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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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trying to save water when they installed thousands of dollars worth of artificial turf but now green is all gone. the grass was taken, dan? >>reporter: yeah, vicki, all that's left is this patch of dirt and some gravel behind me and that's all that's left of a generous donation that was heartlessly ripped away. >> went into the office, forgot something in my car, came back out and looked over here and wait a minute, something's wrong here. >>reporter: the grass was stolen in plain view. >> they saw me out here looking at them. i can't believe it, somebody would steal something from a church. >>reporter: the theft was reported to hay wood police. >> it was silent there foray few seconds. -- for a few seconds. >>reporter: there was too much for the thief or these to
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handle. >> this is exactly the same stuff. >>reporter: the rest of the generously donated turf is still intact. >> with horrible turf that 49ers had at new stadium, maybe they came and got it. >>reporter: not everyone is amused. >> i'm still working on turn the other cheek, if i find them, i want top bend something the wrong way. >>reporter: pastor wants to encourage whoever responsible to dot right think. >> we'd love to talk to the people, guys if you have a problem, maybe we can help out a little bit. >>reporter: i spoke with hayward pd who say they can confirm that pastor robles call them after the theft. he also called them off after the theft. report nothing hayward dan ruben, kron4 tuesday. >> starting today you can enroll
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in cover california for next year. cover california is the state's health exchange. it's part of the affordable care act. in its first year about 1.3 million california people enrolled. today we asked who hosted this event about the improvements in year two. >> this obviously we have had feedback. any time you have something for the first year you're going to have bumps in the road. we know we need to do a better job with translation. we need to do a better job with outreach. now it's out there, we think more and more people are going to come in. >> enroll period shorter three months rather than six. bird strike over the area led pilots to make an emergency landing friday evening. alaska airlines boeing 737 encountered the bird strike shortly after 7:00 p.m.. the plane landed 20 minutes into
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the flight. pilots believe their plane had come into contact with birds in the air around 5000 feet and returned out of caution. the fight was bound for seattle. nobody was injured and the passengers left on a separate plane shortly after midnight. one man is dead after a shooting san francisco neighborhood. police say officers responding to the scene found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper body. he was later pronounced dead. another man was running from the area shortly after the shooting. anyone with information is being asked today call sspd. ferguson missouri is on edge tonight as grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict the deputy. release of does patch tapes from the shooting have put ferguson at the center of a national fire
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storm. radios call indicate the encounter. >> the st. louis post dispatch obtained audio and video through state's sunshine law. koorlgd -- 11:53 p.m. reports a stealing in progress at the forg son market. >> we're taking a stealing in progress at 9010 west florset. subject may be leaving business at the time. stand by for further. >>reporter: post dispatch says 19 seconds later dispatch issues a description of the subject. >> it's going to be a black male in white t shirt. he took a whole box of cigars. >> black male white t-shirt. >> affirmative. >>reporter: there's more detail in the police cross talk.
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>> he's got red cardinals hat. >>reporter: according to the paper at noon officer wilson reports he's back in service from another call. he then asks officers searching for the suspect if they need his help. >> 21 to 25 or 22. you guys need me? >>reporter: seven seconds later officers report the suspects have disappeared. >> dispatch, did you will relay, i couldn't hear him. >> do you think disappeared >>reporter: the paper says at 12:02 officer wilson responds. >> 21 put me on canfield. give me the car. >>reporter: on august 9th michael brown's friend said they were walking down the street when officer wilson told them to get out of the road. koorlgd to johnson -- according to johnson he and brown told the officer they were almost at their destination and would be out of the street shortly. johnson said the officer grabbed brown by the neck and drew his gun. by contrast a wilson family friend identified as josie told
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local radio station that according to wilson, brown started a physical altercation with him and grabbed the gun which went off. both sides agree that brown ran and then turned back. the post dispatch says 417 seconds after wilson's call, another coughser was about to arrive at the location. >> 25, i'm going out. >>reporter: the radio calls also show other officers arriving at the scene and a call for a supervisor and then according to the newspaper, this call at 128:07:00 p.m. -- 12:07 was the apparent sound of a woman wailing in the background. >> 25? >> several more units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> is there any available ferguson units who can respond to canfield and copper creek. advice. >>reporter: the post dispatch also obtained surveillance video of officer darren wilson hours after the shooting. the paper says the video shows wilson in the white t shirt leaving the police station for
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the hospital two hours after the shooting accompanied by other officers and his union lawyer. the video then shows him returning to the police station. >> police department across the country are bracing for possible demonstrations after the grand jury decision comes out. for some cities the decision in the ration alley charged case will reignite long sixering debates over local police relations with minority communities. ebola is back in the united states. surgeon diagnose ld with the deadly virus arrived in nebraska today for treatment. he contracted ebola while working in sierra leon. dr. salea is married to an american but was working with patients in his home country. the surgeon may be sicker than other ebola patients treated in the u.s.. the team that was caring for him in west after cal says he's critically ill. the doctor is in good hands. nebraska medical center has
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successfully treated two other ebola patients. crews working to repair two broken water mains. the first break was reported on november 8th along side browns valley road. the secondhand yesterday at the intersection of highways 12 and 29. city officials expect the work to be finished by next friday. authorities say customers in the affected areas will have low water pressure in repairs are finished. pipes could have been damaged by the 6.0 magnitude quake back in august. san jose is behind bars for threatening letters to strangers because of their race and sexual orientation. 52-year-old sent death threats and even bullets to as many as 16 people. copies of the letters were sometimes sent to relatives or coworkers of the victims. prosecutors say they don't know how he chose his targets. his first court date is set for monday. mill valley police are looking for a man they say hit
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another man with his car inside a rite aid parking lot on friday. the suspects's vehicle is a green honda suv with license plate number on screen. officers appeared to have intentionally hit the victim after two got into an argument over the driver pan handling. the victim was standing behind the suv when he was hit. anyone with information is being asked to call police. black friday is fast approaching. area retailers are bracing for large crowds and even thieves. general manager was caught up for some holiday safety tips. >>reporter: vicki, thanksgiving and black friday are less than two weeks ago. general manager here says his staff is gearing up for the holiday shopping season and that includes increasing security. >> we've already brought new officers on. we feel it's important that we bring them on early so that they
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are accustom to the shopping center. they're well trained and they're prepared for the large crowds that starting out will get even bigger as we get into black friday. >>reporter: san at a has already arrived. soon these half full parking lots will be packed with shoppers, shoppers who the general manager of the mall says should know the dos and don't of holiday shopping to avoid becoming the victim of a crime of opportunity. >> don't leave things in plain view in your car. don't leave laptops on the seat. >>reporter: or any sort of electronics, east a fast track device can attract thieves. investing in a club in addition to your security system is also a crime deterrent, while security guards are monitoring all activity inside the mall and patrolling the parking lot, fenly says most crimes involve cars, either theft or burglary. when in the parking lot, he says
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act like you belong. >> it's important to go with your keys in hand directly to your car so that you're not just wandering around the lot and the looking like a potential target for a possible criminal. >>reporter: the mall is set to open at 6:00 in the evening on thanksgiving and it will remain open late through the black friday weekend. live tonight kron four news. >> more than 2500 richmond residents enjoyed an early thanksgiving today. richmond's hilltop church what they call every day is a day of thanksgiving. annual event provides a traditional holiday meal from turkey to ham to mashed potatoes and black i'd peas. -- eyed peas. >> people were in line this morning at 5:15. some called last night wanting to know could they line up last night. so it's just a gesture of love and kindness toward our fellow man. in addition they get a full
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double pack of groceries so that they can go home and have thanksgiving dinner with their families. >> more than 200 volunteers from all around the bay area came out to make thanksgiving celebration happen. coming up at 8:00, repairs going to be made to the bay bridge, what you need to know before you take that drive across the bay. nothing worse than having your battery die, especially when it's millions of miles away from home. and slipping contraband into the jail house which sheriff's the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in and get zero due at signing,
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. >> three veteran members of the san mateo sheriff's office for allegedly smuggles contraband into the jail.
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>> san mateo correctional officer made his first court appearance friday after being arrested for allegedly smuggling cell phones and drugs to a known gang member inside the county jail in return for cash. also arrested on the cell phone conspiracy, deputy lopez and correctional officers michael delcarlo >> any time you have a breach of security, that taints everything. >>reporter: san mateo is particularly dangerous. >> that allows these gang members that we're trying to lockup to protect the continue to continue their activity on the streets. >> we're here to enforce the law. if anyone forgets that that is their job, we're happy to turn that over to the sheriff's
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office. >> it's a rough day. i mean, it's a rough day for everybody. i suspect it's a rough day follow anybody in law enforcement. >>reporter: if couldn't this investigation has been going on almost a year. when asked if there could be additional arrests, the da would only say, it's an ongoing investigation. at the san mateo hall of justice. >> repair work started on the western span of bay bridge. overnight closures over the next couple of months. work comban last night to replace six expansion joints wearing out. it will happen during the overnight hours six days a week for next ten weeks. quick drying cement to cover the joints during the daytime. it's a more expensive option than metal plates that brought traffic to a stand still last
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month. >> we think it's worth additional cost just for the lack of traffic congestion. >> the work is estimated to cost 2 .700-0000. that's $1 million more than the cost of the metal plates. for the first time in its 77-year history, the golden gate bridge will be closed for construction. it's happening after the first of the year, january 10th, the bridge will close for 5027 hours so that a moveable median barrier can be installed to help prevent head on collisions. during the closure, golden gate transit buses will be able to use an alternate route. >> nice day today with sunshine and scattered high clouds. temperatures making it up into the 60s this afternoon. these numbers right about typical for this time of year. santa rosa making it up top 70 to -- to 70 today and we're looking at a similar day for today. we're going to see more high
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clouds from a weather system offshore. here's the eastern spin of the bay bridge. high clouds continuing to increase as we go into day tomorrow. looking at a fairly cloudy day for tomorrow. not going to be thick gray clouds, rather high thin wispy clouds. another day with mixed sun and clouds for monday. here is look at future cast at midnight tonight mostly clear skies but there's that batch of high clouds. it's never really going to get here, so any chance for rain will not be in the bay area it will be to the north. here's 6:00 a.m.. there are the clouds continuing to increase through the day, and it gets fairly cloudy by midday and into the afternoon. there are those sprirpg sprinkles.
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as we get into the afternoon and for evening. temperatures in the morning tomorrow look top low tom mid 40s, east bay and north bay valleys. highs for the afternoon very close to what we had today. look for mid to upper 60s. now we do have a couple of strong storms possibly for next week. i'll talk more about that later on. vicki. ? >> after ten-year, history making space probe ended its mission early. the battery is dead. because of that, scientists say they are no longer receive its transmission. they did say it completed its primary mission. the space probe was supposed to keep transmitting data for the next nine months but it landed on the dark side of the comet and the solar panels couldn't
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keep the panel charged. next up, the president heads to the land down under. why he's paying a visit to the aussies. >> coming up on the back of ucfs shuttles, it reads this bus stops at all railroad crossings. apparently the drivers never read the back of the bus. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> every game is a must win for 9ers. plus can the raiders snap their 15 game losing streak and coaching legend is live in studio. it's a full half hour of all your sports needs sunday night at nine right after the news. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. . >> here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> when you're near the railroad track with trains traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour, if you have to get out of your car to make sure you cleared the
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tracks, you might be too close. while drivers stopping on the tracks is a problem, the biggest problem i found is what's happening with these university of california san francisco shuttles. on the back of every shuttle it reads, this bus stops at all railroad crossings. it doesn't read some railroad crossings or most railroad crossings. it reads all railroad crossings. however, watching to see if drivers stop were far and few between. now most did slow down and do the california stop and to be fair some drivers did stop like this one, but most of the shuttle drivers would turn on their hazards and if they intend to stop but most keep the momentum of the bus going. it is state law that all buses stop at all railroad crossings. they must also stop 15 feet before the tracks, not at the tracks. the fact that every bus actually
8:24 pm
reads a. this set of tracks has a blind curb a few hundred feet away. so by the time the train seats the shuttle it's already too late. so i guess when you ucsf promises award winning nonstop shuttle service, it looks like they really mean t maybe after seeing this video some drivers will be just a little more careful around train tracks. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron4 news. >> coming up at 830, imagine being declared but you're not. the woman who woke up from the big sleep. and how airplanes are being used to spy. the latest on how big brother is not just watching but listening to you. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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. >> still ahead, white house security breaches, a new report shows it's even worse than first reported. if you're planning to head south of the border you may want to bring some extra cash. why mexico is now charging to enter their country and police car crash in san francisco. we follow the tracks and see where the suspect end up. -- ends up.
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>> this is the bay area's news station, kron4 news continues now. >> man is behind bars after a police chase through the streets
8:30 pm
of san francisco friday. police sail he -- say he was trying to break into cars in the ma rin a. >>reporter: u.s. park police officers with assault rifles drawn on this suspect after a car chase. >> all of a sudden we heard sirens. >> i didn't realize it was happening until there were policemen pointing guns to this guy. >>reporter: michelle robles were on a muni bus headed to the store to buy a turkey for an office pot luck. minutes later they were in the middle of this. u.s. park said they witnessed this man attempting to break in cars. they attempted to stop the man and he fled in this car. a mile later a muni bus smashed into him. >> we realized this isn't just your normal accident. this is a police car chase.
8:31 pm
>>reporter: it was the bus of the bus that slammed into the car and sent into a building. early then got of the bus and took pictures as man was ordered to surrender. >> i could hear the guy calling the cops saying call the ambulance instead of pointing a gun to my head. >> i wasn't sure if the gentleman inside the car had any weapons as well. so i stayed inside the bus kind of fearing that he might open fire at this intersection. >>reporter: that did not happen and officers tell me the man was not badly hurt. those on board the bus were treated on scene. as for this man, he faces multiple charges including evading police. in san francisco, jr stone kron4 news. >> a verdict has been handed down in the la night club beatin left one woman dead last january. kim pham was killed after being kicked in the head multiple
8:32 pm
times by venancio cisneras and. the pair was originally charged well murder but the jury lowered the charge because of evidence showing that pham started the fight but the district attorney said six years isn't enough. >> i don't think putting ms. pham in the -- and the defendants on the same level was accurate. ms. pham didn't kick anyone in the head. she lost her life. >> both the defendants apologized to the victim's family. pham's relatives say that they are satisfied with the verdict. if you're planning to visit mexico you will may want to bring extra cash. country started charging people to cross the border. anyone wanting to stay more than seven days will now have to buy a permit for $28. the permit is designed to act like a temporary visa. mexican owe firnls say it will help them keep track of travelers visiting for long periods of time. people on both sides of the fence are not happy with this new rule. >> it doesn't sound very smart. economy isn't doing well and
8:33 pm
tourism just starting to pickup. if you start charging people that won't help. >> right now people crossing on foot are being charged. mexican officials say the fine could soon be extended to the vehicle lanes at those stops. america's top military leader is on the ground in iraq. this as u.s. prepares to expand assistance forces. this is dempsey's first trip to iraq ordered forces back to the country. president is in the land down under. president obama will meet with european leaders tomorrow. the meeting will take place on the sidelines of the group of 20 economic summit. russian president is also attending. he has faced aid chorus of criticism from world leaders
8:34 pm
about his government's rule in fueling the crisis. tomorrow's meeting will also focus on a proposed trade agreement between u.s. and european union. all fraternity and sorority activities at west virginia university have been suspended. after a freshman has died. 18-year-old nolanburch was taken off life support. it was a case of binge drinking turned deadly. >> it's long overdo that action needs to be taken. this isn't the first time something like this has happened at a fraternity on campus. >> on friday a booth was set up for classmates to donate money and sign cards for his family. suspension of all greek activities is suspected to last until the end of semester on campus. let's see, there were more details that seem to xhout the worst they get. scathing review of the secret service details a number of security floods at the white
8:35 pm
house when a man jumped over the fence in september. the man made it as far as the east room before being stopped. and andrew spencer reports a home land security review explains exactly how. >>reporter: white house fence jumpers around unheard of. this one in september has been the biggest headache for secret service. it will led to the resignation of the secret service director. made public on thursday, department of home land security's in depth review notes technical miss steps, lack of radio does minute and improper use of equipment. it detailed a number of security missteps as omar gonzalez made it across the north lawn, into the front door and through the east room of the white house before being stopped. gonzalez had something other fence jumpers don't get, an 11 second head stop. the officer who was supposed to release the dogs according to review was in a van without his
8:36 pm
radio ear piece talking on his personal cell phone. the review says the docs may not have even seen the jumper. officers thought the bushes there were too thick for gonzalez to get through. they were wrong. an officer stationed at the front door of the white house also assumed it was locked but gonzalez ran right inside. during the run a female agent tried twice to take him down. gonzalez was toos big for her. -- too big for her. another officer finally brought gonzalez down just outside the green room of the white house. andrew spencer kron4 news. >> when lava wants to flow there's really not much that can stop it. >> we have a weather system open the move for tonight. it's out here in the pacific coming toward the bay area. i let you know how it will
8:37 pm
impact us. coming up next. television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is on now. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: on now. ♪ mattress discounters
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. >> for the second weekend in a row, snow is on the ground in lake tahoe and ski resorts are actually opening their doors. mount rose ski resort is one of them on thursday. mount rose announced it opened a few of its slopes on the weekend. tickets for lifts only ten dollars. >> what a deal. we had flurries up there this weekend. there's a stronger system arriving as we go into next week could be considerable snow. forecast tomorrow, high clouds coming in tonight. clouds thicken as we go through day tomorrow. there might actually be a few sprinkles into the north bay. that storm system number 1. most of this is going to stay to the north. system is running into an area of fair weather that's over california and it's really breaking apart. so this first one not going to do much except make our sunday a little bit cloudy but we have a
8:40 pm
second system arriving wednesday. that's out in the pacific. and that one could bring a considerable amount of rain. it looks like through much of the day wednesday, could see moderate to perhaps even heavy rain at times and maybe over an irj in some of the weather spots. there's another system arriving for next weekend that could bring another half ifrnl possibly. so we are -- inch possibly. this is the first system it's pretty much getting shredded apart. high clouds streaming into the bay area tomorrow. i think it will be fairly cloudy. some of the green here, those are sprinkle and some of those could make it into the north bay, especially sonoma county. those sprinkle for the afternoon and evening hours. then there's a second system. there it is right there. that's the one that's going to develop as we get into midweek and bring the rain possibly for wednesday. now look at future cast. this is monday afternoon there's
8:41 pm
that system with heavy rain. it pushes on shore and i think it's going to make a direct impact on the bay area and make for wet conditions and some gusty winds as well. for tomorrow, look for clouds with sunshine manage together break through cloud cover. temperatures for mid to upper of 60s for south bay. inland temperatures the same. not much of a change from inland volume he's to coast. -- valleys to the coast. 64 san francisco 60 oakland. cloud cover tomorrow that the sun manages to shine through at times. monday clouds and sunshine, warm you go up for tuesday with mostly sunny skies. weather system for wednesday, heavy rain possibly. more showers into thursday. chance for thorm. next system after that on saturday. snoor authorities in hawaii continue to monitor lava flow.
8:42 pm
this is video of lava burning through a fence. 2000 degree river of lava from the volcano has been inching through town since june. active volcano since 1983. talk about a deep slumber. coming up the woman who was pronounced dead but was just dead asleep. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen
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. >> now time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. >> i got something really cool to show you. new type of smart phone being developed right now here in the bay area. it could be the smart phone of the future. here's a sneak peek. the smart phone is wearable, light weight, bendable, flexible, scratch proof, shaert proof and water resistant. this is not a concept product. this is not a special effects
8:45 pm
video. this is real and could be on the market within one year. >> we're trying to push the envelope and to things that are different but things that quite honestly a lot simpler in design and features. >>reporter: the portal can be used like any other smart phone holding in your hand or they will offer for arm attachments for people with active life styles. if you wear your smart phone you don't have to have a second wearable like smart watch or fitness tracker >> it offers more during ability for people's life-style. it's shatter proof and flexible so it will last longer. >>reporter: the existing big smart phone companies could make our phones more durable and flexible like the one they are creating but they don't. >> you know, that's the problem. i mean not even with just businesses but with society in general people are taking less
8:46 pm
and less risk. i think that's the unfortunate part. the model that is in place now with the incremental upgrades to smart each year because smart phone companies are making a ton of money and people are buying them and people are promoting them. they don't really have a choice. >>reporter: time will tell if the portal smart phone can revolutionize the mobile industry. gabe slight kron4 news. >> a 91 year-old polish came back to life. the family called doctor when they noticed she wasn't breathing. doctor checked woman's vital signs and found nothing. he filled out a death certificate. around midnight apparently she woke up in cold storage. the woman is now home safe and police are investigating the incident. for years allegations of rape have haunted actor and comedian bill could cosby and today during an interview with npr he went silent when
8:47 pm
allegations were brought up. >>reporter: bill cosby one of america's most popular tv dads refused to comment on latest allegations of rate. during an interview krs cosby went notably silent. dn but there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you're shaking your head no. i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. there are people who will love you who might like to hear from you about this. i wanted to give you the chance. all right. >>reporter: for nine years the comedian has been accused of sexual assault by woman who will say they were victims. one of them spoke out this week
8:48 pm
after the com comedian said go ahead, mean me. she said when she was 18 years old, the comedian started drugging and raping her. cosby denies. she says i'm not surprised bill cosby was speechless. he has met his maker. a simple shake of his head is implication of a man whose heart is heavily burdened with shave. the tweet set the internet and critics on fire has since been deleted. >> cosby was scheduled to appear on wednesday's late show with david letterman. cbs released a statement today saying he is now being replaced with television personality
8:49 pm
regis philbin. canseco's finger fell off. doctors reattached it but canseco's tweets out that something was smelly at the poker table. someone took a cell phone video of it. we'll see that soon. it will has become the most difficult things to do in modern society, getting enough sleep. it's not just that many of us are busy with work, school and family life, screen time is having a big impact on bedtime. it's explained in today's health minute. >> the one thing i can't do is sleep. >>reporter: experts say she is one of millions of americans who don't get enough sleep. >> i like to get 8 but only get 4 or 5. >>reporter: the problem is so pervasive. insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, one that can
8:50 pm
have surprising consequences on your health. >> is pretty clear that not getting enough sleep can lead to health problems. >>reporter: health problems such as heart attack, stroke, weight gain, anxiety and depression. how much sleep do we need? national sleep foundation says children need between nine and ten hours of sleep each night. adults 7 to 8. how can we get more sleep. first watch the caffeine intake. none after 1 or 2 p.m.. second, take time before bed to wind down and third stop the screen time well before bedtime. and finally, experts say start looking at sleep for it is, as important to our good health as exercise and proper nutrition. >> up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a spy plane, coming up how that small airplane flying overhead may be
8:51 pm
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. >> learning new details of a secret government spy program that reportedly uses small planes to spy on cell phones. now we've known law enforcement has used controversial equipment for years that simulate cell towers in order to locate a criminal. now the wall street journal is reporting us marshals service uses equipment that has capability to pull cell phone data from an entire city.
8:54 pm
pamela brown has more. >>reporter: u.s. martial service puts special devices on cell phones. they're supposed to trick krel phones into thinking it's a cell tower. >> the system is decide to pickup a ton of data because it's looking for a needle in a haystack. but to find that needle it has to actually look at for a brief period of time look at all needles in that stack. >> the advantage of the don't airplane or helicopter is that they can just search a much larger area much faster and thus necessarily get information about a huge number of people. >>reporter: the device is similar to this simulate or known as sting ray. it's intend to be used with a defined legally authorized purpose in serious violent crimes. cnn has learned that technology
8:55 pm
was used in the capture of the former head of notorius car tell. >> this was originally designed for intelligence forces that has trickled down to law enforcement and eventually state and local law enforcement agencies. >>reporter: it says any investigate technique which the marshals services uses are for apprehension of wanted individuals and not to conduct surveillance or intelligence gathering. >> department of justice official says they do not retain any databases for purpose of retaining cell phone information. it's unclique how quickly their data is being deleted. you've heard about being in the dog house. one dog got himself inside the kat cat's house. buddy the dog got stuck in the
8:56 pm
house meant for cats. his friend won't help him out of the sticky situation. police did. they used a crow bars and hammers to take part of the castle. thank fully buddy was not hurt at all. >> he may have been embarrassed a little bit. >> now that we've told everybody about it. so the weather is warming up again tomorrow? >> it will warm up more so as we go next week. tomorrow it's going to be kind of cloudy although i think the sunshine will manage to squeak through for the day tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. then we start to warm things up as we get into monday and tuesday. we'll see temperatures go up into the 70s to start out the week. possibly wet weather coming our way wednesday. >> excellent. we could use that and so could tahoe. that's all good news. that's all for kron4 news at 8.
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we have momma june's first interview since she was seen with the man that molested her daughter. >> the truth from honey booboo's mom. >> i have nothing to hide. i want to tell my side of the story. >> knowing this man, mark, why would you let him around your family again? >> our interview is making headlines everywhere. >> and brooke anderson didn't hold anything back down in georgia. >> i have pictures, june, of you guys holding hands. you have to see what he did to your daughter. >> you never told me you believed me. >> you believe your child over a man. >> yes. >> is honey booboo in danger? >> and joan rivers did not have to die. we have the explosive findings of a federal investigation


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