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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 23, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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slow you down. >> catherine: a live look at the rose creek here the bay bridge with lot of traffic. the chp says this is one of the busiest travel days of the years for our freeways. >> catherine: the evening. i am catherine heenan triple at expects 90 million americans to travel 50 mi. or more this holiday season. but some of them are being delayed or rerouted because of rain on the east coast and snow in the midwest. so far today 3600 flights were delayed. and more than 600 were canceled. kron4 j.r. stone its like at s f o tonight with the latest on christmas rush j.r.? >> reporter: you have a lot of cutbacks. are you
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planning to stay for a few weeks? >> yes. we are. and we did get lucky. >> reporter: keep in mind the second busiest was last friday. some people had the luxury of taking the entire week off from work. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: at the oakland and san jose airport travelers were moving along on schedule. security lines were moving quickly. both airports have been delays and they do not expect any cancellations. it looks like smooth selling to your holiday destinations. >> catherine: the road are expected to be busy today. let's get over to grant lotus who has a look at traffic. >> catherine: grant?
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>> grant: richmond and san rafael bridge the not too bad at this hour. looking at real time speak you can see once you get through the toll plaza on both directions at the bay bridge is slow right now. san mateo bridge is slow also permit passing out of marin gave away from the city its low as well. after a day of shopping, there is still a lot of value to track the traffic throughout the night. --volume >> jacqueline: it is obviously helping, the weather conditions helping to get away right now with a 50 degree and 60 degree temperatures. however, we were warmer earlier. 65 degrees in concord and pleasanton right now so pretty still so still pretty
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warm and certain areas. it is to the clout heading our way. storm is headed towards christmas eve but that is the tail and up it right now. >> jacqueline: roughly one to 6:00 in the afternoon of the storm will appear. we will have the full holiday forecast coming up in just a bit! >> catherine: there has been a security scare during this busy travel week. several men have been arrested and accused of trying to smuggle guns on a flight from at latitude york city. brian noble has the details of how they were able to get past security.
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>> reporter: airport security is already a tedious process. now they are concerned that all that helpful to have dangerous flaws. >> that is not something you want to hear going on especially with the current trend of what is colon on or around the globe. --what is ago when all around the globe. >> reporter: two men are accused of conspiring to smuggle as many as 153 guns and ammunition and to nearly 20 flights that took off at atlanta hartsfield jackson international airport and landed at jfk in new york. >> i mean it really makes you wonder how safe it is to travel. >> reporter: eugene harvey
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allegedly used his security clearance as a black agent for delta, to bypass security to get the guns to a former delta employee. mark clinton henry, in a restroom. who then carried them on board to need york. >> reporter: harvey was arrested on saturday. henry was erected on december 10th after landing at jfk. >> reporter: he had about 18 guns and his carry on that and seven of them were loaded. but our record the dead by the federal public defender's office which has not commented. the brooklyn d they said the investigation was part of the larger effort to get legal guns off the streets. >> we were determined to get the source of these guns and that is down to georgia. >> reporter: all boarded assure travelers that
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despite the allied air travel remains very safe and washington i am lionel's reporting. >> catherine: an about-face by sony. mold movie gore and the bay area and elsewhere will not get a chance to see the interview after all. -- will now get a chance. the studio says that seth rogen and james franco satire of north korea will be out in limited release on christmas day. >> catherine: >> you are entering the most dangerous country on earth. >> catherine: for a comedy, the tilt of the interview has been as twisted as a spy novel. >> catherine: the massive head of sony's computers a
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threat of violence and the satire was released and the decision to pull the movie criticism from the president. >> i wish they talk to me first. >> catherine: and now. >> we send e-mail to them yesterday morning that if they change their mind we were ready to go. and lo and the whole last met on route 11:00 p.m. the news came in. >> catherine: the white house released a statement saying, the president applaud funny decision to authorize release of the ibm ". >> catherine: the film's co- star took the social media. the president and the people have spoken. >> catherine: the throat and added, freedom has prevailed. >> catherine: theater showing the movie say they
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will step up security creek >> grant: here in the bay area berkeley elmwood there has scheduled three showings on christmas day, more characters may join it. check kron4 that, for the letter listing. sony has said the movie will also be available through video on demand. >> catherine: north korea has denied it was behind the sun hat, but it is apparently paying the price anyway. the country internet service was interrupted again today. and i met him out to this followed a 10 hour shutdown yesterday. president obama had promised retaliation. but the state department is not about admit that the you ask was responsible. >> not assuming. i am asking creek
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>> reporter: north korea television has said nothing of the internet outages. todd day is the top story was kim jong visit to if this farm. >> catherine: still ahead tonight in mayor moved by the fda. why they want to end a three decade been on blood donations by gay and bisexual men. >> catherine: the tilt at 515. also a state of the march is the declaration means a much needed eight to marin county. >> catherine: tonight at 531 county officials hope even more is on the way and next wider tablet at bedtime may be messing with your sleep.
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>> pam: >> catherine: a new study from harvard reaffirms what we've always
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heard. playing around with your electronic devices before going to bed - won't help your sleep any. >> catherine:if you're reading from a tablet for example -- it could be harder to fall asleep. >> catherine:the study tracked both tablet readers and book readers before bed. >> catherine:the tablet readers took an average of ten minutes longer to fall asleep. they also had less deep sleep.and more of them complained of being tired the next day. >> catherine:keer-rig is recalling 6 and a half million of its popular single-serving coffee makers. the company says it's received 90 reports of burn- related injuries.
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>> catherine:federal health officials want to change a policy that currently bans gay and bisexual men from donating blood. >> catherine:kron 4's dan kerman is here with details on the new policy. dan? >> reporter:this ban was put in place 31 years ago during the beginning of the aids
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crisis and was designed to protect the blood supply.but now health officials believe it is not longer justified. >> reporter: and to a lifetime ban put in place 41 years ago. the activists is the lifetime ban was discriminatory. but the advance and testing is no longer valid by science. >> reporter: putting the u.s. and one other countries including australia, japan and the united kingdom. >> this is a step for and we will like to command command the fda for to get much pressure off of the community. >> reporter: the 12-month prohibition on sex is under
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is unacceptable. >> current >> reporter: testing will examine what has been in this system for 10 days. >> and to bodies will show up after three months. >> reporter: can happen sometime next year. they'll also revisited the want your donation bay and sometime down the road. >> catherine: the oakland writer and educator was hiking in the oakland hills on he was gunned down and the huckleberry reserve trills. today longtime family friend and host of kron4 bay area beckham road, read a letter to his wife.
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>> david was a warm and kind, and gentlemen dell was a teacher and journalist he would say member of his church and volunteer. he helped make so many people battered through education. we all know that there is too many violent crimes. but in our hiking trails on broad daylight this happen to anyone that there are no safe havens from violence. i agreed here today not just for my family but all family at all communities that have lost a loved one due to random acts of violence i stand with all agree the grieving widows across the country. we wish to thank
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everyone in oakland for the outpouring love and support and we hope that someone will have some information to share with the tip line to prevent more deaths. >> catherine: you are looking at police sketches at 8 per cent of interest spot it in the area it when he was killed. they are hoping that this will lead to an arrest. >> catherine: the teenager killed in a crash in brentwood yesterday on highway four -- has been identified. 17-year-old mario castro had been driving when his truck drifted into oncoming traffic and hit a utility truck head-on. >> catherine:castro's truck flipped over and nearly went off a highway overpass. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> catherine:a 17-year-old girl had been a passenger. she was injured - but is expected to survive.
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>> catherine: charles? >> reporter: 80 collapsed that became worst. with our helicopter crash of abc said the news you can see right here on the screen creek 200 seats of horizontal bar that started to collapse under the the trail. about 1,500 ft. of the land's end trail. the good news is that there there is a detour the people to take up the stairs and over the area. i've talked with the national park service to state that it will be closed for the weekend because of the wet weather that we are expecting tomorrow. >> will see what kind of effect it will have on the saturated hillside. and then
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we will make the call. >> reporter: the other thing that could delay with repairing the trial is that several staff is off because of the holidays. >> reporter: charles clifford kron 4 news >> jacqueline: yes, we broke all records today. you see on the left side of the screen. wii shattered the previous record at s f o by four degrees. four degrees warmer than the previous record in oakland as well. today was that the new record at one tested for 100 years. we have right expected for christmas eve from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow rainfall totals will be like because it
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will be a fast-moving storm. --ligh histt >> jacqueline: 30 mountain now learned gust of wind. will have more on the rain and wind to test coming up in just a that! >> catherine: we are getting a new look at apple's new headquarters coming in cupertino. we will show you the progress next. >> catherine: also. >> catherine: there was no stopping her. the baby that was in the rest to come into the world. still ahead. her mother talks about a road outside the library.
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>> grant:check out this new video of apple's campus. >> grant:the website apple insider released the video today. the drone caught cranes at
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work on the structure. >> grant:you can see the base of a giant theatre taking shape. the auditorium complex is said to have seating for a thousand people, also a kitchen, and large lobby. >> grant:the campus that looks like a spaceship will be home to twelve thousand employees.near the original "infinate loop" headquarters. >> grant:construction should be finished sometime in 20- 16. once it's open for business -- the building will be surrounded by an orchard of fruit trees. >> catherine: coming up at 5:30. despite pleas for calm. >> catherine: tension remains high in new york city tonight following the murder of two police officers. the latest next. >> catherine: also -- the music mogul who wants you- tube to face the billion dollars.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:new york city is on edge once again tonight. as marchers vow to protest racism and police violence-- >> catherine:the protesters plan to shut down manhattan's busy. fifth avenue shopping district. >> catherine:this despite appeals from the city's mayor to set aside such demonstrations until the funerals have taken place for two murdered officers. >> catherine:rafael ramos and wenjian liu were shot and killed in their patrol car by a man who later took his own life.
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>> catherine:earlier today mayor bill de blasio observed a moment of silence for the two officers at city hall. critics have accused the mayor of not doing enough about protests against police. >> catherine:and essentially encouraging the anger that led up to the shooting deaths. de blasio is trying to make amends.and said today the city's police force must be respected. >>" we have to put the divisions of the past behind us. they were left to all of us in this generation.we have to overcome them. we need to protect and respect our police just as our police protect and respect our communities. we can strike that balance. we must." >> catherine: amid the tension over the shootings. >> catherine:there will be tighter security for the new year's eve ball drop in times square. >> catherine:it's the direct result of ongoing threats against police officers. alexandra fields has the latest: >> reporter:this morning --
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police on heightened alert -- as attorney general eric holder -- condemns the killings of nypd officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu, calling it: an "assassination". >>"the attack on them was an attack on all of us" >> catherine:mayor bill de blasio -- trying to ease tensions >> reporter:critics charge the mayor has not shown support for police. saying his sympathy for what they call anti-police demonstrations. helped pave the way for the deaths of the officers. >> reporter:on monday, de blasio meeting with the families of the slain officers. the mayor calling for unity -- and respect -- by halting protests until after the funerals. >>"in this tragedy maybe we find some way of moving forward. that would be an appropriate way to honor these fallen officers and their families that are in pain right now." >> reporter:also developing -- new surveillance video captures the shooter, ismaaiyl brinsley about 3 hours before his deadly rampage -- at a mall in brooklyn -- carrying a styrofoam box. police believe with a gun inside.
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>> reporter:officials *now asking for the public's help in tracking his whereabouts leading up to the attack. >> reporter:authorities believe -- based on social media posts -- that brinsley wanted revenge against police. for the deaths of michael brown and eric garner >> reporter:his estranged family -- speaking out for the first time -- describe him as a troubled man who's life spiraled out of control: >>"this was an emotionally help, he didn't get it" >> reporter:monday night -- vigils lighting the city -- marching in silence and praying to honor *all lives. >> reporter:the liu family -- expressing gratitude to the police department and the public for their support. >> reporter: >>"this is a difficult time for both our families, but we will stand together and get through this together, thank you" >> catherine:the daughter of eric garner, the man who died after police used a choke hold on him during an arrest came out to express her support of the new york police department today. >> catherine:emerald garner
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expressed her condolences to the families of the two officers who were gunned down. >>"i just wanted to come out know that i too understand what's going on, i lost my dad before the holiday season, so i know how they feel, i know it's a great loss, it's going to be hard this holiday season, but we're asking everyone to stay strong, stay with us, be peaceful, this was an unfortunate tragedy that didn't have to happen." >> reporter:garner said she wants people to know she is not anti-police -- and wants the families of the victims to know she supports them. >> jacqueline: court tuesday today and we even brooks some record separate crystal clear up there with the upper 60s and funds 70's in certain areas. however, there is a big change coming to a forecast. >> jacqueline: roughly of around 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. a real fast mover. christmas day we are looking at and east died of cold temperatures. mainly in the '50s. a stick to look at
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satellite ryder picture where it is clear who can see the storm approaching over coastal waters and the till and that will impact us. with time it on future clot cast. --futurecast. >> jacqueline: how quickly it will move going down to the golden gate. as we move into the 2:00 hour and will move toward the south bay at ease baker it north bay is largely in the clear. by 3:00 in the south bay it is pretty much gone by 4:00. we will talk about the rainfall totals as look at the holiday forecast coming up. >> catherine: the governor's recent emergency declaration will mean badly-needed funding to areas hit hard by our recent storms >> catherine: but as kron four's terisa estacio reports, while one north bay county is grateful for the help -- officials say they're hoping more is on the way.
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shot >> reporter:this is tennesee valley road in marin county. as you can see, the damage is widespread and extensive.. >> reporter:mud, trees and debris have falling on this critical road - leaving the community who depends on this artery compromised. >> reporter:this funding will help a lot. >> reporter:chris reilly is with the marin county office of emergency services. he says the governors recent actions declaration a state of emergency will allow marin officials to seek help in dealing with all of the mess caused by the storms. >> reporter:the declaration will allow us to work with sacramento and get funding to make repairs. >> reporter:besides tennesee valley road - the county will use money to help make repairs in fairfax. >> reporter:fairfax suffered damage >> we have a county public works that will help to assess the damage and report with the application process. >> reporter:however - see this this flooding in novato in the marsh was caused when county officials
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intentionally broke a levee along the novato creek to offset the creek from spilling over into a subdivision and nearby businesses. it worked, but now the levee needs fixing officials say thousand. >> reporter:we are still assessing how much damage and costs levee not part. but we are trying to get additional funding. >> reporter:the bottom line county officials say they are working as fast as they can to get as much funding as possible to make repairs and shore up roads and other weathering future storms. te >> catherine: the leadership will be changing at the state public utilities commission. the governor has appointed michael picker to be the agency's new president. >> catherine: he's been a p- u-c commissioner since february. >> catherine: he's taking over an agency that has been roundly criticized for having a "cozy relationship" >> catherine: with p-g-and- e.
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>> catherine: at a time when the utility was under fire for the gas pipeline explosion in san bruno and trying to influence agency rulings. >> catherine: picker's appointment must be confirmed by the senate >> catherine: a big battle is brewing between some music industry heavy weights. and you-tube. >> catherine: we'll tell you what's at stake -- ahead at 5:45. >> catherine: and next. how an egg nog drinking contest landed one man in the hospital.
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>> grant:baby on board. >> grant:not the way it's supposed to go. >> grant:a woman in iowa.with her highway in his work van.delviered her own baby.sitting upright.
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>> the baby is crying. >> is your wife ok? >> yes she is ok, she is ok. >> we are lucky. she is beautiful and healthy and so is my wife. >> grant:arielle rose was born four days ear;ly christmas gioft for her new parents. >> grant:mom says it was only about 20 mintues between the time she woke up from a nap with contractions to the moment arielle rose was born.on interstate 80 in des moines. >> grant:this is ryan roche. >> grant:this is ryan roche after winning an egg nog chugging contest. >> grant: 4any questions?
5:42 pm
>> grant:at least he won, right? >> grant:the utah man had to be hospitalized for three days.after his body reacted poorly to a quart of egg 12 his holiday christmas party. >> grant:you saw him at the end.bending over.he couldn't breathe well.the thick egg nog partially blocking his airways. >> grant:once in the hospital later that night.doctors discovered an infection in his lungs.because he breathed in the egg nog.literally went down the wrong pipe. >> grant:more than a week later.roche is back to normal. >> grant:he says he's competitive.and he did win a 50 dollar gift to a steak house. >> jacqueline: we sat on the records today. we do have when returning to the bay area and i will tell you how it will impact your
5:43 pm
christmas plants. coming
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>> catherine:big music news tonight. >> catherine:pharrell williams's lawyer is threatening you-tube with 1- billion dollar lawsuit. >> catherine:the insider's keltie knight has the story -- from los angeles >> reporter:pharrell isn't happy with youtube. the grammy winning singer's management company, global music rights, headed by industry heavyweight irving azoff , has threatened youtube with a billion dollar lawsuit if the digitial giant does not remove 20,000 songs it claims youtube lacks performance rights to. according to our music industry insider, yahoo music editor lyndsey parker, this could be a pivotal moment in the music video war. >> this could be game changer - artists are looking to take control of their product and only making it available on their own sites and it could limit where you can see artist content - >> reporter:azoff's other artists include the eagles, van halen and fleetwood mac. with millions at stake, he's ramping up the pressure for a licencesing agreement, tweeting ".youtube's knowledge and direct financial involvement makes
5:47 pm
them serial and willful copyright infringers." >> reporter:azoffs other artists include the eagles and smokey robinson, and with millions at stake, he's ramping up the pressure for a licencesing agreement, >> reporter:so what does this really mean for a performer's bottom line? >>"katy perry's "dark horse" got over seven hundred million hits this year, translating into one of the best selling singles of all time. and 7.9 million copies sold of her album "prism." other youtube chart toppers include iggy azalea and taylor swift who both saw hundreds of millions of hits. -- and that does add up for revenue. their videos were seen by millions who may not have otherwise seen them. there aren't many mainstream outlets left for music videos. >> reporter:but there's twitter backlash with music fans tweeting "so, @pharrell, a billion dollar lawsuit against youtube because your fans love your music and use it in videos? need another gold-plated ferrari?" and "#pharrell williams #youtube lawsuit, you and your managers have still not understood the internet." >> might seem crazy what i'mlyndsey parker tc record sales are really dwindling and lots of artists are having to hit the road to make up for those lost that the 43 million hits that pharrells' gotten would have
5:48 pm
earned him about $25,000 - that's nothing for someone like pharrell. >> reporter:for kron 4 news, i'm keltie knight back to you catherine. you can watch all your celebrity news here on kron- 4. >> catherine:after the insider -- entertainment tonight airs at 7:30. followed by the local newsat 8 >> jacqueline: quite a few new records up there today. antipater's in the 70 degrees reading. 71 as senate bill, and 68 in downtown san francisco but we do have changes for christmas eve with ryan returning to the bay area tomorrow afternoon. it will be a quick maneuver. rain totals are about mostly on the lighter side. we may pick up more than that in the north bay hills with a generous estimate about a half an inch of rain there but possibly less accurate
5:49 pm
we will see gusty winds. and the hills and mountains. here is a look at satellite radar picture with it being clear right now exiled in into the screen. >> jacqueline: you will see that here on futurecast with dried at 10:00 in the morning and ran approaching the north bay and round alone. it will start kicking off a round when the clock from 12 to one. you will see how fast it's moving with an etching down to san francisco as we move and to the 2:00 hour. again, it really fast mover already impacting the south bay by three. futurecast dixit of about four but i think about 6:00 it will be in the the storm. clear skies once the main band of rain pushes through so that means clear
5:50 pm
skies for christmas but chilly air. >> jacqueline: upper fifties and low sixties for most of the bay area so several degrees cooler that what we have seen today. about 10 degrees cooler. as for the sierra club now we will pick of snow. at about 3 to 6 in. with the lowest elevations of thursday and friday cool and sunny conditions. about 28 degrees for your high temperature and we do have a winter weather advisory for the entire region from 1 to 10. highest elevation is the up toward a foot of snow. the lower elevation from 3 to 8. but it may drop in regards to the snow level to look like level permitted >> jacqueline: so here is a look at the extended forecast. we do have the right up there tomorrow and that is pretty much it.
5:51 pm
where was the clear skies and cool temperatures for most of the weekend holiday weekend. pretty much the same think next week. >> jacqueline: a bump in the bay total so sugar poll is up to 60 in. there. tahoe and heavily with more in just there as well. log on to >> reporter: on the po has had a great year, nike and microsoft in tel. 170 days
5:52 pm
it's been done so in has been a very good year. >> google has released their new car. it is a funny looking think. taking the up with technology. >> reporter: to come up with a mandate from bdm the. who would decide what safety is? leading to greater rolled awareness and quicker response. they do not tax nor do they drink. as a great feature in 20102020 would driverless cars. >> reporter: kids would not have to try because of drunk driving. but who will decide what safety is? the people that make the cars? will a beat technology? would be
5:53 pm
the state? >> reporter: judging what is safe and what is not safe. >> coca-cola corp. doing away with a voice mail within the company. >> which saves over seven $7,000. 70,000 >> reporter: good for colo. with text and we e-mail which do not use voice mail. >> reporter: if you have a question from rob again posted on his facebook fan page.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: now at six. >> catherine: he was out for a hike at a public park, when he was robbed and murdered. now police are upping the ante to try and track down his killers. >> catherine: good evening, i am catherine heenan.
6:00 pm
>> catherine: 60 year old david, taught english at the at the indian school in danville. he was shot to death two days before and giving at the huckleberry botanic regional preserve. the public to help solve this can't this crime. --to help solve this crime >> reporter: >> gunshots were heard at the proximal at approximately 344 in he went out for a walk on the trail and was found by witnesses with three gunshots which were fatal. >> reporter: they're still try to find if this crime look for opportunity or target when he was three- quarters of a mile down the
6:01 pm
trail. >> david wallet was taken at this time and credit cards were used. the 28 of november in downtown oakland. >> reporter: 90 used his credit card at a bank and cafe. surveillance video be exempted from both locations. however, as far as visually, the person of interest in this police sketch along the trail provided when he was killed we >> are not giving up that information at this time part we did have witnesses that saw someone on around the same time that shots were fired. we have yet to confirmation. >> reporter: and the oakland hills haazig madyun kron 4 news. >> catherine: and a walk
6:02 pm
into the bank said mattel please heavily surveillance pictures of the bank robbery suspect. they say he walked into the bank in 2900 block of south el camino real of around five thirty yesterday and handed the teller a note warning that he was armed. he then took off with of local money. >> catherine: he then took off with an envelope full of money. the man is described as a light stand and possibly his bed between 18 and 22 if you have any information, contact them until police. san mateo police. >> catherine: happening now. this month a wild weather is still taking a toll on the set for the ground and the bay area. and pop latrell at
6:03 pm
san francisco plant and its close tonight because of a mud slide. >> catherine: this video comes from our helicopter partnership with abc seven . crude probably would not be able to tackle the problem until next week because of the christmas holiday. >> catherine: charles clifford is alive and that of fiscal tonight with the latest. trowels? charles? >> reporter: would not be able to take a look at the damage until after the holiday weekend. in mud slide is very common in this area. >> because of the ideological aspect of california with earth movement. including coastal land slide though it is historically unstable. >> reporter: two other
6:04 pm
reasons that would not be the key to this until next week because of rain and the forecast the blood to see it that will make the problem worse plus their several staff that are off for the holiday weekend. faugh >> catherine: check in with chief meteorologist jack london that looking at the forecast. the jacqueline? >> jacqueline: sunny and warm. we broke several records and take a look at the left hand side of the column that if the temperature we hit today. right side is the previous record that we broke. pretty much shattered records. hist >> jacqueline: today, gorgeous day pretty mild and the '60s for the bay area. tomorrow, the plant will return--rain will return.
6:05 pm
>> jacqueline: a real fast mover and the bikers is that we will see dry conditions. --by christmas day we will see chrome dry conditions. >> jacqueline: by noon pushing into santa rosa and then a real quick mover by 1:00 edging toward the golden gate. we would time that out on futurecast and talk about rainfall totals. shot >> catherine: the governor's recent in much the >> catherine: declaration will meet some badly needed funding to areas hit hard by recent storms. especially tennessee valley rose in marin county. >> catherine: the damage is
6:06 pm
widespread with the mud, trees and debris lick bring the road. cutting off access to people who live there. county officials are working with the state to get funding for repairs and clean up before it more storms hit. >> this funding will help a lot to make repairs we are still adding up all the damage done and will work with sacramento and the federal to get his mom get this money to help the county. >> catherine: he says that they are also working with the governor's office to get help with flooding damage and in novato. >> catherine: at and what a creep back into some homes and businesses. --creek >> catherine: shot a reminder you can all get
6:07 pm
your weather alerts forecast check greater and more by dolly are free application kron4 mobile application >> catherine: better health officials want to take a policy which currently banned gay and bisexual men from donating blood. when the lifetime blood donation ban went into affect 31 years ago it was at the beginning of the aids crisis. gay advocates call it is from minatory. -- discriminatory >> catherine: now, health officials said advances in h i v testing along are justified a lifetime ban of the f a d a is proposing that gay and bisexual men can donate blood as long as they have not set with other men another man for 12 months. the rights advocates
6:08 pm
it required a blood donors to be celibate for 12 months is not supported by signs it and continue to promote discrimination. the fda is expected to adopt the new policy sometime next year.
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>> is pushing us off the road! >> is pushing up off the road pushing off of the road (crying) >> places in reversed! put it in reverse! >> grant: forcing it on to the shoulder of the interest it hit of the women said they were repeatedly cut off and being followed. the suspect was a respite of santa clara maker first court appearance with the thought of a deadly weapon. catherine? >> catherine: still ahead
6:12 pm
the christmas rush is under way. bay area airports are jammed packed with travelers this tuesday before christmas. we would check in at s f o next.
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6:15 pm
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
>> catherine: happening now the holiday rush is not one just two days before christmas and travelers are trying to get out of town for it >> catherine: at s f o there has been a steady stream of passengers all day. that is your kron 4 j.r. stone and live tonight j.r.? money >> reporter: and to people just a few minutes ago trying to get out of town. >> it is getting worse. throughout the day isn't and to mount its a go of the really bad. >> reporter: is specifically talking about the weather in new york. there are minor
6:18 pm
delays. specifically, again in york. has forced that francisco international airport this is one of the busiest days in the of the year. there are so many flights that not all of them have places to dock right away. >> reporter: in from canada s still had to sit and wait on the runway. >> sat on the wrong way for about 30 minutes. --runway. >> otherwise things have been fine. >> is certainly beat the ice that we are supposed to run into. >> reporter: 6 slippery stuff in calgary. i can tell you the second business day
6:19 pm
over the or busiest day which is very good here at s f o. >> catherine: the airport suspect 6 delta travelers over the next two weeks. people flight of oakland airport aren't running into many problems the airport expects 600,000 travelers over the next two weeks with more flights available, the number of airline seats for sale is up 5% from last year. >> catherine: sh this year, the new bart train in to the oakland airport is in service. with trains leaving the coliseum station every five minutes during peak hours. children get to write the airport trade freed until the beginning of the year.
6:20 pm
>> jacqueline: share >> jacqueline: very light totals about two tenths of rain and gusty winds coming about 30 mi. per hour and even higher in the hills and mountains. let's get right to futurecast... as we move into the later morning hours and into the early afternoon it should approach the north bay. by 1:00 is already down to golden gate, by 2:00 p.m. south of the coded it and by 3:00 impacting largely livermore valley in four-o'clock it shows that it will be finished but i do believe that it will be willing during a few more hours per problem until 6:00.
6:21 pm
>> jacqueline: let's take a look at future cast, we will see things better cooler about 10 degrees cooler in some places with portions of the north bay and south bay. as for the sierra, we will see snow down at lake level tomorrow evening christmas, a little chilly throughout the day. here is and look what went for a viceroy. winter advisory. higher elevations could see close to a foot of snow. >> jacqueline: we have some rain tomorrow, chilly for christmas day morning and afternoon. and for the
6:22 pm
weekend, after tomorrow. no rain. >> catherine: still ahead and information on the listeria tainted, apple sold here in the bay area and a lawsuit filed by a family of one victim and how the store which sold the apples is responding.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine: the family of a santa cruz woman who died after eating a caramel apple is selling safeway. >> catherine: they say she brought apples at a safeway in felton a few days before
6:26 pm
halloween. the store later pulled back apple after finding they were linked to listeria infections. the cdc says four people have died in nearly 30 people had been may stick in 10 states. >> grant: a very park popular holiday gift is being recalled. more than six and a half million coffee and tea machines are recalled because nearly 100 people say they have been burned when using them. the single serving keurig impact our model number 10-k made between december 2009 and july 2014 it will send a free repair kit to any customer with an affected missing. >> catherine: next as 630 the south bay group making sure that children get toys
6:27 pm
for christmas. >> catherine: awful. bart is adding extra service to make sure that people get home safely from new year's eve parties or new year's party spirit and a public role and that this goal has been shut down because of a mud slide. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
6:28 pm
mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: investigators here at the east bay police department says an increase in all award for the person responsible for shooting david, we hope the someone may have information to share with the tip line. there are people out there that no what happened. >> it would be great for us to know who these people were cree. >> reporter: the lifetime ban went into of that 31 years at the beginning of the aids crisis. advanced testing in aids id no
6:31 pm
longer consists with the science that has been proven. this step and the right direction but that a gate at the key but the gay advocates see states that is still growing discrimination by asking that one must wait 12 months if they are with another partner. >> reporter: now this is to the east of staff for cisco memorial. there is a detour travel all around the area. but what probably remain closed until next week creek park service like to see it the ring and the forecast what impact the area, plus zero lot of the staff will be offered the holiday. that would normally take care of this. --plus a lot of the
6:32 pm
staff will be off for the holiday. >> reporter: people here, at the office says that they are thrilled to receive the funding. there are still adding up the total cost of the storm. there are also planning to apply for more funding to deal with some of the flood issues up and in novato. she >> reporter: 143,000 travelers coming in and out of s f o. good news, and no cancellations or major delays. j.r. stone kron4 knows. >> reporter: not a traditional tree decorated with light but they wish tree decorated with people
6:33 pm
wishes, but dreams and well wishes spirit it is something nice to do. >> this is something nice to do that does not have to deal with shopping. >> reporter: >> jacqueline: our bid weather story tonight is the rain. --dick. >> jacqueline: and the heels, as the front moves through creek a main band of rain. in between noon and 1 spreading through the north bay and into the golden gate spirit look at how fast it is going here on our computer model. i do believe
6:34 pm
that it will hinder a little bit longer--linger. >> jacqueline: as for the rest of the evening and for the christmas holiday here is to look at the extended forecast for tomorrow, we do have reigned. for christmas we do have bart additions but chilly air conditions. --w fore do have dry condition >> catherine: said her community service is in san jose is making its final push to collect donations for families in need this holiday season. kron4 demo been checked in with volunteers to see if they are meeting their goals.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: kron4 helped put out the word. kron4 viewers help answer the call. appreciating the kron4 bop rid of the sacred heart still needs getting help over the up over the hump. >> reporter: 12 is that kind hearted members of the committee passed through with bikes and toys of all shapes and sizes if you are looking for a particular age group you like to make a donation for, teenagers are in it. >> the economy is getting better. and that is causing a positive impact for every group within that community but we are not seen with the majority of people. >> reporter: sector are volunteers say donations are keeping pace with the times. tuesday is the last sacred
6:36 pm
heart will be able to accept donations in time for this christmas. if you cannot come in person donations are also accepted online year round reporting as sick or hurt in san jose began with an kron4 news. >> catherine: and if you plan to stay home to bring in 2015 showing gary radnich, ga. arrest and me for our big new year live show. >> catherine: is the only local and live celebration in the bay area. >> catherine: meaning you can enjoy the lifestyle or show from the comfort of your home. it's always a lot of fun at it starts at 1130 new year's eve tonight.
6:37 pm
the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf.
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if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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6:40 pm
>> this engine is one of the busiest in this city so it's not uncommon for communicate with others in the city anyway. monitress response times quarterly to minimize the impact of citizens. >> catherine: scheduled for a comprehensive remodeling
6:41 pm
job. >> catherine: the vice president will travel to the area in your one of the officers that was shot and killed in the patrol car. the mayor took part in a moment of silence. he has met with the family to offer condolences >> they believe in making this world better, but they believe in making this city better. they gave their lives for the belief we could do better and that we could come together, that we could keep people safe. >> catherine: today, more protests in the streets on york over the death of eric the gardener. despite mayor the bastilles plea to halt all protest until after this
6:42 pm
line officers are laid to rest. >> catherine: welcome back with jason coming up and sports next!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: welcome that everyone. more 49ers of field issues up top. namely linebacker aldon smith. >> reporter: did he drink out all or did he not? >> reporter: did he drink alcohol? >> reporter: according to court documents written by
6:46 pm
san jose police investigators. smith was drinking vodka with former niners for ray macdonald on december 15th. the day after a one mucklands macdonald sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: macdonald was a newly released by the niners. >> reporter: as for smith. he has been prohibited but a judge from drinking or even going into a liquor store. after pleading no contest to weapons charges and a deep you buy in july. in the bile asian result in jail time. for--dui shot >> reporter: here is what he had to say today.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: as per jim harbaugh is future. 49ers general manager confirmed that michigan did indeed reached out to the team about the coach's availability of boston has won your left of his five- year deal that pays him $5 million annually. michigan is reportedly offering harbor 8 million per over six years. but espn john clayton think the raiders will be willing to top that offer. the bears also likely break the bank to bring harbaugh began. >> reporter: by the way today tar balls birthday - 2 by the way that nobody cares. for >> we care. >> catherine: we care. >> reporter: anyhow michigan
6:48 pm
took notice of one of our birthdays. a special circuit which are are are on their web site as they go all out on their full-court press to recruit him. how about, you may remember play quarterback at michigan in the mid '80s. as for how the niner suborder harbor birthday. shot many >> reporter: of the kids were from foster homes and receive toys. >> reporter: look for him to suit up for sunday's finale in december and remember former raider mclean he was the first bust with the raiders uc the video here. and gaullist helping make the playoffs this year. look what happened to his off- season home just outside of tuscaloosa, up in flames.
6:49 pm
fortunately no one was harmed. >> reporter: burn down and they have not ruled out foul play. just hours before the house ignited. >> reporter: name the player of the year but associated press and and the bocor raton both in florida this guy just went off at with a monster game. --for spa >> reporter: college stafford: of the up said. stamford in austin taking on the texas longhorn it was
6:50 pm
pretty much the jason randall show. sending it to overtime creek aforementioned randall winding down 22 clutches of upset. 74-71. >> reporter: for the third time in five years with the trophy will indeed go on toward all three of these trophies will soon be available for the public to see. to of northern california and will be the third time that i have mentioned that the tour is happening. it will end in reno early march. with christmas just a few days away staff the curry decided
6:51 pm
to hook up with a friend accurate and singeing nobelist. --and sing jingle bells >>jingle bells... jingle bells .. jingle all the way off. hey! >> reporter: >> catherine: and on the record what saying that we care that it is your birthday. i knew that i would have to take you a cake or about one at safeway. >> catherine: a hook better
6:52 pm
christmas week forecast. -a look at the holiday forecast
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> catherine: new year's eve is next week but investors are already breaking out the bubbly. ! on a really stellar year. s and p also finished at an all-time high. the market juppe came as investors learned that the u.s. economy grew at an incredible 5% in the third quarter. >> catherine: it was the
6:56 pm
strongest quarter of growth since 2003. >> catherine: loss' a smile at the gas tank these days. the price has dropped for 89 consecutive days best along district on a record according to aaa. september 20th fed was the last day prices were higher for drivers. experts say the plunging price of crude oil which has dropped 50% since april is the main driver and the gas price slide. >> catherine: here is what ' out in the bay area according to aaa drivers in san francisco are paying 2- 88 on average for a gallon of unleaded. oakland drivers are panned 2-74 and drivers
6:57 pm
in san jose are paying 2-75 on average but we are asking price is much lower than that and several bay area cities. that is it and we hope to see you at 8!
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> they caused a lot of damage. >> the white house tells north korea to pay up, but is the north korean blackout payback? >> we will respond. >> while one group wants credit for the cyber attack, we go inside the minds of the anonymous hackers. >> north korea is the worst purveyor of censorship in the world. they are sort of a natural target. >> plus, the new war on music videos. ♪ because i'm happy >> why the most popular artists are unhappy and telling you not to press play. and then this new couple alert. >> is trending. rumor has the cam-g romance heating up for the holiday. >> but can he finally convince cameron to say i do? >> if there's love between you, then the other person already knows. >> and is gwyneth making a major conversion for her man?
7:00 pm
>> could she be cancelling christmas in the name of love? >> we study kabala. this is kind of blowing my mind. >> and going inside the escalating insanity of reality tv. >> you are a toxic trick. >> let's go inside. >> i'm a hustler, baby. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. tonight the "insider" gets real. hello, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm keltie knight in for thea andrews. by now we know that what we see on reality tv is sort of a pumped up version of actual reality. >> no doubt. tonight we're going to go inside that world from casting to the contestants who have become criminals. but first we're breaking down today's big headlines. sony's "interview" is back on and who was really behind north korea's blackout? >> north korea is coming back online this morning after a sweeping internet breakdown. >> and now north korea's internet has crashed.


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