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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>george: if you're heading into iran counting you're ride to the golden sabers the one-to-one traffic southbound is so light that we have to wait to see the car is heading into the southbound direction is not
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a still camera image for a few headlines twinkling this is one of the letters rise i remember saying come out of moran. >>darya: we're following a developing story this morning at a st. louis where police say an officer shot and killed and armed facing you're black man and berkeley was during that borders for december zairian happened last night for and ferguson and unarmed teenager michael brown was shot and killed by police back in august sparked nationwide protests in this shooting even though it was an arm teenager is part of many process as well if you're looking at one of those process directly following the shooting from about 100 people gathered at the gas station where it happened and they began the process this is new video the chaos the same hopes as a process the shooting started when an officer came across to man during a
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routine check at this mobile gas station the officer got out of the car and approach them and that is when the 18 year-old named antonio martin pointed a gun at the officer. >>darya: it was all captured on an tamarack the gases as well now as when the officer feared for his life fire and loss was thus killing the teenager the second person ran from the same no word of that person had been found out? please perry a protest against the police killings of our black men despite calls from the mayor of their total of the demonstrations of after the funerals for the two police officers who were ambushed and killed at point-blank range on the processes marston manhattan you concede there meantime vice- president joe biden plans to attend the tin roof. similar arrangements for the partner
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is what the may was the family arrives in china. >> james: the san francisco restaurant is trying to beat the record of over 10,000 lives donated in a single day >>will tran: there were hoping not to make history they're hoping to be done once again they're running behind while they're still looking for 10,000 zero is as to help people come down here and get into the christmas spirit did receive their care to all over san francisco you have phil martin to help sing christmas of this is so sensitive to the 14th year them doing that this is very much turned into an annual tradition where people of all walks of life was too intent said assistant police chief just
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showed up. you're here every year. everyone has one more chance to get toys and assure everyone is the magic of christmas. >>will tran: is former mayor bill you all with the mayor to san francisco will it from why is it important views of the year. is all part of what the spirit is you share with you have with those who have less. >>will tran: you donates a have parking is an issue you know you have to park your car they have people outside ready to go all you have to do is come up the will of
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steel windmill take the to insomnia and you want to come any references going to be served and about an hour or so so come on down this is the best if you want to give at the last minute lesson for us to do it. >> james: thank you again live in san francisco with a great time until the convict and go today listed a quick break will be right back. the female announcer: save up to 35%
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>>darya: the woman chased a man out of the home 29 year- old abraham and he faces charges of residential burglary and sexual battery kindle another resident in the same apartment >> james: ups the release package is now soliciting on the force with the guy and the fords had evil plans and will all caught on camera. >>darya: we have tips for last-minute christmas shopping president is today called camera and sacramento will sell you out to metal or harassed for attending to the police officer.
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>>darya: good morning we're checking the weather because we do expect a little brain. --rain >> erica: rubble to stop this guy thinks of what is on to be a little cold on
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the slaying because we do have when the conditions expected overnight here is a live the at san mateo bridge you to see just how hazy is we're talking with bob visibility. take a look at napa you're seeing about a half mile there. visibility at just half mile for those of you drive along mountain view. take a look at the cold front will bring us rain as we headed to the afternoon will be a widespread event but it is a quick moving system is one to be in and out just a couple hours. by 10:00 you see the first sign of the rain of the santa rosa is the clock into motion by 1:00 it is mainly an of the events take a look at what happens in the next hour and completely moves through the heart of the bay. >> erica: by 3:00 the conditions the will hold on to that pattern as the head on into tonight. the strong
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gusty winds associated with the system takes a look at 3:00 this afternoon we're talking 30 mi. an hour winds. windows of the 20 mi. from our long coastline. we'll see two to 4 mi. an hour at for concord will see widespread gusty conditions especially above a thousand feet that will continue on a to early christmas morning for those heading up a to tahoe. we're talking about a white christmas if you're heading of the ski importing. the law that extended forecast shows dry weather loss of sunshine but a cool air mass in place is a headed to the weekend.
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>>george: not committed ally inside the bay bridge toll plaza of we are well past the time when they would usually have been activated a look at how like the traffic is no real need for them this morning it is light from all of the approaches to the drive times is 11 minutes after an 92 allele and a san mateo residency of the fall there but there is no fault advisory issued for this bridge there was however just about an hour ago fall advisory's issue for the denver to read and is ride. here's a look at the toll plaza camera and it is a clear shot for the golden gate bridge this morning with no fault and no delays and heading into marin the of the richmond bridge a look at the camera from the seoul plaza those had led the west line heading toward the plate and to see no backups and no delays that is an easy ride as well.
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>>george: here is the upper east shore freeway to the interesting was happening here on 680 southbound there is a report of a fire on the side of the road for as it was thought to be a brush fire turned out to be a campfire a car stalled on six '80s out it was so cold out there but the partisan the car went over to the side of the road and started a small campfire the fire has been extinguished. >> james: a large landslide in san francisco for a chunk of such a ready brown slip away on monday the national park service notice that treat was starting to fall over the was not long after that the 21 the foot section of mud and arrest of the way down the hills like india from a helicopter
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partnership with abc seven news to the city must lie started to break loose as a progression the close above 15 under fee of the trail instead of a detour. fortunately there is a one for the tour. it is a little bit of an inconvenience but the safety comes first. we went back to see what effect it has for such ready hillside that assist the conditions of the tree. >> james: terrell remain close at least the next week >>darya: this just an last week we found out and now we're reporting the surveillance video as a criminalist gregory pappas off of porches. this morning we have one group in king county it will top the mall as we met the delivery
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driver face-to-face right there on the porch. >> reporter: the homeowner said is bad enough to have packages taken from their porch but he says is the interaction between the driver and the fees that is really disappointing he is expected to crest is to be delivered last week when it did not arrive instead of the tech the surveillance system as we saw this man walking down his driveway right before ups truck pulled up is disturbing because he seems to know where the cameras are he is hiding his face. he waited for the driver would happen next they're shocked everyone the driver talk to the thief. he said is hard to give a conversation he regretted video several times the
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driver leaves the packages and a few minutes later the crooks take off with the package his wife was at home when all this happened he called to complain and he got this response the driver was basically following company policy which i don't think finos i ever tell a lot of the the risk to lick this time of the year the giants should have used better judgment in driver in that position i would have done something different. we restock to ups to get a comment but has not heard back from the mets they're investigating this crime.
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>>darya: for it for prepack caramel apples because a lot of listeria care scare. she says the she died because of a tainted apple they say she got sick and died at the buying and eating the apples a few days before halloween. tuppence to say that anyone will commercial produce prepackage caramel apples should throw them away. >> james: a new way to send a thank-you note to your doctors and nurses will explain today's tech report coming up.
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>> gabe slate: is a digital read to cut from the mix is simple for cases to share their gratitude what the doctors in the one who sees your to the significant moment of life is also a way for co-workers to pick each other and it originally started for me as a patient wanted to the - 2 saw me through the delivery of the birth of my son which was for 12 hours she stood by my side it is free and easy to
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use on the web site to the medical facility by the person you want to thank their picture of a caregiver tepe find a special person and you cashews interested thank you were taught what you're all include a picture to send along with a thank-you note immediately after you hit send the receiver of the gratitude will be notified. cases as how to send thank- you notes--patience >> gabe slate: ucsf children hospital or one of the first to implement the service for the staff and patients this is gratitude and real-time it is easy get on the web site with a really one and the they do not expected within the technology for
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and this is an absolutely incredible i've never done something before or people come up and hug me afterwards crying saying the doctor saved my life, have not gone back to thank them
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>> james: waiting for the ringing of the opening bell what should happen in just a moment or two from ride down. the dow closed above the 18,000 mark futures trading was spotted by 23 it was a hopeful sign that a continued upward trend then lost it is positive it was
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not a bad day on wall street pier. >>darya: we are in mourning at night i went a little crazy on the box. we did not want to be down because christmas eve is want to work out we have a little writing >> erica: people are going to be out there shopping last minute with our morning backed. we do have a wet weather had in our direction but as was the man in afternoon event we do have pretty windy conditions fierce winds headed our way right now dealing with low clouds there is a live look at the san mateo bridge to a very dense fog and temperatures this morning santa rosa in the morning you're 47 and 48 degrees out in fairfield low 50s all these militia allies
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san francisco pretty mild and 55. clause of the 40's with the presence of the '50s and '60s by the afternoon pretty reason this is to specify the higher elevations we do have cool air mass. >>george: there is not much to talk about this morning in the traffic department with them is a double into taking a drive this money will be, very light traffic we're not looking at any hot spots quick look at the bay bridge here in the westbound ride light enough that they have not even activated the leader arise again for the commute and in fact, you might not be the best word to describe the drive was going on this morning here was a look at 92 ride on the san mateo bridge and you could see the conditions here and of little or be when there is no pressure of
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the advisory. >>george: if you're heading to and from the marin county were to see the golden gate bridge ride here is of both north and southbound traffic when what we are the late freight through marin county from the county line of lead down to the toll plaza. >> james: we have police offering from $5,000 reward for information nellie's to an arrest in the oakland hills homicide investigation a menace and killed on a popular hiking trails to days before thanksgiving. >> reporter: we are pleased to announce we are increasing their reward from $10,000 to $25,000 for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this homicide. >> reporter: today christie incentive for seoul to come for our information about
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the shooting death of 60 you're a david a writer in english teacher who was shot to death back on alert for the fifth flaw hiking in the oakland hills on the huckleberry reasonable reserve for real. thus for heard at 3 ft. 4 in the afternoon sometime during that time mr. brizola out for walk on the trail he was found by witnesses with three gunshots with four fatal. >> reporter: they're trying to determine if the incident was a crime of opportunity or if he was targeted what you with reporters and a mile down the trail. clearly in every as a mobile we're not ruling anything out his wallet was taken during the thomas ryan and his credit card for use on the 28th of november and downtown oakland following tried using his credit card at a downtown bank and cafe in the service video being examined from those locations however as far as
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the visual link the persons of and is depicted in this police sketches that witnesses along with provided that he was killed. >> reporter: i am not giving up that information at this time we have witnesses the prior to hearing jazz we have not been met with to make contact with these people if you think you recognize the person in these sketches these berries the park's police department will lie for you to give them a call in the oakland hills. >>darya: the wrecking is happening just into kron 4 it is snowing and san francisco >> reporter: is intermittent standing outside of macy's is no come down every once in awhile but a lot of people out shopping early this morning that is because macy's as an opener round-
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the-clock a past since last friday flap's early on a shopping is the of the time to do of other industries around union square to have to early in this morning to attack you hour or more just to move a couple of blocks the union square you might build a system as low as one of missing a few shoppers out by issue clothes and other items for gifts for as gifts for loved one. >> reporter: the buying gives you might call me crazy with a thing they are the smart ones. and the ground was out here that is why we are here. >> reporter: if you concede the lights know that keep falling against the outside
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macy's they are open for business this morning tech a look inside movie was see your husband or to live in other buying the last gift for you this morning surprisingly we still lot about this morning that in their lives more because they're not sitting in traffic. a lot before a wedding for the last seconds. >>darya: the sale was gray you do not have the crowds dislike is said there is no traffic thanks a lot will check in with your letter >>darya: a lot of fun and it is a last chance to shop. >> james: this one will avoid in the crowd if you do not want to stand in line is to shop online and make sure your gift is under the tree by tomorrow vesta ways to do some retailers are offering rest shipping for a fee rep amazon test of its a guess on the tree by
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christmas figure for cost of one day delivery on the with that is one to be but if this were to you they can do and other resellers will lie to the online and then pick up the product at the near store for this man now work for some of the high demand product they may be sold out to you have a call and find out. >>darya: to our delivery and your if your home for new year's eve and on us. >> james: we have new year's live is the only local new year's celebration seller from, from your home jordanian george in gary. will. backed
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>> erica: today we do have showers and the forecast i will walk you through it on the kron 4 morning news returns. returns. ishat ally thi? itoundmadep. i can't eep en m alstuffy. i ta offse tthat i'm t gog torgueith lkinballf mus. i thk yore bng a ttleasty. he notith . mucix fa maxightime. multsympm reef ps nal dengesnt. breae ea. slp ea. art e reef. tch e miry.
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a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >>darya: a lot of people are headed to south of the
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christmas holiday vacation if this guy knows out toward a you're probably look as good to set a strong cold front is rolling into the sierra the heaviest notice of it about 4:00 this afternoon of the tenant is could fall like christmas morning will refresh about how perfect. >> erica: 10 and system possible at the top of the mountain a lot of fears is no water and possibly looking for to that of the board to be a white christmas and head of the title with a thought about pretty frigid conditions by friday: milo's drop down to the teens. you look at satellite and radar so we went in there very strong cold front headed in our direction it will not bring to watch in the way airline can really was no for that matter the biggest story will be a very when the conditions associated with the system that a number
6:46 am
surprised if we count down trees and power lines this of the system now in the pacific and why we have no data on the rain is set to arrive by 1:00 may lead all the golden gate range that will lead one to the commonwealth showers within hours to see the rain at the heart of the rain will see what to look like it is menaces and out in the livermore valley in the south ride is a very quick hone system dry conditions there on tonight will be very windy when a gust. >> erica: 4 6:00 will be along the coast line take a look at the overnight our i think you'll be o.k. when one speaks of the courtroom out our in concord 94 a worm. san francisco looking a sustained winds at with a to mild our so we will be drying into tomorrow it will be a little ridgy as headed to clear warning here look at the seven day around
6:47 am
before as beyond today not a raindrop in side we have a cool air mass in sight if >>george: >> james from our tracking him on the norad side and the sinister run- through china now it appears to be working in the area around our coops that is in russia pays for in his way here through with westward. kids already delivered over a billion packages and is working in a way of america quickly amazing how he manages to do all that knowledge the rep to the may rise and look into a westbound ride no problems here at the leader of life and not been activated this morning so that no delays on the
6:48 am
approach to the rich or across the span and looking of the 92 ride and and a little foggy year there was a fog advisory issued this morning and a 5:00 hour for the denver terrell is and as rare currants there we see in it arise in redound the golden gate bridge has been mostly fall free this morning and you're the good ride of the sea life traffic and tracking the ride into iran at the richmond averaged 40 of the west ought traffic you to see things are pretty light here it is lost a little bit coming off 580 was gone when it is not backed up into the toll plaza for this was about ride and looking at the ride to the south lake. >>george: like traffic fall the south bay freeway even in the santa cruz mountain time i was seventh seen in the northbound direction the the lead for mid peninsula traffic all 101 even as the 92 and 84 into changes fan is said to lead the way for a ride through marin county
6:49 am
4101 south kron 4 navato down to the rich. >> james: 4 people dead following stalled in the pacific storms damaged building in or areas high winds and tornadoes russia will part of the southeastern united states at time to retire metal watches and warnings and parts of louisiana and mississippi and alabama and georgia and florida. the mississippi government has declared a state of emergency. in louisiana the same storm system moved through with the vendor or four people in a cellar door also avoided major injuries were there was extensive damage. >>darya: alone love all two men are harassed and sacramental lot of driver pretended to be a police officer in a videotaped friday interaction with yourself from. she's in and explore is a ford explorer is road race
6:50 am
taken to the extreme and even further adjusted our party is pushing us all rolled will such a credit experience i was terrified >> reporter: she and her friend lenny were on high 80 near-flat rolled at the bank cut all live is up for the girl's foot covered which they should not have done that she he tried to hit us of all road with the rest of the blame all land on this warm and slamming her brakes and forcing the girls to stop she got out of our car with her arms essay i am a share of you're under arrest she want to go back to get into her as she did i reverse the pull back out into the fast lane she was like a u turn out and will lanes. she is not a on the
6:51 am
one the same she is a cop. i think she's going to hit wing >> reporter: she is all fall the chp dispatcher has heard it all but the next exit would officer is awaiting was the cop got a lot of he was not cooperating the idea as to slashing its for visiting angels a company providing senior assistants. and during all this she had no idea her friend were recording the entire thing i was so whether she did. >>darya: crazy story to the president of the car was a
6:52 am
miss california contest that she is the one who accused of setting a run them and collect them she had reportedly been released from jail just one day will for whole thing by police they say she was involved in a hit-and-run last week in roseville issues >> james: 12 said the policy which the man game restaurants from donating blood. when it went to affect the war years ago it was the beginning of the eighth crisis and have his called a discriminatory officials say advances in a to be testing the laundered justified the lifetime ban for the fda is the holding that they can donate blood as long as the have not had that with enough land for the past 12 months.
6:53 am
we're gratified and begun to policy but unfortunately for most demand this was still being careful on ban for blood donations. >> james: their requirements we sell it for " months. >>darya: will have lost your head all kron 4 morning news christmas eve morning news listed a live look fifth for a second look at the san mateo bridge traffic is pretty good if you have little fall on a back room right back.
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>> james: the nine of land too offensive linemen
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they're like little how this story for you on monday this with the afternoon at levi stadium in he was their friend or with their entire end they're all there you know give carte food and the presence desipramine wrapping your presence on this christmas eve >>darya: we have more news ahead of you want to see in movies sony had decided to go ahead with the relief which is very limited will tell you where and a bay area plus the tree fell on 580 in oakland will have the
6:58 am
video on that diet tree coming of and the rain will be right back.
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