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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 19, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>george: will forget about that expected to be like this for a lease for the next hour or two hours in the drive times are under 16 mission hayward over to foster city and the ride into san mateo and track in the committee on the upper east sure freeway a little sluggish with the giant times are still 19 to 21 minutes and hercules to berkeley with no as it is a new way in the westbound direction. >>darya: these live and saw sale >> jackie sissel: it is not
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raining yet. and not sure why but is from the measures this as the most was have not gone out of the rain gear and the last two weeks the lamb will last two weeks that all the nation apart by the rain is that the emergency dels issue because it has so much damage and everything is so saturated for the monterey where's the to get today we expect this isn't drying out this recant you're expecting to see more ran at the north bay we're going to all over the cover civil see any problem with the morning commute. we need as much
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rain is leaking bid but has done an awful lot for the short amount time. >>darya: tile it on their these remains close. the delay has concerned because the diesel rose also in need of repair. is the only road is the terrell valley of the fall we're kind of stuck. the road as always pretty sketchy as well. >>darya: you conceive fresh jelly roll this represented
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an estate national parks their love dressing the problem the the the the sort they can assess the problem they say they're still looking at finding time to get the money to fix the stress of roadway. >>mark: >> reporter: so much for little break or not when wingspans i just as it just as quickly. alive he would not lose sight better prepare for the rain it the same thing may have loose with they're not have an umbrella or waco is to boost have seen people was switzer's the rain is
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coming at you need to of their year-end here is not over yet into the malls are a lot of people are not tired of the rain again that this scene is not ready and not all run out of my gear but you have to bring it is an hourlong because it is once be raining off and on the block today. >>mark: 10 to the rain falling initial appearance i'm leaving some storms in the deep water--stores are reserving recall for more flooding to occur will be watching much it would not be nearly as strong as the last one. it's already startup the santa rosa area
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forecast at year-end or any time all the one place they had the storm this winter with a free kron 4 mobile applications. >>darya: flaring at the chevron refinery cause is care and concern in the bay area last night when people saw this at the pictures of this into a dust video taken by viewers that has less as it was run seven last night there was a problem in the defaulting and at the refinery. there was some kind of the has-as in a merciful and caution what they do is check the excess fuel in the unit and is into its smokestack with a flair and the fire on a sow that burns of the excess chemicals is to make sure that not over pressurize the unit and not once was pressure to build them what to do a more controlled. >>darya: chevron said this was a controlled burn and a sign with the public in danger >>mark: close eye on wall
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street. the dow of 400 with one voice just today to larger 88 in the day before the which dropped 3 1/2% last week were getting allow loss of four and a slap acquired friday with the dow lost 47. >>darya: as a cover the weather and traffic in the bay area last a peak of this is 50 at twin bridges to concede the roadway the tax on at the the size due and television did better with his nice if you want to female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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>>george: couldn't traffic the selfless love with their level across a span seven from the senate sent the dow to central san repel >>mark: the part of a close to the public this weekend is always water overflow the stefan also this morning in determined are or may close this weekend to close a and this allows the system to recover from an excess amount of water into said overflow to be rerouted and not hidden data flowing
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>>darya: california as a whole is still an azure we would need 11 trillion against the balance of rain that of of water to fill 17 million of of examples given them a forecast megalosaur track before we have had rain down for the silver on a forecast coming up.
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>> james: i tried to find a wet heaviest rain is falling right now i could be the no. bay. also say some rainout and hill were windsor heading down to send rosa to take a look santa rosa begin to see the heavy sellers come into play. all this moving in the south is the correction to be heading santa rosa townwide nothing much on either side of the bay bridge of light showers
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are of the scare is a reporter for the open side of the bridge to look at the north bay shoreline there looking is a showers move along through and hitting on to the direction of what acre and san anselmo. the wider view here shows what you experience as you get out the door we have clouds overhead is coming down the formal ranges lie right now as to approach the bay bridge the we're looking for more to come a lot of unsettled weather all of this offshore and still working his way toward the bay. this is a zap to saw all my rear view. not the time a field as you head out the door by noontime because it is near for the east bay and south bay.
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>> james: they're stressing- symbol modern rain fall. this will will expected of a about an inch that the most of the system the better as for the bay in the santa cruz mountain were ordered and less for the is a valley in the south bay that storm no. 3 for him tempters right now we're in the mid to upper 50s and when i wanted needed much here is a seven they're on the they forecast was to get as this system is a bright lad in the town most of decks which as you work for christmas. >>george: 10 till the morning getting word of a power outage in san francisco in and around the ferry building that may also have affected the signal
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lights along the embarcadero is seen around the bay bridge and heading south to the ballpark remember if you encounter an intersection where the signals are out than it is treated as a four way stop the whole time and the toll plaza rabbi couple minutes the chip on highway 92 and dec. sale rivers golden gate bridge traffic still a problem for a full assault on 11 ride if you're heading into marin at the richmond bridge the back of not the toll plaza star to reach into richmond on 580 was bombed. >>mark: a tech company is saying that in five woman accused of breaking in the office will have a call on syringeal burglarizing the
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company the start of come will be identified the suspect. so is the co- founder of build zone that, his company is one of several that have property stolen by a mystery woman they've and his partner were meeting with the stock is a motel with an idea and i rob offices 7 cisco $5,000 reward for identifying may perry
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them as people with contractors or jabs are reduced-contractors using whatever tools and data that's out there i said it reduced and all the fighting was contacted is already used to modify in the broiler. they said that already had an arrest warrant out for four different crime but now she is wanted for these burglaries. the white >>darya: house is publicly more to blame north korea for the price in hackensack of some pictures billboards of post and now for the new movie the interview with the studio is a releasing renown is a comedy about a plot to assassinate north korean leader u.s. investigators and expect the bureau 121 is behind the cyber attack and is taking orders from china gained. responses coming
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soon havana retaliation and a response the there is no deterrence our value because security concerns is the source of the january. >> erica: robin williamson to lasmo with a star-studded premiere was attended by as wife susan schneider issues sec smiling and waving to us fans on the red carpet. the new movie debuts nationwide ban on today with winds once again playing the >> erica: find a fan tile absolutely anything comes out later on in the spring.
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>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: this is the of
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this is were never good as before christmas has been shattered by a mean old bridge no we did not still the who putting and left the who-what he took my make you gasp. and it's like the decorations are missing yes someone on the cover of darkness rolled up the slack as decorations from the front lawn this to the dead were is to look like after. the band is ignored the jesus and everyone in the manger on another never is long and targets are bird as long did not take everything just the easy things. unfortunately they to get it was really sad as come to people still in decorations during the holidays the coldblooded
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grant still's all of your long without a break. i have a to your granddaughter that to avoid the fun part for her if you have them to bring them back. >>stanley: that will be a great if so have the depression to help out with is still a table decoration is behaving badly and his bird stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>darya: we have our eye on what a year in the bay area in and out of your hitting their you get six is an extra inches will be right back.
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>> james: we are tracking the storm here the weather storm alert heavy rain falling from the north they this romantic look knows himself seven or use for quite awhile phil birk actually windsor and santa rosa we're seeing some heavy snowfall in the show was really began to develop and santa rosa the system continues to move in the southeast direction you're going to be hit in sight. you're on the list so bill look out for that to rise. what a kissing heavy rain with his already sing like rain yet more intense hours in your way the owner of the rain we have for the easily of less hours on the hill this was a fall muckrake said that is what iran is falling at imam here's a live look outside. >> james: piquancy way of to
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the right side of the screen the american flag is really flapping. let's talk about the weather for the day and beyond. still sought to break up slightly tomorrow morning we will see the status of our still in the mixed from all the way the laws are dying of the afternoon as the levees and a forecast we certainly need a regular the wider you allow unsubtle whether still tracking are the rest will talk about the timing, for second 50 minutes each castro walk it through the entire day and also take a little kind of snow who will get up in this year. the saw about the traffic san francisco have a power outage report at the ferry
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building that also affected signal lights along the embarcadero that has been fixed not fix the december sale hours with an accident now in the westbound direction is out them expand in infancy that is stand up the right here in the back of that night yet begun to your future coming across highway 92 or from a 80 but is likely will be backing up as well will slow going here and at the bay bridge we are expecting things to back up more in fact they have more to back up a stall motorcycle just as you're born island that is really want to destroy this ride westbound and tracking the commit for you in san brummell 101 here at the 380 interchange as factually is my accident coming off 380 and hit it also won one more bomb. >>darya: as aseity covers
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the is a sausalito taking a look at the water and it looks like it is right at the moment >> jame >> jackie sissel: the bay is not drive with the weather is as a and pretty dry out here so far we are expected to see more rain in the north they entrusted we have seen a lot of it over the last couple of weeks we have seen of was of 10 plus inches in more than that almost 15 in. in places like senator fell into the ground is completely saturated the thought is if we get more rain starting today we are waiting for those to blow to the north they the there may be more complicated the already had a state of emergency issues because so many problems here in marin county place of like to ron san and a bottle. the hope is that when of having a problem brought this we are watching very closely you can see looking back in san
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francisco it is not bad looking morning as far as the view goes not a lot of wind i started this is a black cloud early and we're waiting as soon as something his will let you know. >>darya: 11 and a lot of the losses thank you. >>mark: before getting ready for the next round of rain and is still planning the following the slightest the hours on slick road and navigate around the rocks like a guest today residents are worried adds that even more of the mud will give way. >>darya: a court recess is your boy who blue was killed when a dallas plant into a crowd outside the church has also died he is accused of driving on the influence and vehicular manslaughter pleas said she ran a red light wednesday night and hit a group of people who just left christmas surge as that
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about a dozen other people were injured and did she hit another car as well authorities are waiting for reports to see if she was on a prescription drugs. >>mark: this is final sow not for earthquake back in august nearly 5300 homes are registered for help they're impacted by this earthquake happen until december 29th to apply for a team of disaster assistance. the earthquake was the strongest it's the area and 20 is a uc-davis researchers say the next quake could be even stronger. >>mark: such as will soon stop come to oakland built the city council unanimously approved it outlining the users are put to control the elephants a
7:35 am
spokesperson says is expected in 2017 that my word to try reconsider that band. >>darya: will continue our team coverage of the weather checkout tahoe the roadways do not have snow so my been okayed drive but the ski resorts are going to get six to 10 in. of new snow.
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>> erica: for the first time the new accuser and six other alleged victims are sharing their stories on the dr. phil show an exclusive interview the letter accuses speaks out. i did not know what had happened after the stroke of the hair it was uncomfortable it was weird
7:39 am
into dennis dickson said what he had done to her and then she remembered what actually happened after the stroke of the hair person so for me i just found out a month ago what he did to me so how can the report its 23 into the five years ago if i did find out a month ago. >>darya: it the once the exclusive interview with dr. phil today at 4:00 p.m. followed by the kron 4 news at 5 will be back with more news weather and traffic recovering the storm after the break. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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>> james: will allow the tear were the rain is falling at the moment i will send you another that has been hammered all morning long and continue to be hammered as we take a wider view does it look a what the rain falling ahead and you have to go north the start way north toward the lake. under heavy rain for fillies the last couple of hours. the statistics i relief of your way in about the next 50 to 20 killed bird santa rosa you haven't seen sunday to the rain to heavy at times for hill bird down to windsor. this edge of his
7:43 am
sense of identity motta showers puts to an apostle is will this continue to move forward and direction of sausalito and abroad. his will sourcing some this line before too much longer in sausalito. this 04 has been one of the man with the golden gate bridge camelot not a bad direction of the cause of the horizon that is was heading this way the 04 will begin impacting everyone. terrell initials a lot of injured with this and some decent rain that was spent the fall here over the next five hours or so we
7:44 am
have to test for will pursue a in the morning widespread lack moderate heavy rain during the morning commute by noontime ill get a little more scattered but is still pretty much their and then just in time for the evening commute will give flairs known again with some showers popping at the point if the bill would buy for you heading home in fear into the survey for the direction of the southwest into the total rainfall body into suffered enough. >>george: >> james: this will we're expecting with this hot temperatures almost at the daytime i already has a seat for 3:00 this afternoon the timber to the pretty much identical not to much warmer here the seven men on the bay for cavil one minute
7:45 am
as we get into next week and is well recognized dry mild weather as we get up toward christmas in your hips as all this week and filled with a look at the snow on the com. >> james: that is the forecast not to traffic. >> james>>george: to an accident in the westbound direction and you can see what is going to the ride here does bring it to a grinding halt for the was about trip the back of now reaches well beyond a toll plaza coming from cloud and industrial 92 westbound the ill-conceived
7:46 am
it worse before it is better. and what someone wants us will affect the southbound 280 ride the 380 connect if iran back across the ramp and there's some asses here know about on a 80 and san leandro, linda boulevard is backing of the ride down toward 238 again that is in the northbound direction the bay bridge ride we had a stall motorcycle westbound of noor one island that is added to the delays here and started to push the backed up to the macarthur maze for the west on grand for the golden gate bridge, where not checking any problems for the south lawn but it is a little slow and no backups of the trip to richmond bridge definitely a backup of the toll plaza as local interest and 0580 westbound. >>mark: thousand rise in most should replaced the
7:47 am
door is the same they're are secure and should stay put mud at the third to the step last year with millions for the testing engineer plan the aborted attack the extra precaution of bolted the but stable during earthquakes free >>mark: the barrier has a ride in preparation for the installation of what is going to be a meeting here finally on the golden gate bridge started 200 country pieces between 1,500 lbs. is possible that head on collision crews will begin installing in on saturday mornings they were intent it will close at 12 01 to 7 midnight >>darya: they're beefing up their security. >> reporter: 10 behind security doors and bulletproof glass the tokyo office that could easily be
7:48 am
the set of a sci-fi movie only this plot is real this said this is the map that shows all the cyber attacks launched in japan just in the last month at a small bomb or starting for hundred of them distills tire security is a line of defense. some time to advance to the shrine to people for a lacy was keeps his client is confidential it knows the devastating hat like the one on it pictures can penetrate even the best diver defense. not 100 percent is like his in the colder getting the flow or insulted case a disease that crippled a major corporation for the better part decade and loss and damage and has been a popular cyber target three years ago as 2011 hacker's
7:49 am
those 77 million place that some accounts not in doubt the net worth almost a month sunny was taken by surprise last month ciba criminals took control of sony pictures computer system and that is something on president stilling mass amounts of data and using it to devastate the company. >> reporter: can inflict damage an immense amount damage to corporate america some appears to be tried to avoid further provoke in north korea the prime backing suspect telling cnn said with the investigation is ongoing the japanese government's also distanced itself to a cnn is the united states issue on the reasons why they're listed statement didn't know what to say. how are we wanted to was cyber terrorism. the
7:50 am
tech lead like this a new sense of urgency figure out how to fend off a new kind of enemy. >>darya: 1 that santa is on los in the bay area and we have surveillance pictures where he is on bearded so you can see what he looks like a little bit out of costume take a look at the shot he robbed a bank in the four on the blocks ulcer other street in san francisco and brilliantly he rather than during santa con while the center would not stick out and they come this 45th year guy 6 ft. tall and wearing a santa suit walked out presented a note to the teller that handle the cash and he took off into a sea of santa's out in san francisco because of the area getting all contested in the drinking if
7:51 am
you recognize this particular santa call the police. >>mark: this to the billboard in chico was santa packing heat. it shows old senate is not so jolly was sunglasses holding a sign we build a saw rivals for santa. there is a lot of sea that all of it has been positive. a teacher i when i want my students to see that i do not think you need to put out that that he has a gun. the billboard is banned from city limits but this is technically outside of town house in york is getting
7:52 am
less attention for its christmas decoration the the >>mark: slays middle of hundred thousand lives and less so happened will lead to an hour of 6 and 10:00 p.m. there's a lot a great lesson on the bay area. that is tonight at 9:00. >>darya: in case you're heading up to tile is a live look at 89 narrow red looks terrific you're probably going to need to change if you go into that will be
7:53 am
right back. if
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>>mark: one analyst is over the warriors did have a tough time dealing with kevin ran did announce a 14 point lead in the first quarter to shut the way back into this one rally to be o'casey 11410934. the nines the rebound they scored 94 to play without the rest for a season-high 30 points hog 13 shootings in a sack of the first half and ended up with him stepping on mercury space but and and said he has a mild anchors ride. >>mark: to the sharks for
7:57 am
the 43 victory jan tepper scornful sharks who won their season best four straight at a out of nine overall the oakland athletics has traded all- star norris bell took >>darya: that is a dead the right-handed the 25 north banded to 70 " with 10 home runs to 55 rbis in 27 games for the a's not to give heavy new scorecard people with all the ads and all the trades in the bay area's two men to this was my life so every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on kron 4 this week of citizen has an appeal will be right back.
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is the bulk of the heaviest rain is begin a push off now exiting the clear lake area live been hammered here for quite awhile. also seen some heavier rain here for call stow the sakhalin the twins also sings and the heavy rain and that heavy rain exiting pit his bird which has been under the gun for a little while and the bottom edge of this water has drained is sort of the schering along the top edges and rosa and her and heavy rain god of all of north as
8:01 am
it goes the southeastern part seeing some light rain as well. a cyclical look at where nursing moderate hearing balling elsewhere, of nevada all black point answers. marin and all those areas are now seeing a whitewater grand is ahead in that close to pulling out of the watter ec also and there's a cold front and continues to move in this direction as a marxist light on the map. in a center fell and also some showers near sausalito. tsk a vehicle's front mild weather
8:02 am
and sunshine. great appetite for bay area tracker bit before it more and the spoils us and try for the foreseeable future. traffic was up to an update now george. what's really rough right here in the senate tailboard highway 92 west on direction. two separate incidents already this morning. so we see some slow going here unless underwriters back it up well before the plaza and dry times up around 20 minutes over some detail. right to bay bridge westbound direction also backed up as you can see here. in the macarthur mays now 24 minute drive * currently reported heavy enough that the applause of san richmond bridge here that is backed up on 580 westbound allen no longer delay apple also but also no longer backed up in
8:03 am
richmond for westbound 580 ride. >> : must be wearing an essential part of the bay >> : these people pretty relaxed about it because it really hadn't rained all morning long here even though it's a little bit red. we had a little besprinkled cure in alameda. in noticing their out about and didn't seem very repair for the rain because this to the woman her stretch pants exercising on a this other woman has her sweater and out see any rain here at all i wanna put the word out for people in and appearing year right now but will be rain off and on for up throughout the morning at a spring an umbrella alaska are here with the rain white sprinkles and i car stops started again you girl
8:04 am
called the early spring out umbrella >> : very heavy rain and accept our heading away >> : let's continue to coverage already reports of power outages this morning in our area here on embarcadero san francisco mike pelton as live at the ferry building is more >> : live look outside you temporarily lost power this morning as since been restored a few minutes ago had to duck inside piccinni tells 4000 customers lost power at 639 as well as pier
8:05 am
35979. we lost our on best modern stereo we saw a flash but we back up power >> : 10 in. of rain fell there and store owners in the deep in water and now they need to clean up the vanguard property in particular need to spend $80,000 to repair two locations are about the carpets and put new ones animals have to be patched. warding coming to a lot of business owners say they're keeping a very close eye on the forecast. perhaps the mobile app and as we can do to its freakin dollars on
8:06 am
your i phone and drug device out recommend doing it today. >> : another big seller in europe following the chevron refinery cousin class campus' the bay area and then listen to was by dealers the see the flames shooting up but the agency for miles contra costa county has met a long run to the masai a problem with the national scene at the refinery. >> : the emergency plan precaution what they do excess fuel and the unit and then send it to a smokestack there was a flair of a fire on top of burns off >> : that's make sure that overpressure as a unit. the door to such pressure buildup we want more control kron same as a controlled burn not any danger to the public and lime coming up on morning news authorities say another victim has died after driver
8:07 am
slammed into a crowded pedestrian and so a california church latest on the investigation >> : . tech company uses a dating application to identify a burglar continuo keep our eye on bay area weather traffic for you and zooming and the heaviest rain falling out piquancy and yellow and now they get hit
8:08 am
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san mateo bridge extremely slow almost excruciatingly so for those bond ride back up nearly it and all it ought to base the high-rise from the toll plazas of 4.8 mi. stretch and shall island state park closed the public this week and a little waste water overflow support staff on the overflow and determine the park will have to stay closed this week and it's needed to allow the system to recover from all the water that restores overflow being rerouted though not in any danger of falling in the bay >> : billboards toast at a for a movie the interviewed taken down mess there's continual of the people who try to take down sony with this hack attack and lime bay
8:11 am
area weather track as a resume and on some tracker to nevada area been hammered by hard rain will be right back >> :
8:12 am
8:13 am
dry and this year for now but different changes that for this weekend in heavy rain on the weekend and here and in the north bay sliding self bay easton look at
8:14 am
james fletcher tracking the storm moved through. in the red the storm tracker for pretty intense showers falling now in the north bay but zooming in mud slid to the two were in the area of cost of the center rosa and then heavy rain nestled between center as also getting some moderate rainfall in the northern portions of that city and moving off an injection of said leonora has some water and heavy rains a time to and the violence or seen the part of north bay and the to the bottle heavy rain falling i now offer their black-white up this year's plan entire stretch of highway 37 impacted by the heavy rain and then also trails often a projection of costs of all underneath the header rain that has continued through the direction of senegal. is the center fell and light rangers to the east we have moderate rain and molly and here times and that such as ollie down to sausalito down
8:15 am
into the golden gate bridge as well also saying that rain from the golden gate bridge approach impeached on the peninsula toward daly city and the coesite announcing some of the rain coming in the view and also more on the way. they live look look outside gracie the storm clouds in sonoma county and orange county is a cyclical and gate bridge shot it can see that the marin said the bridge heavy rain coming down at the moment keeping closer and closer toward san francisco side eventually will be downtown and financial district as well. fur should cast for heavies band of rain in the north bay center rose a nord and an apple. letter and falling several distortions the east bay so far so good. and will never pardon time pushout by about 3 4:00 and local the what weather to the south. 56 evening commute and also looking for light showers
8:16 am
coming up here and there on the bay. expect whether to stay with us at least through tomorrow and things really start to dry out temperatures today upper 6 is los and also sent forecast shows what weather with us the first half saturday there were fine saturday afternoon sun monday beyond that toward of thanksgiving weekend and christians thursday whether actually looks mild and sunshine temperatures even warmup just a little bit. or the rain is coming down i feel bad for jackie took the component that is in court on right now >> : there are problems of the golden gate bridge right itself on an addition and get to that in a moment. first talk about the seven to abridge commute because this up to the face of a high-rise has backed up solidly be cut down and is creeping along here and the drive times are even hard calculate because the traffic is moving so slowly to be surprised if it takes
8:17 am
more than 30 minutes to make the west on trip hayward or in some detail. not currently working incident free on the upper deck. that's not far because of rain was pouring down. here is a single light off function at the south end of the bottom line of richardson right where looks up with lombard backed up tunnel and back up the traffic to the tunnel on the presidio parkway and obese the contriving ring for a while heading in the city tracking the commute for you to the richmond bridge. we saw earlier end to the back up here someone surprising way newt delays at the toll plaza at a cut of richmond westbound. and senseless loss up its drive * is short for you a pretty good ride this morning. drive time
8:18 am
rather than around 20 minutes. quite crowded here walnut creek here and in the san ramon valley is not too bad west on interstate 5 day and then along 68 south on a much richer on the south bay freeway ran red is slow wont slow one but its heavy traffic and a 40 minute commute time but down to the golden gate bridge from highway 37 >> : to the rain sledding's cells that and although gray said rating system as ago and southbound traffic and read the one no one obviously when we set to see more the same total debt now to four
8:19 am
people killed including the child and the mother. and then to elderly women and the deal of the hitler manslaughter for this accident in redondo beach up the red light was red wednesday night hit a group of people just left christmas church event. and does another people and seeing if crusting was a
8:20 am
prescription drugs encouragement for square appearance day tomorrow. looking for to potential witnesses seen taking video footage of the morning of a fire. i doubt if anyone about in the office of the security video from july from several tech firms in the same south market building. $5,000 reward for identifying >> :
8:21 am
and the reporter is offered for crimes also in connection with these burglaries' >> : at and this morning why house does publicly blame north korea for the massive at some pictures trade a billboards posers of the interview here taken down yesterday and the comedy was about a plot of assassinate compound of a scarce a top- secret group in the north korean military called 141 behind its ever attack at that it's taking orders from the young and >> : a spot for this any time the space saucer has an active server terrorism and seen that state's ban wildlife if there's no retaliation no response no deterrent value >> :
8:22 am
hacked sorry release missing e-mail's some pictures reportedly stop tours says l.a. studio till january because of security concerns >> : of flow hallways big island chart this shopping center with the flow has stopped the slowdown. and today it is of hundred yards from of a whole marketplace the experts say they're crossing flatter terrain and now is like to be slowing down and hit the mark and a next five days and officials say they plan to cut off markets electricity you for happens and gas station nearby has been moving our gasoline for as tanks and sludge of vapors a benign bontok turning stories today and last night that the museum's second of the tomb turns out to be robins williamson and less movie premiered in new york city and a star-studded premiere attended by susan schneider seen smiling waving the fans
8:23 am
and a red carpet is ahead time she would be talking to press the movie debuts nationwide today with williams once again calling president toady roosevelt and exhibits that it becomes a live near the american museum of man and a natural history of the title actually excellent thing up star monte python is a letter in the spring >> : it is a 23 announced ahead on morning news there are team coverage of bay area weather traffic. another storm system is pushing its way through our area and you can see it is right over the golden gate bridge right now. is really several decca's wet and traffic is definitely going to be moving slowly will bring back >> :
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
security experts say they need more training staff and later from side to run the organization. for roughly one security handle for experts telling the agency in release eight page report yesterday us a disservice to stretch beyond its limits and could use more funding and also review recommends taller fence from a warehouse >> : how about in state prison almost a traditional year- end press conference how
8:27 am
accomplished over the past year including the steady job growth rate. and said the plan out america has become the no. 1 oil gas producer and the world quite a success of the affordable care act present can expect tough questions especially in the wake of the sony hackmatack that the press conference with his family had to quiet for 17 big vacation >> : or and have more on the rain picking up intensity here on the bay in a special north bay apparel to next half- hour and watch this year a and make sure that the pictures were so far more succumb to the conditions for you and the weekend storm tracker and then heavy rain and the north bay this whole lot whole line is heading to the south was shot in the next half-hour so good down and sematech accounted obama software brands coming away and then the research across the north been >> :
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ me d yo a hoday ndezus ghardei sqres ppernt bk. rich ccola lays an feste peermi. a irarlli igin. ♪ a ltle wardor a the thgs y get them befo thedisaear.
8:30 am
tracking the storm in the bay area and let tahoe take a look at latest pictures with a not this year lost my four hours as a good snow are less the trees there and then the heavy kind that lays down the trees terrace aho chagall squaw valley all stretched pictures and everyone is sort of resource data this >> : only is a bring us ran but u.s. embassy are turning in the snow and see if there is a man into a closer look will expect what you're going forward. for this year a lot of folks hang up this weekend when weather advisory affect the western
8:31 am
slopes preset was very there and bechtel tense nights of your head up the assessment on kron industrial and three 6 in. possible 06 thousand feet. the attention is above the summit. and winds gusting bring change her will need to miss some point no the weekend as the storm comes on through. us a quick look and we expect here and once you're up there friday weather calls for snow and the chance of morning snow saturday sunday mostly sunny and they have all of fresh powder to enjoy some profits of walnut, ski report coming up in 15 minutes as for whether or see on a barrier now consider clause would coursing in the strongest of the cost of the stars begin to move away and adult have under 10 showers for most of mourning were seeing in now the down and got no answer the cold front there's a line of very heavy rain and packing a bottle end up this year's planned hire idaho 37 specially they're heading out to the east bay. never
8:32 am
in would down heavy at the moment and then as a move but acre louganis has all those areas seeing heavy rain at times. has kind of africa great to fasting we could see some small screen flooding or some news it urban flooding in parts of north bay bring county golden gate bridge from all of that car right now and light rain that will grow intense and moderate here in the next hour or so. san francisco post lineman daly city light rain and also suggests offshore have your stuff on the way and come back at 645 feature test four and walking through the timing of the heavy rain how long it will last and then harris and all of this we took the weekend holiday christmas week ahead >> : when and slow not just because of the rain is because the single one of function occurring at lombard affecting the traffic coming in from the presidio parkway. yet the of
8:33 am
the connecting road from the end of the presidio park will pass the costs of fines the searchers and street. and has backed up all the way to the presidio parkway in turn is backed up all in the southbound calls coming in now. big delays for a ride in from marin county a not seen here on a bridge >> : and then looking at your ride the san mateo bridge talk about a major delay the accident that was at the base of high-rise is traffic solid all life from potter and the for the west on 92 ride as heavy with the 30 minute drive time all the way out to the base of the high-rise. at the bay bridge westbound back up and macarthur mae's 2520 man drive * coming from highway 24. an ugly commute george and our team coverage now continues with kron 4 jackie cecil who stayed alive look here headlights one know oneself toward the golden gate.
8:34 am
>> : one difference half-hour for domestics. is pouring out here. this costs tactics not out here about 4:00 this morning up on sausalito and in see any rain for the first three and half for hours and then in the last 20 minutes or so we've seen most there and pick up and then: he is right on target. you conceive how hard it is coming down here so far having really affect the really big effect among clues of bunch of the coming up and for its area for flooding also some mutt and rock red landslides. you see right there coming to the bridge from earlier storm as the get closer and closer bs sells the bonds through obviously may have the effect of its extremely hard for last half police another round coming up as
8:35 am
wring its that read note have oakland hills 34 so clean up falling rocks and sliced red cross on kron and the oakland hills and navigator ride on not and the goes on the hill gang coming now residents worry that even more money could give way for the hillside >> : and then a lawsuit the weather is for you in your areas and to pictures of this latest round of what weather to bring it to news and assured reporters on air >> : to touch all disasters six. off 0 at the earth but no top $30 million nearly 5300 homes have registered for the health know the song county residents have until december 29th to apply for fema disaster assistance of kharkov's of temporary housing home repair and other disaster related needs the oakland city
8:36 am
council approved a ordnances we going elephant handlers trainers usually used for post. no oakland cities since the upset and those of loss and a spokesperson for ringling brothers and daily circus play out the 27 team circus says they're going to try to work with in coming see counsel reconsider the ban >> : its 36 written out kron 4 more news woman accused of bill cosby's such walsall speaking of the first time exclusively with dr. phil hub preview of what she says and then also keeping an eye on bay area weather traffic look at some tracker for you conceive daly city is getting rain a but it's in the yellow that is really heavy stuff unless some up again see ♪
8:37 am
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8:39 am
it's real hot spot hear some tell bridge early aircraft accident to the base of a high-rise back up to run the distance from the toll plaza on to the nimitz freeway west on drive times around 30 minutes. well a complete traffic check coming up and another woman
8:40 am
coming forward for of the flow of the sexual assault allegations against comedian bill cosby. the first time accuser six other alleged victims are sharing their stories and a doctorate of show exclusive interview latest accuser speaks out >> : in all happened after the striking of the hair was odd but on corporal weird i was not and did not feel violated. until jessica's and cannot answer what he had done her and that she remembered what actually happened. after the stroke of the hair% >> : and as if by some of the deleted. a carport 2325 years ago but just on a month ago. >> : watchfulness full exclusive interview with dr. >>:reporter 4:00 p.m. followed by kron 4 more news at five year lead will be right back here kron 4 more
8:41 am
news continues to accuse texas, bay area right now let's look at the toll plaza approaching urgicenter fell bridge and have a range of starting a hit
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
popple but strings up across the country not necessarily known for snow and report shows us the technology nixie's i strings possible. nine public was getting things the extra holiday season any of them in places you might not expect. recently headed to one largest temporary ice skating rinks in california to miss work and >> : this is not known for cold this location 10 largest art courses all ranks in california also in charge of keeping this 8000 square foot putt was ranked for a perfectly show and sell in california >> : science or technology is the heart of the system appeared to 125 t the refrigeration
8:45 am
units. + other chemicals pollute political >> : the super pipestem miles long 4 in. beneath the surface of the x >> : 08 frozen references are made and the slice done everyone wonders what does zamboni actually do went out there shows u.s. and lies another thin layer of water on top to the perfect tomato rings will pay a price this location and just use the proxy was a white background >> : bosses but put on skates. but who could resist apply an oil or natural wonderland made possible, but mother nature but high-tech engineering >> :
8:46 am
the biggest challenge of maintaining these outdoor rinks is not the heat it's the rain and low wind. because when can walk away the chou necessary to keep the service perfectly frozen to outflank she if you scan as getting on the hot talk " they're getting for sorting plant t of same old man. >> : resuming here we this is a heavy strain >> : of heavy showers now moving their way in through cornelia and approaching fairfield. and the bustling with the symbols are right now. as >> : any way at lorraine let's check the parts have an inch to three-quarters of an inch per hour. the heavy showers they're also looking at showers to have the nature
8:47 am
to the bottom down along 101 center fell and quickly some light rain now and turns and heavier in whitaker also is now has been active for a while and coal from continues on past stinson beach to look as us live now into heavy rain all this continues to move in the direction >> : heading into the lower right corner of your screen. the watch for did testify in these bay ridge and apply for an analyst oakland so far your fine but of all the energy coming away patients see impacted tune the not too much water service is causing it along a coastline here from those it daly city up north through ocean beaches around the golden gate bridge and things really intensify their at the golden gate bridge. >> : quit cyclical about such up there it is too heavy showers and also the span with intensified on the seven systems side. because ford and early great job of forecasting will expected for o'clock hour which was heaviest of the rain running
8:48 am
right through your portions of bring county as were seeing a live on radar string getting to fall mutt the space differences goes so far so good. 10:00 computer model has the from over the south bay and then by about three me afternoon the main energy will pass us by but were looking for pop up short of backside those were seeing here three again 6 per evening on hone to commit tx of the spec they run still in to. but o'clock tonight begins to break up still spotty nature continue to be an early saturday morning. >> : elixirs saturday afternoon be nice and mild for us and mauve weather will be the thing going for someone to save all the way up to christmas links giving itself his silicas been bay area heading up the top hole for the weekend to look your so bombed a ski report. of course fresh snow on the
8:49 am
ground this is the immense inches of the base and no. the someone and jefferson on the ground in the last 24 look for some come in the system work with 30 in. of base and fetishes news known and is at the grand but i'm honest and more so on the way of right up this morning some of the abridge the right in from marin county slow in san francisco poet sir here highway at 9 at 2. a base of the high-rise in the shoulder. it's backed up like this the drive time has reached its high as 40 minutes plus putting out of hayward trended across the san mateo this morning. pack your patience the 92 right here the bay bridge even lower back up in macarthur maze. the drive time is the stain will offset
8:50 am
and along a bridgman the richardson the mark. and quebec's presidio park where with lombard street past the palace of fine arts signaling malfunctioning their back the way all blipped nine been thousand and it turned up from the presidio parkway south on highway one. or richmond bridge which saw an early end to the back appear and continues to be a great ride to coming out of richmond westbound. he even all other conditions are horrible traffic at least was a light >> : on wasnt a look at the on the seventh world conditions are the bay run right has been very slow trip itself on. lifetime has been dropped a bit. then slides on top. since u.s.-led traffic is coming and and as we mentioned along highway 1128 north and the san francisco back up nearly to ocean avenue. it's rough ride in then so is it to appear on one 01 northbound coming up from highway 92
8:51 am
southbound menlo park setting where there may some flooding on bay area freeways here and the result of the rain in the in this morning and they looked much better this than usual month >> : said that from this much rent keeping an eye out for pauling hydroplaning tight power outages live at the ferry building sentences go more on that >> : for a lost power parkin back on 730 this morning at the research efforts to a sovereign the morning sticking up and then it cheaper to rent so ago people filing sticking >> :
8:52 am
here on a christmas party and now are going to alcatraz statement monday as a toaster in this morning and did a where reservations and a kids are home from school. they prefer for the storm coming in >> : a bar and jackets >> : that set were good and do a >> : whole fleet was all too bad. of the various data via alcatraz island for the most part despite this warning below people cities give me scared. with the rand have to deal with this morning >> : have the strength in coming down so far this morning with little the business flaw the crop
8:53 am
is becoming down a has picked up in the has been raining steadily all might want all of a sudden the morning commute it is just really pouring down. it see there in this coming through the gutter and just pouring down in the parking lot. our streets again super what out there at this rain at really kicks in on friday. take a look at this paradise called shopping center and you conceive of the sandbags have in place here at this shopping center in this is all because of a couple weeks ago there has been massive flooding in this parking lot or the pumping station just got overwhelmed and a patch book and the entire shopping center apple businesses so impact to but my dog ups or is now what should down. but inside and all the damage that the take when she would not keep the cars up. this from clea a complete mess. sudden from some residents out here and
8:54 am
abroad. the one stop because really pouring down rain in his mind and their car and on the workers will. the value of one here and he no on friday morning and on to a' sells a police response or places month for shooting at >> : the cab is don't know if there that arafat o'clock this morning and it's happening here southwest expressway and stoke street in san jose employee out here wider view area there is there to schools in this area under lock down right now one is but for elementary and man was found was that least one gunshot wound so this was a shooting and police are still looking for whoever fired those shots and a continued martyr that
8:55 am
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>>darya: with continue our live coverage happening in san jose. is the fis won happening in this out expressway dallas and the
9:01 am
level for this gun and ran 9 san jose i. aquiline >>darya: more rain for the bay area insist >> erica: have iran develop things on the fair said area soared to the coastline to have this rain has still interstate 80 in a fair share of my area of red is less a rainfall about an inch per hour for the yellow you sit on your screen of rainfall falling anywhere from a third of an inch to 1/2 inch shell is pretty heavy rain and american canyon of toward vallejo take a look of the entire ride down highway 101 down to the golden gate bridge and started to really pick up in sausalito a lot of heavy rain still offshore but the systems on a slowdown in intensity as the worst way to the east and
9:02 am
south that read like to spend too much for those in the oakland hills heavy rain hitting ocean beach right now it was such a step the rest of san francisco over the next five to seven minutes grammar also developing in the denny city area was up $1 a week coming up. >>george: instead amounted a problem with the ride from the golden gate bridge into san francisco and the problems are not on the stand there on city streets in san francisco at richardson and lombard radisson connect the city
9:03 am
of apart when the lombard signalizing this up the toll plaza on highway 101 in no indication from all when they would get a rectify we've been tracking the delays here at the san mateo bridge the was gone awry not below 47 and is close of the bituminous for the was a portrait of the accident clear to the shoulder at the base of the high-rise in the ride to the bay bridge was bound still backed up into the macarthur maze with the drive time has been under 25 minutes for the last hour or so it was flooding on the bayshore freeway but not where you'd expect this time is done a long march road and menlo park is have the
9:04 am
right leg shut down. >>darya: ejected 10101 southbound run, it is like it is raining pretty hard. >> jackie sissel: is led up for last five minutes to sell as for the seventh 30 the city have almost no rain is really started to come down and sauce little teflon of marin has been hitching a hard over the last several weeks caused by the rain where getting another brainstorm to that so concern is about flooding in all other incidents caused by the rain out here in fact is an
9:05 am
emergency for rent, because of all the damage. " the today when i see that the rain is coming down hard out here. >>mark: the rain still across the bay area starting to pick a brought alameda. >> reporter: which said it was coming after while also like he was on was then got hit with the rank those people walk around grammar such as personal gear yet to
9:06 am
sit and never did not any rain gear on member long it is coming and decided to rein lightly here in alameda as from a rented to come over here and for down here you definitely don't want to get caught in the rain without any year at the very least bring in the umbrella the knowledge the drive spell for you. businesses and some are painted the thousand dollars >>darya: to build the dam is the hat and leslie stahl not today more rain on top of that 10 in. fell last week's need deep in water loss will there bought a cow nose to repair two locations bathroom out car or replace it patched up
9:07 am
walls and with that extra rain today a lot of business was are keeping a close eye on more damage that could happen on top of this. yet many pitches cinema and a big part of our coverage of the wrecking of the kron 4 account.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>george: the ride in for mary county to san francisco dander up this morning with malfunctioning is that of the traffic to 19 avenue of slow on for the bay bridge december sale of all have a complete check coming right up. >>mark: discloses weaken to the public the swiss water overflow part will remain closed all we can >> erica: heavy rain cross and the golden gate bridge affecting the entire city of san francisco out have more on the storm track it coming up.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> erica: at 9% we are tracking the storm had rain heading into san francisco still dealing with having laymen not an american in a
9:14 am
land of the as you work it went to san befell the tech a look at sausalito same berkeley and oakland will start to see what in the hour for will muckrake concord heavy rain in the print area and the club will sea lice salves as a get into the south that you'll look at the model the future cash shows the 10:00 hour will start to see a break for the not bay for much of the activity concentrated in the east bay in the south that adds to the clock into motion a show to try great for about half of the bay area most of the rain expected in the south that and it will continue to issue the shower as into the 6:00 to that could affect your evening commute at home have been looking at the different remodel one of them shows it will pretty much space station for sepsis godsend was admitted to the afternoon a more
9:15 am
their careers and the forecast in fact the north there was only expected to get a torn as the high elevation of already seen them several bring days. keep aware whether there handed to walk the that the good news is into the over half was such a drag things out of there is the opportunity for all showers residence early saturday morning there is a wider view the brunt of the system access and the bay area talking about snow and the sierra nevada < to the quixotic any hot today be careful to ensure you have the change will have the was the weather advisory in effect of the senate ought tonight very drastic and this along the passes of the to and from moscow or so potentially hazardous driving conditions you may want to wait until tomorrow
9:16 am
morning you look at that ctenophore pass beyond to than will prolong to start to try things out. >> erica: we're talking about pretty wanted as we had to early next week in the travel office i went as we head into the christmas holly however temperatures or coal. the time now is 915 >>george: since you're talking about this year our mission their knowledge and requirements and the cfa the u.s. if it for interstate 80 and change will help you there for one southbound getting into san francisco and has been a signal light malfunctions is all the way to 19 avenue southbound at marsh road the golden gate bridge ride south the heavy
9:17 am
traffic you have to encounter is invisible here in the camera bill with the rain certainly is is been a rough one here in the last 45 minutes to an hour for the highway 101 ride is an insult to recover from early return accident with a still tracking 30 + minutes drive times out of favor to san mateo and from here to the bay bridge in the west of new backed up into macarthur maze and believe another drive times starting climbing once again for the was bound bay bridge at the back of has grown wary now looking at 30 + minutes out of the macarthur maze the richmond bridge perhaps the one exception to that general heavy traffic the bridge this morning at that like their early there's no longer any backed up on 580 was about. >>darya: 97 seen develop in- store community concern
9:18 am
around chevron's richmond refinery explains could be seen should from the facility last night. an avid are calling into kron 4 recovered as last night tells exactly what happened. what happened was there was some type of problem or issue and one of their units most likely to the faltering unit which calls them to begin to shut the unit down to release pressure was sent cost them have it said the procedure to release gases to the flare. the safety system works with the underlying issues was a problem that caused them to have to take this action but was to live in richmond and to regulate
9:19 am
the refinery are off is not a good thing that is the good news is, it was not more serious the county has asked for a report for the cost-conscious county. >>darya: that college is suffer what did think what happened right away and was an ok? a look at the flaring in this case it looks like it was a fire the first is an for mrs. edward apple a lot of concern by community will was gone it is not call a
9:20 am
shelter in plans all wars released if the weather was just that it lasted up that is better than having instead brown level or those was to live or work near the refinery can read it. it was
9:21 am
not a need the college of implants according to the apartment that is good and was to understand what would up to the air with has this type of material is then away from the ground that does not mean the people were more sensitive are the people thought asthma do not need to call a shelter in place but again not good. >>darya: everything is ok in richmond at this hour thanks a lot. >>mark: that the fed woman accused of breaking into the office by using the dating at tender the woman had been caught on surveillance video burglarizing a company the start of a camel to identify the suspect she could the entire building she had 11 computers several computers
9:22 am
she kept coming back. he is the co-founder of build zone that come his company is just one of several that are apples sold are of a mystery woman. someone came up with an idea to find out who this woman is the plan to put her picture on the dating at tender. we put a face on a 10 the profile and all the to the saw some imelda a suspect other just like her here is a screen shot this is ironic are offices in sentences of $5,000 identifying me. when it took
9:23 am
the information to the police and identify the mystery woman they said they already had an arrest warrant out for her for it a different crime yanase is wanted for these burglaries. >> gabe slate: is a three different configuration of yourself is like the fall book of the future is a three scanner is happening now were you can get in shape the state's santa kron 4 coming up in my tech report. if
9:24 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
into the three printer with the dollar prefiguring a shaky is made from plastic is likely would feel very durable the likeness is amazing in the detail down to writing a summer season to what the people of the skin at a time to it and be creative opposes i tried it out and step in the scanner for 12 seconds are brought to my microphone said that replicate that few minutes later there was a pretty model on the computer and here is the end result by many at all the came out pretty good that even at the microphone i was impressed the shipping started seven $9 and gold to how big you want. this is the real thing
9:28 am
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>> erica: heavy rain sent it on are they less take a look at storm track four is
9:31 am
starting to lighten up look which is a bit is set up the senate have grammar and are really coming down in sheets from about 11 to 37 again in light of the debate here when to walk the july have to purchase that may on and sausalito crossing the bank in the tech the heavy rain has missed the senate fell bridget was to sit hoffman split is falling at over an inch per hour. heavy rain has will out san francisco we still have some that this city still do it will buy realistic look at wider view the strain of heavy rain hitting in our direction some of the models that acid pointed toward
9:32 am
installing toward san francisco and san jose that will last for several hours rainfall totals will be higher than in risley expected. >> erica: the winter weather advisory in effect a 10:00 tonight. will explore that and annexed it should the seven a round of a forecast and saw was taken this is coming up in 50 minutes. >>george: with traffic and weather together because so often they are related to one another of course that is their most cases morning we're dealing with north bay flooding at peninsula flooding or rent tommy the connecting route for was about 37 to the south on highway one of the problem there on the connecting ramp flooding has been reported and of course it is reported here and no valid highway one turnoff from southbound
9:33 am
101 hitting out toward is in the edge will have a continuing problem tear was malfunctioning signal lights on richard's son at lombard the back of the track of all the way to 19th avenue coming in from marin county and the ride on 101 south about and read was city again we mention the flooding was a problem there the golden gate bridge ride the cameras have not shown the slow traffic of course because it has not that of all the way to the bridge which is still a writer you concede that have a proud if trip to the san mateo bridge highway 92 finally starting to recover to the side this may last a while the drive times and got below a the first time this morning in quite a while the bay bridge ride was bound still backed up into the macarthur maze in the last hour is five times at ground at so the backed up were looking at 30 +
9:34 am
minutes out of the macarthur maze. >>george: at the toll plaza continues the no back up what interstate 583 richmond for westbound ride. >>darya: his live with the ferry building asset francisco >> reporter: u.s. and allied the care where fraud is fantasy released that those of rain this morning looking for a very slick rose out of the camera over you could see a lot of for umbrellas out this morning it was ride lot at o'clock this morning after the rain teases all morning long and then finally started to come down despite this thing of rare when commit this morning. mixture europe began ahead and have it today we did have one
9:35 am
problem though at the ferry building that's what i'm situated pg&e on investigation about 40 different locations in this area lost power at 640 this morning that included the tears 135 and 79 and the cerebellum they're restoring power as everyone else as to the rain this morning you see coming down pretty hard is like the a little bit over the past half an hour is about as hard rainfall as we've seen scare in san francisco this morning. >>mark: heavy rain coming down. >> reporter: i'm here on this friday the rain is really coming down hard of a sudden is really kicked up it has been raining steadily all nylon and all the
9:36 am
sudden fall morning commute is just really pouring down to see the rain coming through the gutter's the just pouring down into the mall parking lot out on the streets is getting support will out there at the rain is kicking and on this friday take a look at this is the shopping center a to see all the stand as that's been placed at this shopping center this is all because a couple weeks ago there was a massive flooding in this parking lot where the pumping station this got overwhelmed in the back of its instantize shopping center a couple businesses also impacted by the cp and store it is not shut down to see all the damage they have to take this the of the mass talk to some residents out here that are really want to stop because it is really pouring down. >> reporter: the sla a wet
9:37 am
one here on this friday morning. >> jackie sissel: what kind of mourning is out here is a rain jacket morning is less of a little bit 101 ride before the golden gate bridge here in sausalito the force of the morning we did not see any ride in around 745 is better to see a little psycho in endicott until about 915 there will come down to come down hard the hope is that today's rain although we did it will not cause any problems are
9:38 am
early this week in late last week with the flooding and landslides in such standards across many the whether we need the rain we get the snow but we do not need is everything associated with it is a soggy center in marin county and across most everything turns out our right >>mark: 7 track in the rain >> reporter: is coming down pretty strong now there's some nibbling walk along all morning long it is coming down pretty hard in fact i see people run now and run under the coffee shop that
9:39 am
sells a one wants to have the rain get out and not a good way yet is supposed to dial the weekend is one to be running today is definitely coming down hard in alameda >>mark: will keep track of the storm as we come back we will continue.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>george: we're watching the bay bridge that gulf was believed a not in the last hour has now lost love to get 20 minutes drive times with four they're closer to 30 minutes even if you're coming from interstate 80 is best if it come from highway 24 even the 80 approach is so i will have more traffic when a kron 4 morning news returns.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: the sanctity of
9:46 am
its preferred neighborhood just before christmas has been shattered by a mean old french no he did not still the putting enough patched with he took up my make you gasp. someone on the cover of darkness rolled up and swept the christmas decorations from her front lawn this would the person look like after they finish decorating that was the little one who was happy to see decorations and saddened at the oregon the band is ignored the statue of jesus and and one in the manger on another near roselawn and targeted roberta's long did not take everything just the easy stuff is because the dick and i give them all the ground i have the other stuff stick down but unfortunately they ticket as some states have a down the street is really sad as gone to people still in decoration to and holidays
9:47 am
as we all know the " bully grants still all along without a break and you have done to bring the back. instilling it would decoration is behaving badly stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> erica: will have eye on the storm itself heavy rain to parts of the bay area resident and to see what is like a human level and heavy rain still pretty much centered over fairfield stretching down toward gdynia america came into a light rain right now there is a yellow on the rain we are dealing with heavier rain falling at a rate about five have is from our tech
9:48 am
... heavy rains develop the offshore is on to reach us is what his stance in the sausalito and this to work its way east to places like berkeley and rich and heavy rain expected within the next two to 25 minutes. again we do have reynolds ocean beach. the wider use of the we have every right offshore one of the models had to shelve it was stalled the plan sampras's: san jose @ as we headed to the afternoon we're talking about heavy downpour to concede more flooding and at the national weather service
9:49 am
reword their forecast a bit and they did issue a small string and a refunding would not for the rest of today. heavy rains has attracted a lot and he's with that we are seeing some snow develop and sierra nevada a will to weather advisory in effect will talk more of that and a moment to catch showed the most of the rain will be in the dust and the livermore valley for most citizens of the approach in the town of our will continue with unsettled weather the top of showers expect weather to continue on as the marching to the 6:00 hour tonight. >> erica: take a careful and keep in mind whenever you have u.n. to what is going you do need your headlights on visibility is bad is this will allow the rain going around. dry conditions on a riser
9:50 am
the calcareous until christmas. since this is possible loss 6,000 ft. the sea conditions however when a gust at 35 mi. from our if you're heading in that direction i don't think you need to change right now you probably will lead on tonight. that is of the will will continue to monitor and fine as we get closer to it with the effect on low hit >>george: flooding in the north may of course is expected for highway one but not here and navato at the 37 connector ramp leading to 1 01 southbound and currently that brandt is flooded so it is not creating any delays but it
9:51 am
could be a hazard to you it is very deep into your ride for highway 101 southbound of course tear in mill valley we have flooding reported at the bottom of highway one stinson beach off ramp from 11 southbound fell in a recurring problems with signalize malfunctions at the golden gate bridge have cleared up considerably first also in the bay bridge in the westbound ride which is still backed up into the macarthur maze is still the 2226 minutes are resisting the panel which approach to the bridge you're using the san mateo bridge what is expressing some rough driving conditions and this is no longer backed up as it had been ill the golden gate bridge ride in paris and are reported at the north and other brands i don't see black and up a northbound i saw that is good as we mentioned earlier that have been backed up from nine t avenue all the way down to lombard josef clear although our think the
9:52 am
signals have been repaired and is a chapter is lighter not for your trip to richmond bridge in has been at least two hours now that we have been backed free here at the toll plaza that of course translates into the late french to the west are ride on interstate 584 written >>mark: still coming down on the roadway if you're heading up this weekend the slide is even deftly have the chain on that happening right now san jose police responding to a shooting and there is a list was cool under lockdown officer looking for the gunmen who is believed to be armed the tech a look at the video we have early this morning. >>darya: the emergency crews to someone and amasa was shot is better now five in the morning in the
9:53 am
southwest expressway in san jose and that man who was being with a dance along the flea started the search for suspects a lot of matches will in that area is under lock down to that are reports of other schools in that area and is one other affected as well >>mark: another woman come forward after a slew of sexual assault allegations against the causes for the first time the new accuser and six other alleged victims were sharing their stories on the dr. phil show the list accuse the six out. i did not know what had happened after the stroking of the hair the choking of the hair was dyed it was uncomfortable it was we're but i did not feel violated and suggested it cannot and said what he had done to guard and that she remembered what actually
9:54 am
happened after the shooting of the hair% so for me i this, all month ago when he did to me so how reported 23 to five years ago and judges, a month ago a hot chocolate?
9:55 am
ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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9:57 am
>>darya: running here insulin and saw set up the car going in the broadway coverage to snow is coming down hard and fast >>mark: to celebrate our caller lies along the bay will show you the clue is houses tonight at 9:00 amazing how life goes by the key have a terrific weekend will see you back here monday morning.
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