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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 25, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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caught the yule tide log earlier. we have the weather to talk about. it is very important on christmas day. especially if you have a bike or skateboard. erica? >> absolutely. you can ride around your new bike and put on your sweater as well. we are talking about significantly colder weather. some have dropped town by 11-degrees. in napa, vallejo. and oakland at 46 and 47. out the door in downtown san francisco. into the afternoon, we will maintain try weather. lots of sunshine. highs in the upper 50s. and low 60s. this is the eastern pacific and
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we are going to -- we are not going to see wet weather for at least seven days. hold onto the pattern of cool air and frigid mornings. we have a complete look at the forecast in 15 minutes. merry christmas. >> and to you. there is no commute today and nothing in the way of traffic or delays. quick look at the ride of the bay bridge and westbound drive as it is. no back up. no delay. don't expect to see metering lights and we will see unusually or perhaps for a holiday unusually light traffic. same is true for the san mateo bridge and the ride on 192, light traffic had both directions. both east bind and west bounds. it looks like there are more people heading back toward hayward than in the other direction. >> good morning and merry christmas. >> thank you, george.
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fs they are working because they are going to be feeding more than 5,000 people. mike pelton live and looking at the hard work to get the meals ready. someone has to do the hard work of cooking. mike? >> exactly. darya. >> and they are taking time this morning. this is inside the glide memorial church. volunteers showed up. over the next few hours, they will be slicing into the turkeys and into the vegetables to make for a happy christmas meal and for families in need this morning. it is a tradition here and serve 5,000 meals today starting with a christmas breakfast until 11:00. that is eggs, ham and grits and then later, turkey, yams. stuffing and dessert.
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>> they hope it headaches for a good meal for several hundred families today. >> they are part of the community and we have a strong relationship with them. and so, you know, we are part of the family or they are part of our family. it is only natural that we would spend it together. there are other folks that come through here and wouldn't have a choice foranywhere else. >> a warm countries mass meal is the best present for many families. 500 volunteer it is will make this happen today. all in two hour shifts and as is the case, they get a lot of people that want to volunteer on christmas and they don't get the help the rest of the year. if you are looking to could a good deed. they will use your help over the next few months. >> mike, what will happen, mike; they will watch and wake up and now, it will strike
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them. can they to that. >> they will always use the help, darya. and they have 500 people that signed up to do this today. and if you come down today, without question, they will find a job for you. >> okay. thanks a lot mike. >> look at them enjoying christmas. >> the christmas celebrations are happening all around the world. they showed up for mass at the great cathedral and here is a look at that. all commercialism is lost on the special night. and that's what we are here to do. celebrate the real meaning. >> this is the cathedral in san francisco. so, it is like tradition. those of us born and raised in the episcopal faith. this is like going home.
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like going to the vatican, almost. >> today, the cathedral is going to host the eucharist. and the choir will sing and there will be a sermon and holy commune i don't know. it is 7:06. you will be driving maybe to different parties on christmas day. they are out there cracking down with maximum enforcement. hoping to keep the loadways safe. >> teleplan to be highly visible. and asking bay area drivers in your help for potential problems. >> this is the joint effort. if you do see an impaired driver on the road. >> provide us with the location and direction of travel. the information about the vehicle and including the license plate and what you see them doing. >> that will empower our office to come out and take care of the person impaired. interest is not enough of us to take care of road alone. >> last year. five people were killed in bay
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area accidents over the christmas holiday. it lasts through the weekend. the time now is 7:06. thanks for waking up on this christmas morning with the kron four morning news -- kron 4 morning news. how did you get them. they deliver christmas gifts to thousands of kids this morning. that is still going on right now. trying to get the gifts understand the tree. we will be right back. you know what, if you snap pictures this morning or last night. for christmas eve. share them with us. and through facebook or twitter. and we will share them with our viewers on the air. throughout the morning and on the website. we will be right back. female announcer: save up to 35%
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. welcome back to the special christmas morning of the kron 4 news and this is some of the toys collected from the toy drive. they say it was a huge success. the restaurant collected more than 10,000 toys in the christmas eve toy drive and they have been delivered to boys and girls this morning at various giveaways and in the
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fill more district in the district. they are thrieferring more toys -- they are delivering more toys in san francisco. and also, firefighters are going to pick up the remaining toys and. you give them. and like i give electronics. my boy loves this. and it is enough to put the batteries in. and this is george's personal toy. >> right. >> you have the whole controller there. >> if you can't play with toys on christmas, what is the point. >> we might strap a camera on this. and make it a new. >> a drone? >> let's clarify. this is not a drone. it is a quad copter. >> why do they call it that? >> four helicopter blades. >> also, i am impressed which iten an i buy the cheaper ones.
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and it can get caught and keep it away from the carpet. and it is unioned. >> this thing seems to fly better: your controller is like nasa. >> you can control the space station like this. >> i will crash this. >> it does take a bit of practice. they make them with auto stabilization. and very solve fuss particular kateed gyros, so you can go out and buy one of these from 50 to $75. and they are crash proof. that's right. >> really? >> special flight modes and they make them simple to operate. this is an adult toy. >> it is like the rover thing. >> yes. >> no, very nice. >> so, this is one of the toys, that would be great. >> little late for knee to tell you. >> could you put a little
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camera. and kids are getting drones for christmas. >> the best way to do it. >> there are several that comes with cameras already included. >> 175, $225. and it slew of includes the controller and everything you need to fly it. >> therapy amazingly affordable. and it is like with a computer, the price of the tech molg. the first one was a thousand dollars and now they are a couple hundred. >> george, you play. and that's what you do. >> a lot of adults who do. and yes, i do. having no kids to give presents to. >> who else should i gulf them to. >> do you want your kid to have ha drone. and hovering over you with a camera. >> it is something to think about. >> it is easy to get. >> maybe next year. >> too late now. and great if you are opening
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your choices. >> i hope you enjoy your christmas morning. we will be back in a couple more minutes. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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. 7:16 is the time and thank you for letting us into your home this christmas morning. there is no important news that is going to lurk and kill you. news isn't the biggest focus this morning. we are focused on having fun and the weather.
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which is a big deal. and people, if they are watching, that is something they would like to know about for today. >> erica. >> with folks out and about. and heading to dinner later on tonight. not dealing with any rain in the forecast. we did have a quick downpour and very windy conditions. and fierce wind especially above a thousand feet. >> take a look at how gorgeous. >> temperatures are certainly on the cool side. we are dealing with cold temperatures and some of the season this far and vallejo dropping out. and we are in the mid-40s. for rich month and oakland. and some locations are actually. 11 degrees colder. >> it shows this in the state right now. >> we are not going to see any storms. at least for the next seven days. storm door officially closed
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for now. >> and we are talking about lots of sunshine and colder temperatures, we have the colder air mass in place and reaching 57 in vallejo. and the high in san mateo and 58 degrees in fremont. a look now at the extended forecast. >> mid- to upper 50s. that's the story as we head into the weekend. lots of sunshine. dry weather and bundle up for chilly mornings. >> temperatures dropping down to the mid-30s. the time now is 7:16. here is george. >> there is a road closure in marin county. and because of downed trees power lines. likely to stay that way through the better part of the morning. if not, the day. and it has been close. and between mount mckinley road and the valley road. and drive through the area. you know the local detours. >> take a quick look at the bay
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bridge and the ride to it. >> easy traffic here with no problems for the trip weather coming from the mccart thank you maze. and heading towards the east by. >> if that's where the holiday travel takes you. >> it is equally. good and light. >> both directions of highway 92 are free of any back ups or problems. if you should be heading out for public transit. >> this is a quick look of what you expect. >> this is for the muni. metro and for cal tran. and for bart this morning. that means they are on a sunday schedule and arrive out of the central valley. no train service since that is a commuter train. >> you would share more toy tips before i went shopping. >> you are going to give us more later. >> you bet. >> i am here all day.
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>> accept tips. you heard about the bell-ringers and they were out and about. >> don't nietions are down by toys of dollars in cities across the bay. we have more from union on square. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. >> hope holidays. god bless everybody. >> he is john the bell ricker. you may -- he is john the bell-ringer. >> you may have seen him? >> you get out here. and at the end of the day, you could be hoarse. >> i recognize the bells from miles away. >> but, it is worth it. >> this year, red kettle donations are down across the bay area. >> to san francisco. it is as much as $50,000. and we are down to $48,000. >> san jose is down $10,000. >> as to why the giving may be
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less. >> this year. >> a couple of possibilities. >> several rainy wet day consist when they don't want to be fishing money out of their pockets. and that prevented us from having settles in several locations. >> ask john about the numbers and his experience with the salvation army. this is what he will tell you. >> my life crashed and burned and they picked up the pieces. got me back on my feet. became a salvation army soldier. and they put me back together again. i don't know about particular numbers. i just know what i see out here. and i see people cheerful dwifers. >> jr stone. kron 4 news, morgan hill family is grateful. >> a tree fell down and barely missed their house. a miss is a miss.
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>> take a look at what happened, the tree came crashing down in yesterday's storm. remember, erica told us how it is going to rain for the window. boy, it was raining. it came down hard for the short window and the wind was big. >> wasn't at may house. look at these homeowners. and they were inside the home and the tree didn't fall where it did any more damage to the house or where it hurt them. >> you can see how close it is to the house. >> she was in the very room where the tree fell down. >> you can see the only spot where it would fall. and it is right there. >> that's why they say they are lucky. even that look, the nativity scene you survived. wasn't crushed. and ruined. >> the homeowner is calling that their christmas miracle. >> it is 7:22. this is what we are calling and
7:23 am
we are looking for christmas words. >> beautiful shot here. if you want to walk the bridge. i got to say. >> walking and i always think it is a miserable walk. and it is really loud. and today would be the day. maybe get out and take a christmas walk with the family. we will be right back. of memory foam mattresses under one roof! icomfort, by serta... optimum, by posturepedic... ahh! comforpedic, by beautyrest... ooh! 48 months interest-free financing, free delivery, and queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at. ♪ mattress discounters
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. welcome pack. we do have breaking news now. on to kron 4. there is a fire that started in a home in san francisco and it has spread to neighboring homes and it is in a 200 block of mississippi street. that is in pretro hill. and fire crews there. and that is one of the breaking news stories this morning that we will keep you updated on. there is national news as well. >> after the 18-year-old was killed by an officer-involved killing near st. louis. they said they took to the streets on christmas eve. rrng tensions bubbled to the surface. they confronted each other where they killed a black teenager the day before. they recorded police officers
7:27 am
arresting a protestor. and they shout the at police. and one through something at the officers. everything they blocked traffic on the highway and what some believe is another issue justice by place police. >> they ran in to scuffles the night before. this is an area not far from where a ferguson police officer killed a teen. city officials were quick to pointed out differences this the two shootings. >> listen, you couldn't compare this with ferguson. or case in new york. >> they released this surveillance video from outside the gas station. it does appear to show martin pointing something at an officer. it was this gun which had a bullet in the chamber. >> bystander takes off running. the officer stumbles backward. opening fire and killing
7:28 am
antonio martin. >> they have a conclusion that all policemen are guilty and it is not acceptable. >> there will be a thorough investigation. >> i am andrew spencer reporting. >> still ahead on the kron 4,000 news. they are out this morning. and delivering thousands of meals to those who can't leave their home. we will have more on that and a live report. a lot of you are ready to do christmas eating. maybe making a feetion for lunch or dipper. most popular food on this kay might surprise you. and what the results are from that. >> they ask people. what do you eat on christmas day for your christmas dinner. >> this is the bridge. one car going by and now none. we will be right back.
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. we don't have any traffic and i hope you are enjoying your christmas morning so far. >> we will go to george. i said there is no traffic. what are you going to talk about. we hit the toys. there never too much talk about toys, is there? after all, it is christmas. we are looking at a pretty easy ride all around the bay. i want to keep you updated on what is going on in marin county. and lucas road is closed and still shut down today between
7:32 am
mount mckinley road and downed trees and power lines. if you live in the area. you know the best detours around the problems. >> we are getting word that in san francisco, mississippi is closed for two blocks around mariposa and a structure fire. we will be getting more on that. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. no traffic out here today. if you are heading hoo the city. and bringing in christmas packages or breakfast, you will have an easy ride of it and heading for the golden gate bridge. it is a beautiful christmas morning here. and very light traffic in both directions. >> george, he doesn't even know i am here. >> can you see him. >> can i see what he looks like. >> your head is so big. >> there. >> erica, how is the weather. >> . you can't just switch over now.
7:33 am
>> i have been waiting. as you can tell, we are getting in the christmas spirit here on kron 4 and it is cold out there. definitely stay had. turn the tv on. keep it on. open the presents and wrap up. we have temperatures in the mid-30s. we are hitting the morning lows right now. >> napa, vallejo, some of the colder spots. we drop down to 45. and this is downtown south florida. we will see upper 50s later this afternoon. we will continue with pretty breezy conditions with higher elevations and it is going to be cool. >> certainly cooler than what we experienced thus far. we take a look at satellite and radar k we will have high pressure building in. and it will guide the storm track well to the north. >> as we focus in your neighborhood. >> 58 degrees in hayward and
7:34 am
mid-50s. >> 57 in santa rosa. and it is going to be dry. we will continue with dry weather. and certainly enjoy your days off. >> lots of sunshine. we will hold onto the pattern into early next week. and the storm door is closed as we wrap up the year. 2014. >> darya? >> thank you, santa's helper. the spirit of giving is alive in shf where there is a lot of santa's helpers with the salvation army. >> it is dan rubin. and joining us with what they are doing. trying to give them a great christmas dinner. hi, dan. >> hi, darya. we could use a few more santa helpers out here, if you will. >> they are serving 4,000 people and packing meals into boxes like this. and delivering them all over san francisco. we are joined now by rainy rainy -- laney hendricks.
7:35 am
>> i think of the meals on wheels. we are serving nor than just the elderly. >> they are elderly and there are a few case consist where we are dealing with terminally ill people and other conditions that make them too physically frail to get to this site downtown. >> reporter: how do you find the people. >> through a daily basis and weekly basis. and also a visit by a volunteer. it is what is important about the program. it is just more than a meal and get holiday cheer. >> it is not such a christmas thing. >> we have meal program. not 4,000 meals. it is our pleasure.
7:36 am
>> they need 10 drivers to be specific. and you don't have to drive a vehicle like that. the address is 360-sphowrt street. reporting live in san francisco dan rubin. kron 4 news. thanks a lot. the giving spirit continues at the church. this is another one of the stories we are following. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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. good morning, welcome back. there is a fire and affecting a roadway at this time. >> it has should down mississippi street between mariposa. and it is in the 200 block. now, the police department and chp have shut down the mariposa off street ramp to the 282 extension. they want to keep traffic away from the area. >> there no traffic other than local traffic right now. >> so, they want to keep car consist away from the area. >> we have that closure. and the north bay closure of lucas valley road which is still shut down between mount mckinley. and because it is a holiday. >> getting crews out there. >> these are two roll issues
7:45 am
for folks that live in mississippi street. >> and near the hill and in marin. >> other than that, bay area roadways, freeways. >> everything else. >> if you are going to deliver packages or a christmas breakfast. it is a light and easy ride here at the bay bridge. >> it is a beautiful day. >> golden gate bridge is a pretty day to be driving around. >> forget the driving. when i was looking at the golden gate bridge. if you ever quawked it like all the time. it is miss rablg. >> the sound. i don't know what it is. >> it is like, metal. because of metal. it is terrible. >> they have those sections. prefabricated sections of road bed with steel in between. >> it shuts and they are so close to you.
7:46 am
>> great day to walk the bridge. >> the difference is night and day. >> it is spec damage collar. >> i am saying, if you have an opportunity. >> it is so wonderful. >> or you could drive. and spoil it for everyone else. we are talking about how gorgeous it is. >> nice timing. >> i lived in san francisco for 26 years. never walked. bridge. >> you have to do it. >> it is so fabulous. >> someone said. are thank you going to walk the by bridge. >> i said no. >> i never walked the golden gate, why would i walk the bay bridge. >> if you are walking the bridge, it is doled out there. >> upper 30s right now and san francisco milder at 51 degrees. lots of sunshine. it is a gorgeous christmas morning. we look at the afternoon. you will notice we are talking
7:47 am
about temperatures cooler than what we are dealing with. and they are staying in the upper 50s. >> anything high to 57. and bless tantton with a a -- pleasantton. and -- ple. and we have -- pleasanton. and no wet weather for a week and a half. storm door officially closed. we have a cooler air mass settling into place. >> we will continue on the cool side. and lots of 50s. going to carry us in the weekend. and we have no rain on the horizon. >> i think we will wrap up here with dry conditions for the ends of 2015. >> thanks a lot, erica: they put the finishing touches on month long christmas surprise. they hope to make the special for kids who wouldn't otherwise have much to celebrate. >> garrett hack has the story.
7:48 am
>> . right now i am doing this. >> the family puts the finishing touches on 24 stockings. >> what are you going to do. >> for 24 kids. all of whom live this an extended stay hotel in brew springs. they are about to get an incredible christmas surprise. >> it is not the north pole and right now. it is pretty close. the garage is a staging area for more than 150 toys. >> for kids as young as one and old as 16. none of them know what is coming or their santa claus is a third grader. she saw the classmates getting off at a hotel. she knew she wanted to help. >> i think they were less fortunate. >> i could give them toys and make them happy on christmas. >> she set it to work for an enterprising 8-year-old. >> i made a member lon made made -- member lon made stand.
7:49 am
>> -- lemonade stand. before this, she had $51. >> the clip went viral on facebook. and donations poured in. >> there were 97 notifications. >> it was crazy. >> all the toys are out there and you had gotten for all the kids. >> they will make their delivery and hope the girl behind the gifts gets something out of it, too. >> she will not understand the magnitude of it, ever. >> the president and his family are waking up in hawaii. >> the white house has been host to many celebrations. karin caifa looks back at some of the celebrations. >> 26 christmas trees. >> 300-pound gingerbread house. >> the obamas are not hope for
7:50 am
the holiday, the white house is fully decked out. >> here it is a chance for us to show what the country is grateful for this holiday season. >> it seems like a tradition been around forever. and this is chosen by the first lady. this is a relatively recent phenom -- phenomenon. and that is with the nutcracker sweetd. >> she chose nutcracker because of young caroline's ballet study. >> hillary clinton did that also with chelsea. >> they reveal the interest and passions of the first fromly. barbara bush through on her needle point and highlighted literacy and throughout accomplish kill obama's obama's -- michelle obama's hobbies. >> they get the opportunity to
7:51 am
see the more public display of first families. and they keep some traditions to themselves. >> they are in the house and family usual hi has their own tree there with their own ornaments. and they were hand crafted by the children of the household. and those are much beloved. >> chief historian said the first known christmas tree wasn't until 1889. the request of benjamin harris for his children and grandchildren. grover cleveland had the first tree and one family had to speak it past their commander in chief. >> roosevelt didn't agree or enjoy having christmas trees in the house. >> he was an avid construction i was. and actually hi, they did have a tree for a few years while they were in the white house. >> chirp have added something
7:52 am
to the christmas in the white house. >> the spirit of the season. >> the same as any rad less. >> in washington, i am karin caifa. we have got a new year's tradition on kron four that you might share with us. >> it is a lot of fun. you can ring in the new year's with a live show and bring it in, in the comfort of your own home. we bring it to you. >> any local life show like that. >> and this is the party hosts. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. is there an elk in your bed?
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thank you for letting us into your home on this christmas day. a lot of people are at home opening presents. the kids are -- well -- >> we're doing the same thing here. >> the boys are hoping for electronics. we don't have one of these fancy -- >> transmitters. >> we do cars. you got to make sure you get within on this channel, one on this channel to race. you can operate more things. can you race things at one time? >> i could. not at one time. you have to keep your attention on one thing at a time. >> right. >> the nice thing about a device like this is you can have one transmitter to control all of your different flying airplanes, helicopters, whatever. the cars, the same thing, they have a built in model memory. it's a small computer in here. they make the ones that you can control from your iphone. >> get out. >> no, absolutely. >> i don't want to touch it in
7:57 am
the wrong spot. don't touch my toys. so you brought in this helicopter here. are you saying you could buy -- i could go out and buy a helicopter or one of this -- i have a space alien they think my kid has and you can control it from your iphone? >> not all of them but some of them can. get that one up off the ground. >> is this hard to fly? >> yeah. this is not as stable as that kopter is. this takes more practice. they make devices like these that are relatively easy to fly that even a beginner can operate. >> you do it -- like at george's face right now. >> it's serious. >> so obviously you like this. >> when i was a boy i had a little helicopter that flew mechanically. it had a metal crank like a fishing reel.
7:58 am
you would walk around and turn the crank for hours and hours. >> then they got power and batteries. >> yes. everything changed. remote cone always my favorite now the beauty is i don't have to wait for someone to buy them for me, i can get them myself. >> here's a few things we're playing with on this christmas. we'll be back with more of this special edition of the kron morning news. >> merry christmas.
7:59 am
8:00 am
standing on this street in san francisco, it's shut down. we still have a lot of cars out here though and it's reserved for vip parking. i'll tell you how to get on the exclusive list of givers coming up. christmas celebrations are underway around the world. where you can go locally to get into the holiday spirit. we're tracking your christmas day weather. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a full look at your
8:01 am
holiday forecast straight ahead. this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now. i feel like the postman, we always deliver rain, sleet, snow. there's none of that this morning on this christmas morning but it's a holiday and we're glad you're with us on this christmas morning. we had a little snow in tahoe, i think. >> up to 10 inches, especially up top. if you're headed in that direction certainly bring your chains for interstate 80. it's clear, sunny. this year because it's so windy you can have your logs going. that's certainly good news. grab a scarf, you will need it today. temperatures still in the upper
8:02 am
30s for concord and livermore. as we take a look at the afternoon, upper 50s, low 60s. we're going to hold onto dry conditions. we'll see lots of sunshine. that's going to be the case for the next several days. we see high pressure building in over the eastern pacific. we have some minor tweaks and changes to talk about as we head into next week. a look at your extended forecast coming up in 15 minutes. merry christmas, george. >> and to you, erica and you at home as well. we're not tracking a commute this morning. in san francisco we have a street closure and ramp closure in effect because of a structure fire on the 200 block of mississippi street. mississippi is closed between 18th and meriposa. they closed this to keep cars away from the area. if you're heading out to one of the bridges you're likely to find a really good ride.
8:03 am
no delays on theno carrierringring0
8:04 am
a lot of people are preparing meals today. >> reporter: about 4,000 meals are being made to. people pulling up with personal meals to deliver to people. we have a lot of volunteers showing up. more will be on the way. they could use some more though. they're looking for 10 more drivers at at this point to help them out and deliver those meals. you can check in and they'd be happy to receive you. >> thank you. maybe i should just do it like that, thank you, dan. we have another dan aside from that dan, dan kerrman and dan the director this morning. the christmas celebrations are underway all around the world.
8:05 am
here in the bay area take a look at the massive crowds that showed up for christmas mass at the grace cathedral in san francisco. maybe your went to your local church last night. >> well, finally that's what christmas is all about. everything is lost on this special night. that's what we're here to do, celebrate the real meaning of christmas. >> grace cathedral, it's like tradition. this is home. this is like going to the vatican almost. >> today the cathedral is going to host a choir singing with a sermon and holy communion. a fire started within the last hour at a home in san francisco and it has spread to neighboring buildings. this is
8:06 am
burning in the 200 block of mississippi street what mike pelton is live. that looks like a victorian? >> reporter: yeah, it's a two-story home. i just spoke to fire officials who said fortunately there were no injuries in this blaze. you can see crews on the neighboring roof working to put out out spots and keep an eye on the building that sitting along the 200 block of mississippi street. about 6:00 a.m. fire crews responded from the blaze coming from this two-story home. the san francisco fire chief said the blaze went to three alarms and partially damaged to home to the north. the family who lived in the main building, the one that sustained most of the damage was out of town on christmas vacation. a neighbor said it's actually two families who live in that home, both of which were out of state celebrating christmas. there were no injuries. the fire department told me investigators are on their way here to the
8:07 am
scene to determine cause and. fire crews -- cause. fire crews are still on the roof doing clean up. >> can you imagine you go back to this, that your home is burned. that's terrible. i'm glad nobody was hurt. look at all the firefighters. they're working in full force today for sure. >> reporter: well, yeah, absolutely. in fact, chief joanne was here on scene too. instead of celebrating christmas with her family she was out here helping take care of this as well. you can see all the firefighters here along mississippi street. again, that fire is contained. as for this area, the 200 block of mississippi street, you can see the flames coming down the freeway from a couple of miles away. the good news is no one was injured. this is creating quite the scene this morning. >> they're all over the street there. george has been covering this in traffic. i know it's only
8:08 am
local but that part of mississippi is shut down to traffic. >> reporter: yeah, this area and give our take two blocks in each direction. police officers are out there. i believe it's the maraposa off ramp. >> george, is that open now? it is closed. that is still closed. thanks a lot. we will check in later to see how they're doing. hard at work on this christmas day. thank you for spending your christmas morning with us. we'll be back with our special edition of the kron 4 morning news in a couple of minutes.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
i'm in the traffic center and i'm looking at your shot right there. i know there's no traffic but you're slaving away at the computers getting up the shots. hard at work on this. a lot of people don't have toing work. all the public people type, like cops and firefighters. >> and cal tran. i was just checking with them to find out if there was still a wind advisory in place. >> what did they say? >> they said we issued it at midnight last night. we're going to send a unit across and see if it should still be in force. >> you have the power to
8:12 am
dispatch cal tran. >> well, it was funny when i spoke with kevin who is usually manning the phones said you're working on christmas. i said well, you are. >> if you got to go somewhere it's an easy ride today. we want to mention, you can kind of cycle through the empty shots, it's maximum enforcement and they publicize it because they want you to know they're on the road looking for speeders and drunk drivers. >> this is not the weekend to be drinking and driving. >> people will be at parties and think that he can can do that -- can do that. >> one gift we received, you don't have to pay for parking today. >> what are the three days? christmas?. >> christmas, new year's day and i think thanksgiving is the other one. we'd have to check on that just to be sure. >> this is the worst day
8:13 am
because in san francisco there's no restaurant open -- >> so who is going to be going anywhere to park. >> we appreciate that. >> i want to ver -- verify but i think the port authority that operating the parking meters on the water front that even they give you a break on christmas. >> it's nice to walk along the water. >> this would be a good day for it. i'm going to verify that. i'm about 80 to 9 #0 0 -- 90% sure they will give you a break today. it's after all christmas. >> this is christmas. thanks a lot. a more erry christmas to you. we're doing to continue our look at weather and traffic hoar on the kron 4 morning news in just a couple of minutes. we'll be right back.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
it is christmas so this seems fitting that there's snow in the sierra. fresh snow. check it out. look at that. people who are planning a hol holiday trip to tahoe are going to get good stuff. if you're already there good for you. if you're driving today you're going to need 4 wheel drive, snow tires, your chains. if your don't have those from i-80
8:17 am
to kingville to the interchange you have to have them. ski resorts are open and ready for them. elevations over 4,000 feet are even getting new snow and i am planning to do a little snow boarding. what's today? are they going to get another storm? >> no. we are looking at dry weather. now, there's the small chance that we'll see just a burst of new snow into early next week. for the most part high pressure is in place. that's keeping the storm track to the north. that means no rain in the bay area and no snow in nevada. if you're headed in that direction today make sure you have your chains for you drive along i-80. the0 -- take a look at your morning lows there. dropping down into the teens over the weekend. it's definitely a white christmas in the sierra. here in the bay area lots of sunshine.
8:18 am
crystal clear conditions. 12 miles per hour sustained winds in oakland and 10 miles per hour in the san jose area. we're also dealing with fridged temperatures. we have seen most locations actually drop into the mid 30s. into the afternoon, the upper 50s for the most part. a few select cities will see 60s. that includes napa, oakland. 55 your high today in livermore. chilly conditions. the dry conditions over the bay area. we're not going to see bet weather for at least the next day. your 7 day around the bay forecast, a steady pattern, a cooler air mass in place. fridged morning lows and afternoon highs in the mid to upper 50s. the time is 5:18. time now for a look at traffic. is there? >> no. there isn't any traffic trouble. that's good news. i have an update for you too about parking in san francisco. we did in fact confirm that all
8:19 am
parking meters are not enforced today, including those along at fisherman's warf. those enforced by the port authority, even they are giving us dispensation on this christmas day and new year's day also. those three holidays are the only three in san francisco where you do not have to pay for parking on metered streets. we are still tracking the closure. downed trees and power lines. as erica pointed out, there isn't any traffic around this morning. that's good news for you if you're going to be heading out for breakfast or to go visiting or deliver some christmas presents. here is the ride at the richmond bridge toll
8:20 am
plaza. this is indicative of what you'll find all around the bay area. a light and easy ride. you will be finding presents under the tree. some kids will be finding toys because of the big toy drive. look at all the toys that they got. they collected more than 10,000 toys. more than 6,000 were already delivered yesterday. they were giving away the bay view hunters point district. this morning they are still added 3,000 toys to give away in the hutch community center in san francisco. after then the san francisco firefighters are taking over and going to pick up the remaining toys. >> it's all part of what the san francisco spirit is about on the holidays. you share what you have with those who have less. >> it's great for the kids.
8:21 am
everybody has one more chance to give a toy to make sure every kid gets the magic of christmas. >> there was that police chief and the old mayor of san francisco, willy brown. nobody said san francisco like willy. then san francisco police fell short of their toy drive, that's why lefties stepped in to help out and make up the difference. this was the 14th year of the toy drive. we see it every year, people rushing to the store to get shopping done on christmas eve. who is open today? you're waking up right now first of all, it's 8:21 and you should have been out at 6:00 trying to get a present. really, you're going to put a mcdonalds something under the tree? i would suggest walgreens. they are open. i'm not a commercial for them but i -- you can get anything, gift cards, anything at wall greens.
8:22 am
if you have to shop this morning those are few places that are open. we have a full list of other stores that are open on our website at get there fast. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, we're keeping our eye on your christmas day weather and it is a beautiful day around the bay. look at those lights. we want you to share your christmas spirit. look at this viewer dressed as santa and somebody by the tree. great pictures that we're just starting to get in. look at the kids. i bet they were dressed up. that was probably from christmas eve, which we would love to have. here's everybody getting ready to open gifts. snap a picture, send it to us at tell us your names and maybe i'll try to give you a shout out. they didn't open the presents yet. nice tie there. you can share on facebook and twitter as well and we'll share them throughout
8:23 am
the morning on the kron 4 morning news.
8:24 am
8:25 am
we've got some news happening nationwide this morning that we want to tell you about on this christmas day. after an 18-year-old armed man was killed by a police officer near the town of ferguson,
8:26 am
missouri protesters again took to the streets yesterday. let's take a look at the protests and police confrontations in the town of berkeley, missouri, which is where an officer shot and killed an armed black teenager who was pointing a gun at the officer the day before. a number of people were arrested. some people covering their faces and shouting at the police and one person threw something. this comes after in ferguson, missouri, a town near by, the shooting of michael brown. that's just a few miles away and that happened back in august. >> you couldn't even compare this with ferguson or the gardener case in new york. people just jump to a conclusion that all policemen are guilty. jumping to conclusion before investigating is not acceptable
8:27 am
>> in this case the teenager was armed and this is surveillance video that shows him raising his hand with a gun in it. they don't think that he fired any shots. he was pointing the gun, however, and that is when the officers say they fear for their life and opened fire killing him. occupy oakland is planning to protest today on this christmas day announcing that they want to ruin christmas for police. you see it says no time off christmas day. they want to make a stand and keep police busy on this christmas day as they protest what they call police brutality across the nation. it's 8:27. we are continuing to follow the latest on the big movie, interview. independent movie theaters are
8:28 am
showing it. what do critics have to say? is it any good? look at the people lining up for it. firefighters are investigating a house fire in oakland. how the people inside this burning house were able to get out alive. female announcer: save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:30 am
for around $329 a month. the party has started. this is the special christmas edition. if you're going to turn on the news on christmas day you better see something christmasy. we're talking about toys and we're talking about weather. >> oh, yeah. >> what a great day . once they're done in the house like opening stuff it's great to get
8:31 am
out. >> it's so cold out there. >> it should be all right . >> it feels like christmas, that's the point. yeah, it's cold out there, temperatures 11 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. it's frigid. take a look at how gor geous this is at the golden gate bridge. you think people should walk it? >> you just said you lived here your whole life and never done it. i can't believe that. do it. there's no traffic . that's the whole point. do not walk the bridge on a regular day. this is the day, no cars. >> it's scary, isn't it? >> on a regular day it's loud and the cars come close to you. >> but they will be driving faster now. >> it's the sound. you go out there with one or two cars and it's the most beautiful thing. i really -- it's short. i think it's 1.8 miles. something like that. >> that sounds about right. >> you get out there and walk it and it's 25 minutes. >> maybe next year. >> okay. >> she's
8:32 am
working now, folks. lots of sunshine out there . really nothing to delay you if you're heading to grandma's house later this afternoon. temperatures right now still holding onto 30s in napa. 37 degrees in fairfield. the mid 40s out the door in oakland. hopefully you got a new scarf, a new jacket. you will certainly need that both through this morning and later on today. afternoon highs for the most part in the upper 50s. we however will see a few low 60s. windy and cool conditions not only today but into the next several days. we don't have any storms on the horizon. wet weather should make a return as we head into the new year. a full look at your extended forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. merry christmas, george. >> and to you, erica. we've been tracking a street close your in san francisco and a freeway ramp closure because of a fire that was burning on mississippi street. so it's
8:33 am
been closed down between 18th and meriposa. the ramp leading to meriposa has been closed off at interstate 280. we've also been tracking the ride for you on highway -- i think we have the bay bridge shot up next. is that right? yes, it is. there you see it. it looks like a pretty easy trip eastbound or westbound. no back ups, no delays. of course, none to be expected. we're also problem free. if you're headed out for transit this morning, sunday schedules for cal tran and for bart. h train t holiday schedule means there's no service since that's strictly a commuter line and it's a holiday schedule for the metro this morning as well. and how about the holiday parking? free. >> free at the meters and also in san francisco and along the water front and fisherman's warf. >> christmas day, one of only three days in the whole year. >> so enjoy it.
8:34 am
why not go out there and park just because you can. >> right. or you're a guy who is like i want to drive back and forth on the bay bridge all day long because there's no traffic. just do it. >> yeah, you still have to pay the toll. >> that's true. happening today, the salvaty are ready this morning delivering thousands of meals to people who cannot leave their homes on this christmas day. dan is going to kill me. there he is. >> reporter: youe killing me. >> did you hear that . it's dan ruben. dan ruben is live -- it's just -- hi, dan. people when they work on a holiday they're like it's dan ruben, i don't see him that often. >> reporter: you're forgiven. we don't speak that often so we're allowed to have some mistakes. no problem. it's a pleasure to speak with you today, daria. this is one street in san francisco that you're actually not allowed to
8:35 am
park unless you're ready to help. we have 4,000 meals getting delivered today. it's an impressive process. we've been follow it from beginning to end. i think we're nearing the end here. to answer that we're joined by kevin smith, heading up this operation. are we ending the process of delivering the meals? >> we are. this is the final stage. these final volunteers that we have today are taking the boxes of food to their cars to deliver to the sit ins today. >> reporter: how important are the volunteers to that process? >> we couldn't do it without them. there's 500 volunteers just to deliver the 4,000 meals today. we just simply could not do that without them. >> reporter: okay. thank you so much for join ing us. we're going to have to come back to you. join us right after the break. of shaving stuff.
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8:46 am
8:45 is the time. we thank you for sharing a little bit of your christmas morning with us here on the kron 4 morning news. it looks like it's going to be a great day to get outside and enjoy the day off. erica. >> that's right. lot s of sunshine but boy is it cold out there. we are dealing with some of the coldest temperatures of the season thus far. so a lot of locations dropped into the mid and upper 30s. it's gorgeous and we will maintain dry conditions into the afternoon. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. good morning, livermore, you're at 38 degrees. fairfield still a very chilly 37. a little warmer along the coastline. daily city 44 degrees and 46 out the door in oakland. as we take a look at the afternoon we're still dealing with a cooler air mass in place. with that said, a lot of upper 50s, a few low 60s to look forward to. hopefully you got a brand new scarf from santa, perhaps a new jacket. you will definitely
8:47 am
need it today. vallejo 57, oakland today hitting a high of 60 degrees. so satellite and radar shows dry conditions over the area. we have high pressure in place over the eastern pacific. that's going to guide any storms that would head in our direction to the north. that's going to elevate the storm track. this looks to be the case as we wrap up 2014. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows not much change. lots of sunshine, dry conditions. pretty cool mornings with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s and afternoon highs in the 50s. the same right now is 8:47. here's a look at traffic with george. thanks, erica. there isn't much traffic but a couple of incidents to alert you to. one of them where lucas valley road has been shut down because of downed trees and power lines. a stretch of lucas valley road is
8:48 am
closed between mount mckinley and paso. it's only open to local traffic right now. in san francisco we've got a closure of the ramp from interstate 280, the extension, from the southbound side onto meriposa. that's because fire crews are still at the scene of a structure fire on the 200 block of mississippi and have closed mississippi between 18th and meriposa. a look at your ride around the bay, this is how you can expect to find the bay bridge this morning. it's equally as true for the eastbound route through san francisco and heading to the lower deck. if you're heading for morin or from it, an easy ride across the golden gate bridge. they have the buffer lanes shut up down the center because there is no commute. >> thank you. pope francis had a soeb ber message from the vatican this
8:49 am
morning. he urged tenderness following a violent year across the globe. tens of thousands of people crowded into st. peter's square to hear the speech. the pope expressed anguish for children who are victims of violence. he also calls for an end to the persecution in iraq and syria and said the war has gone on far too long. 2014 has been a busy year in joan for the pope. he showed the pope that he's been very active and acting as a mediator. in june he hosted a meeting at the vatican for two middle east leaders. he played a major role between the talks of u.s. and cuba. in march the hope said that he was willing to evaluate civil unions between gay couples but disappointed some people not
8:50 am
going further with that. in july he met with people that were sexually abused by the clergy. president obama is wishing everybody a merry christmas, giving thanks to those serving our country. he goes into detail in his holiday address. >> today our family will join many celebrating the birth of geejesus. the message that's changed the world to reach out to the sick, troubled and angry and love one another as we love ourselves. >> with hope this holiday season will be a chance for us to live out that message to bridge our differences and lift up our family, friends and neighbors and reconnect with the values that bind us together. as a country that also means celebrating and honoring those who have served and sack ri fies
8:51 am
rificed. >> that gives us a chance to reflect. we're together with family and friends. merry christmas, everybody. may god bless you all and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2015. a lot of people in the bay area are helping other families by helping the salvation army. they are going to deliver thousands of meals to those who can't get out of the their homes. dan ruben has been talking to the folks making this work. hi, dan. >> reporter: hi, daria. a lot of the folks came out because we put out the call for help. the salvation army needed a little extra help and they got it. we reached a good number of
8:52 am
volunteers that are already will delivering meals all around san francisco. if you still want to help you can always help at we've been talking to steven smith who was answering some of our questions. we're delivering about 4,000 meals. how does that compare with years past? >> it's interesting that that's more than last year. last year we delivered 3,600 meals. >> reporter: is the volunteerism keeping pace? >> yes, i think we're doing well. it's taken 500 volunteers the make this happen today. we appreciate their help and couldn't do it without them. >> reporter: the need the still growing. we hear a lot about the economy improving and whatnot. what do you think is behind that in terms of the need of growing? >> certainly the economy is improving but there's still a large number of people still struggling. those are the people that we're trying to help. >> reporter: thank you so much
8:53 am
for all the hard work you're doing and for coordinating all of this. we followed this process from the begin being the preparation and now delivering them all around san francisco to people who need them most. it's not just elderly people. we're always helping people that are terminally ill. that's all for now. daria. >> thank you. look at that family loading up their car with the kids and everything going to help other less fortunate families on this christmas day. thanks a lot. we'll be back with more of this kron 4 morning news. don't go away.
8:54 am
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8:58 am
you're taking a live look at san francisco fire crews on the scene of a three alarm house fire. updates on the fire fight coming up in a live report. we're taking a look at
8:59 am
christmas celebrations happening all around the world today. merry christmas, everyone. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. plenty of sunshine but cold temperatures. get a look at the sunshine. >> taking a look at to golden gate bridge. not a cloud isn't -- in the sky. the up per 30s for vallejo, fairfield. oakland in the upper 40s. into the afternoon, upper 50s, low 60s, sunshine sticks around and we're still going to be dealing with breezy condition, especially for the higher elevations above 1,000
9:00 am
feet. so we do have what looks like cold air really settling in and that's going to be the story as we head into the weekend. a look forward at your extended forecast, i'll be wrapping up 2014 coming up in my next report. here's george. thank you, erica. as we've been monitoring a pretty quiet ride around the bay, better news for the ride now through san francisco here in the northbound direction. i don't think we need to zoom out that much. we had had ramp closure in effect but that's been lifted on interstate 280, the fire that mike helton has been reporting on on mississippi. because of the proximity to meriposa and because it was closed, mississippi was between meriposa and 18th, they had for a while shut off the southbound interstate 280 ramp leading to meriposa street. getting word that ramp may have been reopened. looking at your ride to the bridges around the bay, as you might expect light
9:01 am
traffic. that's what we have here at the bay bridge. of course, no delays or no waiting. easy traffic as well for the trip across highway 92 and the san mateo bridge. either eastbound or westbound a light and easy ride. from here we'll go to the golden gate bridge and track the ride on 101 northbound and southbound. not set up for the commute this morning. there's a buffer lane. if you're heading into the richmond bridge you'll find that to be a smooth ride as well with of course no delays on interstate 580 westbound as you head through richmond. remember, you can park for free today throughout san francisco. the meters are not enforced. >> to visit all the boors and restaurants and shopping that are closed. a good day to get out and walk around san francisco today. we have some developing news that just happened live on our air within the last couple of hours. there was a fire this morning at a home in san francisco. that is in the 200
9:02 am
block of mississippi street. kron 4's mike pelton has been following that live. they're at the point now of investigating, mike? >> reporter: yeah, exactly, right, daria. the good news is there were no injuries in this three alarm blaze. i do want to set the scene. there are three different homes involved here. the center home sustained the most damage. there's another apartment building to the left that sustained damage. fire crews said they were able to stop that fire for the most part from spreading here to this home on the right. take a look at the scene from earlier this morning as flames filled the air around 6:45. that's when fire officials were called to the scene and able to knock down the blaze with the help of about 100 firefighters. at this point it's unclear where or how the fire started. neighbors say fortunately the two families living in that middle and those heavily damaged homes were out of state on christmas vacation. fire crews rescued two cats and
9:03 am
a dog from the home and told us two other cats died in the fire. there were no human injuries. >> it's great neighborhood. the neighbors tell the neighbora couple of people took the cats, a couple of people immediately notified the residents who are out of town that their home was on fire. it's a real great group. it's helpful for us because we got a lot of information from the neighbors. >> reporter: the red cross is here on the scene to help. there are a lot of firefighters here on the scene. this is near 18th street and mississippi. so currently the streets are closed for at least one block in each direction. daria. >> thank you, mike. other news on this christmas day, celebrations are underway this morning around the world and here in the bay area here's a look at some of the church services. massive crowds showed up for the christmas mass at the grace cathedral in san francisco last night.
9:04 am
>> well, finally that's what christmas is all about. all the commercialism and everything is lost on this special night. so that's what we're here today, celebrate the real meaning of christmas. >> grace cathedral is the cathedral of san francisco. those of us born and raised in the faith this is home. this is like going to the vatican almost. >> today the cathedral hosts its christmas day coral service, the choir sings and a sermon and holy communion. thousands of christians gathered in bethlehem for a christmas celebration. here's a video of midnight mass. it's been a difficult year in that region. peace talks between
9:05 am
israel and the palestine collapsed. the chp on this christmas day here in the bay area and throughout the weekend are doing maximum enforcement. officers are out highly visual on the roads trying to make driving safe for everybody and to get dangerous drivers off the road. they are keeping their eye out too and are asking you to spot potential problems for them. >> this is a joint effort fchl you -- if you see an impaired driver tell us the location and the car. that will allow our officer to get there. there's not enough of us to take care of the road alone. >> last year five people were killed in the bay area in accidents over the christmas holiday. that enforcement period lasts through you the weekend. the time now is 9:05. we'll be back with more of our special
9:06 am
christmas morning edition of the kron 4 morning news. look at all these toys. we're going to tell you about the toy drive. they're out this morning still getting the toys to boys and girls. i'm sure that all kinds of gifts are being opened at your house right now by the boys and girls there. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. look at what you're doing hanging out on the couch with the dog. look at all the pictures that are coming in.
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
. the results are in. look at all the toys. the toy drive on christmas eve yesterday was able to collect and thong they're still out delivering these. more than 15,000 toys donated to those in need. more than 6,000 toys were delivered yesterday. here you see some of the deliveries. they're still out this morning. yesterday they hit bay view, hunters point and the fillmore district in san francisco. san francisco firefighters are going to pick up the remaining toys and deliver those. the holidays here and the celebration, it's time to give a gift and eat a lot.
9:10 am
what w that does come some health risks. >> reporter: the holidays are time for family and good cheer but it's also a time when we see a rise in heart attacks. doctors think the main reason may be stress and a change in our healthy routine. but there are simple steps we can take for a heart healthy holiday. fill up on vegetables. overeating is often inevitable this time of year but don't forget the veggies. when you reach for the desserts, try not to overdo it. we don't want to overload our system with fat. trying to keep an eye on the salt when our sodium levels get too high. this can raise our blood pressure. don't drink too much alcohol. this raises the risk for heart rhythm problems and heart attacks. men should have no more than two alcoholic beverages a day and women just one. and if you're trying to quick smoking if possible, do it before the holidays. and don't put exercise on the back burner. fit it in when you can. if you feel chis pain or other heart attack -- chest pain or other heart attack symptoms,
9:11 am
don't worry about spoiling the holiday fun. get hem right away. that's today's health minute. coming up next on the kron4 morning news. today take a look at that corridor. we'll tell you if you're heading up there what conditions you can expect. >> and the conditions you can expect if you're driving. no traffic at all. look at the beautiful, empty shot at the approach to the bay bridge. we'll be right back.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
welcome back. we're taking a look at the conditions up in the sierra. they got good snow, fresh stuff. the problem is getting there. i mean, they are looking at more snow so you're going to need change right now if you do not have a four-wheel drive and snow tires. over i-08 to the donor lake interchange. the ski resorts most are open and they have great new snow. over 4,000 feet. they're even getting more. you said it feels like christmas weather wise in the bay area. no snow but it's cold out there. >> it's cold in the bay area and a white christmas if you're heading up to the sierra. did that border have a go pro? >> he was -- yeah, they have the arm thing. and then they have a chest thing. >> i saw his arm out.
9:15 am
>> when you look that good, yeah. some of us, no. >> i'm certainly on the bunny slopes. as we take a look at your forecast if you're headed up there, bring your chains. chain controls still in effect for i-80. temperatures will be dropping down. overnight lows in the teens but we are talking about lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend. so we're not going to see any snow in the sierra for the next several days. really no rain in the bay area either. the good news is we have to climb our way out of the 30s so it's milder. concord 44. 46 degrees out the door in san jose. san fran rye now, one of the warmer spots at 52 degrees. as we head into the afternoon, we're going to stay with the theme of mid- to upper 50s. even a few low 60s out there. oakland 60. same for napa. santa rosa hitting a high of 57. we are talking about a cooler air mass that has settled into place. we'll keep cool temperatures around, even as we head into early next week. we do have the strong ridge of
9:16 am
high pressure building over the eastern pacific. that's going to keep the storm track well to the north. although we're not going to see any rain in the bay area, we're still talking about pretty frigid conditions. hopefully santa brought you a new hat, a new scarf, a new jacket because you're going to need t. we're talking about lows in the mid-30s. highs for the most part in the upper 60s. we will see dry weather and plenty of sunshine. we'll continue with this pattern as we wrap up 2014. the time right now is 9:16. let's take a look at the roads. here's george. thanks, erica. merry christmas you to. we're looking at an easy ride wherever it you is might be heading this morning. we did have a ramp closure in san francisco off the 280 citizens at mariposa because fire crews were dealing with the mississippi shutdown between 18th and mariposa. they reopened mariposa along path mississippi and reopened the ramp so the closure no
9:17 am
longer in effect. and we're tracking your ride to the bay bridge which has no backup, no delay. no problems on the approach now coming from the east bay towards san francisco or heading in the other direction. if you're off for a holiday breakfast or delivering packages, if you're heading into marin county, here's a look at your ride at the richmond bridge toll plaza. it's a pretty easy trip now here. and remember that there is no ace train service today. their holiday schedule is no service because it is strictly a commuter service. >> and there's no commute. there's no traffic. when that's the case, what's fun is to ask george about trivia and put him on the spot. i'm about to do a salvation army bell ringer story. you have no warning but i know you know this, right? what was the origination of the whole thing? what do they ring the bell with the kettle for? >> not even a clue but i'd love to know. >> sure. really? >> i know it's been going on at least since the '30s because
9:18 am
that was when i first threw a coin in the bucket. >> sure. i love it. a coin for little timmy. >> i remember from early films seeing the bell ringers out in new york. >> it seems they were out in macy's and union square and everything. the bad thing is that the donations are down. the salvation army bell ringers are out there but they're down by thousands of dollars in cities across the bay. so what's going on? >> j.r. stone has more. >> reporter: ho ho ho, mother -- merry christmas. happy holidays and god bless everyone. his name is john the bell ringer, a marine veteran you may have seen ringing his bell next to his red kettle in union square. >> you get out here and at the end of the date cue be a little hoarse. can i recognize one of these bells from miles away.
9:19 am
but it's worth it. >> reporter: this year red kettle donations are down all across the bay area. >> in san francisco we're down as much as $50,000. over in oakland we're down about $4,000. >> reporter: san jose is down $10,000. as to why the giving may be less this year, a couple of possibilities. >> there was superstorm and several daze of rain when passersby don't want to be fishing money out of their pockets. the protests that took place in oakland kept us from having celgts in several locations along the broadway corridor. >> reporter: ask john about the numbers and his experience with the salvation army, this is what he will tell you. >> my life crashed and burned and they picked up the pieces, got me back on my feet. i became a salvation army soldier and they put me back together again. i don't know about particular numbers. i just know what i see out here
9:20 am
and i see cheerful givers. >> the only brain better than george for trivia is wikipedia. who knew. we didn't. this started in san francisco. the whole nation started doing it in san francisco in 1891. they had this tradition of the kettle with the salvation army, but captain joseph mcphee -- here's another interesting thing. he got the idea from what he saw in liverpool, england. they had something set up called simpson's pot so he thought let's do that. they used a crab pot. he asked san francisco authorities to use a crab pot and a tripod at the oakland ferry building. they put that out and that was the first time that the salvation army ever had its campaign to contribute to the kettle. so there you go. started in san francisco. a family is grateful this morning after a 60-foot tall tree fell down but it missed
9:21 am
their house by this much. the tree came down during yesterday's brief heavy rain that we had with the strong winds. i'm sure you had it over at your place. the homeowner here says he and his family were fortunate that the tree fell exactly where it did or the damage would have been much worse. >> you can see over here how close it is to the house. she was in this very room right here at the time the tree fell down. and the only -- the only spot it could fall without doing any damage anywhere was right there. >> the tree also just missed taking out the three wisemen in the nativity scene. look at that. it fell around them and near them but didn't crush them. the owner of the home is calling that a christmas miracle. we'll be back with more on this christmas morning. thanks for sharing a little time with us this morning on the kron 4 morning news. more for the weather than the traffic because there is no traffic out there right now. why? because you're home just enjoying christmas day probably with your family. we'll be right back.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
welcome be bah. one missouri family put the finishing touch oz a month-long christmas surprise. they wanted to make the holiday special for kids who otherwise might not have much to celebrate. glism' decorating. >> reporter: around their fining room table. >> right now i'm doing it. >> reporter: the family puts the finishing touches on 24 stockings. >> we're going to do games. >> reporter: for 24 kids all of whom live in an extend a stay hotel and are about to get an incredible christmas surprise. it's not the north pole but right now it's pretty close. their garage is a staging area for more than 150 toys for kids as young as 1 to as old as 16. none of them know what's coming or that their santa claus is a
9:26 am
third grader. when #-year-old ali saw some of her classmates getting off the school bus not at home but at a hotel this fall, she knew she wanted to help. >> i wanted to help the less fortunate so i wanted to give them toys and make them happy at christmas. >> reporter: she set to work with all the tools available. >> i made a lemonade stand. i made a hot cocoa stand. >> reporter: her mom ashley said it was -- [ inaudible ] -- that gave it more than a snowball's chance of becoming reality. >> she had $51. >> reporter: the clip went viral and donations poured in. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw all the toys out there that you had got nonall these kids? >> i was excited. >> reporter: on christmas morning they'll make their delivery and hope the girl behind the gifts gets something out of it, too. >> she does not understand the magnitude. she won't ever i don't believe.
9:27 am
still ahead on this special edition of the kron 4 morning news, volunteers at the salvation army are delivering thousands of meals to people who can't leave their homes this examine day. we'll have a live report on that. and how firefighters are harpd at work on this christmas day as well. here's a house fire that happened in oakland. we'll tell you how the people inside were able to get out. >> taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. beautiful shots to share with you. we hope your christmas day is going well. we'll be right back.
9:28 am
you've been part of this family for as long as i can remember. and you just mean so much to all of us. the holidays wouldn't be the same without your crescent rolls. we got you a little something. we got you jeans. it's about time. pipin' hot pillsbury crescent rolls. make your holidays pop! hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop!
9:29 am
merry christmas to you. we're asking you to share some of your pictures. some are so cute. >> the frozen girl. >> that's cute. >> i had one of a guy sitting on the couch actually watching the news which was kind of funny. >> i like the cat ones. >> send in the pictures. you know, we're not the only ones who want to look silly
9:30 am
today. that's what today is all about. >> this is giving me hat hair. that's the only problem. >> i know. we should all be like george and have this natural poof on our head. we got him to wear a christmas scarf and that was about as far as he's going. >> and the vest. because it's cold out there. i mean, if george needs a vest, we're talking about seriously cold temperatures because he's always warm. >> it's g. you can look christmassy. go out into the sunshine. a great day to walk the golden gate bridge. >> a lot of riders out there but they're bundled up. it's chilly. we were in the 30s. that's how we started the morning. with the sunshine we're starting to warm up. most locations in the 40s. however, san francisco right now at 49. 4 degrees in napa. looks like san mateo has made its way into the 50s. 42 degrees currently in livermore. as we take a look at your holiday forecast into the afternoon, lots of sunshine. we're going to maintain dry conditions but temperatures today only reaching upper 50s, low 60s. so a cooler air mass has really
9:31 am
settled into place and it's going to stay with us. it's going to linger well into the weekend and even as we head into next week so we do have some changes to talk about as we wrap up 2014. ilvery a look at the rest of your holiday forecast and talking about new year's eve coming up in my next report. good morning, george. good morning, erica. merry christmas and to all of you as well. we look at a light rhine around the bay area. of course we're not tracking a commute but if there were any traffic problems, you would want to know about them. heading to the bay bridge, it's a light and easy ride. while we don't have a camera watching the san francisco side, we do have the sensors so there are no delays through the city. if you're inbound from the central freeway, the western edition heading toward the east bay, you'll have an easy time of it. if you're heading toward hayward or heading from hayward toward san mateo across the san mateo bridge, no delays. we're problem free on 92 on both sides of the bridge.
9:32 am
where 92 meets 880 and 92 meets 101, you'll find it a light and easy ride. speaking of 101, here's the golden gate bridge. i think daria is -- darya is getting a commission this morning. >> i wish i could, george. i wish i could. >> you tried to sell that across the bridge. if there were ever a time to watch the bridge, it would be today because there won't be any traffic noise and you would be able to make a leisurely stroll of it. it is an incredibly beautiful day out there. >> it is. you're right, george, with the free parking along the embarcadaro, you could walk there. >> free parking at shermans wharf even and no parking meters enforced anywhere in the city today. one of three days in the year where you can do it. thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's. >> for anybody who takes a walk today, i would like a dime. and developing news, we have had some news this morning. there was a fire in san francisco. it's out now but it did spread
9:33 am
to some neighbors buildings in the 200 block of mississippi street. they're mopping up and investigating right now. mark has been live on the scene giving us the updates. what's going on right now, mike? >> reporter: you're taking a live look here at this three- alarm fire which did a lot of property damage. fortunately no one was injured in the early morning fire. fire crews are in the pro sefs cleaning up. let me set the scene for you. fire officials tell me the center building right there sustained the most serious damage. the fire spread into the home on the south side. that was 6:45 this morning. the fire crews got the call and arrived here along the 200 block of mississippi street to find smoke spilling out of the home. they eventually called a third alarm and around 100 firefighters helped knock down the blaze. that center home fire officials say sustained the most serious damage but neighbors tell me the two families who live there are out of town on christmas vacation.
9:34 am
there were no injuries in this fire but i spoke to a woman who lives in the important building on the north side -- apartment building on the north side. while she was not home this morning, she said the fire destroyed quite a bit. >> i lost everything. my journal and my videos, notebooks, my childhood toys. >> reporter: as we come back live, that woman you just heard from, this was the building where she lived. again was not home this morning. we're also told two cats in that building did die in the fire. at this point fire crews do not know where or how the fire started but arson investigators will work to figure it out. in the meantime, the reld cross, darya is here on the scene working to help those displaced in the blaze. >> we do thank the people like the police and the firefighters, the red cross and everybody else who is working on this christmas day. thanks a lot, mike. also new this morning, three people at oakland are homeless. there was a fire there that happened just after midnight. early this morning the 56th area is where it happened.
9:35 am
one person suffered a broken leg after they jumped from a second story window to escape those flames that you see. everybody else in the house used the stairs. the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters say that they have responded to several small fires at this very same address, though, over the past six months. and also happening today, the spirit of giving alive and well in san francisco. kron 4's dan rubin joining us from the salvation army where volunteers have been preparing the meals and delivering those this morning to those in need. hi there, dan. >> reporter: 4,000 to be exact. it's a tremendous effort that wouldn't be possible without the help of the volunteers. we have the whole family here joining us to help deliver these meals to people in need. tom, what brought us out here other than that, obviously, delivering the meals? what sparked you to want to come out this morning? >> my wife had us out here, our
9:36 am
third year out here. it's to help out the people in need. it's something that's good. christmas is all about giving. >> reporter: how but, jack? is this your third year as well? >> this is my first and it's great to be here because it's nice to be in san francisco and delivering meals to the needy and christmas is a beautiful day for being here. >> reporter: absolutely. is this your first year as well? >> i'm going on my third. it's nice to go and help out the less fortunate. you can feel the appreciation. i really feel appreciated. >> reporter: matthew, is this even cooler than staying at home and opening presents? >> we already get to open our presents in the morning. but i feel because we get like everything but the people who are stuck at their apartments, they actually get some things and the people who go and deliver, it makes them feel good. >> reporter: awesome. why does this make you feel good? >> i like meeting the people. they're all really nice and you
9:37 am
expect them to be cranky but they're really nice. i like them. >> reporter: trish is very shy so we're going to leave her alone for now. but really good hearted family. there's a number of them out here and it's really great to see on christmas especially when they need the help delivering the meals. we had the good showing today and we'll send it back you to, darya. >> thanks a lot, dan. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, this christmas day special, george rask has nothing to talk but he has a lot of hoppies and has some cool foys. george is going to -- toys. george is going to give us a lesson in flying. when we come back, you can fly, speed limit only, over the bay and golden gate bridges. all clear and an easy ride now. we'll be right back.
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9:40 am
so it's christmas day and a lot of you opened your presents today. a lot of people last night.
9:41 am
me and my family, sometimes we just can't wait. we're talking about some of our favorite toys. my family's favorite thing this year is the go pro because -- and we had these before. george, i'm going to go skiing in tahoe on saturday. this has become like -- you put it on the helmet. everybody is just wearing go pros. nobody looks twice now. this is what you do because you have to see yourself falling and skiing and everything else. your thing is not about the cameras. george is on camera all day. it's about flying, right? >> for me it's about the challenge of being able to control the camera and fly it. is that really a problem? yes, it is. >> we can't hear you, george jiie? -- george? we've got you back now. you're actually a pilot and you can fly a real airplane but you love flying these helicopters and stuff. why? >> these are much harder to fly than the real thing. >> oh, stop it.
9:42 am
>> no, seriously. learning to fly a real airplane was much, much easier than learning to fly a model airplane. >> all right, land it. what's so hard about that? >> well, if you're good, nothing. it's about making it look easy. but seriously and remember, this is not -- the popular perception is it's a drone. it's not a drone. >> because if i stuck a go pro on it-- >> a drone is a completely autonomous vehicle which means you don't even -- it can land and take off by itself. and it's remotely piloted. >> that's a big gift this year. people giving drones to their kids. >> yes. now this one does not have a camera in it because it was one of the early versions but you can buy them this size and even smaller that already have a camera built in and take hd video. they even have what's called first person video so that you are actually looking at the
9:43 am
image that the camera is taking so instead of watching it through the air as i do, you're actually looking at the image the camera sees and you're using that to fly. >> let's say you have one of these under the tree and you open it up. you say you have to learn how to fly it. what about putting it together? you have to read the instructions. you can't just open this thing. >> that's my counsel to you with the go pro camera. believe it or not, even though i don't have the chromosome for it, aim one of those who believe you really should read the instructions. it's amazing what you can learn if you actually do. >> okay, so that's what you would recommend. >> yes, i would. >> and plenty of batteries. a lot of fun on this christmas morning. i'm sure you're opening toys and trying to figure out how the heck do you use them. thanks for letting us into your living room this morning, at least for agent while on the kron 4 morning news. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
gldz 9:46 is the time. the welt cheer not be better for this -- the weather could not be better for this christmas morning and christmas day. >> we're not doing the hats anymore? >> no, keep them going. >> you took it off. so i wasn't sure do i wear the hat? do i not wear the hat? hats on. you'll definitely need it outside. it is chilly out there. bundle up. the good news is we have made our way out of the 30s. we did start off with temperatures down to 35 degrees in some of the protected north bay valleys. san francisco good morning. merry christmas. 42 degrees. low 40s currently in livermore. here's a look at the highs today. so we do have a cooler air mass in place. this is associated with that cold front that brought a quick downpour to the bay area yesterday afternoon. so today we're only going to reach the upper 50s for santa rosa. 55 in livermore. oakland today one of the warmer spots at 60 and 56 this
9:48 am
afternoon for redwood city. so bundle up as you head over to grandma's house. high pressure building in over the eastern pacific. it's going to allow for dry weather to continue. so it's going to redirect the storm track well to the north. this isn't going anywhere for the next several days. so no wet weather to speak of. the storm officially closed as we wrap up this year. we will see pretty chilly overnight lows with temperatures dipping into the mid-30s. it looks like afternoon highs in the upper 50s. but plenty of sunshine to go around. the time right now is 9:48. let's see if there's any traffic out there with george. well, conditions are still pretty good, ear carks all around the bay area. though i did get word from the california highway patrol that they are issuing a sig alert for the north bay where we've had a closure in effect. i'm see if he can move the map in just a little bit, if i can find the correct button to push for you. it's lucas valley road that has been shut down here. it's been closed since
9:49 am
yesterday afternoon, that because of a set of doubled trees and power lines. they have issued a road between mount mckinley road and the valley road because they do not expect to get that open very soon. that's really the only incident we've tracked. the 280 ramp off the mariposa ramp off interstate 280 has been reopened so that's no longer a factor now. and lastly, a look at bridges. the bay bridge a light and easy ride. also highway 92, we'll switch over there. here's your san mateo bridge commute. no delays. east and westbound traffic looks good. if you're visiting across the bay, that's an easy route now. if you're heading to or from marin county, it's an easy ride and not surprisingly, more northbound traffic than southbound traffic which is fairly typical for weekends. so i guess it would be for a holiday as well. heading into marin county via the richmond bridge, we are
9:50 am
delay free. if you're driving through san francisco today, parking is not being enforced either in the city or on the meters that are controlled by the port authority. so that would include fisherman's wharf and the areas around the embarcadaro and the water front. if you're not driving today but taking public transit instead, here's a quick review of what you'll find in terms of schedules for transit agencies around the bay. bart on sunday schedule. so is cal train. that's what their holiday schedules are, are sunday schedules no service for ace train and holiday schedule today for the muni metro. >> thank you, george. the president and his family are waking up this morning in hawaii. they're spending their christmas holiday there. throughout history, though, the white house has been the host of many christmas celebrations. we take a look back at some of the tradition. >> reporter: 26 christmas trees a300-pound ginger bread house and sunny and bo. even though the obamas aren't
9:51 am
home for the ole days, the -- holidays, the white house is fully decked out. >> here at the white house the holidays are a chance for us to show what our country is grateful for this holiday season. >> reporter: it seems like a tradition that's been around forever, but a holiday theme chosen by the first lady like this year's winter wonderland is a relatively recent phenomenon. >> the actual tree theme tradition didn't start till mrs. kennedy in 1961 and that was with the nutcracker suite. >> reporter: mrs. kennedy chose the nutcracker because of caroline's ballet studies. white house historical curator leslie jones says themes reflect the interests and passions of the first family. barbara bush drew upon her needlepoint hobby in 19916789 laura bush highlighted literacy in 2003. throughout michele obama's decor, a focus on military families. despite the number of visitors
9:52 am
the white house hosts throughout the season, they get the opportunity to see the more public displays. first families do have a chance to keep some traditions to themselves. >> there are quarters within the house that are private. the family usually has their own tree there with their own ornaments on t the types of things that were handicrafted by the children, the household, that sort of thing and are much beloved. >> reporter: the chief historian william says the first known christmas tree wasn't until 1889 a request at benjamin harrison for his children and grandchildren. five years later grover cleveland's family had the first white house tree with electric lights. one family had to sneak a tree past their command near chief. >> roosevelt didn't agree or enjoy the idea of having christmas trees in the house because he was such an avid conservationist but he did buckle under to his children's wishes and actually they did have a tree a few years while they were in the white house. >> reporter: from the young roosevelts to the obama
9:53 am
daughters, children have always added something to christmas at the white house. both private celebrations and public events, the spirit of the season the same as any address. in washington, i'm karen capa. >> we want to see your holiday traditions. share them by sending us the pictures. keep them coming. look at that doggie. send them to us at breaking news kron we'll share them on the air, facebook and twitter. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
some chp officers were alerted when santa was making his rounds overnight. take a listen to what the officers heard on their radios? >> there appears to be a large red sleigh that reads ho ho ho being pulled by eight rain gear
9:57 am
with brightly colored wrapped toys. the man has a long white haired beard with a twinkle in his eye. all officers are ordered to render any and all assistance and all areas should have ample supplies of cookies and milk as well as carrots. >> isn't that the cutest thing ever? i think it's so great. on this christmas day, i think it's so great that you even tuned us in today. i forgot my hat. we could have a good time. >> they have the yule log, the hats, george in a scarf, that never happens. >> and toys. and sharing your photo. keep them coming. when you send them to us, we also share them on our facebook and twitter feeds and our website. that's a lot of fun. we hope you had fun with us and we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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announcer: due to strong language viewer discretion is advised. today on "dr. phil" she records her son's tantrums and posts them on-line. >> dr. phil: he doesn't behave that way when he's with you. >> not at all. announcer: her exclaims she's the reason his child is out of control. >> i didn't know you were making money off the video. >> i will do everything i can to help my son. >> dr. phil: how does that help him? [ applause ] >> dr. phil: okay this. is amie. here she looks happy and carefree. in reality that's just not the case. every day she says she's punched, kicked and spit on and has things thrown at her. amy has calle


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