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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 16, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>mark: is now pouring in this right now >> reporter: in the sec more rain headed this way >> james: we now have a lot of rain falling at the
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moment a few specks of grain on the map as it is way into those together in a burial me the ride much to it the santa cruz area of an island 17 in busy working as a way perhaps in the direction of scotts valley outside right now this which will expect some clouds and afros basically in most of rain overnight more coming is have them here so we can expect this to lace on it will be widespread many falling 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. it will linger on into the overnight hours as well
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taranto's the hills and mountains similar tool sardius and it does not quite as much. infancy that lasts all day as well >>george: both directions have been shut down since 1020 minnesota northbound lane were opened up however southbound lanes remain close to what the sea its feet this estimate they will build it lays reopen the 2730 even with the
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northbound lanes we are jammed up try to get up and out of scotts valley this morning on highway at 17 northbound to the scene is track delays as well interstate 80 sure freeway is time to slow the ride their problems the slow traffic has improved just a little but not much substance 80 so into the corridor to differ a 80 southbound africa south they traffic except for the traffic on 17 the seven is legit to sit on 11 northbound the jive * not that bad running now at about 28 minutes from 85 to 237. >>george: looking at the marin ride here 11
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southbound at the bay bridge toll plaza there was an incident reported out their ryeland the was a lot traffic is slowed and you concede is a 80 approach which had been lighted and the rest of the approach is getting pretty heavy as well you commit to the san mateo bridge the habitat the beginning just before 7:00 >>mark: more widespread rain 7 no place for all this water to the. >> reporter: you are so ride a city workers of a year the use of flooding but they're really shocked and surprised in not only filled it over spilled down to the parking lot the rain
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has stopped is given in to keep driving iraqi checking in monterey because they are concerned it is so filled to the ram across the roadway their businesses there them somewhat and go into their right now the way it looks looks very hopeful because the rain has stopped is given a chance yanase they pose a to so i first came into the parking lot this said they never seen his part they're really quite surprised at this point.
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>> reporter: read this is and business owners are bracing for the line but there are still recovering for last week's storm damage. the dressing down lines a lot of flooding yet to be kept on roads in petaluma you can see not as much damage there are still areas of flooding and a lot of senate water and a half to get the weather alerts
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you can do that through a play or not the sort a list of resources as well tips of repairing the storms on our website that is at kron 4 dot com. >>mark: pakistan drop the morning and we just learned a standoff at a military run school there were to attack the school to kill as many older students as possible a security official said 700 students and staff for in the building when the attack started the students ranging in age from 10 to 18 years ago as seven demonstrations of the killings this process
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has been happening in berkeley as well as oakland and yesterday at least 25 people were arrested the fruit fell apart the workstation also shut down for sure time >>mark: the father of michael brown the unarmed black teen kabyle what officer and ferguson misery was in the bay area he and his wife making the chip to express appreciation for the support that's been receiving students and is a high school san francisco for brown has both the students st. you what the team to fight for justice. >>mark: the audit said the unarmed black man killed by police susan getting a chance to speak to him it was a foreign flood his
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family to travel across the country >>george: 97 reopen the brown plan would after being shut down for several hours both lost ground as of our minds open now is a down power lines and fallen tree have been cleared we have more would kron 4 morning news when it returns.
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>>george: mindanao's some that is the ride on highway 17 at glenwood early this morning down trade brought some power lines down and shut down the entire roadway just recently all lanes are open both northbound and southbound traffic is backed up for miles in both directions where track and a high spot in the san leandro just getting word of an accident on a 80 northbound details on that and about traffic when the come back >> reporter: lots of snow and saw there is looking
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into stating there is lots of snow up there second look at the red or alive like and we do have more rain headed this way for the bay area will talk more about widespread line is back in the back more details coming up after the brick. tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand,
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>> reporter: people are
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still coming up from the past bombs and a manager at d'arcy has bought an apartment and they're hoping to replace the pump that failed last week however with more ramon coming from today they're still fears of more flooding. >>mark: sierras bringing snow but not as much no as to think it at a loss of answers to most of the area scare since it no mortars they're watching the four as an atoll forecast. >> james: the western slopes of this year as the heading up to lake tahoe we have a winter storm warning in
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effect that will be in effect no benefit to about noon today we have snow coming down as a system that is in active overnight amex is way up to the sierra bellmores' no on the way that is where the rents falling at the moment as we pull you can say yes the two-man and switch over to fit to pass for to know down the timing of this when a cloud were looking and scattered light showers nothing much to write home about will buy one it's a little more organized.
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>> james: thewas the first and then after that everyone would get in on the action. and his moderate to heavy rain will see it is scattered around the bay area this afternoon 3:00 as the kids and getting out of school and my five in the evening a lot of folks are getting ready to leave work to head home widespread light rain as well look for what evening commute to cut this morning the drive to do not think your are the woods the mountain o'clock tonight the status or to stay with us could have a web when the commission as we head out the door by an occupancy we are dealing with post-showers and facto status showers will be with us to the rest of the week tem judges afternoon of the fifties to low 60s the seven met on the bay that unsettled around whether ride until friday on-again off-again and maybe lingering with the rest of
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the weekend looks good is a little warmer with feminize getting backed up near the mid '60s that is the way the weather is shaping up less find out how the commission pinup. >>george: the lines have been reopened near glenwood will float and southbound lanes have been shut down recently all lanes are open to traffic is still badly backed up for miles in fact on both sides of the northbound direction on a 80 northbound the senses have not really of the debt but is stop and go, and from 238 and a bit before with a multicar crash at marina boulevard blocking at least one of the lines here and tracking you're ride to the bridges will star with a look at the commute to the bay bridge and year out west lawn ride has grown in the last hour not solve the to the macarthur maze will over 25 minute drive times here and on highway 92 in the san mateo bridge ride
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your was noncommittal edge of the sea is slow and sluggish for all the lines in this heavy traffic begins well before so plaza for your trip to the golden gate bridge highway 101 you could see smoke traffic here for getting and getting a little having a more so than usual because of the wet pavement. >>george: him look as a ride to the richmond bridge for highway 580 in effect is somewhat at the toll plaza is a bit at the backed up for 580 west palm. >>mark: it now or to hit a gas station and a shopping center. the law is only about a mile from the shopping center is expected to reach the village and seven to 10 days a guest this ec there have the sell- off the remaining fuel apple out what is left in october
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it burned a home in cover part of a cemetery just before heading the main road >> reporter: he or a flight to turnoff and in europe so she could take a flight attendants also digest fat tissue research macadamia nuts in a back instead of on a plate they could face up to 21 days of my suspension or $1.3 million fine and a south korean government for that incident >>mark: since samuel as a look at the firm that helped catapult television to online training. >> reporter: 50 missiles are is when it comes to sending tv shows and movies that flakes is growing from its
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original content is the company to being no other on-line service as in the same way the company who was addictive original series a pauperize the term meant watching is now spearheading another trend toward cutting new figures showed u.s. cable loss 179,000 customers in the third quarter more people of this cable and have no one company has up it would decide to cut the cord more than net flexed. think internet flex their changing the way tv is consumed at is incredible success actually makes they lit a fire they're taking it to whole new level of it once to the
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prod its bills game those words can get you killed the most ambitious and expensive shows ever produced marco polo estimated cost for the first season and $90 million got going to are developing the known our original content amazon russ on results series transparent. >>mark: was a to be all by cnn company is writing a new was content without a cable subscription, all this competition made net flecks of the dominance is by no means nestlings once is
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betting that marco polo will appeal to a wide audience to announce a strong subscription worldwide 2015 could be ear-training goes global by fierce competition that for the soul to lead the search or court orders to cut the corner on that flicks. >>stanley: why so many diverse not using their headlights as or law will look into it in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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hallrk kpsak ornents (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> james: we're back track in the storms we have light showers moderate to heavy is just off shore heading in the direction of the sick
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and then the city where watching that very carefully the only other showers that are tracking the raiders are downers santa cruz river have moderate rainfall we're watching it on storm track four years redressing outside the cloud out there in morning sunshine is beginning to come through that would drive some of the road are damp this morning. where not done we have more on the way the sec level can expect during the morning hours we have the overnight to morning our spotty showers that could mean a to the morning does not look to be much less out there. this afternoon the rain will return in earnest from 1 and 7:00 p.m. to start in the north made work his way across look for to be when we were picking the kids off from school will have showers for the evening commute on of showers wednesday thursday more
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steady rain friday as our third storm system will make its appearance in the bay area on that day the weekend ahead looks pretty good to talk about that with your full seven they're on the they forecast. >>george: major delays persist for highway 17 in both directions below the roadway has been reopened we're still pretty badly back the both northbound and southbound is preston northbound that is the commit direction after all map the to scotts valley it was a downtrend that brought down some power lines for several hours that set down the road went and in a major are brewing in san leandro open a 80 in a northbound direction almost a vehicle accident blocking of is one of the northbound lanes and tying up traffic in both the the freeways and of attention that is even slowing the southbound ride. a look in your commute across the golden across the san francisco and labor is
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the very heavy traffic the minimalize cycling slowly enough that it puts the backed up into the macarthur maze and from here will go to highway 92 to the commission remains very slow as well 20 to 528 minute drive times out of tehran to said retail >>mark: crews are still trying to clean up the last bomb as san francisco their tunnel rocks that fell from the face of telegraph hill here in the 100 block of chestnut street the small boulders crashing down in front of the building and no more was at the thing for the city says crews will clear the debris as we're recovering highway 7 and follows an santa cruz mountain as in the rain and wind cause a lot of problems with rose closing on when would drive this trail and the awesome power lines the caltrans crew was in the area this morning pushing down trees and minor rocks
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and mud slides off the road led for the doubling of heavy equipment when the weather finally goes away. >>mark: its didnt lay is weather and traffic on our website at kron 4 that, and you did the free mobile application >> reporter: san jose please also had a place on the minister of leave after he posted controversial tweaks about the process of our police killings. >> reporter: following demonstrations from the bay area and across the country and, it posted on san jose police officer phillip white to page reposed on sunday says threaten me or my family and i will use my god-given and log on to right and duty to kill you he goes on to reference the words of mr. eric by the way if anyone feels like
7:34 am
they cannot read or their lives mansart i will be at the move is my off-duty carry my gun. we condemn these comments >> reporter: >> gary: that made it clear these statements are not something to please jillion supports >> reporter: offense of disrespectful and inappropriate social media cummins have no place in public discourse salon in the treasure loss of life from reason officer involved incidence >> reporter: san jose police chief and mayor are distancing themselves from the comments. they do not reflect the thoughts or feelings from the men and women here at the san jose police department nor we condemn this type of behavior and then there chicories says is inappropriate and insensitive and does not meet the standard of the police department. they're calling for him to be fired. >> reporter: thousand signed the petitions the san jose police are ms. conducting
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their own investigation to see if those comments violence the farm policy in the meantime the please also remains on administrative leave. if >>mark: a mantra was the charge was starting mccain fire has been indicted by grand jury and seven year- old was indicted earlier this month wonton are some of 4/he pleaded not guilty is being held in jail on a $10 million bond the fire burn 150 square mile east of sacramento and 4000 evacuations authorities believe he started the fire deliberately >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: into the other five california as a lot more of for the requirement saw your headlights we cut on the wipers during the recent storms because a zero visibility with no lights and i mean no lights not
7:36 am
having your lies on is not so you can see better and so the other divers can see you better because some are seen in a visible in the rain if your card is ever this able for some reason i realize all can help you avoid getting hit by another vehicle out the cast to the white law that confuses some drivers if you're ride of our intimate use they're not required to cut off your headlights so before you sell the driver from having on the headlights look at the whole picture. >>stanley: read and try to figure out if in a way to come under headlines as will fall when it starts raining into a habit of turning him on then there people are medicalize think that is enough the fact is we are driving less activated until eyes are not so please turn on your last the full mold is around $45 for the first offense with all the fees it
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just a couple of hundred dollars and wants to be pulled over for something as simple as not cut a wider alliance summit it haven't san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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>>george: welcome backed lead tracking new accident in the house what a 80 in the northbound direction amrinone boulevard san leandro and is backed the traffic of will to hayward. >> reporter: they're predicting a banner year for holiday travel and united states the holidays season included 98.6 million americans will travel 50 mi. or more from home that all be up 4% from last year and a large mall on record was goes back to 2001 a holiday. the fighters to the december 23rd the sun is a fourth 91 percent of the travel volume will be by car.
7:41 am
>>mark: 7 watching as the sierra a lot of slow snow the winter weather in ryder posted for 50 and 80 this afternoon >> james: are keeping an eye on bay area we have showers just offshore from san francisco this like that coming on and a much bigger system look at the satellite view that as this afternoon for the tell said head.
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>> james: this shows moderate showers just off shore making their which was san francisco and assault in the next half hour or so will see that materialize in the form of rain is coming down for frequently the ground had a hard time keeping up with that. aside from those who stick to this one we have much more intense system that a storm to for this week that a center ride on this afternoon, the morning hours was in place hours lascar the come on shore will really have to fast forward in time to about 1:00 this afternoon it will
7:45 am
impact the north bay as we headed to the afternoon it began to move bay area wide. you have moderate and toppled towers in your area a lot of folks are driving home at that point it could be intense very similar to it yesterday. into early morning tomorrow will look for another start to another the wednesday morning and could have showers and we met our into the city. >> james: this money will be fine tonight it will be wet. i today a perfected nothing different than yes a leg on again off again showers wednesday thursday friday that storm number three that will impact us in this like
7:46 am
it will last maybe it's a sad that it will not be very long most of saturday all sunday and monday looks fantastic with enough sunshine will see the tide began to creep back up into the mid '60s. >>george: the chavis' concern week track big delays on hot spots 17 is also the ride on interstate 80, up interstate 880 >>george: that clinton's extra pressure on interstate 580 the sec alleged that the rest of the freeway is a tough drive today not as bad as yesterday's 680 in the southbound direction coming down to the creek is a slow arriving yesterday for the trip to the san ramon valley adjutancy and track in the committee on 580 westbound is clear out
7:47 am
pretty well to alter my is quite heavy into dublin and even some slowing over the dublin gray pigeon that was brought into castro valley with his south lawn for a way in a commit on highway 11 northbound what to showing the most red of all south bay freeway with the heaviest injection-- congestion. >>george: all lanes are open very heavy chapter 411 saw about san bruno always a redwood city continuing back and pass in the sale and of the ride to iran as a heavy 124 minutes from the trip to navato to the golden gate bridge and speaking of bridges will track the for you as a check to arrive for the golden gate bridge backed up into the macarthur maze and a 80 approaches much improved the some several is 2520 minute
7:48 am
drive time from the trip to the golden gate bridge 11 of long is still pretty easy trip here's a look at 580 written and read what traffic is backed up enough. we want to play these next two games like a lot depends on it. rub play for the team play for the honor of the game. >> gary: good morning one day with a new set and she could not do it. >> gary: when you have been doing this so long not much
7:49 am
against you get excited with the new segment to feel good. >>mark: i do not have to wear pants when is the fact that i do not have to wear pants and enough for me. >> gary: at 8:00 with the senate over there i have to wear pants >>mark: he always wants to play football to get him a fair shake up he felt like it was an impossible situation undermined by management the 77 say when he says the head of the place for isolette is play for his millions for next season whether not there are seven to nine and nine in seven to mecca did a big difference for his contract. >> gary: everything he said now is a setup for the next play you want to show the jury good guys so to speak you never give up all this
7:50 am
stuff and then after he gets the next contract and illegal out how it fits the 49 is really treated him. >>mark: is essential cloud of this is a passion for the game i that is an amazing job in the college ranks but to me he's a better college coach. >> gary: the one thing i've been to favor your argument is that the players turn over every three of four years to a to start will rest of pivoted tighter meet lenore but it takes to to tango. you still have to get along with the people dust still signing a check. >>mark: is all the speculation who's next? it was announced with the espn is heated topic?
7:51 am
>> gary: if you made him like the general manager or something like that over same things that i am all for you look at coaching and that's 18 hours 20 hours a day. >>mark: here and brian kelly for motor and the defensive coordinator from seattle was a great way. >> gary: i'm a big flame dies the signor place in a big name like harbaugh the auto makers plan would be the best guy but i think they did officer guy and to get cabinet rolling.
7:52 am
>>mark: that would diminish his chances this about personality can you get along. >> gary: he went to notre dame never place at for all when no his father came into the locker room monday with three buddies and harbaugh said get out and that was the end. >> gary: i have no idea if that is true but has to be more than just i think to call the wrong place. >>mark: this talk about the nba and the sacramento kings 23 games into the season and they fired their head coach at that is the warriors called because the warriors are playing so well there you have the case at 1113 the army had a bad season last season will you're held up to those standards you think it makes it easy while we play so terribly when they're playing so well. >> gary: its abets the hard
7:53 am
rock--are abou that the 49 is ad and harbaugh like the old rump. i know what percentage much to know he was an exit and assistant coach with the baltimore combustible that was the word up there and that guy was tough nut to crack if i am not mistaken your karo is rumored at the very least talking to him. >> gary: he has not last over a year >>mark: is a class act as a sixth division title at the quarterback for during the
7:54 am
pacers have seen this video he posted so many players tweed how stupid things impulse to the things this is a brady that the 17 ers grammar harder to cut the defender he posted this video comparing himself to a chia. >>mark: deposes video of him to carry his the 280 to up. >> gary: he put the music into wow what! if we had a lot of time to do that is pretty good that's the power couple is pretty good up >>mark: that if the health side a fair out >> gary: >>mark: will be right back at the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> reporter: good morning rest of getting settled as are no home >>mark: thank for being
8:01 am
here track in the weather breaks for now. >> james: 44 now you put it really well there is more rain on the way there is a few light showers just aren't sure still to be over san francisco as you're watching for that in the next half hour we are talking that looking at cloud and this and outside all on the bay area low clouds earlier for the airport because the lead for on june 6th to 3 minutes the picture since declaring alit over san francisco that is a system where watching when i come back will talk about the timing of and how long will expected to laugh. >>george: thank you the
8:02 am
morning wears sack and delays on the nimitz freeway for the northbound ride even coming above hayward and coming of union city our accident memorable or is the timing of the ride in the northbound direction and you can see the backed up now reaching beyond the 92 interchange 4880 northbound so it is one to be slower than usual ride we do not to the receipt traffic backed up on a northbound side of the freeway usually is on the southbound side and track in the rye for you at the bay bridge is a pretty slow camille in the we seek breaks it is through the macarthur maze that things are really badly backed up for the westbound trip the 880 approach has cleared out part of it back now midway up the ramp. >>george: if you're heading to the san mateo bridge here is a look at the highway 92 ride still very slow with 22 to 6 minute commute times from hayward across the span out to san mateo.
8:03 am
>>mark: some more rain coming in the bay area no place for it to go. >> reporter: this break is a welcome break for sure the city workers were really shocked and surprised that this not only race until the level but over flooded in iran all right into the parking lot right behind town hall one worker told me that he has never seen this in the 14 years he had been working here local newspaper photographer said he is given in the area for 22 years and this has never happened in this part of to around. there are very shocked and surprised at the height when it did run off and flooded the whole area of it was about a foot deep it is great concern because right on the other side of town hall is the street and then you have other businesses in those
8:04 am
businesses or lower than over here so they're very concerned as some of that water will go into those areas into those commercial areas there are some sandbags over there in that area. >> reporter: this is definitely a spot if that city workers have on the radar because what is coming in the afternoon and that was remodeling and making sure that everything is a cast but it should rightist can go across the street that is when they're going to be sandbagging 54th to go to seventh for his retirement ethic of more sentence. >>mark: there was a sell off the coast of san francisco is one to bring heavy rain for sure 27 cisco of several on within the next hour
8:05 am
>> reporter: business owners and residents in the north bay they are bracing for more rain with their recovery from last week's storm damage. the damaged homes and businesses, officials said more action is needed to help them now the russian river overflowed on friday and left much of the downtown area and water lot of standing water and down lines that for sure. >> reporter: and petaluma not as much damage lot of flooding. >>mark: you and in what dealers anytime the consent terrell with the storm's coming in once again that is free kron 4 news application tips of preparing and kron 4 have found >> reporter: berkeley city council set to hear all the comments about the recent protest as they have been demonstrations over the
8:06 am
killings of on on black man by white officers and these protests have been happening in berkeley over the last several days just as they listen to five people were arrested at process is chained themselves block access to the oakland police headquarters hesitancy in the totals. before in the restoration were also shut down for a short period of time. >>mark: the father of michael brown the unarmed a teenager killed by police of some firms the misery was in the bay area they were making the trip to the bay with appreciation to support the family has been giving the spokesman as a student at the high school and san francisco saying he wanted us to continue to fight for justice it was important for him to track or cross country and a result young adults and icarus students to stay in school is that out of trouble. >>mark: new information, ms. ross soria on pakistan a standoff at a military and school is over and at least
8:07 am
130 are dead in his terrific attack a television spokesperson plane in six suicide bombers there were to attack the school level issue until the older students the security officials said nearly zero hundred students and staff in the building when the attack started the student's grades in aids from 10 to 18 years old the military force are now on school grounds that they have killed the terrorists. >>mark: president obama releasing the statement a short time ago saying the united states condemns in the strongest possible terms the horrific attack on the army public school in pakistan are spread loss to the victims' families and loved ones the president on to say about targets students and teachers and is and is attacked terrorist are once again showing we stand with the people of pakistan. >> reporter: a bad cough that has become a health epidemic here in california
8:08 am
we will explain a new threat this morning on a lot of the has been closing in a small town in hawaii we're tracking the storm we're looking at it to process the system more widespread rain coming later on this afternoon more details coming up after the break. female announcer: sleep train thanks
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>>george: will continue to track the hot spots on the nimitz freeway 880 south found earlier recurring no.
8:11 am
mom wanted vehicle accident and merina boulevard the reason for this will traffic tie with 17 still jammed up in both directions leading to the summit even though all lanes are open. >> reporter: of official said that battling the worst whooping cough epidemic to had to stay in 70 years the epidemic is raising questions about the effectiveness of the latest mac st. decided that the new vaccine has led to fewer deaths than in the past their illnesses are not as severe for those who do get sick however research indicates the lead is vexing does not last as long as the old one. >>mark: keeping an eye on the forecast there's a live here at the satellite there is a storm that will impact us today will talk to walk the time in just a minute.
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>> reporter: we're tracking the storm this morning for you more rain on the way. the sentence was not the following several days of rain we see problems combined with high winds caused a lot of trees the fall over in this area if the sea rolls were close and when would drive after tree land on the power line they're also out yesterday pushing down trees and minor rock and much like of the role of workers will bring out heavy equipment and clear that when a wet weather goes away with that is not happening anytime
8:15 am
soon officials are trying to find a solution to prevent flooding into redwood city mobile home parks last week's heavy rain led a flood tobacco drains from stand water that made its way over the levee wall the measure has bought a new pump up the she also is a was to replace the pump that failed last week with more rain coming she still worry that it was still flood again this week >> james: we're looking at the potential few more answers with the system storm track four showa's moderate to heavy rain just offshore about ready to make this answers in san francisco for guy did this city is this cell contains some lwoff embedded in their edge of the sea areas of modern and heavy rains at times will be a quid down for that will move on through not much else around
8:16 am
the bay area except for down there santa cruz were boulder creek stopped dying and more rain in the rain had fallen right now beyond that there's not much else around the bay. >> james: that should make his appearance sometime allow 1:00 here she to cassette for the current our number is going on on radar the fish to catch the not think it was once more on at this hour by one things will change it with a 5% in the north bay by three it makes its way across the entire bay area getting as a way to our kids are getting out of school we getting light to moderate showers 5 and the evening a lot of folks are heading home as well so the evening commute could be a win-win for youth grants to be coming down sporadically been fairly widespread throughout the bay area this hours continue instead of
8:17 am
just about over nine hours and could be off to another would commit at that point temperatures upper 50s is going to be cool out there and that probably what chance drop the week we have the seven they're on the bay forecast. >> james: is leveling off the rest of the week on- again off-again showers wednesday thursday friday that a storm number three as the into the weekend will start to dry out immensely warm-up as a to see them monday if the umbrella and the unsettled weather we can sure use some nice over here and the taxes a. >>george: marcel looking at extremely slow traffic for this each of the freeway ride interstate 80 westbound is jammed up once again this morning from pinole all went down to berkeley and actually into the berkeley
8:18 am
curb the macarthur maze also saw ride this morning for the bay bridge and tracking the rest of the commute for you and to say this backing of just a little bit interstate 580 in the nimitz freeway both coming out castro valley very heavy this morning trying to get into downtown oakland 6 in iraq's south lawn is still quite so come into so i'll balance of bomb of a freeway the savviest is what when a northbound direction >>george: 280 is not far behind basically what is a slow and go sometime stop and go traffic from the 11 and to change out of highway 85 we have the back of highway 17 it will always have been open for some time in both the north and southbound direction on both sides of the freeway into still pretty bad for the man that and highway 92 will
8:19 am
find traffic is a little slow at the 92101 at to change and were looking at a pretty good commit for interstate to aiding the sec a look at the bridgeses' retractor ride to the bay bridge and the westbound direction that we see big improvements at the 80 approach still backed up into the macarthur maze to commit here toward the san mateo bridge getting a little bit lighter at the toll plaza but think where want to see some stock in the traffic the golden gate bridge this is will wish to see some very heavy traffic but we do not is a little sluggish. >>george: his you're heading into richmond you're going to find conditions here that is the airport that looks pretty good
8:20 am
>>mark: now on course to hit a gas station here is video showing a lava flow yes today right now allowed only about a mile from shopping centers is expected to reach the center and october the lava flow burned a home to cover part of the cemetery this before hitting the monroe >> reporter: the child died during the trip to hawaii over thanksgiving she had announced a larger reaction that put her in it, and parents say she was plain of the dollar sister when she beat again having difficulty breathing lessons recall 911. she said undying her family
8:21 am
says she always suffered from food allergies and foes of the environment doctors still are not sure what caused a reaction and alternately her death volcanic ash are the temperature of the pool of after timmy to the reaction. >>mark: a memorial has gone up at a chapter shout romantic several people hostage this hostage crisis came to a dramatic and after 16 hours the government 50 year-old and two hostages were killed when police stormed the building of australia prime minister says he was a refugee had a long history of violent crimes when his website there is a pledge of allegiance to the islamic state. >>mark: still ahead bay area teen shares a story after
8:22 am
nearly dying from a heart condition will have more on that coming up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
>>mark: their daughter received a new heart they are counting their blessings. the 40 you're or family--i know some 14 year-
8:25 am
old said they do not want to live anymore but i am pretty sure they do not mean it. my biggest fear is dying. she was close to dying this last issue than those with a heart condition she was too sick to go on a transplant list is heartbreaking to see your child almost dead on a bed and acid telling you mom i think i am dying words cannot even say and how creepy it is the year tile say it to you and you do not know when that will change after months of treatment she was helping enough to go on the transplant list is another three months to find a donor. >> reporter: this eye so she got her new hard just-in- time to see the giants win the world series in a credit her quick recovery to them and part. even more than a
8:26 am
giants she credits her recovery to the doctors in the family they gave for the heart maritime fall because they gave me a sentence of life at a family embracing everyday this year and many more to come >> reporter: still had a popular sampras is austria's head with a rock slide off because the mother nectar-- nature the tears coming up on the 2024 olympics.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> reporter: is nearly one san fifth this happened about a block away arsenic contractors are stabilizing another part of telegraph hill the section ride between what does not reticent back then at that time since it was secure
8:34 am
will find out how dangerous the remaining piece hot rock the geologist come to the conclusion that more rocks and come down there would need to do some remediation. >> reporter: will vote on whether to approve a $3 million settlement in the case of an spaulding she went missing last december and was found dead in san francisco general hospital stairwell more than two weeks later her two children and her state from the plane the initial description was wrong >>mark: the twenties when for summer olympics
8:35 am
resentful for city's laws and less than a mechanism pitches for u.s. olympics committee to deal mature list of venues. will pay one of the four u.s. cities to be a finalist or decide not even have room and american city bid to be the first time in four years it would not be in the playoffs. >> gabe slate: the groundbreaking cover technology if the change the way live state-owned to kron 4 news that is coming up in my tech report. the >>mark: fashion a claim
8:36 am
is clearing out the still a bit backed up for the cassoulet keeping our eye on the showers just off shore move into the bay area mature dec. sale close right now.
8:37 am
♪ me d yo.. irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪ onlyrom irarlli.
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8:39 am
to a two-year contract with the miami marlins his having a physical 61 runs and hundred and 31 games the were series champ he batted 300 and a post-season and discuss the future after a loss season that with two weeks without a playoff he said no meeting is scheduled and would not say whether he should be the one to initiate that a the noting his available to talk to the owner and general manager of the gm had this
8:40 am
to say when the season's and decision on a to be made and then the conversation will take place. >>george: coming and we will have details on the ride around the bay for now you need to know that the east shore freeway it is still extremely slow for the westbound interstate 80 ride tracking in over 40 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>>mark: not as much as you expect given the son the we have here six is of interest followed last bomb although as a is a news for skiers and is a news for the snow ski resorts are opening a lot more to bring is an attack on the storm and the bay area we're headed in right now for san francisco across the golden gate 30 mi. around and we had more heavy rain expected this afternoon the water has nowhere to go. >> reporter: is really a
8:44 am
runoff from the march that has never over flow. it has never done that before this a really big concern when it did overflow if flooded intersection in the parking lot and then a big concern is that if its continues then it might hit some of the businesses that are here because people it's a lower than it does on the other side derelict concern for a while but luckily the rain has stopped and some of the water has been received back but that is a good
8:45 am
thing that is definitely on the radar because you no more rain is coming and we are concerned that with the more rain is coming the real flood is worse than to see right now. >>mark: speaking of radar was go to james fletcher. >> james: this of san francisco coastline impacting forces a marin county we have light sour falling which is in their pockets of moderate to heavy rain this is will we are seeing right now sausalito of san rafael water is showers moving on to the san pablo ave this bid out there most of it is like rain right there we have moderate rains and having read the second sample reading of the rain fall rate the most read part there that came in about 2 1/2 inches for our that is a pretty decent rain that's falling right now elsewhere
8:46 am
resting rain fall down to the santa cruz will have impact in scotts valley in boulder creek is beginning to break of not much more impact for the showers. >> james: is on to making life awfully wet for us to get a better idea of the time it will switch gears a at the future cash with a clock hour not much going on with so that all the driver of you in the as into the north bay and to sit here it goes bay area wide impact on all orders of the bay north bay is a peninsula it will continue to fall into about five in the evening for your evening ride and this is get a shower just about everywhere and even in the overnight our we have 10:00 p.m. scattered showers in the mix and it will stay that way for the overnight as early tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. widespread light sour as would a a.m. with the morning commute time for tomorrow looking to be a wet one that is underway the
8:47 am
ride is one to play out the next two to four hours timber to this afternoon or fifties is going to stay cool rector the week with a lanais barely budging with the rings will be offered in off-again all week long. >> james: 30 will have more scattered showers friday that storm 3 it will exit just time for the weekend less said over to the traffic. >>george: down to the berkeley curb and making the curb into the bay bridge 11
8:48 am
northbound and southbound track in the ride for you highway 80 at the bay bridge it does not look as bad as it is but is still backed of all the way through the macarthur maze and onto highway 24 for the westbound ride 25 to 28 minutes in fact is the drive time coming out of the maze the nimitz freeway approaching the scene has very good your best bet to the bay bridge right now for your trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92 we really have seen lasting improving they did and a little earlier that usual and was bought ride for the golden gate bridge this is will we should see the heaviest traffic and we do is delay from its plan down to the toll plaza and heading
8:49 am
across the san rafael bridge and richmond still backed up in the toll plaza of the looks as though this incident at the plaza or west of it. >>george: to some of the slowest travel we have seen him this morning to check on that in the next report. >> reporter: the death of comedian robin williams took over at the top search for gold. --globa of the topics include the additional smart from game floppy bird the extremist group group prices frozen in the winter olympics in russia >> gabe slate: ever since marty medfly jump on the harbour board and roll it around in the movie back to the future myself in
8:50 am
millions of people have wished that that would become a reality it is the ultimate to extolling it seems like something kind of your years from now that may be invented but i tell you the future is now the valley startup is giving a ton of buzz over the major breakthrough they have made and hover technology seeing is believing eye witness a real cover technology and actions this board is covering all foreground increased the magnetic field the more or get really excited about the technology will have dreams much bigger than the record. >> eric>> gabe slate: it is a lot of balance is like riding on air it was a lot
8:51 am
of practice they are working on making it more and more user-friendly they have plans way beyond a hovel or this is technology keeping its a financial disaster. this is something we can employ now is a very cost- effective way of protecting buildings not for earthquakes will from floods and sea levels and the technology is out there. >> reporter: aaa is predicting a banner year for holiday travel in the united states the motor club predicts 98% 6 million americans will travel 50 mi. or more from home that will be up 4% from last year and a large amount on record which goes back to 2001 the holiday. it's tuesday december 23rd through sunday they were for 91 percent of that travel volume will be by car. >> reporter: that paid nearly of their dollars to
8:52 am
u.s. airlines last order to carry this to cases the part of transportation new data showing 27 u.s. airlines collected $960 million and baggage fees that is up 9% from the same period last year axels ticket fares or an $34 billion to the same two to seven companies in the quarter by france and the cost of fuel and labor it was 11 billion and $10 billion respectively happening today that his handlers for southwest airlines are protesting the company's slide and on-time performance workers plan to do an informational picketing and hand the to passengers at 60 airports across the country including san jose mineta the workers are all happy with constant negotiations the jackpot of over three years for years southwest was the most punctual a big u.s. airlines but workers say is stumbled at the time to squeeze more flights into its schedule.
8:53 am
>>mark: hanukkah been against tonight at sundown. washington will mark the start of the holiday at the 35th national at the white house joe biden will help blighted. a reminder we invited to sublet the holidays with kron 4 the annual special amazing how like you to join host dick in the caucus and james fletcher grandma is so happy to be here for your very first chrisas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the mornin
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>>mark: 76 answers to your face stepped to the summit was a blow boasting to into the base would new snow coming and seven is more on the way >> reporter: he's as on all home he was up for adoption at the man society now learning that the two-year trial has been adopted is the bill of wire or a part of the adoption campaign there looking for at it was the same that he went from zero to cordial and 0.05 seconds he did not know what the doctor is the the west has said he has been adopted he did find a home
8:58 am
>>stanley: coming up wire so many drivers not using that law as required by law will look into in the next edition of people behaving badly.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> reporter: were looking at that sell american carry that is impacting the cell. its epicenter fell and a lot of them the possibility that some you do see a lot the day today could be holding some snow. we're looking pretty good scatters hours
9:01 am
walk through the eerie to see another sell guns off the beach that continue for much of the afternoon and then get ready for widespread rain here was a look at the airport delays added for arriving flights over two hours this morning because of high winds you see this this is the we're watching my 2:00 or so will see the rain impacting it will be a welcome you hour by hour coming up a little bit later. >>george: we did take a look at the last report at traffic at the richmond bridge in the westbound exit we noted things were more backed up than they should be and the there is an
9:02 am
incident just west of the toll plaza is almost completely cleared out there so to cross all the land them in the back of is building on a to stay 580 in the west to bomb the east you're ride which is still nearly 40 minutes from berkeley to berkeley with his team to track the late 4101 at the 92 interchange and both directions across the bay slow going for the corridor camilla a 80 southbound for the backup begins along highway 84 and the turnoff for the dumbarton bridge they're
9:03 am
still the leas on highway 17 even allies have been open for a couple of hours but shutting them down and glenwood in the early morning hours in both directions left us with residual the latest a quick look at you're ride to the bay bridge was about where beleaguered not where backed up into the macarthur maze and installs towlines has backed up the ride attending and from the right hand lane and a 80 of a crossing in here on the san mateo bridge we're already seen the end of the committee for the was about ride that times are back down to 11 minutes in the out of hayward over to the west end of the span. >>mark: colin delays as a full >> jam>> jackie sissel: in
9:04 am
this light is out there absolutely beautiful not a cloud and the sky over as a folk there are on ground according to the duty manager to the 15 men is basically their landing and taking off about half the normal amount of planes that have out there at sfo. some flights can be delayed up to two hours i talk to the duty manager she said so far they have not seen any of that i just got here at the airport race then checked out and did not see any delays and not many cancellations one or two at the most but as we start to get into the heart of the storm if you have a later flight today you should probably be aware that san francisco into nassau airport is on the ground away from cathay and
9:05 am
may affect their travel throughout the that nicotine was on a tractor >>mark: they're still try to recover from last week's storm damage and sonoma county their roles that are damaged homes and businesses more action is needed to help those businesses recover the russian river overflowed on friday and adelman not as much damage there but there are flooded and they're still a lot of standing water a reminder with more rain and more storms coming your way ahead of it would weather and traffic and downloaded for free in the ad store there's a lot of resources and tips on preparing for storms on our website at kron 4,. >>mark: the standoff for the military run school is over
9:06 am
the death toll is in this 140 in this terrific attack most of the victims are children and television spokesperson claiming six suicide bombers and for the attack on the school with the go to should older students the security official said nearly severed the students were in the building when the attack started 10 to 18 years old the military forces are now on school route and they have killed the terrorists. >>mark: back in the bay area berkeley city council map members are said to their public comments on what the recent protests as the unarmed black man by white police officer is full the seven happening in berkeley as well as open at least two to five people are arrested as protesters chained themselves the pipes and blocked access to the local police headquarters there also shut down for some time. the father of michael
9:07 am
brown is reaching out to people in the bay area students ran back the death of michael brown >> reporter: black and brown men by police while rubble leave that is done and because he was told to get on the sidewalk would turn to the place in a region and try to take his gun and shoot him and then run from him and then turn around and run to him the man has a gun and his unarmed the story does not make sense like a bouncing his wife made a trip to the bay area to express appreciation that also what you would continue to fight for justice that your voice
9:08 am
be heard not back down will not be scared you have rights is the way to move forward in the community >>mark: it was his wont to travel across the nation to reach out to young adults to say thank you and stay out trouble coming up mortars and australia remember the victims of yesterday's dili's attack the recent storms bring it down trees and some power lines around the bay area will show you the latest video coming in at kron 4.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>george: will come back we conceded track big delays at the richmond bridge toll plaza there was a multi vehicle accident at west down past the toll plaza and that is why traffic here is at a standstill the back of continues to grow in the westbound direction affecting the rights not only to the toll plaza with their rich men on 580 westbound 580 east bomb also
9:12 am
slow try to join the east shore freeway i'll have a complete check coming right up. >>mark: memorial is set up all the talk this out where he took 17 people hostage crisis can tell a dramatic and after six in our stand off the gunmen 50 year old man killed along with two losses in the standoff when a storm the building australia's prime minister he was granted political use a long history of violent crimes bill the pledge of allegiance of the islamic state >> reporter: it could be impacting with 93 this morning to 4 in. of rain for our potentially more details on your forecast that's coming up after the break
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>mark: that rain lets the backed up broken pumps and water that made its way over this levee wall the manager at d'arcy mobile home park however with more
9:16 am
rain coming in with new comes they're still fears of more flooding in the area in them have big problems in the santa cruz mountains even this morning with trees coming down and closing high with 17 for a while was to have trees and power lines cal track crews were all yes to that portion down trees and minor rock and mud slides off the rolls will be out there again today with heavy equipment trying to clean up as we continue to watch the weather and a lot of sunshine resting thunderstorms and ran right now there track in the rain this afternoon. >> reporter: this off the coast tear of san rafael is going to be heading our way north out of the get the rain fall just a few minutes ago it was a few into for
9:17 am
interest in our in the club with a still sing the intensity and has weakened a little bit to look like if you're in the wood area with a potentially we say some pre the grain coming through. this is mostly just like rain water for the most part right now we are trying out for most locations where getting ready for another round it is it 11:00 still mainly dry still scattered showers and a lot of storms which demanded system is coming through as we move the clock to 1:00 santa rosa palo month in this whole wave of moisture come through to the entire bay area a definite by 3:00 will be fairly widespread >> reporter: likely sale early this morning around
9:18 am
the bay area 5:00 tonight is going to be a wet ride home for a lot of people will see the rain to start racking up to see more status hours later on tonight was still fairly when overnight into 3:00 early whence they morning here's a look at your mind at line for the next couple of storms will be more widespread starting this afternoon after the evening commute around 7:00 to 3 in. of rain to the balance will here is look at a high as four to that generally match upper 50s or 60s to the kron 4 seven a round of a forecast and said of the last couple of days on thursday apple and a chance for showers i think we may be dying out for most
9:19 am
on thursday the nexus and it comes on friday morning would file for the weekend to look like on sunday the first day of winter it will be dry in milder looking ahead to christmas it will be drive for you folks sitting out town >>george: sadly though there is a multicar crash in the left-hand lane leading onto the bridge west of the toll plaza this is backing up the right now once again for the westbound trip on interstate 580 take a look where backing from before the richmond parkway and the westbound direction there been talking about is bound delays as well for 58 try to get on to the east shore freeway which has been heavy all reform pinole but now
9:20 am
still slow elyse from san paolo and the westbound direction all the way down to the macarthur maze and nicotine track the latest from san bruno and senate sale south on the bayshore freeway remains heavy down to as water and you're ride across the bay and proving at a lower and is still heavy as it is trying to get into san jose and milpitas and here's a look at highway 17 have not been set down for as long as it was we are still recovering. >>george: the west on a chip set lay still backed up into the macarthur maze that's why it you'll get over 25 minute drive times in a trip to the san mateo bridge much improved and saw an early
9:21 am
end to the backed up look at the golden gate while we did see heavy traffic is once again easy chair from the waldegrave down to the toll plaza of >>mark: people accountable to tweeze of our processors or police killings they tell us what the officer said in his reaction to the remark. >> reporter: the comments posted on san jose police officer with the posted on sunday says threaten me or my family and i will use my god-given and log on to right and duty to kill you he goes on to reference by the way if anyone feels they cannot read or their lives matter i will be at the movies in my off-duty carrying my gun we condemn these comments >> reporter: that made it
9:22 am
clear these statements are not something the police union supports offensive this respectful and inappropriate social media no place in public discourse to run in the tragic loss of life for reason officer involved in to this. >> reporter: the police chief and mayor distance themselves on this comments the, is not reflected also feelings a man and woman in san jose police department nor do we condone this type of behavior and then there took recess the same stock or petition for calling officer was firing. >> reporter: at this with the san jose police department is conducting on investigation to see if the comet violated the our policy in the meantime please officers remain on the minister of leave.
9:23 am
>>mark: allowable flow and hawaii and into what of the science center, after the break. you used to sleep like a champ.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
>>mark: >>maris on course to a gas station and its shopping center is 1 mi. from a shopping center is expected to reach in seven to seven days the gas is to use state is selling all the remaining fuel in case the lottery to in october and burned house
9:27 am
in cover part of the cemetery. also in hawaii of them from roseville warned that the bed of your daughter the child died during the trip to hawaii of by giving them as a reaction to her and recall what the parents say she was woman with a younger sister will she began having difficulty grievant as mccall 911 she looked at me and said i'm dying and on when to die because i could see the look on your face. the doctors are still not sure what caused a young girl's death this day the temperature of the pool or volcanic ashes. the last headed the largest fires will have details ahead.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: real watching the weather moran expected this afternoon. >> reporter: is looking pretty good for to around that the flood signup below water early this morning is quite flooded it overflowed it came down if but all the part of my parts of the
9:31 am
intersection here in beverly did surprise they say it that had never happened before in that area so they're really concerned definite on the radar another big concern it will is not raining ran down in has saturated some of the hillsides that told me that that's something they're watching out for is in a little shaky so far so good it will have more break in
9:32 am
the sun with no more rain is coming and that does mean it may happen as well. >> reporter: marseilles' some breaks in the cloud right now partly sunny skies ha some of the scattered showers could hold a really heavy rain flooding is still concerned landslides and mudslides ross sings spotty showers is off the coast potential late this out here it is heading northeast at one point turns north so we will see exactly the storm cell weekend it will strengthen once again look of the storms that are popping up off the coast will continue see scattered showers to the afternoon and that will see more widespread rain heading this
9:33 am
way and that really adds to other rainfall total is already a force of rainfall total in the last four hours santa fell 3 1/2 inches navato tool and have answers so far running game warden to also opened the san francisco rules out more about the timing of the next on headed this way for this afternoon we will also take a look at the snow report a little bit later. >>george: things are starting to unwind just a little for 580 westbound at the richmond san rafael bridge now the seller has been cancelled all 97 opened adjutancy the traffic is beginning to move here again will we are still backed up on 580 westbound coming out of richmond from before the rich and parkway and even with all lines open it will likely take a little while for that back to clear is
9:34 am
the back of recent have low of lead down to the berkeley career is speaking of the seoul plaza is a look at the bay bridge ride for the west long commute in the center line back to the macarthur maze for your wisdom trip coming out of interstate 580 >>mark: it away in a new design plan for escalators >> reporter: and that the policy board station they want to hear from you and here is what they want to weigh in on that receipt of men dollars to do upgrades and improvements several escalators that identified two stations in san francisco that is why
9:35 am
they're focusing on their attention people can weigh in on designed lighting safety and visibility and the parents that engineers and planning staff or comments and then start the process are to represent sales >>mark: sentences also rises will vote on whether to approve nearly $3 million settlement in the case of land spalding sea when missing last september for her bed in hospital she was found dead in the hospital stairwell two weeks later her two children filed the claim that said it is a
9:36 am
description the victim was incorrect. the man guitars of starting the key fire has been indicted by grand jury he was to deny guilt hidden held in jail on a 10 man dollar bond and burned on the 50 million square miles. still ahead with a monster and the weather allies of sunshine for now will re will be returning this afternoon when nc with this man did to try and recover after falling off of the treadmill. ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
♪ ♪ >>george: welcome back better news for our hot spots. the is it westmount that backed up the traffic in accident has been
9:40 am
cleared what traffic is beginning to move >>mark: their time to discuss the future after loss season that will and into weeks no meeting is scheduled and would not say whether he should be the one to initiate it other than noting that he is always available to talk to the all and general manager we're gonna play the next two games of our lives depend on growth fine for each other in the same in the eye of the game
9:41 am
>>mark: when the season and this is a log on to be made that one, system is on to take place. >>stanley: why so many drivers not using their headlights as required by law we will look into in the next edition of people behaving badly.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>mark: the klan and from the last form and san francisco a tunnel rocks falling from the face of telegraph hill this is the one on the block a to illustrate the boldest and down in front of a building around 1130 they flee no one was injured that once inside a protective barriers to prevent future slides we're watching the weather and watching the rain this afternoon. >> reporter: rustled yes status hours this off the
9:45 am
coast is this is a marin county is moving overland right now is getting closer and closer and has been generally moving to the north is aware watching this out there was has been pretty oppressive rainfall rates of for a third of 4 in. an hour to see how rainfall rates in this is the more than 3 in. an hour to enter another spot is a pretty good spot in the weekend to the site where one to sit a system stronger coming from parts of the north bank timmy continue take a look at all the cells of the codes sum that at least they are guys a move over land where i want to see scattered showers for the rest of the morning and that is before more or arise area of moisture come through a 11:00 you see more scattered showers through the north rain and then i think by 1:00 this is the area of our
9:46 am
minds whether the we're looking at moving in. >> reporter: they're really moved over to the bay area by 3:00 this afternoon will still see cells holding moderate to heavy rain maybe even some ice chips. i will and decipher what conditions 9:00 tonight so scattered showers the rock the entire bay area to hold on to showers most you will be sleeping in a tomorrow morning just getting showers potentially here is a look at the satellite and radar picture again we're looking at a lot of moisture off the coast that at this by the afternoon and we're also sensed a fall and went out area where once a not a lot of first product by at the level where a lot in a will to carry into the snow for today by tomorrow is the chance for small and down
9:47 am
further woes partly sunny conditions here is the kron 47 tear on the bay for as rain like this is afternoon >> reporter: well over we're working on that people are loving and >>george: not month's level but as you said as he conceded track big delays for interstate 580 you see
9:48 am
the extent of the backed up and now reaches beyond the richmond parkway for the west down 580 ride we see is a big improvement for the east shore freeway ride no longer backed of all the way into ethanol is still a is slow here if i 80 hoffman's play for real westbound trip living down toward the bay bridge and tracking the ride on 92 around san mateo where still heavier was another accident at third avenue will of the backed the from sfo to cut 92 southbound be on the hill bell boulevard.
9:49 am
>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: into the other five that has a law making the required internal your headlights we turn on your wipers. not having allies on is not so the to concede that it's a lot of the javits and see you better some car seem invisible in the ring if your car is ever is a will for some reason
9:50 am
have realized tonkin it confuses some divers and assign this is it does not help if you walk the dog into continues you're not required to turn your headlights of before you get on a set with desire for have not had less luck at the whole picture with that being said is will from this are draining into the habit of turning them on. if a to think that is enough the fact is we are driving has activated its allies are not so could realize what a fool mold who wants it for for something as simple as that and a lawyer and my stomach and i haven't and san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
9:51 am
>>mark: the stores where following is the beginning of hanukkah celebration to murmurs the rededication the washington market such a holiday and will help like the national kandel is a major part of the hanukkah traditions. >>mark: will live to celebrate the holiday with kron 4 special amazing how are they less amazing holidays this friday night at 9:00 p.m. one man's attempt to look cool at the debt the gym as a result from falling any seismic a great recovery.
9:52 am
he tried to pull off a glass of the attack a woman and as the woman turns he quickly tried to recover and let him look like he's doing pushups to the man who posted a videos goes by the name something within as a prank but they found it funny nonetheless will be right back as we return.
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>>mark: where befallen this one of the television gunmen killed a hundred and 40 people at a school in pakistan 132 dead are children investigators say there are seven attackers with the close of best the tear taxes this is been the worst in pakistan's history. the bay area britain for more rain as we are still
9:56 am
flooded out last bomb the community is to try to clean it up in sonoma county. and bernie of the russian river overflowed on friday as much of the downtown area on the water the rain is supposed to start back up this afternoon at continues falling through the evening. the berkeley city council is want to hear what the public had to say about the recent protest over the killing of unarmed black man by white officers process last week caused damage to businesses and berkeley and oakland and stopped traffic suggest they are arrested 25 people a chance to sell the pipes and block access to oakland police headquarters unit of italy's bit sore throat today our web site at kron 4 dot com. >>mark: added the terrible dog that we told you about yesterday is up for adoption at the mesa citing the to your to what has been adopted here the video that was posted by the humane society hill the listing for
9:57 am
a dog and described any from 0 to crazy and 0.5 seconds 80 has been adopted at has been adopted one to four this afternoon and i will pick up around the bay area a little on the cool side nice to find we have some sunshine a few showers are expected tomorrow this is a chance on thursday they're back for more rain for friday a ghost by the weekend. you have to just line up thank you so much for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news as reminded the second to drop the day off with our mobile application our next newscast is in the morning see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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