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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 25, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant: speaking out for the first time the officer involved in the wrongdoing of mike brown's debts. >> grant: from the to to pump one we are about to get a calorie count information you need but you may not want to know. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam:protesters in san francisco, oakland -- and more than 130-other cities -- demonstrating tonight. fueled by anger and disgust over yesterday's grand jury decision in michael brown's death. >> pam:the oakland protesters shut down another freeway tonight.
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>> pam:it's a tactic also used in l-a tonight. and in new york. where protesters blocked an entrance to the lincoln tunnel. >> pam:one protester in minneapolis was actually hit by a car while doing this. >> pam:all that in a moment. >> pam:good evening, i'm pam moore. >> pam:we're going to focus locally here, first. >> pam:grant is monitoring the bay area protesters. >> pam:grant. >> grant:protesters in san francisco, demonstrating tonight. fueled by anger and disgust over yesterday's grand jury decision in michael brown's death. >> grant:the oakland
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protesters shut down another freeway tonight. >> grant:it's a tactic also used in l-a tonight. and in new blocked an entrance to the lincoln tunnel. >> grant:one protester in minneapolis while doing this. >> grant:all that in a moment. >> grant: the police presence uc there it was met earlier tonight. blocking traffic but fortunately no reports of damage to buildings in oakland creek vandalism ignore looting which was a real issue last night were a thousand people filled the streets and interstate 580 was shut down for hours. now we are in san francisco with a crowd of hundred people in most estimates creek to have been out there for hours. and the
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mission district of san francisco sound, traffic issues for the most part with protesters getting along with motorists trick to making their point heard. we will continue to track and belt oakland and san francisco tonight with live updates throughout the show. >> pam: fire crews managed to get that fire out quickly. last night there were fires that burned for hours that when unattended by fire crews. there are many more fire officials that were on the city streets of oakland tonight. on the left side of the screen continue to monitor the delegates there as well. now as the police department is also coming out of ferguson there are live pictures with much different
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pictures here tonight versus last night when protesters were on the street is brit this area has them blocked off by law enforcement and keeping it more vigilant tone and ferguson tonight in light of the damage and destruction the and the protest last night. >> pam: we also have new footage to show you in light of a car chase. running from police officers to see the s u b burning and bursting into flames. --suv. we are working to see if this person was caught by police all of this is sort of a sidebar from what is going on. >> pam: for the first time since the decision, we are hearing from michael brown's father tonight.
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>> to please keep us up lifted because this is a bad time for everyone. it seems like ages killed him again. --they just killed him again. >> pam: michael brown senior says he learned about the grand jury's decision just minutes before it was publicly announced. >> grant:tonight.officer darren wilson speaks the world gets a look at injuries he sustained while struggling with michael brown. >> grant:a bruise on the right side of his face. another on the back of his
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head.the neck area. >> he tried to shoot me with my own gun and that is when i pulled the trigger for the second time. the gun jammed in never clicked it jammed again. >> i pulled it the third time and finally goes off. >> happened? >> he becomes angry there and comes back at me again. >> i go to exit my car. when i get a out i say shots are fired at the start chasing after michael brown. >> start chasing michael
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brown. why not sit in the car? and wait for backup? >> that is not my job to wait. i am supposed to go after this person. >> reporter:these photos were used as evidence while the grand jury was deciding whether or not to charge the officer. >> grant:here now.darren time. >> grant: conscience because he knows he did his job right. >> pam: we sat down with a bay area forensic expert. to get her opinion on the extent of officer wilson's injuries. >> pam: doctor judy melinek works as a forensic pathologist at the alameda county coroner's office. >> pam: part of her job involves studying injuries. and deciding whether they
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are consistent with people's statements. >> pam: after studying these photos of wilson's injuries. doctor melinek believes his injuries line up with his statement. that michael punched him in the face. and scratched the back of his neck. >> pam: doctor melenik says these are the photographs that the grand jury likely studied. when deciding whether to indict officer wilson. >> pam: demonstrators across the country took to the streets today. following in protest of the grand jury's decision not to prosecute darren wilson. the officer that killed michael brown. >> pam: this was the scene in new york. where a large crowd marched through the city. >> pam: one man was arrested after he allegedly threw red liquid resembling blood on police commissioner william bratton. >> pam: in los angeles. protestors flooded onto the freeway. blocking traffic on
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interstate 110. you could see them across several lanes of the freeway. >> pam: many of them stood in front of police vehicles with their hands in the air. as has been common in protests against the killing of michael brown. >> pam: protests were also held at the intersection of la brea and wilshire. >> pam: in total. three people were arrested. >> pam: there was a shocking moment at a demonstration in minneapolis where a woman in a group blocking an intersection was run over by a car. the star tribune newspaper reported that the driver of the car honked at the protesters before knockingthe hood of the vehicled apparently running over one of the woman's legs. she was hospitalized with "very minor injuries." . >> pam: we have more coming up in this newscast as well as more information on our web site kron4 dot com. you can also sound off on the situation on our facebook and twitter pages.
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>> pam: more breaking news -- this time having to do with bart. >> pam: a major medical emergency at the downtown berkeley bart station. causing delayss >> pam: that station was closed just over an hour ago. at the downtown berkeley station. >> pam: they will be single- tracking. on the richmond line -- in the richmond, millbrae and fremont directions. >> pam: in other developing news: >> pam: police are investigating a homicide in the oakland hills. kron4's j-r stone is live. in east bay regional park land. with what we know so far. >> pam: j-r? >> reporter: as i speak with the regional park police are still out there on the same. the see the yellow crime take over there ought in the distance and some of the patrol cars and the distance they have been under more than four hours. the identity of the guilt of the victim has not been league least it is a man in his fifties.
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>> reporter: you to see the area right here is very dark outside creek around 345 this afternoon with assets in the area heard the gunshots print a hiker came across a man's body identified as someone in his 50 separate calling officers and officers have been working this case every sense. there is no suspect has been made. investigating this case as a homicide here in the oakland hills specifically near the bobcat regional preserve section. it is a trial curry it from where i am standing we are talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of three- fourths of a mile. it is too dark to see print
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>> reporter: it is a homicide case. we will have more details in this case. >> pam: we are keeping a close eye on ferguson and continuing coverage and the of all of oscar grant talks about why he is going to ferguson. >> pam: >> jacqueline: the weather could mess up your plans locally. the showers this weekend will have the full forecast coming up.
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we continue to follow routine news in oakland and ferguson. as protesters hit the streets crit earlier tonight the crowd filled and 980 about 300 protesters stopped traffic on both directions of 980. some people believe that they are starting to do that once again there is a police lineup police are trying to hold that line however, protesters are still trying to get back on to 980. as we can see, city street traffic is being impacted and this is happening with the live ariel totals. probably a little more than 100 i can estimate. police is definitely trying to keep people off the interstates. this is on broadway showing
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a small bomb fired that they said not a lot action there. >> grant: we do know that some protesters have taken to throwing bottles and rocks at police. the bulk of the action is in oakland. but we will continue to follow it through up the night. switch >> jacqueline: in gears now, it will stay this way through of thanksgiving however showers will return as get a look at the numbers out the door tomorrow morning with thirties and the north bay perfect 39 in the liver 39 in north bay. afternoon pretty as 70's and the south bay. los 70's and
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upper 60s mainly for the east bay. '60s as the coast and the upper 60s really nice weather up there tomorrow. same thing goes for thanksgiving with upper 60s and low 70's brit who really nothing to complain about. we are clear right now. we are going to see this friday with the storm breakthrough in the afternoon creek >> jacqueline: for the next couple of days is really nine separate pretty much all day saturday and sunday, and into monday we will see showers, several inches of our aid i encourage--rain.
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>> pam: the national weather service say we can't expect moderate snow and that could slow things for drivers returning from the mountains to the bay area because of the weather you may want to leave on saturday is that. tonight we continue to follow the latest development out of fergus center it tonight police wonder if there is in the calm before another firestorm. >> reporter: states tend to kron 4 news >> gary: we have it highlights and sports coming up and the forecast. and the broadcast. sandoval as a red
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sox later coming up
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>> pam: protesters that were angry walking on to the freeway shutting down about 300 large according to the c h p oakland area office after it bought access to 980 from 5880 and highway 24 was closed for about 10 minutes. and we continue to track protest in oakland. we will have updates throughout
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the hour. >> pam: meanwhile. protesters disrupted traffic in the streets of baltimore. additionally about 100 morgan state university students staged a peaceful protest outside a police station. protests were also held at the university of baltimore and the university of maryland. >> pam: it was a similar situation in houston this evening. where protesters marched through the streets blocking cars. police say demonstrators have generally been peaceful. so far, no arrests have been made. this was the scene outside of the cnn center in atlantic this afternoon hundreds of people marched down city streets and line up outside of a the building.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. gabe slate tech report >> reporter: people have taken to social me assure videos and pictures from the bout of protest. this video is on as the graeme shows luting on a smart final and oakland. >> reporter: this alarm is going off and there are no cops. >> reporter: you to see the faces of the losers are all covered. --looters >> reporter: this video shows a fire going with a sign in front of it that reads kill cops. >> reporter: this video shows a street sign that was
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taken down and tossed in a fire. >> reporter: this video shows some graffiti reference center rep mike brown. my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that i stay healthy. now that i have health insurance, i can take care of myself and my family.
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i was very happy to make my cofirst doctor's appointment. i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to >> pam: protesters making their voices heard and we will bring it all to you live.
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>> pam: apparently he thinks the grass is greener, send the ball is in red sox and gear more coming up. -- sandoval >> jacqueline: lee was the showers later in the weekend with more on that coming up !
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>> pam: we have learned that some of the demonstrators have been getting pilot. grant please fill us and. we
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do know that they're more police officers on the street with a different strategy than last night. >> grant: last night the interested would like them both directions. the main focus tonight is to keep the peace. headed south, apparently to the plaza up just a couple blocks from their interstate nine e zero runs near here. the goal is that everyone will convene here at castro to keep everyone off of 980. some protesters appeared to be on the road here. walking at a casual pace. several police cruisers had down the street where protesters had been running creek now turning
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around and we see, from what we saw throughout the night last night part of the crowd in oakland with no idea of what the goal may be there but certainly you want to keep people off the interstate. >> pam: absolutely, that is why chp moved so quickly. earlier this evening. quickly mobilized and got those people off 80. we knew what happened last night with 580 block for hours and they did not want to see a repeat of that cree >> grant: you can see a couple of hundred people
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additionally walking back. we also have some video. scowling social media with the to the video of someone that is stuck on 980. as protesters crowd the interstate and cruisers race to the interstate. this year to user was sitting there and we found this video sort of what it felt like to be on the interstate. we also have a mother you to video showing people chanting same shut it down for michael brown. --youtube video
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>> grant: as we look back at what the protesters are doing right now. this is downtown oakland in the area along 980. on the meuse as they have been for much of the night. will we can report is that the interstate is up and running some locations because of this there were reports of protesters threw rocks and bottles. but not the vandalism and destruction of what we saw last night. police are trying to keep the peace and that people speak their minds and move throughout the city but still it on the street and not on the interstates. 92 of protest
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related to the decision and ferguson. --nighttwo >> pam: since the verdict came down yesterday evening on zero oscar grant is speaking. >> gary: >> reporter: on all bobby says he received a call thinking everyone here for rallying. >> so many have been shot before oscar and after oscar when officers have been given a description of homicide or business as
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usual should not be considered as as if to their life did not matter. >> when the committee when back-and-forth to the court with us, stood with us and love with us have the community not done that it is not us as a family could have been able to struggle enough to get some form of justice for oscar. >> pam: so far no rash of fires as we have seen in ferguson but there have been major freeway closings. we will have the latest ahead and where these bay area shoppers are already lining up to cash in on black friday deal spirit calorie count--your favorite guilty
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>> pam: this video was taken in mission street earlier this week earlier today. demonstrating against the decision that was made in ferguson yesterday's. >> pam: kron 4 vicki joseph
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taub counting calories to be unavoidable. >> life think that and having a salad for lunch. >> reporter: when it comes to calories it all adds up. even if they wanted to they could not escape. the keller recount will be posted in plain sight. from movie houses, pizza parlors and vending machines. it is all as part of the affordable care act. >> reporter: experts think super sized portions in job food is the prime focus for obesity lurking in menus across the land eatery has
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until next year to make the keller recount visible. calorie count visible. >> jacqueline: really nice weather. it will stay that way until thanksgiving. let's get right to the numbers would again a really chilly house side. we will see low '40's and 50's in san francisco and richmond. los 70's for the south bay in fremont for the east east bay. at the call side upper 60s. at the coast line upper
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60s. , lance and just a gorgeous day. things would change come friday. hi cloud coverage. you can see the storm over the coastal waters. this will creek through. we have a second storm coming at on sunday. seasonal rainfall just under two and half interest for most of the bay area. we are well below what we should be. for this time of year. only places that are close to a hundred percent bay area wide. here is a look at the extended forecast. increasing cloud coverage approaching.
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spreading south we will see below saturday night. sunday is very impressive brick >> jacqueline: >> pam: we have more live pictures to show you from oakland oakland police are actively trying to block the 980 interest to the interstate to avoid a repeat of last night. we're 580 was closed for hours per that we will have more to us after the break. >> pam: gary will have the sports next.
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>> the giants fans are one of the best. the organization opened up the doors were many opportunities and there are one of the best. >> gary: his regular-season
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numbers and are nothing spectacular. policies that is where this guy will shine. and of his money but you have to make it to the post-season pretty giants may be leaking this out to show that money will not slow them down. someone leaked out that the giant cannot believe that six years plus at $135 million with the cubs was an offer extended that one make them shy away from talking to up john lester. >> gary: one of those people back at the very least shows the he is more than a grab your crotch baseball man. suddenly says he does not want to coach third base anymore. ac since with the
8:49 pm
giants to step down today. he was a guy that just gave a concert after concert in support of brian stow. big heart who never manage to be an manager. this grueling schedule that takes tall. he says it's time to take time out and he'll to rid--takes time out to heal. >> gary: coming out with an interview on barry bonds.
8:50 pm
who says he deserves to be in the hall of fame. bonds 35% of the vote he received the g7 to 5% to qualify. received 35 % of the vote last year. >> gary: here is pam moore live. >> pam: continuing with our protestors as well as ferguson were marchers are reportedly headed over to telegraph avenue walking northbound a large crowd spread out to about over 100
8:51 pm
people. police are on the scene is to some of the march is the crowd fabius said it we used a different strategy tonight. we are keeping an eye on developments there and other news tonight coming up after the break we would take you to the location were certain shoppers have camped out.
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>> grant: live ariel show the situation in oakland that is at the north activity this evening. hunter of people of this
8:55 pm
evening gathered at 5:00 on 1510 broadway is very at the up and tosses. on interstate 980 and the seller is showing now fifth on grant avenue in sycamore street. it will continue to get on to 900 and blocked traffic once again. there have been models and rocks thrown at officers of the we do not believe that is widespread. it will continue to monitor the situation in oakland and we will have the very latest to you tonight. our web site is always been updated. will break into programming to bring you the very latest on the situation.
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>> pam: there are received lines forming at stores throughout the bay area including this best by in san jose. people in line are hoping to secure special deals on big screen televisions and other electronics. and before we go we want to check what jacqueline on our thanksgiving weather. >> jacqueline: we will see rain returned friday evening in to the north bay and that will go into saturday. a stronger wave will come into sunday and monday. that is what it looks like right now. >> grant: we cannot complain about weekend rain because of the drought that we have
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occurred. hey john, check it out.
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