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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 20, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 8:00 starts now. >> today some of new york's finest were shot and killed with no warning, no provocation. they were quite simply assassinated. >> two new york city police officers are dead after they were ambushed and killed in cold blood this afternoon. nypd officials say both were shot in the head as they sat inside their patrol car in brooklyn. good evening everybody. tonight the new york police department is mourning the death of two their own. here's the latest. >> these officers were shot
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execution style, particularly despicable act. >>reporter: two new york city city police officers are dead following an ambush saturday afternoon. police officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were shot as they sat in their car. >> they never had the opportunity to draw their weapons. they may never have actually even seen their a assailant, the murd murderer. >>reporter: brooklyn residents are shocked and outraged by the violence. >> we ought to take back our community. this can't happen. if you mad at somebody, be mad at the person you're mad at. we have two families that missing somebody for the holidays. . >>reporter:s investigators are
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looking fog a motive. the fallen officers were not engage ld with the shooter in any way before they were attacked. >> police are on the hunt for a killer on the run. victim was shot multiple times. neighbors heard the rounds of shots early this morning. >>reporter: officers with canines canvassed the area. >> you wouldn't expect that here p >>reporter: on saturday a man lay dead from multiple gunshot wounds. the victim a white or hispanic man in his 20s was found on the trail. a number of neighbors heard the gunshots and called authorities. >> there was no suspect seen leaving the area. voert >>reporter: the attack took place in the morning. park was closed off as officers searched for clues. >> this is my backyard. it's normally really quiet area it's surprising something like that would happen over here. >> once in a while you may hear
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someone having a car broken into a mrot. a murder, no. -- parking lot. >>reporter: police are investigating this as a homicide. meanwhile people that live in the area believe this may be an isolated incident. reporting in valejo, a lisa reed. >> police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a woman on gunpoint. victim told police she got in her car as she normally would and that's when the man put a knife to her from the back seat. the man told her to start her car but she was able to escape and was helped by people basing by. the victim is described -- described him, rather, as a white man in his 20s, 5-foot 9 inches weighing around 150 pounds and blond or light brown hair that looked scruffy. san francisco sheriff's deputy is under arrest and accused of assaulting a hospital patient in the emergency room. deputy michael lewallen was
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charged well four felonies including perjury and filing a false police report. he's also charged with misdemeanor battery. according to court records, lewallen said the victim attacked him. prosecutor say have you had yo evidence shows that the deputy initiated the altercation. district attorney's office has been investigating this incident now for more than a month. the bay area has been hit with a series of storms in the past couple of weeks. there's still some rain out there tonight. kron4's meteorologist bryan van aken is here with us. did you get a sneak peak >> >> we still have a few showers. we are wrapping up the wet weather for quite a while i think as we go through the next few days. here's life storm tracker. not too much happening on the radar tonight. there are some showers actually falling below the radar beam. that's happening on the golden
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gate bridge. there are a few light showers on the south back here on highway 101 between south san jose and morgan hill. wet drive tonight. on the satellite view, all of the really significant rain is now moving to the north of the bay area. we're looking at some rain up around eureka and this big massive plume of moisture is now aiming up toward the pacific northwest. as this retreats to the north we are going to see a return to dry weather over the next several days. live view of the golden gate bridge, notice the roadway is wet. we will continue to see those for tonight and into tomorrow morning. they will be getting lighter and lighter as we go through the morning and eventually dry weather and even some clearing for tomorrow afternoon. more details on sunday forecast, later on vicki. >> three people injured after a multi car crash on the gg.
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a -- golden gate bridge. the collision was southbound highway 101 around 2:30. an ambulance was sent to the scene. one had broken ribs and two experienced head trauma five years after her brother was murdered, 18-year-old was found shot to death in martinez. she also found a man shot multiple times. crews tried to save her. she died at the scene. it's unclear about the motive. police are still looking for the shooter. joot design for the golden gate bridge suicide barrier is finally approved. a board agreed to the design for the 20-foot net that will be added to the bridge to prevent dozens of suicides each and every air year. the plans for the barrier has been in the works for decades now. the net will be made of stainless steel and will take three years to install. last year 46 people took their lives on the golden gate bridge.
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a pilot walked away from a small plane crash this afternoon. now officials say the plane flipped over but the pilot was able to get out. no one else was inside the plane when it crashed. the pilot was not injured and wassestly able to control the crash on his own. unemployment rates around the bay area of dropping. edd reporting that marin and san mateo have the lowest in the region. this is down from about five % last year. salino county has highest rate right now. the department says last year salino county was nearly 8%. a season marked with several on and off the field distractions is winding down for the san francisco 49ers tonight. the 9ers are hosting the san diego chargers at the end of the third quarter now. we see that the 9ers are up
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35-21. kron4 is at the game for us and caught up with passionate fans sticking by their team despite the playoffs no longer being part of the equation. >> despite being eliminated from the playoffs, the san francisco 49ers still showed up tonight and in a big way. as it usually is here at levi stadium it was a star studded add wear with new york yankees alex rodriguez in attendance. they were wearing 9ers colors with a great view of running back 52-yard touchdown run early in the first quarter to put 9ers on top. in fact there was over a hundred rushing yards before the end of the first half. quarterback also picking up big yards on the ground and in the air connecting with ride receiver brews he will eng ton for an eight-yard touchdown early in the second quarter. 9ers got off to a 21-0 start.
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>> that would be too hard. one thing you got to keep the coach. >> i think he's a good coach. he came from stamp ford. i hope he stays. >> i'm a die hard fan. >> i think, you know, he's a great coach and, you know, look what they've done the last couple 23 years. you know what i mean, i don't think people should criticize or be so negative, you know, for bad couple tleel or four games. i've always liked the 49ers and i hope they continue to grow as a team and we can make the playoffs next year. >>reporter: after tonight they have one more game this season. they'll be hosting the cardinals here next year. >> lots of smiling young faces in san francisco as the annual toy give away. as kron4's mike pellton shows up, for many families this makes
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for a merry christmas. >> we saw a lot of smiles as christmas came early as hundreds of kids stocking up on brand new gifts. >> merry christmas indeed. >> i got so much toys. >>reporter: from toy cars to board games these gifts are a holiday help for parents. >> i've been out here since 4:00 in the morning. thank you. i have four kids. thank you. you really helped me. voert about 10000 toys given out, helping 2000 children in need. with gifts given on a first come, first serve basis, kayla and her kids lined up early. if this was not an option, what would you do for presents? >> you know, we would just have food. >> it is -- i think my favorite day. >>reporter: the founding president of the foundation tells me the toys come largely from community donations. as was the case all year, she says the demand for holiday help is increasing. >> i think the problem is that
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there are more haves and the tradition between the haves and have notes is growing wider. >> throughout the morning volunteers sang and served up smiles. for parents those excited young faces are the real gift. >> it's a wonderful gift. she's happy. yeah. >>reporter: in san francisco, mike pellton, kron4 news. ? case you missed it, watch annen corps of our amazing holiday light special tomorrow at 7:00 just before the 8:00 news. we're going to take you to holiday tree lighting all over the bay area, show you complete neighborhoods all decorated. that is right here this sunday tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.. coming up at 8:00, celebrities upset for sowny's decision to pull the movie the interview. the storms may be subsiding but the damage just
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starting to show. in some homes the latest on rain soaked roofs and fallen trees. plus how much is enough? we check water leflts in bay area reservoirs -- levels in bay area ves voir reservoirs.
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vels in bay area reservoirs -- levels in bay area reservoirs. >> yesterday's downpour was the latest round of rain. it packed quite a punch and while the heaviest rain is over for now, the storm left the bay area with a lot to cleanup. rain was a bit too much for some trees. this one in san francisco, check it out, it came drash crashing down on a lift driver's car. the bad weather created some pretty dangerous road conditions in the north bay. one driver had to be rescued from his car by jet ski.
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the water was too keep for rescue vehicles. the driver said he was just trying to get to work. sonoma county water officials are feeling pretty good about their water level. the is the reservoirs about 75% full. they need more storms this winter before they can say we're in the clear. >> we're really happy to see this rainfall. it's been great for our reservoirs but what we want to do now is save it as much as possible. every drop that we've gotten into the reservoirs -- reservoirs so and so we're still asking people to make sure they shutoff their irrigation. there's no reason to be irrigating and don't waste water. >> officials say if there's no more rainfall this winter, they
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would be still in the same drought condition as it was last year. water levels in the area as ten reservoirs have gone up a total of ten %. county water managers say that's because the sat rated ground is sending more rain water into local creeks and into the reservoirs. the water officials do add that this does not mean it's time to stop conserving. >> we're definite netly still in a doubt. we have not seen a recovery of our ground water supplies, imported water which we depend on in this county is still very low. we still need to conserve. >> county officials say we'll still northbound a drought, that is until ground water levels get back to normal. officials are hoping that the months to come will bring some more big storms. it may feel like winter has been around for a month already but it hasn't started yet, not officially anyway. official start is tomorrow. it is the shortest darkest day of the year. if you want to mark it in grand style, you could head to stone
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hedge in england. tens of thousands of people gather there to mark the winter solstice. that's what it. >> well, vicki, the darkest day of the year, makes it sound like it will be a bad day. i think it's going to be a nice day. we'll see some sunshine in the afternoon and maybe even a little blue skies popping out. here's a live view at the san mateo bridge. we've scene in scattered showers. things are dry on the san mateo and we are going to stay dry in fact for next couple days, in fact much of this week looks to be dry. for tonight a few light passing showers. we're on the tail end of a weather system. for tomorrow an isolated passing shower in the morning, breaks sunshine beginning to emerge, especially in the afternoon. monday some clouds early on you but otherwise sunny day. some places getting up to
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70 degrees for monday and tuesday. despite the fact that storms are moving out, big waves on tap for next several mornings and coastal flood advisory in effect for tomorrow morning as well as monday morning and tuesday morning, except alley high tides that could cause some flooding in low lying areas along the coast as well as the bay. december rainfall amounts have been pretty impressive. up over ten inches for sfo, san francisco, one of the wettest decembers on record and our numbers for the season looking pretty good, up over 200 % for san san francisco but we are still following up after a couple very dry winters so we still have a lot to make up here. here's future cast 9:00 p.m., lot of clouds and a few light showers as we go through overnight. those showers will diminish as we get into tomorrow morning. there could be a could you please of times when you need to
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hit the windshield wipers once or twice. watch as we go into afternoon, clouds breaking up and we see a little bit more sunshine and we'll see a lot more sunshine on the rest of the forecast later on, vicki. >> port of oakland says we were able to avoid a beat the infestation last month. they found live and dead beetles in those shipments. the type of beetle is considered to be a top threat for fda. next up a stern warning for those of you who have a sweet tooth for caramel apples, how it could save your life. >> coming up. >> if you have them, bring them back. >> like a thief in the night, it's like the grinch in pittsburgh. i'll explain in the next edition
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of people behaving badly.
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. >> here's stanley roberts who
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found some people behaving badly. >> the sanctity of this pittsburgh has been shattered by a mean whole grinch. what he took might make you gasp. >> it looks like some of your decorations are missing. what? >> yes, someone under the cover of darkness rolled up and swiped the christmas decorations from her front lawn. this is what the decorations looked like shortly after decorating. that was another one who was happy to see the decorations and sad that they were gone. the band its ignored the statue of jesus and targeted roberta's lawn. >> i think it's because they couldn't get him out of the ground. i don't know. i had the other stuff staked down but unfortunately they took it. it was just really sad. it's sad that it's come to
8:23 pm
people stealing dek decorations during the holidays. >> i have a two-year-old granddaughter that you took away kind of the fun part of christmas for her. and if you have them, just bring them back. >> what if somebody has some decorations they want to help you out with? that would be great. i would be so grateful. >> and stealing people's decorations is behaving badly. in pittsburgh, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> thank you. i just can't believe you came out. >> still ahead, a tiny baby with a big skin problem. the rare condition that makes it impossible to touch this newborn and deadly caramel apples, what health officials are warning you to look for. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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. >> still ahead, a show down at the mall of america. protesters want to take their message to holiday shoppers. the mall says, take it outside. we'll show you the stand-off. a handicap dog is having his day thanks to a new set of legs. and the movie that never made it to the theaters, north korea says it wants to help find the attackers.
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. >> this is the bay area's news
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station, kron4 news continues now. >> north korea is speaking up about the cyber attack against sony pictures which led to the studio cancelling the review of the movie, the interview. they're suggesting an almost unprecedented solution. april williams has the latest on the hack and its fallout. >>reporter: north korea slammed the united states investigation into the cyber attack against sony pictures, right before the regime offered to work together. it was reported saturday america's childish investigation result and its attempt to frame us for this crime. if america's refuses our proposal of mutual investigation, they will be met with serious consequences. the fbi has already determined north korea is responsible for
8:30 pm
the attack. their investigation linked malware and techniques used against sony to previous cyber attacks. the interview is the movie that prompted the attack. >> you two are going to be in a room alone with kim and the cia would love it if you would take him out. >>reporter: president obama believes sony made a mistake in cancelling its release. >> we cannot have a society which some dictate or can start imposing censorship. >>reporter: sony says it did not make a mistake. >> we persevered and not backed
8:31 pm
down. >> number of sleb rit celebrities are upset. george cloony wrote a petition. it indicated not releasing the film threatens our freedom of expression. hollywood insiders are saying the projects having to do with the region may be off the table at least for now. heavy weight champion mohammed ali is in the hospital tonight with mild case of pneumonia. ali is being treated by a team of doctors and is in stable condition right now. they caught the pneumonia early enough that they expect he will make a full recovery. demonstrators are grabbing attention of shoppers at the
8:32 pm
mall of america. organizers say that they want to get word out about police brutality. they're urging people to gather at an empty lot near by instead. protests against violence are going all over the country ever since the ferguson event in august. a woman charged with running her car into a southern california crowd killing four people has pledded not guilty. 56-year-old margo bron seen is facing charges. she plowed into a group of people at a cross walk. police say bronstein kept driving before colliding head on with another car. a mother and six-year-old son and two people age 81 and 87 were killed. prosecutors say that if convicted on all charges, she could face 40 years in prison.
8:33 pm
a crowd of cuban americans rallied in miami today. they were protesting president obama's decision to renew dip low ic ties with cuba. snoor today we come as one community. >>reporter: cuban and american flags waived in the air. signs held high in show of opposition to the obama administration. >> this man surrendering to ouren niece across the world and it's very saddening because it's so in contrast to the history of this country and what we've always stood for. >>reporter: this crowd at ate park in miami taking a stand against president obama's plans to normal lies relations in cuba. >> he's making it like disney world is going.
8:34 pm
that's not going to happen. zoert that's not the case until three things happen. >> legalization of all political parties and labor unions and the scheduling of multi part i elections. >>reporter: they want to see democracy in cuba. this wasn't a step in the right direction. this young man in attendance feels differently. >> i think our community has to decide are we going to sit on the sidelines and not have a seat at the table or really we going to jump on and say we don't know where this is going. we might not like how fast change is coming, but we want to have a say. >>reporter: cubans declared victory on saturday. >> spanish. >>reporter: he thanked president obama follow a new chapter but he also assured this was not the end of communist rule in cuba. >> the world is steel realing
8:35 pm
after a bloody attack on innocent school children in pakistan last week. today antitaliban demonstrators hit the streets of pakistan's capital to bring attention to the murders. here in the bay area, vigil held in san francisco by all those lost lives snuffed out by extremists. >> it's unacceptable. it's not something you can turn your eyes away from, your heart away from. >> i could not come to terms with how somebody could do something this -- monsterous. >> a sweet treat turned out to be a deadly in disguise. coming up what you need to know
8:36 pm
about caramel apples and what bacteria they could contain. >> it's a 3d figurine of yourself. stay tuned. you can get a shapy in my tech report. >> the rain is making its way out of california for tonight. i'll talk about when it could be back, coming up next. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays
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. >> health officials are giving a stern warning to consumers to avoidpre pre packaged caramel. the centers for disease control and prevention say that people are being sickened with an illness that's very similar to lysteria. cdc are still trying to determine which brand are involved and how the apples have become contaminated. staples gave information on
8:39 pm
friday about the data breach incident. hackers stole information from shoppers credit and debit card. it happened at staples stores nationwide between july and september of this year. the damage to victimized customers will be minimal. staples is offering free identity protection, identity theft insurance and free credit report. the retailer is the latest to come forward in a growing list of other stores such as target and home depot recently hit by the cyber attacks. bryan? >> we are wrapping up the wet weather here in the first day of winter that starts tomorrow. despite the fact we're going into winter, we're going to see a lot more sunshine as we go into this week. weather is looking pretty good for traveling. here's live storm tracker for the radar sweeps, not picking up too much, although there's still showers. those will be wrapping up
8:40 pm
tonight and into tomorrow morning by afternoon. these are the rainfall totals just from the past seven days. this doesn't include the big storm we had two thursday ago and in that time up and over 4 to 5 inches in some places, close to six inches in san rafael over the past seven days, but we are going to shut down the rain here coming up for tomorrow as well as monday and tuesday. live knew golden gate bridge, it's wet out there for tonight. i've seen the wipers going on the cars here. there still is some wet weather to deal well and then it will southbound over follow a while. for tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., passing shower, showers should be done by noon and then partial clearing in the afternoon. some breaks of sun. still pretty cloudy but pretty sunny for monday after morning clouds. temperatures warming up, possibly close top 70 degrees in the warmest spots. pretty much the same thing for tuesday. there could be some fairly heavy fog in the mornings. now for wednesday, there is a weather system that is coming
8:41 pm
our way. it's going to stay to the north of us for the most part but could provide maybe a slight chance for few showers or areas of light rain for the north. cooler weather returns for the rest of the week for christmas and friday. here's the satellite view. the wet weather is moving to the north. there's the big plume of moisture that's coming in off the pacific. notice it's pointing to the pacific northwest where it's going to stay. dryer weather for us. here's future cast, going through nighttime hours, spotty, light showers. those will be in the forecast for the morning, too, from 6:00 on. watch what happens afternoon, well, just trust me. we'll see some partial clearing. here's the seven-day around the bay. as we take a look at monday and tuesday, mostly sunny skies with morning fog, temperatures warming up, upper 60s, lope 07s, there's that weather system for
8:42 pm
wednesday, passes to the north. turning windy and cooler for the rest of the week. >> a new born is certainly loveable but untouchable. coming up the rare skin disease that his parents and doctors are desperately trying to cure.
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. >> now time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. >> i am holding a shapy. this could be the next big thing. it's a 3d printed figurine of yourself. it's a 3d body scanner and selfy making automated machine. you step in for a full body scan. a 3d model is created. that image is sent to the printer which prints out a 3d
8:45 pm
figurine. a shapy. likeness social security amazing. it's very detailed down to the writing on someone's t shirt. two or three people can be scanned at a time so you can get creative with the poses. i stepped in the scanner for the 12 seconds. i brought in my microphone, see if they could replicate. here is the end result. i was impressed. she's shapies start at 79 dollars and go up depending ow big you want. they are in talks with adventure parks and big retailers across the country to house the photo booths. anyone in the bay area can visit the showroom and have a shapy made. it's open to the public. they have been getting a ton of business lately, people making shapies of themselves to use a holiday gift. visit our special holiday section where i have created a
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high tech gift guide fee featuring 50 gadgets. i picked stuff you won't see on those top ten lists. in my guide you'll see fun, unique or useful devices. gabe slate s kron4 news. >> cyber attack on sony pictures is raising questions about how prepared the u.s. government is. the government has been a target of tens of thousands of cyber attacks over the past year. hundreds of pages of documents reviewed on those attacks. >>reporter: every day the government is under attack, cyber attack. there were 61 thousand hacks in security breaches throughout the u.s. government. >> there's an adversary out there whose job it is to break into our systems. it's going top get much worse than it is today. >>reporter: white house and
8:47 pm
state networks were recently targeted. that number hit more than 46 thousand last year. >> cyber espionage is increasing. >>reporter: hackers hit the army corps of engineers. they allegedly stole data on the nations 85 thousand dams including location and potential for fatalities if breached. >> today they can do that digitally and take magnitudes more data than they could in the past. >>reporter: in july 2013 hackers infiltrated the energy department taking the personnel data of more than a hundred thousand people. they lifted information, including birthdays, social security and bank accounts. >> large organizations need to assume that ta hack could occur at any time and they should be prepared. this is the worst disease you've never heard of, a rare
8:48 pm
skin condition that makes their baby nine week old little boy virtually untouchable. we sat down with the parents and why they hope telling their story would lead to a cure. >> hi. >>reporter: when you look into the eyes of the eight week old you may think you know ideal her parents say she's one in a million, but you have no idea. >> she's going to live a life of pain. >>reporter: she was born with a rare genetic skin condition. put spim my it means her skin is so fragile, the slightest rub of a clothing tag, pinch of a diaper or even a hug can literally cause her skin to tear off or form blisters. >> you can't lift her up from under her arms. i did that and caused blisters under her arms. that's not fun. >>reporter: her own sisters four
8:49 pm
and two years old have to be careful just touching her. >> every night they pray that her owies go away. >>reporter: for now there is no cure. they spend one to two hours every single day bandaging fingers and toes one by one before completing covering her hands and feet to keep her from hurting herself. >> we keep praying that she will be healed. >>reporter: they're hoping raising awareness will generate donations for research needed to find a cure. until then in the same room where this advertises hugs and above all else love, this mother moves forward knowing she may never be able to touch her baby the way most other mothers do every single day. >> they say it's the worst disease you've never heard of. >> doctors from several hospitals are helping the family. yesterday they met with stanford children's hospital and doctors at the university of minnesota. they are trying to work on some
8:50 pm
kind of treatment for the little baby. we've got some crazy video of a car chase, naughty bear. take a look at this. >>reporter: take a look at this. police in iowa says a man set his own house on fire, went to a convenience store and rammed his truck right through the front of the store. surveillance cameras caught it from several angles but he wasn't done yet. he then led police on a high speed chase. take a look at this bear who might be on the naughty list. he checks out the stuffed santa and then knocks him to the ground. california photographer robert martinez set up the toy santa to see how wild animals would react. you may have had carolers but i
8:51 pm
bet they didn't bring a 20 piece brand. a group called improve everywhere surprised five families with the moms acting as accomplices. take a look at, i'm stacy cohan. >> dog born without legs is up and running thanks to a 3d printer. we're going to show you the pooch and his new prosthetic legs.
8:52 pm
hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet.
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peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. . >> a dog born with deformed legs
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is getting a second chance at life. derby can finally run like other dogs after he was fit with custom prosthetics. >>reporter: see derby run. if you're what's making the click clack, it's his 3d printer prosthetic legs. >> hey, derby, you got your new legs. >>reporter: when he's not wearing his legs, he has to walk on elbows. >> he's such a loveable dog. >>reporter: they adopted derby but he was first for terd by tar a anderson who said she cried whenever he looked at his photo. >> i'll do it. foster, i'll take care of him. >>reporter: tara not only took care of him. she helped design his legs at the company where she works.
8:55 pm
the beauty of 3d is she can change the design. derby has had four versions ranging from a peg leg that didn't work. derby took to this version right off the bat. >> when i saw him sprinting like that, it was amazing. it's just -- i couldn't believe it. >>reporter: now we've seen a tortoise with a wheel and even an elephant fitted with a giant prosthesis but derby's easily redesigned 3d legs can grow with him. they're being gradually elevated, only takes a minute to put him on. his elbows are tender. >> well at first he really does not want you to put him on there. he's being very very good today. once he has them on, then he's happy as a clam to go out and run around. >>reporter: he wares them two or three hours a day and can go
8:56 pm
about a mile. his facebook page attraction dogs with similar problems. they're even plans a foot to turn derby into an action figure. no, we're not pulling your leg. what do you call them >> we call them his shoes. go put your shoes on. >>reporter: if only other disabled dogs could learn to walk in his shoes. >> brain van aken has been very busy. can you take a bit of a breather from these storms. >> i think so. we're getting a break as we go into holiday week. sunshine, still a few passing showers. partial clearing as we get into tomorrow afternoon. all right. that's it for kron4 news at 8:00. stay connected with kron4 and get the latest news developments. our next news cast is coming up tonight at 11. we'll see you then everybody. good night.
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. "e.t." takes a special look back at the stars we loved and lost in 2014. >> tonight we hear from the legends in their own words. >> i'm very good, healthy, happy. >> our 30-plus years with robin williams. >> i would come home and just realize how extraordinary you have heaven in front of you. >> and this his last "e.t." interview. >> not a bad day for me. >> plus his autopsy report listing what was in his system when he took his own life. >> and the controversy surrounding joan rivers' death. >> we've had a great ride together. >> the explosive findings of a federal investigation proving joan did


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