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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. this christmas the chp is cracking down, trying to keep you safe on the road. yesterday marked the beginning of the maximum enforcement. as they call it. beware kron4 has the story.
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>> there was some excessive speed and tailgating going on between these two cars that ended with officer he'll chp vehicle spotted by both drivers. he says that's what maximum enforcement is all about. >> when the patrol car came into view you saw there speed drop down they came back and eased off a little bit and give them a ticket for following distance. that's really the goal of what were doing out that here. that makes people correct their own vehicle if they don't do that then we provide an enforcement stop. >> keep in mind, if you get busted for driving under the influence doing the maximum enforcement., the financial penalty is the same as it would be on any other day, pretty stiff. >> dui just without hurting anyone the minimum fine is about $10000. not to mention all the other sanctions, increase in insurance and that's only if
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you don't hurt anyone. the fines aren't even an issue compared to what the emotional impact would be for the family who loses a loved one. >> the best advice is to always plan ahead. wherever you are going, make sure you have an alternative to driving under the influence. designate a sober driver before you go, secure a taxi, ridesharing or other things, or stay where you are overnight and allow yourself to sober up seeking get home safely. we will be back on this christmas morning in just a couple of minutes we will be having the latest on what is happening at the toy drive we brought you yesterday so the no caps on wake up this morning without a present. organizers say was a huge success. we want to wish you a merry christmas, here at kron4 we would love to see the pictures of you celebrating on this christmas morning, whether it is may be one of those shots of
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your kids opening their favorite gifts, or just kicking back spending some time in your pajamas on the couch with the family. full pajamas we help, please send us your photos of breaking news at or you can show them on our facebook or twitter pages. we will be right back
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good morning, it is
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christmas morning, and if you're up i don't have to ask why, that means her kids are up and they want to open their presents. a lot of kids are opening presents this morning thanks to let you know duels. they had a toy drive and the results are in and it was a huge success. the restaurant collected more than 10000 christmas toys on their christmas eve toy drive. that provides those toys to kids and families in need. more than 6000 toys have already been delivered, so all kids waking up this morning in bayview, hunters point and the fillmore district in san francisco have their presence this morning thanks to deliveries like you're looking at here. this morning k duells will deliver another 3000 toys in the community to all your heart community center in san francisco. san francisco fire fighters are picking up the remaining toys. >> it's part of what the spirit of san francisco is about
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during the holidays. you share what you have with those who have less. >> it's great for the kids. and everyone has one more chance to give toys so they can make sure everyone gets the magic of christmas. >> that was from the police chief and mayor willie brown. the san francisco police department fell short in its toy drive and that's why lefty or duells decided to step in and help. this was the 14th year of the toy drive. i hope your kids are waking up this morning and getting everything they want for christmas. we see it every year people rushing around stores trying to get the last-minute present under the tree. because santa can't buy everything and we know mom and dad do a lot. some of the stores are even open today, even right now so at 6:12 a.m. and i guess if you really need to and the kids are still asleep, go now. so where can you go? denny's? mcdonald's?
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pizza hut? a pizza under the tree? i have to tell you, walgreens is open, add walgreens everyone knows walgreens has everything. so i'm going to keep it down right now, ... go to walgreens they have everything you get a gift card everything you need. there are a few other stores open so go to where website at for full list and i recommend you do that asap. we have what's more had on our christmas day edition of the kron4 morning news. don't go away we will keep you company all morning long until 10:00 a.m. we will be right back female announcer: save up to 35%
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a kind of feels fitting to say this on christmas day, stormy weather. stormy weather and snow on christmas day in the sierra. take a look at the new video we got him. those who are asking for the christmas holiday a pretty happy. the driving if you're going to go today or tomorrow much of the four-wheel-drive and snow tires you'll have to have chains with you on i 80 from king dell to the donner lake interchange. several ski resorts are open this weekend. it's a huge ski weekend. elevations over 4000 feet they are getting snow, so it is terrific and what are we getting as for waking up to work in our hang out and have maybe a new bike under the
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tree? good morning. temperatures have dropped significantly in the bay area but in tahoe, like we mentioned it snowed. we did see up to 10 inches for some of the higher elevations and it looks like temperatures will continue to drop over the next couple of days with lows getting down into the teens, but lots of sunshine if you're headed in that direction. but keep in mind you will need chains for i 80 and highway 50. here's a look at satellite and radar. we have high pressure building in overhead so what that means is we will maintain dry conditions here in bay area and that will elevate the storm track to our north. so with that said we will not see any rain. i guess you consider the storm door closed at least for the next week or so. but in the wake we are dealing with cooler air mass temperatures in the upper 30s and upper 40s and by the afternoon it looks like most locations will wind up in the upper 50s. lots of sunshine today you will notice a high for the most part in the upper 50s. fairfield 55, 55 for little
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livermore. half moon bay a high 58 degrees. oakland on the mild side of 60. in terms of your extended forecast pretty chilly mornings ahead we will see temperatures dropping to the upper 30s for some of the protective valleys but most locations will be dealing with 44 for the next several mornings. lots of sunshine and dry conditions that pattern will carry us into the new year. so this is something we will continue to monitor. it looks like wet weather around for the next seven days. of course we are not going to be tracking the commute today. but if you're out driving around you will want to know a few things i have to tell you, like the closure in marin county of lucas valley road. it was shut down yesterday because of some downed trees that brought some power lines down with it. so it is shut down between mount mckinley road and a casio valley road. there is no indication of when they will be able to get crews out there to get that stretch
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of the roadway reopened. if you live in marin you know the appropriate detour to take around it. here's an update on transit for the bay for this christmas day. we are not going to be seeing any service on a strain this morning, because their holiday schedule is no service. the holiday schedule for bart means it is like a sunday. the same is true for caltrain and a holiday schedule for the muni metro. taking a look at the bridges. here's a look at the bay bridge ride, no traffic here so expected to be easy. the same will be true for 92 and the san mateo bridge. it is a fog free ride there this morning as well. if you are heading toward the golden gate bridge either to or from marin county of very light and easy right. as it will be getting into marin this morning here's a look at the richmond bridge toll plaza, and again very light traffic for the westbound ride. i can assure you even though our cameras only looking at the westbound lanes, eastbound
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traffic very much the same. you have probably heard the salvation army bell ringers. now we are learning that donations unfortunately are down by thousands of dollars in cities across the bay area. kron4 jr stone has more from union square. >> his name is jon the bellringer. a marine veteran who you may have seen ringing his bell next to his red kettle on union square. >> you get out here, and at the end of the day you could be a little hoarse. horse. i get recognized ringing these bells for miles away. but it's worth it. >> this year red kettle donations are down all across the bay area. >> in san francisco we are down as much is $50000.
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in oakland were down $48000. >> san jose's downs $10000. as to why the giving may be less this year, a couple of possibilities. >> widow superstorm and several rainy wet days when passerby's just don't want to be fishing money out of their pockets. theprotests that took place in oakland you know we had candles in several locations along the broadway corridor. >> ask shawn about those numbers and his experience with the salvation army, this is what you will tell you. >> my life crashed and burned and they picked up the pieces and got me back on my feet. so i became a salvation army soldier, they put me back together again. i don't know about particular numbers, i just know what i see out here. and i see people cheerful givers. >> jr stone kron4 news. a morgan hill family is grateful this morning after a
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60-foot tall tree fell down and barely missed their house. the tree came down during yesterday's brief round of heavy rain. did you catch that? i knew it was going to be a short amount of time the rain would fall, but it was heavy and the wind was gusting around my place. this homeowner says he and his family feel fortunate because the tree fell where it did. damage could've been worse to the house and no one was hurt. >> you can see over here how close it is to the house. she was in this room right here at the time tree fell down. and the only spot a it could fall without doing any damage anywhere was right there. >> the tree also just miss taking out the three wise men in the nativity scene. the homeowner calls that a christmas miracle. still ahead on this christmas day edition of the kron4 morning news. protest following the latest officer involved shooting in missouri.
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demonstrations are planned even on this christmas day in the bay area. so we will have details on that and other news ahead. we hope you're having a happy christmas day, and good holidays. and what are you doing for new year's eve? you can spend it with us at kron4. we have our new year's eve special. it is the only local live special showing you the fireworks celebration, and giving you all of the great flavor from all around the bay to your living room. you don't have to drive and fight crowds. just roll over and go to sleep if you make it to midnight. that's my goal just make it to midnight. so watch our special edition of new year's live, the party starts at 11:30 p.m.
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this year's supstar. (cous) this year's supstar. ughi caneall be drupte. with aecorbreang fty lliovote youruperar i.. that whyhere delm. dels hel silce cghs foa fu 12 urs th a vanc timrelee foula for l daor a nig relf. up ttwicas lg
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astheroughiqui. so t onlsoun youl he arthe es y wanto hr. anca (cheing) dels. lencis rief. and w foa lited me trdels forree, merry christmas to you, i almost hate to interrupt your christmas morning with news. but there is a little bit of news this morning, so we're following that for you. international news a day after an 18-year-old died in an officer involved shooting their ferguson, missouri protesters took to the streets on christmas. protesters and police confronted each other in berkeley, missouri where an officer shot and killed a black teenager the day before as a number of people recorded video of police officers arresting a protester. a few people cover their faces and shouted at police. at least one person threw
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something at officers. these protests, after the shooting death of michael brown which is what i was referring to earlier in ferguson only a few miles away, but not the day before. obviously that happened in august. this is in missouri in a neighboring town that the newest shooting took place. the difference between those two cases, brown was unarmed and the shooting that happened the day before yesterday, the 18-year-old was armed. occupy oakland is planning a protest today on this christmas day. they have announced the intention of trying to ruin christmas for the police is what they say. they want to make sure the police don't get time off for this holiday. that downtown oakland protest is in response to what the movement sees as police brutality. still ahead on this christmas day edition of that kron4 morning news, volunteers of the salvation army are delivering thousands of meals
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to people who cannot leave their home for christmas. we will have a live report on that coming up. a lot of you are getting ready for your christmas feast tonight. the most popular food on this holiday menu could surprise you. we will have details of that coming up. let's take a live look on the golden gate bridge on this very moment. we will be right back with more
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welcome back and merry christmas. on this christmas morning with a special edition of the kron4 morning news. i say we interrupt this you'll log to bring you traffic, there is none. you know if it strikes you this morning i brought a few hats,
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thought we could get into the spirit. i don't think anyone noticed we have red and green around the studio. so maybe you'll notice that today. >> it goes well with your very festive top. >> thank you and what i've like you missed today's george talking about the studio crew ... he's giving bowtie lessons. there's really nothing to do today. you sound like someone's dad tom and here sun is how you tie a bowtie. >> we give the we can. there is no traffic to talk about an is really good news. so the ride around the bay for going to be taking one will be an easy trip for you. take a look for example here at the bay bridge and there are no problems for the westbound right. expected to be like for the better part of the day. the same is true right now with the golden gate bridge for those of you that are heading to or from marin county will be an easy trip. we do still have the closure in place onlookers valley road. i will be updating you on that in just a bit. in the meantime let's update
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you on transit if you won't be driving today the planning on availing yourself of public transit. most agencies are on a holiday schedule, which for bart means sunday schedule same for caltrain, a train on the holidays does not run it's a real commuter service and there is no commute today. if you are taking them unique they are on the holiday schedule this morning also. let's get over to the weather center and get the latest from erika. it is so cold out there that george is actually wearing a vest between traffic reports. and i've actually never seen that happen. temperatures have dropped down significantly, we are in the upper 30s for some of the protected valleys. most locations around the bay area climbed into the 40s. by lunchtime expect bright and sunny conditions. we are talking about a cooler afternoon. we have a cooler area mass in place so highs today will only be in the upper 50s and a few
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low 60s. also very windy out there a lot of strong winds and higher elevations pretend mom hour sustained winds for oakland. twelve along the coastline and half moon bay. so we do have high pressure in place right now on that will keep the storm track well to the north so no wet weather in the forecast for the next seven days so enjoy the holidays. make sure you were your brand- new scarf and jackets because we are talking about pretty cool conditions and that trend will continue into the weekend. happening today on this christmas day the salvation army is getting ready to deliver thousands of meals to people who cannot leave their homes this christmas day. dan rubin is live in san francisco with live with what they're doing. >> they are very busy here in fact we are joined by executive chef anthony parque whose heading the whole operation and it is quite the operation. chef what's on the menu today? >> we have em, ham, and we
6:34 am
couldn't find anything to rhyme with those so we are serving karen's and green beans. >> who gets the pleasure of enjoying this meal? >> these meals go to people who can't for whatever reason physical, frailty, or go to the other organized feeding sites so we hand-deliver these meals. >> why is that important? we have the saint anthony's you know is a difficult suspect at those locations? >> it's hard for them to get around the city, and a lot of these people don't want to leave their apartment. so what we do is we deliver these meals with volunteers they come and get meals and then they distribute them. >> it's nice to see that you are not lacking in human contact today seems like we have a lot of helpers. >> we have pretty close to 40 volunteers who give up their
6:35 am
christmas morning to come here and help us make these meals will make 4000 meals today. >> thank you so much for your hard work, we really appreciate it. we will stay on scene here to monitor the operations, and see how everything is going we will check in later on but for now live in san francisco dan rubin kron4. thanks a lot dan that is really nice. the giving spirit continues at glide memorial church. which dan referred to. you know glide does good things on all the holidays and all times of year as well. yesterday they have their annual christmas eve prime rib lunch. the house of prime rib donated more than 2000 pounds of me. reverend teresa williams says it's important to give back. >> we need people who are involved and make it a point to say i'm ready, i want to do something significant. so they move in that direction. that being the case, it is a
6:36 am
win-win situation for those who come to dine with us and for those who also are here to serve those who dine with us. we are having a great time, it is good for us, it is good for them and it is good for the children as well. >> today glide plans to feed 5000 people. hundreds of volunteers are already hard at work this morning to make that happen. we will have a live report on that coming up in our 7:00 a.m. hour. the internet has spoken, and it says what you are eating for christmas, chinese food is 150% more popular on christmas than any other day of the year. this is according to the online food ordering site, grub hub. it has roughly 30,000 restaurants in a hundred cities and is says christmas day, christmas eve and new year's day are the top three days for chinese food orders. the most popular dish, general
6:37 am
sows chicken. with the new year coming up a lot of people are looking for a fresh start. governor jerry brown part in 105 convicted criminals yesterday, most were convicted of drug-related offenses. a few for violent crimes to including assault with a deadly weapon. and solicitation of murder. they were pardon. brown's office at all the prisoners released to demonstrate exemplary behavior and they had been constructive citizens before they were convicted. governor brown is pardon 510 people since 2011. thank you for spending some of your christmas morning with us here at kron4 morning news. what did you get for christmas? electronic gadgets are very popular gifts. we will have tech tips for you as gifts are being open this morning. it's great to get it, but how do you use it? president obama is enjoying
6:38 am
his christmas vacation in hawaii. and that is not stopping the white house staff from getting the house all decked out for the holidays. we will have some white house traditions for the holidays coming up to. we want you to share your christmas with us and we will share right back at you. here's what we are doing. please send us your pictures of well you can have the kids opening the gifts or you kicking back spending time this christmas morning with the family. maybe you took great shots for christmas eve last night. send them to us at breaking news at we will share them on the news and facebook and twitter and we wish you a merry christmas. we will be back in couple of minutes
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i figure if i can't give you the yule log i have a santa hat,i mean there this christmas day. if you are opening the presents and maybe you got a new gadget
6:42 am
for christmas, there are some basic tips to keep in mind, karen k for reports. >> topping lots of wish lists and appearing under lots of christmas trees, new tech toys. many devices will suggest a fully charged batteries before used. but for gadget lovers who just can't wait consumer reports says are probably okay. >> it's not a terrible idea to do that because you will have the benefit of a full charge but lithium ion batteries which is what's used in most cell phones laptops etc. they usually come with at least a little bit of charge on them so you should be able to use the device immediately. >> before hopping on the internet with the new smart phone, tablet or laptop and go to the settings tab to adjust privacy settings. pape particular attention given devices to kids. >> look through the parental controls usually that's in the settings and enable any restrictions that will make you feel comfortable giving that to your child. >> it's also smart to check for the latest software update and antivirus protection.
6:43 am
if the gift is not a perfect fit. >> make sure you have the receipt, if you don't have the receipt at least figure out what store you got it from. don't go taking it out of the box if you won't use it, because that is generally a no- no when it comes to the returns the next day. >> retailers charged restocking fees for electronics reopened. we are getting in the christmas spirit on the kron4 morning news. temperatures in the upper 30s and upper 40s. lots of sunshine and dry conditions for the afternoon. i will have a complete look at your holiday forecast when we return
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it's christmas day and i'm thinking, what do people want to see? you want to hear that there's no news that will kill you. that's good so check. check that off the list. no traffic, check. >> no traffic but one minor incident with lucas valley road is shut down. >> it's a local thing in marin county was shut down yesterday. what else? you what whether we will give you weather. aside from that, you're just spending time with kron. >> so i got called out for wearing a vest. but i want to talk about this. >> okay. i'm just saying put it on its christmasy, sweater he. >> this is erica. >> i know. >> here's what i don't understand. this is a tablecloth, this is
6:47 am
not we call a scarf. >> you folded diagonally. >> i've some suddenly become a mannequin here or what? >> were showing you how you can at least get into this. can. >> that's why say you call this a scarf, i call it a tablecloth. it's a little bit too big. >> his face is buried in that. >> that's the point. >> it is warm, i will give you that. work with us, will you please? >> okay so let's take a look of the bay bridge. let's take a quick look at the bay bridge live and you can see there's nothing there, or as we say, an area car. >> we do have a little thing going as we cycle through some shots. >> here's what we are doing
6:48 am
were trying to get worked in a few christmasy words. >> jolly ride. so any other camera? you can see if you're going to head this way you know people drive around today. >> yes people will go out for visiting. >> yes for frolicking. >> it's a christmas thing to do. you know going to visit, early morning trips to family. if you're out and about the good news is you won't have any problems. >> stay warm, eric is cute as a button today i hope they can see the red skirt. >> yes i have the red skirt and the gold, and you cannot see my earrings but their christmas bells. >> so erica when it comes to the weather last night we had rain. >> a short downpour then it was gone and also windy. >> so what are we left with christmas day. just windy conditions and
6:49 am
very cold air settling into the bay right now in fact some locations as much as 11 degrees colder than where were 24 hours ago. the good news is you're probably gathered around the fireplace. you're opening up your presence perhaps she got a new sweater and you will need it today. we are at 37 in napa, 36 in vallejo, temperatures in the upper 40s along the east bay shoreline. take a look at wind speeds right now keep in mind these are sustained winds pretty windy on the south bay. 70-mile an hour winds in san jose, 10 degrees for the half moon bay area so we will continue with breezy conditions for the afternoon. we have an area of high pressure centered over the bay so what that will do is elevate the storm track to our north. we will maintain dry conditions for the next week-week and a half. so the storms are officially closed. we will see cool temperatures not only today but for the next several days. the lay help currently reaching 57, mid-50s in fairfield, san mateo with a high of 57 and 60
6:50 am
a high in oakland. your extended forecast shows lots of sunshine and dry conditions for the holiday weekend. and even as you head back to work it will be pretty cold with overnight lows dropping into the mid-to upper 30s. like i mentioned we should maintain dry conditions even as we wrap up 2014. the problem is that christmas hat does a number on the hair. president obama and the first lady are focusing their christmas day message on care for the less fortunate and giving thanks to those who serve our country. listen to this. >> today are family will join millions across the country and celebrating the birth of jesus. the birth not just of a baby in a manger but the message that is change the world. to reach out to the sick, the hungry, the troubled, and above all else to love one another as we would be loved ourselves. >> we hope this holiday season will be a chance for us to live out that message. to bridge our differences, and lift up our family, friends,
6:51 am
and neighbors. and to reconnect with the values that bind us together. and as a country, that also means celebrating and honoring those who have served and sacrificed for all of us. our troops, veterans, and their families. >> in just a few days our combat mission in afghanistan will be over. our longest war will come to a responsible end. that gives us an opportunity to step back and reflect on all of these families who give us. we are able to gather with family and friends because our troops are willing to help those goodbye and said forward to serve. so merry christmas everybody. may god bless you all and your family a happy and healthy 2015. >> the president and his family are waking up this morning in hawaii, where they are spending their christmas holiday. throughout history, the white house has been host to many christmas celebrations. karen k for takes a look back at some of the traditions. >> 26 christmas trees, a 300-
6:52 am
pound gingerbread house even though the obama's are gone for the christmas holiday the white house is fully decked out. >> here at the white house the holidays are chance for us to show what our country is grateful for this holiday season. >> it seems like a tradition that has been around forever, but a holiday theme chosen by the first lady, like this year's winter wonderland is a relatively recent phenomenon. >> the actual christmas themed tradition did not start until mrs. kennedy in 1961. and that was with the nutcracker suite. >> mrs. kennedy chose the nutcracker because of young carolina ballet studies. hillary clinton would revisit the scene with chelsea in 1996. white house historical association curator leslie joan says things reflect the interests and passions of the first family. barbara bush group upon her needlepoint hobby for 1991. laura bush highlighted literacy
6:53 am
in 2003. and throughout michelle obama's decor a focus on military families. >> despite the number of visitors, the white house host throughout the season they get the opportunity to see more public display decor. first families do have a chance to keep some traditions to themselves. >> there are quarters within the house that are private and the family usually has their own tree with their own ornaments which has things that are handcrafted by the children of the household and that sort of thing. >> white house historical association chief historian william bushong says the first known christmas tree was in until 1889. a root quest of benjamin harrison for his children and grandchildren. five years later grover cleveland's family have the first christmas tree with electric lights. and one first family had to sneak a tree pass their commander-in-chief. >> rosevelt didn't really agree or enjoy the idea of having christmas trees in the house because he was an avid conservationist. but he did buckle under to his
6:54 am
children's wishes and naturally they did have a tree a few years while they were in the white house. >> from the young roosevelts to the obama daughters children have always added something to christmas at the white house. both private celebrations and public events, the spirit of the season the same as any address. still ahead on kron4 morning news, more joy and holiday cheer. see i picked up two more words george. let's take outside at the san mateo bridge, as george says, was busy yesterday there. i guess it wasn't but not today. you can see a great shot and great visibility. nothing is problematic in the ride around the bay right now. we will be right back at low clearance prices.
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