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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 12, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>darya: one way to get around them are ready reports about flooding into the vineyards that you for joining us more rain coming down the bay area the same storm in southern california. >> james: as we are pushing
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and we have some green and yellow the offshore that as our activity will expect this one in this afternoon because open above love you and then it will move on to they will be of hit or miss type of reactivity that's where we are expecting the course of the morning will be a better evening to you for your altimeters.
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>>mark: high with 37 >> jackie sissel: at the close as yes today you can see the overpass right there they're still standing water on the right-hand lane since the storm hit yesterday and one. it was completely shut down yesterday and through much of the night the westbound lane was in is the right lane that is causing the traffic issue for folks for coming in on highway 37 is that all with his own tray
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to ratify an alternative route. in fact you're ride into san francisco reports in the bay bridge toll plaza is getting just a little bit better. >> reporter: that is an improvement lies on here you for your car pulling this morning you back up toward the line is the tech place as planned. pretty much of moderate to up the bay area no major hot spots
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>>mark: this morning thousands of students from the bay area back in the classroom is most of them have the day off yesterday a cautionary measure with the storm the navato in south san francisco school district canceled early we have gotten a few calls more schools closed was has a class of stock the day go kron 4 map, we have a list of the schools that are still close to that because of the storm. >>darya: people still can i get to their homes because of the obvious reason look
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good all the flooded streets were they going to do? >> reporter: not agree morning living here for the home park along the 1900 block in the short you could see how deep the water is it the see the reflection of that time was as close to the fence is a mark would take a look this half hour was are waiting for needy water is the this applies for home solders something in school this morning the fire crews did it come to know increased 4 ft. deep in some places so that water was able to flood some of its own four people were impacted the spoke with one man his own and not flood but he says all this is taking its toll. a lot of people on the back
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they're coming you're watching the water level. >>mark: you said also when dark power outages caused a small explosion and the morning they caught that on video from her office building watch and listen.
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the smoke quickly dissipated and the power goes out to the building or building said it was closed and workers were sent home in the area were told it was the result of a blown transformer. >>darya: visibility almost zero and some areas and saw there is a much to storm warning for the western slope of the sierra they're supposed to get a 10 to 20 in. of new snow plow the day and you can get there is great.
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>>mark: will be chairing the photos of the storm damage the crop the morning. life's
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the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection ats for around $329 a month. >> reporter: nevada heading up toward such a center fell that is not too bad the average lifetime is 45 minutes from highway 37 and navato and go to that bridge toll plaza south 11 as san
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francisco the problem of flooding in south san francisco will turn crass and all drivers are reporting huge pot holes in the area which may be related to the flooding south san francisco at the after that and look good in december and now and december sale >>mark: the choke is crushed by history when it came down with a following the storm containment of the sierra the snow is still falling ride now another one to say once no casinos up and the sierra this morning.
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mumbling slowing and closing off the stuff away cute the surf in that. more rain coming down in the final was in store. and is overseen more water as a matter of fact and lucas and you see some heavy rain coming into san francisco and parts of southern iran coming out their sausalito as with family perspective fatigue at the golden gate bridge this was a ride is about 10 minutes ago as i was watching it. so >> james: that verifies exactly will we have sale on the rear with a heavy showers beginning to come into view of the golden gate bridge that is what sort them with their will also have less hours and the no. maybe a little pocket of more rain hitting in the direction of hill's work.
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math on-again off-again on a to is that when the satellite showers berkeley and santa mysore's and despite is just like nothing will go on and south bend. >> james: these are getting a little heavy for you in terms of the line the good news is this is not want to be a widespread demand is one to last all day like yesterday system this was the most erratic on-again off-again showers with an occasional downpours. that loss to do with very similar to a we have all that in
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fact in the greater loss at this area is the weekend travel plastic is a loss and thus the selection one-to- one and so be ready for it. >> james: auburn 52 06 this lawsuit over milo's drop down to low 40's and possibly even out but that is presence of an offer credit to the come to the just mom one. as a with 43 of 41 and a more civil will sing in a long-term view that saddam and some of the animals are nice and dry a little breather before the next on this arise and then i into monday mailing and to the first bit of susan and and have the right finally once again wednesday as part
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of next week keep up-to-date with the latest in a changing day-by-day lots going on our mobile application is a great resource apple and the works on both and best of what it is free. >> reporter: i think recall a french ally in the family is completely clear was that of a lighter than normal about the size to said, < out of the wet weather here is a ride into san francisco is a lighter side of the screen here >> reporter: the back of the ostrich is amazing is by west brand is not too bad hitting into san francisco this morning is a predator ride across the upper deck the upper traffic is on the open side is ride is usual to assure you i just be it will be slow on and is heading south on san leandro and hayward are approaching
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90 to slow or halt the span this is normal no major crashes or stalls on the ridge. >> reporter: be careful with the drive times is less than 25 minutes from the violence of downtown san francisco no major delays and to that appear fortune to pay its a little stop and go from castro to the toll plaza of sluggish on this >>: is moving this about the limit. >>mark: have remained a lot the day is today as san leandro very quickly brought the storms. the river was a state the high the flood stage is wrong 60 ft. and kept rising after the storm stop. especially at their
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bear creek road caltrans workers this vessel on call the storm drains with their lot down trees including smashed cars. >>mark: into with the concrete patio and part of the home as you're standing there all another pop and i told her there in those is given to fall are eager was a crash and the back of the house break. you started hearing is separate and fall apart. >>mark: more damage to because all the area with more rain forecast. >>darya: trucks and as tvs were having problems will for some cars is pressing the law ride vehicles is a
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little dicey. >> erica: some of our souls of its and pacifica the waterline of wealth that is the third time that has happened this season we're beginning of modern great factors into the kron 4 news this is a follow as well as the fall of if but a gas station hillsborough. then anaphylactic share senescent e-mail you also send this to our facebook plan phase. >>stanley: of the worst threat has set the bay and a longtime fan of heroism of the worst drivers have hit the bay as well foul explained in the next addition of people behaving badly.
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you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, me too. anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >>darya: southern california is getting the first part of the storm and is headed to this out there are getting hammered by wind and rain here are some of the pictures from downtown as a funding will continue to give more pictures as this storm must live far out as a flash flooding they're getting a taste of the bid
7:26 am
will we got yesterday. strong winds creating such a huge wins. >>mark: the ways also begged the locals is pretty hard to tell the winds are blowing you and >>mark: in effect for the soul of this morning >>darya: who was then up? sears with this approach and shops unit to chang lee to the over 50 and aiding and
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that's what you are looking at. the treacherous drive the storm the snow levels are lower will be back with more and a couple of minutes.
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low 50s were sitting widespread cooling could tell 15 degrees in some spots of cool air from the stresses and filter on the bay. afternoon highs will be on a mild side '50s close 66 to level out side we have the google neighbors the rain that we showed a very merry secant done right now on a bridge itself saturday sunday mostly dry temperatures on the cool side but then but sunday night in the monday bring in the rain once again >> :
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tracking and problem in the east bay at the hot spots in traffic light of the normal. from the bay area right now is to go to the map here traffic on a walnut creek's heading and alamo criteria across wrap up the much of the old. and then not cars and a major delay selling everything to shoulder and weigh of crowding on westbound out of what creek is just a little sluggish heading out and the lafayette, telling you about traffic to 42 concord pleasant hill and told the creek that is a pretty good commute. those traveling south bay no major problems so far little heavy here no. 85 working away in the cupertino that's not so bad. guadalupe parkway sign back up north on at at downtown san jose. and then a pretty much the same for 11. it's a good ride through mountain view to doing find a plot so no majors stalling the long
7:32 am
ninth revulsive like a dim because the rain >> : will trend has live there with an update ninth took about major cleanup and all over the aisles of the sun is up now and is clearly see the damage will markair close to even see this guy from our vantage point in the place was red tag to stand outside no one allowed inside. this happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon shoppers inside the earth could not hold all the way from the rain fortunately there were some cracks are already in the roof and on the manager survives as follows coming the evacuated people before they it actual collapse happened joining me now the sam colman from pet food express so much concern safeway is shut down for now in some nearby businesses could lose lots of money
7:33 am
customers because the carbon red tagged as well. let's talk the stamp is up in the case for you >> : know as i arrived at the shopping center this morning all lights were on the businesses will solicit with our business will be open today my supervisors concerned the tag red tag but that's not the case. this store is the force or is aware of concerns >> : their peril walls that once the roof and not actually sharing our offensive line board have have trains for the cincinnati and are sore and will be open for business as well or should supply is doing fine and all lights and honor during find >> : an own repairs will take place along it will happen will happen to the employees the meantime i tried saw it as a representative of saying anything at this point is pretty amazing no one got hurt and the managers store saw this was coming and that's why they
7:34 am
evacuated everyone a fire aboard also insurgent but sir trustees to make sure no one was inside left inside and one was >> : some people thought the trucks were big enough to get the high waters this guy has been a pickup truck with a 36 in. tires and six 6 in. with a no match for the flood waters and that knocked out in the water too deep 41 help him. sector for a few hours until a family member with the lumber truck was able to go to the waters and told him out >> : the floods getting trouble these bay in alameda county near castro valley messy for drivers all the rain came down from a hillside >> : people at busy trying to get trains over toward service calls and 29 falling trees to mudslides. this was less are a 1500 block of skyline boulevard working removing
7:35 am
the mutt from hill's son of for more income is next week to erode about him boulevardiers slow making its way into the neighborhood and lime is a waterfall up there and now it's coming down on the road were trying to their sandbags and order >> : churn crossroad other mudslide before 5 pollock's work screws it will clear most are for mutt from the roadway >> : is to sequester go over a few of the dos and don'ts of driving san francisco bay area of focus on the bonds >> :
7:36 am
still so trip mr. judson possible water comes to the rescue >> : apparently many vengeance rescued the driver comes along after right resentful last musteline had lights >> : driving a of a certain the california highway patrol and the storm hits ago from forfeit toward keeping there are ways clear. >> : by what one was so bad traffic was restricted to two lanes drivers and to pay
7:37 am
close attention to the road led the smart card driver was not and month will see if the monopoly on an enforcement mode and north stars the answer is problem >> : is rather the problem in the future the and people behaving badly meanwhile remember to drive safely out and drive the sale live >> : right and the services go officer how patrol silly roberts kron 4 news none
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want to steer photo the rain from this morning and noticed up from yesterday's here's warm water far as rolling in the newsroom. as a night shot. slip a for the
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barge's walter. surf creek but actually having up to someone stairway sell-off was coming and lots of damage some people having fun with it kayaking, for writing books to the storm also sent to our visit them page then the sound kron 4 news will be back with more news for the traffic and world according to gary right after the break >> :
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we're back tracking us on this morning look at the center for falling rain falling once again on the bay area keep in mind the employees but oregon iron not get back out three with serial meet it what are the for the day today. groove like us all importunes the severance is google in a bridge a toward a the lessons that the bay bridge out toward san francisco in and did that. quick look at the golden bridge camera. so let picture there verify or seen on radar. in such back to that now and two girls were sitting in a fall of the moment and the north bay their in-line from clover dale the ouncer holes burnt water rain falling in the area to santa rosa the on
7:45 am
the panel mutt. same light rain falling play also moderate rainfall at the moment. denise bayless body the way a more consistent light rain falling now for places like richmond berkeley further is falling below the south bay's of our high and dry. the system coming on short on the peninsula all but ocean beach types of the cut daly city singlet moderate rain will fall right now. invertebrate and more rain offshore. on again off again showers and the system continues or to all the past us dennis on the sierra and creating havoc there will to flooding reporting with the georgian rangers saw yesterday here in the bay area going to be on again off again showers all the forecasts temperatures
7:46 am
chemicals cited a particular sixties cold air. a pulled through and cold temperatures on to our morning will be done 38 coverdell 39 petaluma 57 cisco widespread man upper '40's across these bay and south bay ballets. seven air on the day forecast brief break saturday sunday and another system monday tuesday and another break wednesday thursday. and he is the umbrella handy lots to goes through here the last sunday's step did in real time download at eds free today on a a friend dried apple devices >> : nothing splashier but
7:47 am
traffic is a bit slow at in south to a muckrake. still lighter than normal still slightly likely to be all but had a tropical are conquered to 42 to plan how and what creak as a family of the case today watching so traffic was down 241 >> : 0 walnut creek on 680 splat heading to lafayette in to run the crew is wrapping up a crash may be blocking to left lanes at the exit. checking right on the peninsula since live traffic here, of belmont run out to an end to split will open up the third was traveling to the north by keeping mind of a problem of flooding of 37 west berlin is still blocked off between emerson and new orleans but slow right to the scene of the closure metics about toward software one uc unusual crowding high-risk 87 heading out toward center
7:48 am
fell. >> : bulgaria was scary for a lot of folks will offer you how was it >> : as a case severances got up and held a third owner on for a little bit. there are sailing in find a safe flight >> : people actually some paulus of deep pot calling from nevada >> : at the station carried the that the blair witch not kidding you like we're doing flashlights and telephones only it knocked out power. a hundred thousand people including kron san francisco a dozen customers without power >> : i came from o'clock news less and light saw that rug flashlight holding the
7:49 am
flashlight we go through the dark hall is finally do everything was off with no matter how are left we were done >> : is very dramatically exciting >> : and funny as removing to beautiful moon facilities and as a last day 7 law last it was memorable. >> : nevertheless into several stories 18 told their way it was gone not doubt is for the famous is the shot that have a live shot. but the to fare is one is one of was knocked out. everything the flooding is saw a car is a pillar of those crazy >> :
7:50 am
minutes of solid kron around 789 the morning >> : radio yesterday talking back and forth should go out there heard how the people for these clothes were not making fun but he's a little bit saying the u.s.'s ever winter >> : and sought his long nurtured on coughlin is surviving the storm because all of urgent >> : that this stuff we stuffed owl is december in out as corridor itself right now. >> : the report is as far as it shares businesses will thing
7:51 am
as far as life-and-death >> : have to prove a safe way at all kinds of damage but the show goes on warriors will continue as and stood see the your best coach in the nba >> : no one's ever started out 19 to a >> : of the code to see rob man who had doubled. at doing anything just sitting on the bench all players in a word yes to his coach >> : most people long time ago questing rogers 9 trouble was kidding any way >> : wires to shelter a gallon when that equaled arrested when sugar history: the lawyers >> :
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of kron who played with the miami talking about the supposedly coming cleveland's >> : says the town for everything that this particular point in time forty-niners are non and where is our analysis the worst margin for harbaugh and for years that'll talking to. but talking to him and you can be like that with the media >> :
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i understand it and tell these guys not out to get you but everyone's looking for story no one's really did keep friend brought death to do all pleasant of people show kinder gentler side lego growing cost the did the sea is laroche true like maya felt calmer player of the month. it's does this is the mutt espn will check uses as a joke and started the meeting this week rolled out this picture all these pictures the team was laughing it up and >> : toss major catches and the temporary storage goslin and so soft a hard-liner had
7:54 am
newsboard developing in germany all the sports is a what are they doing espn careful 24 hours straight and get your act have taunted be doing that >> : admiring it at the same time as an lathing added. airline less shawn's of the kron building on all see as much better lighting next week all male kron 4 more news studio >> : here's some news you may find surprising.
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worse still covering that storm. and more rankling gone over on the bay area incredible 24 hours to clean up is underway. and was sworn continue and slam the california and muslims in southern california right now see a tree close on less tense i warsaw on the cirri >> : upper right-hand corner you see us differences going dark fit horse tells customers affected and latrines were going to work part in trade in the industry and the smaller on the air earlier this morning >> : if there is checking this from pushing through and still causing problems >> : up there with the latest >> : surf off with bob and in view and it appears the city they see modern showers phocion through that the services will also would of
8:01 am
the peninsula as well. bring an umbrella as his release bay and then there's no rent out there right now is a man so did his letter on this afternoon we are expecting fun resource possible for the morning are spotty showers and thunderstorms heading in the afternoon. lot of instability was a front pushes through yesterday although it was sustained in relatively heavy all day long today it will be very scattered hard to predict which committee will go downpour because these things or be roaming about of the water willy- nilly. and we start drying up though. temperatures the close above these are now logical heir behind the system this afternoon is a speck on the outside as well mid-60's was a secret daughter of warm weather up there for us at the golden gate bridge alicea is close to north rain falling in the north they come back at 415 and what more detail what
8:02 am
was bozeman's for lightness are sorry and what he threw in more detail coming up in 50 minutes meantime would glance at the weekend of saturday was a sunday and most stars returning once again into monday >> : team coverage in the aftermath of a storm maglev in the world would see people still can't get to their homes to the foot of streets and lime by this morning at two different parks that sit next to each other kron 1900 block of bay shore road in his u.n. vehicle driving through a very flooded street off in the distance area and see couples but the contenders up for so long as going out and the middle the road will be as mobile home parks flooded during yesterday's storm and once the fire crews cause the water 4 ft. deep in some spots and a foot and hollister military my tuition impacting of 40 people emergency services area apple residents said
8:03 am
tonight that caught cut seven tell others sued friends are stenholm >> : one man said that his home can cost of putting >> : a single light and allows trend asleep as intel has happened in 15 years your >> : come back alive in see the personal belongings flooding there in the middle the road where the process that does anything more they can do to help the residents here. all of the halt was the deal later on in this hour in a mobile home parks says is right next to this one in the past few minutes of 56 residence in easing big broom the plan is to assess the push toward a train what is very different of a warning >> :
8:04 am
alcatraz that caught lot of rhetoric clearer that the sword lengths it was lighter than normal lifespan 24 tell this to crush pop up and blocking two lanes and causing big slowdown in traffic appear west 24 run at the end exit 2 is blocked an ounce in heavy traffic on a friend up backup to lafayette goes all the land along the creek back to the 6824 split. directors on seen no estimated time for clearing also in their problem 680 south stone belly and almost from the vehicle flipped over near the shoulder of the on ramp up what many lives would definitely attracting the systems up and go here at 680 the galway out toward the mission in find it picks up heavier than normal conditions cheerleading's differences go to 80 busy at
8:05 am
el actually all the way toward 01 split. in south to a major problem but it is packed our daily city highway one and that goes all the way into san bruno 4381 on a peninsula of they have for her customers without power. still but thousand people the power out. the highest 0.350000 businesses that also a trustee store the generator you are a
8:06 am
yesterday from a pure of this of the cubs broadcaster for our >> : get eyes and ears open many soared yesterday of its stock price and the roof that's when i said this is not what godless start evacuation and the at the shoppers out and this happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and with good reasons the leg up as you can zoom in right now and see the roof on the floor so much rain water on the ground one person because by businesses could
8:07 am
be shut down as well and yellow to confront it or not erie's capital losses at its light and they believe the roof yeses is one large roof did not impact in their good ago as far as the place a little of our personal take but we did talk to and tried talked once of the representatives this morning i cannot hear and saw for herself but had no comment we get the mess just you on the rain pelting the face as crazy >> : in north this difference is got a beating in the morning by the acting and
8:08 am
doing now move south the southeast are got most of the rain fall and that roof so i questions how come your compared with the trade in all hall much weight was on the roof but conceive a gaping hole 50 ft opening right in the middle of safeway and a drug but now compile nine but nothing is not a funny but yesterday >> : absolutely was does that is abnormal return >> : to be right back as our coverage continues maureen moving to the bay area >> :
8:09 am
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a irarlli igin. ♪ a ltle wardor a the thgs y get them befo thedisaear. was approved at one. back up toward the maze 8580 connector that's no longer the case let us a line but the turn of lights off shortly before the a back up the red >> : left them in the month right up the upper deck in san francisco the major hot spots out there but will keep an eye on the morning traffic and to the roads are still what it should be driving a reduce speed back to you >> : team coverage continuing to live like a storm tracker where the rain has fallen severances go saw the sun and a headdress and a tail severances go saw the sun and a headdress and a tail back on more
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los the outside not all well
8:15 am
but moran on the way sit. castillo's all yellow and bonding the bay area all along but today will be a little more surgical these little pockets of hard rain will want to list their in and then sit on again off again a scatter chart type deal was the roof year's severance the scope and less revenue of the areas coming down increasing supply is still propped all in pretty good. the mini see lightning strike on us telescreen sourcing outside right now here's lead cal to or looking at conditions will be like this all along. or conrad in the on every now and then have the ring come back down >> : to check the manson jury that lightning once more there is currently not in this direction. actual heading to points farther to the north and santa rosa plums bill may see that, just a little bit of the
8:16 am
been charged but not in your church in >> : san francisco on the roof or about right here and seen the light rain have yourself to the south down your at&t parka and of course heading off oakland or seeing water in be in the fall to his awesome local retail. the offshore heading toward your direction moderate upward sen polio. light rain reached double muckrake moderated oakland and then looks like the south bay still for the most part the mild warning but you'll light in for yourself three >> : at rain still waiting arrive on shore. half moon bay to montero to submit a cell surfaces go all the being impacted by that particular band showers >> : if sincere liberal to yesterday impacting goslin call for enough heavy rain reported their the call
8:17 am
tomorrow morning will for either the '30's. were projected valid north. particularly at long-term forecasts are based on day enjoying a nice dry break good news for the bay area with the little dress ball more rain on the way seller of arrive monday morning >> : ensue the crash is wrapping up no longer blocking was still blocking traffic was born 24 near criminal pot below the two lufkin's close track of the clause 5 before the crash wrap up and allows light no longer called the cuts assault on the wall muckrake from city 24 split but now but that's on the way hopefully traffic will start to improve and wanted to overturn kraft's off a serious run rally that from the shoulder has traffic slowed to the same but
8:18 am
immediately picks up right there after that is free rides again allowed part san ramon and neutral spot here fears of they commute. year 185 that it afresh crash blocking to left lanes heading to saratoga up six of the cupertino act on no. 85 and then stop and go from the point heading out toward on view. >> : and you're out as a continued to cover the aftermath like a star jackie level high with 37 those should done yesterday and bought out for fear of water. >> : the morning as sort of a good day's bad news situation saw here. in nevada's low near route 37 the good news as 37 partially open the bad news is that starting to run again and then we saw the right wing closed because of that right there you can see there's still standing water in our hamlin the good news is that it appears as though we're having it light out here and traffic backed up for several miles about our ago things have lightened up a bit. worse
8:19 am
still down one lane here no indication for caltrans exactly how much long rail have that right wing john down. obviously so watter recovered to from it's a storm. >> : from highway 37 this morning is a continued fall latest is on that still hitting the bay area and every night now. how do what no one menlo park that's where it's open now massive flooding their earlier in the morning corot's diverting drivers they had to clean up the mess. clemenceau of bonsai the freeway march will road. then traffic getting back to normal now on ashby avenue berkeley three cars or stuck in the water. really just up thomas proved their anc and and a the railroad tracks as they wont caltrans had of a holiday so try to get them out took her family arrive last night it will pull them out. workers had to get all the modern water from the tracks on drivers a consent
8:20 am
tell us that the belief fivers inches on the road she thought she wouldn't its second deal as a couple minutes later acquired showed up on the car and another driver helps her out and three cars in our complete loss >> : and not bay will main concern is rising water levels in napa river. it's big rich flood stage just after and and and and there's that this is a system with the arts here 9:00 this morning on reports of the upper river flooding already in some vineyards near the not so. up in this year right now more so tough driving conditions and the road what it was like a snake s.a. a at 6,700 ft.. visibility was closed 0¢ at * blizzard warning canso was so what does all morning for questions of this year above 5,000 ft. and last until 10:00 in the morning questions sacramento last so one afternoon is the get a higher points of interstate
8:21 am
80 and 50 additional 10 20 in. of snow expected good news was years or is really tough private within bargains right now >> : is you could wait till this evening tell people wait until the leave but then you and all the good jobs and be like friday and 57 our experience. and then all was said sunday >> : had opposite end of this year photo the gorgeous setting up to the ski resorts getting a lot of pictures coming in from yesterday's storm was so flawed supreme much all over the bay area take a look at the us transmission shot as the waterline all the way up to the door. >> : a couple kissing in the range of pictures coming in some great on people having fun out there some show devastation and destruction of a sour on the bay area we let this your photos sharing among air send us an e-mail to breaking news at kron 4 and also put some on our twitter page. and time now
8:22 am
right-wing to will be right back >> : and i on storm tracker as we are no other trucks and stroking or the rain is heading now sentelle still getting moderate will drive back >> :
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
is allows travel videos from the storm kayaker paddling in central hills bird. supplies fled from russian river and then with federal business there's flooded in the area first spotter's the coast guard a dozen people instilling the sagas is to your weather. dillon or video from the stalin sent cruz mountains with the drought trees are weekend in a win-win many coming down the cars including the bmw trip to construct >> : was a restaurant workers continued today's strike as that of her alleged assailant big storm us what was supposed to stay open even though the strike and the weather obviously a lot of people spend what taught there for more than to reflect council yesterday workers are striking for a contract with pocket care protection job security
8:26 am
thousands of students from the bay are back in class at the sort of half a day off all schools closed yesterday. today the break continues though ford about so san francisco a few calls for other schools closing today trow and unified schools and ran complete list on kron-4-dot-com >> : 0 weather not over yet and heavy rain over the day heading to or oakland all media hayward early and look what's off the coast. half moon bay right out pretty strong and were look like the possibility of
8:27 am
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justice of the crop that is where will trend is up as the clay as it all morning long. the driving wind rain and was like being hit by us and other traffic jams as more and the layman to read
8:31 am
now lot to talk about but still not out of it of course the biggest for mr. last all day relentless. there will be a lot more fitness activities in seabrook up what is your on some tracker where we are seeing rain is coming down and potentially dangerous thoughts. closer look off in san francisco we do have. all in basel ago but was moving off in the direction of oakland and let's take a look of a broad approach families to the rain coming down roads getting wet and the once more what morning commute for you. now just offshore in this area right here simple reading and is moving in this direction this of the cut area other portions of a pencil right in that neighborhood it's about to get hit with heavy rain and will head a
8:32 am
sometime next half-hour. also the matter every right now. in these bills light showers continue its bread to the east and walnut creek concord now search out toward adults up. events of bayoneting allot and not seeing a light rain and more on the way as weather continues to track in your direction but it is this particular band showers we're watching right now happens happens go you see kevin sliding dollar impact mid peninsula have yourself still offshore waiting for to rise. what is of a letter presented yesterday storms here on of getting us about it yesterday now impacting whats angeles area have the heavy rain flooding sharing with you some live pictures coming from the south and and we continue do so during our broadcast >> : receipts of his afternoon a
8:33 am
cooler day upper felis '60s the cool air from the storm system drops temperatures down overnight as well take a look love for is essentially about 30 that you wake up tomorrow. some up the door and the local air biting at your >> : long-term forecasts what looks like looking for break saturday sunday as we head into monday f showers are turning warmup the come also get the latest weather on mobile app it's free available for an dried apple devices great tool for you don't regard website news website lime a major hot spots are now slow traffic in the south bay across going up in the north. so presoak of those coming from seventeens but coming up support saratoga and its current hit this fall off the shoulder north of saratoga avenue a part of so traffic here and i'm here is the normal stuff like cupertino from 8585 terry split all way toward
8:34 am
highway 237 is really not that but not solid >> : where one run sfo all web to central freeway and then solve problems with flooding software one under grand avenue problem areas as create yet sensing this morning or turned in this area. to the right and blocked off a bus stop and go on a seven cisco both attractions have the no. 1 in south >> : conference delta for downtown oakland will impact 4580 west end of the 58 going to got flame and north all laid down to downtown oakland. the
8:35 am
vociferate collapsed and a continuing coverage of like a storm. >> : although starting now there are so lot of wet things ought to be done after a at safeway reason why the clearly see to the window with this the roof collapsed around 4:00 this day mourning the and see the roof is on the floor and obviously see or talk and causes the death dollars for the damage the roof of building attention items inside the good news is the manager supervisor happen around 4:00 and afternoon airline people inside the time but in the cracks on our roof of something bad was going to happen is what they ordered the evacuation people out safely one person did suffer a foot injury how we do know that person treated release. the recently could not hold all way of the rain water and there was concern even nearby businesses would be shut down as well the one
8:36 am
attached to the same building to the same roof top to gobble them this morning and say they should be five the four what's going happen to the employees here transferred to a safe way we do not know there was a representative at the place to stop by to check out for herself and shoe views again, much the best revenge point obviously read said allotted go inside security guards and from making sure as far as anybody knows. police used guy from our vantage point >> : we continue to team coverage tracking the storm here in the bay area live look right now cruet it is used in wet and rain plo heavier rain which is heading our lives on sale half moon bay. allegre back >> :
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
will look back to morning news and back and and to serve as the scope of the late friday light not that all the lights are long battle plans died there in a middle and the 80 over cross out for what scram. does not such an amazed no problems are clacks out there west on 80 once again on the bridge could ride down to the tonton san fransico severity med drive not bad are all. right across the golden gate bridge and the problems here this problem and not won a one out 47 cisco offers of bribes 25 minutes
8:40 am
coming out of nevada how 37 all the way to pay date >> : killing of the reagan this morning and the interesting pictures like to share from today yesterday below the see them. getting a bunch of those coming up the kron 4 news from this video one of our viewers try to watter lot coming up halfway up and saw down trees downed power lines the storm system moved through the entire bay area the of anything you like to share ... an e-mail at breaking discuss also send us to up this book page team coverage coming up as some close the bay area and south really hitting them like it did us yesterday agreed agency also under the yellow a pretty heavy rain live look at the golden gate bridge and the sec against rain up to the back
8:41 am
more the couple met as
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8:46 am
seller perspective trying all the activity across the entire state. some at yesterday's and agnes >>:catherine snow coming down there. even more so we have a big impact on southern california law sandoz and tired area dealing with rain and flooding >> : this summer to lois i ask it created for us here in the bay area looking to continue shower activity this morning as the afternoon. bill has sporadic on again off again showers from the morning and afternoon hours. at times ill be rather heavy hesitancies little areas of yellow on the radar and you conceive it modern hair rain. whereas the movie on the bay area today >> : such as arms possible the morning hours by shards of possible on a sunday afternoon. by evening town should settle down and things come down quite a bit evening ride home of will be a lot better than the one out there right now. for many folks as a mother or warm. a un effort temperatures low 50s clear coming in and as a result temperatures this afternoon max out on the cooler side.
8:47 am
our 50s so '60s. a separate announcement to come down here the golden gate bridge camel also seen at a bridge to my as well. in a lecture tour on the bay perhaps the stop of the self-effacing rainfall at the moment. the cook had for weekend saturday and monday cady to see pretty much a break for saturday and sunday as nice as the >> : monday and more rain heading our way to the tune here and we'll keep you updated as this weather develops the course of the extra days. airline and continuing to encourage now mike is live right now on the redwood city people can get their homes because of flooded street want to mobile home parks published six to its other and bay shore road. the complex agency man appears that have but pumping the water up this morning and fire officials thomas was the low was poised turner would say was
8:48 am
over lamar trailer park start arrive at. the using brims with limited success to push the water down the drain as lawyers seeds. fir trees to yesterday giving people by boat some shows stay in their homes overnight including one man his says his trailer almost floated. >> : same time this is happening 15 years be locked out >> : at here live giving a good idea how flooded this mobile home park is and would cease fire department tells in as many as 50 people so that in a sheltered the college said
8:49 am
retail redwood city fire crews are driving by here as we speak evaluating the damage there level watter this morning than the going to go back to work and determine whether not the key to the shelter opened another day >> : a stick a look at driving conditions are on the bay area of flooding out on a peninsula a column yesterday by one south road between the parkway grand. overturn crossing in the area this morning to right lanes are blocked once again saw is going to be slow working away on a severance is go south won a one all its to the sale was flooding in december now and then after that go get a break in those of you who had to travel in the san francisco traffic continues to improve the bay bridge toll plaza less than 15 minutes from the maze and downtown was there ever a family check in on it. although never really backed up analysts rushed for the for the maze. and
8:50 am
within law across the upper deck and a downtown san francisco and if you leave the bay bridge top of the house and i to cemetery ridge pre good read on the nimitz and the problems across is that our core highway 101 and we check in on the richmond center fell bridge. it's pretty slippery and you can easily spread speed out >> : a promise for about as a, a richmond from the toll plaza crossband still had a direct run a tighter rein and watch us until bridge is 7 to help as i and for the southeast. makes impeccable but in of shaving stuff.
8:51 am
and thankfully, being able to find backups.
8:52 am
8:53 am
lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups.
8:54 am
continued the struggle all bay area yesterday in a move to southern california they're getting hammered by women right now. attached is coming in from some flooding and sees downtown los angeles. and also had mudslides hard edges and flash flooding. we know the drill in the is going to right now. >> : there is a kind regards here appears to the province we had switched see ph) although it was led their this point a lot to the roads and southern california public plays down there with flights as well if credit hours of our public and keep an eye on 5. use either 5 between possibly sell the nuns taught snow and talk out. and how difficult is it up thursday. some start assault said they the best of and surf like a wise freezing the waves are all that big and the wind it so hard you barely paddle up but they fought off some of these waves 7 ft. and one to take
8:55 am
advantage not the ideal conditions and are crazy the strength of her time to a hard sellout because when deploying u.n. wanted someone in effect in tahoe to 1:00 this afternoon >> : he following a storm and hardly pass source of lead in getting heavy rain showing up and checking the 424 this morning >> : the san jose safeway there is caving in earnest for and chow trip on right now appeared safely closed more on the damage from the storm all around the bay area >> : where are keeping an eye on lake tahoe.
8:56 am
rates for more heavy rain downpours of the last hour of track and into the bay area as well the snowfall in the cr and that rain storms tons of california as we continue with the walt from the storm >> : female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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8:59 am
and curled plan for ours here in the bay area with a big storm already rain falling right now falling bay area as the cleanup continues. live on tv >> : from like disarray 9:00 the time power generator melos when the battery back up and that lasted for some is now lower operating areas where it was blood for is an over hundred thousand customers and services go clean, lost our real headache on how it varies among other roadways complete shutdown of bottle with 4 ft. of water on a roadway. live update on how 37 and a moment >> : and is rain crossing the heart of the bay some from from from print areas of yellow on the screen as
9:00 am
seeing it right between quarter of an inch to 1/2 inch per hour. a pushover the differences go across the bay heading up to the island downtown oakland impacting portions of the nimitz freeway as we sumo here we do have heavier rains to watch for a and b line and we have areas of redtop more rain fallout rate of 2 in. per hour so heavy downpour hitting your direction and light rail along highway 11 right now the parts for world luxury up for concord and maintaining mostly dry conditions for milpitas about the next 1520 minutes >> : looking at the wider view talking about when to storm warning in effect for zero to 1:00 this afternoon the morses rain actually had in the south. in their biggest concern is flooding also talking about a restless as well dealing with yet another round of half inch of rain but most a slow start to take off into the afternoon. thus, the rate on
9:01 am
here quite yet the potential for us the lowest weekend that rhonda's stronger weather in early next week that brings us some additional shrank. the look of bendix and forecast coming up in 50 minutes >> : continued >> : to boxes of can get into their homes due to a story in subic as mobile home park was chairman there to train similar >> : deep as 4 ft. or wracking
9:02 am
because you're all wet and or about your house or underwater >> : we have that we apply it to us whether some of it out and sell units aren't. it then the get flooded >> : and see all watter across this contemporary shoulder house of pungent he of the college's 7 tel across part of parliament will decide today what to do with this and residents are not able come home concerned residents still tells me that the pot and simmer palm's owns residency working to drain the water and is so much water is pumped only goes so fast >> : the roots will floor latest
9:03 am
scott starting off with zero west are 24 right now potluck to the traffic block that's clear over an hour ago. a back up crawling out a walnut creek to start to back the 6824 slip to lafayette and once you get to the consent pot and then once its monday one-way flood south 11 alison still the right lane stimulus up and go trap the coming of menlo park heading and the long view. in the same problem here as happened yesterday was crashed yesterday and light rail lines at zero point parkway atlanta earlier than the observance is go coming on the peninsula if you have to drive this morning keep eyes open for flooded plains avoid them if you can reduce your speed because roads are quite well run area >> : update from power all power outage as numbers
9:04 am
increasing 6400 people without power. now it's back on everyone's evanses go pencils' hundred and the customer is the power 500 and the south bay east they down to 890 but now north increasing 4000 or the people at a high as. piccinni reporting 350,000 homes such as the because the storm in san jose roof collapsing on a safeway will tram love with an update >> : stiffly as close indefinitely and you see why was resuming and the roof collapsed wednesday afternoon we couldn't get this closed yesterday because so many of urgency crews were here but now is a man you can see the roof on the floor is starting to rain right now. all a concensus side getting another dose of rainfall it had rainfall s.a. and calls the roof to collapse during shopping hours street was really bad on the time
9:05 am
forcing 08 the managers to rise on hand saw huge crack in the roof and they figured something was going to happen. and that's when i started evacuation's and short time yesterday after that. and after that the fire crew did kill the surface seemed to make sure that no one was left inside. we saw some employees that show up and then they don't know what happened to them. going to be a chance are going to be transferred to the place was what happened is there right now is simply do not know back to her just to see for themselves his one-person think he works as a nearby business as well. speaking of that there were fearful he that there would be shut down because as one large roof shopping mall complex but tucked one place to say everything is fine with them and hear from the person a pet food express coming up at 930 >> : one sear for those of flooding damaging the of the
9:06 am
deal with and sundays pictures to us from san jose sells severances go incendiaries to breaking news at kron and then as armed location to have that >> : watching more heavy rain right now install tracker having and rubin toured more in right now. down 2/7 halo and then that's all pushing back to the some checking this this terrain closely as were away for the store and the daughter of a bay area in this be be the last big push of it. >> : but at the bay bridge kitchen the northern end of every nine now. much of it up to bat in the fast-track plan to whats up the structure of zero of the snow and very heavy rain in southern california >> :
9:07 am
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saw on the memo through itself on the area of fremont and milpitas >> : and knew this morning have a one-on-one and the park reopened now live from mess of flooding was all areas day early this morning cruiser in drivers so clean up the mess early in this hour. and that all cleanup now the airline traffic and flying on the south was of the freeway between marshall road. setscrews to its of recovering after two wins, the cypress street in the fall onto solid ground there. when some of the old boy traveler need this tree for victim as a get with school at a clip of seven new whats in the hospital was on my 30 entries 11 year-old girl had ranges students at the scene release or parents >> :
9:11 am
levellers thunderstorm charge for her restorer showers within the mid peninsula also hovering developing of the golden gate bridge continued trendless on kron 4 more news returns live update on the scene coming up >> :
9:12 am
9:13 am
to a cerro plata so far right there. of credit
9:14 am
conditions the scene yesterday and as a 80 on some 700 see with visibility closes zero. blizzard warnings canceled was sold to someone analysis of this year as 05 thousand feet tall town clock molester to slow but have not and the heat until after. an additional 20 in. of snow. >> : snow will be god the stop cell with alan levenson what she has out there as far as conditions essence holiday here and saw zero. when ted unfortunately that was an issue yesterday. the resistor at tahoe sing between three and 17 in. up out at kirkwood. conditions grant rather clearing up and we have another set of
9:15 am
storms coming next week >> : so forces a higher elevation that maurice and to lower down. does mr. like global. a little bubble thousand feet. over most rate above 8000 so where were able in some of >> : americans to open an foreign the (hopefully going to expand serena's will have some preconditions the holiday >> : with an all last year earlier for it seemed like as soon star it's coming all at once now as then >> : this big can a >> : a sort the storm and we like that will lead a time horizon for the future >> : to member urges and social requirements have see with the winners, and last until
9:16 am
early afternoon up in the high sierra rivers or morning till 1:00 this afternoon additional 8 in. above seven policy higher up of course to see a foot half to the forcible assault to the 7,000 ft. high nor does the ability driving can be treacherous heading up this how this weekend so definitely bring your chains plan had we do have us from having other way as we had an early next week we could certainly see that's affecting a writer, a satellite radar shows most of us in this system adds with a list of land and talking about some localized flooding and mudslides >> : big concern for portions of ballet. here in the bay area dealing with another round about whether hangovers on tracker ucla events of rain
9:17 am
pushing to the area not to bad san fransico bahrain fault i write about tens of an inch per hour saw really just a simple to light rain in the city. but then they'd look at the east bay we are checking a cell containing have read some moderate rain falling 1/4 to haven't growler over oakland all meet up. as early effect arrive in macarthur may's trade zooming up we have some more moisture offshore heavier rain expected to hit this of that montero and continued that made its way east of the dealing with heavy rain 7 tel birling game talking about heavy rain expected with the next 1520 minutes starting lineup belittling claudel dealing with light rain and belzberg. seen from its shot stars and cut it as a county in a letter and portions of soft sales of south san jose dealing fighter and right now we are dry for those of you milpitas. flooding will continue to be a concern but also to taper off in the afternoon. when at the possibility of
9:18 am
thunderstorms. because of all the cool air saddling in the day highs are going to be in the mid upper 50s will '60s and waking up tomorrow morning chilly start nappa 4140 degrees oakland. reach of 41 degrees of livermore. consider the whole heroics up called >> : this an era before customer todd, dry conditions hang in the weekends. and no redevelopments the late sunday night. and not run to expect early next began accumulating other end the challenge of rain a chance for showers the middle of the week l local dry conditions in the thursday temperatures on a warmer side talking about mid-60's talking well as several days in an extended forecast as a possibility and courtesy to those umbrellas handy. time now is 19 years traffic >> : and you traffic's the club is along the pays all 1 01 north avenue crash not minor not hot spot. and the
9:19 am
slowdown of the north on want to be as cell tel no. 1 01 at hillsdale. one lane blocks in the clearing. and at the shoulder after that for months and the traffic queues and the tail and it will stretch toward sfo. there's been are little bit but we gonna crash and fled back down south on were dealing with flooding this is a problem as they this morning when overturn a the same area and to release a flood again sell voluntarily. parkway heavier than normal for those see coming out san francisco and your trip to a pencil up. bay bridge a better all the lights on bull by the upper and middle lanes and then this section under the a over crossing near west gram up at still friday lights and with up the cross for upper deck all problems this morning when macy's was traffic from both directions and it is midway between high won a one track and the plant's leaves bay and you're right possible mediator is still trouble-
9:20 am
free for southbound wide in left-hand side of the screen. good to you for your heading out san francisco >> : think you covering more of the aftermath live somehow 37 completely shut down with floodwaters in a bottle jackie is live on the scene without did about what's happening there this morning >> : things have got a little bit better out here at westmont 1 meet the 1 01 interchange they have opened it up partially at least down to one lane in the right-hand side still closed down. the rain is falling out here very lightly of the like we saw yesterday yesterday at 37 a complete mess and all connectors from 11 completely shut down for many hours yesterday and went to doctors and west on completely shut down in nearly run 630 this morning there it will open up the right lane no word from couch and how much this longer what this will happen at can tell you looking to the north right now there some blood clots coming this way. and if so may
9:21 am
complicate the reopening >> : of topeka and of even see all areas are a harder rain and the storm not done yet but we are going to see it start to move to the south l.a. is getting hammered another big story a area that are watching meantimes a clearing house from storm damage yesterday were hardest hit here is a live shot from a helicopter can with a b c seven news over the scene of a safe way that saw its roof collapsed. and then that has a lead story following this morning
9:22 am
9:23 am
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glendora and ententes angeles slum streets here and reports mudslides tarnishes flash floods in fact right now malibu pacific ocean highway should, mud slides at the moment. more video coming in the kron 4 out setscrews she'd been worn out the trees being weekend because the drought and rain and winds on the bay area a crushing the bmw pickup truck. in sectors bonds >> : happening now are restaurant worker continues to distract sfo thus on subway delays cancellations but they're still keeping our straws open despite the weather and the strikes are disarray and the massive storm that's when 230 flights since canceled. personal want better contract with their health care security job security >> : and going down and tense through marin and searching on the toes. harry nine now
9:26 am
on some detail and back behind lime move to center felt as if francisco arkose a pushing to the east and a very very with the next hour immediately more in county services goes into 33 rent ever seen here of finance >> : jealously worse over in the should be less
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
of your problems the bay area roadways as the highway 1 in marin county part of a collapsed yesterday causing closing access your beach to a near woods and i could see to march and so has a completely reopens drivers 1 to stay away from the area and expect to lay >> : that motion oakland responsible for this retaining wall collapsing on leonard within the country had a home and the horses walk crashing glass breaking and try to grab the valuables he could >> : then there was this of the call it the water there there were signs saying streets flooded book you will show through suvs and trucks and some good smaller cars will running once didn't do so well. but i
9:30 am
guess they decided to bolster or stranded and sailors bought from bay that are buried people just to reform the water and cigar's in particular one spot but those ticket out. rosewater barrier) a tree when a more about is this dealing with a lot here in right now pushing and is seen organized band pushing rates up 1/4 to 1/2 inch per hour. pushing to the north bay impacting center fell over boulevard. but rain still renounce differences go we have heavier rain developing offshore. but the cells containing heavy rain in these bay affecting all mead l. mead islands lie rain right now over par to raise really do have here rain again still forming offshore and the areas of red to the sample reading us for rainfall to the falling at a rate of of to 2 in. per hour >> : would be surprised to contend with more flooding in the next hour or so. looks like a lot of this rain will take off until
9:31 am
early afternoon although there is possibility of a few thunderstorms >> : critical look at the wider view this system like that, since it is affecting much of the entire stay rain dealing with yesterday's move its way in the southland dealing of widespread mudslides as well. but this year old devil into someone until 1:00 today. here in the bay area a picture of your umbrella again avoid any areas of floating syria could try out of bed and a clear message place to burn his upper 50s a '60s fairfield 5762 in oakland. but get your extended forecast and would highlight what sunset this weekend coming up in 50 minutes >> : is a lot stopping the traffic along the peninsula of democrats wrapping up highway 101 this was originally reported northbound turns up crews founded on the south on 11 hillsdale. some bulls directions north-south in third and the help exit
9:32 am
>> : 72 bridge so easy to ignore any of detective how it will once again a lot of stopping the traffic there. sampras is the bay bridge communed a severances goes a long winding not bad but still slower let's draw on right now is the lanes and then goes out beyond a your crossing still moving well across the upper deck and as the letter the normal rate where on the bay area those of you at the cemetery ridge as mentioned. and mess red rock crossing spend them emmett's freeway. detecting with 92 of the near the crash hillsdale still slow both directions technical across the golden gate easy all morning so far is so tracking and trouble-free hotspot free and would have a major crashes major issues run the bay area rugs are still wet mitscher watchers be out there >> : launcelot rain is falling in san jose damage on their safelight collapsed and the roof caved in under all the
9:33 am
water store is very busy longways cattle expressway across 11. a motion and thus 16 look at damage >> : it and see the sky for vanish point the place was red tag stand outside no one all-out and but this happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. shoppers inside roof could not hold all of the weight from lorraine and there was some cracks already in the roof the matters to riser and the elected people before the actual looks of money and the and a big red tagged as well but it's not been the case for you >> :
9:34 am
and your start as about four stories what 04 for the oil glut of thing is up walls and answered the roof when the actual sugar of the safeway. and of the hapless drains for lessons and have been are sore that won't happen will be open for business as well as other stores >> : orchards doing fine and no one their parents will take place how long it will happen or what where it happened to the employees the meantime talk to sit where rep not say anything at this time is pretty amazing one got hurt manager is store saw this was coming as i lay back to their party fired barbarossa's and a search and rescue team with their dogs just make sure kron was left inside and no one was >> :
9:35 am
following other flaw on the bay area look of the three cars second water underneath a railroad tracks ashby avenue and berkeley and the water quickly rising there >> : red cross has opened for emergency shelters help people impacted by the storm what people can get into their homes all flood up the streets are still wet. shelters look here like street since the college of west it they'll bolt boulevard and the sports center on saturday as the veterans memorial at maple avenue and light county on a shelter is also open red cross workers providing more males and plazas and emotional support to for those impacted by a storm new line runs investitures video sharing i'm here on kron 4 news video from dillon sambar now. sean us the rain coming down there and a lot pictures video coming from con 4 viewers. as for being part of our coverage you need all the
9:36 am
men >> : coming up on morning news check more rain had realign coming soon right now from the nevada wrote searching down 7 tel: area 7 tell what the mover and the east bay this law had said jose and dislocations all of the concord livermore with the next half-hour than watching this closely across bay area bring you updates you on live in redwood city this morning to meet will home parks flooded. the the
9:37 am
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i'm j-n-e d i ve cd. i'd-a-ep i'k-a-e ani ha copd, but i n't nt mbreaingprobms ty myolunerin that why ask my ctoraboub-r-o. once-dai breellia hes crea airow fm thlung foa fl 24ours. and br hel rede sytomflarups as
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anreque or steroids, antibiics,r hoitaltay. breo inot r asma. breoontase thatncreases risk of dea in pel it is t knn ifhis sk i cread inopd. breo won repce rcueinhars sympto andhoulnot use mo th onca da breo mayncree yo risof pneunia,, d so eyeroblems. sympto andhoulnot use mo th onca da te youdoct if u ha a het coitio or hh bld prsureefor kingreo. asyouroctoaboub-r-o for pd. fit prcripon fe at a traffic store this morning floating on some bay area freeways was causing was big jackpot coming out of a pardon toward pamela assault when no one at old redwood highway and completely flooded. as careered drug to combat traffic backed up to
9:40 am
166 belmont is a lot cell: south of it for parklike. as a parking is scarce look meet those of you heading up toward 7 cisco from two eddied heading for the seen a major hot spots problems for the south bay to some contracts a lingering out their no. 85 to 80 toward to 37 and solons sluggish but not bad for 111 on sunset will clear up by the time you reach high with 37 >> : and do some coverage in just a moment when you know what happened wallstreet dow closed a touch of the points 988 off 1% forcing oil prices drop to 2009 of all right now. bidding this year's orders lower global economy as far as growth next year big job for the dollar this friday >> : some people navigated in hell's bird or with a drug
9:41 am
as the russian river for the first responders at each stage and do this even if the campus is not safe for you or anyone else >> : to some tracker for " rain pushing to the bay area right now on a line formed and sliding through. ofing 27 cisco right now heavy rain and a center fell stretching down to 7 tel sledding to the still affect a large stop the bay area and heading toward fairfield cockers citicorp livermore san jose with in the next 30 minutes >> : coming up worse rain has had the bay and along time apparent way or strivers him the bay and along time apparent way or strivers him that all south
9:42 am
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michael every now and redwood city on bay shore road nt hundred blocks roads flooded from the storm >> :
9:45 am
on the shallow end of the deep as some us water 4 ft. deep breath would save our apartment this morning the city poms china and the water out of here but the killer or so fast and lime this more as a residence and other matters in their own hands. two mobile home parks a flooded to look next door bull march rather part residents there one of and turned out are appalled from work and residence punching in by the bucketful to watter are the parkin one of the lowest elevations in redwood city to their choice of people awaiting in the high water to get into their homes and this odious and i fire department had small boats are still some people in this mutt partial flooding one man tells me he decided to stay behind tracking it's all what you're about and an uncle in underwater us live with high key to watter kind of about >> :
9:46 am
some others aren't as highly funded >> : some of these to flood as we get out alive in the red was the fed aggressively keep an eye on this today 50 people some this say the night at the college's centel shelter set up overnight and redwood city fire department tells me the panel but happens here today work with the red cross to get a house is solution for those who can't return home residency there along when ago >> : but did that which used >> : its incredible now we're expecting a big hit came in now getting more and and general latest >> : this wasn't just some garden variety storm and we
9:47 am
haven't seen that much rain and san jose for a single day since 1958 so some committees experience more rain on a single day than their entire lifetime coursing areas with flooding heavy rains pushing through much the bay area right now take organs from tracker heavy rain entering severance the scope and impact on the beaches ocean beach sunset letter infelicity but to go across the bay heavy misspell the bay bridge affecting oakland alameda islands also dealing with showers offshore right now. this of the the montero ceiling with rainfall a rate of haven't for our >> : iran held bird and is affecting these for freeway light rain and in all although not seen heavy rain right now coming down and honker what muckrake any attraction and x 2025 minutes to depends on where you are and areas of
9:48 am
flooding continues to build some of the morning although dealing with a drug raid in the south bay next-to-last along >> : the were planning to head the beach grass like from the beach the of high for surf adviser itself of o'clock site. keep that in mind ways of the 20 ft.. celebrate our shows the system as mapped and not always bring in the bay area and was the system as our kids and a soft the allies flooding as well as some mudslides >> : auburn the seral we do have a chain requirements that affect what this from morning till 1:00 this afternoon for 8 in. above 7,000 ft. just a couple inches below. tombaugh reduce visibility and perhaps you could delay your trip into early tomorrow and i saw on sweet there going to be close for the duration of today had up there certainly call ahead and check to see if there's are adding to his open >> : when the roads like this shipping up in the fort or
9:49 am
with up to more mourning for the poor and mess. in chile for you 40 degrees oakland center as a downtown san francisco but low 50's and '40's and the south bay seven arab forecast mostly dry conditions on tap this week and continue with those cleanup efforts but we do have yet another round of what weather additional inch of rain as we had in the early next week >> : to run now for 949 on a traffic >> : and have experience in on is better in the bay area was about 80 lot of heavy traffic coming awesome apollo toward also read of and now is just percolate toward emeryville not bad at all waiting for things to improve now is your time. day of the bay bridge toll plaza is sitting in traffic starting back up was grant through the pegging it will be slow drive time in just under 20 minutes 9 team minutes from the foot of the maze downtown san francisco
9:50 am
so little high heading for may your crossing your ok from a maze stay over till left-hand side that will give it through without a major back up and over is a retail bridge could read here 12 minutes to to the hayward foster city know from his all for 92/01 balls north and south. between third hillsdale because aircraft wrapping up their san mateo a connection with one no one will be a little heavy for you when across the golden gate use the current year nice light traffic in both directions 20 minutes from a bottle from my with 37 crosses span since the plaza symphysis aside >> : new video in kron 4 monster storm agnes way now selling california >> : and bearings like we had some of the damage is causing down there airline it's about 50 mi. west of l.a. and all my that to say that the highway. both directions struck down as the shoveling through mud landslides and flooding and
9:51 am
rubble. couples is so falling and you're always come up hard a total 25,000 customers from eastern northern california canadian border it's being blamed also state the same sources of effort >> : bedizened us of driving the services of a bay area where rains >> : let's focus on the tones >> : but trouble watter know where we no longer see the rose as high did this is trevor pushes many of them are of but it what are as of the lead until cause of the letter telling has a drug that it's not so watter current rescue >> : and then he gets arrested river falls along having dry lands belong after that this
9:52 am
trevor about to try and elicit watter seymour kahn so common sense kickstand don't drive in the pouring rain without tender lights as the slot was present last western europe what's >> : floating high one no one so bad traffickers and the tutsi latest and the need to pay close attention to the roadway. with even the
9:53 am
serious problem >> : this carry a problem and what it does cost of the tradition of people behaving badly. and light may mahler no. drive safely drive the sale live >> : with the services go off as how a patrol >> : and some tracker of heavy line to the entire bay area right now very heavy rain and santa out county area sites across the san mateo bridge. instead it is until bridge: gate bridge across the bay bridge. >> :
9:54 am
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while on the air earlier in the dark yester day as we are part of thousands of people across the bay area without power. we didn't know if we were on at times. the power to get ill backup generator working and
9:57 am
weather the recession got a shot closed on kron services: happened so big flash everyone starts to thousand customers in clinics, as part of a backup generator at a battery power and that was a chance for the blood on the square. some mothers and floor of her building and call for is it said she felt and heard it to the window and we thought we would cover the wares of fires flooding all to some pictures as a crazy day when one of the off the air saw the flash let the ad before you are a telephone where bourses and course notes for the control room will trading as live shots on erato so mind will the amazing job how does the call yesterday as a way we leave kron no more kron ms 7 a a monday new digs hope you join us 30 4:00 a.m. this
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