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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 16, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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go read >> alecia reid this is a day after man was hit
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across in the street >>he was hit in imelda road go read he was last known in critical condition and with a fractured skull. he tried to cross the street and ran directly into traffic. it is not clear how fast the driver was growing that the victim came running down hutchinson. he missed an eastbound car but as he continued to cross, he was struck by a westbound car. >>he went right in front of me at the same time another car was coming to the right of me. i swerve to avoid hitting him that the driver had no chance. he was not in a crosswalk said they could not even see the person was coming at them. co-lead the dead suspect vehicle is a black sedan with possible front and in and manage. lots of foot traffic in the area
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residents say their intersection needs more than a crosswalk area >>they should potentially put in some flashing lights in the crosswalk. >> vicki liviakis to david d. e. a randomly tested professional sports teams for illegal drugs. no results of any drugs have been released. that d e a says they're not targeting any specific team but they want to make sure that the teams are following the controlled substances act. in the game today a recent return player after a nine game
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suspension connected to a d y and weapons charges. the police also confiscated three illegal rifles from smith's home. zero women found badly injured along a highway died on her way to a hospital today. tonight philippe chagall says that investigators are calling this a possible hough's--homicide. >> philippe djegal some of the victim's clothes left in the ditch where she was found. a woman in the lead to make '50s. the county sheriff's office as deputies responded to reports of a woman lying in the roadway around for 45 in the morning. that is when she was discovered suffering from major injuries investigators say that she passed away on the airlift to
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the number more hospital. at that time the road was closed while sheriff's office and other emergency responders walked the scene with canine units trying to piece together what led to her death what happened to her? why was she in the area in the first place? these things are still on clear which is why homicide detectives are involved. was she a victim of a hit and run or? what she or investigators say they have not found any vehicle that may be connected to the case. sheriff's office says this is a rural area that is rarely frequented by pedestrians. >> vicki liviakis a separate system man is facing d y charges after he ran into a telephone pole. residents found a poll on the ground and lost power to their houses. he lost control of his vehicle after going to fast
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residents say they were able to take control of the situation when police arrived. >>i don't know if he was actually running away that he was kind of running up the street. the police finally got him on the ground by telling him they were going to pay its head --use the taser on him. tomorrow the bart station will begin charging passengers for parking. it will now be a dollar for parking at these two stations for the whole day. coming up u.s. travel officials are tightening the restrictions on those travelling from africa. isis terrorists now be had. another recorder
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investigators say this video is different and they give new insight into the group.
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>> vicki liviakis a norovirus outbreak has infected one hundred and seventy two people aboard a princess cruise ship, according to the c- d-c norovirus is a common gastrointestinal illness that causes intestinal distress. 158 passengers and 14 crews on the hawaii-bound cruise came down with the virus during the month long trip. according to the c-d-c -- this is the second time this year the crown princess had an outbreak of norovirus. over the past two years -- there have been four reported outbreaks. awaiting a grand jury decision on whether to indict the officer in the shooting death of michael brown. we hear from a group trying to and next. another brutal beheading of an american hostage by isis.
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>> brian van aken i will talk about win a large system will hit california with a chance of rain coming up
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>> vicki liviakis isis claims it has beheaded american hostage peter kassig. a new and disturbing video was released today. mary moloney reports. >>reporter new video shows the aftermath
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of the beheading of isis hostage and indiana native peter kassig. kassig, who changed his name to abdul-rahman kassig after converting to islam in capitivity, has been held since october, 20-13. kassig is the fifth westerner that isis claims to have executed. but the latest video is different from previous ones: it doesn't contain a statement from the victim. it's longer than the previous clips. and it shows the beheadings of other men, whom isis claims are syrian pilots. place of the execution: dabiq, syria. isis's latest claims brought swift condemnation from the west. senator dick durbin told c-n-n: : "this video that we have seen here, if verified, is a tragic reminder of the savagery, and of isis, and the complexity of our challenge." durbin doesn't think the u-s should go as far as sending ground troops to fight the terrorists in iraq and syria. : "there are many who are anxious to send troops forward. i am not one of them." on cbs's face the nation, former massachusetts governor mitt romney criticized president barack obama's handling of the fight. : "what we should have done by
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now is have american troops standing by in iraq. that was something that we argued for years ago; the president didn't do it." earlier today the president, himself, said sending ground troops to battle isis was not off the table. : "yes, there are always circumstances in which the united states might need to deploy u.s. ground troops." i'm mary moloney reporting. >> vicki liviakis peter kassig served in the u-s army rangers, and deployed to iraq in 2007. honorably discharged from the army, he returned to the region as a humanitarian worker, delivering food and medical supplies to refugees. >> brian van aken we have changes on the way in the forecast with three storms coming on the way, each with a chance of rain. but the rain will probably be fairly light here's a live you from our mount tam cam. you can see clouds coming into--tomorrow. it will
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be high and finned overcast with semi transparent cloud covers of the sun will shine through at times. tuesday has increasing cloud coverage and a storm that will bring some rain by tuesday evening and into wednesday. it has been producing a lot of high clouds. the clouds are actually squeezing out some rain but the dry air has been evaporating the drops before they hit the ground. this is the late part of the system pushing in tuesday night which will show a bit wet commute on wednesday morning. tomorrow's a dry day with temperatures in the upper 60s and low seventies with the warmest and vote no. day. take a look ahead.
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another round of rain comes in thursday which may even have some thunderstorms. a break on friday. but a third storm friday. >> vicki liviakis a missouri grand jury could decide at any moment whether to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. some ferguson residents are coming together to solve the city's major problems. a national initiative by president obama. called "my brother's keeper community challenge". helps young people emerge from school educated. ready for the job market. and employed. >>this is inspiring and makes us all hopeful. we're here together to figure this out and i and think we can do that. i think we can do it but we need to be courageous. >> vicki liviakis people are also worried what the city will do if officer wilson is acquitted by the grand jury. they hope this program will help ease possible violence and bring peace to the area.
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hundreds of people took to the streets in another st. louis suburb today. for a so-called die-in. dozens laid down in university city. pretending to be shot by other protestors who played the role of police. they also blocked traffic at several locations. brown's parents say. no matter the grand jury decision. they want to see peace and change. the die-in remained peaceful. and there are no reports of any arrests. u-s state department officials say they have detected unusual activity in portions of its e- mail system. officials haven't said if it is a hacking attempt. for now. the state department is stepping up security on its network. they say none of their classified information has been leaked. however. officials say the activity is related to the hacking of white house computers from last month. they said russian hackers were the prime suspects in that incident. starting tomorrow.anyone traveling to the u-s from mali will be screened for ebola. according to federal officials, this is a necessary precaution due to a new cluster of ebola cases in the african country. the recent outbreak has public health workers scrambling to track down and monitor at least
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450 people who may have been exposed. mali will be on the list of country required screening, which already includes liberia, sierra leone and guinea. the nine aerospace giant opponents. and can the raiders get a win?
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>>jason smith comes into the game second quarter with no tackles or sacks but did put pressure on the quarterback. that did make an impact on the field today. manning was intercepted five times sell--though. one of those would set up one of their field goals which puts them ahead. 1627 in favor of that niners.
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36 yds completion with him coming in bounds which brings a goal line stand for the 49ers late in the game. manning's through a second interception here. his second of five! >>our defense played great which is the best thing we got from this game. they played great impetus and the position to win. now we're moving on to the redskins and we feel really good. >> brian van aken washington is up next for the 49ers. as for the raiders, tomorrow will be officially one year
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since they last won a football game. they're trying until avoid their 16th straight loss. here they have a fumble which san diego recovered. they then had a perfect pass making it 10 verses' 3 1/2. time. their last play the game, we have a hail mary that is not answered. their final play and the raiders lose 13 verses' 6.
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it was their 16th loss in the year going back to last season. from the winless raiders to the red hot warriors. they're in lost angeles taking on the lakers. the warriors win 136 verses' 118
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almost a clean sweep for the one bay area tonight with the niners warriors and sharks taking home victories. >> brian van aken i wish to coming up storms would produce a little bit more rain but we will take what ever rain we can get. we have a system coming in on tuesday to wednesday and then another system on thursday which may even have some thunderstorms. followed by third system on saturday.
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"the weekend insider" with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> this is a big news story that goes on, you'll obviously see it on instagram. >> and here and there and everywhere else. >> how kim broke the internet. >> as soon as i pop this thing out, i want to do "playboy" or a nude shoot. >> that's part of this week's good week or bad week. >> and taylor nicki. >> nicki minaj. >> i'm going to pass on that. >> remember hailey joel as man? >> who doesn't. >> people think you don't look like yourself. >> i'm not shocked. >> you two had the talk, birds and bees. >> yes, we did and it was awkward. >> how old should you with


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