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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> james: will start off with this is a little breezy at the peak. a lot less talk and cloud cover is out there. yesterday morning here's a look at the weather. it will be at such
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warmer today. a lot could happen here's a quick look at temperatures of the 46 and santa rosa and of the '40's elsewhere in lower 50s. >> erica: the mineralize return on as of 545 and you see the back appear at the toll plaza. was to make your way past the mirror is sailing into san francisco about 14 to 15 minutes from the macarthur made into san francisco.
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>>mark: the morning after the election the bulls are still being counted. the republicans have gained control of the u.s. senate here locally in the oakland mayor you're raised libby shaft and victory early this morning. >>darya: the votes are still being counted she is one of 15 canada is among them the choice votes still needs to be counted as part of the right choice system the first choice of the voters if nobody gets 50% in the capital to the second choice that have to go through to count the second and third and add those to the total. she was about
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no matter what happened please be proud of what we have done together i am not apologetic for anything i have been one of the best there's oakland has ever had. we'll keep following the latest the official results are open >>mark: right now the race is very close to call into% 51 to 49%
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plan in front of the register is have of the job is still needs to be counted. it's too close to call. they note that it is still early we're halfway into oblong box match. what needs to be done right now theoretically is too close to call for either one to say i won or lost at 51 of 49 we currently have about a
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hundred and 20,000 that needs to be counted in that will take us through this weekend to complete those >> reporter: can you get the erratically get most of it done with you can say now the picture is starting to clear up theoretically we cannot count on the 20,000 ballots and open and flat demand one that right now they're about 2000 votes apart with a hundred and 20,000 ballots out there i really would not want to put a number at this point in his six weeks before it is all done is to take a
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couple of weeks >>darya: boulders in berkeley has become the first to pass it sold attacks. --so the tax the
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tax is payable by the distributors come about two to five minutes read what happened live report from minnesota tax went down in san francisco is pass with 55 percent that is why it did not pass >>mark: gumma brown is returning to sacramento for his fourth term--jerry brown
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will be 80 years old when his term is complete. >>darya: will be covering the election results all morning long at the kron 4 morning news as they continue some of them will need to be it settle this morning >>mark: such amenities in california are doing a better job in saving water how does it compare san francisco police investigating and hit coming up
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>> erica: and looks like the backup is still started to
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>> reporter: that car in this epos will hit and run the driver of the big coke does not know if he/she hit anyone. the accident happened just before midnight last night here on court street heading westbound between mason and taylor said this is the police the victim is a man possibly in his 20's or 30's he was pronounced dead at the scene. the vehicle involved in the accident is some type of fuel tanker possibly one of those 18 will tankers that to see at a gas station given the size of the vehicle they say they're investigating the cause will hit and run but also the driver does not know he or she hit someone along turk street bar as a witness is the kron 4
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>>mark: people live in coastal area are doing a better job in saving water. coastal communities are using far less water than the inland communities. statewide monthly water was down 10 percent compared to last september water use decrease by 15 for san. timber to school we admit to the upper 40's. >> james: of the timber just
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are not want to warn as we get to the noon hour. 70 degree weather except for this extreme coastal as a hit for three in the afternoon against overrun '70s will be everywhere. it will be unseasonably warm today and tomorrow. reelect with nothing but sunshine and steadily warming temperatures to of this will come back down next week. >> erica: with in the past
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15 minutes a chapter is stacked up and pretty slow here at the toll plaza the approach is still looking to ok the track all was on 580 without a 80 and highway one she met with has the leading lights we are saw the loss will sailings under 16 minutes from the maze into the city. here at the san mateo bridge you see a chapter on the right-hand side of the screen heading toward foster city. south ma 101 coming out of the bottle at highway 37. >> erica: we do have reports of a new asset northbound 101 at mckee. to be a coat and a vendor. we
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are seeing green for the most are to you hit the 87 interchange reappoint as for public transit we had earlier problems >>mark: a major shift in in washington republicans taking control over the senate. >> reporter: we expect the election i to be a good one for the gop but even the most loyal republicans did not predict this many wins
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as in so many unlikely places. the empire state building). that chance seems to be a this approval the republicans now control both houses of congress. the dow will still be challenging. >> reporter: 80 to itself for more years before and as the campaign against charlie. tomorrow marks and today is time to put all of
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the division behind us and come together. >> reporter: upset in maryland election season is not over for louisiana senate it is heading to a runoff >>darya: pro marijuana advocates are cheering this morning. congress is still block the move and the district of columbia but the measure of of oregon and
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alaska was allows the cells of marijuana is suing years or older. the measure and it is 60 percent of the vote to pass no medical marijuana and florida will continue to tally all the results and give you an election coverage this morning it also get the latest online at kron 4 dot com. >>mark: to live the tear at the bay bridge back already forming this morning will keep you updated on the warm weather coming our way [phones rings] it's amanda. hey sweetie. what? okay, i'll send it. one hundred seventy-two dollars for a chemistry book, what is it, made of gold? just use citi popmoney. boom. ah, she's feeling lucky. hey sweetie...cancun, yeah no, you'll be spending spring break with your new chemistry book.
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>>mark: proposition 45 is defeated. proposition 46 is selling as well. --failing it will test the doctors for drug and all problems and 47
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past the licenses will be reduced for misdemeanors >>darya: one person is dead and a 16 year old boy is injured it happened around 5:00 last night one person was killed pronounced dead at the same the senate was set into the hospital would not life-threatening issues. >>mark: the numbers from yes to lead with a change in the
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>>mark: 100 points war reading and from wall street. throughout the morning reactions from here to hundred thousand out--
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jobs created in the month of october. >>darya: one ticket in your the rest of us is just worried about the weather. >> james: less starting off on a griddle. --starting off on a great note. it is going to be fantastic. take a look at where temperatures are at
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this moment. you have little more at 4947 for concord 49 in san jose 52 and 55 expected to go in oakland and san francisco. we are looking for widespread '70s. everything from 71 all the way up to selenide and 80 degrees. i will come back at 645 and walk you through more details. that will be the trend going into the weekend. >> erica: traffic is really filling in here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing some shuffling care. let's take a closer look at our traffic map the backed up is now well into the upper part of a maze. was
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down 580 is a pretty easy ride. where are seen slow and the conditions out of berkeley. the line >>mark: the first city to pass a tax home sold the and sugary drinks. --soda >> reporter: soon you'll be paying more for the sect soda soda has overwhelmingly last night. you'll be paying 12 extra cents for a can of solda--
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soda marseille others in the bay area of the last couple of years that have gone down so barkley will be the first one to pass it. not everyone is happy about the new law. i think it's stupid taxing people is not going to stop them from drinking it. i think it is ridiculous i don't think that people should be taxed based upon their food or drink choices 75 percent approval of this the taxes as i sleep given through the distributor. 1¢
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per ounce is will we are looking at. >>mark: sentences kill it failed for a the sugary drinks tax. >>darya: the minimum wage was raised from 1074 in january it will increase to $15 an hour by 2018 this at a look at unofficial election results. tassan francisco voters through the proposition minimal wage and said this is the will of to 11 05 in january of next year and will continue to go on about a dollar a year until 2018.
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a very close race out of prison until mike honda remains ahead the vote there is 52%. >>darya: are really close race 51 percent edging out. john denison are challenging with 82 percent winning by a landslide people sincerely on our shores to violate because they need to find food. has
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been set off to prevent the spread of ebola. a lot of people are being 5000 people have died in the ebola outbreak >>mark: is expected to leave the hospital today weeks after she was cleared teresa contracted the virus when she was treating and ebola patient her husband a ride to the hospital to pick her of spanish authorities euthanize a dog over a public outcry because of the fear that the dog would catch the ball up. --ebola
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will be back at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies.
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that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> erica: l costa 47 minutes to get to dublin. >>darya: george bush is an election winner george p.
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bush. and landslide hit the son of 26 nephew of former president george w. bush. and grandson of george h. w. bush >>mark: locked in the forecast will we come back we'll have your extended outlook will see where the weather is going for the rest of the week.
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>>darya: i still feel like it is a little chilly out there. >> james: ill be nice and warm in some inland spots no delays this morning to cause a problem to the edges are on the cooler side. mid to
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upper 40's and the north bay 50 if ncr 40 in livermore letter on this afternoon will see to adjust more like this if you notice we're of the 21 today than we were yesterday as expected. san jose will be at 80 to 3 degrees sunday night for sunnyvale if you had sort of moscow's debt to your seeing the low 80s plenty of sunshine that will be the forecast of the east bay as well. in mid to upper seven is for the san ramon valley were looking for the 75 to 77 degrees for the east bay shoreline. upper 70's and low 80s across the lock bay. high pressure is keeping the clouds away.
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>> erica: we're attracting big problems for your bay bridge ride and axes to report westbound 80 just west of treasure island. we're not seen the backed up just yet is that the technicals look at the traffic map. it dropped down to about 10 mi. per hour is better to have an impact on westbound 80 unfortunately the ride if you can you may
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want to get into the san mateo branch although we are seeing some delays coming down. over at the golden gate bridge southbound 101 over at the richest and filled breast looks like cars are starting to line up westbound ticket and a look at our traffic map with starting to see some slowing southbound 101 approaching alexander we had an accident involving a beer despite minor tap on the break--the yeadeer >> erica: in looks like we're getting some reports of delays on cow trying delays up to 13 minutes for
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the northbound direction. >>mark: the class is being taught by '80s to from planned parenthood and parents from the school approach pro-life advocate after running up the week class that have get formed a coalition which now speaks out at planned parenthood involvement in the school they say they object to the organization had exclusive access to students. i like to see the other side of the issue the pro-life side of the issue not the pro-choice or pro-abortion as we call it. because parents--planned parenthood >>mark: the rep said that plan and what has been teaching that last for years this is an abstinence base program that adheres to the state program the senate
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sale pouncing is closed now. >>darya: after morgan three dozen people got sick eating their according to the health officials 12 people attended a convention at the hotel at october 26th and they all went to hospital with gastric intestinal pain and 30 other deaths it at that same hotel health officials say the hotel is cooperating with investigations steps are being taken to clean and this affects the kitchen and all four people are being treated for illnesses after eating there. the city of copper is asking for an hour rest warrant for a refusing to exterminate bedbug from the apartment complex. >>darya: he ignored multiple violations and signs >>mark: if you want to relive the giants' victory
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celebration will bring you the parade again this sunday november 9th look back at the the parade and speeches right here on kron 4 this sunday coming up a driver barrels through people in jerusalem. the loss of sun sign for san francisco which is shaping up to be a mild and warm day. >>darya: this is a measure the of milpitas 75% of the voters say no
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>>mark: the american that was convicted of killing as a new job. there were acquitted in release in 2011 but an italian court found her guilty again this year she is staying in the u.s. while she appeals. >>darya: 6 people are hurt when a driver rams as car into a car on a train platform. i happen and jerusalem. to start attacking people with a crowbar police shot and killed the driver they're calling this an act of terrorism. >>mark: she died on saturday
6:55 am
using the oregon law. as rabbi dr. she moved to california to oregon because of the state's law yesterday's the vatican is not judging anyone but her act is in itself reprehensible and the gesture should be condemned. >>darya: will you spend a week for late night tv. >> reporter: the speculation is over chicken farm she is dropping new music on my last out what it will not hit i tunes by surprise she plans to release two new songs and for remixes. expect a lever is what jz niki minaj and pharrell
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>> reporter: no word on what songs they may play donald trump reveals the pass on today so she will be competing against comedienne and tv personality to land a few players this season to the sows will even featured the late john ridge--john rivers and the dutch. >>mark: 95 times in six weeks a thousand people in the country it bought the never ending possible passed for $100 the rosa has been going on for about six weeks. he was pulled to use his pasta has twice a week
6:57 am
was even more impressive is that >>darya: 10 a look at what's coming up at the 7:00 hour following all of the election coverage and tenacity in here in the bay area. we are talking more trouble for the forty-niners with gary. the sec a look at our san mateo bridge lots of sunshine there will be right back.
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