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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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pam moore>>: at 11. we're tracking the powerful storm. rain already hit parts of the bay area tonight. high wind warnings, flood watches and surf advisories are in place. this storm is expected to be the strongest to hit the bay area in the last five years. as much as 8 inches of rain could fall in some areas -- and the sierra could get up to two feet of snow. the storm prompted several schools across the bay area to close tomorrow. this includes schools in marin county, san francisco, oakland and berkeley unified schools. we have a list of school closures coming in a few minutes. residents and businesses are packing and positioning sandbags. they are working to protect their property from water damage in flood-proned areas. also -- crews were out trimming trees and clearing storm
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drains. good evening, i'm pam moore. tonight we have team coverage on the storm watch kron4's jeff bush is live in the north bay where its already raining this evening. and kron4's philippe djegal is at s-f-o where delays and cancellations are expected to get worse during the storm. let's first begin with chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett. jacqueline -- how will the impact tomorrow morning's commute? jacqueline bennett>>: and not good tomorrow there's going to be a denuded of rain. we can see about a 10th of an inch of rain to a quarter of an inch of rain and our.
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people are scrambling to stock up on batteries and water ahead of the powerful storm as it hits the north bay. continuing our team coverage -- kron 4's jeff bush is live in rohnert park. jeff? jeff bush>>: it was rainy year up until about 15 minutes ago and then it just stopped. it was raining cats and dogs completely dumping water, if
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this is any preview to the bigger flood that's coming through then everybody better watch out. looking into some of those marin residents who were getting ready for the storm. newspeak: yet is pretty ridiculous i was in there for about 35 minutes, there's no water on the shelves, the bride is gone. new speaker: when i went to get
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messy they were out of water. good thing i had some already jeff bush>>: when they were on television and, there rain started to fall again. i'm jeff bush pam moore>>:many parents are scrambling to find someone to take care of their children -- after so many schools decided to close during the storm. the san francisco unified school district's superintendent says, closing all public schools during the storm, was not an easy decision. but there were concerns over power outages and how they could affect operations at school. also injuries that may occur from the heavy winds. parents and students are now planning around the decision. the san francisco unified school
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district will monitor the storm throughout thursday before deciding if schools will reopen on friday a number of other school districts have also decided to close thursday. all marin county public. and most marin county private schools are closed. and the college of marin is closed. some sonoma county schools are also closed. novato and south san francisco also -- san francisco city college. oakland, berkeley, san leandro and alameda unified are closed. newark, west contra costa, the new haven school district and hayward unified. all annouced closures along with the pacifica school district fremont and san lorenzo unified have also joined the list of school closings due to the weather. delays and cancellations at bay area airports are already
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kicking in. and more are expected during the windy, wet weather. as conditions are expected to get worse. kron 4's philippe djegal is live at san francisco international airport -- where more than 100 -flights today were cancelled. philippe, what can travelers expect tomorrow? phillipe djegal>>: pretty much the same as indeed pan the airport is in a ground delay. over on hundred and 35 flights were canceled canceled today. his flight from l.a. to san francisco was delayed for over two hours, now the flight home pushed back as well. oliver, jan been on board with
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the airport called it the short- haul flights, less than two hours long. is this a little frustrating for reayou? new speaker i need to get back to russia and as far as i'm concerned there's no problem. jeff bush>>: all is quiet in the san jose airports this is jeff bush. pam moore>>:
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♪ [instrumental music] ♪ along with a lot of rain. this storm system is expected to bring high surf and strong winds to the bay area. here you can see the waves today at ocean beach. and that surf is expected to get much rougher. the rain and high winds have the coast guard warning swimmers and surfers. to stay out of the water during the storm.
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new speaker "we're a little bit high hanere." pam moore>>: bracing for the powerful storm. (vo) nourished.
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schools from about now and the flash floods and they've never close the school." "i think parents would prefer to keep our kids off the roads and have them home." novato unified is one of the districts that decided to close for two- days. other bay area districts are only closed for thursday. and will decide about friday after they see the extent of the storm. we have a list of all the school closed across the bay area on the front page of our website. kron4-dot-com. it is unusual for schools in the bay area to close because of weather. and we want to hear what you think about the decision. join the conversation on our kron 4 facebook page. not all bay area schools are shutting down because of the weather. in martinez.schools apparently plan to ride out the storm.
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workers at martinez adult education high school did prepare for heavy rain. a dump truck delivered sand today -- to protect classrooms from flooding. the school is located right along the edge of the alhambra creek watershed. "in the past 10-years we have had an over flow of this bank area right here that came through and flooded this whole area" this is one of three-locations in the martinez unified school district being fortified in advance of the storm. teachers are also doing their part by removing items off of the floor and placing them on desk tops to prevent supplies from water damage.
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this week -- dozens of rworkers contracted by the city started cleaning up last weeks flood damage. they are trying to pervent additional problems all in a low lining area prone to flooding. p-g-&-e is reporting some power outages this evening. nothing significant. but today, crews prepared to deal with potentially bigger power outages when the storm picks up tomorrow. at the p-g-&-e distribution center in fremont -- equipment like pole vaults and transformers were sent out to trouble spot areas. p-g-&-e expects dozens of power lines to come down in the storm. extra crews are on hand ready to work overtime.
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the storm that is hitting the bay area is also bringing strong winds and snow to the sierra. today. the ski resort at squaw valley reported. it closed two of its lifts due to strong winds. operators expect to see two- to- three feet of new snow. to fall over the next two days. "but it birtley actually picking up a decent little downpour, the same thing here in oakland and san francisco, just a tad bit less."
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"taking a look good future cast we conceded the showers will continue. most of the activity will stay to the north through the 4:00 hour. we have a heavy band of rain moving on through the bay area at around 8:00 in the morning. by 10 and will be at the golden gate bridge. by 11 this rain pressure pushing down through the east bay, we're talking about rates of an inch of rain per hour or more.
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adnan been brain is down over south bay, from 3:00 on word will see continual showers kind of often non." "the high gear to reign of the north the gun and be up to about 8 in., a flood watch is in affect for virtually the entire bear in the areay area. also.,e
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careful out on the roadways as you may come across to downed trees. saturday will be drying and much of sunday will be dry."
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kerry gary radnich>>: to start 19 and to no coach in history has ever started like that harrison barnes had 27, the war years and at 1.11 in the stretch.
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one of five to 93 the war years on 19 and to war yea they'll go to seattle at least obtain point underdogs. t d a hopefully you'll say why not. new speaker: "it's something i
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am obviously working non." gary radnich>>: he is traded to a loss angeles and badgersdodge earthiness santana is that supposedly the guy they're looking at. pam moore>>: will have a team coverage on will have a team coverage on the white and windy weather conditions, to meet issues. have a good the white and windy weather conditions, to meet issues. have
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