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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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wild weather in parts of the than you might expect. whoataking a gun from his home -- heenan. tonight - the film maker shares her story - with kron 4.
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newspeak: my actual message is kids should nasa had access to guns at home. it should be locked up reporter>>: the school did not approve or endorse the video. they do not condone or support bringing weapons at any of any kind to school.
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newspe she says the toy gun woods was used in the psa. parents, keep your guns locked up. new speaker i want a safer world for kids. reporter>>:we want to know what you think. we've posted the p-s-a in its the conversation on our facebook page. we're learning more about the gunman who ambushed and killed two new york city police officers on saturday. authorities say ismaaiyl brinsley had been a bystander at a protest against police violence on december first.and recorded some of the rally on a cellphone. in online posts before the shooting, police say he vowed to
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kill police officers in retribution for the deaths of black men at the hands of white officers. meanwhile -- vigils calling for peace were held tonight. a rally in harlem called for an end to violence. people released balloons to honor the victims of all violence. and expressed support for the families of the two new york officers who were killed. some stood hand-in-hand with police officers.saying that "all lives matter." new york city's mayor has called on protests to be postponed until after the funerals for the officers. officers rafael ramos and his partner web-jin loo were shot and killed in their patrol car.. officer liu's wife spoke on camera today. "this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together, thank you"
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the couple got married only recently. we've also learned that the children of officer ramos will get help for college from a charity founded by the late new york yankees owner george steinbrenner. new tonight -- the gunman's family is talking publicly. his sister and aunt describe him as deeply troubled -- and suicidal. the speaker"we give our condolences to the family." the family did not answer questions about a phone call brinsley made to his mother on saturday - not long before the shooting. communities across the u.s. - including san francisco - have seen their share of
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protests against police. but that's a far cry from the ambush of officers. san francisco's police chief says that he and his officers are grieving for the two officers and their families he says his officers are now on a heightened alert, but he believes people in san francisco stand behind the department. speake the speaknew speaker>>
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he issued the proclamation for marin, mendocino, san mateo and ventura counties. those counties got severe damage to roads and highways because of flooding, and erosion. the declaration directs caltrans to formally request immediate federal assistance. there was a special homecoming tonight - for the people who had been evacuated from a flooded mobile home park in belmont. the flooding resulted in dozens of homes being yellow -tagged. tonight, kron4's j-r stone talked to families at the park. speaker>>:"lots of toys are left out a, floating away." stone
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i feel pretty sad for everyone, including me ghost toi got a puppy, are, ca. pyatter was worried, because i didn't think we could come back .
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program a flood advisory it's still in effect for the area. we're gonna see flooded roadways and parking lots, it's going to be mild temperatures in the '50s. tomorrow need to upper 60s. what could ruin christmas for millions of americans. also - which bart stations have the most crime. and doctors are bracing for what could be a bad flu season. the warning from health officials that could save your life. next
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flu season is here.and the virus is spreading fast. doctors in the bay area say this year could be especially bad - and they're urging people to get a flu shot before it's too late. the c-d-c says the flu is widespread in 29 states.but not yet in california. roughly 36-thousand people die each year because of the flu.
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r reporter>>: in utah, more snow is on the way. also heavy rains expected on the eastern seaboard. this could disrupt air travel and on christmas eve, also on christmas day. sfo officials say tomorrow could be the busiest travel
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jeff bush>>new speaker jeff bush>>: it was clear that more passengers than usual and will were making their way to this their christmas destinations. new speake new speaker:", " we get dropped
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off, since then check the begum dissuading her." jeff bush>>: there were a few hourlong delayed flights and coming from new york. mostly a good time for travel and. it was this move 99 to, but some of those storms on the east coast should be slowing down. things later down. car jacqueline bennett>>: will be left with sunny skies and mild temperatures, much like today. you can see the areas highlighted here and you screen.
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this goes until 3:00 tomorrow. will have rain returned to the bay area on wednesday. tomorrow morning it will be mild in the '50s, bill sea temperatures in the '60s for the south bay. 64 in san leandro. six he 5 in san francisco. wednesday of, we will see cloudy skies in the morning. this is going to be a fast- moving storm. by 4:00 it will be
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out of the south bay, so we're only talking about a few hours. things will be dry air as we head into christmas. it will be chilly in the morning, but it will warm up. so really only wednesday we will see rain and not that much accumulation.
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crimes investigator with the sanhe says he finds statements made by mcdonald in the search warrant puzzling. the woman says she woke up naked in mcdonald's bed but has no memory of what happened. the 49ers cut ties with mcdonald last week. he has not been charged with any crime. new crime information from bart shows which stations are the most dangerous. for you and your car. the analysis looks at 10 months of crime statistics provided by bart police. it shows violent crime rose 5- point-6 percent over the last year among all bart stations. serious injury assaults were up
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27-percent. and batteries up 26-percent. meanwhile.calls for assistance were up 10 percent. one bart rider was shocked to hear about the rise in crime. new speaker i: "aw well, that's scary." reporter>>: the powell street station was listed as having the most over- all crime. while the bayfair bart station had the most violent crime.
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stephen curry. ally oop to klay thompson who goes way up the throw it down!. 55-43 warrios 3rd quarter draymond green takes it coast- to-coast for the monster jam 84-69 warriors final: 128-108 warrors at kobe and the lakers tomorrow night at 10-1 the cal bears basketball team was off to it's best start in 55 years. and then number 6 wisconsin came a knockin. a search warrant affidavit revealed that aldon smith may
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have violated his parole by drinking alcohol with mcdonald the day after the alleged assault. and that could mean jailtime. in fact when smith was sentenced back in july on weapons and dui charges. the judge said that smith would immediately be sent to jail if he drank alcohol.or even went to a liquor store. stay tuned on this one. as for coach harbaugh and his future. misfeatur cincinnati to clinch a first round bye in the playoffs. peyton manning not his night in cincinnati
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4th quarter/ 30-28 bengals manning picked off by dre kirkpatrick who retuns it 30 yards for a tochdown 37-28 bengals final: 37-29 bengals we had a bowl game brawl today. take a look at the melee that happened at the miami joe thornton and the sharks on a 5-game win streak 3rd period/ 1-1 tie melker karlsson scores his first career on the slapper 2-1 sharks less than 5 minutes left sharks defensive breakdown and
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cam fowler ties it with the backhander 2-2 we go to overtime 58 seconds into o.t. ryan kesler scores the game- winner 3-2 ducks final: 3-2 ducks sharks end 5-game win streak at the l.a. kings saturday
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♪[ music ] high alert. after the assassination of two new york city police officers. >> this is crazy. two cops got shot in the head. >> is there a war on cops? >> this man was incited by the anti-cop racist rhetoric. >> what we've learned about the gunman, new video of his confrontation with k-9 cops. plus, first pictures of the ex- girlfriend he shot at the start of his murder rampage. then, about face. >> sony changes its tune on pulling the plug on "the interview." >> it will be released. >> dr. evil spoofs the scand.


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