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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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jacobean 7 cisco and show you saw the damage from last night's raid coming from what live report >> : watching the rain as is moving back and bay area back-and-forth >> : present all minutes kevin today to go with the situation in person missouri >> : as for joining us on this day in december. and what to be and i weather forecasts >> : we are and taking a triple live look outside here san francisco bay bridge sfo and it's going to be a pretty low forecasts going for trade today is the break between storm systems. as a ticket how conditions are this morning. and about in about a with the weather
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endured neighborhood jackie part of our reporting team and details on some damage done by the rain >> : rain stopped us here you see some left behind and you see this toppled over going or as a tree. of for the dmv 0 and also see some of these branches landed on the cars. these ficus tree stentorious for this. a catch-22. the drought has really weekend these trees creates a lot of the harbor stressed out by the lack of water. and then a little bit of rain to the equation and those branches snapped. a couple weeks ago during the first than we've seen any like the time we said thousands of topple over in the wake of the rain. warding heading its
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way obviously that coming up with the public works here and services gordon have their hands full line as the cleanup and at its regular break >> : is not much in the way of rain right now. we have some light showers in the north they really not much and right near what acre. we have some away of the direction of nevada not really impacting much areas as you see it wasnt to for the small cell light range in my body to make it the battle lines your check is the operator right now it's awfully light and scared this morning >> : that all changes into tomorrow of course a much bigger system heading our way in live picture right now shows rise on a golden gate bridge temperatures mid-50s and again for conditions to warmup right around the mid '60s by letter on this afternoon and as we were seeing right now i'll come back at 615 detail look at the forecast and talk about the rain coming up for tomorrow and what you to the timing and how
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widespread expected to be. airline and quickly to the weather now the traffic >> : things heating up in the traffic department now heading out to the exit leading into the maze from highway 24. west on coming down from the chapter freeway to identify the westbound of accident near or at but connecting ramp. this are already starting see traffic coming down from for children's hospital there is back up >> : tracking delays won a one northbound next and reported at oakland road already backing up now 1 01 back toward 286 interchange done speaking of interstate 680 tickets are looking at a camera and southbound although no incidents this is a rate often the case these days to pick up the slow traffic from dublin down to is now turn off highway 84 and that is the
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case this morning. at the bay bridge west on dried picking up now not and to macarthur maze the very slow and the the licet a fairly low rate >> : happening today president obama discussing situation and person missouri and law enforcement officials and others like a house saying a the demonstrations review their programs like that by his military seller equipment on for some agencies >> : president also scheduled today several like rights leaders and challenges posted trust between law- enforcement >> : son never descends mayor james announcing person police force and will not receive a severance package >> : and st. louis post-dispatch resigned after the are receiving and it is his hope
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that there's his resignation will of the community he led back here shooting and services get cisco north beach one man injured a silicon valley gunman that should happen to 30 yesterday afternoon an argument ended with a six year-old man getting shot near columbus lighthouse street and injuries not life-threatening and people who live and work around there. and the normal shawmut but the other victim >> : was known very well and i'm sure they'd be all it would take instantly enough warriors self kill if you'll stop doing that. >> : please only have to go on as assistant seen driving
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when an aggressive than >> : what pre police and for men who run this it safeway and robbery happened around 515 saturday evening brought with it. and walked up to the cashier at with a note and when money >> : and then a man left on foot >> : it security my church and police say they're really a service cars to these areas done trappers' leave the seat acted out of desperation >> : people grab all the time commendation and what not. based on the debt is suspect not connected any other crimes in the city >> : that the surveillance video property released >> : still had on the morning mists u.s. air strikes had around eastern syria
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overnight details coming up and today cyber monday tips on safe secure online shopping for you today >> : leveled here from the roof
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back up as rapidly building in macarthur man is as the traffic starts to slow even coming over the 85 character. still less than the midwest on 24 as approaches 580 >> : 609 happening today marks the 26 world age day before on a world joining forces to join support for those who are living with aids virus those who died from aids white house is commemorating world aids day at noon today estimated 34 million people living with hiv and more than 35 million have died of the disease this year focused carter achieved. a tree generation >> : may more rain on the way intense rain talk
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as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching...
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even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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watching bay area weather traffic more with the rain coming our way >> : some falling not much. stay tuned kron 4 much talk about and over the next 2048 hours straight light chores at the moment nothing much really the speak up the business is enough that setscrews bonds we had a few pops here and
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there a much the speaker this morning morning commute should be just fine later on tomorrow at things a little does he live you will muckrake 680 and rain not impacting whatsoever. temperatures low mid-50s 52 livermore 51 san jose mid- 50s in oakland san francisco. having to look more like this watter load mid-60s. and it cool gray sort of miss a day with occasional spread again. tall to to live lives to liberate our nothing much really talk what of the bay area feel like showers and not that that's about it >> : out here in the pacific were watching to a brief break up by tomorrow this comes in a play talk about tuesday and tomorrow morning over tuesday. in them by five in
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the morning early commuters started up in widespread light rain at that point by 8:00 widespread let the moderate again and canvassing the entire bay area by noontime today after an its case yet school standing in line at worried them up light scattered showers and these kids dress for an all day tomorrow by six and leaving a lot of folks heading home from work scattered showers still bay area wide quality problem overnight hours the night wednesday morning and then now we can get back in gear are on 101 wednesday. on tuesday wednesday most intense rain will for some reason rainfall totals of those two systems and i oppose it go to today and against the couple the scattered showers for those two days and then finally start going off than the title against >> : tracking couple hotspots now than then x and the swiss
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writer macarthur maize from west on highway 24 west 24 x 580 on the connecting ramps. the artist's long right now coming down highway 13. that a similar issued from dumbarton bridge here there is a rain plot westbound. and then there's a vehicle overturned on the stand. delays now are building to the toll plaza. electric to see traffic building toward 84 westbound. so not a great choice for you this morning to 37 san mateo bridge would make more sense. at the bay bridge toll plaza ride westbound. backing up towards maisonettes own merit. meeting around cycling slowly. at the golden gate bridge 11 southbound. i'm not tracking any problems here and marin county richmond bridge " with no delays yet coming from richmond on 5 the u.s.
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bonds >> : congress cramming two years of leftover work in the two weeks to avoid government shutdown working under known tax breaks as well as defense policy measure passed more than 50 years in a row a government shutdown is most import item on the agenda house discussing a one trillion dollars spending bill. going to have it done by december 8th and have the rest of the month to finalize the budget >> : carry as many at airstrikes overnight as what the sonics it millicent's announce northeastern syria. and october. in the upper inveighs syria for human rights reported at least 30 coalition strikes and all local accents group also conferring strikes neither have information on the third injury. the lead the coalition start targeting still got since unserious september expanding aerial
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campaign already getting the the transcript and iraq in line black friday saw the loss the pill for many shoppers to a spending down 11% of last year about 57 billion last year. still fifty's billion spent last year >> : scummy because of early discounting online shopping improving economy. few people waiting in but for those big deals. hoping to raise ever monday expected to have to and half billion dollars >> : will easier on shoppers' them black friday. some experts have some tips fighting cyber crime anything else was online shopping retail rate it has rescission sells first and then first talking of cutting get the big best deals to comco steep discounts and then also a special sales twitter
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facebook feed to of what your shopping and expect the best ever monday discounts apparel electronics house beauty supplies today. a hundred 30 million people shop lassiter monday last year and scanners are in a be out there looking for you today >> : to know people are out there shopping and do what they can to try and laurie ruin. >> : security experts say it they should up the software in a few shopping and mobile device consider using cellular data instead of popular whats left for the internet connection >> : place in palazzo offering tips first employer were a lot better packages delivered to the office package is there mfs i can work and then maybe a home
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of a neighbor you can request the shipper require signature confirmation or hold their package at the pickup facility sucking go pick up a person inside up for delivery alerts and tell you where west delivers a no please packages left unattended the loans to live on the porch easy targets >> : and kaiser hostile suckler back open this morning following reports of suspicious ls nine and has met cruise responded to report of chemical steps now emergency room up 7 less nine. one staff member reported not feeling well because of the spell. firefighters temporarily shut down all traffic in the hospital. crews investigated for three hours but could not identify the source of the order which is since dissipated. still ahead in the morning news. people talk about the new star wars
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trailer now for the reason you think the details had >> : king live look here the bay bridge toll plaza but eyecups flow metering lights on this mutt morning
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we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. moral photo bay area weather the rams giving hands up
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also storm track storm trooper taking an actor playing a black storm trooper for live star wars film as speaking on >> : his plane what appears to be a plus storm trooper in when a star wars film anyone who's upset about it he says it used to a 20 year- old british actor posted the message after his appearance in a trailer for star wars for rv. lake and sparks begin discussions social media some question whether blacks from tripper made sense all others racist remarks >> : one person saying people morning about having but storm trooper clearly known nothing imperial recruitment policy posts clone wars. august is personal is all
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about star wars >> : other to wait on course and set capellini just read their controversy about there being a box from tripper and nevis of seven. there are not all cloned >> : the fourth order to miss the summer next year >> : office box office results are in a hundred games franchise entry has the box office nearly $68 million and in new movie pensions of madagascar are disappointed with the 25 million. and disney animation takes 06 came in a 32 million families that but but to launch a million. live at
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san francisco international in 2000 travelers at this location hustling bustling the get to the airport coming up how busy it is a live report >> : placed on the body of missing out how sit university player whites raising questions about the effects of a concussion and health >> : live look here: the bridge books and give company
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and upholstery this monday morning and looks like a down day for trading and
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credit rating downgraded waltzing commodity prices falling. at opening bell and bring the members wallstreet the moment >> : people enjoy the snow over the weekend in checkout period other services the get about 9 in. of snow up in the sierra and see everyone breaking out the slides and having ways to the traffic slow pace to get there too. the next episode ever really decent system heading away to celebrate our here in the bay even up at tahoe seoul was still getting snow of the golan are pre >> : closer look as again a look at the system here for the tahoe area and begin the watches warning in effect. to have some that will be for most of the morning
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before the storm watch thursday right now to 14 in. of new snow about 7,000 ft.. that no fend for 4:00 a.m. thursday morning of tuesday all today. in north bay light to moderate rain. until fairly wide what i should say widespread but were ignored what contract get at 645 and more detail to this forecast was for what weather really arise trade data traffic >> : a couple of hot spots the sporting first and macarthur maze and was spawned dried on accident what mcbride.
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but so slow the toll plaza of the bridge on the dumbarton bridge is next and that leaves only one lane open westbound. and the ciller issued for this as the backup now. in the new york and westbound highway 84 right. and the bay bridge. is. area and the macarthur maes and then again for the destruction of 24 and is itself is not backed up a response >> : and the weak and may be over the travel hangover social and get to their destinations thousands of flights across the country hundreds were canceled yesterday. by the sfo >> : to ignore from this time at terminal 2. but problems
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getting interviews but things along so well people blowing by inch up to two much time well prepared this city and banks giving holiday should be a million people coming going through sfo. here's a counter this terminal to you conceive out here take the camera off the tripod here's what you'll notice me the san francisco international said about the drying to pull into the airport on for 50 traffic most of back up 1¢ off the freeway into the airport. ability and walked talk trade inside outside look at this bumper-to-bumper traffic outside plessey of
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time if nothing else and find parking >> : sunday trouble dropping off their loved ones putting their cars here and putting in their destination. good news is so far so good. far from morrison continues here in the bay area san jose police roughly 23 people demonstrate in san jose yesterday afternoon and responded grand jury's decision not to indict officer during wilson's turnaround to in the afternoon ended 5:00 p.m. demonstrate in the streets and the bolted blocked traffic as well >> : some protesters in portland oregon and daring downtown river in dry clean their spoke to hundreds of demonstrators there night
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began peacefully with his but trouble out across the bridge than one processor got on top of a cop car police ended up the plane fly ash to break up the crowd after a three hours place circled and then announced everyone under arrest >> : the federal hyoscine university football player raising questions yet about the long-term concussions in sports. and george found inside dumpster in the os/2 campus' the 6 ft. 52085 athlete died self-inflicted gunshot wounds and that's raising questions about what football fans mantic out on the minds >> : and other missing report links giving >> : to please his son suffers several concussions resulting in confusion >> : everyone will attend. her
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one loading on them. those laughing police believed his sense of and the contract when they're still investigating >> : new this morning san jose cyclists on sidewalks might soon lose that the city council police downtown pam riding bicycles the vote comes after year and have to talk with senior cyclist downtown businesses maryland support and the office safe walking on the sidewalk. major cities than at an including san francisco oakland lost angeles >> : so at a morning news by stanford grad his wife have been barred from leaving for the quarter charge and the death of their daughter tells ahead >> : and then sam was please officers are speaking out today why they're condemning st. louis rams >> : by foot here from entrance
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nfl bridge back up for the cash plans a toll plaza watching someone showers move to the bay heavier rain on the way >> : my update on traffic and the moment >> : 22 bucks!
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you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't. first amendment test for supreme court today issue were the free-speech rights people the use violence threatening language and social media pennsylvania man sends nearly four years in prison flossing graphical violent lyrics about killing his estranged wife's ring up to her in class attacking fbi agent >> : and says he is venting has endured and broken met marriage extorts falling
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outside now >> : spends camera burglar in sunnyvale. and has happened and now police looking for a couple croaks and electronics clothing and passport to. and then take a look a video again. and that the website for online server monday kicks off amazon says it's deployed 15,000 robots to help workers to comes off the miles and miles of shells and wire houses themselves as the process orders for nearly 37 million items on monday on deaf to the circus has here robots do what to do to help human workers combat company plans next is to to deliver your order that on kron-4-dot-com >> : low topless anyone safe toys sold the consumer watchdog group and about running parents consumers potential
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hazard toys as you do your holiday agencies in full list and specials of deception kids all ages are outside of >> : coming up details couple hotspots slowing the ride for you in oakland and right through the x and westbound in the maze 24 and 580 to the x and on the dumbarton bridge west bounce on the ride and teamwork and kron 4 more
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they're looking for 15 people missing as a south korean fishing boat that comparing see in rescued seven crewmembers in a few bodies so far and other conditions complicated service separate struthers. >> : stanford grad his wife barred from leaving the country of carter after the cleared of wrongdoing in the death of their 8 year old adopted daughter and to grace were stopped from exiting the country had passed for compensated as they try to pass through emigration control calling the move institutional kidnapping. >> : and crowed democracy demonstrators escalation overnight here as you conceive of those demonstrations in hong kong. hundreds protestors which impassible place plans to contract the main road and please read a strong government buildings pushing for more democracy and the
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chinese government in line 644 now and quick peek at the weather traffic monday morning the chance drug like and as a woman feel the white showers and almost the offshore. in the north there now. a lot the center found. and the stars begin to move and centerfold. unless the sun could bring wet weather for and then the next hour or so. someone ran also near boulder creek. that's about it and minimal activity later on this afternoon for now anyway if it looks like the commission is a mild one q >> : 680 in all muckrake and cinnamon kron temperature is right now mild for mid fifties at the moment 54 concord santa rosa. to 5 and 7 francisco san jose right now 51. later on some very real surprise settled and low mid-60's was bay area.
6:46 am
but for 63 differences before in san jose's upper 60s and oakland. and then tomorrow things change dramatically and this is were expecting. aside from scattered showers at the moment. and much segno short right now. and norway in the showers in the bay area and then the coastal hills. sentries on and then north big guns. in the direction talk to three right here. the night tuesday morning and look for future test for nothing much at midnight to in the morning couple hours later the rain begins to command a view coming in from the cell fraction continues to work its way up in the course the morning by five showers go widespread by a there's a lot of moisture on the road widespread moderate showers us they area the money to make tomorrow is wet noontime continuing rain activity across the bay by three in the afternoon what folks will be stacking winds
6:47 am
out across the school is taking up kids will down for widespread water ran across the bay area tomorrow pretty good rainmaker 6 in the evening commute what one and that that's a lot of leeway until midnight wednesday morning full 24 hours to midnight tuesday and wednesday it will be wet across the bay area >> : sunday run before tasman those showers are pretty much all day long. there's a living in the back off on friday more so by the weekend we look to be drying things up for saturday and sunday that is a forecast enough for the check the website kron-4-dot-com >> : site but 11 bay area you live in huts but where tracking number of first avenue right here through oakland. coming down from rock ridge of high with 24. give solid traffic to the maze is next and here connector ramp blocking right-hand lanes they're trying to get off on a 580. and that means 580 but that
6:48 am
assumes it the bay bridge toll plaza in slow traffic and the dumbarton bridge sudden accident only one lane open once bonded spend overturn vehicle there and has traffic backed up softly across a span. a much earlier curring accident at old oakland road still backing up the ride all the way highway 85101 northbound through san jose. here's the bay bridge right as you conceive slow going. this back up bridges over the west on lands of the toll plaza. and your trip to the golden gate bridge here self, one traffic devolving just a couple up. and no delay still heading to the richmond bridge. back up to the cash plans and the applause of backing up the right 580 westbound in sup for some reason this tolling which should be up as an and that's helping to create this a big backup westbound. month and member get traffic and time kron 4
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mobile app free download on both i/o s enjoyed devices. the >> : 640 rain now and patiently waiting longwise a snap a photo sense of kobe over the banks to smart phone technology and tradition of an store santa a >> : huntley five years a more some malls kids can check out a digital modernize less instead of writing a letter to south pictures with virtual else go computerized journeyed to santa's workshop before they reach st. nicholas >> : and give kids and parents something to do an interactive digital. >> : make the time lines to buy much faster definitely much more fun to wait in line and long. to book and employment
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to south korea 16 and fan says: state is to try it one of 493. warriors beat em back in oakland tuesday face the orlando magic if lawyers on a second-best record and basketball half a game behind that >> : and then yesterday was raiders fan like to forget their roofs to queue on from sulu's will feel the kickoff to look any breadstuffs acknowledging events in murders and misery is and in the field with a national issue plus then joined by the rest of the receiving corps also intends up >> : and say was police officers
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condemning the rams calling the display of the hands of bunch adjuster tasteless and offensive and fly to right. and for the game turned up by the dow were still on rams' scoring touchdowns first five drives and beat the raiders 52 nothing raiders have the worst record in football one win the love and loss was >> : sick then things don't get any easier for readers this week in hosting the niners and jim harbaugh putting the coliseum to end at warriors on the nfl and the underwriters could be i harbaugh as the head coaching vacancy and 20's brought the has been coaching the team but the raiders are looking for an upgrade 49 still logged harbaugh and a contra 2015 season so either have to fire him more likely trade harbaugh to the the raiders also n.y. jets as mentioned as a possible spot knew i too intent on the season >> : miss any of that action here's a peek at sports night live >> :
6:52 am
the think the general managers they with the team will he be back next year. and in professional sports about ws else. are you gonna win or loss any great on coming wednesday get right now the raiders to have many when you look at it from the perspective. if the raiders do not when or something's detector does happen the job will be up for jeopardy. and it's the last to go release 3 and 184 node make the playoffs and the the suit is ahead of them don't one team and start, threw four teams watter look on sunday >> : but it raised prices warriors 142. we both like mark jackson job he did defense last year. carter if mark jackson felt maybe prematurely of this point it's steve kerr hiring and certainly looking like a good one steve occurs on a great job really utilizing the lung goes to gar's to do their thing >> :
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are sports i live every sunday night on kron 4:09 p.m.. coamo all those sports to 45 minutes with sports rector's and everything looks different juries world trade >> :
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storm trooper sticking out bay area weather and bottle fell. what's being called a
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touching moment caught on camera for assume this officer pictured images for limply sergeant read who reportedly saw the boy holding his client called him over have a quick conversation about the protest and and then as the boy for a hong >> : what folks to do about this in reaction one person simply sang their s as good >> : another person says low winds hit was is. as other state in an article moved into tears was taken by
6:58 am
free-lance photographer now become a symbol of hope. >> : the controversy of the case in person details on that and then a few more are as to the non especially in a tribute to a robin williams by air abate area artist on
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barre thing these trees can most debris bring them down. play with the is coming up a live report. watching whether traffic for you back to work school monday perrin present obama make the meeting with cabinet said discuss attrition and person missouri >> :


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