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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> reporter: if you wanted it out and voting today which he should do but will be perfect
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today. here's a live you for the golden gate bridge we can make the lights out there is some odd peaking its way into the voting day that is pretty much it is pretty isolated amid the forecast for today senators and four is again to adjust our woman of submit to the '60s at that point. was the low seventies by the bay. no bottled up and down to 37 degrees >> reporter: it is as low ride this morning because of a couple
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of accidents this is a long 83 accidents in that area we deceive the back of a team in this normally takes seven minutes knew this morning fire crews from the scene for housing construction site at the valley avenue in brno near the alameda their rounds >> reporter: is right off the freeway in fact a freeway on the
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freeway you a bill to make out some of the headlights they're the ones who called the fire department four hours later the fire department still had their hands full with hot spots them chase and videos to start around 2:00 in the morning a couple of buildings are like condos under construction they went up in flames no overnight security on the scene but it went around and look at defense does not appear to be suspicious or anybody cutting and a loss to go in there--the police are have led the investigation as well as the three story building the flames on the first building is probably about double the
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height five to six stories up because it was so high that some people joke by the freeway it was so easy for them to call in within a couple of minutes you can see the hot spots in the flames still problem you see beyond the other buildings the superficial damage at this point the way the fire is going they're worried about embers spreading over there. moscow called the building to fall down as well. >> reporter: voting hours running from an hour from now. democrats in washington giving
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up hope of regaining control of house rep and republicans are hoping to gain control of senate that the number of voters are primary turnout hit a record low this june saw the top candidates are making the last push the appeared at the head race school each of the kennetts is a very close race. >> reporter: i'm very pleased to be here we had and credible response from people people are
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loving have an opportunity to talk directly to we have supporters out talking to voters. >> reporter: the race for mayor could well be the most closely watched issue on tuesday's ballot public safety is in putting more cops on the street is the number-one priority the city must pay the course.
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>> reporter: we're not expecting any surprises gumma jerry brown is well ahead for his republican challenger. to have the full coverage tonight at 8:00 as soon as the result start coming and our extended coverage will be on our website at kron 4 @ come. >> reporter: federal investigators are finding the
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reach 35 mi. from the crash site. the roadway is blocked or mount hey john, check it out.
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>> reporter: the lawsuit filed yesterday against out was airlines said it was not safe. southwest will not partly making repairs. there were not in compliance for regulations. >> reporter: there are some big bucks behind them we will investigate will have a complete set with bay area weather and traffic. new exploration of body metrics where you are. traffic. new exploration of body metrics where you are. you've been part of this family for as long as i can remember. and you just mean so much to all of us. the holidays wouldn't be the same without your crescent rolls.
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you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> reporter: republicans will still be in control. it will offer 135¢ or for grabs were the third of the senate is a for reelection. so far 18 million people have voted in 32 states
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that is a good sign for their side. they're dominating screens across the nation voters are seen 34 north carolina can dance to the $62 million to run almost 102,000 adds this campaign season a couple of hot spots this morning this is a major artery on 2880 years and look at the accident is a definitely impact could you. >> reporter: having all the way up to san leandro and hayward
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another accident backtracking close by the fremont area southbound a 80 and stevenson boulevard. we are seeing a little bit of back of if in the east bay major back ups a couple accidence along interstate 880 in the slack if you are still heading to richmond and to the albany berkeley area there is stock and attract all the way back to san pablo into albany still be a very sore right field for the drive time from send out this is a few less than 10 minutes it will be a slow ride to the east bay into san francisco his allies look at the bay bridge approach is to see it
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is very slow going this morning the san mateo bridge is not too bad here we are problem free in both directions also a very easy ride there is a live look at the richness san rafael this is some of the fall is not widespread not even damp. >> reporter: because what
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continues to be santa rosa. the 10 degree difference at 52 right now depends on where you are depends on how cold it is outside expects damages to be just a touch warmer than yesterday's by three in the afternoon of those '70s become widespread will be similar to get to the bill will add a degree or two to the afternoon high today will be a touch warmer. will be above average for this time of year.
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>> reporter: invested the transfer that would happen after a body was found on the dirt track. --bart track is not clear if this is related that for 30 a.m. a person was walking on the tracks in that area marked personnel went out several times to check what they do not find anyone walking on the track. >> reporter: vta wants to add more work stations but there is not enough money. they're looking at alternatives to try and make the second phase of a
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bart line more attractive to receive funding. they're asking for 1.1 billion >> reporter: we are beginning to find small part started the third 5 mi. east of that. the largest fees remains black the credit into smaller pieces the
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spacecraft will be penalized for other and was in dc on pilot was killed the other was injured. the experimental craft broke of high above the desert on friday >> reporter: 1 of the races are being closely watched reposes need to take six more seats to gain control >> reporter: is the most technologically and this is exhibit of any sign is museum >> reporter: is the most technologically and this is exhibit of any sign is museum stcan't say thank you enough.
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>> reporter: they're launching a brand new high-tech exhibit called by the metrics. is the
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first of its kind business for the museum get instead information about their physical and mental health they there is little left side of the head and i thought such is one almanac a the way you gain fascinating insight into yourself a lot of physical and mental state what you're doing different things yippies and stressed out the loss of balance lost their physical condition
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small children are really having a fantastic experience we take the device off >> reporter: the fix is are down eight. the loss of it is coming in on this election day all over the country. a lot of people are bringing their kids to the poll. this will block a her dog--this one brought her dog.
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>> reporter: a new agreement the nurse has been refusing to quarantine herself at the city ebola cases you take details on what she's going to do the polls opened and in half an hour and sentenced--san francisco hey john, check it out.
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market tear this morning. the checks and send we're looking at a couple of hot spots. ameritech and look at another hot spot in hayward. a lot of folks will use all mutton to get onto interstate 880 there is a look
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at the backed up the concede the ride from san leandro to hayward this is in the richmond area where the westbound 80 the accident has been cleared the pc is now backed out almost all the way to pull all. about 25 minutes that ride takes just under 10 minutes more than doubling your commute. and as i we are tracking another hot
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spot the southbound 880 this is also been jammed into downtown san francisco all across the bay bridge. a tough commute for those heading from follows a san francisco. >> reporter: will have a great shot here for mount tam. beautiful looking sunrise in the making a lot of men for the start now 46 degrees in san jose 42 degrees there this
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morning. this is the wider picture services to the north. >> reporter: some key races to they could change the way that washington works they're expected to pick up seats in montana and south dakota and
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west virginia. it could cost more for sugary drinks with tax is being proposed is that this is the proposal the 2¢ an ounce on sugar drinks. >> reporter: the polls are expected to open about and have an hour biggest department of the lessons the sugar tax proposition e a 2¢ tax on every ounce of a sugary drink. 24¢ per can some people are in favor of it is generally upward $31
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million in new taxes that will be used in schools and programs for healthy healthy choices it will really hit middle-class and poor people in the pocketbook. the 71 soda a day can raise your chance of type 2 diabetes. it can have a serious effect on your body. why the going after us in the middle class and poor people who cannot afford it and if we do find pleasure and soda then why you allowed it to come out on the market at all supermajority
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must pass this measure two- thirds of the voters must approve this tax in order for it to go into effect aug. it went to the covering this >> reporter: sentences of proper position j. it could impact a hundred and $42 and workers who was at 23% net or raise the minimum from oakland to nine
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bucks to 1225 starting next march >> reporter: he is running for reelection against the republicans stay with kron 4 is a lot to cover more wanted following the san jose mayor race and many of the close races the web site has continuing coverage. >> reporter: under is kidnapped and forced into a car in
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>> reporter: there is a possible pedestrian accident in the union city area emergency crews are on the same the intersection is close you will need to find an alternate route this morning is at between 8680 this morning also a redwood city a chemical spill on southbound
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101; delay surely more details of traffic coming up later rain to our north but it will not a bad impact us today ♪ ♪
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thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. >> reporter: of possible
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predestine accident in mercy crews are on the same it is shutting off its entire intersection. this vessel ride between 580 in a 80. another hot spot is in the east bay the we are looking at the richmond area we had a couple accidence those taxes have been cleared but a pretty big backed up. especially in between san paolo. it is always of to pull along 25 to 30 minutes of to the berkeley area. from san powell to the
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berkeley area another area that we are tracking is southbound 880 we have a chemical spill the senses are picking up southbound 101. we're looking into that is a chemical spill they're not picking up any delays right now the delays are definitely a possibility december silver is
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is looking at a slow ride as well. the >> reporter: giants time for san leandro is about 16 minutes or for the san mateo bridge also is stop and go here is a live look at the golden gate bridge is a little foggy this morning. one last look at the richard san rafael bridge where traffic is a little bit slow going but we are not seen any problems time now is 646 we are seeing some fall out there. >> reporter: falk is trading below over the city-hanging low over the city. the visibility is doing ok we are watching
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temperatures on the cold side this morning it will warm up to warmer levels. will begin arturs of afternoon highs in the south bay looking for 7274 in all mountain valley 75 and evergreen in the east bay and the warmer spot to be the valleys 71 to 72 degrees below seven is for the san ramon valley we have hayward and san leandro oakland downtown 68 to agree different on either side of the city we're looking for 72 to 73 degrees. >> reporter: the bay area with stable area to images will
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continue to warm. it will be beautiful and unseasonably warm. cities and water agencies to already been reporting. >> reporter: the oddness of the thick of philadelphia's streets police are now racing to find her. it's just released this
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morning the victim is one to two year low poll is only a few blocks from home when the kidnapping happened sunday night they heard her yelling for help the vehicle for which she kept fighting and broke out two of the car's windows police found her glasses and cell phone on the street as well as a knife and a glove that could have belonged to her kidnapper is a $10,000 reward to help find the young nurse. >> reporter: nurse is making a deal with the state of maine she refused to stay home after she worked overseas with a doctors' group she had no symptoms of ebola she stepped outside with her boyfriend when for a bike ride the agreement she made the is not restrict her travel but she will voluntarily stay away from populated areas
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the biggest reason i fought it because i felt so much fear and confusion i imagine what my fellow workers were going to feel if they came back to the same to chelation the more i thought about the fact that the policies are being made by politicians really not the experts in the field the more i felt like i had no choice but to fight back. >> reporter: she cannot be legally confides to her home but she can be required to mount her own health and report any problems to the state. >> reporter: the giants are taken for steps to re-signed panel. he had as of november 10th to accept and is no sign of the giants and signed by another team before june 8th the giants will was seen a draft pick. the
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results are in about which jobs americans fear the most just-in- time for election day they are afraid of that job because of the responsibility they're not too keen to said they are afraid of being a mortician is another job that people are afraid of. stand up comics people are
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afraid of bad because they're afraid of public speaking and out was silence will be right back at the kron 4 morning news continues. what's possible today?
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>> reporter: an upcoming film they announced that he will write a film based on walter is it coming up at 7:00 of voter
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turnout may be over but maybe the expensive midterm election in the history will take a look at his late-night appearance coming up >> stanley: there are a lot of drivers be heading that the insect consists of i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> reporter: the polls are opening it is 7:00. watching bay area weather was of all are around the morning of warm-up is
7:00 am
on the wane >> reporter: we want to start with traffic this morning with several hot spots. several hot spots are falling a disabled vehicle in the into that area at the nci bridge toll plaza traffic is being delayed this festive red heading out toward anti-a disabled vehicle another one we are falling a pedestrian accident we tried to get that confirmed traffic has been backed up all around the cold


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