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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>mark: we are broadcasting live from the new studio on front street in san francisco. >>george: is already back to laurin sydney with the to
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right lane shut down right here just before spencer avenue and just out of rodale adjutancy that light pole dangling out over the roadway is one of the for the top with a to to clear up the rockslide which has to write him line shut down the sea its cheese latest testament when they're going to begin lanes reopen is now 10:00 them and having to ride trucks of the long way in order to dump the rocks they have been picking up where you consider the from low they are working on this would take an electrician to do with the po and perhaps some sort of a plan to take it out of bed traffic delays are already starting to mount for the southbound 101 ride we are ready since the to the last coming of now a sausalito and report to slow traffic as well through sausalito on not agree at
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this one will this was an order soon not to encounter the backed up. >>george: the dominant british under a formal advisory and early morning hours might belong to the required year to visit this bridge ... things are clearing out a little the bay bridge was bound we also have a full advisory and a back of not meeting my seven activated and remember if you use the richmond bridge to escape more ran and won 01 southbound back of that means your way to contain it this was brought back a which is already reaching back to was grand avenue if you're heading toward the san mateo bridge you're in for pretty good ride and alleged support currently westmount just 11 minutes to drive times. >> james: will startle looking at the webers camera because it is tracking this
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on the waterfront is clear out nicely at the golden gate bridge in some detail that is a story this morning is clear to me on the most of the ready to encounter perhaps you're ride this morning. during the afternoon will look for sunny and mild weather around the vent to have pressure is dominating the forecast left more similar conditions will afternoon sunshine and as we look ahead for the rest of the week we have a brief little system will be weak to move across the northern part of our area and that could bring another despot or to the resident on wednesday but the rest of the bay area is fine here is a quick little sense as a country like this national a lot of mental of the '60s. >>darya: the rockslide in
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marin county on highway 101 just before you and jackie is live with the latest on the clean up and how they are doing >> jackie sissel: that are working the bad news is there's a lot of debris to get cleaned up out here is rockslide happened a little after 2:00 a.m. there is a lot of the recall here you can see this light pole that george was all about is also down into san there are more voters and trees of on the hillside here that are going to know been problematic according to caltrans and see if the they say they're right now there are looking at 10:00 a.m. as a possible reopening of southbound 101 and is between rodeo and spencer this is a notorious
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area all the taste is the amount of friendly got over the of last leaks in the hillsides and give wessel not unusual will use was how big this rockslide is the good news is no one was hurt about an hour ago caltrans and sea its fee setup our closure and is a started to close both of the right-hand lanes back at milan city and according to some people that may concept they said that backed up traffic wise is already past mormon city if you are someone coming in from another bid to san francisco you should anticipate major traffic issues all morning long tried to avoid it if you can we did have a chance to talk the sea its feet the spokesperson about a half an hour ago and is said to talk about the rockslide how it happened. the one i we had that it now on the slide we need to get out your new evaluations a look at the whole thing.
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>> jackie sissel: that are working with caltrans to talk the sea its feed this said that once they clear the debris the work is not over yet because there to back the check the integrity of this hillside that is going to be a caltrans called at that point is not only what you see right here in the roadway in the 2 ride land is was above the slide that may end up causing a to be closed for much longer than anticipated investing you can do is avoid the area i know it's a huge income these two weeks ago we had a major rain and flooding that some people of force of three hours to get into the city from the human be the knesset and similar to that today. >>darya: i thought in the dark-away as a second with you throughout the morning before they live i think this thing is on to look a lot worse than it even looks
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right now and they have a huge amount of debris to move there from the roadway. >>mark: is the king tied high tide of the year and then expecting it later this morning the king tied cause lidars alignment sun moon is expected to create the swells and big waves and high tides and very low tides to that and tell the story we're following police departments from coast to coast on high alert this morning after to new york city police officers were shot and killed sitting in a patrol car over the weekend there were sharp pluck point blank whether or part in the sky neighborhood in brooklyn investing is to try to figure whether the government is now to part in protests over the police killing the two on armed black man he said his own life as surely after the
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shooting his been arrested and is 19 times in this and if so please be tied to commit suicide. they're paying their respects to the officers. i there were just here to protect us. the government shot the door for and in baltimore of the day in this is the mess getting a close eye on the soles of media post he posted also submitted he looked for retaliation over the recently spelling and that's that's killing >>darya: jim harbaugh his future will have more reports from that snow in this year making for some great ski conditions just in time for your holiday ski
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trip will be right back.
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>> reporter: played out against arizona this would not be the first, regarding hard rock missing and is reportedly trying to lure the head coach back to the college ranks to the scene of six years and 48 million this or this caliban's navy in the running the other to rebuild and recording on the verge of the plan as the quarterback in partisan the farmers this was afforded
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hours of the last game played here and leave less than it once and for this to the other 14 season recording and the west indian. >>mark: holiday gifts over from someone's porch 6.604 yogurt is a special holiday gift into oakland raider at 650 beveled lack infected people said susan which into abided will be right back.
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>>george: i thought it would be in is your day today because it was dry we're contending with rockslide in marin county-and down the right to have lanes on the south mountain back of the traffic to marin city are the problem is the sea its allies and they got knocked down along with the hillside for early this morning. as a location for a one-to-one talks on the richter a to see the back of now reaching to marin city for 1 01 southbound there was also a
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fall in arise if the golden gate bridge this morning and started to and go off the deck and the bay risley also under the fall and rise read this morning with traffic backing up now for the west a grand avenue when about 16 to 18 minute drive times for if you're using the richmond bridge to get around the problems on 1 01 south you have to contend with is backed up here for the san mateo bridge in your 92 ride >>george: if you're heading towards iran here is a look at the richmond bridge ride with novak a westbound and no problems either through richmond on interstate 580 westbound. >> james: we showed a shot
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earlier the golden gate bridge them came back for a second of day the fall was really rolling in. we have visibility problems out there and you want to know where the slide as your fourth of a resident of this which will experience. even simple little extra time in addition to fall where watching the tide flats case tied in effect for this morning at 9 tomorrow
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afternoon full ties with libya and exceptionally high tides if had a normal and lower than normal tides. be ready for them could have flooding and parking lots is to be an issue on the north bay that include front lots including never was implicit the to clean up problems you experience problems that dimeters renault are steadily in the mid to upper 50s in some spots but the afternoon forecastles great we have about this morning that should are of high pressure wet weather toward more to worry about attempted this afternoon will be in the middle of the system even low seventies. >> james: aside from a few british prickles we're looking pretty good third difference that it looks fantastic effect this is no come down and we're excited about the holiday weekend a
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lot of folks are having a to topple. >>mark: more than 33 into the snow reporter over the past week at 51 into the snow so far at the base 85 the stomach picks up the highest amount. today official the laws city of oakland people or displayed by the flooding in a restored to dizzily from their sentence they set up >>darya: to read was city mobile home parks were just a mess last week because of the trains that were backed up the water park broke and the water made its way for the levee wall. that in the to the fair oaks community center once before in the afternoon today in a to 11 tomorrow morning the
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different holidays with prices falling again the price of regular. >>mark: nationwide to 47 is the average the average price of regular gas has been low for the five years to 76 on average in oakland and san jose. an oakland one of our viewers have been acted awful the ports they caught on camera and video you conceal woman come toward the door.
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>>darya: a detective at the trough of the porch she got back into a black car and drove off this happened around 730 friday night the viewer said the packages were sitting on the porch for about an hour several other people on to so bland and all across the highlands they had this happen to them as well christmas presents in many cases taken before the can grab them young immigrants with more performance. >>mark: will be allowed to apply for driver's license to deny them to anyone approved on the president
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president obama is preferred action plan she testified to plans for a decision she believes in arizona will prevail. >> reporter: one week after the tragic event of the cbc is the 23 year-old took time out for all wedding to honor the victims supported to the backed plan for their wedding for law should take place in the city or hesitant after the recent events that were custom the crowd broke out into applause
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>>mark: good news this morning to former prime time broker his cancer was in remission. he was that those with multiple myeloma. the doctor says that they're optimistic the cancer is gone in that he does not reappear. and after more than 20 years together the seven on a 2005 and his partner they're not officially married a ceremony was held in britain
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the couple already had two children still ahead on the kron 4 morning news live following the big rockslide look at that lane block here in south mall one on or before the wall tunnel there was a light pole second down with the rocks to another roadway that has now been cleared as the cleanup continues they are saved 10:00 a.m. before this is all clear they're making quick work of the big boulders that are down the road with blocking lanes heading to san francisco watching the big back ups. >>will tran: but all this was behind the approximately 13,000 college but believe it or not that is still not enough coming up i was so you how many more to it they need to pass out to needy families in a live report. live report. but that hast stpedme fm moling ereplaq psoasisost my lif my dtor ld m abt stara.
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>>mark: 0430 dead and 20¢ on friday and this led the rally will continue that features a 50. the big story this morning or rockslide in marin county if he tried to get from iran to the golden gate bridge this is brought into line and causing a lot of traffic. >> jackie sissel: that made progress to consider some of the debris and that was in the second lane is already being cleaned out and also the light pole that was sticking out over the two
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plans have been removed so i did speak with caltrans literally as you're getting ready to talk to me i'm sorry sea its peak. they're still looking at 10:00 a.m.--chp >> jackie sissel: caltrans continues to rate they are between rodeo and southbound 101. the sea caltrans is loading up and they're taking that that down north on southbound 101 the sea its turnaround is wanted by the dump truck all the way down to rodale where they are or to the bid. according to some reports were dressing traffic already backed up until mill valley exit the commit for the north bay is one to be a nightmare to than so right
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now friends are cross and is a 10:00 a.m. is what they're are looking at things crossed that a bill to get this stuff clean up. part of the issue is what is going on on the hillside ride up there and they're more stuff that will be dangling up there he says there is a treat another boulder's there are still up caltrans wants to get a clear of them want to get off a clear enough finish of especially if the integrity of the hillside to compromise until they know it is absolutely safe than i want to open up the lines. the problem is a laudable to the left those are extra beg and so does want to be hard to move. >>george: cigarillo reopen we are getting different reports on the link of the
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back of we heard jackie say the backed reaching all the way to a blaze that whatever on boulevard and all the sea its tree does for the back of none of the sensor data actually show up the back of that far but i trust the sea its report that do indicate it is backed up into to run boulevard for the southbound highway 101 ride you could use the richmond center fell rest as an alternate and kron 4 teresa is casio is going to be tracking the back of for us >>george: the golden gate bridge is in under a fall and rise three this morning and you can see that it is once again foggy at the deck of the fall by as did this morning the bay bridge and the westbound ride not too badly back the right now with all because this is christmas week and maybe we would see some what of a like to commit this morning i think the possibility still exists although the back of scare are currently
6:34 am
running at about 16 to 18 minutes here is the sense they're rich ride in it still looks good normally at this hour we are ready start to see some slow traffic but that does not seem to be the case if you're heading for the rich rivers getting into more account here is a look at the westbound ride therein is and you consider was bound traffic still looks good it is a little foggy here but not enough to warrant and by a jury >> james: were one to start off with the very rich approach that is in the best and so far to show us the fall back in again bridge where it comes and goes it has been constant get as the favorite for all was not 80 in oakland visibility is down to a set of an mild that is pretty dense fog as to the weather today and become a second look there's a fall coming both of those will burn off by noon at the lead is leaving us with a really nice afternoon and sunshine and mild temperature it was tough on
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a cloudy fall will enjoy the sunshine today and tomorrow morning will have characteristics i ties because of the king ties because of the afternoon hours we have lower than normal low tide so be ready to see that as each hour on the bay you might have flooding in low-lying the parking lot this will possibly be flooded as we look ahead we have light rains potential for wednesday mainly in an orbit will keep an imf forecast for you christmas is looking pretty good in the days the fallen into the holiday weekend. >> james: we're talking into applause '60s any ride in the seventh remark. >>mark: 4 toy giveaway we are here on and off to a for the kids. >>will tran: 13,000 kids
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will have a happy time the kids after that not so much the reason why there are still short about 4202 is historically have been able to make able for whatever reason this year there are running behind the fence again with a choice about three and half hours to show you some of the toys this is easy you can buy toys for kids not a problem they're looking specifically for kids and teenagers here are some of things they obviously need blow dryers make up tear some of things if you're watching at home and you could think about come down and don't make things to those teenagers everyone was a teenager at one time you know of any come on down also over your sports items for the boys no matter what age you all loved basketball football if i draw families outside already evident is a registered but it is sacred heart if they want to be the first in line just so that come in here and make sure
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they get their hands on the basketball and football will swing over here and show you we have approximately sister the bicycles to pass out. >>will tran: at this point in my be a little difficult to condone it online at sacred heart sea as a dog or less mature we put that on the web site. the law was come down and drop off the choice is whether the nation's the giveaway will begin at 10:00 today as well as tomorrow. >>darya: 04 year old girl born with only have a hard is want to have a merrier christmas thanks to an oakland raider offensive lineman and a look watson donated his check from yesterday's game to little ava eurus family the fog offer is only get paid during the 17 weeks of the nfl season after taxes to
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get the amount to about $18,000 that he gave to that family. >>darya: the marin county rockslide close on the southbound lane you could see the work are being done as quickly is also to clear the roadway unleaded pretty printing technology.
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>>george: traffic is backed american city is tons the back of all to the richardson bay bridge with the backed up by the bay bridge toll plaza of you probably see about even if you stay on 101 southbound rather than diverting across
6:42 am
the richmond center for a bridge. >>mark: in this morning former employes of sony pictures entertainment filed lawsuits against the company following the massive security breach this in a negligent because they did not prepare for of the national cyber attacks. attorney for the former employees said that it will work to support a number of medical information and salary history one attorney says about 47,000 current and saw me employees saw their personal data made data >> james: coming of will have a complete look at the forecast a little foggy out there right now and the tide will be extremely high cost of about both of those in the extent that look coming up in just a minute. if
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>>george: as a just a few months ago was just north of the richardson bay bridge now is completely across the richardson bay bridge for the southbound 101 ride backing up toward strawberry and toward blights pale in the southbound direction and as we move into the 7:00 hour we're going to see more and more traffic here so it is like the to concede to create problems here is a live look from the scene yet conceded there is making considerable progress but there is a lot of work to be
6:46 am
done and for the golden gate bridge ride it once of about still fall be here if you could say that is not helping things because of the fall of have this is early this morning is also printed has a tear as people coming up on this rockslide pretty quickly but now the closure reaches all the to the marin city the two railways are shut down from they're looking at you're ride to the bay bridge the fog advisory in effect tear the drive times until freeze that had about 18 minutes the back of is horrible for the westbound bay bridge or the san mateo bridge had a ride across 92 this is the hour we would normally begin to see some stop and go traffic in is slowing down here. >>george: is was of the toll plaza adjutancy the richmond bridge and you're ride was brought the still life in the traffic at the toll plaza the we are not yet tracking delays and 0583 richard looking at the new
6:47 am
accident here in milpitas 880 south mountain and you're ride to at the crash and dixon landing road is slowing the ride a little more than it is indicating for the south from a 80 in the core from it. >> james: will start off with the golden gate bridge that i have been showing you the fall all morning long it comes and goes on in the creases and increases the intensity throughout the morning this is an example of the golden gate bridge the time is clear to a quick check of the visibility shows where it is as heavy as we have one point a mile visibility of the napa to my visibility in the box open a pretense of a mild for some improvement because has been as to allow visibility for the morning as you look at the camera really does not look like if for all that much we have heavy fog year for the bay bridge will be doing with that and also dealing with high tides today the king's side tomorrow morning will be in effect and that will be will have higher than normal high
6:48 am
tides and lower than normal ties for the afternoon. between now and then the water steadily rise to walk the bay so expect higher ties to normal for the next one is we have all away from the possibility for line flooding close of day and close to the ocean depths to please see the sea water come in when the tide is high. >> james: will part of the bay area is affected? >> james: if you're in that was in one area be ready to seize of standing water for the high tide mark this morning will be right around 11:00 to much is right now mid to upper 50s you should warn that up to the upper 60s better or to they have tested and tested in the wet weather to are not leaving us with just five in one such sign in the afternoon sunshine 64 for san jose and san francisco and across the bay in oakland will not be surprised if you test the 70 degree mark. some are
6:49 am
looking for a brief shower apostles a loss of balance that the for the bay area on thursday chrises they will look pretty good the sunshine and mild weather if your holiday plans taken elsewhere around the less i will be fantastic as the forecast now listed back to the news. >>mark: a man punched a woman walked in pacifica. the map watching the woman several times in the face as though passion and arantxa the highway victims into the hospital with injuries to her faith they're looking for the suspect looking for allies in black or hispanic man 60 talk to more than 70 lbs. a cleanshaven wearing a black this winter blue jeans and black shoes. >>darya: this isn't a you're looking into socially opposed including numerous rental histogram after a man killed to new york city police officers over the
6:50 am
weekend. >> reporter: calling saturday the worse they 13 year-old son of walter raphael ramos was ride on facebook is horrible that someone is shot dead the for being a police officer everyone says they hate cops when they are the people they call for help every day you see him with his son jerry del they go play basketball they're so close it is unbelievable how close they were even as people gathered for a vigil investigator scrutinize the man they say killed officer ruml's an officer on saturday. police say has a strange mother expressed fear of him saying he may have had unbridles mental issues investigators are looking into what brands to work on a social media include references to michael brown and mr. eric
6:51 am
to pull sleds were made before saturday's killing was read i'm putting wings on paid today they take one of hours listed two of theirs. >> reporter: the mayor condemned the killings but with the support for research process against release of a to turn their backs to him saturday the call for reflection after the tragic death of her nephew we need to move forward and find and chemical past to a peaceful coexistence. >> reporter: they are trending on twitter this morning a lot of people have been twitching about it and here's a look at some of those tweaks a lot of people are reaching out to the families of the police officers who were shot over the weekend who acceded more on the story a little bit later. >>darya: will continue to fall the latest development
6:52 am
go to our web site at kron 4 that come face to its luster. >>mark: when the official said get less sunlight lack of sunlight lead to depression and seasonal depression signal affective disorder affects about four to six of the u.s. population, such as a clue less energy trouble concentrating a bigger appetite and an increased desire to be a lot of doctors recommend getting outside early in the morning tried to cast some light medication and therapy could help more serious caissons >>darya: will continue our look on whether a chapter this monday morning it is dry but the effects of the rain we are having a broad down some rocks along highway 101 try to get to the golden gate bridge that is a big story this morning and it is also fall get out there where the capt. approach to the bay bridge here is the one rockslide that marin county are making quick work tried to clean
6:53 am
up sites over those two lines will be right back.
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>>mark: 80 million won the international space station commander the residents of the rent is designed immerse it was e-mail to the ims and manufactured with a 3 the printer from start to foreigners or processed of less than a week and is pretty printer id pretty special itself with the performance operate in zero gravity. >>darya: sly and the militias down part of highway 101 marin county town to get to the golden gate bridge is one will tell you how long it will take you in nearly a dozen to recover the 20 after a close call with a like the strike
6:57 am
next to the book and their stadium. >>stanley: coming up someone stole christmas tree i will explain in the next addition of people behaving badly. >>mark: live look from the san mateo is tracking called the big rocks lie in their limited who has the latest there on the traffic there on 11.
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