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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 3, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>darya: i hope you're getting an earlier start of the day here as it is taking a lot more to get around the bay area.
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>> james: we have been tense hours and rain falling along the valley and coast and of course up in the mountains they're getting quite a bit of snow and a leg tahoe area for this focus on the rain was zone and is was over to storm track for the better idea you see the red cells in the navato area is about to insist and three- quarters for our coming down right now navato down to senator phil the homestretch and won once in a heavy rain continued to track off lewis with the committee discussing the impact of the systems here and elsewhere were also tracking center
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fell westar's st. the cell and of that community. san francisco not so that we still have showers and the bay bridge itself to the east bay we know things are coming down quite a bit. >> james: we are still some light to moderate in heavy rain and the head down to the south we will see widespread we get a basically a lot of milpitas. we're looking at widespread light rain falling across this valley. sunrise is right now at around 708 were getting a better idea of what the clouds look like not back the cause or a. --
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now that the sun is up. >> erica: is really interesting to watch this commute on fold was asked happening less started to see more accidents in the not commit direction as traffic is heading away from san francisco the roads are open and they are starting to hydro plant. south lawn 280 in moderate reporters of land flooded so driver extra caution we do have problems lot about 101 a downed tree and a landslide in looks like that incident had been fixed and we're only doing with residual into san francisco taking a look at the golden gate bridge rise about 11 and highway in sausalito a partial flooding are the lines are blocked and traffic is
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moving pretty well headed down to the bridge itself. >> erica: reports of new flooding some of our block the offer were not releasing signs at the tech a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic release that the incidence here is pretty hard to press you're only going walk 5 mi. for our last traffic is backed dealt will pass a 80 of course down to the >>: line split we do have a wind advisory to the bay bridge. >>darya: he is a long 80 in berkeley was the difference to see there now. >> reporter: i met interstate 80 the vehicles
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heading into san francisco are those cars and less of the spring was also heavy downpours early this morning is about 3:00 this morning and mib some flickers of light of a lightning that lasted for about an hour this morning. personally i'd experienced heavy pot of water south along the peninsula since it was dark i like many gyres the rain is that rough over the past hour has come back out alive again were getting a little better break they're very slick rose as you can tell the traffic heading into san francisco little sluggish this morning and probably will
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get more sluggish as it picks backed up. >>darya: its axis safer to drive slower. causing problems in the sky at the airport this morning sfo experiencing big time delays and cancellations already this morning we got word from the airport director 26 departures and 26 arrivals have been canceled this morning yes they more than zero hundred flights all these travelers had to find a hotel overnight a lot of these were short-haul flights up and down the west coast this is not as northern california problems other california problem is getting a lot arraigned the had complete shut down but they are not resulting flood of bad check all the equipment and get back up and running. >>darya: some of those life
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could become from there as well in was about the rivalry that they're safe and is that the destination a lot of people try to get connection that the roadways. >>will tran: the overnight train not getting drivers all kinds of problems is given fits the station is below ground and all that
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heavy rainfall that we saw overnight went into the station which is why they shut down the place the gates are down the sides says closed in have to go to a different location talk on i did see workers to san francisco department of public works go in there with the squeegees and the mop to clean it up at this time no word yet on when the station will be reopened in the meantime you can still hot on to the buses at the street level and then test and market. >>darya: you are part our lifetime coverage by submitting your pictures and videos of breaking news at kron 4 come. you put send the picture and to share that with us and i will say it was from you if you tell me who you are. continue to be a party congress this war will be right back.
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>>darya: more than half would fell they have 13 in. of snow from this latest storm and the chp said as this fall a clearing the snow from the roadway to an advisory and fact '80s 80. right now we understand they cleared it out so there are restrictions >> james: this is the view from storm track for widespread rain throughout the south bay will have 04 report coming up in just a minute.
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>>darya: we're asking you to be part of our lifetime coverage this morning another one sent to us from ibm and is like our river flowing down the street this is an san francisco it conceded they have marked as of this will be some areas of flooding but also easily
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door with a free mobile application can click san. >> james: we have a lot of wet weather out there right now contracted in this the northern part of california we are seeing rain falling is dissipating a bet on the peninsula as diesel and you see this and about 4 san rafael--which saw rain coming down at better than 3 in. per hour at a time. let's see where they are falling right now about half an inch of rain falling more
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wet weather on the west to keep that in mind you're not out of the woods yet san francisco since the light rainfall might not in the east bay things are picking up the intensity you have a breather a moment ago but now the light to moderate rent coming back into the delta walnut creek is an into concord also say some heavy rain at times that stretches 680 in high with that to change. >> james: pleasanton dublin and the more you're about to get hit was a heavy rain the south led to scattered light showers nothing to intense that is aware sing on star tracker for have was in the upper fifties to low 60s and to take a look at how much land as fallen in the past
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two to four hours we are upwards of 4 in. or better in the north bank that into interest and to the peninsula. we have each passed for the morning our by 9:00 we expect showers heavy at times by noon it was still stick pretty scattered. as we head toward lead in the afternoon the drive home things began to lighten up about 5:00 p.m. or so by 9:00 tonight and will begin to break up.
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>> erica: i have a couple of days some good news and some bad news whenever talking about severe flooding all morning long they have reopened just the right hand lane and is passed a shutdown their one-to-one to use as san francisco a lot of the problems have cleared of what's out of the city at down the boulevard was on the freeway itself we're actually not saying it's too bad the traffic is starting to set francisco.
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>> erica: most of the line is currently falling in the south bank come from the guadalupe into change. over at the san mateo bridge drive time now to 57 minutes is wanted second hour to get from hayward and to foster city. which is generally a 90 minutes for this time of the morning the good news is i the massey and sprays may kick the premier ro we are starting to try things out with the very lives are on. we do have flooding north of the shop traffic has been that the for the past hour and have at the wrist december fell bread the space there up to 40 mi. per hour heading into iran. >>darya: she show you the south anchorage and you are on the grand county side it
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looks a lot better on the bridge. >> jackie sissel: in is a lot better the wind after it decided for the last half hour 45 minutes it really picked up with the rain really already did the damage. this is at marin city and ran the right lane closed off that to talk about it in her life report you can see chp this was due to street flooding right here on a southbound 101 right at the exit in the on ramp. if a cease-fire five assists and the over a clogged drain the is it about 2 ft. of standing water and rinse the the rain was coming down and extreme levels for a good part of the morning. >> jackie sissel: there was
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a complete shutdown of southbound 101 and catalog overnight because of flooding problems at one point the rain had been coming down at into a half to 2 in. an hour extra conditions on the freeway thereupon the on the freeway the ones to wipers basically cannot keep up for air- traffic was traveling about 40 mi. an hour and that was almost too fast for the conditions that are out there, obviously things have gotten better but so much water fell in such a short amount time we had about three hours of extreme extremely heavy rain coming down in the north bay they're still continues to rain here is another shot of marin city and some of the problem that they had but i want to go back live camera. >> jackie sissel: the when his turn to dust out here
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is that and i were a couple hours ago. >> james>> jackie sissel: a vist of sending in the rain and not in danger of getting sideswiped by a car and you could not see the windshield wipers they could not keep up there also must water on the freeway you felt like 40 mi. an hour was almost too fast the conditions were on safe i did see several cars basically pulled over to the side of the row that's how bad conditions were at one point are we at around 330 to 5:00 this morning.
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>>darya: will continue our team coverage as a comeback in a few minutes. >>stanley: let it rain in the clashes began out explain in the next edition the clashes began out ex♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪ ♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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>> catherin>> catherine: minor s stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: sometimes it is because the driver failed to turn on the lights when the weapons are armed were meant to cause a collision in the rain is what happened to the driver and his black bmw he tell us, he was driving 70 mi. an hour and he lost control and crashed. the
7:28 am
colors of the driver he'd drank a series of test to see if he was impaired in their the balance test the driver had what he thought was a better test than there was a third test. all about the final test with a series of tests is in the past and failed the driver was scheduled to take another test at the university and just a couple of hours and said he is called off the san mateo county jail it is that the officer if he
7:29 am
didn't know to get to his professor this request was denied them in a dilemma is 10 k please do not and drive.
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>> james: talking about the weather and second is some of the great pictures you have been sending and the shot from a viewer and daly city on a beach three--88 st.. >>darya: this is a sedan
7:32 am
that can make it out because it is under water >> james: the same man this is in our be in the driveway the good is just about submerges and here's an ambulance that evidence is have submerged in the water is high enough and only imagine was going on inside.
7:33 am
>> james: widespread fraud and california and the closer and you are still on track for the we have conditions and saw they saw some light rain not much in the month of heavy rain up in the area around a bottle we have heavy rain not too long ago does off the west coast and assure we have heavy rain track in that direction watching the developing minute by minute we have heavy showers and is fully in the direction of san rafael we have heavy rain start test to impact you sometime soon. >> james: 10 was set to
7:34 am
expire at 2 this morning that is extended to 9:09 a.m. this one in the flood advisory because he rainfall rates now and again up to 2 in. from our we certainly see that this morning and pounded on the road use caution when sen urban flooding is testing in san francisco and other cities that collect water when a storm drain start to fill up with some pictures of the people coming into kron 4 that, and download the kron 4 mobile application no matter where your is free not the traffic. >> erica: we all to a better commuter traffic is so heavy when i say all those the spinoff i was tracking at four and five of our most of the incidents actually in the east bloc
7:35 am
traffic heading away to san francisco we still have areas of floodings out about 101 the right lane in the exit currently shut down the need to get into sausalito you need to get the favorable tax is starting to drive there. >> erica: the back of the stretching well past 380 seats down to about 25 mi. for our a couple of lines shut down right now and over at the san mateo bridge drive times at 57 minutes generally a 20 minute trip a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is barely
7:36 am
moving the mid relies on drive times currently at two to two minutes we do have it when advisory in effect so driver and to caution to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. >>darya: the skies opened up in pouring in them get a little break and then it will be ready again to my be getting a break now and berkeley where kron 4 mike appel said and done it for about a half-hour >> reporter: were getting a break from the rain the when several it picked up here in the east they were taking a live look at and is a 80 in your street. those of the driver sitting toward the bay ridge of their driving into this is that much better the what we saw was a light and heavy downpours at 3:00 this one and a downtown san francisco does on the line was really coming down at full force.
7:37 am
>> reporter: the offices are held to resolve some of the heavy water by getting out of the cars and ready into the water in a call in some of those trains is certainly one occupies open for some of those bonds and the road. you begin to see some of the sled is traffic while it is raining it might become a sense that this history is urging drivers to give them plenty of space between the cars in front of them and behind them. >>darya: we have another tamed they have been in san francisco the shooting somebody as the out this morning to see the scars of a half point in the water is have wet against the car.
7:38 am
under apple sunny and the sea its fee in the city attorney out and stop more people from driving in backing up this is a foot out area of about the civic center will get great videos the catalog saw about 11 commune as it was very early this morning the laser reopened at pedal. >>darya: the cars could barely get at the close the highway overnight call for an on ramp at the time to show more photos from your department in coverage that is how we can get everywhere and every neighborhood to you with yet a peace by whenever of your senseless and is the pictures of people coming at kron 4 dot com if you have a mobile application there is an easy way to cut the tile this is a bad picture or store to
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>> erica: much of the bay area is a slow and go use the at this time of the morning is about 20 minutes from and to and across the span now 65 minutes between here and foster city. or bringing back in about seven minutes. >>darya: the rain that the bay area this is some guy and press late she sent us what looks like a dutiful and 44th street in san francisco to concede the rain pouring out their. if you're driving in it that, in your car this e-mail us as a breaking news that, you can submit your pictures at the kron 4 mobile application. there has been
7:43 am
a lot of heavy rain and navato here is another call from the pure the backyard that was flooded out in navato have a site rivers have and cars the rows are trying to ride out the that is not want to be the case is on again off again. will be back in a few minutes. >> james: mild situations here at the stand does not appear in the north bay is coming down awfully are will have a full day in and just the moment.
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>> james: of our out to the oregon border we have light to moderate in heavy rain and snow falling out near lake tahoe. let's get a closer look at the wrong track for will star with a look at the east bank would have liked showers falling in the area of dublin and pleasanton. that is moving in the direction of dublin in the south bay will have light rainfall most of the santa clara valley that is impacting the downtown san jose area and this bit of heavy rain in cupertino and
7:47 am
sunnyvale expected to start picking up the intensity there over the next half hour so the water you show the most intense ride better still falling in the north bank you see the distance near papillote. >> james: it's moving in the direction of navato. perry ran pretty much to walk the entire north back to take a look and feel to cast for that's what we're still looking for rain in san francisco man in the north bay and santa rosa. stand shall still intact in the northwest you begin to see a break up just a bit by 5 tonight will have a few pop of showers. by 9:00 tonight
7:48 am
it really began to dissipate the the noises and tenses will saw this morning a lot of the fifties and low 60¢ since the 59 of the mid to upper 50s and the east bay better on this afternoon we should warmer and the low 60s will keep the cloud cover and again that a lot of our block after law thursday and friday was so weak tear off the showers saturday and sunday with i will try things out nicely with a sunday in a bid warmer forecast. >> erica: be ready to sit in pretty slow traffic around the bay area the news is we're not hearing and in reports of flooding and renouncing any serious accidents out there but
7:49 am
answers may want a lot of the time to get around this as the into san francisco the right man ag's is to drive me to get out in sausalito you have to the spencer alexander in san francisco all the we were dealing with several areas of roadway floodings earlier slot above problems multiplied. >> erica: we have a wind advisory in effect. there are lots of space between cars that allow a lot of space between the parcel to the hydroplane and crashed into the car in front of you. the center for risk is slow and go to cash users
7:50 am
and fast track users this morning was she making it past the toll plaza in and prove to about 40 mi. are working your way to moran. you could follow both weather and traffic available, all bought and read and apple devices. >> jackie sissel: that action started raining five minutes ago is nothing compared to will be had earlier this morning is a misty drizzle and there's a wind associated with it right now. vanessa conference will be talked about earlier this morning in fact there was talk about about marin city here is that video from marin city on a southbound 101 about an hour and a half ago if the sea was still dark outside also a hazard for straight and flooding in marin city did see firefighters standing next to of a flooded
7:51 am
intersection that would seem that has repeated all over the north bay this morning because they're so much like coming down in such a short amount of time. >> jackie sissel: near hampton and about 1/4 cent is one the rain was coming down and is an answer in half to 2 in. per hour and i made my way back south while one it was almost nightmarish how hard the rain was falling at that point. the freight traffic so receive 40 in 45 mi. an hour and was almost too fast for the conditions the water just had nowhere to go the way to walk as cannot keep up with them that for over to the side of the road and got out of the rain
7:52 am
water pass some of those last for half an hour the worst conditions were basically from 330 to about 530 this morning here is a more bills there are some golden gate bridge believe it or not i'm not quite ready to put away the rain jacket because of the storm will be blowing through. >> james: it was a bad experience between 3 1/3 to 530 this morning. >>darya: >>stanleflooding closet four and the station that
7:53 am
put up signs saying the station was closed at has reopened with the mess on the roadway from flooding to accidents as we continue on with the scripps will have a live interview would officer of victories--victor louis this >>darya: you're noticing that the roadways are better is a lot clearer not the sun is coming up before noticing the flooding they know what they need to slow down its a little bit safer people need to continue to do that as far slowly down living more space between themselves to the we don't have any accident and the commute. >>darya: people pullover if israel really heavily--it is
7:54 am
raining heavily. slow and steady is definitely the way to go people from their work to slow down considerably as everyone is building up basswood causing those backups and become dangerous for those not noticing it in time. >>darya: not yet this morning most of that was affected the overnight and downpours. is pretty much to say what we've already dealt with. back with more than a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: as a continue to track the door you could be part our coverage by sending us the pictures and video the easiest way is some have in our mobile application will keep you up-to-date and you quicksand easily that way throughout the day will be right back.
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only from xfinity. >>darya: 8:00 looks a lot
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different than 4:00 a.m.. >> james: it is beginning to back off a little bit in certain areas. the rain is coming down pretty intense it was a was how widespread rain is. this is what looks like all storm trooper for. let's zoom in and take a closer look in the area around petaluma down throughout navato intimates and stomach and this is coming down off a shot at times that weather is headed your way if you are in the wine country out toward stinson beach is to be
8:02 am
impacting stinson beach. san francisco so far so good old nasa >> james: you see at the moment light to moderate rain. you see moderate showers impacting errors like sunnyvale and milpitas. that is all we're saying we do have that flood advisory in effect till 9:00 this morning another hour heavy rain falling and of course
8:03 am
pounding on the road. as to the storm and at this briefing widespread rain and possible thunderstorms and windy conditions during the afternoon as it ought to the rest of the week we have on- again off-again showers through friday that is the weather at the moment. >> erica: traffic is slow run much of the bay area when i getting any new reports kind of rate cutting by time i sit down a little bit at the san mateo bridge it was as 65 minutes now at 48 men is that mes 880 and you drive out of here as a foster city will following problems at highway 84 the dumbarton bridge south phone 1 01 am orense still dealing with partially flooded roadways the right lane block the exit is closed and you want to get a sauce
8:04 am
litigates alexander or spencer. the bay bridge toll plaza of in the 880 approach block in the right of our treasure island. >>darya: the is in the south bay where rain is causing traffic backed up. >> reporter: a city here in about 87 at 85 no one is going anywhere at the moment that i have some video that i sat here a little bit ago just north at low water out of morgan hill you to see what was like there is instead a 20 m.p.h. they got a big neon signs the decease of
8:05 am
standing water here and there we headed by an answer so we get into on tuesday since about 3:00 a.m. this morning. it's at a hearing rain on the roof and then under my dog not like thunder is still coming down fairly well. it is what >>darya: a steady rain there were more cancellations the last report we got from sfo their 26 the part to delays at 26
8:06 am
arrival cancellations they're also delays on top left there on hundred and 46 cancellations and and out of the sfo. because of the rain and so they would then make if they were happy with that it was really bad it was raining it was above iraq will we got here safely think back. as always check i had a solid thing to condemn >>darya: passengers are
8:07 am
passing to security and taken buses to terminal a to get their flights the death rather have the work around the problem right now. stay with us as we continue to track the rain you have been part our team coverage keep those pictures and videos coming this is so with the views have shared with us this morning their land and a lot of debris in the roadway in fact there were some down trees in addition to flooding all kinds of things the to take pictures and send it to us. you can be posted about whether and trapping and you can post your pictures and submit the story we will return.
8:08 am
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premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. >> erica: for the most part looking at dry conditions for you're ride through walnut creek's stock down 680. apart and highway 24 to speed up down to 25 mi. from our >>darya: this continue to take a peek at the pictures that are sending at kron 4 with our team coverage. alex sent us a picture of my longstreet--monroe st. they
8:11 am
have for all the way up back where the arise the downpour is happening in berkeley look at how heavy the rain was out on all except through this or it will agree that the drive and it was scary >>darya: you to submit your pictures even more easily through the application you should download that. >> james: here is will we are saying on the radar view will fall look at the forecast coming up in just a moment.
8:12 am
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and bodyso y st acte anstro. ensu. takeife .
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>>darya: you have missed some major downpour's a lot of flooding has done a lot better this is the video that shows to the north down side of 280 near the ocean street the committee earlier this morning also video of flooding on chavez. you see how did this on the the other class of people that the stuff and people were backing up to it would not
8:15 am
get stuck. in the dark the only to know is if you saw a car that got stuck. a lot of people had walk through there is no way around it unless you want to walk in the street people come to work said was of such their ankles and knees. >> james: some parts of the bay area 01 there's some light brick of compiles and blue started to shine through. that's been the main recipient of the wet weather this morning the majority of it anyway. navato is on the lighter side is to continue to see
8:16 am
rain streaming. ne>> james: in the next 15 to 20 watching that carefully san francisco getting a bit of a breather oakland the same story may be some light showers otherwise we have the calls for the course of today in the east baby at antioch would like showers redwood is not so bad warmer creek we have a line of light showers working for you for the south along 680 we have more intense showers will be popping up in the hour of pleasanton and livermore is all working in the direction of livermore in the altamont pass.
8:17 am
>> james: widespread like rain and saw the bay. that flood advisory is still in effect for the entire bay area that area and bring some areas where we will see likely a heavy rain at times and urban flooding was made into sections that are ankle deep in water and even deeper in some spots just be careful. will call for possible thunderstorms non again when the conditions here in their on-again off- again soured as more awake for the next seven days. it is a seven they're on the bay for fast retreat off on the showers saturday and sunday looks like early next
8:18 am
week will be back to a dry and warmer forecast that is the weather now is the update on the traffic. >> erica: when i getting any roadway flooding in what has been taking our advice and driving slower. some of the slowest traffic in the south bay we don't have any series of accidents to talk about to look at not bowwow 1 speeds are below two to 5 mi. for our coming out of the coyote valley in the continue on an italian or mountain view the slows traffic in and out of downtown san jose. we did hear some reports of flooding some lanes to block it is not met with away your traveling in the south bay's and also for
8:19 am
the san mateo bridge 52 minutes from hayward to foster city. >> erica: we have a wind advisory in effect and over at the bay bridge to talk about an obstruction block in the right lane was down 80 just before treasure island will mesh with the drive times now looking at 35 minutes from the maze into san francisco. over at the golden gate bridge and looked like the deck is starting to dry up was still have that at the close and right have lanes approach and the golden gate bridge traffic is backed up at the residence and retail bridge the fast track user and cash thing customers. >> erica: because the trains
8:20 am
are not leading san francisco headed to the east bank the delays will skyrocket. >>darya: live from daly city high delay. >> reporter: and then the city was an apartment complex and is basically on the deck on the steep a got as tight as 4 ft. every caused havoc in a lot of cars have water damage inside from the guards fans were floating was the water receded they're on the side and they have a lot of clean up the other residents are want to have to do some of them were you shocked when i
8:21 am
woke up this morning they didn't even know that have flooded and receded a symbol of. >>darya: the pictures we're looking that i cannot believe it. have we got into any of the house how bad it is >> reporter: the apartments were safe some stores is that damage there was one couple that was there ever setting up some of their stuff and trying to save
8:22 am
less out was what ever they and for any for the water damage. the damage has been done already flooded and receded and what they found was wet and soggy items and soon they get it has really helped with of the damage a lot of the stop lights are out there calling on lot of traffic specifically on this in the section as well as 19th avenue is a parking lot because people and in a section and these are major is causing backups saw ronald brown and on 19th avenue in the intersection of holloway and is well on ocean avenue you're on to
8:23 am
relate to your class if you want to this intersection. >>darya: we have been helped by you by the view is you have been sent as videos and pictures that's one to help us identify the trouble spots. this is the video that we got from a foot avenue in san francisco said this video earlier this morning around 330 this morning descender pictures to breaking news and kron 4 that, a share it with us on facebook the best way is to have the mobile application. back with more in a couple of minutes.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>>darya: the heavy rain proves to be too much is backed up a training system. >> reporter: what a mess out here in the parking lot in front of paradise market there is a flooding in the parking lot and started early this morning and crews have been trying to clean it up ever since. the flooding
8:27 am
was primarily because of this the pumping station that backed up and that meant everything else went into the parking lot. this is the physical therapist at the place he's heard the red early this morning he did not think that this was what to happen. >>: of the was looking pretty ugly out in the parking lot. yes i was surprised it started raining really hard at about 3 in the morning i did not think it was what the flood down here >> reporter: they appear in the parking lot and they plan to land and see what they can do to fill out the situation.
8:28 am
>>darya: the rain caused power outages across the bay area the latest numbers affected by the outages in the bay san francisco called the third 534 people are without power 1500 in the south lake peninsula and 300 in the dark east bank for the customs and an enormous base 600 people customers without power pg and he knows about all of these and is working on it will be right back. here's some news you may find surprising.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> james: of your sentence and they did not say where they took this isn't this the justice and neck of--not all >>darya: copters up in daily city can you imagine that have a bill all the damage and the writers this the
8:32 am
data to look into for our >> james: megastore drains back of it is not take a lot of water for the buildup. and when is the person water back up it does not take very much rain and it does not take very long before started getting beat and all of the situation out there this morning. and is out there where same light rain in san jose. this off to the east to west and heavy showers for some in los altos in sunnyvale and cupertino area in the next leg of their santa rosa heavy rainfall right now with the modern time for santa rosa to the golden gate bridge that will air stay outside a full week of the tennessee for the morning hours. there are decent rate in the east bank suspense along the east bay shoreline.
8:33 am
the possibility of maybe even a thunderstorm shawmut up. so widespread showers by noontime still with the scattered showers were not going to be a was to get rid of the numberless in terms of for the timber the star for the moment take a look for the mid to upper 50s a few low 60s will see more on the web man six will be about as warm as against lewis spent a sour to continue their will taper off considerably.
8:34 am
>> erica: in the site where a single break up in the cloud coverage to problems real responsibility for to the tunnel and the no. 4 line reports of a large pot hole shutting the main down into san francisco that is what the drive times are creeping up to 40 minutes from the maze into san francisco who still have a when adviser in the fact traffic pretty much a parking lot was still have the right lane blocked and that a to close if you need to get to sausalito btu spencer alexander they're
8:35 am
seeing heavy delays the down to 25 mi. per hour backing up into navato. >> jackie sissel: i am on the north side of the golden gate bridge there are pretty dark cloud over the top of me but no rent a little bit of bremen nothing compared to what we saw this morning. area was just talking about the marin city exit on and off for the was closed this is video of that on ramp that was closed early and then my friend got in a short amount of time basically made impassable near sausalito and marin city. insanity and it's a
8:36 am
terrific amount of rain that is the combination for flooding that is exactly what occurred to shutting down the right lanes of traffic all along it was not just their all when it was also on the surface street of marin city. >> jackie sissel: they're out and about transmission did all the storm drains clean they're working hard and area that was flooded for someone who just woke up in the last hour show you have no idea how hard it was raining there is video from around for 15 this morning i sat near hamilton and navato i was coming back from petaluma if you guys control of a bill to the great it was absolutely torrential downpour coming out in this into an have to 2 in. and our there is the video is
8:37 am
made in this is almost one driver will on southbound 101. the was a weapons cannot keep up the roads were basically thudded at that point in that even been to point the patchy rain the cloudy day you have no idea how hard it rain this morning. >> jackie sissel: it was almost too dangerous to be driving it was coming down in sheets >>darya: how about a little slice of the sky is more of a description
8:38 am
>>darya: you got the sorel's i have the big will stay go to the name area >> jackie sissel: the waters that did on not walk into ruin it is on ankles i'm not walk in direct and shooting from a distance >>darya: will be back with more in a minute. more in a minute. hey,ow y do'? thiss wh it n belike to ha shil, it hur. a paful,listing sh.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
>>darya: eric is backed up and running now take a look at pictures of lysenko and san francisco this morning this was taking within the half-hour to see the call market and also no one
8:42 am
falls and is it still more and hayes street the sea occurred largely around it in the dark it was hard to avoid potholes and on the areas of law cards that stuck. this is from the traffic jam and holloway near san francisco state is a major thoroughfare of the whole area because the weather is a mess will be right back.
8:43 am
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>>darya: smart from accessories are a multibillion-dollar accessory. >> reporter: there is an eye on a case that whatever personality $55 for gunmetal tramp. the of this hard case, and a bunch of colors and the to the signature this will has a great group
8:46 am
leather and hard-pressed the edges provide protection a snug fit $35. then to when and you and i did much it disappears the one total luxury? this is a year from our bit more exposed to dollars you find out more information about all of these cases while your there
8:47 am
were not share picture of your favorite apple case in the comments section. >>darya: you need a waterproof case today into default for a second you are right. >> james: bargaining these factors come in the to the parking garages and of san jose and that is something you forget sometimes you make of which were we rely for your part could before into the water we step out which >>darya: it was so crazing is now said iran that are an enormous bay in years--he has not seen it rain that
8:48 am
hard in the north bay in years. >> james: where still sing showers bay area that are wrecking of to let getting decent breaths of air not in the north may rain coming down and santa rosa adjutancy windsor and santa rosa are coming down on the heavier side this morning with a second look at the rain fall to tens of and is falling areas of large part a little bit more intense author of an answer this data we are saying branagh and north bay to have a range as a continue our look this morning we have heavy rain falling the charge island on the san francisco side and open side is not bad right at mid span with heavy rainfall read now. the
8:49 am
are the delta is sacred this is in the south is not to enter san jose it out there said carload what city it also does over the at the bay itself we have heavy showers headed in the direction of paper and fremont. >> james: that section of the stressfree way here is aware say the flood advisory what is here look for rain to be heavy at times we saw in the north in other parts of the bay. the water is getting deep and saw those under from garages. we have high winds low clouds and italy's former conditions is the
8:50 am
sort of a damp and stormy day today. will start to aggressively try things out what a case the showers the weekend a lot better if you one dry weather will get it early next week. >> erica: it has been a rough ride at the bay bridge for most of the more we have weather-related problems although it is not currently reigning and work our way into san francisco we have reports of large pothole apportion the tunnel roof before the no. 4 line is a down is really squeezing out traffic heading into the city lifetime's creeping up to 40 minutes from the maze heading into san francisco in addition to that there is a wind advisory in effect for the was bound trip the
8:51 am
golden gate bridge starting to clear up nicely saw about 11 & sitting will have a shutdown at the right-hand lanes and traffic is still coming out of the boss of this morning--new boss o >> erica: speech still below two to 5 mi. from our and ran >>darya: the heavy rain causing a big mess on all kinds of roles. let's talk with officers of victor luis what kind of
8:52 am
issues are you deal with right now? bad audio >>darya: and saw the on the path for example a few of them got stuck the have any areas left like that this money? bad audio >>darya: on a day like this you do not pull people over for speeding because there's so much traffic you're out and about trying to get them out of the way the that the traffic.
8:53 am
our goal is to keep a roadway clears is much as we can right now. >>darya: edge of have to deal with any mudslides? we did not have to in san francisco area we did have about three in vermont early this morning. >>darya: thanks a lot have been helping caltrans to get those areas that are to the declared out for you which is to take the work of the mobile application it will people still on all the traffic and weather locations continue to do that we will keep those coming we will be right back.
8:54 am
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>>darya: you can send us your pictures and videos are consummate actors will be right back.
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9:00 am
>> james:. the storm system that has been an acting as with the sound of rain coming down on the roof all like. that's where we were dealing with all morning long as a little better now traffic is but the people are going to a little bit slower is brighter outside to see the polls ahead of you but earlier this morning when it was dark people hitting these puddles in the freeway before keep its slow that speed everything in the spinoff earlier the
9:01 am
wet weather has not let up much. the has broken a bit in the east bay with a note of a they're not out of it yet santa rosa right now like to moderate and even have the rain. >> james: they are mild and san rafael. track in the direction of downtown center fell ill did awfully with him momentarily. when i say that much anymore and brentwood or we have heavy rain is close of dust into the north those areas outside of antioch in does up and read what city limits disrupted his life to the pulpit.
9:02 am
>> james: that is what the weather picture looks like scattered light rain spots heavy rain will sea temperatures in the upper 50s warming up to the low to mid '60's this after no 65 for presence in san jose 63 for san francisco and oakland his seven day from the bay for cast a heavy sour to saw this morning will begin at the system exits but this week it will be doing a whole lot better and find things out as we headed to early next week we met in traffic was an issue early this one unless the way it is like now. >> erica: it is still pretty well for most bay area freeways and then not following a serious injury accidents and their no new incidents upon them. out
9:03 am
toward that this city as well in this like they are recovering so expect delays between 15 and 20 minutes, if you're heading to bart station this morning. the western and of the span getting closer to read before the time of their reports of large pothole blocking the four lane that led to shut down right now traffic is 35 minutes from the maze into san francisco over on the traffic map seeing some big plays softball 101 the parking lot approaching the 5811 split in it for the guy to marin city that a is a shut down if you need to get into sauce a little you matthew spencer alexander >>darya: he is at the golden gate bridge u.s. senate ran off and on
9:04 am
>> james >>george: >> jame >> jackie sissel: is a line carrier combine that with the amount of rain in just a short amount of time in the overnight our and that's basically shut down there right lane that on and off ramp in new york city did the sea firefighters standing 2 1/2 feet deep because of a plug drain
9:05 am
there was something that is repeated and across the bay area. people there were sleeping this is what in the black at around 4:00 this morning when the rain was to retro. --torrential it was coming down so hard it was about an inch and have to 2 in. and our but it was coming down really hard to windshield wipers could not keep up with it it was a white knuckle driving people driving 40 to 45 mi. an hour on the freeway in los to the reason any faster than that was simply unsafe and saw a lot of people pull over to the side of the road because there were so much water accumulating on the road and it was a what cannot keep up with it. >> jame >> james:
9:06 am
>> jackie sissel: it did not last a lot to commit we got lots of rain in a short amount of time >>darya: it was ridiculous i'm glad it is working out the golden gate bridge looks a lot better some of it's taken a lot longer to clear all is as a folk. was to get a backup and a delay for and have our lead-the domino effect in the recall affects all started last night with the rank canceling more than a hundred and 46 flights. a lot of these people miss the connection is an added hotel overnight hope to get out this morning they're
9:07 am
wrapping it was not a pleasant trip although they got here it was disgusting it was not good it was really bad it was raining it was a copywriter we got here say if they died. --thank god >>darya: take a look at another a fact of the storm this is a sink hole in the middle of the st. in san francisco. there's just a single call which is another to one this driver to go around those has is in the dark if you're trying to drive in the dark this morning the dog for you cannot see the file or anything else you could take
9:08 am
a picture and shared with us as well like our live crew be part of the coverage. in get the latest car wrecks from our mobile application.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> erica: southbound 680
9:11 am
pretty slow approaching the highway 24 interchange. speeds below 10 mi. per hour in the tech traffic is starting to loosen up as to make it went to the macarthur maze. >>darya: the worse for helping us with our team coverage the same as this video from fairfield you could hear pouring the 0745 this morning. the guy out there in the rain for us and you can send us your follows we appreciated look at this guy in the middle of the street he has navvies the fishermen is a 10 1/7 and
9:12 am
delors as a loss of 30 this morning he came out to shovel and clean out of backed a storm drain that the problem we have so much rain so fast it back of the rain and flood the intersection everywhere >> james: will have something new here on storm track before lightning beginning to pop up will have more on that and a full look at the forecast coming up in just a minute.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>darya: the floodwaters going to have weighed the taxicab and a lot of cars were stuck. the streets look like air river as the storm drains backed up. the problem of the flooding is in mill valley that is one valid in marin county prone to this problem they're asking people to stay home unless they have to build roads >> reporter: it is so awful out here i've been driving for ever tried to get from point a to point b in marin county and filing in mill valley are pulled over it is a parking lot on southbound 101 a to talk with another driver she said to an hour to get from the rack to mill
9:16 am
valley that normally takes about 1015 minutes going 55 mi. from our is horrible out here >> reporter: >>darya: the mind is backed the were people are giving up there getting off the freeway the line is backed up on the off ramp by the a.m. p.m.. we're way past commute time are there a lot of flooded streets >> reporter: the problem
9:17 am
started so early that created the domino effect out on broadway >>darya: that is major fallout if you cannot see if we look at the golden gate bridge + you said >> james: message is some lack of traffic this is the picture so sent them back off from saudi san jose showing us a break we had a five minute break or rental car out a roar, when a to the theater and in the shower started once again that we will expect all day today in a matter where you are will see the part of showers all afternoon long felt like all storm track for in id and another where we're seeing some of the heavy showers consistently
9:18 am
we have lightning just off shore of the database. but they could bay >> james: depending on where you are you get a light rain turns the moderate then turns to heavy today you're back into the light red again in the span of maybe in a mile things can be little dicey for your temperatures in the mid to upper fifties the heyse's afternoon and began to taper
9:19 am
off will see the scare showers all day long even in the evening commute. the rain is backed of those of the transition days as the easy to the weekend >> erica: is still pretty bad out there is best for those heading to the bay bridge away in the commute back of you to tell how bad it is looking at the 880 over across the traffic is still backed up to the guidelines pled general indication that traffic here is backed up into the macarthur maze that they will be currently blocked off ride out. heading into san francisco taking a look at the golden gate bridge but keep in mind north of the shot we still have the lawrence to the exit the
9:20 am
traffic is still pretty slow drive times over 40 minutes down to the golden gate bridge and has been a part ally in the russian san rafael bridge the rain is still coming down traffic now at the toll plaza but across the span currently below 50 mi. from our boat was about 580 and about 880 has jammed approaching the macarthur maze. to 5 mi. per hour in oakland >> erica: better conditions for highway 24 is to continue on southbound 680 we are seeing speech and the single digits at approaching san ramon number to recover for sap r 101. web and follow some reports that in the process of recovering from an early problem smoke
9:21 am
was seen from the traffic is like regular service have resumed. >> reporter: i am in downtown san jose we saw a little break in the rain we had some patch of blue skies but right now it comes pouring down raining again i'm over here on the alameda net the as a pe there was a car stuck in there for a while but they got that out. i have video cassette year earlier this was the camille of all one to see how that was going 15 to 20 m.p.h. kind of a stop and go a lot of people
9:22 am
jumping over to the carpool lane evidently they're getting the next problems on to be is the when the palm trees outside of the escapee in researching a lot as it comes down. >>darya: will continue our look at where the rain is heading now is the quick look at where the heaviest rain is coming down the yellow is heavier the grain is just line we're getting a little bit better at the moment is still riding will return.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: along highway 101 and recounted this is the marin city area over there and you could see the accidents closed-fast the exit is closed. after people part in the cars were flooded out look at the mess they have to deal with that is 1 01 south are trying to get through branson is south's a little valley look at the back of still to elicit that could be because of flooding to take a look from the air the helicopter partnership some new flooded areas along the highway and you can see what we're
9:27 am
dealing with flash flooding because the gas so much rain so fast that the training system could not handle it. >>darya: they still have to deal flooding damage and add to that power outages >> reporter: i am water daily city san francisco. it is starting to get clear on the main drag. that is the good news the downside something have notice in the last half hour the wind has
9:28 am
picked up like crazy all the trees swaying in the sidelong is sometimes hear that is something that the drivers as well as the pedestrians are going to start having to deal with is really heavy doses of when coming into force us against a lot more damage is probably expected we have high winds like that a lot of tree branches are more likely to come off a lot of trees here of a bill would not breakoff does have problems farley will not stop at the store continues to >>darya: he said he really felt the wind picking up we
9:29 am
go from rain to wind and will keep track of all live with our team coverage in just a couple minutes do not go away.
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
>> erica: we have a wind advisory is from the fact no relief in sight where is the backed up at a 80 in the crossing tech a look at the traffic map southpaw won a one practically a parking lot out of navato in the keep in mind that if you're heading into sausalito spencer or alexander to get in sausalito drive times right now an hour and 20 minutes out of navato.
9:34 am
>> jackie sissel: the ramp is closing for good reason to get to see the flooding is going on the to merge the road is a place that's the tories for flooding and obviously with the amount of rain a we got mated for a nightmare for camille you can see that southbound 101 traffic and that is because as i spend a camera around there is flooding going on. the right leg and the right to lines are shut down that has caused a nightmare of a cause you as i come back out here is one to keep walking
9:35 am
in this battle know why but he is you concede cars better submersed user they will let people know before the big rise about the potential for flooding and obviously the amount finally got in such a short amount of time overnight it was bound to flood out here. >>darya: she and i want to keep going what is she going you can't get from here to there there is only one way to go how bad they have to get there? >> jame >> jackie sissel: and should this occur shoes off. is she a lawyer to keep going that is a serious
9:36 am
dedication. >>darya: you can i get from here to there and no one to to get out of the she makes it the traffic is backed a 4101 that is a tory is looking drive area have done so much work out there but they basically alleviated the problem for the most part they disfigure look at that that is some serious dedication athletic dedication on live tv if she
9:37 am
does make his sea its economic over there and is to continue on our way. is a dip their >>darya: where she going to draw? there's no other place to walk that and very religious looking this is just grazing i would imagine it will be like that all day and is backed up and ran that is going to be the case all that my mind is called a sense to try to make it to the city from the santa rosa
9:38 am
area and i said not even bother traffic here in the marin said it was backed up and does not look like it is letting up anytime soon. >>darya: did she get through. in the yard jogging they have to make it to the other side she has to keep going and there's nowhere to go she cannot go on the highway if you need to rescue her you cannot shoot you have to go out there that is was sea its fee is here for i have to document what is going on. --chp
9:39 am
>>darya: she is one to walk out there she is on her home. will continue to keep you posted thank you for driving safely she made it to the other side will be back in a few minutes on the other side of this break. lin sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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9:47 am
tsk it look like we have some moderate rainfall within those cities. the east bay has been under heavy rain this morning now beginning to joy enjoyed a break between systems. i have just spoken with mark and has been jose keeping us updated on the rainfall totalled out there with half an inch of rain out their accumulating in san jose. it will be light rain right now but backyard action starting to get a little soggy is not
9:48 am
flooding flooded. >> reporter: here is the impact of the storms today, wayne possible continuing during the afternoon with windy conditions in certain areas. we look on and off showers as it begins to dry as it hit in to the weekend. s f o right now is the army with claws are low creek to and have hour delays with flights. continuing this morning. temperatures this afternoon will be in the low 60s and again, it will be an odd and again and off again with showers. especially rte. 3 to 5:00 p.m. this afternoon when picking up children from school or finishing your work. >> reporter: monday and tuesday with more sunshine
9:49 am
and things are on the warmer side. so is not looking too bad. >> reporter: starting to see some relief for your bay bridge tried but that is not the case for it we do see a pop culture managing to block of two of the right lanes of traffic barely squeezing by. finally, in two san francisco would drive time out of 30 minutes. over at the golden gate bridge keep in mind kim, most of the traffic seems like a parking lot because some of the lanes are closed down. we have been dealing with flooding throughout the morning. >> reporter: and crash, that is why traffic is so slow. we do have some blocking of the left lane at the toll plaza. it does not matter if you are using a cash.
9:50 am
>> reporter: look at the northbound 280 sluggish downtown san jose and the mid peninsula the drive is still very sluggish southbound 101 approaching mountain view. westbound 580 print approaching downtown where there is minor break strict but there is move sailing and other areas >> reporter: do not say sailing. people are doubt fragile when it comes to that word. >> reporter: you do not drive in this part of mill valley ee will have to still predict that you for your totals pretty this send them through facebook or your mobile application. look at that, still dealing with this situation does them
9:51 am
morning. looking at orleans city the flooding that is still happening right now is coming down again, jackie. >> reporter: and half an hour of no rain. right off the off ramp of northbound 101 and highway one. you see the route is closed and good closed for a good reason because of flooding on curing right there. stop that is that part in my area that is notorious for plotting your route. causing a problem with rolled ways and shutting down. we do see people try to make it through. you see the traffic on southbound 101 to it basically, it is a parking lot. glenn all the way back there because marin city exit is closed. and so is the two right lanes. you
9:52 am
see a back up drain there. strongly plotted at has been that way all morning long. >> reporter: for anyone coming into the north bay in has been a nightmare. it cannot be as hard as it was earlier between 330 at 530 it was coming down in sheets of probably and into the half to two and one hour causing chaos. >> reporter: dario? >> reporter: you have to go through this water. >> reporter: yes, exactly i did see someone come through on his bike the would like a pretty good. you cannot see because he was behind the tree. >> reporter: nice day for a walk. >> reporter: thank you for
9:53 am
sharing and our team coverage and keep the ball was coming in our e-mail us with coverage this morning. in a letter shows at kron 4 news we will be right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> reporter: and large sinkhole has formed. >> reporter: right in the area of six ave. a large; and the middle of the intersection. more of the road has given way. now is a
9:56 am
much bigger hole. all started to run a o'clock this morning that is one police say in what was driving to this intersection of for some reason her tired punched a small hole in the road. causing damage underneath to her car. a water main that was broken punched the first hole lead it to be sinkhole bursting completely. the whole has continued to open over the last hour or two causing problems for several drivers this morning. >> randy on top of the gas line and punctured it accurate and that is how we can have a gas leak it. -- landing. >> reporter: with so much damage and so much changing throughout the day you may want to stay with kron4 creek you have been sending
9:57 am
photos and we have been giving you information and using our mobile applications. you can use our e-mail address and are breaking for our breaking news at kron4 dot com creek the state connected to of the day. look under kron parking is another thing to think about. there is a lot of people that will spend time traffic or in traffic and cleaning up. there is a peek at some of the forecast a state-owned for our later forecasts and news program. facebook and twitter will continue to keep you connected creek thank you for remain with us this morning.
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