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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 22, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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we're being told is there is a mass of boulder still sticking out underneath that breach ec there and somehow or guy have to get that boulder out of fear apparently may be too large for the from waters to get out. all started at 2:00 a.m. this morning at the hillside between pale and fish runs up on what one. although greg obviously with had a tremendous amount of rain and the whole side could not handle it is a forest area but this one is much bigger than what we normally see what we did is the heart closure caltrans set up the cones and blocked off two right lanes the
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sophomore one starting at marin city. that's bottom- line 1/2 from where we're at right now. traffic is an issue here in the north bay and backed up all the way to the first mill valley exit. >> : the tug chp earlier. >> : what we had we need to get out here i do valuations >> : once we get this debris cleared out problematic is the more common on the hillside. make sure that stable enough to open up the land of traffic. and when they're in that chp officer
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he saying still billing at 10:00 a.m.. 10 and i am digging for sought by a bullet know this is the get it >> : and think you and let them looking at this area to open up one more way in this guy needs that lane to get to the stuff that's not impossible. >> : so trucks need the lane in order to get back down port- au-prince city. code trucks are leaving to head north on south plains. no hard closure of the two lanes all it back to the marine city exit. that has grown now a top all along her than originally thought the we are now back to to to grumble barred. and the metal is starting to grow little north of there. and that's what we can expect to see. does a giant tree
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arrows all the traffic map here. but on 11 southbound. 54 minutes from the golden gate bridge. 1520 minutes in the back up. might still be a bit better than taking a ride away of the richmond bridge because then you have the content with the bay bridge back up westbound. long a bridge under foggy advisory and is still in a brief period. and bay bridge westbound also cry of times here. kron time is running 15 and some pay were heading over toward some tail. police departments across the nation on alert after
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new york city police officer was shot and killed all weekend. officers of the ramos were shot point-blank parked in a squad car in the west side neighborhood on saturday. investigators now trying to find out whether the gunman took part in protests from the police killing of two armed armed black men. it took so much for the after shooting has been nice to 19 times in the past and hatred alexis of last year also shot and injured his ex girlfriend and her home onset of baltimore for these committee members ting expects. >> : it's really sad for everybody metal will please miss years also keeping close island among special depots and is looking for retaliation over the recent killings >> :
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this still ahead here on the kron 4 more news more speculation on chin's harbaugh future report coming up. offshore will tell you what latest accumulation entry of the latest month
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right next and here on 880 assault on direction dixon landing road several on the right-hand shoulder. a drop in lanes earlier this morning mrs. the portion of the self on a 80 cord or ride. >> : but city officials redwood city are helping people display flight thudding the video the flooding into redwood city mobile home parks. it happened last week and still try and get back to a storm drains backed up water pumps were broken and the water made its way over residents impacted on a fair community center the have the shoulder open it o'clock in the morning sullivan a.m. today 14 in the afternoon today to our morning it till again. also scuttled
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community meeting for tomorrow night for residents of mobile home parks. and i forecast coming up with an eye on the other little volume there right now chance of sprinkles midweek trip before christmas full details straight ahead and lime
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it up this year a new video coming in from kirkwood use it some more snow than most others but doing quite well in the sierra with kirkwall alone reporting 3 in. over the past week and since december 1st receive 51 new inches 85 and with that you >> : for watching the forecast from the bay >> : is the fog this morning plane getting a big number of locations: gate bridge being one of them fog really heavy right now cannot make any out of the towers. and fog banks that coming go. graduate clear here fog rolled back and giving us this you in terms of visibility of the nappa half mile visibility in the bottom half a mile also doubt and oakland and approach the bay bridge covered in dense fog all morning long that's what you may it spec edit as it up for this morning.
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particularly in low-lying areas also communities and also along the bay shoreline as well where the tide and the fact this morning tomorrow morning high tide will be higher than normal. good beat fun for you as we try find a spot had worked. ocean waves and the high side possible flooding low- lying areas and how terrible hit bridge writer on 58. and continue to rise at a pair of o'clock this morning. areas impacted by this areas in green. then slow coastline north bay shoreline of the coastline of the delegations that have that up and an extremely high tides in terms of temperatures right now and upper 50s. the this
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point looks to keep most of that of our area but for the forecasts and fine-tune area shows a closer for christmas still looking to be good a mild temperatures keep them all four testified said sunday entire holiday weekend >> : a shot from marin city overall low-grade just pass rodeoed just north of spencer rockslide is being cleared now estimating the lands about 10 and basically going to be with us through the community really feeling
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the impact right now drive time 52 minutes. from the bottom of its is up to but beyond clydesdale and right on one know oneself on out of nevada of further slowed new accident going southbound at alameda the product. and also tracking incident and appears a southbound accident on the shoulder but garner and other attention that this long the ride is ahead south through the corridor. mayor did this at dixie landings out. all-day the slightly later than usual. guess not helping much at the golden gate bridge we have a lot of fog here for the self fun ride. as well at the bay bridge both those are under fog advisory this morning. the bay ridge drive time running 23 and 25 minutes 92 of the san mateo bridge had
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been a little better than usual and no longer as easy spotting traffic to the west of the toll plaza. heading into marin the richmond bridge back up enough now starting a slow 580 westbound ride and richmond south. months and time now 71811 people recovering from minor injuries this morning after a lightning second parking lot rednecks the tampa bay wherefore o'clock yesterday afternoon. and doesn't appear anyone was directly hit 511 but did kick up rocks scrap some gravel. and there and help those who were hurt before the ambulance is there or to a hospital. >> : the gas prices fall 25¢ a gallon in the past two weeks alone national averages 247 months prices will keep falling as pc prices have been falling average price for gas now also a more
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than five years' >> : average is around the bay is leaking and an idea to 90 gal. in san francisco to 76 a gallon for regular and oakland and san jose. also lower prices keep falling for good was consumers this spring problematic for oil- producing nations john ontario reports fun us a month to decide not to cut production major player of the organization their producers here to look at the state of the market. prices falling five and a half year low with no cutting up the oil minister told me rather simple they want to protect their market share and the u.s. russia and other non producers are willing to cut knee-length shall be sizable corp. but not fair other people said
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the decisions well reducing list >> : may suggest a passive aggressive strategy not taking the decision and action but another reality in the market today perhaps the world could not absorb three major producers u.s. saudi arabia russia each one production on $9 billion a day. saudi arabia energy minister and out of its way to trying to destroy it u.s.-russian production are now. the same time he suggested this market for low-cost producers >> : of the most efficient of use high-cost producer should back off on corruption wont use of batons said >> : $1 a barrel for nearly four years and led to rapid development and a city like this but 2015 many suggest
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organ enter a new normal at $100 a barrel monday 80 where we are today $60 a barrel. >> : trent on social media this morning will apprise paying tribute trimming and twitter read the dog getting a family and a beginning bags. install on all lot of people but parents, the bidders for the first time said the check and make friends first and people on that flight in case their baby acts out. the test of these good beanbags long enough that said and the first time flying apologize at a time as she starts to cry. the teabags included g-man's ends of people who we see bags said it was great idea this mutt the new trend among parents couple years ago 20 12th the parents of
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somebody stole the tree is gone. who stole christmas tree. maybe low salt >> : there are headless decorations a place where a christmas tree once sat. portals of the release 70 ft. christmas tree which was part of the committee decorated by children of the excelsior district. all that's left are few ordinance lyonnesse street. and done it by all the meat item media district battle of ordnance donated to us by various groups really good community come the other of entry other are now are strings and with truism of
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resented secure. distillate christmas tree. how do we don't know. who would steal a tree we know we had some 8 in. out here and excelsior district. there'd the heads of all decorations toss this one over the fence at all repair shop. had the tellers and disappointed that all but one undersell anyone was still treat very compassionate area family needed a tree. so the situation so be it but there's always of going about relevant taking our community tree. apparently people and excel to district with heart so and dropped off a fully lighted of
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artificial tree. >> : this is exactly and i said now maybe the next tree might need some security was security for christmas tree 7 cisco stanley roberts roberts kron 4 news >> : female announcer: sleep train thanks
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all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you. : the bridge in progress also it seems like every time they dig in the more on that to >> : us a little bit of good news and bad. good news see right
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there making progress on wittily spoke with the chp officer in charge out here about all men and a half ago. making progress and all the rocks setting and both land assault on 11 out of the way. there is a tree like holt 30 ft. long able to get out of the lanes of traffic. and here comes the bad news at thing you see right there is one giant rock it cannot move right now. but again tried to come and dig around in the hope is going to break loose pushed off the shoulder if they can't do that because this mass of rock always big as a trailer but can't do that than enough to bring in more equipment and bring in a hydraulics jackhammer attach one the from lotus and break the rock up. either way traffic is a disaster out here. and soft on 11 of the bridge between
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spenser adele the heart closure because you see the trucks tearing the dirt and driving northbound on the south online's the dump the dollar off at rodale the traffic is backed up for miles and just as said chp says that he spoke with his uncle who was coming in from the north bay to go half an hour to go 3 mi.. that's from strawberry basically mill valley to this location back up and get extends far worse than that at this point and hitting worse by the minute that you can avoid the area and so much rain out here in the north bay that's basically what causes rockslide the hillside just gave way and nothing you do about it caltrans obviously is and do work to clean it up and getting the older out a way. there and have the check the hillside to make sure it is not a completely compromise
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at nick and reopen lines. figures across the bullet still applies right there if again be able to keep this thing out of the way otherwise-initial estimate real thing lands have pushed up back and another piece of equipment out to remove the boulder. that's not good and george as you take a look at traffic man subjected talks about just 2 mi. from of them as a federal softbound and attack our but tell me how much further back up and nevada are receiving a kidney exit >> : to back up doesn't reach that the far north. in back of so only reaches just a little bit north of white tail. 63 nancy get to that distance and it will are further problems in marin county. that letter adding to the drive time now on the shelf for 54 minutes as the new accent occurs your element adult kron 01 01 southbound. that's picking
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up the right certain about how to north of highway 37 you conceive southbound that the back upstarts to reach your north of strawberry by dale mill valley and to kron exit from 1 01 southbound and solace from there all the way it ought to waldegrave also heavy umbrage way to sausalito south on 11 the other incident with been tracking is here at dixon landing road and that action on a shoulder for a long time is clearing up. >> : let's take a look at the golden gate bridge under listed the golden gate right under fog advisory this morning. the thought now back down below the deck actually a pretty shot and it's a very little traffic getting by. no delays at all across a span because traffic flow has been cut in half. his bay bridge back again under fog advisory this morning back up in the
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macarthur manse to the drive times are over 22 minutes. enter the san mateo bridge started out in the so backed up to the westbound direction and getting very foggy here also. and also getting the trip to richmond bridge right on highway 580 westbound you can see the slowing of the toll plaza and not translate in the slowing was on to richmond on interstate 580. over the weather center in a check on fog and the rest of the weather. you say we're maybe a little bit of rain next week. by mid big north bay has the best shot at it. and will show that to hear it coming up in a bad start off though the reiterating how it can be at times we've been showing you the bay bridge here great shot of how the fog is and it's been like this all morning long and it shows the pictures actually improving quite upset at the golden gate bridge. it does depend on where you are this morning for the four test areas of
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fog and see that a live shot and we've been looking for sunny mild weather here on the bed and still replicated small for morning fog and mild again for the afternoon hours a. other thing for the next two days today and tomorrow is the high five king tide and a fact which means our high tide will be much higher than normal as it to the sun and earth all >> : and it's a greater toll in expect there to be minor flooding in low-lying areas along the bay shoreline and the coastline as well. communities that deal was typical flooding during high tides will have its day and has forecast flex 48 hours i had here we've had a brief chance of shower or two in the north bay that will come wednesday but christmas looks ago be on track for nice day next few days after that will fuel a good as well. >> : the cbot and the forecasts as a worker with to consolidate what were temperatures will be this afternoon i will be back at some 45 to complete forecast. let's go over the
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news again. >> : thank you the spirit of giving a lot to day as it marked the mark securities stores and not need for toy giveaway. enough toys for all kids live with the latest >> : about 4000 to store for them they've made the quota 17,000 toys this year for what reason behind and asking the public to come down to a car here in san jose donate online of needy families showing new what's behind me bees people as early as midnight even though the toy giveaway will happen sometime o'clock this morning that in line just to make sure they got the first items and will have to get two books and toys got the child to learn to read at all sewed to get their hands on some of the items out
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there watching home one make sure you come down here and give toys for teenagers. easy to give toys to toddlers babies as well. and all the kids we need they need your love as well. what time did get here >> : we borden but wasn't just much >> : and not so much of course of church rather take the money be something else pit bulls tonight ends meet and that's why you conceive she's here lester blanket in the overnight hours that some people here at sacred heart are coming up so generous not just with toys and the affection but coming out
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passing of coffee as well and it more reaction artie to weeded out and donate cash you come down here just follow me on kron 4 will trend on on that page year's loss at its leave condone a >> : 738 other news for following for your old girl was only half a heart is going to have quite a nice christmas thence to a very generous oakland raider offensive liner donated his chest from yesterday's damp so little in the areas family visiting the team's facility to come to the raiders game and losses jester made even more generous when he realized of the ball players going to pay during the 17 weeks of the mouth all season. and this one gift amounts to $18,000. on to us a fake field on irish captain seemed to inspire the silver
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and black yesterday said called the buffalo bills the plate for playoff spots oakland 1910 fourth quarter and the bill sports bettors 22 points after this. traders had answers for the bills all afternoon and this about the touchdown oakland going on a win 26 to 24 not the bills out of the playoffs and the raiders were in the third straight home and won three other last five and coached coneys abroad notes next week will be right back as colorful morning news continues >> :
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in hot spot lands on wall low-grade from marin city. traffic backed up all the way to the timber on exit and approach one hour from a bottle in the san francisco to its shutdown not expected before o'clock may take longer than that. here's
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what was trending on social media people bomb triggered twitter to the get their reaction proust to reading and if they wonder if the pro athletes supporting the ambush and nypd officers on betting in now. other person 20 up this. so sad very disturbing let's pray for the family's safety of the officer's son love executed what nypd last but not least was offered weeding out recipes nypd got their family isn't spread love among six other global scale. more on others and as your thoughts on the story kron 4 news are back with more on whether traffic after the break >> :
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heading in rainier beer richmond bridge the ride still slow here at the toll plaza and backing up the right onto interstate 580 for the westbound richmond ride. now at the overall
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weather center get an update from james fletcher. >> : start off with a beautiful golden gate bridge on the favored times to view the bridge when you get the low fog in the tar signal above all and was be some sunshine was as high above the so we expect to enjoy later on today bay area wide. in the meantime of fog to and a half mile visibility now but oakland 10th of a mile visibility of russia bay bridge this morning solid since the early morning hours here still the case now about noontime according to the fog to begin is clear tide also big here weather front excessively high tides this morning in small morning be angelo ties today tomorrow afternoon. so expect here fourth next couple this with possibility here of flooding low-lying areas missing as in years past
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areas in green where we expect those crews potential flooding issues to be and a big in the north bay to the coastal areas of san francisco bay shoreline to pictures stop that been upper 50s across the bay area. it took to the truce is to climb as high pressure in play in the clause weather to the north. gulf leave us with the damages and an upper 60s approaching some degree mark in places like oakland 70 their care 64% francisco said house said. long range forecast and there on the bay analysts estimate could roll through wednesday majority use it well to the north could get a few drops and no. as a comes on through and watching the fine-tuning forecast is the get closer to a cluster this point as the sale looks great in those next few days after holiday weekend looks fantastic handed tom ho and will have your some accounts
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here pour coming up tuesday was a thursday the keep you up their lives conditions up and saw how >> : former employee is sorted pictures and attainment + lawsuits will unless the security breach with sonny negligent because it and prepare for mass of cyber attacks. instead of warnings previous security breaches. attorneys for former employes of the hacking expose workers security numbers my confirmation salary history. entrees as $47 and kern former sony employees all personal data made public >> : the designs in the u.n. security coming meeting in committee rights leader could be held accountable following united nations investigation alleging crimes against manatee and it also north of the stations possible for the sunny hacked and now the
7:51 am
packers' third inning as ever attack on u.s. government friday fbi said they found evidence of the sony hacked came from north korea from the government in north korea continues to deny the bridge the threat to pull the movie. and the movie behind us number of celebrities are upset over the revision a pulley interviewed north korea as censoring what movies americans concede >> : surf " a clear view fresh off fear loathing and showbiz second on an undisclosed settlement as a mentor cluny's the sun news anchor most of on this issue. live up confirm we're on the petition not support for sony that powerbrokers assigned. and given to these criminals now will open the door for any group threaten freedom of expression
7:52 am
privacy personal liberty but deadline hollywood reports no executives signed the " cluny letter after the sunday attack >> : . hills private stuff cost study been interview from feeders. such is appointed want to see the movie think this is the wrong thing to do i hear in the film else streep silicate of the couldn't show the interview that said no more on-screen movies for me >> : perhaps not for anyone insiders predict new chilling effect on controversial is the film's subjects sucre thriller products and austria also just gets scratched >> : and and civilians have anything to do that region perceived as being north
7:53 am
korean chinese are on people are talking about >> : hollywood set throw again of show biz triple threat after writer/producer. and big profits pineapple express this is the and possible to make the interact more than hundred million worldwide. it $is cannot save unless they're available boards sunset >> : the center of angry and nervous hollywood >> : will be back with more news with a traffic couple minutes and big news is traffic and rocks of highway 1 01 in marin county getting in san francisco over golden gate bridge and the continuing on sfo in looks like you're of the los trip of fog science does as well over at their par will be right back >> :
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family from lester a country's record for emotional number and checking out their homes and more than 60 belsen christmas balts. festive decorations 17 years ago and of the whole time. continued at a dazzling display making their home where the city's biggest christmas interactions >> : position celebrates 20 years take a loss bay is for the celebration coming up and attack the poor. >> :
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the wall the great college longer will be here and affects the morning commute coming up a live report.
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please across the country will be on guard after a city officer gunned down execution-style. i some bay area weather traffic and the thick fog showing up for on the bay as going to see flooding tide as well more weather traffics and had >> : the morning and were here with the a question where it is doing there off the school. his lecture with more >> : any notes i it's not ready with the foggy out the window and the parents look out the ec the heavy fog here and looks like this all morning long but for a lot of photos is commuted the sentences got a vocal and it's been pretty heavy. and caldecott tunnel all the way
8:01 am
up. all the way down a similar tale bridge. fog is to be there as well fog in and at the tide. for the wetter weather areas the foggy morning hours of sunday mild and the forecast level of code for to their fourth set with 20 fun giving way to nice afternoon but the times impacting for the shoreline in coastal community today with tides it's the king tide that's when all planets a line where the gravitational pull the strong will start a normal and as a result tide little bit higher bonus see a slowing rate get nuisance flooding since or urban spots as well. according to our morning and it's gone >> : a look ahead wednesday little system of business is this a looks dry and looks like bill of the forecast on christmas and extended outlook coming up and 50
8:02 am
mess. in the meantime here is look where temperature should be today not badman upper 60s with oakland getting a close the 70 degree mark. photophore cast a 15 and now let's and over and stand by with traffic related story >> : really getting a lot of progress with 1 01 just above the golden gate bridge as a credit to marin san fransico and problem as more the work the more is to be done live with a look at this and also the doing to do the commute. discuss a slowdown. there are visually making progress. if conceive most of the debris of the two right lanes there to huge amounts of raw rocks trees even a light pole that laurent their land over to the two right lanes the south, one between rodeo and spencer waldegrave. now comes the but but this right
8:03 am
here want a mess of boulder you see right there have been trying to dig around and try and get out it's not budging or being told now is a guy have to get a another piece of a coming out here a large hydraulic jack hammer to break that up to get that thing broken up in a small lot of pieces that can lead in the check here and get out >> : will the check a here >> : and do not now can tell yet all started around 2:00 a.m. today and our and it's been in traffic since then two right lanes blocked off starting marin city about mont half more on that traffic is backed up for miles and the north bay. and so if you can try to avoid it if all possible. as soon as the gemara updated information about when they expect that second piece of equipment to get out of here. how much longer it will take once it does get out of your will take care of this will pass along that. and up chp officer
8:04 am
says that they will not open the lines of traffic still that boulder is out of the way you can see how close is this a land of traffic it's just not safe and they don't want to close one lane of traffic they want to care of it so it may be long and 10:00 a.m. and do not know but right now look question but we do know there and have a huge effect on the morning commute in the north bay >> : george's given me don't hold your breath of a lot more to be done and the clock now looks like a somewhat optimistic exhortation for estimated time of opening >> : in the back up has continued to grow reaches beyond tech run boulevard and backing toward court monday at almost back up now the star france's boulevard in the southbound direction to try to i'm currently at 61 minutes for the south on trip from highway 37 all the way leading down to the golden gate bridge. most all of that is going to be spent
8:05 am
in the back of leading down to this incident as the to let ratlines shutdown >> : also affecting the rise now approaching highway one no one so city's streets are starting to back up try and get on the mill valley high one. and or also going to suggest you may actually want these dry times and consider using richmond bridge all over the bay bridge and back up there using just a little bit for a second walk in this report at the golden gate bridge pre is still foggy but the traffic is light across suspense of the come on the bridge way it's going to enjoy it i'm not getting from bridge with respect up through sausalito. here's a the bay bridge dried also in the fog this morning with the advisory but most of the heavy traffic is on 580 not 80 or on 84 freeway. in a commute to the san mateo bridge which we hoped here for being a little lighter than usual actually did not
8:06 am
turn out that way dry times over 22 minutes and the foggy trip here as well. >> : bank you george another one here about the tide coming and officials warning voters the stars to watch out for these contests as they expect today is to its smallest but highs today expected to peak this morning after about 1030 and likely means flooding low- lying areas or on the bay the coast and a colossal flop adviser for three this afternoon watter from locations along coast and the bay. the kings had caused by the alignment simon and the it creating the most extremes' falls of the year. and that has some software. couple stories are following the departments across the nation on alert this morning after tunic city police officers shot and killed over the weekend. at the researchers were shot point blank wall a squad car was parked and the status a neighborhood. and as years trying to find out whether the gunman is now killing over protests
8:07 am
and police killings >> : had been us 19 times as families police said it commenced aside last year also shot and injured his ex-girlfriend and, of baltimore before killing officers committee members paying respects the police officers >> : and given what's going on is really sad but everybody is not only the police this year to protect us and they got ambushed. >> : this scares also keeping close eye on social media posting because people said that he was looking for retaliations over recent cop killings and also was reportedly told passer-by he they should watch what he was going to do moments before the shooting >> : a 07 still had on the kron 4 more news for guidelines
8:08 am
still coming out for drug safety have details on that and the terrible to watch adopted by kron for your 7
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the times over 60 minutes and let up now living on the wall low-priced almost the seventh step straight ball park at the up beyond self
8:11 am
what about 101 ride and drive * just continue to grow. my worry is a richmond bridge even with the back of the bay bridge toll plaza draws a campaign gives drug users information they need to operate safely and responsibly. comes and concerns a small man aircraft interfere with a large planes. safety education needs to happen to improving keep their ways it. to be an eye on forecasts and the thought the officer got there to pick a which a purchase as lukewarm coming up in a minute >> :
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the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. all this rain here been sort the sierra kirkwood incredible conditions reported 33 in. of news not just the past week. so far this dec. 51 in. of new snow at the base of 85 in. at the stop and great border this year nice sense for weather and bay area again up to avoid traffic >> : is pretty good here in terms of whether noranda speak of but the fog is up there and
8:15 am
at the san mateo bridge and the other is not hard look at with his play out not here but other parts the bay as well in and see here visibility how bad is in some spots. to mile visibility nappa 3 nessie's been like this all morning long >> : bridge for fog in new putting today in ties and this is for tomorrow morning high tides anyway very well cause low lying areas the flood committee is along the bay shoreline along the coastline but this is up for possible slip sit watter and higher than normal on the bed. and everything green more susceptible instead big part of that by the coast and by the shoreline at some deal for severance is the bay shoreline pencil cosign. denver 1058 today and giver
8:16 am
take a few minutes spend more on larry or they water level with the highest court today >> : celebrate our perspective high pressure of the bay area rain will the north and clouds really will be an issue for this afternoon and this afternoon will see really nice images 63 a or 17 oakland 64 instances up. after san jose mid-60s and east bay and upper 60s to north bay. all on all get great afternoon and expect a very similar one all tomorrow wednesday there is little system of pushing through impacting just north bay but recognize on it. as a closet to will fun forecast for now anyway but wherever just ran for the up. were seeing on christmas for all up the good. and this is a fellow said a summit or look of fantastic as well first of maintenance and high in the upper 50s and low 60s. is whether now let's find out about the command >> : what people could get caught in try to the airport from
8:17 am
marin county this morning. by the closure of the two right lanes on 11 southbound here at rodeo. it it could cost cost you an extra hour or more. to lynn struck down on the wall below grade and not looking like they're going to be able to get it reopened at 10:00 as they originally estimated but the back up now reaches almost the surf france us a straight boulevard when no one softbound and underspend about 45 minutes to an hour difference there francis drake boulevard on the wall boat wreck could take you one hour this morning and the rest of the marin ride not so bad to the dallas the the center and early recurring problem in all made adult product. fog again up and down all of the back. traffic so i hear not a real factor here is the on the shore freeway leading
8:18 am
down the break occurred onto the deck was bound. visibility is very much restricted that might be safe for you the travel of the monarchs posted speed you could be overdriving visibility at that rate. tracking ride san mateo bridge. boy hard to see how traffic as but the sensors indicate that the drive ties are still 20 to 22 minutes from hay were all laid 7 tel. the heading of the richmond bridge. westbound ride that's so bad now on the back up easing here even coming out of richmond on 580 westbound. he's bound all turn into the golden gate bridge and the traffic is still pretty light. >> : and world news 20,000 people taking shelter in malaysia after airport for a day and now flooding earlier yesterday more than 20,000 people 70 evacuation centers
8:19 am
and more the number people use and shelters has gone down slightly and you see the water has not. water and one area already exceeded the danger level and they say were this is some slang missing i decade could get worse this week more rain is in the forecasts >> : that the bay area officials and redwood city helping people the the displaced by the flooding in the other it worse flooding a mobile home parks. the storms led the back up drains broken homes watter made its way over a wall. residents impacted can visit fair oaks community center hoping presence there from 8 to 11 the morning when the for an afternoon to out and borrow. city officials come in the meeting scheduled tomorrow night for residents of a mobile home parks. starting social media this morning we have a good teabags by paying tribute and training on twitter an update for
8:20 am
your first thoughts last week at the terrible doing well passat eddie's boy wrote off one of espinoza families of the photos of the two year-old this morning the banking con 4 news they saw eddie on our show a decided to adopt him from the humane society on september rally. they say eddie is doing really well also adjusting just fine they add they love him so much even though he's so far he has great parents >> : greg up ready to let somebody believed in him >> : and for what a happy dog to another check this out the pool will doing happy dance and the video has now gone by roland facebook and he's got some moves. the how lot of information jumping also not a lot of information on the stop recording abuzz feed something interesting
8:21 am
underlines how they dance to the feat is sent try to get out >> : saw had more speculation say about jim harbaugh future sphere ♪
8:22 am
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is 24 now the 49 is wrapping up the displeasing as arafat was on a cardinal sunday as o'bannon o'bannon porcelain niners might be gearing up for some huge changes. believe us stadium kinmen upbeat welcome here $25 million deal and are reports that there could be ready to a cut the head coach of gregorian seven the last year with the miners can of the final season to be played at home against arizona of the up the first rumor regarding harbaugh coaching somewhere else mexican report early trend to lower the head coach back to the tallest ranks to the
8:25 am
tune of six years 48 million now were chicago bears could be in the running at the are looking to rebuild them reportedly on the bridge bumping starting quarterback jim cutler that if the is cut from the forty-niners he could caught within 48 hours the last game played here at the by stadium. >> : they loaded the best then florida 11 people injured. struck by lightning at for the tampa bay buccaneers of what football game in the parking lot this happened after for yesterday afternoon. officials say it is not appear anyone was treacly struck by lightning but the strikes could up rocks grovel in a few people got knocked down after that. spectators ran help those injured at for ambulances took them to hospital. >> : and still had on kron 4 morning news toy giveaway as sicker park community services in san jose
8:26 am
families in need a live report end of day on not rockslide close down lanes going on the golden gate bridge from marin county jury the work being done >> : taking live look here at once to get through that again over the bridge you can see as you look up there bridge is stock in >> : tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand,
8:27 am
or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people. right here in san francisco.
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whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. working clorox lot how one heading toward the golden gate bridge from marin county and jackie's showing us the works and jackie and i know you've been an official it looks great opener up. >> : , now let them know you know they have done a ton of work
8:29 am
out here in fact in see the from water right here continues to pick up rocks and debris into the dump truck right there that had over 30 of those trucks already removed and each one of those holes 8 to 10 yds of debris and they needed it removed about 300 yds of this and not done yet unfortunately does not tell us there and be done anytime soon all the debris is clear out of most of the planes southbound 101 between rodeo and spencer all the great as that thing right there was a solid single boulder the cannot move and can get the thing out of the way they can't break it up so have to call and hydraulic jack hammer but one aspect to read that thing and a more manageable pieces before they're able to open lines of traffic now just had a chance to talk to a spokesperson from chp and
8:30 am
answered your question in what one opened to traffic now. as of earlier it was moving. coming concerned what we don't want is like this across the lanes have it start getting warmer out and brought crumbles' rep tech and lands are the first time in nine to close them when ronstadt >> : and mitchell's spot was taken of some people by 10:00 a.m. again o'clock right now it's 30 an hour- and-a-half. and the second piece of equipment has not out here yet so tech clock may be a bit optimistic as far as north the coming of forget about our real waste of traffic backed up for balls your bad heart closure two right lanes at marin
8:31 am
city and the back up much farther back to the north and that obviously it is monday morning good news with a decent whether it obviously it that meant a tremendous amount of rain came down compromise the hillside and when we give information it see that second piece of equipment get out here and get some sort of time estimate will pass along to you but unfortunately a lot a lot more to do. i say it ain't broken pacific's is very stable and could be risking the future not going to go that route even though that could reopens the check in traffic of to him a little bit and talk up the drive times as tech said a ticket to sit longer because of this action won a one >> : one back up right now treats us awesome of ballot. >> :
8:32 am
foot traffic backup looks like because of the mud slide extremely slow going won a one southbound here mill valley. traffic is going anywhere from 13 5 mi. per hour. this because the mudslide people getting off the freeway taking the cedar road over here by the cable car coffee it travel lodge no valid. unzipping by income making go-arounds what is backing up the traffic. people's bidding on this lake tingling making go on because of corsica and this is the mudslide there is us a little be aware if you think and get off the freeway and of what was going on wise a parking lot out on 11 that's not the case will be backed up for
8:33 am
quite some time. not an alternative route to go around to the problems facing won a one southbound again this is a closer look at mill valley and the back up because of the mud slide in sausalito. this time out and tell people how far back as. ellis tech back up reach all away to sir francis drake boulevard now is starting to back up beyond servant fraises triple r 11 southbound and look at that traffic centers updating back up now be on to their almost to interstate 580 and the drive time from the beginning of the back up here half now just over one our informants is back up will continue to grow to you in marin county a little later another commutes and don't generally hit the peak
8:34 am
of traffic until the golden gate bridge until about 84850 so were seeing a lot more traffic heading this way a especially try and get to the airport this morning trying to build and for now i would say an extra hour and a half and a morning wears on you need to increase that time. heading for the golden gate bridge you'll find of course once to get through easy right here you'll find that the richmond center fell bridge to see the bay bridge but still has the back up from interstate 880 all the way to upholstery. alliance the forecast level of the bay bridge approach that has been stopped and all morning long the fog fairly persistent here and also seeing elsewhere bay bridge has been particularly bad and were showing it to you this morning and not terms of whether for today and beyond areas of fog and the
8:35 am
morning. we're looking as and conditions and the fog will parkin season isn't loose gun temperatures amid upper 60s tomorrow or the same more clouds and fog followed by mild sunny afternoons and temperatures now for today's tomorrow we do have a high tide deal with much as any high tide the king tied between it will be much higher than normally is so you may have some new flooding in our urban spots like parking lots and things were the sea water gets little too high. i'll go up tomorrow morning and then beyond that wednesday we do of the storm system rolling through we could get sprinkles in the north bay and maybe over till the early morning hours christmas morning but the bulk of christmas day itself for some pretty good in terms of but in for dry breezy afternoon. are going to watch the forecast requested for you and stick around the trees and they extended in the full check of forecast a 815. tears come o'clock the temperatures were the get this afternoon and again in upper 60s across the good bit of the bay area. that's the forecasts now back to
8:36 am
the news >> : >> : this morning police on the scene of a deadly acts and in the east bay-rubin has latest now from dublin. >> : chp roadblocks set up for miles around the spot where highway 4 at the oilfield for taking a little bit endured as the 433 this morning involving two cars several other people to in the hospital. there's debris all over the roadway so there could be times for this roadway reopen but we have seen the corner and attending to embody the also have chp on seen marking down evidence spots in the debris is ct piece the other exactly what happened to and again highway for still shut down both directions at that belfort rode we did the film lacks a >> : and spirit of giving art committee's service members opening its doors of families in need for a toy giveaway but aren't not enough toys for all kids will try and live right now the latest >> :
8:37 am
the start of the day there was down 4500 toys but volunteers people showing up there making a huge and and and they're making ends here and starting off professed dropping off toys watching this asking themselves what can i do to help. as kathy why did you come down here. so compelled to come down and donate a sub boxes come out as you and daughter that use a sturdy and need she is now independent and up on kron we just want to give back. we brought a lot of special clothing cleaned out the causes and hopefully it will help what people. >> : but there's a line all you go. and more people dropping by a lot up of the toys in donations to look at that the background you can also
8:38 am
see their bikes and when they're down a few hundred bucks as well. the like to give back to the teenagers and their staff here saddling and in those who are, some sought to settle want to make sure their bikes are safe when the kids come here the donations to give away will begin at 10:00 this morning and really quickly look at this people actually started showing up around and not be on this be on the gates there's a line that runs from the building and they got here because they wanted to make sure the first crack at some of the items they think their kids would want. >> : still ahead here on morning news early christmas present for commuters as gas prices continue to fall. we should prices from the bay area and four year-old girl a special holiday gift from oakland raider >> : positions over 20 years
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
quintessence gallon national average of $2.47 and the predicted gets prices will likely keep falling as oil price drop and the record price of gasoline now lowest level in more than five years this we see on the bay area and an idea of a good price senseless go on that
8:42 am
2980 consent clause 86 a gallon >> : watching to applause up the bridge here for westbound ride. but the macarthur mae's track time still burning or 20 minutes ticking the bay bridge alternate to the seven city crumbled a bridge at an extra 40 minutes to drive time. and for morning news will be right back >> :
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
with station celebrating in las vegas and is tech report >> : this edition the best- selling game counseling history but falling goes back to 1994 when first was introduced recently fans decide upon las vegas for a two day event called place station experience. about the tech report third concelebration. >> : are now focused on the best party and come from the country and are on the world's and waiting for a moment to launch an experience like best show for the pact with games
8:46 am
immediately hands on place asian/the passion carmakers' plans and is really good plan see blood not exclusive stuff offered amazing coz technology grown so much in 20 years attended the graphic part in san now >> : there was coming the other if this really cool it's wonderful. >> : a testament to the commitment to taking what they have an idea and making
8:47 am
it reality >> : exciting to beat a gamer this time >> : the unveiled the 20th anniversary limited edition ps or comes in the classic gray color some gamers have come to love. learn more about the place safe and transport the web site tech report got to be >> : tracking big delays to the to marin county 81 minutes an hour 20 minutes during kelly and a bottle down to the golden gate bridge and this is the reason why the two airlines shut down here waldo and they have been since the early morning hours and the at the beginning of a rock slide back up from this incident now reaches all the way to san or fell. it's up overcall cartel for the southbound on the drive time over 66 minutes just to
8:48 am
get through the back up down to less dry land coming off at marin city and a backup build from there. for the golden gate bridge and right here at 880 westbound. still backed up and the macarthur man's to take richmond bridge a gun have to contend with this and your right to the san mateo bridge highway 92 still in the fog as is your trip by the way to the dumbarton bridge fog advisory as been issued their and visibility year's zero richmond bridge things clear out pretty well for the westbound ride. no longer back up at the toll plaza and that means no longer back up through richmond on interstate 580 for the westbound ride. join dario james and the weather center together >> : at the stop trading in time for kids and making two hours and i had this thing and the fog. i know sfo
8:49 am
visitors for the holidays end delays >> : in the ports of an hour matter of fact and what you see here: the bridge the fog said selig down the peninsula down the airport and 66 minute delays for flights coming sfo because of low visibility and a problem that oakland san jose as usual. problems there at international also seeing a thick that sfo 2¢ a mile across the bay and oakland and just half a mile visibility and picture they're just as bad. this is been the approach shot to the bay bridge all morning long and this is bennett not improved at all. it's right up a bit because of the fog we of course have sunshine in the old coming down in spades later on this afternoon. just a while before the fog is here visibility will be on the foresight. and of the thing to mention a ties. we have exceptionally high tides for the both today and tomorrow morning. and for those working tide and the earth and moon and sun all >> : just right. in the garden vegetable is a stronger. and
8:50 am
just are the normal ties which could indicate in the end flooding for you in heaven because of bay shore line or the cosi other in the north bay in the peninsula. the high tide and hits the right about all the clocks morning. between now and then the water will be on the rise and you notice of the low-lying parts and less and and the water will start getting in the upper 50s right now. in the will replace that with what's more temperatures in fact your 70 degrees because of high pressure. coming forecast again and then keeping implement water to the north and as a result were left with a civil air and some chairs today that will look like the streets about mid upper 60s maybe even 70,000 oakland will for 65 pleasanton 64 for will 7 cisco and for san jose this afternoon. here's the san forecast you flying in yoga and for other was evil weed is wednesday. bill little bit of racism that will be mostly to the north. it could get little bit of
8:51 am
impact in north bay if possible and as far as these day peeling showers again this is for wednesday. and may trail into early early thursday but i think when most is like up which could see was of that kind of spirit to the imf forecast as it gets closer to the folks and a high interest in what will be like this mistake. friday beyond that will be a fantastic. >> : that's the forecast >> : into attending sporting. we have baby it backs and out nypd trendy on twitter and a family and then are one week after traffic offense of the city seized in march place. 23 year-old bride mcnall is the time out running set on the the country according to reports and some member at marshall plan for the wedding photo should take place in the city but they were half after the recent events the made her bouquet moral the crowd broke out in the plaza and the photos you
8:52 am
see here replacing her a bouquet and and that moral. that's been going fire all on twitter. a month for old girl born of one heart is gotten quite a gift for a very generous oakland raider. malik whats then donated his chest surf from yesterday's game raiders won donated to a but family visiting the team's facility and had to or to the game and the just for a lot to. he is a family that he is and now we've got to them and give his paycheck. now get paid during the 77 nfl season so at all after-tax is a gift announced $18,000 >> : on the field on recasting can't seem to inspire the silver and black. buffalo bill sparring for playoff spot. and up in the fourth quarter the bills for raiders only to at this point. and the raiders had
8:53 am
answers for the bills all that. responding with a touchdown oakland winds 2624. and now knocks the bulls out as a playoff contention in their first- round game at of the last five on the coax stories brought the when the season next week indefinitely >> : if you do not know what's going on the bay area sports. we need to catch up a great way to the sunday night with a sports and light show to look at what you missed that sunday >> : . yeah off to an amazing star what is your opinion on what this team so good so far. >> : all the rest came through and came up with a good mindset and the to get better and the system. we all bought into it and all came and in regard >> : to freer gave you of a scoring machine. in terms of points per minute as coach kurt bunch of little confidence or just being more aggressive. matter
8:54 am
mind-set more focused >> : tech out is what i've and as every sunday right here on kron 4 9:00 or after the news >> :
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is losers tell apple is cashing in on the smallest-6 and doesn't come with enough memory. and in vallejo man found dead along interstate why investigators have not ruled the case out of a homicide. >> : and then look at bay area bridges heavy fog as evidence here on the san mateo bridge with a back up on the bay bridge and
8:58 am
problems in iran. with a rock slide in sausalito back into mascot for morning news continues >> : continues >> :
8:59 am
9:00 am
jackie lyophilic the problem of the rockslide 101 to marin county. and more problems yet king tituses along the coast and not from
9:01 am
the advisory. and a bay area fog morning commute and as for the man close eye on fog impacts along traffic. >> : but the bay area weather and traffic problem with the big rockslide blocking lands 101 soft on before all loads how jackie lime, seeing with the latest as one big rock >> : and appears as though off the mail lot of progress and actually have made a lot of progress. this from letter has been working well over two hours and taken away about 35 downloads of debris and came crashing down. in the two right lanes of southbound 11 around 2:00 a.m. this morning. if this
9:02 am
of work to do because of this boulder you see right on the shoulder is one of mass of color. o cannot move them because of that organ have to get a second piece of equipment a large hydraulic jack hammer the break that things ought and small manageable pieces and the morning commute here is rv toes answer gone. back up crucial clue but the goes beyond miles down that >> : fred jensen top of 654 minutes ago question was why not just open lanes of traffic and deal with this another time. this is the as a good answer >> : now pushing this thing as you saw earlier tractor may contact it was not moving. and heard the rocking crumble. " we do not want as
9:03 am
slaves this just like this lot so close a lanes have it warmer out and then brought crumbles and they go back to what right where we began. one make sure we get this cleaned up right there some and at the close of monitored today >> : is he right now work has stopped and then remove all of the degree can run that for this and was about 8 ft. tall by about 67 ft. wide and massive boulders out here right now. as you see from see if he did a one openly the traffic to leno is completely safe are rationally and i got out here are right around 4:00 this morning an initial estimate they thought they could get everything reopened by 10:00 a.m. hon hour from now and the second piece of equipment and hydraulic jackhammers not even out here yet. so you do
9:04 am
the math and we sit do this in the back of extend for several more hours. some bills and north bay has to get in san francisco. donald the toluol the hon patients or lead to later as right now this doesn't look like a go anywhere soon >> : the up back up normally exists in the morning. from nevada out down to and that back up that begins around hamilton field. in the south on direction hamilton hoff off ramp for self, want and we are now looking at our and
9:05 am
20 it set our 30 minute commute time. nevada and the golden gate bridge unless there right now would be from northern marin to take the richmond center fell bridge the drive time is really reduced. issue first golden gate bridge which is in the fog and of course because there are only two lanes open just north of the bridge no traffic issues in the span the bay bridge which was backed up and macarthur mays is no longer and drive time here 12 minutes that's why your best bet now from northern marin even central marin for that matter is north into one no one at 8 interstate 580 across richmond bridge these bay bridge to get the san francisco or even toward sfo. and travel distance i could probably say sometime >> : continuing flow of traffic
9:06 am
over highway for after deadly accident earlier this morning dan has the latest from brentwood >> : live the kind live a 17 year-old young man driving a white pickup truck along with a female passenger who also 17 years old that woman walked away unscathed as did the other driver involved in the accident also driving a white truck he was driving as well. they not kurt sure to cause to be closed when traveling east on the other was down. up on that they say that it's not initially appear that drugs or up a whole or involving young man survives it was wearing his seat on known why he cross lands. so it's something that still investigation. now investigation continues what exact because those two cars to collide on highway for the bypass was shut down
9:07 am
for about four hours just reopening thing causing quite a traffic jam in this area >> : and more or related this morning bay area officials warning boaters and beachgoers now to be careful high tides. licking tide is expected today here samoa and what the content can be fun up parking lots and the settlement as. this means that some flooding problem for low-lying areas warm the house. and there is a coastal flood advisory now up to 3:00 this afternoon and water from locations and along the bay but he can tie caused by earth what the sun and moon and expected to create some of the most extreme swells of the year so as to any for more on that and what we expected >> : within will be dealing with the skin tech is not just today but also small. we do up the coastal flood advisory in effect and are going to expect higher than normal ties to america for the morning and afternoon hours. today and to three tomorrow expect ocean waves
9:08 am
over 20 ft. and as story just mentioned. we can see some flooding. in see potential low-lying areas it tomorrow and the other weather story for today as the fog. boy is a dense out there in some spots including the golden gate bridge right now and that's what coming to sing in this shot were seeing foggy conditions across the bay area to nevada of visibility down to zero. s.f. followed a tense oakland also attend the see no problems for livermore and san jose. visibility is clear but you are reporting cloudy conditions are now. down for the fremont hayward tree >> : was visibility as sfo reporting delays as well over north and this morning arriving flights due to the flawed. and more details of this is forecast coming up a little bit later >> : still had on kron 4 more news for dressing or not this is robin marcus nation. lenexa the morning loss of two police officers shot and
9:09 am
killed at point-blank range all sitting in a patrol car >> : a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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9:11 am
isn't discover long hours a 80 a life colette was please find the dead man and the street and there are investigating possible homicide now they were called to check on it was
9:12 am
seen as personal lie along the i a was down off ramp. did i sunday when police got there they discovered that there was a man how did not know and please parmesan was getting. others 40 year-old man from vallejo and up there. none knuckler we're waiting for the support on the death. >> : at this time please do not know it's the man may be with the victim of a hit- and-run or and invest as a consummate witnesses will test the area have seen something suspicious michael please. lent coming up. someone stole christmas tree. in the next addition of people behaving badly
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
tech in a drought in marin that has really bald up the 1 01 south fun ride back up and solidly now into center fell. drive times over an hour and enough. it had to talk the kron 4 jackie sizzling got the update. the news of the bad news >> : there is no good news. is of a equipment they need to deal with this older has come from petaluma >> :
9:16 am
the police escort available to bring it down so going to have to go to the same back up traffic to get to the scene and once it gets there it's going to take a few hours a get this 7 ft. by 8 ft.. >> : and to be out there during rivers kids and i probably less up with jackie says chp didn't even want to give their assessment that killed the time clock estimate. the city would be surprised if it still out there between noon and 1:00. >> : as from petaluma and brings about 27 minutes ago. >> : how has he had and could be out there for most of the
9:17 am
day. right now the best is the get and his san francisco could take richmond said the in the bay bridge. because we back up to rent accounts see it are just that bad. from a bottle is the good news out of nevada area. no longer backed up coming southbound out of nevada. and that's cleared out so the richmond bridge sets and take you probably 12 to 50 minutes to cross there. the shore freeway another 10 minutes at 12 minute back up in the bay bridge for the westbound right. and here is probably the timing ahead. traveling extra distance >> : in the truth is if you use as much gas is in backup driving really very wasteful said this is an idol. guess not so much the issue almost of us you prefer to be
9:18 am
driving rustling idle much better option will be back with more and a couple minutes >> : >> : of talk about some other >> : talk about some weather. >> : a better approach to the toll plaza at this august morning in his ability as for oakland right now placenta the mall for sfo. right now flights are the renown of what is is your visibility 1 mi. and nappa and no problems so far visibility of for livermore rally. san jose and mountain view to the peninsula. for some locations are now temperatures 54¢ discographies and san jose. the tech 9 livermore and lower 50s and santa rosa and a bottle. high pressure is
9:19 am
in control once the fog mixes up this afternoon to miss the public credit conditions temperatures in the '60s and even couple low 70's at the oakland you get the 70 right now and the publishing closed 76 to 90 days. 64 san francisco and the senate bill san jose. an elderly and archive upper 50s and 63 for any of. to get your kron 470 on the bay forecast. here is a fairly mild for the rest today's no major storms the talk about wednesday and only a slight chance for showers and to the north a fairly light dry you used to sleep like a champ.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
drop from 80 straight days that stunning. $20 for reasons 6¢ a gallon to most california under three and higher taxes the it to 47 saw a couple more of the pump would of time to get there. as nice between you and me and out there a little extra money miss the big difference in the year another christians present a christmas present and not from set a 72 weeks ago suckles relic typically the busy year but is going on opportunities tech news uralic people of wallstreet where people optimistic mode holiday tremont and the sorter rallies during the last six of the year we were in the year 084% on old
9:24 am
crisis and bring the stock market down or prices showed little bit of finance last week and said market up 5%. workers was due from facebook. the shareholder good couple weeks there. the bull years ago is the middle of money on farm bill wallstreet was an attack and have much mobile no. 0 have told right stock market value toward the $27 billion. sudden all-time high. about whats up and cover of facebook must insure as of successful up instagram brought in a billion-plus dollars worth roughly 35 billion and facebook rocking and rolling and should have another good year ahead of them. very few ads and it's a very exclusive and advertises a wand we can all
9:25 am
be on the nice list or the nautilus but apple on an idealist the selling 15 >> : 046 a son of storage. a this 0.64 source larger files are meant forcing you to buy the phones videos phone storage is a and the bay by but one comes 1664 than a hundred 28 this time they will publish what have the old house existing ids are the we 32 a starter a bit better apple has a big problem because the charge money that for you and i again makes us a need more storage levels >> :
9:26 am
925 this lot on kron morning news the committee opposed raymond flags for the gunman who shot and killed two york city police officers on saturday. and then taking live look here what you can see the golden gate bridge just a car popping out of a stockton fog now and the big story traffic problem on the other side and recounts you or the oxide.
9:27 am
9:28 am
still is even though largely cleaned up here in marin county. jackie live
9:29 am
with the latest period and still to landlocked squirrel is back because not acted that there are done but there actually is a little bit of good news here. as well low-grade soft on 101 basically rebounded to one lane to where it rockslide occurred. and the debris in the roadway. they will clear up the debris in the roadway. but then you would save relatively quickly but of a three hour a huge boulder is the right on the other side does caltrans workers. you can preventing them from opening up when the traffic and basically the front loader the ec right there could not pick off four equipment. hydraulic jack hammer the red rock up and a smaller or manageable pieces. unfortunately that equipment coming from panama must up in the back up which means in initial estimates for reopening the roadways from
9:30 am
10 a.m. basically went down like that rockslide did. and last five minutes literally from lottery see their this concern slaming large boulder shipping off smaller pieces. and some of that has been broken up zero little bit any to see back out here they're working and what they're doing about half an hour ago basically waiting for the equipment. seoul 10:00 >> : this not happen new and maybe that's kind of the shooting. this point i would think it would get this thing broken up and hauled out of here you may be have a good estimate of the morning commute are wasted the back up goes for miles back on itself on 11 pass >> : . forecourt madera and that the boat trip down to in the traffic for marin city as a goes from four lanes on the
9:31 am
two of the blood come by this area is going slow some taking pictures by and complicates things caltrans is working hard to try to get this out of here. but this large rock just not cooperating at this point. thus on his suggestion. leges said just open and up its fine why mess with it by conceive bashing into a bidding war up out obviously it is to set a coming from up in marin county that's to assess us to continue to coverage down and north of the mill valley with the backup >> : is manila brutal commuted is to look here. southbound 101 the conceded drivers only going about one the 2 mi. an hour all because of the mudslides sausalito but said traffic backs up the
9:32 am
ambience >> : there's also this development because of the mudslide take a look this is redwood highway the butt of the oneself on people getting off to try it if they can escape was going on, >> : of course the problem the mudslide that going anywhere in fact they're just back up here and more stuck in traffic. m.l. >>:reporter police department says are outfitted traffic enforcement and right tech is a people's bidding along are behaving badly because of this back up again up here for awhile on this monday and it looks like the traffic is just getting worse as it unfolds and molly new life and the backup continues to grow on 11 southbound leading to this and then the back up coming out of nevada out as saw going on slightly leading into distancing continues to grow in regions now in the several central
9:33 am
fell on the fall. and certain to affect a ride down the hill from civic center and central center fell. in the drive ties are still over the minutes from a bottle down to the golden gate bridge. richmond center fell bridge would be a good alternative. if you do make it to the golden gate bridge is still belong to be fog shrouded here and fog advisory for the golden gate bridge for the better part of the morning. making over the bay bridge here's a look at it was bound ride thankfully no longer backed up and the macarthur maize and that's why it makes up for you this morning now than to users richmond center fell bridge richmond freeway and the bay bridge down to san francisco >> : and getting the the rest lime all conditions for the bay bridge as you just saw and then with the golden gate yes were still seeing quite a bit of thought out there for the 7 tel bridge
9:34 am
now reporting not reporting any fog visible your now and it really has not changed and oakland still down to attend the mile visibility a mile for annapolis still zero and a bottle. and see livermore san jose no problems visibility to scott skies right now also caught a redwood city passing bay down to 5 mi. visibility also watching the times today and the thais were watching as we get love advisor because not just suits did not also to tomorrow afternoon to o'clock and expecting higher than normal tides to the mornings and also the afternoon. we can see ocean waves over 20 ft. and also possible flooding for a low flying areas more details on the forecast when we come back including your holiday forecast coming cigar community services san jose opening a store the families in need for toy giveaway are
9:35 am
not enough toys for older children. will try and live with the latest >> : and the start of the day there were down about 4500 floors but making huge progress so many people stopping by donating up there not even letting people in the parking lot anymore instead going to the side of the building coming up the cars picking up the donations and looking for toys for kids of all ages especially for teenagers. we're little bit harder to satisfy. well locked on this direction look at the parking lot is very busy and the reason why so many bicycles are coming and erica was as if the north pole is in the south bay. there some the bicycles they would like to get still. the donations will last all day as well as tomorrow. usually by this time already meet their quota of 17,000 toys but this year already behind
9:36 am
for whatever reason the speculation possibly people procrastinating to do what they need to do before they stop by and as you can see there is as a lot of some developers restaurant parking lot helping out and just ride around the corner people in line waiting patiently to get their hands on some toys. people reach out asking whether could be some people here for freebies upset it hard this said no way we pre register them we look them a look at their income and work out all the people come by definitely needy families >> : to see people come up here at the help of a last-minute >> : the continuum of the morning ms. were looking at the back up that is not that here at the bay bridge the fog is prefect and traffic problem has been over at the golden gate bridge try and get to has been over at the golden gate bridge try and get to recount
9:37 am
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>>darya: he has been arrested and is 19 times and he tried to commit suicide last year >>mark: will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues to charity scam will have details ahead a live look here at the bay bridge stuck in the fog would avail weather and traffic on the other side of the brick.
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ it's the time of year for making lists... at chevrolet, we've made it onto a few lists ourselves. in fact this year, we've been at the top of more awards lists than any other car company. now during the chevy year end event, put us on yours. choose an impala in stock the longest
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and get cash back for 20 percent of the msrp. that's over sixty-five hundred dollars on this impala lt. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >>mark: the lure for more than 33 in. of new snow over the past week is so far for december 51 in. of snow at the base at 85 in. at the summit while that was fantastic and available when the forecast. >> reporter: the morning to talk about that and as a
9:46 am
second for someone to talk about all this is what allowed you are sale across the bay area live look at the bay bridge across the toll plaza and the sea got a little bit of fall started to lift a just a little bit is still fairly foggy out there this morning and more looking at visibility not improve the whole lot effect for as a fog still down to one-tenth of a mile for visibility with major and lasting much out there three mines and hayward no problem there in san jose in livermore valley. >> reporter: looking at the door than a bottle of dom to zero and 1 mi.--navato. temperatures are not in the mid-50s in san francisco opera fit is a san jose 59 in livermore and still low 50s and santa rosa. here's a look at the satellite rare picture where say high pressure dominate the weather not suggest that over the next few days we got it to see partly cloudy skies once the fault has cleared out. * afternoon of the couple will seven is i
9:47 am
think of when you have a chance to get around 70 degrees 69 and apple 63 and then city and san francisco. and up to six if our friends in livermore and san jose. isn't kron 470 am on the they forecast pretty comfortable and relaxed -- the usual pattern of morning fog. >> reporter: sunny conditions with a mixture of cloud up there wednesday is the chancellor legacy may be some light showers primarily in the north back but it should be fairly nice in light no big deal is not impacted here travel to grandma's for your families for the christmas eve holiday christmas day looks really nice most sunny a lesson on to stay sunny and dry for the rest of your weekend with no problems for air travelers in the back home on saturday and sunday. >>george: perhaps there is a little bit better for the ride through more ran accounting for at least the outlook is better the conditions are still very
9:48 am
bad yes the backed up into san rafael is still our and have drive coming from senator fell to the golden gate bridge the better news is the giant boulder that had blocked this entire roadway and the road shoulder has been broken up by the rate that is on scene and they have amassed a broken up into small enough pieces that they nearly added clear out of the way perhaps the broadway opening by noon is a little bit more likely remember that a large piece of equipment that they were going to use was brought down and more from petaluma and had to work its way through the backed up along with all the rest of the cars of all 1 01 talk about. if >>george: again a look at the back of the the southbound direction you can see that it is still slow here coming out of center fell and 1 01 south armagh backing up for the civic center--senator fell
9:49 am
>>george: headed to the golden gate bridge no problems across the stand because there's so little traffic getting by and the bay bridge is light enough now that you want to use the russian bridge to get to the bay bridge that would make a good alternate 92 in the san mateo bridge does camille is cleared out no longer fall be an even better no longer any delays westbound and at the richmond bridge for the westbound ride no back up at the toll plaza which means no back up on 580 westbound adding to richmond and remember you to stay updated on this 11 arise out down by using the kron 4 web site or the kron 4 mobile application which is a free download for both apple and injured devices. >>darya: fremont police are looking for two people suspected of home invasion and robert it happened last tuesday on low and drive a man and woman into the hall pointing a gun at the woman who live there and they demanded cash and designer purses of police have just
9:50 am
released the picture a full they're looking for that considered they're not considered suspects the man and woman were seen soliciting well in the same neighborhood on the date of home invasion the to our claim to be with the children's share to organization they're like to find and talk to them. >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: what happened? we can next day in the industry was gone someone stole it who would still a christmas tree? maybe the church for some guy who is a jerk. >>stanley: on the corner it is decorated with christmas likes their decorations and place for christmas tree was set. there are photos of the real christmas tree that was part of the community and was decorated by the children of the excelsior district. what's left is
9:51 am
you a bit less like in the streets. was donated by math out the mission began with a great tree lighting we headed down into a of various groups and children it was really the committee come together even. >>stanley: all within not the strings that will secure the street the loss was still intact which means it was not on a to the secure the fees to the trade--these who took the christmas tree? >>stanley: who was still is a we did not know we had so many bridges out here in the district stop behaving badly. nowadays it would take anything >>stanley: directed his of the decorations and toss this one over the fence into the all repair shop is something we have to tell them is something that would supplant and they still cannot understand why
9:52 am
someone was still a tree that have been very compassionate and thought maybe the family needed a trip that was a situation so be in a they're always on the bottom rather than taking our community tree. >>stanley: there are people with her because someone's out of a fully lighted artificial tree. so this is not exactly and i said no but maybe the next trick might need the security while security for a christmas tree as san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>mark: a grid of the on a great store report last week added the terrible to walk is with his new family who sought his bar and they said the fall of the two year-old they adopted this morning thinking him because they sought 80 on our new cast. kaufhof he did i get along
9:53 am
with other dogs and is not like kids. they love him so much despite his barking. if >>darya: he is adorable. but >>mark: excited to know >>darya: thank you for watching the kron 4 morning news to give you a recap on the big story that we're following including weather and traffic always a big story on the kron 4 morning news more so today with the fog and in the traffic trouble across to the golden gate bridge. ♪
9:54 am
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9:56 am
♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ >>darya: hear some of the stores yet been following this monday morning the rockslide in marin county setting down part of southbound 1012 right-hand lanes could be closed until noon today before the rebels to get this all cleaned up starting at 230 this morning to see is tear
9:57 am
response to the democrats in the survey of one person was killed on highway 4 near the road on bird will that have been around for 30 this morning traffic is not back to normal police officers are being told to build what and where bulletproof vest. there killed at point-blank range to numerically city officers. the men have been is a disservice. >>mark: because sea a shower on christmas eve. a little not a lot drive for the rest of the 74 cast >>darya: thank you for joining us this morning to see you back tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. state-owned for dr. phil committee next had a good day.
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