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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>darya: it is lit up in yellow and orange >> reporter: were saying rain falls happening to more than in july of locations the heaviest fines were want to see this line continue to the morning hours and during that commit were you concede shades of orange richmond and parts of san francisco for definitely say
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more moderate to heavy rain falling fall creek the morning to you if you have very heavy rain falls coming down this is widespread for a much and when you look in san jose is coming down through the peninsula and is one to be a very wet morning his will respect inf as far as rainfall rates the market is not just a day is also tomorrow for the hills where talking four to 5 in. for north vietnam to answers for the bay side in the spec from the quarter and answers these totals may be conservative and santa cruz mountain were looking for to 5 in. as well this is why tomorrow that a lot of line for a trigger all possible because the river thick and a letter to the assault were bought for cash will turn a few hour by hour
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>> james: kron 4 as if jackie is the and i'll conditions there >> jackie sissel: this is what attacks it looks like out in is not a war bloch's loss of land in iran has been falling consistently for the fast several hours to see some of the palming going on we are in desperate need of a loss of rain that is exactly we're going to get over the next several days and see the light coming in driving on the freeway loss of finding going on philosophize of planning and you're driving today be careful we really need the rain hit the was a welcome sight. we definitely need the rain the couple days of rain is well-deserved for sure for a long way to go on a to
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california saundra's learning that we definitely needed i is the one of the concessions for the we have not seen a lot of rain this heavy rain over the last several months i is a were android and this is what there's still lots of weeds on the trees as the rain fall these leads they called the storm drains and call the gutter's the carefully have not begun a formal rose to clean the gutters to parley to lay is coming down consistently coming down our >> james: of the water is beginning to pile whenever i've been looking at the conducing how things are shaping up. >> reporter: several crashes minor but mostest an ounce. we do have a lot of heavy
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traffic heading into san francisco tech you're ride at the toll plaza you're back up into the maze is mostly heavy on the open side of the drive times from 15 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco is not that no one should get into san francisco you have to deal with flooded plains as a trouble spot with three right lanes are flooded trysail to the left hand side to aid of mom it is flooded every time we have lot of heavy rain in the bay area is also something to watch out for once again a major hot spots no traffic latria now possible ways to fast and watch the on driving
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southbound on a 80 >>will tran: going to milpitas by far than seven runs for 90 minutes by car this is the worst i've seen it in terms of falling on roadways and the intensity of the rainfall to conceal or the card from a meeting their brakes on going about 45 mi. from our some corners guy around the bay area the next that we know from six a year in south on 680 the penny on how the traffic flow is is definitely be careful because the rain is coming down very hard it has been for the last two hours without letting a battle reported from southbound a aiding through milpitas the water quickly at pg&e crews timmy mac trees >> james: they're cutting branches and lambs hoping to
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bring any from falling down to a positive out power lines the utility has extra crews worked around the clock to into the car stays on. here's a quick map for the stations are all you needed to bring a shovel and collected san line >>darya: get into the mall application our web site facebook in twitter because of the black writing your information and pictures and videos and income you will maybe damages he had rented a. again the lack of his is a good way he could just clicks and answer your picture >> james: please identify people in this video their
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>> reporter: you're dealing with a lot of slow traffic and what roles use extra caution give yourself a lot of extra time at, at 215 to 20 minutes to your normal drive times here's a look at westbound 80 there's a lot stop and go traffic out blow through richmond. it goes all into the maze and up to the bay bridge toll plaza will the above 23 minutes from downtown oakland 37 minutes after hitting a to censuses of there's a way for you at the bay bridge toll plaza laser flooded around the bay area and do not slam on the brakes tech a foot off the gas you can easily spend also wants to speed >>darya: the developing store where following at sunnyvale where police identified people sit on video burglarizing a home
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kron 4 was the first to show you the serbs in this video of the burglary here's a man and woman does rummaging through this home offices are looking for a 34 year- old fernandez and 36 year old chlorous the double from sunnyvale there are ready are approbation and have watched for their arrest they're asking anyone who sees on those them to call my one and get as much information as possible >> james: 0 homeland's security will the san president obama decision. the call the president moves for presence of undocumented immigrants. will take a break still ahead recognize what out is
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falling in the area the full forecastle, the sixth st.
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>>darya: we could use wipers on the lands it because it's a glary mess out there which is probably what the going to see when you get thrown >> reporter: up and announce bay in the east bay is the heaviest and would resume in where you can see the square where sen really heavy rain coming down the to be anywhere from 1 to 2 in. for our is really heavy rainfall is pouring out there for some locations you consider this is also little area one and three-quarters of an inch of rainfall is in
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fact were saying the rain impacting the entire bay area. including san francisco down along 101 and 280 into milpitas and san jose area is in yellow pretty much all morning to give some areas of life ring with the sebring petaluma and about as we see the most heavy rainfall coming through we do have some delays as a folk airport. the airport delays are now three and a half hours on average because of low visibility >> reporter: it will be a tough day at the airport today will be with us for
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the entire morning commute into the afternoon our of this motion come from the southwest them is no level will see plenty of line for the bay area and a fat by at a cost of nine spotty showers get ready for another wave of rain to come to after midnight in the early morning hours tomorrow morning commit will be what as well timbered should were topping out in the upper fifties to mid 60's. >> reporter: is affecting more than a foot of new fresh this for a high of seven kelsey to lead to measures and the tahoe area ferry mild before easter
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lull inspecting rain by small hillock the kron 4 7:00 a.m. on the day forecast of three if you can download the kron 4 news mobile application to get all the weather led to traffic alert >> reporter: because of the wet weather traffic is heavy air the good news is that we don't have any travelers a major hot spots course the contains a second is backed mostly on the oakland signed this field over to 580 this backed up to 24
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you're backed up on the west from 280. the golden gate is moved in both directions and had an earlier press southbound twitching over tutors december fell the prom scene as you work your way to the survey found nothing ajar time lasted 10 minutes ruse with you all went to dublin 680 once again no major crashes so that is good news since the very quiet in the south bay all morning no major crashes once again at the same this
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lead early and you got there is watchers bay >>darya: business a much of an issue for the on ramp here it is the demonstration there's so much rain coming down this a little puddles to see how the water is just going down off to the side here they have good drainage tear this was happening throughout the full range does little
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reason because the unexpectedly the press and from being used was a really slowed down. were getting a closer look at new details are also trapped in the store feudists to the morning a live look at the golden gate bridge we saw you leave there and won a one belmont
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>>darya: were learning more details about a first approach is that happened friday night on black friday sevastopol is for able to block protesters from getting to union square were all of the shoppers are enjoying a black friday bills and were they relied in the tree outside of mrs. kron 4 j. r. stone takes a look at the tense moments this is video of the intense moment on black friday in downtown san francisco as far as a process of march for the christmas tree
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lights and several millions when >> reporter: is a family even is very crowded lots of children lot of elderly sentences copley's chief to sell one point during the march or protesters at this point time this is no longer the first amendment this is when this race if ever while the first amendment and get hijacked by criminal front element ecru conduct of a to line the to successfully prevent protesters from interfering with the tree lighting the man of the damage to lease five businesses and union square and the mission until 79 people were taken into custody and cited for those were booked these items or confiscating rocks and chain and a knife five options and
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did in closing this officer when he was said by tequila bottle the seventh round of criminal conduct this into a bed themselves unlawful first amendment activity will not have that here in san francisco 7 percent of those who were cited on friday are from outside of san francisco and out of those 79 there were 76 are juveniles the san francisco- r stocker kron 4 news >> james: herman citizen will son was attacked and that police used excessive force in arresting him a senior giants have gone by when all was immediately after of to approach them and their car parts of the competition on the cell from is hard to make all exactly what happened because of the video quality of care are two police cars and canine and someone on the ground they use the canine after he would not comply with
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officers and started swinging at the end of the witnesses say the man's mother is mentally disabled and would not have been able to understand the command this is his party has all those cars have also know that this subject was mentally disabled would he or could give him a in a different police said officer and law correctly followed his training the man's mother insisted they crossed a line and that you already handcuffed when they released the canine on him >>stanley: the storm is bring it welcomes no to the sierra janice dickinson explains why she is not speaking up accuse the comedian bill cosby are raping her decade ago taking a lot of the past on track for the yellow the
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and it tastes it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? fe[ male announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. >> james: we had a positive trading we want all three actuate will see when they go we headed yes today and early reports about cyber monday sales have been less than will see how late response all lead news. in the meantime his ally of the outside of the biggest so pleasant >> reporter: the heaviest rain is
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is a dark sky up there and is very 3 1/2 hours on arriving flights this morning will be a tough traveler that rainfall for task expected highs amount in wherefore 5 in. by tomorrow nor the a couple inches possible in the hills
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looking at three to 4 in. to the site where want to seem more rain in to watch out for wins and thunderstorms. it did the weather and traffic were you of dollars are mobile application for free for your apple phone and endurance device. >>darya: the delays on the ground in sausalito she is taking a look at the rhine and you know the drill you have the drive toward >> jackie sissel: as a presser the inside have the rain was on are really do have a rental on a throwing outsider a definite need rain boots i'm sausalito looking back toward san francisco family were not as axes lead of just a little bit in the last 1520 minutes it was pouring in
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and basically it was that with about 50 minutes ago there's still lots of rain coming down to a definite on the sea last is a pledge of what some women have this much rain and a very long time the program elsewhere in the cellular it's like to feel a bond with you will need them in here emergency crews are good this morning >> reporter: 22 guy respond to numerous crashes out there that are fender benders to is that not having a lot and wet weather's you're ride into san francisco still at the lights on is spilling over
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to west 8020 minutes to the foot of the maids in downtown san francisco you're looking at 39 minutes clear of a flight to catch a few things in some of this morning no major hot spots that is the good news fifth no major trouble spots for the south than we do have word that the cable car service and san francisco because of the wet weather shuttles will substitute that instead to assure you plan ahead leave early next 50 to 20 minutes will not hurt your morning diver walks off the flat lands >> james: we have snow falling in the sierra which is great news for the resort that the five into the fresh snow in the last 48 hours for this video shot yes today more snow expected today tomorrow and maybe even perhaps until thursday as well he petunia
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to kron 4 were on to track storm our morning long and picturetel said was out of castro valley the sources o'clock this morning you can see the role of the distance extremely wet you're out there and have a chance not picture and e miller to us. to the tour's fifth appraises well hot as a grave for sea and a real you will was like in the there but. >>darya: she speaks of his support of women who accused them of having will rake including dickenson she does of awards for supermodels and she said this happen when she was in her early in '80s she was a young woman starting out in her career she is one of malta
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women who've made similar claims against cause been shimizu she never was a police met then at the time and the steps of limitations that might apply has expired she told her story now to support of a woman who accused him of the same hot line crew put me on the government lie-detector test because someone to win big trouble for all male liar >>darya: she knows the time has passed for any charges the she came forward as another of close to 50 women and said he consulted
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them will have preliminary numbers for cyber monticello's as amazon turns to remarks to fill high demand for keep an eye of the rainfall is well posted last headed off to spend in december fell in is what out there.
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>> reporter: the skyway is backed up onto one no one is pretty heavy map for the 280 split crews are just responding to the scenes this is fresh and not damage
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the hot spot we have a new craft east on 580 has to come out a little more headed to the out to my its account of the new direction is not that much of the deal with the normal heavy westbound back up to the are to monitor the war 50 million products are stored here >> james: if wages have walk down long aisles felt like industrial size there is was a to amaziah and then bring the product to the workers
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to care products to the new inspectors to a standing by waiting to get what they needed to sell to customers ligament a little under 50 minutes in some cases out to customers lesser of cyber monday ordered get 37 million items from and was down along >>darya: their way to the morning were seen some really heavy rain coming through martina's concord at the wall of criterium more details on your stormy for test with the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
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>>darya: 2 flights have been canceled and one other is delayed the airport is to letting them fall out they posted on the weather affects on air travel slump will extended their vacation a lot of people were flying guest today if you are fine today there are some of sex as san jose airport >> james: discontinue our team coverage of the storm is raining all cited the have not notice outside
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>> reporter: is generating all morning long and has not stopped not call the tune was of a problem here this offer the belmont answers to the freeway is a really good example was happening along 1 01. you do see a little the public and saw last and by the fast lanes. it's slowing down because they're more cars on the freeway.
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>> reporter: moving basically due east ride now is in the east bank less in some of the more moderate to heavy rain showers. is planning an initial montana's receive awards that's where we're saying the intense rainfall is really coming down the to see the rain fall anywhere from 21 to 2 in. is literally coming down so people say is pouring and it is a mess out there where to look in some other areas that are seen some pretty the rain this morning less like a lifeline for the san francisco's south san francisco was a more modern timely and heading for the
6:49 am
down to the peninsula for light rain and moderate line is moving to the east and the slack in the san jose area generally lie ride for the most part the 680 and is director douglas san ramon and san leandro area is really coming down. as one of the wet and soggy when camille is range out on a camerons' been that way all morning as run as of right for a lot of folks. >> reporter: 2 to yield = the future task we're still sing the rain was the ground for the entire morning commute the rear brakes it will be a pretty wet day for most locations. we may see
6:50 am
some gusts of the 40 mi. are our especially in the hills another wave of rain comes late tonight to over 9 hour and tomorrow morning to build will be another one as well as widespread rain tim to try now 56 and san francisco mid-50s in san jose of the fifties in the north may to mid-60s and open and 64 in san jose. it is look into what the storm warning for the slopes and sierra nevada respecting more than a foot of fresh powder for the western slopes about $7 fee the area you see here that is a flash flood watch in effect that may lead one to see possibilities for flooding over the next couple of days in fact here this year forecast for to this note has 7003 the snow level will
6:51 am
go down lubin a look at the kron 47 they're on the bay for as chances are on thursday they're trying out for the weekend. >> reporter: you can download the kron 4 mobile application for weather and traffic in the time and is free the chicken down all tear or endure a devices >> reporter: an increased number of crashes as head over to the bay bridge we ever crass walking to lines right inside the tunnel there on the same dealing with is blocking the 2 ride lances added to the commuter traffic. the drive times not to read 18 minutes when the
6:52 am
crash an analyst and now all morning the two right lanes are blocked one vehicle to a slow at the same saw was about was a joke a new direction to much heavier is over an hour 67 minutes to a 5-tracy out to the nba in castro valley. a lot of stop and go traffic. >>darya: he tried to get away from the blaze because it was level on a suspended license and violated his probation and illegal life 3 lbs. of marijuana and hand
6:53 am
grenade a santa rosa woman who the president same car she was arrested for having a stolen credit card as a security guards they from all two checks that were not in her name and her purse >> james: car chase involving a suspected car thief and even as a board that is coming up next.
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>> james: suspected car thief tried to stop instead, state or this happen in los angeles incident and his
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sword into traffic he got stuck in traffic and hops out in texas they were with him the kids on it this starts getting as fast as it can place running after him the jabiru thick of saw the whole thing on down pull in front not once but twice >>darya: the chatham and should ebola kills them power in the trade in and interfere will see will sports fan that are
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spreading all for a holiday in football team that made a huge mud into san ramon they sell.
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