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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 19, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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definitely still sing rain a thing some of this rain of the east bay is has actually have your the what's being shown. >> reporter: down to the south bay is heavier but what we're seeing. we're seeing some good activity him along the peninsula. some moderate rain is been passing through a board and union city. haywood... will continue to see showers the the rest of the evening. >> pam: the rain started this morning making for saudi commute this was taken near the embarcadero and all day long he can see here the
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kron 4 stitching coverage is continuing with jeff bush. >> reporter: 0 p.m. we are here near the embarcadero this picture says it all of you could see these cars are backed up here. there's some flooding here that's causing the problems. here in san francisco loans it took me an hour to go down three blocks. traffic has been a problem all day long and the reason is the rain. people are just moving very slowly there's a lot of distractions here in san francisco and at the rain to that is a slowing things down even more. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco >> pam: the board of
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supervisors has made a declaration today because of the deluge in pacifica when the parents work picking up children from school. >> reporter: on the pacific at where it takes the as the worst time for super heavy downpour. is right when parents are picking up their children from school. and this is the friday before christmas vacation. the trying to keep the presence dry as the trying to bring the men to give to the teachers is the biggest power of celebration and it's just been ruined by the rain. >> reporter: traffic is crazy and another thing on noticing is that the grass can not hold any more rain the ground is really saturated. is pushing the
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water out and is flowing down the street and the crown is completely saturated and pacific games lake kron 4 news >> pam: and the north bay has gotten good doses of rain at more than 8 in.. this starting last week dan is giving us the giving >> reporter: line drive right now on highway 10 want the traffic right now is moving very spot odd gary well on highway 101. if you're driving north on highway 10 what it was an nor was rainy cloudy and wet and slippery. it didn't get any better as you have the further you headed north.
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and lead to dire situations of that for road west of petaluma care of stranded molder motorists had to be rescued. were that road has since been closed and the thick victim has been is that fully been on injured. the victim had was not injured >> reporter: all so close of the road arrest part expressway and was closed due to flooding. near magnolia of small lance guy slides started because of the latest storms. many are pleased and the north bay area that there is a break in the storm. there was a
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landslide near magnolia. >> reporter: also nice not to be standing in the rain all the time in at all what the big lights. is very dry a right now but the roads are still wet and you definitely wanted take it slow. >> pam: floodwaters in the north bay tractor driver in his car this morning and happened in sonoma your valley for road the man drove his car into the rising water got stuck in about 3 ft. of water and the fire department was not able to get to the car so they call for a jet ski to get the driver out of the car. in san francisco the heavy rain brought down trees the three story pike street
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three stories high ficus trees came down on the card today it happen that you can and lombard street and you could see the back of the pull your pre as was crushed the owner of the car was not hurt a on nearest of by store owner says he contacted the city a few weeks ago to tell on the tree needed to be trend because was too big. it >> pam: for san jose is already the wettest december in more than 100 years and the ground saturated a lot of that rain is running off into the south bay reservoirs. and a lot past week alone attend reservoirs' operated by the santa clara valley water district have gone from roughly 28 to 38 percent full. >> reporter: the bay bridge toll blots plot the conceal lot of the vehicles are backed up. the golden gate
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has a significant improvement. and over the san mateo bridge is a lot of hayes and people are moving slowly. they're a couple of situations in the ebay and in the east bay right before broadway there are multiple lanes blocked because of flooding and in emmeryville on westbound 88 to 0 and accident is causing delays in that area. 880.... will continue to track the traffic on the roadways. >> reporter: no weather related to delays at the airport so far. one can't have it are too deep to suitcase. santa clara's also in the clear but as all sfo has saw 70 canceled flights. the weight is more
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than two hours >> pam: this rain might make for a miserable commute will ring kelly talked to water officials and some accounting news and they're very happy about the recent rain totals. >> reporter: take a look at the russian river where it flows near harold burke is slowing fast and at a healthy level and compare it with what it looked like last one around this time when the river was low and slow the current state of the river has people with the sonoma county water agency feeling optimistic optimistic while the bulk of the sonoma county agency is glad to see the reservoirs are about 75% full. lake sonoma
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has seen about 20 percent more water since the first. but they are still asking people to conserve water. but they still need allot more rain. my feeling is that we essentially need a couple of more really intense rainstorms and we had last week and some intermittent rain storms through the winter. >> reporter: because after three years of drought the reservoir levels need to rise a lot higher to make up for it the low water. >> pam: check out our kron 4 application where you can check out the weather alerts the forecasts and radar and check out our newly do it redesigned and kron-4-dot-com. >> pam: just months after
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the napa are earthquakes site is out with the grim prediction for the next quite that details are at 5:15 p.m. a + president rocco, speaks out about the hacking scandal at sony pictures his reaction to the scandals coming up 530 and next why the government is warning you not eat a sweet treat this holiday season. bulldog: [yawn] bulldog: i just had a dream i was at mattress discounters with tempur-pedic and the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! icomfort, by serta... optimum, by posturepedic...
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and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> pam: the centers for disease control and prevention is investigating
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a deadly listeria outbreak tied to caramel apples. at least four people have died and 28 others were infected after eating prepackage caramel apples infected with listeria. >> pam: the tainted caramel apples were found in 10 states including california. the cdc is trying to determine which brands are causing the illness. >> pam: still had what some are calling a christmas christmas miracle worker hit and was rescued after being stuck today. where i can and was rescued lkitten rescued....
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>> pam: of gunmen still in large following a shooting in the west san jose neighborhood. this was the scene along the 1700 block of southwest expressway late this morning just before the search was called off a police swat team went door- to-door searching for an armed suspect wanted in
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connection with an early- morning shooting and said one man to the hospital. three schools in the area were locked down for time but the motive for the shooting is not clear but the police said the victim is expected to survive. >> pam: a woman who was fatally shot and by san leandro police in oakland has been identified as the 2627 year-old guadalupe of union city. on december 7th around 7:00 p.m. she was spotted driving a stolen card near icn dry and dull streets in san leandro all police said the driver initially pulled over then took off the woman was shot after she crashed into several cars including a patrol car launched two days later she died in hospital. >> pam: these as some of the dramatic pictures that were sent to us by viewers the flames were seen for miles
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at the chevron refinery. in the bay area last night. conjure county up has mack says around 7:00 p.m. last night there was a problem with the asphalt unit in the refinery. >> pam: chevron says this was a controlled burn and not a danger to the public. >> catherine: a lot of state and federal money has poured into the napa area of victims of the 6.0 earthquake that hit in august its now topping $30 million. on august 24th to quake on the west snapple fault was the strongest in the region in the last many years. >> catherine: researchers at
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uc-davis say the next one could be much more much stronger and they said the fall line is laundered then initially believed incapable of a much more destructive quake. the report also suggests that the fall line will continue moving for the next few years same people doing repairs should keep that in mind for example homeowners and businesses point concrete will likely notice some cracks forming. >> reporter: from the sad tale brigid in releasing the the rain is coming down is very well at and low visibility is been a nasty commute all day long. south of the sold in get us out of the so-called and a redshirt south of the golden gate bridge were seen rain in the east bay area. was still seeing rain around in space short line will see
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some rain in hayward. as a worse thing rain over the san mateo bridge. were still seeing a decent amount of rain. >> reporter: here with a satellite picture is more rain over the south calls golden gate was still above the sea snow falls in the sierras. these rainfall totals over an inch in san francisco nearly an inch and snap up in center rose up. napa and santa rosa.... >> pam: extra special holiday season for instance in north richmond today on the last day of school
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before winter break contra account closed up store supervisor joined others in passing employee specialties books for students of the birdie elementary school this event has been an annual tradition for 16 years all the guests were funded by generous donations from individuals and organizations give them was made possible with the help of numerous volunteers as well as the bird a school teachers and staff >> pam: all this rain means more snow in the sierras was check on the rolled up they're also ahead
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>> pam: as a christmas miracle a kent has been rescued from a storm drain. this lets the cat spent more than a week and dust storm drains and antioch.
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residents tried to plug the cat out with this in error next and they even tighter sheet in hopes that the cat would climb up. the cat what has the previous owner now she is resting at a neighbor's home. it is not know what the kidnappers had a wet previous owner kitten had previous owner.... >> pam: what's the amazing holiday lights at 9:00 p.m. tonight. in another big
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storm is moving through the bay area find out of the rain is gonna change your weekend. and president obama says the sony hacking scandal will could have been different he said sony should have called him.
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>> pam: right now 530 the friday storm is causing flooding problems around the bay area this spring these pictures are from fourth and fulsome street. you can see the storm drains cannot keep up with all the water is falling today. >> reporter: was still seeing rain at this hour with sting's still sing heavier areas all of rain. a lot of rain was flying under the radar. it did not show up on the radar but now we're seeing that inside the debt bay area we're definitely seeing rain over the east bay area livermore dublin. and look downpour's hayward will have rain starting to the south towards highway 880. you see
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it better here of satellite and radar pictures in see it all that rain is falling south of the golden gate right now and we still >> reporter: have showers better will impact us over the coastal waters. south of the golden gate and over the south bay its continued through the evening and take a look into saturday as well we still have a chance of showers tomorrow not tell you where >> pam: rain county took a beating today the rain started early and did not let up. >> reporter: look at the morning commute in the bottle this morning were precisely how hard it came down. sheets of rain pummeled residents as they tried to get around. i saw this
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worker outside bay he was not too pleased with dealing with this latest the warm. from all wet right now i call this place but baby seattle is always raining out here >> reporter: a while he wasn't thrilled with the drops this crew today says that there any in their. >>: we're working hard to fix rules and lincoln's in people's house is a lot of damage and it makes me feel good to help people. >> reporter: a lot of people were focused on dodging the drops in seeking shelter in sight. did glad to help people take a break from all the rain. >> reporter: in the bottle to recessed acyl kron 4 news >> pam: saudi commute is san
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francisco they were to terminate people were determined to make the best of the best of the wet weather they're determined to make the best of the wet weather >> reporter: many made their way to work in san francisco here in pouring rain. many people here and embarcadero were popping up in their umbrellas try to stay dry is rain pounded san francisco. and say any rainy day still makes for fun day. >> reporter: the giono was as close to rain this morning i did we get our children are our home from school we bought rain jackets and that's how we prepared for the rain >> reporter: and one problem we saw this morning
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around 6:40 a.m. the power was knocked out about to about 40 locations and embarcadero about 730 this morning many people doubt a very wet commute. a lot of people say we need rain and is about how you deal with that >> reporter: we get the rain but how about the snow highway 50 nearest south lake tahoe we see quite a bit of snow there even on the roadways their inch in by this is near south lake tahoe people are trying to get there for the holiday season. interstate 80 is not quite bad budget and see how the snow is piled up on this side in the media and vehicles are poor for proceeding slowly. >> reporter: what can you
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tell us about the roads as people from the bay area are getting to the sierras. is been very busy all day with started off with the winter remix and that changed over the snow will quick. but this with that most blacks to a boil accidents throughout the day and which is asking people slowdown as they had up the mountain. >> reporter: son accident and eastbound 80 lanes were blocked one vehicle spun off the road after the collection there are holding traffic to and get everybody cleared and off the roadway and should be opened up and running in about 20 minutes. >> reporter: south lake tahoe or in the check-in area expects this note to pick up in the area
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watching all the weather reports and looks like a good again another band of snow coming in tonight make sure you will vehicle is winter ready. if you haven't already packed ready make sure you have extra clothes flashlights in your car. >> reporter: officer p. mahon thank you for your time >> pam: charges have been filed instance 560 margo bronstein after wednesday night's crash in redondo beach police arrested her on suspicion of d u i. she faces four counts of felony vehicular manslaughter and one count of driving under the influence and causing bodily injury. four people are now that including two women in their eighties a mother and her six year-old son and nine others were
5:36 pm
hospitalized police say that brought stain ran a red light and then plowed into a crowd of people and if convicted is charged chief appraises approximately 40 years in prison. >> pam: $10 million in artwork stolen from los angeles' and real estate investors six years ago has been recovered the nine paintings include works from marc chagall and diego rivera lapd but got a break in the case three months ago a detective was tipped off that man in europe was looking for buyers for the stolen art of he was arrested in october he pled not guilty to one count of receiving stolen property and is being held on $5 million bail. >> catherine: the president cover a lot of topics but his the biggest up all was his up his opinion on the
5:37 pm
attack on sony. >> catherine: first of all it was the no. 3 and was behind a huge cyber attack on sony pictures threats against any theater showing the mobile the interview any doubt about that now has been cleared up by the fbi. >> catherine: president obama and the home stretch of his time in office was blunt about the studio's decision to scrap the movie calling it a mistake. and sang the u.s. will respond proportionately to the no. 3 although he is not yet sent out. a lot people agree with the president saying sony caved in to intimidation. >> catherine: today's fbi announcement was the first official statement blaming north korea for the cyber
5:38 pm
attack the movie studios and was one by one over very short period of time announcing that they would not show the movie. >> catherine: sense as a country already dealing with long list of sanctions is not clear how many options the u.s. has in retaliating. former employees continue to sue sony for the data had of their private financial and personal information at least eight lawsuits have just been filed this week. >> pam: and there are new demands from the cyber terrace to happen to sony computers and if at a fire crash in chase will tell you once and a man on a wild
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rampage next. the stocks of wrapped up the bass is since 2004 and 2014 there higher today following the massive today's rally in roast the s&p finished the day with nine point gain and rose 3 1/2% this week.
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>> reporter: part of the deadly police shooting near houston caught on camera you can see the suspect here. will back up because in the passenger in the suspect vehicle running away after the driver was pulled over for an illegal turn at eventually the driver pulled over raises his hand and then acts like he's gonna surrender but people out of gun and started shooting police says he fired at least four shots one bullet went through an officer's pants leg but he was not hit with a total of 17 bullets the driver died on
5:43 pm
the way to the hospitals. three different crime scenes police say a guy said his old house on fire then drove to local convenience store ramming his pickup truck through the front entrance he allegedly led the police on a high-speed chasan>> reporter: was still seeing a train south of the golden gate a legend of how long the showers of the stick around coming up. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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>> pam: goal will is suing mississippi's attorney general jim but they said that he's been making secret deals with major hollywood studios to flood the internet giant with lawsuits. the one global the philip filter out any pirate contentgoogle any private
5:47 pm
pyretic content in search engines points to a global is now trying to block call it from pursuing his investigation. the company said the motion picture association of america is spearheading the campaign in response to ago both fight against the stock online privacy act and the act would foresight's to automatically remove links to the pirated content we're talking about global google..... >> pam: amend of mounting pressures and criticism from president obama sony pictures see all my collections and has defended the company's shelving of the movie called the interview i in an interview with cnn he insists that sony did not give in and has not backdown.
5:48 pm
president obama speaks out yes i would make the movie again i think you know for the same reasons we made in the first place to the funny comedy this is the sony president speaking out >> reporter: they had a gold mine and to present so that exceeded a lot of expectations. >> reporter: georgia flew connie's admitted failure in the box office racially charged e-mail's. how do feel about your e- mail of the was plot published on the front page of the new york times part of what they've done.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: these threats have not only target movie honors but millions of theatergoers. you get more entertainment news on the insider at 7. >> pam: and you watch all of your celebrity news on kron 4 after entertainment tonight. >> reporter: were still seeing rain at this hour you can see on the san mateo bridge the camera lens is still wet with single low visibility and a couple places including redwood city were talking about 2 mi. of visibility. it is gonna be more treacherous out there this evening. a lot of the rain is in the south bay area right now we're still seeing showers throughout the bay and is a little drier in the north
5:50 pm
bay area. >> reporter: to skirting south of mel pena is impacting bell hold san jose area. a lot of the rain is concentrated off the golden gate bridge right now a lot of the heavy stuff has pushed don but we are still seeing snow in the sierras at this hour. south of the golden gate about 10:00 tonight we talk more showers about 8:00 south of the golden gate will continue to attend or 11:00 p.m. then after midnight things make clear out. >> reporter: another storm is right to the north of us is gonna sweep the the north bay a few showers will be expected in the north bay
5:51 pm
tomorrow only in the north bay area. taking a look at our headlights and i spotty showers will continue until 10:00 p.m. possible later. is only for the north bay a win against up additional chances of showers. >> reporter: the saturday if you doing early christmas shopping were looking at temperatures in the '40's and 50's. low sixties for much of the bay area. but is low 50s in the north bay because of the showers there. as for the sierra the snow is on going there is a winter weather ray advisory still going on. we're talking about at least half a foot of snow they should continue to or very early tomorrow morning before they
5:52 pm
start to taper off. >> reporter: here's a look at the seven day chance of showers in the north bay tomorrow but will be dryer for the rest of the bay area as we head into sunday and monday will see the temperatures climbing into the '60s. as we head towards christmas there is a slight chance of rain on wednesday. >> reporter: coming up yes someone stole christmas tree i'll explain and the next edition of people behaving badly tonight it 8 8....8pm..
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>> pam: coming up as six the storm is beginning to move on but the roads in the bay area are still very slick how this is affecting the
5:56 pm
commute tonight on this friday before christmas. and more fallout from the storm is temporarily setting down a popular tourist fraction.
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>> reporter: as all kinds of issues as a result of the landside flooding. there was an area of the street to
6:00 pm
disclose people were trying to navigate it any way it was closed due to flooding. so another round is coming at us again. and the people in the north back ray are pleased that they're gonna have a bit of a break. five major storms are equivalent to how much rain we need in the short amount of time this weather is great for the holidays on looking forward to a lot of a bit of a break. >> reporter: now we also contended some landslide information in marks burke were the was the thinnest beginning of a landslide officials are keeping an eye on that we're in for a break in the mill valley bill rosa wet but nothing is currently coming out of the sky. .
6:01 pm
>> pam: our coverage continues tonight in san francisco were jeff bushes looking at the current conditions. >> reporter: a gloomy injury day as turn into a beautiful evening you see the bay lights on them bay bridge. yemenites' layer of rain. you concede that people have you can see that people have been carrying their umbrellas for the last two weeks using them every day to keep their heads dry tonight they're just carry them around as a precaution. they know that we need the rain and they like the rain but is been so much. i just flew back from
6:02 pm
southern california sow's will become a sunny over there and getting used to this. too much rain all day in the so scary. and the freeway the driving is crazy. unlike the rain we need the rain and excited. this friday evening i wanted all. >> reporter: she once saw all wanted all is a beautiful evening here in san francisco. >> pam: chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett as tracking the latest round of showers. >> reporter: with but a contingency spotty showers south of the golden gate. storm tracker for radar issuing heavier rain near mel pita. we're seeing
6:03 pm
little bit more rain than the radar is currently showing. i think is above a lot of the rain on the peninsula up is still raining and san carlos. the chance of rain throughout the south bay and the east bay will continue throughout the evening. we're still seeing rain mainly to the south. >> reporter: some of it is drying up as it approaches the coast line but to still should keep on oberland the. we're seeing low visibility and the bay area especially over the bridges. if you're driving out tonight keep that in mind is that is a big issue out there tonight as well. a lot of the rain is south of the golden gate
6:04 pm
bridge i would not put the umbrellas away from oakland are hayes would write down they could see of of shower later. >> reporter: after midnight things will probably dry out. tomorrow afternoon of show you what we can see out there. >> reporter: bay bridge toll plaza you could see all the headlights the cats lanes and not going anywhere opposing traffic is having an to the east bay the golden brett got golden gate bridge is significantly better than bay bridge is the worst of it. two accidents on eastbound interstate 80 and burke they'll an accident aug.
6:05 pm
eastbound fight aids area 0 and oakland avenue 580. multiple lanes are blocked because of flooding. as a lot of issues for drivers tried to get around this friday night. >> pam: the north bay really got hammered this time sheets of rain flooding caused a lot of rain for businesses in the area. >> reporter: all this rain to started pouring in and did not let up in the morning where did speak with the cold shopping center into a brown. the sandbags and not common sight here and that is just because a few weeks ago that rain back up the pup and station a lead to a massive flooding the ups stores now closed because of all the damage
6:06 pm
done to take eloped any conceit as the focus in on the inside the walls are gonna rip out the carpets are mess and are in the process of being pulled up. >> reporter: the sandbags are all so adult and other businesses here in the call center including the physical therapy business this is what it looked like a few weeks ago the water is gone down is now gone on this friday the owner says they are in the process of getting everything repaired. when the process of getting new computer getting things back in order. wouldn't suffer as bad as some of the places around here not to feel fortunate my pages my patients were very understanding and still came in and even though the car was pretty damn. >> pam: and be sure to
6:07 pm
check our new and improved kron 4 website. on our weather page we have current conditions and live rader and weather alerts all of this at kron-4-dot-com >> pam: and tonight the delays are piling up at sfo during one the busiest travel days of the season but the reservoir is in the north bay area are finally filling up to all this rain and the ski resorts are open for business but the amount still need me a lot more snow.
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♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> catherine: happening now means the stormy weather means a messy and slow moving air travel. and oakland's airport where they're actually having a pretty smooth day but up and down the west coast a lot of travelers are running into problems. the fact lots of people are beginning to take off for the holidays isn't helping either in the bay area sfo is been particularly affected by weather today. there are delays of up to three hours because of weather in san francisco. the average delay is nearly two and one-half hours. as for cancellations there's been 68 sfo cancellations as of late afternoon split between
6:11 pm
arrivals and departures. the oakland and san jose all airports have not had any significant weather-related problems. >> pam: what a difference a few months make dramatic images of the south bay revs awards before and after the wettest december on record record, and all the rain did a number of popular tourist destinations in san francisco bay. the mass that forced the closure of angel island. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> pam: kron 4 storm coverage continues tonight and look at how all this rain is helping california recover from in-store drought. you consider the rain really coming down today in pacifica and alameda up. rob flat and dull explains despite all the rain are state still need a whole lot more. >> reporter: on new batch of rain every couple of days for sustained. like the past
6:15 pm
10 days are so is just what we need in here is the proof. this was the reservoir near gilroy in late november when it was all but dried and just 1.5% full and this is the reservoir as seen from pretty much the same spot right now is just over 25 percent full it's just one water managers were hoping for. >> reporter: on now the ground is saturated and other south bay creeks are catching the run off the depositing it in the red the ways and a reservoir is like money in the bank for labor's drawls here's another example chasuble reservoir near morgan hill after it to zero it was virtually empty a month ago take a look now is just over 50 percent full and to gather the water in the south bay's 10 reservoirs' has increased by 10 percent of the water managers are
6:16 pm
quick to point out that there still long way to go. >> reporter: as the wettest december here in the south bay is trying to close were hoping there open the to bring more of the same. >> pam: sonoma county water officials say they are feeling good about the water levels in their ever area after the recent series of storms. here you can see the russian river in hillsborough which is running high and fast compared to this time last year the sonoma county water agency says there to reservoirs' of almost about 75% full all while they say all this rain is putting a dent in the drought they said they still need more storms this one before the can say we're in the clear. this is been great for reservoirs' this is what we do now say that every drop
6:17 pm
we've gone into the reservoirs and was still asking people to shop shut off their irrigation and there is no need to waste water. >> pam: officials say if it was to turn out that there was no more rainfall this winter sonoma county would be in the same drought conditions as it was last year >> reporter: and there snow being brought to this year right now the snow is good for much more this been is also an important source for water supply in the sierras is now the snow pack is now 52 percent of the average for this date wallace much better than is been before the storms will still be a lot more snow the snow pack is only 14 percent of the april 1st average and that's the date when the snow measurement is usually at
6:18 pm
its peak so you can see on the map similar numbers for central and southern california. >> reporter: step down in the south bay first read the diablo range and headed out were looking at still live some dealing with drizzle. all of is not being picked up by radar. the light rain is remaining in this hour we see a possibility of a few more scatter chopped straw up the evening. san francisco is picking up the most by a large an inch and a inch and a quarter at just under an inch in santa rosa and napa. >> reporter: was the rain finally made it to the south bay conner braced all-out. here's a look this satellite radar pictures
6:19 pm
snow is still ongoing in the sierras spiny showers will remain in this this evening until 10:00 p.m. best ideas hours until 10:00 p.m.. >> reporter: the jackass foreshadows the shower into 8:00 hours south to the golden gate will continue until 11 really after midnight things will start to dry out. we do have a chance of showers in the north bay tomorrow. we're gonna get clipped with the very tail in of the front has said it this way. do not a butcher or umbrellas away just yet for the north bay area but this will not make it south of the golden gate. >> reporter: in the have early christmas shopping to
6:20 pm
do at holiday parties to get ready for the man with few words for tomorrow would be miles in the morning. was in some places in the '60s but a couple places will stay in the '50s. above 6,000 ft. will be several inches of snow expected when dissolved in said and done and should be dry in the afternoon and drivers sunday and monday. >> reporter: mainly dry remaining will save dry sunday monday and tuesday a slight chance for christmas eve. >> pam: heads up angel island has a low water park is due because of an overflow it will remain closed for this weekend they
6:21 pm
need to let the system recover from all the excess of the recent storms they said the overflow is being rerouted and it is not in the danger of flowing into the bay. you can stay on top of this with our kron 4 application where you can get updates on the weather. >> pam: coming up new affirmation of the fiery discharge at the chevron refinery and richmond plus what officials make it but could be the cause and president obama sound off about the sony hacking scandal why he says the production company made a mistake. >> pam: spotty showers are behind complete details are coming up
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> reporter: new developments in night where learned why the flames and
6:25 pm
stain came spewing out of the chevron refinery in richmond last night visible for from up for miles. the flaring was due to a block pipes and chevron needed to d pressure and the asphalt the unit here. chevron says the public's health was never impacted in that plant is a part of refinery option operations. the county supervisor also says on the bay area air quality management board says he is not happy with the way chevron is downplaying what happened. this was flaring from a unit and was above the level to would normally see. >> reporter: the shelter was
6:26 pm
up not of the shelter in place was not issues because of the way the wind was blowing and no one was injured this triggers bad memories for some guns back in 2012 more than 15,000 people were treated for respiratory problems after a large fire at chevron. >> reporter: like a thief and a knife and rich hist strikes and i will explain in the next edition of people being badly >> pam: and later in sports the giants are on the verge of reassigning a key piece of their championship of flow and jason has the story coming up a + rain and returns to the bay area and to look at women take a look at some of the hardest-hit areas. >> reporter: was still seeing drizzle as well and i can tell you what to expect for the rest of the night and in the morning.
6:27 pm
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>> reporter: here along northbound 101 in marin county is a break in the storm and that will be beneficial for evening commuters was not the case for those the were driving earlier today. rainy cloudy and wet slippery to and lead to dire situations including this one on the valley forge road west of petaluma a stranded motorist and the beast rescued by blade runner. here on magnolia a baseball landslide began officials are keeping an eye on it. >> reporter: tracking the storm here navato what day it is then the rain started early in the morning and hammered marin county especially during the morning commute. now
6:31 pm
downtown navato they're racing around because they just a one get wet for those that work out and weighing they want a break >> reporter: and sonoma county after these most recent rain the county water resins' agency says the rest of the reservoirs are about 75% full they still asking residents to conserve water. they said they still need a lot more water and the rain stopped today they said they would be in the same condition that they were in last year. they need a few more intense storms through the winter. >> reporter: your the south bay after weeks of wet weather the reservoir on the rise it was virtually empty on december 1st but now a quarter full the valley's 10
6:32 pm
whereas the boards have picked up about 10 percent and are now at about 37 percent capacity. water managers are urging people to consent to continue conservation. >> reporter: in fremont is drizzling downside would not sing the hard rain fall that we saw over the past couple of hours. the rain mixed with holiday travel and friday travel created a very hectic situation on the roadways backups on the highways and side streets as well. >> reporter: is a beautiful and lovely evening and here in san francisco near embarcadero following a deluge of rain. it is finally stop here on this
6:33 pm
beautiful friday it almost looks like a movie set with all this nice water on the ground reflecting on the lights walking along the embarcadero but a lot of people are still carrying their umbrellas. >> reporter: are big with the story tonight is that the rain is winding down tonight we still do have a few areas of spotty rain. a few areas of drizzle is filtering in behind the rain and that will last until the evening. we still have spotty showers surrounding the region so i would not put the umbrellas the way just yet. as for the sierra of the snow is still ongoing and that will continue throughout the evening. was
6:34 pm
still some temple and exciting rain south of the golden gate but to conceal around 12:00 it will taper off. >> reporter: tomorrow is a slight chance of an isolated sour. showers.... this will not go south of the golden gate the. the snow in the sierras will continue in the morning. were headed for dry pattern for the next several days. one is a largely dry is a slight chance of rain on wednesday but it looks like the christmas will be dry but cool. >> reporter: and the rockers with people behaving badly >> reporter: the sanctity of
6:35 pm
the spitzbergen neighborhood just before christmas has been shattered by a mean old greenwich and know he did still putting any left who passed but you would be this way my been aghast at what to sauce and decorations are missing. someone under the cover of darkness rolled up and swipe the christmas decorations from the front lawn and this was the decorations looked like shortly after roberta and family finished decorating safe. >> reporter: that was the little one who was happy to see the decorations and sad and that they were gone mad bandits ignore the statue of jesus and everyone in the major on the other neighbor's lawn and garden a roberta's lawn now they didn't get everything just the easy stuff
6:36 pm
>> reporter: as we all know cold-blooded grinches still all year long without a break it was just really sad that it came up to people still in decorations during the holidays. >> reporter: what is somebody had decorations would help you out wesson and still in people's decorations is behaving badly. stealing the decorations >> reporter: a northbound cal train has just hit a person on the tracks and happened about half an hour ago not of the 59 passengers on the train were heard to they're investigating the circumstances of the
6:37 pm
accident scene right now >> pam: president obama said sony pictures made a mistake by pulling the plug on a controversial movie now the company c e all is responding and now we have the latest on the hacking scandals coming up next
6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
made a mistake in shelving a comedy about a plot to assassinate north korea's leader. sony is not happy about that but a lot of people seem to agree with the president. at the white house news conference today he and knowledge that the fbi has now confirmed that north korea is behind a cyber attack on the movie studio. and the accompanying threats of violence and says he and he says that the u.s. will retaliate saying the response will come at a place and time we choose. which to make the movie again yes i would make the movie again >> catherine: that was the ceo sony fell as telling the cnn on this tellin cnn that the studio had no choice and shelving the fell. he argues this is the studio was the victim of the huge cyber
6:42 pm
attack and then major at a small the studios refused to show it it was the only step could take he says the president obama does not have all the facts and north korea mean time continues to deny being behind the attack. >> pam: and will have much reward on the story of hacking scandal next on insider. jensen has the story the sports stories coming up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: welcome back everyone the giants have been slow to get rolling in this off-season in terms of signing players. well today they're bringing back a pretty good pitcher of agreeing to a two year deal with jake he the pd will get $24 million over the next two seasons and also get a no trade clause.
6:46 pm
peavy... mckay he's a 13 year veteran who won the cy young award in 2007 on an the other a the other big thing is that they're hoping that they found pablo sandoval is of replacements. on this guy is casey mcgee " once upon a time when to so- called high down in santa cruz and the giants and the marlins have been discussing a deal to bring him to the set to san francisco in return for minor league players possibly hotter strickland are met duffy mcgee it out to all point to 87 last year just four home runs but a whopping 76 rbis which would put him second
6:47 pm
on the giants last year right behind boston posy. >> reporter: starting outfielders from last madcap and will myers and all new outfield the padre's pat traded for catcher norris and the gm a prowler this thing and not done yet for the padre's may be making some noise. retired commissioner bud salic has been given a position that he will be paid $6 million per year for the rest of his life in return for the six mil will be led by east advising was special projects he's been a commissioner since 1998 and
6:48 pm
he is officially finished on the 25th of january and that's when manfred takes over. >> reporter: according to as p.m. adam shaft went to michigan harbaugh family wants him to take the unit university of michigan head coaching job and his wife would be willing to move to >>end: harbor. but his heart is torn because it remains in the nfl. harbaugh at once to wait until after the season to see what n.f.l. jobs are out there before he commits to michigan which has offered him a reported $48 million over six years so we will see what happens after the last two games for the niners. >> reporter: what happened
6:49 pm
to the 40 niners the article does not paint a pretty picture the league has not caught up to capper net and they report that harbaugh is definitely gone and there's a big difference between him and trent rocky. the something that the niners were not not willing to give them. jaguar's defensive tackle cedric mark sat the scrap tightness charlie white first and for that he gets $600,000 in active they did a ball is in his contract begin know he was doing he knew the money was coming because of a sign that he the gesture that he did for the general manager. the general manager says that he will be glad to pay
6:50 pm
the bonus >> reporter: if you're late last night watching tv you sought shack giggle nippy with nicodemus notch shack and niki ma nick demonizes not gonna marry sacks shackk... the memphis grizzlies and then turn for the methodist grizzlies had his car stolen and they ship then and bottom a new car he's overjoyed the hugs all around for the brand new nissan and all the players were very happy to make it
6:51 pm
happen for. michael phelps has pled guilty to driving under the influence he was sentenced to a year in prison but the presence sense is suspended and he's on probation for one and half years. he ordered the judge ordered him to abstain from drinking for 18 months of unsupervised probation. his blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest was 1.4. he's an 18 time gold medalist. >> pam: coming up our chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett with more on the storm and when will finally let the
6:52 pm
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>> pam: program reminder kron 4 annual special amazing how they light airs tonight. join dickey and james as they show you the biggest and best holiday light displays in the bay area. why is the amazing holiday lights tonight at 9:00 p.m.. >> reporter: it was really bad out there i was driving to the north bay earlier today and was pouring rain the visibility was down to practically nothing. listed below the storm trecker radar right now because it will largely in the clear were seeing some rain over the south bay area. a little bit of drizzle and light rain falling over the coast
6:56 pm
line that's gonna continue tonight. satellite and radar pictures says of the main band of rain is now in the central valley is still impacting the sierras with were still seeing snow there. >> reporter: the time in trying out as they approach the coastal waters. keep your umbrella handy just in case. about 10 or 11:00 tonight it should be done by tomorrow may lease fog in the morning is possible. a few showers will not go south of the golden gate bridge. sunshine and '60s for christmas day. >> pam: will be back and 8:00 the update to on
6:57 pm
lotus's latest on the sports and weather and you can stay in touch with us and kron 4 kron-4-dot-com
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> it feels like a schoolyard bully. >> wow. >> hollywood weighs in on "the interview's" cancellation. >> as the hackers make a new demand and the president holds a press conference. >> north korea engaged in this attack. >> this cyber attack was strategically structured and meticulously executed. we're going inside the anatomy of the hack. >> they probably had a list of things that they knew would upset the people who worked at sony. >> and check out your instagram accounts. you may be missing followers, while the stars have lost millions in the great instagram purge. >> then, we're going inside model, inc. >> the business of being beautiful. >> you've got it. >> from the fresh faces of the runway to hollywood's ageless beauties. >> i go and have lasers which is so wonderful.
7:00 pm
>> and we party hard with "sport's illustrated's" iconic swimsuit legends. >> you are working it, working it today. >> let's go inside. >> how is my lighting? >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> do you ever wonder what life is like for a supermodel? well, tonight we're going to go inside the business of being beautiful with a focus on ageless beauty. hey, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. we're going to get to all the beauty in just a moment, but, first, more ugly fallout from the sony hacking scandal is what's topping today's headlines. >> so mind-boggling. >> what started out as a hollywood comedy has quickly turned into at international crisis. >> do not get into a pattern in which you're intimidated by these kinds of criminal effects. >> the cyber terrorists are now demanding that "the interview" never be released on video on


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