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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 16, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>i am trying to do the best i can. >> gary: >> grant: why he is still willing to an march and what he is doing to protect himself. >> grant: a treasure trove for thieves. for >> grant: >> grant: this is the full time for our for prime-time news creek >> pam: this grant lotus has
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the details on this breaking news. >> grant: a southbound train to pay for hit a bill called on the tracks there is no details on injuries but there is a fire. >> grant: we do have a crew on the way and we will bring you additional details as soon as possible. >> grant: the vehicle is said to be on fire. >> pam: some of tonight storm related issues in regards to mudslides and flooding and debris. jacqueline? hong >> jacqueline: pushing to
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the south eastern to see the storm trecker with the bulk of the rain at the golden gate. we do have a moderate rain to the north. still have the over danville and san ramon. right over 580 you need the windshield wipers on one. >> jacqueline: moving into brett was city and then over to the south bay we see moderate rain as well. it seems fairly light and cupertino and sunnyvale to a single light showers. in san francisco we are seeing have their--heavier cells and the embarcadero. >> jacqueline: flooded roads
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we have already seen them so please drive with caution especially near the golden gate bridge. >> jacqueline: finally pushing up at the central valley. corn no. 2 is ongoing now. the showers and to noon at a kid be later. --and it could be later stops. for >> jacqueline: storm no. 3 is set to hit friday. with more room or more grain moving again. --more rain moving in. >> jacqueline: spot arraigned tomorrow morning and some of it to be more moderate cre. -spotty showers
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continuing to about 8. most remain over the coastal waters. more on the snow in just a bit. >> jacqueline:drier conditions for thursday, and storm number 3 for friday. >> reporter: people are doing really what they can
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do to stay dry creek behind me the rose art when many slick accurate taking a look at video deceit or listen to this the sound of rain pounding on bill went shield. -when-shield >> reporter: rose for an absolute mess up. agist a lot of what turned out there. justin lot of water out there. >> reporter: as more of the rain continued to fall down is nasty out there this afternoon all over the east bay. they have had some small role that they have had to shut down because of minor flooding. so none of the rows are major right now but they to tell me see
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if he will monitor the conditions on that long. and if any of the major roles become flooded they will take appropriate action. >> pam: marin county has seen a number of mudslides here is video from our partnership with abc seven news. forcing home owners to evacuate as their pool is filled with mud. also breaking out the second floor window. no one was hurt. >> jacqueline: >> pam: marin county is considered a state of emergency because of the impact of the storm. >> reporter: 101 north pass started to pick up as traffic is starting to look pretty good now. four hours
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a look like a parking lot as the rain came down really hard and steady. it is just now starting to let up. >> reporter: they are really getting hit hard. it was tacky people one hour to get from downtown san francisco to mill valley. i was just there at tennessee valley road as they were setting up road blocks because of the mud slides. steichen and get to the mud slides myself because they're keeping people about a fourth a mile from the entrance. what >> reporter: it will be about 48 hours before the trop opens up. --trail
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>> reporter: this is video from a couple hours ago. it almost reached blood levels. --flood levels. if people are crossing their fingers hoping that it does not flood. hist >> we are asking citizens to be proactive. and move their vehicles to higher ground so that they do that become flooded out. success >> pam: most of the damage was in hillsborough were flooding damage estimated at two dozen businesses. there
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is more land on the way. its staff's--more rain on the way, >> grant: you can hear the rain hitting the car. also in the central hills and they've built the to the pulp the vote of the flooding conditions. this woman says she was building a trench for the second time in two weeks. stay connected i love this application. >> grant: it is free to download and a bit in time. spot--and you can do it at any time. >> pam: the break-in was
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discovered that in september but official said it took until november to determine what personal information was stolen in to track down the addresses for those that were affected. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: caltran has just told us that happened at faro avenue where no injuries to any train passengers. no word as to any increase for occupants of that vehicle. at the same time northbound train it debris so now there is no movement in the caltran deal calls or trends are not getting by. near the blossom hill station.
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>> grant: for we have kron 4 j.r. stone headed to be location. --headed to the location and no injuries with that incident. first >> pam: later in this newscast we watch shoppers commit a major no-no for this holiday season. >> pam: the u.s. olympic committee weighs san. --in.
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>> jacqueline: the computer model is nailing what the weather is going through in the next 45 minutes or so per we would talk more about what to expect for the rest of the night and tomorrow.
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>> what they are trying to do is make this process more cost-effective and efficient they want to cbs that harmonized long term plans of the city but the olympic games. >> pam: 4 recently, the official says a multi bid would be unlikely because the distance between the two california cities. >> jacqueline: this is what we are glenn to expect for much of the night and into tomorrow. spotty showers. moderate rain over dublin, livermore and moving down toward the south bay with the lighter side of sales over sunnyvale and portions of the peninsula as well
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like morgan hill. >> jacqueline: pulling of the picture and moderate to see this stills creating a lightning strikes. shall and a vacation on the radar. spa >> jacqueline: spotty showers billy and behind the stability out there and deceit understock thundershowers at the immediate coast and just along the coastline. not nearly as high as what it will occur. >> jacqueline: spot and showers continue and that is the way it will go into the day. latest computer models showing us some of that more widespread dismasting us
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over the coastal waters that will impact us at 5:00 curry it again, but keep your umbrellas handy for the rest of the day. stock >> pam: a terrorist attack on a school is being called one of the deadliest attacks and that area and years. kelly 150 people most of them children. officials say the tough but militant group tried to overflow with the government. to avenge the killing patella bans members by pakistan members. promising his military will continue an aggressive operation aimed at the militants. hist >> pam: he says he is not
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backing now from belize on the street. --bullying people on the street.. >> reporter: knocked out because all he tried to do is the right thing. >> what happened to me happen to me because i was along and these guys attacked me because i was an easy target creek and they are not courageous >> reporter: what did this do to your determination? >> absolutely, i have gone back out to join the protesters again. and demonstrations.
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>> for listen to these mothers and fathers. you cannot let these people deter you. when black people are killed them black children are killed is business as usual. >> i will go to people i know. i am not going to go up for nighttime demonstrations at least for a while. >> pam: still ahead, tonight at 8. and stubborn and storm counting the bay area.
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>> pam: no charges will be brought against comedian bill cosby after it won that accused them of central also because of a statute of limitations. , speak attorney says the attempt to charge him 250 belsen dollars before she sued. >> grant: happy hanukkah to everyone and the bay area who is celebrating creek would love to see your photos of corporate will love to see your photos of the holiday celebration.
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>> pam: the bay area nasty storm knocked down trees and then some pretty which to expect in the days ahead. hist >> stanley: >> stanley: people behaving badly coming up next! ♪
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♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. from
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>> pam: >> grant: we are stacking we are tracking the storm tonight was lick roadways and headlights coming at you at the bay bridge should receive a lot of water on the ground. it is not many as hard as it was earlier today. >> grant: want to take you and show you video from a short time ago in marin county. highway 101 it is a mess. and belmont patrick this repair shop is flooded. for >> grant: that is no fun at it is coming down and belmont parro. >> grant: crew spent much of
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the day trying to get the power back on. a brief summer break at s f o. >> grant: >> jacqueline: the land is still ongoing. this is a look at traffic radar. or a lot of the heavy stuff is located. >> jacqueline: coming down the next or last several hours. moderate rain right now. paul alto will continue to see moderate showers. is to go down to gilroy and morgan hill this to this still here bringing heavy rain moderate getting hit hard and rotation. lightning
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strikes in the region. quinn that locally to the north that diffuse thundershowers remain. >> jacqueline: so we are continuing to see the spotty showers continuing through the evening and as much as tomorrow as well. spotty showers potentially thunderstorms near the coast line creek here is your money coming with a spotty rains still affected tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. mine will start to move back into the north bay as an francisco. >> pam: continuing coverage
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of the storm with the j.r. stone and the south bay. j.r. stone? foot >> reporter: has been an nightmare for a emergency crews. still want to go over video shot in the last couple of hours as san mateo you can see how bad it has become. two or three black radius where it was so bad it starts to go into one house and several cars started to fill up with water. they brought the emergency crews working hard to get that drank that opened using shovels to open up the drain because of so much debris clogged up and backing up in certain areas to 3 ft.. that was one of
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the major issues. >> reporter: i ran into one crew that was frantically using sent the backs---using sandbags. >> it is inside the house. >> reporter: to lee, you see all of the backs trying to fill the bags and get them in front of the cross to protect their homes. so many people are keeping a close eye. certainly, i have been jumping from story to story and different locations because of flooding and downed trees scenarios.
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first now back to you and the studio >> pam: >> grant: hist the bay area is to set the record for the wettest december ever. with long foot of rain since july 1st. comparing figures from where we were at this point last year to over 2 in. with barely over an inch in san jose. now look at the normal rainfall was six plan 6 in. and 5.5 and oakland just over a 3.7 in san jose. >> grant: the rain is filling up the reservoir.
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the drug that took him years to develop will take years to recover from. showing the effects of california ground water cree. hist >> grant: look good all of this read the entire state of california cannot estimate to end the drought with a 11 trillion gallons which is accumulated of a cube of water. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: what is the quickest way to end your holiday shopping fun? >> stanley: to come outside and find a window of your car smash and to see that all of your blocking is argon. possibly for ever. --
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all of your items gone >> stanley: so, if they will still tennis balls a brand new children's bike and plant you will not be a problem at all. --in plain view. >> did not want my children to see it one at the brink of the car back home. >> stanley: she left her purse and the front seat. >> stanley: leaving purses in the car seems to be the norm in san mateo. most people say that there is nothing and then but to be
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honest, the crux of does not know that. seoul, who is action behaving badly? >> stanley: the thieves are behaving badly but if you give them the opportunity they will not pass it up. >> stanley: the important part is to be a smart shopper and not leave your items visible even phone cord. >> stanley: and keep well aware of what is going on around you because there is possibly to be thieves watching you. fish >> stanley: >> stanley: people behaving badly kron 4 news. >> pam: crawford your tries to make the holiday special
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for underprivileged children i will tell you what we have in store. >> jacqueline: we will see more land out there tomorrow affecting your morning commute. female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money.
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announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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>> pam: if you have a story that you like for us to check into. please visit our web site at the mine kron4 story tab and send us your idea. >> pam: have you ever wondered what people are going? the most popular google searches of 2014. >> pam: the warriors are in that this is going for their 17th straight win. kerrey has highlights on all the sports he is next. --gary. >> jacqueline: uc this body and mind filling in all of
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that yellow which will continue tonight and we will talk more about that tonight and which should expect tomorrow and what is happening in the sierra. coming up in just a bit!
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>> grant: ronald williams was flat-out the list of
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google searches. how about the top how to questions that are google this past year... people asking how to vote and how to delegate... even how to kiss her? >> gary: (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: warriors in memphis tonight. attention all over the place. in pursuit of their 17th straight. klay thompson had point in the first quarter. more on that in a moment. zack randolph of followed the shot a couple of time. fox >> gary: the warriors are within two points and the
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one time they trailed by 14. mike connolly put the grizzlies out.1-10 >> gary: >> jacqueline: >> gary:105-98 warriors beat the grizzlies. >> gary: a knee injury has kept him out for a number of games are really thought to be tendinitis. but, a new term known as brennan's need with the car less under the new captain terry it consultants so no word on how long andrew will be able to play. >> gary: chris mullin by
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every account has been around here awhile and people know a great guy he is. the five time nba all- star. resoiling into the national basketball hall of fame. --recently in >> gary: the cannes has asked if he'd like to be a head coach. the kings >> gary:when you are at that level like mullen... how do
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you tell someone how to take that shot. it will be very, very interesting if he takes that s.. position. >> gary:rodriguez.. over 60 million still owed him. he will not be an everyday player at 3rd base.
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>> gary: i will start with this one. i always thought to make it up when you said you were an athlete during college. now, the other one says you cannot pay for the charisma that you and pam have to get there the way she looks at you para.. the way she looks at you and you could tell that there are distilling spirit--good feelings. >> pam:that is nice! that is true! >> gary:you caught her on a good night.
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>> gary:c cutler's bad interview or press conference. costs >> gary:tom brady received three complaints from viewers for spouting f bombs. foughtonly three. >> jacqueline: we have a lightning strike over morgan hill right now with heavier rain and there as well.
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continue to monitor to the rainy weather coming up.
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>> jacqueline: more rain tonight. it would not be as organized. looking at morgan hill which is detected a liven strike. just the one there. more moderate rain hitting south east. we are seeing some heavy rain and gilroy so expect that in the next 20 minutes. also portions of the south bay with more moderate rain skirting. should you could see some of the heavier rate approaching that is what we will see with spotting rain containing for the rest of the evening and into tomorrow. ifs store no. 3 will rise friday.
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stormed no. 3 will arrive on friday
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