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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the kind of question oakland were candidates for mayor race to the finish san jose commuters looking for to the extension may be disappointed now at 11 decision 2014. it's a few hours before polls open for the november 4th midterm election. a handful of congressional contests could go either way, hill long ago gave up hope of regaining control of the house. houghgood evening, i'm catherine heenan. a drop in the number of voters mailing their absentee ballots. could mean a near record-low turnout tomorrow. primary turnout already hit a record low this year when just one in four registered voters
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cast ballots in june. voting hours tomorrow are from 7 a=m to 8 p=m. the race for mayor in oakland is heating up. some of the top candidates are making a last push for votes. kron4's jeff bush is live in oakland -- jeff? cabinets coming down to the wire here for the oakland mayor race most of the mayorial candidates were making their case at the head royce school on monday afternooneach of them laying out their vision for the years to come in oakland. it was a packed housefull of curious voters who wanted to hear each candidates position on some of the most pressing issues facing the city of oakland. not surprisingly, crime was high on the list of voter concerns. this city can become a much safer city.
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after the forum the candidates spread out over the city to continue to drive home their agenda's and ideas for the future. you know it is a very close race in the closing days of this competition, everybody's got a chance if n it every voter is needed people are loving having opportunity with the canada export there lots of voters who haven't decided where to go so that election is wide open we have teams all our stations and oakland
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stay the course -- or vote for change. that appears to be the choice for san jose voters tuesday - as they pick a new mayor. kron4's rob fladeboe take a closer look at the two candidates battling for the job. in the california governor's race - not much suspense is expected.
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governor jerry brown is well ahead of his republican challenger in the polls. leading neel kashkari by 18 points. kashkari has beefed up his t-v ads in this last week of campaigning. there are two minimum wage measures. one in san in oakland. in san francisco.proposition j would raise the minimum wage from 10-74 to 15-dollars an hour by 20-18. it would affect about 142- thousan2d2 w2orkers2. in oakland - measure f-f would raise the minimum wage from 9- dollars an hour to 12-25 starting next march. if approved, the minimum wage would be adjusted annually to keep up with inflation. two bay area cities will weigh in on the controversial soda tax. if the measure passes -- sugary drinks sold in berkeley and san francisco will cost more.. in san francisco -- there's a proposal to charge an additional
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2-cents an ounce on sugary drinks like soda. in berkeley -- the city would charge 1-cent an ounce. it's something that's got a lot of people worked up. san francisco needs a 2-3rds vote to pass the measure. in berkeley -- a majority vote. the contest for california's 17th congressional district in the south bay pits two democrats, incumbent mike honda against lawyer ro khanna. it's expected to be a close race. 71-year-old honda is a graduate of san jose state university and a career politician elected to congress in 2000. honda has president obama's endorsement. khanna is a former commerce official for the obama adminstration. he's backed by lieutenant govenrnor gavin newsom. newsom is running for re- election against republican ron nehring. on the national level, the balance of power in the senate is definitely in question. republicans are expected to pick up several of the
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democratic seats marked in blue. if all of them do turn red, the g=o=p will go from minority to majority party in the senate, as well as controlling the house. from florida to new hampshire. politicians spent the last day of this campaign season trying to drum up some excitement. according to the latest polls the g-o-p has all the momentum. but some big name democrats disagree person had agreed with the oddsmakers it will keep some republicans are on track to take dakota, montana and west virginia, which would leave them just three seats short of a in the key battleground state of iowa, the g-o-p is pulling ahead. senate candidate: "it's not just our republicans, it's independents and it's a lot of democrats too that see the need to change direction." some analysts say the president's low approval ratings are giving the republicans momentum.
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kentucky: i think the wins at this election will be a referendum on the president. even he acknowledged his policies will be on the ballot and he will be indirectly on the ballot. no matter the outcome vice president biden says the focus remains the same. i don't think will change anything in terms of what we are about, and quite frankly going into 2015 the republicans have to make some decisions so things and not get out of control it stay with kron 4 for full election night coverage - starting at 8-pm tuesday. howwe're following the latest in the race for california also the mayoral races in san we'll also have extended coverage on our website - kron4-dot-com. coming up. south bay of is facing a problem. how a revised plan might upset
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some riders. aslo -- a former c-h-p officer in a racy photo scandal appears in court. and the terminally ill woman who became the face of the controversial right-to-die movement has died. her death is sparking new conversation. next.
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advocates for right-to-die laws say they expect brittany maynard's death to lead to legislative change.. the 29-year-old woman from the bay area who had stage-4 brain cancer died this weekend. she took lethal drugs made available under an oregon law. it allows terminally ill people to choose when to die. she shared her story in hopes of expanding the law to more states.. my condition just keeps getting worse than that it's just happens in your terminally ill and homeless family who has so proud of me and the choices i
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made just five states legally back the right to die. efforts to bring the law to california have failed. still ahead. tracks.caused huge delays. the possible link which bart officials are investigating. also - money problems for a bart extension project in the south bay. the proposed stations that could be eliminated.
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the bart south bay extension project is running into some problems. some bart stations could be cut from the plan to save money.and get the project finished. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest. but the v-j wants to add more box stations to fuel project of it but they're running out of money to do it built we're disappointed and frankly we're feeling betrayed that so many jobs were projected to be created and now they might not be a south bay is vying against other u.s. cities to receive federal funds " this city now has a 1.4
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billion and also has the same amount from the federal government hope but there is a lot to be factored in with that money problem another alternative is to keep the station plan but to reallocate the funds to another area v t a c is seeking to get a license from environmental agencies the eta is opening a dialogue with the community to come up with a plan that works
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bart service was shut down for hours in the east bay day - after a body was discovered on the tracks. police found it between the hot concord and north concord stations. one of the questions - whether high reports of someone walking on the tracks. kron4's scott rates reports. what you're hearing is the audio recordings between a bar controller in train operator this happened monday morning when employes knew there was a problem hoch hit hit nearly four hours later in the morning, who
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besieged the officials radioed in the grim findings that body was found officials are finding and trying how to understand how this happened we're going to check and see all of our surveillance cameras to see it if they give us an indication of lapin there is word that someone saw someone walking on the
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the good evening everybody funny how world championship there is a lot of hot news who are about to change it clears here talking 90 to $100 million for pablo where is the giants and san pablo representatives will who
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get together and see if they can make it work hot hon garner bottom line have to the tonight show jimmy phelan piquancy him on the horse he wanted to ride the baby in the parade when garner making the scene tonight on the tonight show here's joe madden the new manager of the cubs
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wh people are excited in chicago prudence said it if he could take anyone in football he would take in gillette andrew left it just took apart the giants he has had over 300 yds when high in most of his games this year the giants' coach taking victory laps at every a turn on the forty-niners game iran's only had six sacks for the entire season coming in and
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then had eight sacks for the game howe're and end of part or we nd improvement there are going to be a lot of fingers pointed but we don't care whether people fan who the forty-niners are four and four and will play new orleans when next the warriors will come up against the clippers this week the warriors will come up against the clippers this week cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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did he cross the line? >> they should change the name from the freedom tower to the never going in there tower. >> did comedian chris rock go too far with his world trade center joke? >> who's the corporate sponsor? target? then, nascar slugfest. tale of the tape. who threw the first punch? plus, actress sherri shepherd and the baby her ex- husband says she wants nothing to do with. the marriage may be over. but what happens to the baby now? >> she has a lot of issues. >> exclusive. her ex's first tv interview. and how do you top this? >> i planned on doing a selfie right about here. >> deborah: wait until you


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