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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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zooming and over sausalito area right now and the approach to the bay bridge or top right-hand corner below that the golden gate and then you can see all of the roadways are west this morning and it would just whereas the what warding was on >> : a service contractor. this letter on here and coercing on the radar first in the north bay and santa rosa now and then there is windsor up until birgit showing light rain falling more moderate rain not seen that there to left. on the go higher and higher in the north bay deeper and deeper in the north area of more than 10 jars open clover bill cleared like getting moderate heavy rain falling a source in the north bay and what were seeing the rain first and miss some showers out your fairfield
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residency. that still lie in nature ignore all that yellow and orange there goes the windows and trimming. in zero or pre look much looking calm conditions really chosen plot near boulder creek at the moment that all or tracking. at least over the bay there's more rain just offshore you conceive that there and just off the left there and santa rosa you contaminate that out. so were experiencing right now on radar and alive perspective but celebrate our combination shows you all the unsettled weather their offshore heading our way. as the cold for a week expected to begin attacking it the bay area during the coup morning commute standby ready for that as a push and clothes closer this show you were seeing here is the closer in the bay area is secure the showers to the north and so were watching what all day 17 really gets under way. stick to the tune here following list of the for you as it develops. it's connected up new >> :
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are looking at slowing here the bay bridge was born dried. is a conceive a backup is starting at the toll plaza for less bound trip. an art reaches back pass west grand ave. there we been some free on a bridge or looking at slow traffic as we are for your trip to centile bridge where kind wait any to traffic slows for less bound right. there's a report of lava accident out near mid span but it's only having at minor and impact on the what was fun ride. as the tractor driver on the bed earlier and recurring problems on the bayshore freeway cleared up now with little residual slowing between brisbane and sfo. nothing that would make you have to be too are around and my only add to the three minutes to drive time after heading for 11 southbound. >> : the rain commune and jackie
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is taking a live look of sausalito from a distance of looks very nice to also do a lot of driving in the morning sickened to serve as out how was it >> : was not too bad the rain was going north they don't tonsils looking death fat severance the scope for last hour and have we haven't seen anyone police here in sausalito and to start the day little farther north of the nevada area is kind of a drizzle dry appear. south on 11 still wet obviously we have these rounds of rain and the north bay is really seeing a lot of damage in fact they have the state of emergency that we issued because so much damage done up here seven some of all been hit hard. it's very saturated right now obviously as lakes but the see more rain coming into the area are going to be looking out for not only problem area is obviously how was going to affect your
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commute as been basically two weeks since we had rain at a one way or the other at times very very heavy >> : obviously in need as much rain as we can get. are getting a lot of-court my time. be nice to try out a little bit what the water and do with how saturation get back to reign as i said it's basically two weeks in the rain here ready to get out the rain to trim its office for dare to >> : not so bad off the coast now. the two bad but darker all fishermen know at this of echo behind me out early and that is for right now conditions are pretty calm here pacific up to a lot " we see in the past hour so. it's funny in the sea wall into dramatic letter on sunday the surf advisor for
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north the coast in here pacifica mild winds this morning occasional light rain but the storm is on its way in the house where one man out earlier this morning in hopes of getting ahead of some >> : by early cannot hear me now or go >> : about 330 this morning couple of hours ago wont be out on the pier is done to rein in miles or just come down now seeing that really light mist might be hard to up on camera >> : highway 1 near the beach it remains close will stretch and because of under the road washed away in during another storm. it cautions his sons also tries out before i can fix the problem that it's likely not going to be till march or april.
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and as the beach residents the detour road that is also in need of repair >> : where it mostly about frank valley road which is the route we have only road that we have it get to mill valley the falls are stuck >> : it would have to go through some some beach to get out of here and there's always a prescription as well. >> : frank geller road is also a separate from russian representative from marin county public works and six national parks all assessing the detail but still looking for funding to fix that stretch of roadway >> : in sonoma county tens of thousands dollars being paid for the damage with a sermon last week in rain falling short period of time a lot some store owners the deep in water. and they say they might have to pay a total of $80,000 for repairs to locations are carping about walls patched and more rain today and keeping a close
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eye on the forecasting on her but the weather updates anytime stay ahead of the storms heading this winter with radar as well as forecast any time combined their with their free kron for application >> : helping is this one moment suspected the the >> : margaux brownstein arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence at vehicular manslaughter wednesday night police say the shield reynolds red light and a group of people left christmas tree prevent a dozen people were injured three people killed she went to another car stories wearing for toxicology reports to determine issues taking prescription drugs. in line so had in the morning news distance of the holidays more snow in the sierra this weekend to tell you what to expect a horse know there received >> :
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and dealing live look at the for some tracker is to link up in intensive heavy stuff will be a problem miss us and it won't be nearly as bad were going to see some rain on off >> :
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will come back to kron 4 more news to a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza or less bound ride is are starting to back up according to a mcarthur maze
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it is not into it yet but it's rare that the west end of 580 slide over the dry times are already running at about 18 and 19 minutes for your trip and the sentences but >> : once it are as close to the waste water overflow. park stefanie overflows morning determine part: closed on weekends closures needed to load the system to recover from excess water from the storms or flow is being rerouted not in danger of falling in the bay >> : telephone is on a drought according to a study from nasa california needs of 11 trillion gallons of rain to survive the extreme drought. the support of bill 17 million pot holes. the situation is serious and flooding such a stir earlier this year barely made a dent in the drought >> : cut nine moving in the bay area and this is in north
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bay light and no with the setting to neighborhood coming up >> : 629 greenwich and just a sense of right here in bay area tell you what he did lime letter telling all about the disturbing discover where california woman fun in a storage unit she won at an auction a 22 bucks! these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for - whoa hey! what are you doing? you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
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and back to morning news is a pre up mike aho looked the picture is covered in the latest pictures of this year over last week for hours here at tahoe in squaw valley showing this beautiful views here. i picked up a few feet of snow to 3 ft. here and total by the storms all over last week and have been heading up the tahoe in problem one had a change on just in case and there will be snow on the 5080 through it is evening as the bay area getting another round of brain-dead-it should be significant >> : test of dealing with floodwater from last make any more water will not help the situation >> : said that are the root rain is rascal out the other holes and going and tables homes not unusual to see
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this happen making go from construction sites where they normally had out and had in the neighborhoods suspect your home has a rodent problem michigan in touch with the specialist right away before the problem gets out of control. don't they hang on the rainy there. the hang out and ran as the morning goes on >> : thing a quick look here storm tracker to start off with the widely we see showers mainly to our north is resuming their piquancy were looking at places like wait port in coverdale seems to have showers at times and yellow laundromat also spotting showers just north of jenner and along the coast there earn builders to north and some light modern rain falling at the moment some showers and light side the area centerfold also tracking some conditions to see as we had acted like tom ho keep in mind that things will be dicey getting up
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there when the weather by israel for western slopes expecting anywhere from 6 in. above 6,000 ft. and keep that in mind as we'll have for this morning's rain take a quick look expecting a cold front center over the bay area o'clock this morning are in part the morning commute the rain will be coming down more than likely in stay with the noon hour looking were scattered showers from the bay and then by about fiber succeeding what folks heading home still looking for some shower activity in the south bay portions of the peninsula north bay at that point will be a little better break and be good news for the north bay official get the bulk of the rain with the system accumulation of the outside with a light drizzle and light rain falling as a widespread yet >> : a bunch of friends special for the hills bay size of crews mounds about author with lesser for the stop the space of the hills of the
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strongest system that we have seen #three so far this week but it will be enough because the kron are is actuated and other engine and top of that in the north baby could look at another afternoon of funding for some of our urban interceptions. in his seventh moment midst 50s another five degrees above its afternoon the proper 50s to the low 60s now >> : sunday on the forecast is a great outlook here was a pass from today action in great shape leading up to the christmas holiday saturday sunday things dry out and then monday tuesday wednesday things warming up for us as the sunshine will do a great job of mauling out of order here on the bay purposes on thursday what fun about the traffic >> : could use a little mellowing the traffic department but sally does appear as though were getting any. that now but the bay bridge. are reports of problems of the cemetery bridge and haven't seen any delays there yet. a " here's
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the first drive tens running about 19 minutes now westbound unevenness a 80 approach to ec is that now but for less bound ride. for backup right to a 580 flyover and were not yet backed up in macarthur mays in mind and your trip to some retail bridge as mentioned was a report a loss to allow new high-rise i do not see any impact on the traffic yet. are no shoulders on high-rise but if that was at the base possible it could be out of the lanes >> : and how about the right to the golden gate bridge here you conceive how 1 01 west but light that's good news. for your 580 ride in the richmond bridge not tracking any delays but again it is a welcome you here have got toward marin county. us to look at the bay at the with the right in the east bay no real problems pop if he has
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been moved closer to a holiday we may see a slight reduction in the mire of traffic no delays the south bay right here and in north take me through marin starting as low little for your trip in the center fell. it's a comedown from the civic center in on a flurry of the chevron could make a scare in the bay area last night dramatic picture set in to us by viewers sanity's flames what's going on is the fire crash acosta has met says it was around 7:00 last night there was the problem in the ash fallout unit in the refinery >> : there is a plant upset which bargains in plant and to caution that it access to >> : the unit and set to smokestack where the fire of fire on top burns off that excess chemicals naturally over pressure as the unit. it wants much pressure to build up the one to a more
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controlled >> : chevron says this was a controlled burn and not a danger to the public mind by house this morning expected to publicly blame north korea for the mass of internet heist and hack attack on a sunny pictures yesterday's cut billboard was announced interview comedy about a plot to assassinate north korean leader kim jong tuned as if the north crooked and unfunny and astaires think that tells a group with the north korean military called the bureau 121 called the hon the cyber attack and taking its orders from his bosses coming soon >> : and there's no retaliation and no response a deterrent of a value un so far the
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only response from sony to the he the demands the stop the release of the movie and two hours at l.a. studios to a january because security concerns >> : is gorgeous it's a what everyone's talking about seems like everyone wants to see this movie photo been some hope for an on-line made concerning this coming up looking at fun at the sunday attack and subsequent scrapping of the interview his look at what we found on are on pages one in here kron 4 they jokingly asked others asking for more movie cancellations tuchman shoemaker michael more posted asking for a few ragged dick comedies and michael bay movies where one know what you think about the interview being told to and the sets free and we'll really think on the air >> :
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the dow industrial average surged more than 400 points with the best day in three years on wall street and dow was up 2 1/388 the day before investors reacting to accumulate interest rates to keep them very low and not wait until maybe next summer >> : investors flocking back in the securities out of thin% and began almost all back election wallstreet fairly quiet day to start >> : also tracking the rain to the bay area again this morning pockets across the north bay and then much in you expect this morning a check in the self plush and santa rosa about next half- hour 45 minute amonte today's rain more on the break in the rain coming our way >> :
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of a mess to kron 4 more news and that sent us on was not the real one. surveillance photos showing him rubbing the bay area but these pictures man dressed in a sense to robbing a bank in the fourth box and straight saturday. it's been 46 years old then give the teller a note saying he had a gun once saw one after the teller had animal bag full of cash the robber fled into a crowd of other santos
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>> : the see very good shot of his face >> : it is not the only ones who consider christmas lights turns out to come up of all the lights and the cities and suburbs a powerful enough to researchers from space concede license personal conditions nestle satellite images showing a certain cities try between 23% brighter during hell as a public to the summer some areas shown as much as to the present writer >> : so hydroxides worrying residents increased a what they're doing to it had >> : sunday bay area breaking for another round of rain. an already saturated north bay and what they're doing to get ready for the next on coming up a lot poorer. blunt
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back and getting the holiday spirit is saw huge gain for the got yesterday the dow industrial up searching for order 21 points yesterday and up to larger 88 the data for our what the market was good, start at some of what sort of the morning when you said break of siberia break >> : it wasn't was bay area did enjoy most the day with very barely a drop in the sky >> : through the gills right what we can try out >> : their brain following a live look at star tracker was pushed not to the north very see that that tends shower activity and clear lake and you see them on the map and also near clover they'll 11
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north of hills bird off with this morning is a cyclical at the coast north of the big bay with moderate heavy rain beginning to move on shore and look at that the park also getting in on some light rain right now with the system continuing to move in the direction of santa rosa be ready cerros said a rocket like your little this and also since much showers falling in now and then those storms will track across the richmond center fell bridge had in the direction of richmond this morning. and must show you a wider view and the retrospective there's a cold for you conceive swooping there from the northeast on the southwest on the screen. all the heading to the bay the timing of which should put an overhead out between them peak of the morning commute beckham back at 645 talk more detail about the timing of the storm, or how much of the we expect the fall and what we expect a weak and had >> : speaking of the commute whatever the traffic center >> :
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currently not tracking any hot spots that is good news will bay bridge to back up quickly this morning has not back up much beyond the west end of macarthur miss and are brought back what we call flaw of the bay pretty much from the ramp and hasn't run any wider that's good news and then you're right to some detail bridge highway 92 here's a quick check of the toll plaza. reports this fallout in the base of a high-rise has not produced any slowed traffic or delay for west roundtrip but as the clocked at 13 minutes >> : the the sausalito toasty fermat lorraine waiting for more rain >> : no. there really start tarred by the series of storms that have rolled through catfooted is sops
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>> : and ententes lead a to run as an about us and the fall all agency or 10 in. of left flooding. as the cluster closer to this next wave of storms blowing and so far this morning and saw little bit coming up from a bottle area this morning on 330 this morning since then it's been pretty clearly and start to feel the wind pick up a little bit and as jim said it expects to see that coming next still belong to the next hour or two. as he readied to go outside to they don't puttering jacket away just yet because we are expecting to see more of it. all over the bay area this morning of anything else pops up in a way of flooding or any other trouble caused by the rain obviously will be all here covering it back
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in san francisco agency at some point this morning is a clear view other times in see the fog and low lying where clause of schering down for now no rain at is right now in sausalito >> : people oakland hills have had enough energy for the next round still cleaning up from less time will tell lorraine because they had our ups lead there on the road to deal with reverence maker in the oakland hills have navigated begins here on the rocks yesterday. the road has been since reopened the runoff trickling down the hill with more in the forecasts now they're worried that even more money will give way. a >> : public works crews look working nonstop in recent days responding weather- related incidents throughout the area and it's only going to get busier thrust today >> :
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out released for february day march in forecasts for the bay area calls for above average precipitation this winter in the bay area said they get 40 percent more in and smell compared in a warriors >> : 66 right note by members of surf sophism like a shooting at unarmed black man and alamo processors also sold hall just as hesitancy here this was yesterday demonstrating as what they call in just a step toward minorities and the criminal-justice system public defenders several bay area counties including san jose oakland also had risen from their perspective courthouse yesterday. a group protestors were outside + headquarters yesterday demanding officer the fire for its controversial tweets about the recent protest also felt house been placed on leave and unless i protestors delivered a petition signed by 13,000 people who watch a fire. police the process of
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peaceful end to serbian but that by the internal affairs office >> : nearly 5300 homes registered for help in small-town residents infected by a quick half to december 29th to apply for fema disaster assistance >> : helps the cost for temporary housing and other disaster related needs >> : as it was the strongest to hit the region 20 years >> : still head well in the rain it's a heavy one no. and so the could be a sliding won't be that big a star will see summer and on and off today >> : of fell bridge traffic would been moving swiftly and receive pardoning water and roadways and when
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will come back to morning news of the cemetery bridge west on rye is actually slowing but now but the dry times are still tolerable 1532 sticking as head track down from a word of the cemetery. >> : news to the oversight committee will decide whether thousands of rows and bolts decisions ballet bridge should be replaced >> : 40 saying that they are secured and i should stay put that sector 32 of unsnap last year with millions poured in the testing engineering plans the board is taking extra precautions >> : the boldest take make the bridge table and then owner of quick pre: gate bridge anywhere in that direction the warning signs that are up for the upcoming closures that have been just three weeks workers can solve immovable concrete barrier and middle >> :
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there has arrive day as you can see pieces of it spent the preparation for the installation >> : is was a collective efforts critical for 200 ceiling pieces winter to watter pounds consult on a morning saturday january 10th on monday, trans world and early indications are not going to see an early opening here will be close the weekend in january the 10th >> : what until 4 am monday morning cell had were it tracking the storm still
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ensembles are here on kron 4 weather center to to live whats yours from tracker rent for north's showers of being picked up at the golden gate bridge and have full details coming up in a moment >> :
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, p. ♪ baby uhhh.. (sarsticly) r me ♪ she' lovit. thks. look in the conditions on the bay area and check this year and a little bit right now is in the back of starting to build here at the bay bridge are ready it consider fell bridge backed up at the plaza heading west on ring county. and here the
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golden gate seen some very heavy drizzle at the north bay received rain picking up and will keep track the storm and this morning. and on live team coverage of the rain this morning kron 4 is an element right now and looks like roadways are white but not ready at the moment. that is correct we're getting a little bit of a break and have to admit we need the rain but it does feel mice that the first time in a long time didn't have to wear my rain pants out the door. so at least a little bit of a breakwater people out here as well latency people stocks before >> : even though it's dry right now it's our rainy we are expecting rain will be here in east bay so it'll be kind
6:46 am
of terrible thing you're ok than europe and the rabbi here just a car now big deal for me as of the out there getting ready nature used to bring an umbrella out even if you see it's not ready over your part at lawrence other day and on good advice >> : and throughout the day as all are expecting showers here in the north that we have sandros and now getting in on the action looks first amanites heaviest with clearly all those communities there and then seeing moderate that during fall right now and light rain and claudel as you take a look here we of water rain falling as well. just venturing out the salzburg and have been built and sing like moderate rainfall right now will have your charts in the direction of windsor in and you could see center as a they're beginning to see the light rain and from
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santa rosa down to about on farm and then dry air from the south to the golden gate bridge and all the weather is tracking in the direction of sandro's the end park panama all points and north bay about to get wet here and then so far the forecasts for is in pretty accurate one is predicting earlier this morning and light rain falling north in severance is good too little and a bridge and that led to a level here you can actually see in the lives there in coming down certainly see the road beckham headlights there as cars come by. as a tender condition he expects another fun as you head out the door as morning. in terms of the rain and how to progress through the day as an unfit to cast for here is resuming closer and switch over to the models predict where the rain will fall. the chickasaw mournings and 6:00 our answer to expect some town and the center as a area execs will saw on the library are the true test for doing a good job so far o'clock predicted the fund will be over the entire bay area at that point and
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notes it was morning commute and some light water over the next couple hours. by noon time a senator over most of south bay is a conceit portions of the peninsula still suzerain and by 05 o'clock 6:00 tonight. in the south bay healing with the wet weather at the point to a gigabit in north bay. and heading home from work heading in the reign of an inch to fall in the north bay. and if the bayside community statues mounds for the north face of they valleys >> : and the store looking for the system temperatures at the moment but amid 50s and an upper 50s by later on this afternoon to take a look to sunday on before guess the good news is is a test staunches the third nation one so far this week but let lynn for the as whether to return mutt to the cheers and much needed pause a moment debris' that absorb all the water and will have the next week.
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>> : now on a traffic >> : star actress year of they are a lot of folks in chests and skiing. right now no train requirements emplace for u.s. highway 50 interstate 880 of course you know the drill carry them with you. traffic was the home the bay bridge back up here for westbound ride remains pretty stable holding at about 1822 minutes and then on and appropriated a eighth approach to back up this morning for the west on ride out tracking any hot spots but or looking here at the cemetery bridge slowing down here westbound. and then usually about anywhere from so perhaps earlier than usual here from the west on red. and that the golden gate bridge it was right here. no delays because of it southbound traffic on the spending a little bit more
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slowly not experiencing delays in southern iran and northern right getting so from the city center down to central center fell. and trip into marin richmond bridge just beginning to slow down here at the toll plazas still looking pretty good for the rides richmond down interstate 580. a check sum this for it is our traffic is a little slow this morning he's sure freeway in a state a westbound 21 minutes of a drive time from hercules berkeley and quarter the single slice of bond an estimate only 30 minutes had on interstate 580 westbound gramm line a report of some metal debris the tires and several cars heading in toward the more but we're still enjoying optimal drive time. >> : in union city police and for man filming wal-mart restaurant. let's take a look at a picture of the suspects taken from source
6:51 am
surveillance that caught him on camera. please call lot more on tuesday night. after his putting installed and he got away before police got there if you read this employee is to be police and police investigating shocking discovery of a plastic surgeon at their purchasing at auction she found human remains of two infants >> : and fund encourage bags and food stuffed animal they have lookit the mother of the two children >> : trended determine the age of couldn't possible miscarriage 9 official shoreline valente in to a storage a mother could face more double murder charges it believed bodies in that unit for at least six months >> : another woman coming for joining us flew of sexual assault allegations and comedian bill cosby for the
6:52 am
first time an accuser six other alleged attempts are sharing their story with dr. phelan exclusive interview the latest accuser speaks out >> : to know what had happened after the stroking of the hair and that was on a comparable weird. i did not feel violated until destine dickinson said and what he had been hurt and she remember actually happened >> : for may i found out of the go what he did a carport 2325 years ago but just on a month ago >> : entire exclusive interview with stay at 4:00 fall by kron 4 news at five >> : coming up on the morning news wants from coverage and heading out to the sierra this weekend. there is look at this are like area
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abortion the roadways their rickety general for the air today and if you're heading out advisable furrier exchange female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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creative nor warner hasn't lights up with it for a galaxy far far away. thousands of lights and all choreographed by the news in star wars >> : music playing. bay of electro from the star wars theme song on as you to pay the homeowner says that he can also make less and less on what ago for the movie is frozen and then on was silent but at the gala no one present is that i heavens between six and 10:00 p.m. ever say they don't mind the lights or the
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music because homeowner uses them to raise money for charity >> : or hallel as special tonight all amazing what's on the bay area and shoe this desolate this list of bay area tonight and 93 here on kron 49657 coming up on the morning news continuing to attract rain live look here is from tracker looks like it's moving up the alameda at the moment. but get what before long the. and then team coverage of the weather brand new thing live long here and mr. golden gate bridge >> : light season at the vest and rinse takes that into its bread.
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