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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 7, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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coroner's report on robin williams. with results of blood tests after the comedian's suicide. >> pam:god save the queen. reports tonight that britsh police foiled a plot to stab queen elizabeth at a ceremony marking the end of world war one. >> pam:and some people seeing red. over what is painted on the curb. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:happening now: >> pam:traffic on the golden gate bridge. being squeezed to just two lanes right now: only one lane in and one lane out. on a busy friday night. this is a live look, where four lanes just shut down. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> pam:it's all because of a project we told you about last night. to create a movable median. but it could create traffic backups into the weekend. kron4's jeff bush is live
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with more on the project. and when these closures will end. >> reporter: the cruise and just moved in the place look behind me the heavy equipment is now here on the marin county side of the golden gate bridge to sell malaise will be sought to get down till tomorrow afternoon. >> reporter: tried to get the roadway ready for this try to get the traffic together on the golden gate bridge prairie >> reporter: the try and get the roadways smoothes out and get the equipment out. >> reporter: could be a nice smooth ride driving experience. >> reporter: the two inside
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southbound lanes will be shut down to about 1:00 saturday afternoon later saturday night the two northbound lanes will be short shutdown when it is all set down said and done equipment and a mobile poll barrier will finally be a reality sometime in january 2015 >>: is nothing compared to the devastation of head on collision on the golden gate bridge and thus will try to avoid. >> reporter: here's what to need to know of your coming in from south and the san francisco from marin county tonight you gonna have to give yourself little bit of extra time. if you're leaving severance as of tomorrow night did yourself some extra time. >> pam:an ongoing headache from the major gas leak that forced evacuations in downtown san jose.
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kron4's philippe djegal is live at the corner of west santa clara and south market streets with the latest. >> reporter: there is good news to report tonight the fire department reported of around 5:00 tonight that the gas leak has been contained. there's still pg&e crews still on the same trying to repair the roadway. they completed their task inside surrounding buildings looking for any dangerous gas leaks that could still be around. the evacuation orders for the 2500 people has been listed lifted. and a construction crew accidentally ruptured for its gas pipe. >> reporter: a was close several blocks from each direction to the public.
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>> pam:that special union square holiday atmosphere. is getting pounded down by heavy equipment and construction work! it's really dampening the spirit there. >> pam:kron 4's j-r stone spoke to some unhappy shoppers -- and the mayor of san francisco about it. >> reporter: all of your head down here be prepared to there's lots of construction to of the three lanes of stockton street behind me are closed during the daytime it is loud down here and it is busy. >> reporter: the union square christmas tree is up a be where it and is the season for something else in downtown san francisco.
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>> reporter: loud trucks and lots of construction are going on in union square. >> reporter:. taken the of friday night the bumper-to- bumper traffic to be seen as far as i can say on farrell street. that's just one concern going into the busiest shopping time of the year. some shoppers have had enough. >> reporter: mayor ed lee was cut was not hiding come from concerns of people
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tried to reassure them that this will cause between november 28th and january 1st. we gonna have a lot of good presence founded celebrate the holidays. >> reporter: good news for those and shopping next month a challenging news for those that want to shop now. >> reporter: nut is important to note that the city plans on adding all winter walk a lot to come. >> pam: rjr ises directly having an impact on the money that's coming into the businesses of union square. >> reporter: keep reminding them many of the businesses have complained about the construction work for several months.
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>> reporter: many people think they're close for business but in reality they are opened. >> reporter: were going into it area where this is primetime and the businesses are hoping to do well and hoping to see this cuds the construction work calls up for the time being starting next month. >> pam: all the detours for navigating the square was still be in place right? >> reporter: certainly so. >> pam: midterm election results are still coming and and fouled by congressman kinda is heading back to the conference. >> pam: 81, or 40 to 52% to 48%. >> pam: he raised more than
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$4 million for his campaign was a lot of help from the silicon valley. he says he was honored to have been a part of the race. con the >> pam:, a cook could in his campaign bus in the 17th district has a good teacher. >> pam: according to the latest count of the registered voters mcardle please of lead of 3000 boat is over cortese. a cargo has already declared victory. his campaign will continue
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to monitor the returns but he will not concede until every vote is counted. >> pam: williams did not have drug or alcohol in his system when he died according to the autopsy report report >> pam: the corner confirm the cause of death was hanging the beloved actor robin williams died in his home. >> pam: his wife revealed that he was facing early onset of parkinson's disease. >> pam: arrest of traffic deaths in san francisco is putting pressure on city hall to make the streets safer. >> pam: the put out one pair of shoes for each of the 28 people killed in traffic accidents. >> pam: lory del mar the 51
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year-old jogger was run over by a bus yesterday morning. >> pam: been the protest was right out in front of city hall tried to get the attention of city leaders. >> pam: a taurus was also struck by a tour bus. it >> pam: the number of fatalities is hide their even warned of people injured there are more than a hundred times as many people injured at this point of the year they're not represented today people with broken limbs people with irreversible trauma and damage to their bodies >> pam: the group start asking the city to jump- start projects to make the area safe for. the activists
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still wants more physically protected bike lanes. >> pam: they're hoping that proposition 8 will help with fixing problems straight. >> pam: ahead of plot to assassinate the queen of england. >> pam: ever get the feeling that to being watched and how cameras set up in your own home to be turned against you bike complete strangers. >> pam: and how oakland city leaders are reacting to the san antonio grow group this trying to lure the raiders the way. >> reporter: no delays reporter right now and possible brain it >> pam: in the world series champions had a party in the bay area left last friday and if you want to relive the celebration calls the
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it encore presentation sunday night november 9th an hour-long look at the parade in ketchup on kron 4 at 7:00 p.m. followed by kron 48
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>> pam: antonio came to town today, to see if they could lure the raiders to the alamo dome. and at least one oakland city council member says. not so fast. >> pam:kron 4's haaziq madyun reports. >> reporter:those are your friends out there in san antonio but do you want to kind of give them a message, don't mess with oakland? >> reporter: of groups and the leaders coming all klan are trying to woo the raiders away from the alamo dome to that of all down.
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and not worry about san antonio being here >> reporter: 1 action option that the raiders have not acted on is extending their current lease out at the coliseum which expires in 20102015 so what message does this send all about the conversation being had between the raiders and leaders from santos tony all. >> reporter: oakland's best play for keeping the raiders in town is the coliseum project city project which now has a new financial group taking the lead in trying to keep both the raiders and a's in oakland >> reporter: that said council member tells me that he's not sure that the nfl will allow the state of
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texas that three nfl teams anyway. >> pam: oakland's new mayor elect to be shaft's says she's all for keeping the raiders here on one condition. according to dr. wills and the danes in the last 24 hours to express my excitement and my commitment to keeping the team however i have been buried clear i will not put public money into the stadium. >> pam: coming up here plans to improve safety and expand business in oakland and begin 20 minutes >> reporter: the great bridge was in a foul mood earlier one share of what some pretty nice conditions. all throughout the evening the weekend has a lot of sunshine similar to what
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we've had. next week though we're looking at a cool down chances a% precipitation were checking the temperature is right now san francisco and 58. >> reporter: here's why there's not a whole lot of cloud cover as the system goes. you can police saying that this morning lows will be 56 in san mateo 57 in richmond 51 in pleasanton. >> reporter: afternoon highs will be 76 in palo alto 78 in santa clara east bay will be 78 union city mid to high
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seventies for the most part. >> reporter: 72 in san francisco tomorrow tied. >> reporter: they're just been sunshine brought all the week now look at this coming in wednesday and thursday and friday as one the system will move towards the bay area. thursday will be our best chance for rain friday can have some leftover wraparound precipitation. >> reporter: in the immediate future you're looking at a very nice weekend. what we might even possibly break 80 in an linarias >> pam: new wellhead hear from an east bay family that says their neighbors are making a mess and they want a clean up. >> reporter: one day this
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barges floated off we have new information that sheds light on while the gold or barge got kicked out of the bay state to do it. >> gary: coming up later this broadcast get ready for big weekend and football. will also talk about the raiders and pay manning and charles barkley is one on the counterstrike. female announcer: tuesday's your last chance to save big
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>> reporter: couple of big things happening in the tech world to that remember the global barged was floating in our bay was the big mystery it turned out to be a floating shomron but it never opened. new
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information is out shedding light on that mystery and looks like the coast guard was a big part of why the googol barge fail. >> reporter: the wall street journal is there stating their return they obtain e- mail and the coastguard was of concern about flammable fuel and the amount of people they will plan on having on top of the shore of barge. >> reporter: will offer more options on which france and which is items would appear. >> reporter: they can also choose to see less content from a particular friend or group it will be slow least rolled out to you may not see them right away.
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>> reporter: twitter has launched a new cap women action of government to report harassment through web site. >> reporter: way and will escalate validate the reports to twitter and send it back >> pam: still had the san francisco dog owner that's been reunited with her dog. >> reporter: people behaving badly >> reporter: in the 40 niners better be the same as this weekend that they expect me to the playoffs. +
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the raiders hold peyton manning and the broncos full hour as sunday night and nine after the news. hey john, check it out.
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family's private moments and the home will have a live report was gonna be done to clean up the mess. >> reporter: air-traffic moving well in both directions now will be talking about the precipitation possible next bulldog: mattress discounters veterans day sale ends tuesday. get four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection!
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>> pam: new tonight at 830 and eased a family says they are fed up with an out-of- control message next door are reporters live in hayward. >> reporter: a disagreement between neighbors is not unusual but in this case things may have gone to the next level. >> reporter: kevin crowe and
8:30 pm
his family live in hayward when they first moved then they had a good relationship with their neighbors next door. >> reporter: a few things ought started to estrange a year of year you go he started seeing dead rats and nor horses manure kept on the property he tried to approach his neighbor about the issues and that did not work. you get the feeling that you're being blowed off get ya ya will take care of it. >> reporter: he said since then the problem has just gotten worse several horses are being kept in pens with writing plywood. they're standing inches in deep in water and feces. >> reporter: inspection of the property did fine excess
8:31 pm
manure and stalls that were not clean for the horses in the owner says that he is working with the cop county ordinances issues and he is trying to cooperate. >> reporter: kevin just wants his neighbor to clean things up for. >> reporter: back live now called the alameda county's syrups office and he says there has been zoning in this area that has caused confusion and animal owners. >> pam: of your tipped us off to the story if you have a story you can visit our website at kron 4 dot com and look under the my story tab and sinister idea >> reporter: as stanley roberts would people be made is behaving badlynear the corner of scott and pierce there sits an rusty old motorcycle, with a registration tab that expired
8:32 pm
a few months backs the wheels have been chalked by parking enforcement numerous times. >> reporter:but what really caught my attention is something else which is also located in front the home where the cycle sits and to the untrained eye. even though it's fake i couldn't tell >> reporter:we he is referring to is the red wing tips on the front of the house, i showed him what official red zones should look like so that's an official curb ok you see it, yes now lets look at the unofficial curb. >> reporter:yea this star looks kinda oh yea you can see that it was kinda hand done compared to this one i never really paid arttention you pointed it out >> reporter:you can see the stars they are all crooked then you look at that one its complety different you have a good eye man on behaving badly >> reporter:and that exactly what some homeowners want to think that the red curbs are legit when in fact they are not.
8:33 pm
>> reporter:only the city of san francisco is permitted to paint curbs, the reasoning is if you allow anyone to paint red zones they entire town would be painted red however homeowners and some illegal curb painters are going around creating red zones due to the lack of parking some curbs are even showing the old dpt logos >> reporter:this one is brand new when in fact the city swithched to mta stencle several years back this is an older fake dpt stencle notice the dots instead of stars >> reporter:according to some residents they have seen people get ticketed for parking in the fake red zones, if this has happened to you and you can prove it, you could be due a refund >> reporter:but its not always fake red zones that have the problem, check out this green zone, well the city recently unstalled a fire hydrant but didn't bother to repaint the curb >> reporter:now common sense would dictate that you never park to close to the fire hydrant >> reporter:you know youre parked by a fire hydranty right i know i'm parked in
8:34 pm
the green zone to mail a letter ok >> reporter:then around the corner there is a loading zone where the sign reads 7- am to 6pm but the curb reas 8pm to 6pm. oh some irate ticket reciever vandalized the times >> reporter:while you should never ever park illegally, you should be aware that thing are not always what they seem, remember knoweldge is king and ignorance is bliss >> reporter:untill you get a real ticket for a fake red zone and that is people behavinr badly across the board in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam:loretta lynch is expected to be named the new attorney general. that's according to a u.s. official briefed on the matter. >> pam:president obama is currently deciding eric holder's successor. lynch is in her second term as u-s attorney in new york. >> pam:if confirmed, lynch would be the second woman to serve as attorney general. and the second african american to hold the post. >> pam:more troops are
8:35 pm
headed to iraq to fight against the terror group isis. the white house made the announcement this afternoon. >> pam:an additional fifteen hundred soldiers will go. the u-s already has about 1700 boots on the ground -- >> pam:so this new number nearly doubles that. the troops will train the kurdish and iraqi security forces. >> pam:their goal is to help degrade and ultimately distroy isis. the white house says. >> pam:president obama will ask congress for another five point six billion dollars to fund the fight. >> pam:british police have arrested four men accused of plotting to kill the queen of england. the attack was supposed to happen today while the queen attended a military event at the royal albert hall in westminster. >> pam:but british police got wind of the plot and arrested the men thursday night. they were arrested in west london and in the county of bukingham-shire. they are being called 'isalmic terror suspects.' >> pam:both the queen and prime minister david cameron
8:36 pm
were told about the plot. the queen is still expected to attened an event on sunday that commemerates the end of world-war-one. >> pam: what happened at some bay area's schools today that some parents scrambling to pick up their cost kids from school early. the zero website stocks trading using the cameras in your home for. the battered and bruised sampras's coach to what was back at home where she belongsshe >> reporter: this should be a good long weekend to go in camp out. brand news!...
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>> pam: a live look outside as severance cisco city hall all lit up. >> pam: and tonight 80 one-on-one interview with oakland's mayor in let your which she set by wanting to keep the raiders in town still talk about her other major priorities when she starts her job in january. >> reporter: her enthusiasm about tackling the job has not. she said safety is gonna be our top priority and that includes beefing up
8:40 pm
the cops. my goal is 925 officers i believe that we can get them to 800 officers within the next four years. she stated she will go after businesses shut. she wants to exhaust help existing businesses grow. to what artist and craftsman said all good she was to put all when on the map with good business is in the area. >> reporter: another one of her priorities of is on hold affordable housing for residents. finding units where we can
8:41 pm
convert them to affordable protections for families in the area. i want people to feel like they know very easily how to get the pot hole fill in the street lights fixed. >> reporter: she officially becomes the mayor on january 5th and she has a lot to do and she does the one based waste a minute. >> pam: a service stocks thoroughly and beaten and left in a dumpster to nine cayley is back with former owner due to some high-tech help. will have more on the bond with this pat and its owner and why it's so important this dog is back at home >> reporter: earlier tonight to could even see the golden gate bridge of them but the fog is still out there but deletion can see through it now. partly cloudy skies and
8:42 pm
the fault should start to move into the inland areas. over the weekend should be warm next week on we should have some rain a round wednesday into thursday. temperatures right now is pretty nice. the one in concord 80 in fairfield. you see '50s and '60s at 5:00 a.m. in the morning the fall will dissipate and 10:00 in the morning and already see '60s and well into the seventies around lunchtime. >> reporter: does not light one areas getting a good as could be nice all the way around. 72 in san francisco 74 for a word 76 in fremont. >> reporter: chance of rain
8:43 pm
wednesday evening into thursday possibly trickling into friday. >> pam: standing guard at several schools what a person kept the home place on campus due to the act as as that happened today. the war is credits for big test saturday against the houston rockets sports is next. hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device
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>> pam: police stood guard in front of several north bay schools today this after someone posted a violent threat of social media had not bought old high-school please run campus for most of the day k-9 units were brought in to look for anything suspicious as word spread many parents can't pick up their kids from school police said it will continue their present at the upcoming football game between the two rival high school ally and not in the bottle detectives are trying to track down never posted the threat. >> gary: sunday will know what the 49ers have a decent season going or if harbaugh was next. they're in ortolans to face the same period last november sales were allowed to kick the
8:46 pm
winning field goal. they're struggling this year for four. in the kings this from coming outsider flak dance was kitcat keep that on the outside is up the us the men in the room were saying we have challenges ahead of us and we hope that's where our focus is. >> gary: peyton manning in denver there's noise about the raiders moving to san antonio but ousted with my tried and true line there's so much talk about aids and the raiders when his the of moving van then give me a call. it >> gary: calls barkley is great on tva the lakers a so bad that without a when was no hope in sight.
8:47 pm
troweled barkley i'm not gonna eat and to the lakers win a ballgame and a drink water. i gotta have more cards >> gary: that's the stuff now the warriors their just the opposite of the lakers for no the going into houston tomorrow night said. steve kerr is feeling good. more than anything there been this glad to be around everyday. he knows the economic the team better. we're aiming high. >> gary: sports night live sunday in a taste of the excitement. >>: there's a lot of talent in the nba this allotted
8:48 pm
team said to have the ability to the championship is up for grabs. >> gary: like a mentor the pre kids at the station. my tooth came out around 550 tonight and yet you would not know it i will show you what is right here at 9 05 p.m. a.m. i'll be at my desk home in san francisco always gonna compare per he's gotta prepare me tonight at now 9 tonight. >> gary: physically always play hurt before the managers tell your you can always work through it. windigo dear dennis vows on a friday night. >> gary: what a fun friday
8:49 pm
night and get to see more of a man opened his mouth the repair the tooth. >> gary: great doctor dave rossi and a few minutes. >> reporter: when hard orleans all you haters can take credit for. >> gary: nobody hates on harbaugh on telling you but if they went and and be alright. if you wanna be a tough guy you when you went all the time what happens is when you blow people off but don't expect any favors when you start to slip in the same lies the to blow off about a pounce on you. >> reporter: possible sandoval pay him what every oncepablo
8:50 pm
>> gary: below is very good possible is very good at pablo sandival >> reporter: >> gary: this is a great team the route for all the good guys and you do get a little carried away is a fun thing to watch. >> gary: a son was set carried a halloween. >> reporter: injury of jealousy of those nine giants lucky enough to receive a championship ring
8:51 pm
on story is so ordered. >> reporter: larry you're quite fine when it comes to announcing parades. >> gary: panels would have been called in the past mr. parade. >> gary: now for my dennis of be there have some drinks for my wife of be there about 9:15 p.m. p.m. >> pam: coming up next fliers on of oakland international airport to uncross up one thing off the list and how strangers are watching people to the cameras inside their home what they are exploring and how to know of your potential victim.
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>> pam: are russian websites is taking the phrase peeping
8:55 pm
tom too extreme. this call and see camed outcome. its shares the lead of about 73,000 cameras around the world. and about 11,000 cameras are set up in the united states. >> pam: the u.s. government says that this activity is illegal hacking into the protected account violates the law. >> pam:revisiting our top story -- happening now: four of the six lanes on the golden gate bridge are being closed to traffic. >> pam:and these lane closures will continue into your weekend. causing delays north and south of the bridge. >> pam:it's all because of a project we told you about last night. to create a movable median. while the majority of
8:56 pm
construction will start next year. two southbound lanes are closed right now. >> pam:they will stay that way through one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. two northbound lanes just closed minutes ago. >> pam: tomorrow. the median project is meant to prevent head-on collisions. >> pam:the barrier will eventually replace the cones which currently separate the north and southbound lanes. and good news for holiday travelers in the east bay. >> pam:bart's new train to plane open in time for thanksgiving flights. >> pam:bart says riders will be trains between the coliseum station and oakland international airport -- 22nd. >> pam:the ride between the two points takes about eight minutes. >> pam:that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. >> reporter: since the planning of sunshine for the weekend will have some rain in the forecast for next week we can definitely use the rain. >> pam: have a nice evening
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