditions as a matter of your desk a customer >> : not checking any slow spots of the dublin interchange no incidents on the south bay. saucing ran on the >> : 417 this morning cup killer behind bars after being on the run for seven weeks >> : hence of the towns have canceled all of a lean and fear. >> : but notre retreating because he's behind bars >> : also served poetic justice >> :
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this man had a mission to kill after evading capture 48 days cusack custody at the place police said all began >> : investigators say he ambushed to state police officers killed in cold brian dickson self- proclaimed survivalist then fled and a pennsylvania bonds police say he new wealth >> : in got close woods very concerned he would kill police and people bullet thousand awards aren't part sleep >> : worrying about president at >> : this mutt him that is less and less abandoned airport 40 mi. away for more corbeil dixon died >> : is handcuffed place 6¢
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patrol car as he arrived to sell people held science and smiled. 48 days living in fear released >> : the is expected to make his first appearance in court a plan to unseat the death penalty >> : stanford dr. consign to redwood city home in isolation >> : have returned home for liberia after shooting able patients stanford hospital doctor does not have any sense is of the disease >> : if following health department follow protocol sing away from people for 21 days he is under orders from his home this guide and, more americans to join a front-line battle in the crisis >> : continued responsibility try
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and hold the red addition to helping them to a possible to respond to the line got a bullet to come to the u.s. according california will happen at roy at the hartebeest sort of speak >> : nurses 66) and the apostles of bay area across the country are publicity precautions planning to hold tuesday's strike next month to make a point >> : of the bullpen page dedicated to this story on kron 4 kron4-dot-com and mobile app also updates facebook twitter >> : of a mare been sued car crash back in june >> : where ball's this suing for unspecified damages. says the that she was injured in that accident and corn allow
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herself but when those cars collided unless daresay unable to tell of the mayor was on the for not >> : she is missing 14 other canada to the race for oakland mayor >> : oakland mother of four. a good 20 year-old carl blows his horn said the sacramento. he is responsible for shooting killing late saturday night on a conversation >> : in this year's and the story got out and the media >> : and insert it into a small public, security footage cut this big cat climbing on top of a car here and lied on ridge drive allman valley section san jose couple days later we ought also sought their the elementary school two dozen people recently attended a community meeting south on lines and past 29
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years only 15¢ of the more federal lands for 21 to mail on the kron for more news fighting at cal over bill marr. the plan commencement speaker settle the talks will lead to a statement about the events and had since upset well talk about that >> : level outside respond a camera here at the bay bridge toll plaza truck will be on the surfaces residency >> : residency >> : bulldog: what's this? mattress discounters veterans day sale ending? but mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! comforpedic... icomfort... posturepedic hybrid... and wow! four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection!
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or 24 the time carsick out commentator speaking at a graduation some students petitioning have replaced because the school but the school is defending its choice scott writes explains >> : is a little exposed afraid to speak out topics controversial >> : his religious views
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offensive to some despite this talk show host will give this year's commencement speech i uc- berkeley lead but we say it's not a good idea >> : but the school is running trains once the purpose of the entire bring class i think about is graduating this year when comfortable at a lesser mortal >> : other students welcome him. it's really exciting ways to be it the speaker is a funny guy to produce a great job instance announced tuesday night this in a group of owners the california's to withdraw the invitation originally sent this after more than 4000 other soon sign a petition asking of the comedian activist be replaced it lent however uc- berkeley administrators say they will not honor that allowing more to speak knee-
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length for davenport brothers because of a be >> : also saying that they cannot will not accept the vote because they believe boat is based on his opinions police of which he conveyed to protected speech and swanson a very clear this decision should not be taken as endorsement of mars used >> : this universe you listen to the students shows flop for much of a liberal school of people like to think we are >> : gearing up for world series parade today >> : everything you need to know forecast coming up were elected on for you >> :
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coming up for 30 happening today hours away from the start of the giants' victory parade a million fans expected to line the streets at mcalester cheer the world series championship giants workers busy making sure civics are plaza right for the seventies as well some video from the area's city hall but dull and orange single all week >> : looked or monitored for resource so don't miss out on a celebration >> : such as vacancies from the san francisco main library. that is what the best use in the city >> : did a one miss any of the
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cars pulled chancellor's their kids of course placed in traffic implication very evident to navigate differences go and time scheduled to start. the begin justin herman plaza their with the ferry building down market street turning on mcalester and ending at the civic center plaza where the mail will be. be there onstage with a lot of the team's stars and a slick road rain or shine this it will happen >> : . the stand shoulder to shoulder >> : it will rain's the warding reindeer. and you will have great transportation closure today is our last night at around the area and said jason c. hall >> : they will reap route buses and the prince street closures to begin this morning o'clock including
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market street between stewart first 10th street >> : subway trains all stop and reverse stations for the celebration parade a 78 at 6 metro shuttles to the missing service for full list with kron4-dot-com >> : as you can't imagine very congested and i'm not a san francisco today chechen officials urging fans to take public transportation or on the coverage of goethe were: live at the embarcadero bart station >> : the feeling the weight ago hundreds of thousands of fans expected it second sentence is going around and early this morning a few fan line market street san senate was up. after 3:00 this morning handful of fans lined up but civic center plaza watter make sure the get the front row they learned their lesson back in
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2010 parade the what the best offer the credit come early at 1:00 this morning >> : at 0:00 in the morning. in a lot of family coming waiting as in a recently strains for a long time >> : public transportation to will use every available train until 2:00 tomorrow morning >> : and at odd oakland. what they call goes service from but their terminal until 1130 this morning. once there felt it not run on an actual schedule. was up to
4:33 am
devise a schedule to get a san francisco the fragrance that's already lining up only going to get this year to the morning >> : to discuss the people to bring your other ready >> : the forecast rain or shine there will be there as you saw earlier this morning does matter what the weather looks like >> : staying catch live coverage of the parade after morning news to o'clock this morning till party and at city hall and commercial freight for the official ceremony. watch players close as they make their way down market street and third time. in five years and light streaming the events live on a website kron4-dot-com and mobile app >> : the timing of the rain did not bring your with them >> :
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always joke whenever there's reigned as king. i always say bring giants game poncho and ashley selling was yesterday. >> : what people were snatching that up talking about some pretty heavy rain and most intense rain and sell francisco right around to o'clock at the start of the pretty >> : good news cell taper off and then toward summit center. that's when they deliver all the victory speeches a month for the most part dry conditions live look at star tracker you notice that the morning for the most part is still offshore. u.s. certainly heading in our direction cold front bringing rain to the pacific northwest be see the ring for the most part into early it will midafternoon. to put here to test for highlighting 6:00 this morning and could see some rain stretching from fairfield to center fell. that hasn't yet across the golden gate bridge. heading into 9:00 this morning >> : rain for the most part of the coastline hazel in the
4:35 am
eastern shore line. a very good possibility you were recusing you're in for the morning commute to work >> : and put o'clock the motion in again >> : this area of yellow over san francisco that does indicate heavier rain for the entire city by train north of the golden gate bridge to bring down the coastline and in this meant gruntal ban of vocalists the bay area into the afternoon >> : on the back end of the system talking about instability >> : possibility of thunderstorms along the coast and the evening hours >> : of the lowest part although moisture and continues work its way east there's a possibility for dry weather on just-in-time for literature treating >> : heading into early saturday morning coastal rain that will be the extent of it to run the system also and done court of managed three- quarters of an inch >> : never seen that much rain for places like sentences
4:36 am
goes is less february >> : temperatures upper 50s low sixties >> : " breezy and talking about. to bring >> : into law highlight the weather for the next 24 hours beyond the pass that lots of sunshine dry conditions, weather and early next week >> : on the coming up in a moment. right now talk traffic from the bay area >> : couple minutes ago i did see solid cars starting lineup here the bay bridge toll plaza. is affecting cash paying customers to give fast-track bidding of a free ride in services co >> : still very good option no delays traffic on our hands on the screen toward foster city >> : of look at the golden gate bridge cars known since its report of the richmond center of the bridge. >> :
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for 36 headlines this morning another appearance for the man in charge for the office earlier this month >> : mr. 7 clara. happen on the third level set and the rest of their >> : one victim was had spearheaded injuries and he does see one of them microlith for their. they were attacked and available western style. airline to central valley bro return to court for a plea here thursday morning >> : 27 year-old remains in custody and 34 year-old brother dario who is free on bail >> : to be ultra use the bathroom above brothers both the stock will fall on those accounts and enter 4 will please january 20th of the line terminally ill caught 21 the it may have a change
4:38 am
of heart >> : she says she's feeling better and doctors told there that she has inoperable brain cancer earlier this year and 161 seller. she had plans to take the lead to more november 1st >> : i know that will still be moving toward >> : a vote the decision will come later. airline she has a rollout set to kron live but bernie feels more life to live in hopes the store brand awareness others >> : for 38 man as paint 60 ft. down a hillside n.c. will have that story >> : california man being called a hero for sitting woman's car into a canal explaining
4:39 am
what happened to >> : popular social work at the change how it does things what people not going to like >> : that reporter will stay tuned book that's coming up >> :
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all good things must come to an end used to be seen video ads and instagram feed >> : the see popping up in instagram as this one this one by disney video as started inventing faced with those the fall for the color of eds on the social network and on many users to one to answer them a fresh start clear was chaotic social
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feed >> : this about instagram and o'connor was looking for opportunities to or as in one way or another >> : is lee's lawyer irwin l. to users over the sticker so >> : confused and that shortages and the for this of blue arrow. the itc that unopposed that is a sponsor knowing these can be annoying and made a small gesture by giving you a little control on the tide with video as you see >> : the for the symbol three dots on a close-up features and at click on that hyde that from your fees beyond the cellulite that it is now clear fees will be bottle played an inning with start rolling without choosing to play them a source currently on facebook left setting in the facebook that was to turn that off a >> : highly recommend doing that says to watter battery power >> : if the video ads do run on
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also play had the option in settings to turn that off >> : quick break for 42 >> : complete with the forecast level upside all muckrake that strain on the way and sing it on the radar still right now. erica following the zero militants such weather wise for victory parade in san francisco any hauling freight and of course all corn tracker treating less ♪
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because together, we thrive. ♪ everyone a lot going on the giants' parade also telling as a good training, and how long >> : people have today because the questions is the day of folks planning to be upset not only a giants victory celebration is helene as
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well in alaska kids to drink but also celebrating later on tonight as well milles heading out recognitions storm tracker all the moisture of short and at the pacific northwest for now currently dealing with a cloud cover with the system >> : to look at the most recent dry conditions most of the morning 6:00 some rain and senate fell vallejo now but and with the clock and the motions for the most part sent 9:00 this morning coastal showers very good possibility ago that happens and the afternoon to o'clock we see heavier rain developed for the entire city of san francisco keep in mind to o'clock the start of the giants' victory parade in service see the most intense rain for the bay area light rain at but fairfield heavier rain and
4:47 am
see lots of activity widespread showers by the time the giants reached the civic center looks like rain won't be as heavy. of iranian oil san francisco anticipating some breaks in the rain as we head into the evening. and for tiger trade is a see rain and tx livermore approaching 6:00 tonight and will continue its possibility unsettled weather even perhaps thunderstorms hailed by letter on site >> : the break down the check retreat for casting your neighborhood north bay all day. in the pre light intensity >> : of afternoon showers in the south bay dry conditions are the get evening >> : services go east bay are talking about heavy rain and all the moisture going into the afternoon >> : in the sunday on the day forecast here showers taper off this saturday dry weather sunday >> : and the six losses some shine or temperatures into thursday's
4:48 am
>> : what coming up in the next hour >> : and now let's talk about a great time for leaving your house right now are going to see back up at the bay bridge toll plaza >> : over san mateo bridge slow traffic here drive * 1230 minutes >> : over the golden gate bridge and some reason conditions in the coming about bring county >> : over the center fell bridge. but the bears an easy ride and then we take a look at the traffic map how 74 to the tunnel entrance time 12 minutes approaching percolate down the east shore freeway >> : man in pennsylvania under arrest for breaking into a home wearing a teletype the costume man broke into a friend's house when into the refrigerator dumped food into what they call a man burst >> :
4:49 am
and that cost the bill was ordered disorderly conduct nuance 22 year-old man 6 ft. down a hillside in north carolina. this stage us of what fall at the wheel during a 17 hours and he was trying to climb out his like hands and then i see that broke his leg and seriously injured a fourth >> : charge with rain failing to mention yngling control >> : back in california california man getting praise from police for a woman's heart plunged in the >> : martina's more on the daring rescue >> : their worry for him to come home and they showed up on the doorstep and said >> : said my cousins key and this happened in the coming home
4:50 am
someone had driven in the canal dues out and had offered to cool down just after 6 wednesday night surf getting 911 calls in the cal the line on his wife at the 911 caller tried, the help and from the water >> : shares shot trying to we astor go out and get the seat back and cut through the window the time was in vest >> : and based rose almost a foot after got out a car >> : watter over the top the staircase >> : join up immediately with the canal. definitely going
4:51 am
beyond and not surprise this is why new lines still do the right thing at the time and other headlines this morning postal service help should have billion cars >> : letters packages all in time for christmas >> : the suit stems packaging gift cards and making sure its packages delivered on time little early this year >> : they sure they're delivered on time for christmas and follow the dates on the screen >> : also said taking evangel online postage prepackage pick up >> : all or says it may take on national press is a solid a season and retail much as prices for competitors >> :
4:52 am
once stood about sutter's skills with the policy on line >> : and took it to go to flex and amazon bedroll regulator getting well known before me accompany a and prevent what degree action the joke trade commission says kurt salmon's are gentle but the formula of trinidad misled terrace adjusting its formula first to meet government approval >> : they want the full claim from is labels >> : are a television interview, the president by packwood comes to golf >> : six times nba champ did raise goes in washington >> : , good politician >> : for 52 back with more coming up after this break >> :
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francisco woman on a mission the slowly >> : elise yet shows us the cost tens of bay area woman making by hand for children and the neighborhood >> : of low it gives me so much pleasure. year after year takes time out to make costumes for children in her neighborhood and on wall making costumes like creating hands >> : made austen's costumes as their>> : often scratched this year they chose to be a jekyll and turn >> : to present to see this season it in costumes >> :
4:56 am
she looks so cute when not only with the bond they have there are teaching them life lessons are some cracks >> : and so >> : brings the neighborhood together at really helps to build amazing neighborhood making these costumes goes with belief takes a village to raise a child >> : all the upbringing different generations together learning with each other >> : near tipped us sir richard
4:57 am
check-in go to art and website look under the my kron 4 story tab and send us your idea kron4-dot-com >> : in and take your children tracker trading whats more hollowing fun it's all under the features tabbed >> : for 56 coming up preparations underway world series victory parade live report standing by check with that throughout the morning >> : surf decision as bill marr as the commencement speaker warned that as well >> : and confined to a redwood city home after treatable patients and liberia >> :
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here the jakarta market probably are recharge >> : small-lot that coming up >> : could be rain parade as well so tracker will have hellene victory parade forecast >> : a fence along with the rain coming into the city could make for very rough meet this morning >> : happy friday happy halloween. things for joining us >> : to the day today a few hours from now will championships in francisco giants sticking to the streets to celebrate their victory >> : some 4000 for confetti team coverage of the parade all morning long did you caught up on every forecast >> :
5:01 am
talk about the heaviest rainfall over sentences go right around us to start the giants' victory parade >> : and now for the most part dry conditions most moisture so far tapping into we could see showers for the north day commute and then looks like warsaw this oyster goes into the afternoon >> : to the umbrellas handy it will start to taper off lighter and intensity have urea will succeed upper 60s and months >> : will get a possibility for them as retail and the evening hours >> : fall to the giants' victory parade for passenger true forecast 15 minutes nuance that's of course what but the wet weather quinn through their parade today >> : they plan to illustrate on world series champs and workers have been busy for hours now putting finishing touches for a grand celebration >> :
5:02 am
are pros at this >> : team coverage on the parade all day long live at the parade and the die-hard fans are lining up >> : already out and i can tell you i'm getting so tired booking at them because this crossing all throws and francisco the parade route and see here markets st. they have coatracks and a whole team of them going up and down including mcalester you will be know it's if and but about >> : talk what the fans across the street from me some already here and they showed up with in the past couple minutes because when i got here about 430 in the morning but only about five minutes than starting arriving in getting up to
5:03 am
the south bay and knees here. >> : cannon from san jose. >> : you have signs afforded to the interview each of the o'clock morning as not have the signs >> : hacked at the show. now the you know all about them was interviewed them >> : on is about the dress i got you out of bed so early in the morning the my favorite team and always have been. with the last two world series >> : here the 201020 toll free to >> : jose for you >> : to kilobit late pot >> : we hope it turns out all the
5:04 am
better for us >> : a clear view of them less time >> : and i really >> : would come to the other two for is >> : they look like little ants >> : on a pretty sure having looked at the people. experience on a measure >> : was defeated giant. pablo cent of all >> : new lines will be down here this is the staging area all starts with live interviews with the players likely did in 2012 also chemically here at hundreds of thousands of people downtown san francisco we have you covered >> : all bought that just in case we'll be standing on
5:05 am
kron4-dot-com and carry live as well >> : in a year at the weather gear on >> : it could rain a little bit later >> : area is ready to go >> : black and orange trees razed to go >> : on offense so back to you >> : think you your traffic would talk about whether about traffic will be headed for a lot of folks very very heavy as fans come into the
5:06 am
parade don't forget it might even be worse for traffic as we have an eye on that for us >> : there will be spillover for the people not attempt attending the parade. expect things to be more crowded than usual. especially for the late morning commute big delays here >> : will get the freeway in a moment to a quick look at the parade route. we have that up for you yes we do. and market support the parade begins >> : coming on the financial district this morning at the foot of market street in that area for you to avoid if you're going to try to get around town >> : at your likely going to have difficulty crossing market street anything of the on the embarcadero >> : those will be two ways across new if you're following the parade route along market street that's when number bridges have been routed this morning
5:07 am
>> : and moving from market to mission because of the parade meet this morning >> : the costar civics center stage activity takes place >> : heading to this area when the public transit options there are several everyone adding extra capacity today ferry services even the media could be running longer than usual month on the freeway having done and look at the bay bridge dried westbound looks good. at this hour at are not checking in east hotspots hear the sad tale bridge into a wall as >> : if they can get real about down in the next two hours. west on 92 right >> : side watched live coverage of the crater from your home
5:08 am
after the morning news and the party and the city hall be commercial free for official ceremony won't miss a thing watch players the floods occur a down market straight for the third time also some humans live our website >> : kron4-dot-com more after this month female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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5:12 am
surrounded sea of blue and dance bands tell their own in kansas city >> : was thinking appears to have kron that has to be >> : less as a whole state of mind how often did a chance to wear orange polyester tuxedo >> : everyone visiting kansas city just to the sea. some said there is no time to pack so they didn't >> : watch and the game to missed a jump on a plane 48 hours beyond cynicism francisco
5:13 am
giants bring home >> : rain had a are way putting us back to the giants' victory parade barley sugar trading letter on slight fall look at the feature cast only return >> :
5:14 am
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us for a halloween. the showers in the rent not here yet ok for the morning ride heaviest rain expected for san fransico 12:00 noon on exactly when the giants' victory parade begins >> : we are tracking western for your right now most activity offshore a mosso morning is going to stay there >> : looking mostly dry conditions and it fell to new >> : satellite radar shows the system turning offshore. this is a pretty big system been bringing significant
5:17 am
amount of rain right now is dealing with the cloud cover associate with that feature cast shows 6:00 hours are the suzerain possibly at avoid code center fell. showers don't across the golden gate until the latter half of the morning >> : san francisco dealing with sprinkles ran along a coastline and then take a look at 12:00 >> : see that area yellow on the screen well be the entire city of san francisco indicating it moderate to heavy rain. heaviest downpours ones that the parade begins >> : dealing with iran and the north bay have the ran along the coastline and adult continue to push the bay area and to the rest of the afternoon but the rain won't be as heavy about time the giants reached the city center. once they get the victory speech during could taper off a bit. can't trigger trading dried brick for much of the bay area and definitely good news bring rain gear just in case >> : of the impossibility of thunderstorms hail and stability on the back end of
5:18 am
the system >> : also and don and early saturday morning. talking about a quarter avenge declarers of an inch of rain where it levenson as much rain on some francisco since last february >> : and just to recap having a victory parade to tuzla '60s cooled reconditions like mentions prudes of rain sometimes heavy at the start of the parade >> : keep in mind ketch the coverage live on kron 4 >> : also sunshine drier conditions, other into next week as it thursday upper 70's for the warmest in spots. but the team and the traffic with feel is quite right now is good news tracking dilettantes must treat here the bay bridge toll plaza looking at light easy ride with the problem for a further drop in bond macarthur maze >> : san mateo bridge equally good conditions and on the
5:19 am
golden gate bridge you may see crews working in the highlands for the morning commute >> : heading into marin be a richmond bridge going to find the light traffic for west on interstate 580 and we believe that fundings unsecured to keep number for an open of this evening on first the east shore freeway 12 minutes from hercules to berkeley >> : 680 ride from san ramon valley delayed for 15 minutes in line rv sluggish and altamont as bad as usual >> : south bay freeways completely clear no problems there in the the looks good for 1 0192 >> : 11 at the highway 84 interchange >> : not seem coverage this morning we count down the giants world series praised and noon today at 1118 t park for the today's parade
5:20 am
and the start of the trade market and plaza >> : is closer where you are >> : that's right and they're here seven hours before the parade in you conceive a doesn't flows out here >> : up bunch of flatbed trucks obviously the staging area for everyone except for the players >> : wait to see management and marketing up on the giants show here take a look at some of these clothes is all one at the world team championship this one has the says don't stop believing journey song that's played cliff was getting ready out here this one needs no explanation see anticipate more more activity starts up in the next hour or so. this did everything as i said earlier. the take this move all the way over and to market busy week a lot of these are going to be at the
5:21 am
beginning of the week in anticipation of the world series parade all came to but i'm going to go into service today >> : as this one needs no explanation alliance they are moments ago. looks like bill withstand a storm that's not the rose parade treat offshore about that the carnations melting away and weather this morning >> : man-made material should be a problem for anyone as long as the umbrella >> : hist as much again >> : a number of reporters to get along the parade grounds team coverage all morning long key attitude here kron 4 >> : it can have the melting i just address can happen >> : giants championships flying
5:22 am
off the shelves. here's a line people outside at giants and the morgan hill scilicet until yesterday a look that line giants fans also sent francisco. making up bright and early yesterday to get their hands on the hottest gear and some fans planning ahead >> : be-bop ponchos anticipation for the rain after a long sea during the parade today >> : also cracking down counterfeit here talking fecit giants paraphernalia. and i see is almost a hundred places and the table here >> : take a look at them beanies and ball capture this the whole mind. $80,000 worth of the counterfeit goods they got over the past few days russian bass taken from vendors trying to sell them at&t part be wary they say in telophase hugely by inspecting stitching quality the looks of its poor quality probably is a knock off the lead one giveaway it they say that misspelled
5:23 am
names for are as players >> : after staying and i know want to print such live coverage of the parade team went for a drain for you >> : after the morning news to o'clock this morning until the party sought to city hall and light commercial free for official ceremony you miss a thing watch the players the floats making the radon market street also sending the live event on kron 4 kron4-dot-com and mobile app >> : more after the break >> :
5:24 am
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the morning time now 529 tracking the storm is coming through in time for the trade >> : and for halloween >> : here's the forecast >> : we are talking about heavy rain expected for san francisco giants victory parade starts and the rain will add up making way closer to civics center right now heading up the dry conditions live looks far tracker was most of the moisture as far north and everything offshore >> : dealing with the cloud cover associated this from >> : temperatures in the '50s heading into the afternoon and anticipating the bulk of the moisture to fall 11 a.m. to p.m. this afternoon >> : temperatures low 60s upper 60s for the warmest light and the spot. on the back and we are talking about possibility of thunderstorms hailed question of interest- rate forecast at 545 >> :
5:31 am
tracking a great ride now looking any hot spots yet for the morning commute >> : now at the bay bridge for westbound 5. san mateo bridge highway 92 no delays here and then heading over to some retail coming out here and bound for the golden gate bridge that only an easy ride foreign county but easy trip off the wall into the span and the toll plaza 25 minutes for high with 37 told the golden gate bridge >> : 531 at half an hour away from the start the giants' victory parade about a million fans lining the streets of san francisco to cheer on a world champion and workers you might imagine very busy making sure seller plaza ready for festivities as well for higher parade route. as a note that out for orange during the entire world series run stage set monsters up getting their
5:32 am
final touches. and then monitors struck center plaza of we see a good view of no matter where you are a very the road san francisco today the transit officials are urging fans to take public transportation this morning and more on that part of the coverage >> : by the debark a duro part station. none happy halloween of what a gorgeous black market street a few people took part all of them told me they took one wait as early as possible to get the topos best possible seat to see hundreds of giant street and a few domestic center plaza >> : to go we found 3:00 this morning senate seats are plaza with on a few fans lined up telling us that they learned their lesson 2010 >> : meanwhile market street police of blowing up orange black balloons at a few
5:33 am
giants fans all putting down shares and off support bar and ordered it here to arrive later this morning >> : again from arnold's and see everything >> : and you get up and put this all together >> : and never went to bed. >> : one option here's a few out for public transportation options part putting out brush our service all morning long all available trains and will run until 2:00 tomorrow morning >> : the bay fares run expanded service vallejo 7 cisco 18 on trips of and then add vessels element oaklands >> : golden gate ferry meanwhile will run what they call low service and bridged 7 to 1130 this morning and was that the lot will not run on the actual schedule >> : and at the point, get out of san francisco's one fans not
5:34 am
all concerned about that fired up and ready for good time later on today >> : they're gonna be really going on later today denied live in san francisco. >> : trans world their groceries had a lot of fans calling this a dynasty like grand lotus take a look back at how the kits are >> : giants had won not one a series since by eisenhower was in the white house and the outcome was polo grounds and york city >> : ended and points and brian wilson went to nelson trues fifth to defeat texas and strangers >> : the giants world champions. missed it seemed he expected to make history >> : and they included 08 season >> : almost 1600 games now proceed experience
5:35 am
outfielder had wavers in late august >> : 16 m contemplating retirement during injury play season he became the series mvp somehow they went with the giants' future stars mr. posey called up in may didn't national league rookie of the tremendous amount carter called up in june >> : 21 year-old became the if world's youngest start world series game >> : san francisco baseball championship brought 1 million fans to make sure the giants was the biggest ever and the city >> : where more details this morning the revelers who got control wednesday night celebration >> : san francisco police arrested 40 people and most of those for public drunkenness >> : to officers hurt and they tried to disperse crowds >> :
5:36 am
that addition to people being shot at another person stabbed in a separate entity on what areas hardest hits behind his cross out of control mission district. residents and business hours cleaning up the mess left behind >> : graffiti. hanover police car's windows smashed also tiger. business owners say less damage this year compared to 20 fall >> : in the cleanup so expensive in frustrating >> : just understand the reasoning behind because of the very apparent benefits the community >> : which people that were honest and that might affect the one the world series and should be ways to celebrate it without creating problems >> : san francisco police chief there were a lot of jerks
5:37 am
out there no new life in majority of fans celebrating or peace or peaceful the small group that got a hand >> : live coverage of today's parade at the morning news tensile party in that city hall and stay with you feel whole thing >> : will bring you commercial free coverage the ceremony all that and watched watched uninterrupted limit the rate on market street and all along the parade route >> : celebrating the third world series play in wont last five years also sending event on low website >> : and mobile app download it's free >> :
5:38 am
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you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
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again that information for the parade to a public transit are is doing something that will help get to and from every train up available will be on the rails to a >> : also gone to be running extra light trains throughout the the date >> : to new levels service full- length train will be running through the day >> : and that extended service tonight tell to. and we did get word about the large
5:41 am
very >> : are restarting default. and public transit options already getting a little busy >> : corporate coverage drop the morning now developing news following to the stanford doctor who spent time in redwood city home after returning home from liberia trainable patients dr. paul did not have any symptoms no symptoms of the disease yet he is following department to help with particles in with from people for 21 days stanford hospital emergency rooms spoke to reporters this type. mr. nichol and on more americans to join the front line and battle against bolar >> : continuous possibility to pull or practitioner helping them make it possible to response >> : dog bullet come to the u.s. and the way that will happen very striking stars begun during his car
5:42 am
encouraging others to do theirs meanwhile vs at the across the country for that matter >> : a bull safety precautions and have got to mutt district make their point >> : yours rating and same with all a few sprinkles up in the area >> : the book to the moisture so offshore you have rain heading in our direction full details on the forecast heading into the afternoon coming up >> : female announcer: right now, at sleep train
5:43 am
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. 545 friday morning and you're one heading out to the giants parade here's a look at the granny forecast >> : roughly people had enough excitement 0.10 talk about heavy downpour sent francisco get the time that parade begins >> : putting out there make sure you have giants pancho that does this to the dugout
5:46 am
store >> : kits live coverage right here right now heading up the dordrecht conditions of you looked out this rankles in fairfield and all right now. keep that in mind at the cover the rose per billing with a cloud cover associated with the cold front >> : into the 6:00 hour again vallejo put all. this committee and through i 80 joining us sprinkles and britain to the center fell area >> : cloister it is impossible indeed to later half of the morning trade on o'clock expect to see some sprinkles said francisco hugging the coast >> : in recess for the clock take a look at the front bench. her talk and let the heaviest rain expected entire city of the yellow >> : right around the time that played print up to now but and with the clock in motion the work its way
5:47 am
east spread to the but to o'clock this afternoon we are however talking up the possibility of thunderstorms along the coastline should be in the early saturday morning all said and done could see a quarter of an inch of rain antigens' parade of our fifties was '60s believe breezy cool and talking about. a significant downpour >> : 7 database home for test whether officially saturday making some sunshine recognitions by wed. thursday were talking about for '70s for the warmus in the spots >> : 547 with the weathered take a look at traffic >> : backed up the bridge for respond right concerning the sow. and see me green lights
5:48 am
activated >> : entered the cemetery bridge. highway 92 now looking at at any delays trees so good you time golden gate won a one southbound. still pretty light traffic here and the flashing lights at the knees bend truce with the process server configuring the lanes >> : to three of the richmond bridge traffic so like there's no back up either at the toll plaza or on interstate 580 >> : east shore freeway looks good as you feel like driving its extra ferry service of vallejos morning >> : ride five a westbound what is unusual for the old one had a up the dublin. no delays yet for south bay freeway. for the ride won a one northbound a little slow pass to 80 >> : address here at 711 soft on so far the there are no delays because of it >> : all a chp on seen on route >> :
5:49 am
548 the giants' 14 trustees and full of dramatic part stopping moments and take a look back at the root wild ride that led to another >> : rating crawford send all makes a pass >> : sentences could giants >> : . a death first pitch. >> : game 1 on the road it 3 to win mvp >> :
5:50 am
5:51 am
been giants went third time
5:52 am
5:53 am
in the last five years >> : the double play was my favorite moment. it's great these highlights everyone had swirling around in their heads sharing on the giants is the coming market street >> : kits, for live coverage of the parade after morning news 10 this morning till party and the city hall commercial free for the official ceremony will not miss a thing clear is the floats make their way down market street also string and then slide are website kron4-dot-com and mobile app. will be right back after this break >> :
5:54 am
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5:57 am
full details on the forecast coming up to >> : end at 558 t you to ensure only have team coverage of the trans world series parade under way at noon today live look at the locations reporting from throughout the morning. along the parade route chain out there and coming in the next hour >> : also standing by where the flows are being staged out of at&t park jackie cecil live report on that moving along also covered on the best way to get an announcer francisco at the embarcadero bart station about mass- transit bus ways of getting around the boards of a million people to come in san francisco to watch the
5:58 am
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live downtown san francisco on market street still officially six hours away from the start of a parade down tell these people they think they rival but later they should be here see their favorite players >> : are also keeping an eye out on another level storm tracker rainy and helene >> : thought fans already heading and four of this morning at the bay bridge are backed up expect lots of traffic delays >> : the morning happy friday happy halloween say the big day of the bay area giants fans waiting for mayor of the pri taking over the streets of san francisco up to the many people expected to line the p


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