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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 4, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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lot of people for the polls today. they told the republican jerry brown ahead by double digits in the race for governor against republican challenger again though mr. brown did not do much campaign had this year little to any at all. much different story in oakland's tonight more than a dozen cabinet on the ballot for mayor. the team to be exact and has been pretty intense contest so far. then curving joins us live with more on that >> : victory headquarters and she's the tories tonight where she will be expecting the room to be filled soon enough. again merde challenging 14 others all 1516 then and i count the question cooled elected looks of five of the 15 cad it's getting traction some of those of city council already some not member
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having another insider warning get outsider to the race >> : today treats the caught up with some blows trying to get we opens next american more than a dozen people going for mayor able to track down a few ticks look here we come up with mayor jean shoes handing out leaflets at this bart station and the food bill district also talking about her record >> : and put a cut in half then what was planned so far along with ago like a chance to finish that >> : and for mayor understands all parts of city being raised by single mom understand a lot of struggle for life families that are going through here >> : the phone bank was working hard >> : for a lifelong resident bring a great resonate of
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community experience volunteerism in every part of the city >> : as long as executive experience and oakland city government >> : that the second straight oakland but the cap for their my commitment to put oakland first restoring neighborhood officers expanding local jobs >> : back live and where merit is will be tonight in her term it for a victory will though hopefully by tonight >> : rank transporting very possible will not know who the winners by the end of the evening less something surprising happens >> : is 15 terrace on the ballot but running pretty neck-and- neck really going been deployed see if will be able to have a letter but then the night >> :
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san jose mayor bruce getting a lot of attention to canada's they're looking to replace turn out. familiar faces and local government. gregg county supervisor sam the carter said see constant appeared together recently said was a tech museum also agree public safety it would be a top priority though both the promise to put more police officer on the street in san jose and let next mayor has his work cut out for him san jose police department 1000 officers nearly 400 fewer than 2008 >> : voters might like their drinks weeks about the ball measures. cost you more about what to buy a soda and severance is go coke pepsi the name at least to wayne and the controversial sort of sex in san francisco to charge an additional 2¢ an
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ounce for berkeley measure d propose 1¢ charge brown's that two-thirds vote to pass this in berkeley maggiore boat charters addictive causes health problems like diabetes >> : this hits the port middle- class airtime focus of land meat and meat >> : the check to impose this bill called centex all have failed if happens here will be a first >> : voters also deciding on to a minimum wage measures and san francisco will defrays the minimum-wage 1074 $15 an hour by 2018 >> : could impact some 24,000 workers 23% of the city workforce >> : and oakland to measure s.f. might raise the minimum wage $9 an hour to 1225 and that starting next march.
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minimum-wage drop the state $9 >> : country asat crashed early today and as the company which house the website. according to election officials but did not affect their accountability nor process a vote but did make it difficult for people to figure out exactly where they're pulling location as the officials say everything should be back up and running now >> : and the national scene the house fairly good midterm election the fourth time less than a decade the voters had a party at a controlled congress or the lighthouse >> : six senate seats from democrat to republican gop will have total control. now 45 republicans. but those numbers will change tonight
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to meet one of the key races iowa daily said rep a very strange tv ad talking about where she learned how to castrate hogs. see as oakland's tom harkin retiring trade they badly needed to hang onto it >> : in kentucky republican minority leader against democrat grimes and cnn one of many media outlets are recalling for mcconnell. the only to keep his job apparently he has done now wants to a promotion hoping that i goes well for republicans and house majority leader >> : and george or sell it solid republican state very tight race between democrat michelle and the daughter of longtime u.s. senator running against republican david perdue another political family cousin of the popular former governor.
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early exit polls show this continues to be very tight end possible runoff election will be required. kay has again facing republican tom phyllis state rep this has been a tight race republicans clearly would love to win the seat back from democrats >> : it was a dull see at one point >> : we talked earlier about the big issues in california and nationwide major ballot measures. including things like minimum-wage marijuana of karen k. so upset the most talked-about initiative >> : superstar sir gets congressional power on the line >> : still not enough to draw borders to midterm polls. will become kron 4% of eligible voters did i put some hot-button issues like
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politics some political says the vehicle to get their kron voters to the of rich schleicher said a tight race >> : republicans and a less got in district of columbia face and legalizing it reached regrate recreational marilyn. in hopes at this stage for more it meth initiatives >> : less than two weeks voters there competing gun-control initiative >> : will expand the ground projects more than the pro- government >> : coming up political analyst about the balance of power.
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show you more about the big clock local races. a lot more online >> : coming up tonight 515 talk to a fall there very scary surprise with his child selling candy. new information about human remains. >> : hard work can hurt you >> : sunny skies and mild temperatures or a store for sunny skies and mild temperatures or a store for to ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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working a regular hours not only bad for social life your health also the ability to think. published in occupational environmental medicine journal researchers follow olson to would retire workers some never worked shifts while others work for years and a link between shift work and impaired cognition impairment worse than those with more unusual hours for the 10 years additionally also a true abilities equivalent to the brain having age six and a half years researchers found the impairment can be reversed switched to record hours takes five years for that happen >> : don't just for about work connection researchers looking into between sleep
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risk of alzheimer's >> : controversy going on in the east bay sex talk a school run (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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bay area parent makes disturbing discovery in child halloween candy bad. after tracker treating an east bay city that father describes the scary find >> : thinking she could of got that input in her mouth. thankfully that was not the case after finding a small bag sealed with white powdery substance and daughters halloween candy >> : given to her fear tracker treating and hercules neighborhood >> : is the neighborhood walked down the street >> : you come here often >> : this year something disturbing found his wife suspected the dirt their
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doors can be done or is it up a big battle beck crystalline substance of the lawyer what we normally see the way people peckish narcotics >> : that white substance tested positive for methamphetamines >> : one-tenth of a gram. child being 8 year old female not having a large body vest if ingested that material could of been catastrophic >> : again and that was not the case >> : turned back over the hercules police for now try and attract on where it came from in the mean time a simple message for parents check your candy >> : nothing because your neighborhood these people won't harm you or your kids >> :
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contra costa county authorities identified the body found on the part trek's concord yesterday 48 year-old of the southern california >> : and video from helicopter partnership with abc seven. corridor's office said the victim appeared to be hit by trade because of severe trauma suffered why or how the men from one of connie got on the track is still unknown. the body discovered at the height of yesterday morning's commute. bart service owned the bay point line stop that for several hours >> : and sonoma county police asking for public help in finding a rapist assaulting a woman early saturday morning. the woman says she was attacked along: street 4:00 in the morning. she walked home from a party. the men grabbed her and hiding from dire lane toward country club drive. the suspect white male in his '40's 6 ft. tall 180
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lbs. with brown hair and beard. anyone with information as to contact the police >> : group of concerned citizens raising could issue about sex education. taught at lafayette was gone as high school that class being led by an instructor for planned parenthood. apparent a partial local press to pro- life advocate after learning about the health plan brought to question last month >> : advocate since formed a coalition now applies to speak out tomorrow night's school board meeting against planned parenthood involvement in the school lunch they object to the pro-choice organizations having exclusive access to the students >> : the pro-life side of the issue now pro-choice because planned parenthood business provide abortion and contraceptives >> : representative from the union high school district says the planned parenthood
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teaching class at the high school for years and it is an accident space program appears to the state education code parents notified about the class in advance and are able to opt out of you creek limited as >> : another gorgeous day sunny skies a warmer temperatures to 04 degrees >> : of largely low 70's this afternoon and hit 72 out and livermore 71 conquered 70 richmond's 71 san revell upper 60s set the coastline. just like we expected and we warm even more as we head into tomorrow >> : taking a live look outside right now from the golden gate bridge not cloud in sight. same thing here san mateo bridge as the sun sets crystal clear skies and will lead chilly temperatures again overnight tonight new line right now pretty mild still in the '60s much of the bay area >> :
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66 at an oakland 65 san jose 67 a little more. against my chili talking low '40's and a number of places tomorrow i afternoon wore them today up for sunday's number of places and that warm weather will stick with us in the weekend to cooler next week to look it up and down forecast extended forecast coming up >> : the connection researchers are looking into between sleep and rest of alzheimer's told about the target worker internet sensation. the girl who snapped the picture that when parliament on
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researchers looking into possible link between sleep and alzheimer's disease. stories still under way it they could help scientists understand the disease better. >> : roger helps his wife jane it's as much as he can be
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lent 2009 aged 56 diagnosed with alzheimer's >> : out of colorado she slipped property and after the surgery in the hospital staff noticed work right in line >> : it's a narrow jet degenerate's condition sells in the brain starts and not function like they used to. as part of that connection between those are working >> : on a broken connection according to a study published in a medical association neurology impact on sleep pattern which can also impair cognitive functions. sleep important at any age is something that someone diagnosed with the day should be paying
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attention to this among many factors both better arrested able to deal with or dealing with >> : researchers found those poor sleep quality more of a buildup of a protein source see it and with all comers watter their result of all tires or lack of sleep more studies being done >> : coming up 530 election day tracking results big local races plus political analyst will be here to talk about possible shift in balance of power in the u.s. senate >> : what's possible today?
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spirivhelpme eathbett. sf blong snd. do brehingithco... .wei youown? dot wa askour ctorbout irivhandaler election day 2014 midterm election may not typically get voter turnout as presidential years but some significant decisions to be made locally and nationally statewide voters want a rainy day fund merrill races in san jose and dallas to power in the united states senate all decided said >> : still time to vote polls close at eight of california's tonight
5:30 pm
political analyst michael here to help preview the issues and begin with catherine looked at some of the key races in california >> : the state races don't generally get the same kind of buzz as those of the national thing. there are some interesting concepts for example marshall took the ban and a dead heat for the state top education for republican destruction >> : of very competitive break down to the wire >> : most expensive combative congressional races all the state tried to halt tonight longtime democrats fighting force see in the heart of silicon valley ricotta intellectual property lawyer from fremont this has been tied in anybody's guess >> : >> : also the assembly seat districts 16 dublin mayor thomas abroad see a democrat running against republican
5:31 pm
cast pleasanton attorneys >> : committed to the improving california business and >> : severances go race for state assembly pit >> : spent a year each canid it tried to pay himself as a true champion of liberal values be lent something like a lot of the time city halls and affordability crisis among other things to lead here now throughout the selection political analyst of week-long the senate ileitis it said it on a foot to republicans >> : but the polls since the same two states right now in play a held by democrats than republicans in the when three and then that will set
5:32 pm
the control >> : kentucky being called miss mcconnell keep his seat current senate minority leader should local power balance change then majority leader of the second say president obama centerpiece of all republican campaign. any institution on will be able to afford. be careful what you wish for the senator ted crews talking majority leader. democrats leaves minority party to submit the majority and the fact is you cannot have a veto-proof majority in either the house senate >> : democrats have lot of
5:33 pm
leverage to nate lose >> : depends on how you look at it >> : republicans being elected now news at the get something done: i can get anything done and in two years for them on the ballot in a bottle state then the belt there to your foot >> : summer this is an anti political stuff going on right now one thing that is certain real little will get done in the next few years as a obama learn to use the word viola >> : called the obama triple and cut the president tends to moderate republicans depresses democratic turnout. surprises' happened
5:34 pm
at the lead mark warner rising star is fighting for political live tonight up 710 points. it put money in there is a former treasurer charity of the republican national arkady get is very close to close a to call right now >> : could sail lot with what happens tonight at pyrrole leading >> : election day weather such temperatures 70 is much to the bay area things cooling off a little bit know pretty comfortable about their upper 60s 07 days and the entire bay area this afternoon tomorrow very similar conditions for use of a little chilly up there >> : bald conditions by noon '70s and the 3:00 hour >> : that includes upper '70's and a number of places. take a look the numbers in your
5:35 pm
neighborhood and when things also cooled back down coming up and a bit >> : other news national spotlight and the right to die with dignity over the weekend bay area native took her own life play nine year- old diagnosed stage for brain cancer >> : moved or again so she could take zero lethal drug made available under state law there >> : was charlie ill people will when to die >> : a college freshman with brain cancer gaining national attention on a hill that transmit her dreams come true west weekend afraid that should never get to fill the goal of playing college basketball >> : hurt teammates had something else in mind racial nichols tells the story >> :
5:36 pm
the moment but should of been the beginning 19 year- old lauren hell start of college basketball career. instead sunday's games cincinnati marks the end of the mission should been on for more than a year getting to step on to this court before she died >> : playing her during her senior year in high school started to experience headaches and dizziness mri revealed an irreparable brain tumor. given radiation and chemotherapy remain strong >> : and never give up those a paternal the adenosis never for a second thought sitting
5:37 pm
down not living like any more >> : to warn that means keeping a commitment to the college still want to try to play it >> : this summer crushing news >> : timmer advancing quickly >> : didn't expect her to live pestis december lime all the cancer was in terrible basketball i've ever story school petition and n.c.a.a. move its first game up two weeks social beat and good enough health the plight >> : tickets in high demand officials of the game from 2000 see area when the holes to a thousand game still held out less than an hour >> : finally sunday warm tub floor she scored the game's first basket the entire building erupted halftime
5:38 pm
receive the award for courage from women's basketball legends >> : and happy everyone is here supporting this in funding research >> : that girls all over her new strength of the i had a life coming up 545 told the but the target worker became internet sensation it now meet the girls who snapped a picture that one viral next heard of women having bu[phones rings]ent a it's amanda. hey sweetie. what?
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are more men getting road to a procedure known as a few years off one's appearance according to american society plastic surgeons 385,000 men in the united states got boat talks indirection last year 310% increase from a decade ago >> : doctors say financial meltdown 2008 played significant roles and the rise to giddings procedure man in the '40's and '50's unemployed want to look a little younger in order to get a job more easily >> : other driving factor in the procedure is click done during the lunch break >> : live look from bay bridge toll plaza the clear skies over oakland and most of the
5:43 pm
bay area right now chilly conditions overnight or
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the early morning accident union city to a life of quick to the scene. all men boulevard. just after 5:00 this morning trade >> : shortly after 5:00 in the morning. interactive traffic and see what it's doing. the legislators west balance. east and west bound investigating it we do know the victim was a man >> : this or alcohol in factors >> : we have investigators on the scene and then spoken with the witnesses >> :
5:47 pm
then determining right now what was the cause >> : inclusion appears to it be alive >> : to in the hospital tells to the hostile the lead investigators in the investigation to could take weeks to find out the cause of the setbacks than >> : last few minutes over the daylight here the bridge. rate be clear out here right now. fairly mild and then the '60s low 70's to the bay area ought still at this hour. install seven degrees in fairfield. 65 is there francisco that daly city as 69 degrees to lead thing is cleared and 40's in much the bay area tour although
5:48 pm
warmer in the '70s and upper '70's and a number of places >> : warming trend will be sent to the weekend at a cooler into next week >> : their culture clear right now high pressure building and over the coastal waters we told you about this yesterday dry the cloud coverage to the north look at that time the cult cloud cover this afternoon as stay fairly sunny all their tomorrow. and again warmer morning temperatures socially 39 nappa 42 fairfield 43 livermore. or molly of the coastline 53 san francisco in >> : the afternoon rings slightly warmer conditions was '70s clothes 72 servants as goes 757 tel 77 redwood city. it's bay shore line it also in the '70s. and in castro valley. it bought 75 of fremont. and in valais is fine most of the upper 70 degree readings 76 concord 78 walnut creek center
5:49 pm
monterey 77 livermore pleasanton the south bay temperature is largely in the '70s will see a couple low 80s out there tomorrow 80 los gatos 82 morgan hill lady also evergreen. in the north bay temperatures largely in the '70s as well. 78 petaluma's 76 mill valley 77 and that the >> : warmer weather tomorrow temperatures kind of level out to the rest of the week or saturday a few low 80s expected. stays warm sunday things cool off early next week >> : and thanks to a picture on twitter on a typical teen bad boys followed by millions >> : reports from los angeles where it's not top of the town >> : this at this rate crazy cut social media literally create overnight sensation to go inside the case of target alex and how he caught twitter in 33 hours >> : take the picture don't
5:50 pm
personally know him and only time i did talk to him when he was checking at targeted when for 15 year-old brooklyn pesetas photo quickly out to target the viral universe never gotten into complete frenzy early sunday morning when >> : one friend to read it and said he was elected a picture this person and then she said yes >> : no idea of the picture put would go viral as i drug between me and a lot of >> : is now but it pleaded 1,300,000 times haskell junior over 500,000 twitter followers justin bieber sunday night's 60 year-old lfa is now >> : part gets me yet to respect
5:51 pm
and privacy said we >> : thought an outlay tipping it episode of ellen after she it treated hate out from target >> : you can watch all celebrity news right here on kron 4 after the insider at 7 entertainment tonight at 730 >> : much more had >> :
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76 is not profitable and they're lowering the price because the one maintain market shares in the united states. it's a double edged sword and with the average consumer will seek cheaper gas that a good thing but it also will heart could sit for assistance. sprint now not a great quarterly report. down 20% of daily trading. it's been a losing subscribers losing money resonate since he can be adding to come up with the plant cheap 50 bucks of data much more attractive than over at&t and present you at the network that you get what else can throw up their edge to the 2000 subscribers they are gaining
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from at&t from frozen starting to switch for a hundred dollars a month >> : making lincoln really cool again >> : first time you saw lincoln commercial what is going on here see the show then you get know it's a commercial he murmurs to have to go back to move toward >> : his can get the last laugh on jim carey said it light live south park who perry parodied sales up 25% month >> : 8800 it's an ad campaign that is working >> : of a question facebook fan page will let surf here on kron 4 >> : news tonight just how well are californians he up to save water. same auditor has the answer everything to do
5:57 pm
where we live. and he brought the truck free home to san francisco giants ceo joine live tonight still glowing after world series when a lot more now as an complete election coverage next at 6 >> :
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5:59 pm
now at 6 selection in the night in the bay area polls close in two hours when results will come in for a very important race in our area. if you have not already still have time to turn in at your ballot. good evening some big decisions tonight for voters across the bay area and state. seeking our record a fourth
6:00 pm
term as california governor had had former u.s. treasury for neil and also leaders at city hall up for grabs in oakland 15 candidates for the seat held by gene klein told and the beat leading also a new leader in san jose said clara county supervisor city councilmen san carlo neck and neck right now in the race for mayor in san jose at >> : despite today's big races voter turnout is down a new report out produce 46.1 percent turnout this year end and that means over 8 million of the state 18 million registered voters expected to cast a ballot >> : down significantly 2012 more than 70 percent of registered voters participated 60 percent voted in 2010 and lime based upon return that we received
6:01 pm
so far are expecting turnout overall and the four recent high '40's all indications will be less than 50% >> : and probably be the lowest turnout and november january election >> : there's still time to change a vote by mail hit a new high at this time round of those voting 60 percent will vote by mail up from 201250% meld in their ballot >> : it began with heated race in the south bay. rob lives in san jose race for mayor extremely close tonight >> : here at ft great ball roof downtown san jose. supervisor court hazy will be arriving to watch the
6:02 pm
returns come and and hold in the celebration if he wins >> : also live coverage throughout the evening earlier a voter turnout here a big factor here voted today precinct at my precinct where to turn out 40 percent if you think about that means with the really close election next mayor of san jose club lead mandate of quarter to third of the votes that exactly a mandate. to carry its running chance to interview both at san jose test center there to participate non campaign related event. at the time both men agreed the number one issue facing voters this year public safety sam karo seen as
6:03 pm
someone who would follow in the footsteps about going chuck green and stay the course pension reform watter approved measure be. warding de cortese a decline and san jose people don't come here and beat cops to cut state make more money elsewhere now that there's a two- tiered system is true of 400 fewer cops in san jose right now than there were for five years ago all some have left for higher-paying jobs most retire still everyone agrees more cops are needed to khanates different ideas of how to do that the content money-saving measure be pension reform put that money to good use and take advantage of innovation and he has but they're no time to lose city can afford to give raises to police to lure them here right now also seen as someone would world back parts of measure d >> : still lots of votes to be
6:04 pm
tested and will be another couple of hours so the extent to be arriving here on 830 and live again that until then live in san jose >> : nice oakland voters having to decide the 15 can it's on the ballot. data live at election party location for mayor jean at unexpected kickoff letter tonight >> : trackless where election emerging kwan (about hurt others out with old and in with the new 1810 is on the ballot seems like those likely be the next mayor will be somewhat of the old guard >> : to look piquancy those leading in the polls are currently on the system not the best mare but also councilwoman with beat awesome and quebec got that all the talk about changing old guard and improving things and oakland of the
6:05 pm
polls are correct very likely one of these three oakland next mayor for part of the old guard >> : i'm proud of my record. but and on a target unemployment was cut in half was still a long way to go out like the chance to finish a that >> : born and raised in oakland lifetime resident and a great rest of bay community experience of volunteerism in every part of the city as well as legislative and executive experience in oakland city government >> : my commitment to put oakland the first restoring at neighborhood officers expanding all local jobs >> : back live here and a victory night headquarters of victory if you would if i should say reckless are one interesting thing is just off the phone with the register voters 30 and 45 percent turnout an almanac
6:06 pm
county. here is why we may not know who the mayor is by the end of tonight that is because expecting anywhere from 20 to the 25,000 mailed ballots to be dropped off at the polls tonight those will not be counted tonight and have to be counted tomorrow the 20-25,000 votes and city of oakland expecting to be dropped off at 40 locations throughout the day >> : as a result we may not know whether told tomorrow >> : and of the other big races for the governor's seat in sacramento jerry brown record fourth term california governor facing republican challenge since he returned to office 2011 brown really campaigning all along california's improving economy and recent
6:07 pm
unemployment and spending for education of his top of his campaign not treat now creating more jobs and improving education at >> : one of the hottest races in the south bay. incumbent congressmen like, but his republican challenger democratic challenger on the in congress and since 2001 won endorsement of big- name democrats also big names for endorsement zero local newspapers both have gone of their aggressive campaign nation's capital for the balance tonight democrats holding on majority seat but republicans have momentum it could be a big night for the gop. results from some of those already coming and >> : catherine tracking the numbers joining us now with the latest >> : some indication momentum
6:08 pm
really does seem to be with republicans what americans seem ready to deliver another demand for change at this point at last count numbers keep changing the republicans only need for senate seats to switched from democrat to republican to get the gop total control capitol hill the line started the night and needed six seats down four. but we can split their first capturing west virginia state held by democrats for nearly 30 years >> : and but but can surely as a senate seat making her first purser her party won a senate seat in west virginia since 1956 and led it democrats lost another seat in arkansas 10 con senator mark acquire for a third term about >> : the incumbent a president obama >> : and someone having a really good night republican minority leader quickly
6:09 pm
knocked down his democratic challenger kentucky reelection and >> : mcconnell in line to become senate majority leader and if things go well early witnesses all ominous early suffered democrats hoping to defy expectations and hang on to the senate and republicans to take senate first time control chambers of congress in eight years >> : that could be present obama to work with them suspend final years in office issuing a veto all this in a shadow of upcoming 2015 presidential elections >> : jane pulling off republican scott brown other key races being watched va. colorado iowa and louisiana >> : 630 political analyst michael will join us and update us on all this look on how the ship and the
6:10 pm
balance of power could affect president's final two years in office >> : coming up watching coverage continues raise for hundreds of thousands of workers >> : now on the hot hands of voters like a minimum-wage battle 7 cisco oakland's >> : 645 giants ceo larry be here to talk about the historic drop to a world series >> : local parents outrage over a planned parenthood >> : wednesday it planned to speak out >> : hey john, check it out.
6:11 pm
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will no bay area not a cheap place to live residents getting their chance to kick the price low-wage worker waters deciding to minimum- wage measures during this election if passes in san francisco propjet raise minimum wage 1074 $15 an hour by 2018 impact 142,000 workers for 22 percent of the of the city's work force. in oakland major as half from $9 an hour 1225 early as next march. plus oakland includes think we've provision at a more generous than state law minimum-wage in california stands at $9
6:14 pm
and our >> : national day or $7 and francisco passes makes minimum wage here twice that for less the country >> : new information california historic drive found out which areas sitting the most first disturbing discovery in side shall halloween back here from her father next >> : did you remember to pay the dog sitter? yeah, citi mobile. and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app.
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so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. a year-old girl her parents find a bag of methamphetamine sound on halloween candy happens all tracker treating and hercules grumman on neighborhood her father says solomon of but it was false because his daughter was dressed as a plus of this for halloween >> : i hope not that the sick joke if there were let kids be kids and have fun at heard some bad stuff on hall lane discuss she just up as a cop doesn't mean it's a joke the play chow with my daughter >> :
6:18 pm
and hopefully the cops will find on >> : messier's say there's hundreds of homes in the neighborhood a hercules police trying to track down which home gave the child to the drug >> : group of citizens concerned with the fed planned parenthood and teachings that sex education at lafayette high school >> : during kelly spoke with literally formed coalition plans to make noise and tomorrow night school board meeting >> : late think it complete all right >> : on a class to exclusively use as planned parenthood >> : pro-life alerted by parent of a lot of kron student after learning the freshman class when we learn and to school during key one week in october. but instead of learning about sex from instructor of planned parenthood >> : they fear organizations in instances future class b line like the see the other
6:19 pm
side the pro-life side not pro-choice planned parenthood business to provide the way they get them apparently as to go all hunt down clientele million are presided from the union has schools was the the idea planned parenthood is here again for future clients misinformation organization here teaching this program number of years and absence based program adheres to the state education code >> : this say parents have option to opt out and also us to review a curriculum >> : students have taken a drug that taken don't see little fuss is about >> : to give a good understanding what carville and positive saw the >> : need to edit its healthful necessary for us will have a >> : to make their feelings
6:20 pm
stirred during the public, inception in the school board's next meeting wednesday night >> : gorgeous day around the bay area sunny skies warm temperatures to 4 degrees warmer than always saw yesterday planula sun is out there this afternoon 72 livermore 71 concord 71 also sematech a 73 sunnyvale and 73 in seven rows of this afternoon. right now temperature is dropping in the '60s still pretty mild out there those '60s through much of the bay area 67 cisco 6264 in livermore. tonight a little chilly and what not but whats of clear skies temperatures drop in the 40's was a gamble for reasons of places and the afternoon tomorrow things get warmer talking widespread '70s even upper 70's some portions of the bay area couple low 80s sexually as well first talk about the morning lows '40's through much of the bay area exception of seven cisco
6:21 pm
richmond daly city temperatures forties' 37 nappa 39 their 43 livermore 42 fairfield 45 sunnyvale afternoon bringing a comfortable can't temperatures of the go-slow 70727 cisco 757 tel 77 a redwood city also '70s and said the bay. 72 mm 75 cilia chow 77 union city inland valleys where we find much of the upper 70 degrees to our 78 warmup creek center monterey 76 brentwood. 77 livermore. down in the south bay low 80s tomorrow afternoon 80 los gatos a to morgan held 80 in evergreen out otherwise upper 70's and the north bay opera '70s of highway 11877 sonoma 77 also in nappa. tomorrow about five degrees warmer than today and then temperatures pot kind of level out and the rest work week and the weekends. things cooled early next week
6:22 pm
>> : new information people who live in california coastal area doing a much better job of not wasting water in fact using far less than neighbors inland's community >> : barely clear why the state water resources control board release information today some community is making cuts in water use that's really helping the pushed on the overall numbers >> : stay wide monthly water use of september fell 10% over last year >> : and then a particularly good job in the bay area water used decrees to 15% bay area already has the lowest per capita consumption in california >> : philadelphia family dusted for answers less my after frightening video service daughter being kidnapped latest on the investigation coming up the line plus fresh off the dry as third world series championships c. o'leary in the studio to
6:23 pm
talk about the team >> : program reminder kron 4 grins tries victory parade encore presentation coming sunday night hourlong look back at the pre is best moments and catcher right here on kron 4 >> :
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
adult the police showing a woman dragged down the street you can see 22 year- old struggling in vain as her kidnapper forces her into a car young nurse with a few blocks from home when she was kidnapped. the unseen since sunday today the family " for the safe return police station apparently resisted even as she's been driven away >> : in see she's put on the back of the vehicle and class looks like was kicked out >> :
6:27 pm
and leave the rear >> : the kron appears to be random of $47,000 reward for information on this crime >> : look at the day's top stories election light turnout predictions it could be the lowest turnout in state history still kind of vote polls are open and will crunched the numbers next >> : oakland mayor west and pushed the state hersey leader city hall political analyst joyce is in the studio with elections coming in around the country >> : us all day temperatures in the '60s and '70s and awards more look at the numbers coming up at 630 dillon
6:28 pm
a rty? .
6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
here and hercules father brought his eight year-old daughter here to the prom on
6:31 pm
neighborhood for helene the small back across the mouth along with the candy and the trigger treat bad >> : word she get that thought was candy it wouldn't i world would of been changing and also taking a look a plastic bag possibly could have physical evidence we can trace back to another individual >> : concerns being raised about the sex ed class taught the freshman because instructor from planned parenthood of >> : citizens who says the organization business of providing abortions planned parenthood recruiting soon speech clients >> : school district says it misinformation class is and since this program and here's a state education code parents notified about the class and a map in advance and hold off low voter turnout throughout the state no different from
6:32 pm
here san francisco city hall numbers of for you checked with the voting officials we had 3000 people come out to vote. expecting 4635% lower than projected >> : 98,000 so far 84,000 votes that number also down >> : statewide really we see it all very low number only 8.2 million of 17.8 million registered voters are expected 46% >> : officials tell me a very slow morning and saw entries throughout the day in the afternoon voters coming out with about 50 voting booths here and have been told but the allied discourage voters and coming out only 15 minutes by the way polls
6:33 pm
here will be open until 8:00 p.m. >> : across the country republicans taking control of congress >> : the mid-60s to take control united states senate currently have control of the house joining us now political analyst michael you have some new results >> : republicans need six seats to control what their down to about two rv foot south dakota west virginia arkansas montana and nine states republicans have to win 23 depending if they lose kansas nordic inch take control u.s. senate >> : south dakota was virginia arkansas driven by anti president obama mahmoud was of it driven anti obama mode the president did when
6:34 pm
states to begin with democrats command 2008 the hon. the approval ratings in these in the 30's recipe for disaster for anything, i states really keep an eye on a five of those >> : keeping score the part alaska colorado and the sleazy and >> : of those are off zeneca go off if republicans win through this five is all over >> : good reasons to say democrats hold on this is like new hampshire carolina and virginia but these especially koro the need need a turnout and alaska last election account support team 15 days i was
6:35 pm
very close louisiana known as 50 percent runoff was the mood of latino electorate bestiary >> : a letter to the prison decided to do immigration reform alliance can do that there's a lot of what anchor historically they have very low turnout in midterm election >> : which issue might they be more open to moving forward >> : without a doubt try to get richmond formed to make a deal with the president and once immigration reform now shared with republicans goes against actually his entire strategy and this is a
6:36 pm
question that people ask themselves should the president on immigration reform as early as last year to deal with the consequences better time to prepare. now too late will see whether not all rugby to the difference or not >> : what the outcome for the president's shoulder a cool evening as we analyze the is the command is certainly big issues going on in the state as well talk about the throat and my >> : big weather story warm weather expected cool and the '40's the afternoon nice smiles and sundays for their much the bay area so tomorrow morning here is like expects 39 nappa 42 fairfield livermore 45 sunnyvale. in to the afternoon things were more than today 10 degrees warmer and portions list of state 8
6:37 pm
a scott is a san jose 79 sunnyvale. east bay largely in the '70s as well personalties number of places. pleasanton castro valley at the coastline of sunday's tomorrow a notion beach in daly city 727 cisco a person and is expected in the north bay tomorrow this amount of warming temperatures aloft in to the russell wait until weekend. analysts darkling enter early next week >> : by king star adrian peterson back at texas courtroom today plea deal could see him back on the plainfield >> : ♪ ♪
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
year-old boy found in oregon comes after a woman told police after she tossed
6:41 pm
her son over a bridge to boats and helicopters searched the bay bridge for hours last night >> : they spotted the child's body officers had the put the mother in the waters " more than 100 ft. below the bridge chances of survival from fallout hyde minimal >> : adrian peterson avoid jail time after reaching plea deal in abuse case of brought against for spanking the child with the switch with a small tree branch >> : >> : sentence for two years probation for thousand dollar fine atrs community service nfl future in doubt only commissioner roger can reinstate him from the senseless nfl says it will review the court documents before making final decision >> : and sports giants begin of season afterglow in five
6:42 pm
years >> : the steel resident in the studio tonight live sits down with gary next >> : making coffee? yeah, enough for two. gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. chai tea, please. honey, text the man what you want. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all.
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world champions didn't care about history or prognosticate for a thing but each other till the last ball of less season extended and a potluck no question hottest sport its executive right now giants winning three championships than five years he built a ballpark developed my favorite when somebody says he could be mayor said you think it must be oblique >> : and you a lot of people out said trust me give a better
6:46 pm
job than the mayor >> : got to go eight dinners and lunches. when you're building the ball park you had to go state dinners 10 launches >> : absolutely a political calculation and the ballpark built there is reason the giants almost a florida >> : the for close and dear gallon group that came together amazing >> : if the majority of the crew put the jets now some of their errors and dodgers. support of the ownership >> : one reason that would rule against the giants next year so ugly does not to give another speech >> : that's amazing. we got some very good mayors of we've gone through. the mayor part
6:47 pm
definitely in the right place. the city quite right. we saw traffic a growth of the city and good for the giants good for everyone couple hundred dollars and more people than 20 years ago >> : for again in nuts and bolts the best thing you said talking but dad >> : and wish your dad had been there to share it with few you grew up with the giants fans >> : and the fall up and it was our age were you thought i would like to run that >> : all old like everybody else i grew up with the billing as against people for generations think you did too. my dream to of have well in a special center field 19th avenue on the bus and we sit down by the bullpen that watched saturday's willie mays center field bonbons rice field the connie first base
6:48 pm
and that was my dream as sort of to be them and got the highest score in realize not and cannot be of them. but acted like so many other people how decree association you love. the college broadcasting berkeley and then got into the sports management media business in >> : when the a's didn't have television contract put a deal together york with troll family >> : it was a one figure deal >> : literally to says don college station at cal. >> : wendell high-school and always, my that gag. n.d. past sharing now >> : we had jerry brown stabbed pat brown and then there
6:49 pm
was a arce to washington supreme court justice stephen briar a grad student all was the great public high school institutions >> : rarely in this man is put sports talk radio >> : of the ball park where there ever seen us some key somebody we didn't want to >> : build think anything that's happened since we talked in the last few months. pot below is a great run with the franchise beeline the really believe welty goes both ways and that his loyalty does and are loyal kick the can do him the match. and not get the dollars obviously and by of all is cautious about this, it takes one team to blow your the water and we have
6:50 pm
to when things we've done we have to put give the whole team >> : give too much over one area and can't say other team >> : i feel ok about it in a gauche nations are starting to know him personally bought it from the parade going to watter game tomorrow night to do a ceremony tossup. if he was really looking elsewhere continues going through all this if i said he was spotted by the way >> : to a just a row store >> : said some may use that handoff >> : picking up merchandise at the peg and what everyone's >> : if i said see you all long pent by 30 million more will be different deal >> : is to detect a guy will go strictly for dollar more 30 million more >> : my view and he let us was to
6:51 pm
find its way to make something happen >> : our view the sort of in a positive framework and mention that had ties up to say hey kid poppel has a lot of backing him up >> : less infectious watter pence is like that too. though a it they need some of that with think that's a part of what's been successful >> : go back to back his baby in and poetry people like pam gave up on the team and >> : unbelievable lack of loyalty life as awful i did not say that >> : this wasn't many as the key >> : point is the think that it's what got you three and not as a scattered to die and you can't if you believe in them and back current their admissibility than >> : a think there's been a three-way think we've had
6:52 pm
going on which are very proud of with brian bruce a self a sense we sort of trust each other and not going to have perfect success season every year and have these blips will stay together during those and especially bruce bryant your relationship% and you see that in every sport >> : critically of a good working relations click anecdote. no. after the game and the cost instead for 20 minutes 30 minutes ago one but brian will stay to three in the morning trying to go over and it's hoped would make this better >> : than 20 seconds left on garnered great job last night. real hero >> : : an act to do something >> :
6:53 pm
he's an amazing guy be of so much respect for the way he goes on to what he does >> : madison he's the guy in a be a great role model amazing to think about world series 20105 years >> : congratulations fun to see how you grew aquino on but the wrapping us up >> : michael coming up top account numbers for you >> : michael said had >> : ♪ with kaiser permanente,
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> just sick of the word diva. >> don't speak too soon. >> a new lawsuit claiming a camera ready carey cost a fortune. is mariah high maintenance, or is this just the price of perfection? ♪ >> only one mariah carey. >> i appreciate it. >> then will and jada's super photo stash is trending. >> a steamy look inside their bedroom. >> plus, jimmy stealing kids' halloween candy. >> it's terrible, but it's so again. >> and he's a new social media sensation. alex from target. >> how he's making fans from bieber to ellen. >> and boss lady bethenny, inside her reported $25 million empire. >> is her designer purse getting bigger with her "housewiv" dot.
7:00 pm
hired, but who will be the first to hear you're fired? >> i think there will be a lot of drama. >> inside the cast of "celebrity apprentic apprenti apprenti apprentice. let's go inside. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. the competition is fierce, but i'm betting on the fox, says the donald, as he starts his search for another apprentice. we'll go inside the new cut-throat season of "celebrity apprentice." hello, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. >> i think it will get wild at trump towers with kate plus two housewives and a selfie obsessed fox news host. >> but first we are breaking down the cost of being camera ready. >> especially if you're mariah carey. a new lawsuit exposing the price of making her picture perfect. we go inside the numbers to calculate what it cost to get mimi to strike a pose. >> okay.


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