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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 29, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> reporter: san francisco police department is investigating all hold invasion robbery near san francisco state university. a study what happened coming up in a live report. >> reporter: and the search
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ending tonight for the missing played in asia. is probably at the under the ocean. >> reporter: and owners of the raiders are now having a meeting with harbaugh this morning details coming up 7amm >> reporter: the chilly monday morning you definitely need jackets. >> reporter: so live look at sfo right now the sfo g is trying to left fog is l ifting slowly...
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livermore is 4043 right now is could get even colder. which is the wind speeds from 20 to 30 mi. per hour of tuesday through thursday. >> reporter: about the only slowed traffic were looking at right now is on highway 4 and leading over from port chicago highway. an accident get here for a while block the right in and laid that accident is not cleared from the lanes. it was about is slowing but the rest of the right looks much better than usual. even at fourth and iraq in pittsburgh is just a fraction of the usual delay the to would normally find. >> reporter: the bay bridge
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west brower will look like the media lights will be turned off within this hour if it continues to be this light. the san mateo bridge is definitely lighter than usual. we're not seeing the typical slowing go traffic that would normally see at this hour. and here on the golden gate bridge is a light easily easy ride in both directions. >> reporter: police are on the scene of home invasion nears san francisco state university. >> reporter: investigators along with technicians are inside his apartment of hundred block of can be and and have been here since 3:00 a.m. to investigate our home invasion or robbery. according to san francisco police department are round 3:00 a.m. to mess man came
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to this apartment complex near right near san francisco state university and forced their way in with weapons inside of an apartment. once inside they confronted the people in sight were not we were not told how many people were actually in sight. they eventually tied up the dumps and proceeded to steal and take their personal belongings cell phones and wallets etc.. it proceeded without injury in the of the residents of the home. then describes its to african american black african american males in their 20s. why they targeted his home is unclear right now. >> reporter: san francisco police department has is basically put out this they met they're not this writing
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hall the suspect got away from the same or any thought more about them victims right now but one thing we do know that the victims could be students' that attend university. once we get additional information we will pass that along to you. >> reporter: this the second day in the search for the air age a plane has now ended with no results that weather hampered the hamper the run they hampered. efforts to find they believe that weather conditions played a part why the pilot was not able to communicate with traffic control. >>: we know that the act for
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deviation from his track because of to avoid thunderstorms in the area and we know that the worst of fierce thunderstorms in the area and that was the last time that they are from the pilot. they believe that the plane is not the bottom of the job of feet. java sea... >> reporter: this incident has put both schools and to the national spotlight. now the boys nor girls' teams will be allowed to take part of the three day tournament in fort bragg because the players were wearing i can breathe t-shirts. the medicine go boys tain was reinstated after all but one member agreed not to wear the t-shirt is and the girls did not agree to remove the
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t-shirts in order for them to apply. >> reporter: today is the last day for you to register for disaster assistance because of the quake in now up. up and stole sixth p.m. this evening you can get help on the fall phone... >> reporter: officers are investing at an investigating the deadly crash in sonoma county. will have video. will tell you where the interview is now available and tell you how they're doing in theaters and on line.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a quick check of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. what back up. it did back upon them since the back up wheat and west grand avenue and has been steadily decreasing. >> reporter: a new videos coming in of a deadly crash in sonoma county this pickup
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truck it happened about 930 last night to pick up lost control in the curb near bodega bay ran off the road. >>: is going to fasten occur >> reporter: the truck landed on its roof right in the water. the driver was already dead. the chp side that they sought the police of all when the truck and drove off the role they may have been tried to stop them for driving violations. >> reporter: two more bodies have been just pulled from a greek ferry and will have more information on the rescue. do what massive president obama as to say about the major milestone
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>> reporter: is faulty off their truck parts of the bay area. this is a shot around 1:00 in the morning it was thick and cattlemen. it made it difficult along highway 101 we do have an auld advisory for some of the area. fog advisory...
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>> reporter: to the west it will see strong weapons. the winds will die down but the temperatures will stay loll. tuesdays through wednesday we will see stronger winds. >> reporter: great news for the right to the bay bridge the meter and light have been turned off the track is all light there was no need for the lights. there is no back up and no delays so far. for the san mateo bridge and highway 92 is old but sluggish. but the drive titans are still not debt about 16 minutes. for the
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golden gate bridge there's an easy ride without about a minute. we're not back up to richmond to interstate 580 westbound. >> reporter: and the westbound ride coming out of the will pass is zero little bit sluggish. and highway 4 had lost the right lane for a while but is now clear >> reporter: or following the death toll but has climbed to seven people in the adriatic sea where the fire started in a rise area there were 60 crew members and 200 cars on the very.
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two additional bodies were just discovered. many suffered from smoke elation. >> reporter: the combat in kent afghanistan is finally over. the presence as it is now coming to a responsible kent. president obama said that it is now coming to a respectable and. >> reporter: sony pictures is expanding its on-line distribution of the controversial and will be called the interview. after 330 independently owned theaters showing it they made about $20 million. the company says the film was
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rented in purchased several times. it to be played an x boxes video store and a sony website. >> reporter: the online gaming service was suffering from multiple outages at the beginning because of hackers called lizard scott squad.. they were behind us similar hat in august and the fbi is investigating. >> reporter: shots were fired around 3:00 a.m. in the morning police rushed to the scene and found a 20 year-old man with the least one gunshot wound to the leg. the police determined that there was an argument with another resident on the
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400 block of north avenue. the victim was rushed to the hospital with not life- threatening injuries. the suspect surrendered to progress were made connected with the pistol shooting. what of the suspects had an outstanding warrant. they're keeping the scene is secure our as they collect at evidence. >> reporter: a settlement that man is behind bars for leading police on a dangerous case brought palo alto. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and vehicle theft. police say he charged at their car and almost an in officer he was arrested after an hourlong chase.
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police say at canine was able to catch up with them after he left his vehicle try to resist arrest. >> reporter: salinas police are searching for a teenage girl and they believe that she may be in san jose on your role she the 140 sport in this deafening she was last seen in salinas on christmas eve. she could be being held by and against our will she is 5 ft. tall where weight hundred pounds. cit sweatpants she could be an san jose or gilroy. >> reporter: this state is starting to regulate chemicals to prevent furniture and household items from burning at one point the they had the highest level of toxins in
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the world. there has been a sharp decline in net number of chemicals still in birds or fished since the legislation has been enacted. >> reporter: the fresno what was west the surgery about 10 months ago to remove a brain following that surgery she slipped into a coma and at that time she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby she is now back at home with their husband and her son. there is celebrating her return this weekend and they're very grateful they are once again together. >> reporter: george h. w. bush remains hospitalized but he may go will consume. and what to do with those get cold cards that you received over the holidays and what she can do with them. >> reporter:
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. >> reporter: g mail has been blocked in china. all right traffic from g mail in china dropped to 0 on saturday. google close its china search engine in 2009
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saying it would not cooperate with the country's censors. >> reporter: former president george h. w. bush will remain in a houston hospital for now but a possible discharge could come soon. and said that the 90 year-old will remain at methodist hospital he was an it was taken to the hospital because of shortness of breath. as a precaution he suffers from a form of parkinson's disease. although in jail and he celebrated his 90th birthday with a sky dive. >> reporter: if you can turn your gift cards into cold hard cash and this is our there's a website that we can sell on wanted give
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cards. you trade your card in for cash is not an even trade ramose websites will take a cut off the value of the card. >> reporter: there's no reports on the german harbaugh is headed to michigan will have more in a live report coming up plus the students' and faculty at st. mary's high school is morning a loss of their principal and will tell you more about the tragic accident and how is being remembered. at the golden gate bridge right mail within fog will give you more information coming upper
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>> reporter: units of fog on this monday morning. allow little bit of extra time to get to work this morning and because of the heavy fog. we have allowed fog in the east bay as well. 45 in concord says the vital is at 36 degrees. the temperatures are not warm up that much. for the afternoon or around 2:00 were looking at low 50s to rob the bay area. and that's about as warm as were gonna get. will get close to
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the freezing valley if to the freezing level in the inland valley area. >> reporter: you can see sunshine but is deceptively funny. sunny.... >> reporter: as we continue of much lighter than usual ride is to be expected for a holiday week. here the bay bridge toll plaza the lights were activated what they were just turned off about 20 minutes ago so were not seen him much in the typical travel that we normally would see. >> reporter: your trip to the golden gate bridge in 101 without the fog on the bridge is taking a look at the traffic now it is moving smoothly. and despite the fall there is no card delays. current delays..
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>> reporter: after four years jim harbaugh on the 49ers are parting ways. >> reporter: was getting better than us the report is that michigan is south like a done deal. this sounds like jim hunt bought the former 40 niners coach is meeting all so with the raiders. but we are hearing that it is a done deal with of michigan. he should be heading off to am not avenue is conference coming up. ann arbor... >> reporter: everybody knew this would be jim hall bought last game with the 40
7:32 am
niners the one word that they're using for this is divorce. harbaugh received a game ball from one of the players he talked with players in the locker room. he also talked to reporters. >>: a lot of great memories and good moments it was a great four years. is been a pleasure to work and serve this organization and these players and this football team. >>: my best years of being with him as a team wenner. i wish him the best in now i know what ever team that he goes to an nfl, he is going to be fine he's gonna get it done no matter where he's at. >> reporter: fog about how
7:33 am
bart's record with a 40 niners. harbaugh 49 wins during his four years that is three more wins than the previous year's before highball ride. harbaugh was the quarterback with the michigan wolverines back in the '80s. >> reporter: students' and faculty at st. mary's college is remembering the principal german sean he was killed while riding a bike in livermore. i said the front of the group collided he swerved to avoid the down riders and their cross the
7:34 am
line was thrown off the bike and then a truck driver struck him the trying to avoid the collision at the front of the pack. he taught at the school for 11 years and was well liked and respected. >>: herman had just been laid be just been named principal. we were getting ready to listen to a new school in six months but this was just overwhelming. >> reporter: students and alumni have been stopping by the school to pay their respects. >> reporter: all drivers who are convicted of driving under the inf influence are now on and new legislation and it is in fact to make
7:35 am
sure that the motor does not start for a drop drivers. >> reporter: extra staff and trains will be available to help people get home on new year's day. the trains headed into san francisco will not stop at the embarcadero station because of the fireworks show. you a free rides from 8 in the evening and 05 and more a.m. new year's day. you catch our new year's eve live show with >>:catherine needed this wednesday night >> reporter: a surfer sure
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for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number. checking traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza skidding fog be. >> reporter: a surfer is recovering from minor injuries after he was attacked what by a young
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great white shark. and happened about 11:30 a.m. yesterday morning. the victims say the man it was in his 50s and he was several people the where in the water. the upshot bit him on his right kent they said the shark was between eight and 10 ft. long. there are signs posted letting people know of the attack. >> reporter: the lot of from the volcano has moved another 30 ft. since saturday as from the cal way of volcano. it does about a few miles from the shopping center. that thought it would hit the shopping center on christmas day is stop moving friday afternoon. but started back sunny morning. >> reporter: satellite and
7:41 am
radar and the street says we have flurries coming towards us. all talk about more that coming up.
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>> reporter: the stores with falling right now jumna hardball is no longer the coach of the forty-niners. he's actually taking a head
7:44 am
coaching job at the university of michigan. but the raiders are currently meeting with them this morning. >> reporter: and searchers will resume looking for the age show flight that crashed in the jobless think. java sea.... >> reporter: two schools were barred from participating in tournaments' due to the fact of being sherds the wearing stained i cannot brief players what were asked to sign a pledge stating they would not wear the t-shirt
7:45 am
store in the game. but many of the girls to not agree to sign the pledge. >> reporter: this is a look at walnut creek over 680 is chilly out there. concord is 45 we could see it freezing temperatures of the next couple of days. tuesday and wednesday we will have very strong winds. allport of 30 mi. per hour. upward of 30 miles per hour... at 11:00 tonight the gonna break the 10 degree range.
7:46 am
will see the wan's and a 20 to 30 mahler now range tomorrow. this will take this will taper off into winds that carry >> reporter: the higher the elevation the stronger the winds will be. 57 for all london valley. 55 in hayward and 53 in fairfield. no. bay will be pretty chilly as well 55 for el nino. 56 fresh san mateo. >> reporter: blustery conditions for tuesday and wednesday. >> reporter: get a much lighter than usual commute this morning. there's so little congestion that the metering lights on the bay
7:47 am
bridge were turned off. they had only been on about a hour and half this morning before they were deactivated. there's been none of the typical slow and go or stopping go traffic here in the west our ray right. for the golden gate bridge receive feet all the conditions. were think fog conditions on the golden gate bridge. drive * about 18 to 19 minutes for the short freeway. and take an est. 680 is all light and easy ride. the chp has canceled a fault advisory for the stretch of 101
7:48 am
between the cal a 37121 and highway 37 the fog is lifting. >> reporter: the snowballed festival and south lake tahoe. the festival starts this afternoon and in at 1:00 in the morning on new year's day. >> reporter: the raiders are in denver for the season finale r davis was seen here before the game preening broncos defensive coordinator del rio to the hayward not native he could be the next coach.
7:49 am
>> reporter: c.j. anderson ran for three touchdowns the denver broncos the first down the raider's lows 47 to 14. >> reporter: in stamford host maryland tomorrow at levi stadium. samper was a glide from morial to search serving chicken lunches and maryland was at st. anthony serving up 2600 meals. implant only 16 mi. from the stanford stadium home. >>: where apple attain play this season. we prepared
7:50 am
well known to ready for the game on tuesday. >> reporter: 2014 was a big year for bay area sports. here's a look back at the 2014 season run that ended with the new baseball dynasty. >>: high and deep to right field brandon crawford and p s bellaandoval.. out in right field and that is gone. not
7:51 am
audible. another street starts tonight. well throw not audible. giants 3 games to one. not audible area stretching their the dry deepened to right field hall run the giants of what
7:52 am
independent. won the pennant/... >>: and here we go madison baumgartner karen and an rbi triple in the center set of all the levers sandoval.. here's one of the metal middle. a diving play by joke that one run scored
7:53 am
area not audible errant world series that francisco giants.
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>> reporter: news day is just around a corner and the raises on to get the souls ready for the annual parade. each and every tiny police is a place by hand. then the fresh flowers are put in place this week. the cold temperatures and california are key to helping to keep the flowers looking nicer for longer. but the cold
7:57 am
does not let them dry quite right. but it will be ready to go, new year's day. >> reporter: coming none on kron 4 news khotan bought as parting ways with the seven francisco forty-niners. where he could be headed next. >> reporter: + went looking for wreckage from airplane and then crashed in the jobless see. >> reporter: new legislation for convicted d u i drivers coming
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>> reporter: taking a live look outside with st. paul out there and not all have your new year's eve forecasts coming up. >> reporter: morning thanks for joining us this morning. and does so like the holiday out there is very little traffic. in this cold. >> reporter: is officially freezing. 31 and now up of. napa... which is the baltimore below freezing
8:01 am
temperatures. afternoon highs for today will be 55 in hayward 56 in fremont. and and and also be a slight chance of rain. >> reporter: were monarch turned out pretty light ride around the bay area. as the bay bridge ride is light enough of that the lights for activated at 540 this morning and turned off at 708 the traffic is so light it doesn't even want the meeting of the on the bridge. metering >> reporter: a very light and easy ride with an 11 to 12 minute drive time in either direction. >> reporter: jim harbaugh
8:02 am
and the san francisco 40 niners are parting ways. >> reporter: their report said he is heading back to college but we first got to know him where he was a quarterback for the university of michigan in looks like it's a done deal. he will be having a news conference scheduled for tomorrow. but that also means that the 40 niners will be searching for a new coach. he was one of the most popular and coaches in the history of the forty- niners. it won super bowl and three championships for four years. >> reporter: the 40 niners intercepted the ball ball
8:03 am
they handed harbaugh of the game ball he walked around the field hugging people with the game ball in his hand and he had an awkward hug with the 40 niners shed york jed yorkk >> reporter: was there for jim harbaugh and other players with the 40 niners >>: is been a pleasure to work and surf for this organization and these players and for this football team. was my decision he'd be here but obviously not. i loved when love to complete complete pleat compete. i
8:04 am
believe if he still could play would be out >> reporter: bolden is very loyal to the harbaugh family he was before him he was coached by john on harbaugh of the baltimore ravens. the ravens would love jim harbaugh to come back to them. we will stay on its top of the situation despite all of these reports that could be wrong. all in prison and has not confirmed that he's headed back to michigan is jim harbaugh is self >> reporter: the search for missing air et asia plane has stopped with no results.
8:05 am
weather hampered the search over the weekend. it also may have played a part and the reason the plane was missing. the not sure where we lost contact with air traffic control. >>: the weather conditions were not good and we can only speculate on anything more. we know that the captain asked to request an increase in altitude and a deviation from his track of up route to avoid thunderstorms. and we know that there were some very third thunderstorms in the area. >> reporter: of one of the search to rescuers believe that the airplane is at the bottom of the java sea..
8:06 am
>> reporter: the and this incident has put both goals in the spotlight the boys' and girls' team were restricted from played for of the tournament because they were wearing seat t- shirts that said i kent dock brief. can not breathe... the girls refused to stop wearing their surge so they were not allowed to participate in the tournament >> reporter: the napa assistance center close as at 6:00 p.m. tonight you can if you register for assistance you can receive grants and essential all repairers that are not covered by insurance today
8:07 am
is the last day. >> reporter: the looking for a person that fired shots at officers honor officers responded to officers were driving their patrol car when one person shot at them. not of the officers were injured they arrested one person and confiscated some weapons. >> reporter: and florida someone fired three times forced to share of deputies as they were sitting in a car is in a morning they did not see the suspect or the car that the shots were coming from crime stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. they're also looking for someone that spray- painted graffiti threatening police >> reporter: officers are
8:08 am
investigating a deadly crash and sonoma county area last sunny pictures wants you to see the controversial sale the interview where will be safe from now and how good is doing at the box office.
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>> reporter: will combat new video this morning to a deadly crash in sonoma county. the as police said
8:11 am
the crash happened around 9:30 p.m. a war on seen most of the ninth this was on highway 1 near but they the bay was run off the cliff. >> reporter: and michigan see the truck landed on its roof right in the water when rescue crews made it to the scene the driver was already dead. the chp saw this truck driving off the road and they may have been trying to stop him for driving violation. >> reporter: two more bodies pulled from a greek ferry and the asiatics seat. am would gonna take a look at the major aviation disasters that occurred in 2014. a very cold morning out there
8:12 am
today we've got thick fog drifting around the bay area
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> reporter: is fog out there here is the this video
8:15 am
was shot around 1:00 a.m. this morning. the visibility is pretty low along highway 101. here's a look at her faulty and chilly forecasts. foggy >> reporter: traffic appears to be moving ok the fog advisories are starting to left. lift.... bearberry strong winds coming and in.. was already starting to clear up around the bay area. around noon * the
8:16 am
should the fault should less completely. fog should lift completely.. >> reporter: we're not seeing much in a way of traffic. the meeting during the metering lights were turned on because of the rush of traffic traffic in the 5:00 hour there were activated at 542 and turned off at 708. the right and the san mateo bridge is equally light. the golden gate bridge there's been no problem with traffic on the stand. span... tracking the
8:17 am
drive and east bay was 24 south all are much lighter than usual this morning including the pass out to the dublin interchange. a little slowing on 680 near the 101 interchange. >> reporter: the death toll is currently at seven after a ferry caught fire in the asiatic say. sea.. for under passengers were on board with 60 crew members. 400 passengers on board.. >> reporter: president
8:18 am
obama released a statement saying the law in this war in history is no longer. they will maintain a limited military president presence in afghanistan. >> reporter: the interview is now available on eyetooth. it made about to play $8 million over the weekend. it made about $50 million on online sales. 15 million online sales... >> reporter: desperate
8:19 am
search is to for the airline is the way this is the latest is the latest information on the disappearance of the flight. >> reporter: the disappearance of 162 people on board air asia is the second prison passenger plane and southeast asia. >>: this is kind of spooky that is happening in this area and we do not know the facts yet. >> reporter: after 10 months flight 370 in the 200 people on board were never found. it crashed in the indian ocean. >>: most likely it was a
8:20 am
criminal act that caused the of downing of that flight. >> reporter: four months later july 17th malaysia airlines was suffer another loss. pro russian rebels were blamed for shooting the plane out of the sky using a surface to air missile. all of the people on board died. one week later when 100 people perished the aircraft disappeared from radar after changing inspect flight path to do to severe weather. >> reporter: the former managing director of the ntsb says that it is still safe to fly.
8:21 am
>>: that's a relatively low rate when you take take into consideration the massive amount of people better taking advantage of air flight. >> reporter: is faulty in the east bay on this monday morning were details on the chilly weather expected this week.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> reporter: g mail has been blocked and china and limited by the government
8:25 am
having access to google services. the former ministry spokesperson would not confirm the blockage. google said that they would no longer cooperate with the country's censors. >> reporter: 4 president george h. bush will remain in a houston hospital right now there may be a discharge soon. the nine nerol is in the hospital under observation. he is the oldest living u.s. presidents. he was taken to hospital tuesday as a precaution he does suffer from a mild form of parkinson's disease. and jim and he celebrated his 90th
8:26 am
birthday with a skydive. >> reporter: of home renovation is under in an investigation in san francisco currently. and up the assistant principal has died in a tragic accident and not once they now he is being remembered. traffic is moving smoothly on 680. and we will be watching for any hot spots in the commute and more on the cold temperatures and let you know if we have any rain in our future for test. from sfo there's no incident of major delays.
8:27 am
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>> reporter: the quick check on bay area and traffic right now. >> reporter: is very cold right now and as gonna get even colder. chance a participant precipitation and the higher elevations. one could also see strong winds over the next few days. definitely colder
8:30 am
temperatures even colder than this morning. we do have frost advisories on the way and perhaps some wind advisories also. >> reporter: as we continue to monitor a very light right around the bay area. even the bay bridge looks great they're no problems here and the macarthur maze's the falcons got heavier here. fog... if you're heading for morale and across the golden gate bridge you will be in the fog a chill still be in light traffic. >> reporter: police are investigating a home
8:31 am
invasion robbery near san francisco state university. >> reporter: the police have left the scene here on the hundred block of camden near san francisco state university but what you can see is some of the evidence that they were attempting to collect the free your print does that put on the windows to help give them evidence to lead them to the suspects that were involved in this home and asian robbery. >> reporter: around 3:00 a.m. this morning to mess man with weapons into the apartment encumbered fronted the people in the apartment. they tied up the people inside the home would not sit being told right now how many people were in their. they were not injured but
8:32 am
their personal property was taken why let's cell phones a bite. as far as the suspect information san francisco police are not telling us all whole lot but they are telling is the newest two african-american men that were between 20 and 25 years old they're not saying currently what may have led to them targeting the specific home. >> reporter: on it and some plant the police department will be forwarding information to us and we get that permission we will pass along. >> reporter: students' and faculty at st. mary's high school are remembering the principle hermon sean he was killed while riding his bike in livermore. bike
8:33 am
collided in he swerved to avoid the down riders he veered across the double lines slipped off his bike and landed in the middle of a country road and he was then struck by a truck who was trying to avoid the collision. he taught at st. mary's for 11 years he was liked by students and faculty alike. was all very excited and we were getting ready to lose them to a new school in six months and but this was just overwhelming. >> reporter: he was expected to become a principal a new principle in june. people have been stopping by the school to pay their respects >> reporter: police the searching for a teenage
8:34 am
girl-his 14 year-old laughter home in salinas and are family thought at first she is ran away when they now believe that that is not the case. and that she could be currently being held against her will she's 5 ft. tall about 100 lbs. she was wearing a pink tank top and sweatpants. the family believes should be in san jose or gilroy. >> reporter: man is recovering now after being shot by his neighbor in the leg this morning. when officers arrived on scene they found a 20 year-old man was shot in the leg and they please determine that there was argument between the neighbors. two arrests were made and please continue investigate the shooting.
8:35 am
>> reporter: news legislation could impact all drivers that would and the city itself in the state of california the was driving under the influence. the device is similar to a brass allies and that was is connected to the it ignition and will keep them from starting they the transportation and they're intoxicated. >> reporter: trains will run on a normal weekday schedule every 20 minutes after midnight. but trains headed into san francisco will not be stopping at the embargo station embarcadero station. the will be running from 8:00 p.m. till 5:00 a.m. on new year's day. he'd watch
8:36 am
the fireworks right here is starts at 11:30 p.m. wednesday night new year's eve >> reporter: what we look for on-line and movies and a 2014 research trends coming up in the tech report. >> reporter: the bay bridge the fog is getting thicker but the good news is the traffic is lighter.
8:37 am
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>> reporter: as a pretty light and easy ride around the bay area we do not see the typical delays in walnut creek. on a normal day this would be backed up to level the road. right now is only a quarter of a mom back up behind it.
8:40 am
>> reporter: this is expected to be a very light trading week with holidays. 18,065 and the nasdaq 2093 support and half right now >> reporter: mail was attacked by great white shark this was a man in his 50s and he was with several surfers at the time of the attack he was able to come to shore after the homes sharp bit him on his right hip the shark was about eight to 10 ft. long. there are signs posted a let people know about the attack. >> reporter: the volcano on the big island move about 30% is about 700 hours from
8:41 am
a shopping center and it is the lab is active in several places. lava... is stop moving after invest about 25 yds but is now getting closer to the shopping center. >> reporter: were looking at fog on specially a parts of the golden gate bridge. will take a look at the high-tech items of 2014 coming up
8:42 am
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>> reporter: will use searching for the 2014 i found six histogram several things made an impact during the year. >> reporter: according to bain kent k. beyoncee and
8:45 am
frozen are one of the top gainers were looking for. frozen is the most search movie of the year. says disney's most highest pain moving paying.. >> reporter: 10 car-end as the top kim is top over beyoncee we will auspex rumors pictures and more. we can't live without a response phones. ..
8:46 am
>> reporter: the still missing malaysia airlines jet is the top story impacting the u.s. in 2014. the als i'd but the ice bucket awareness raised millions of dollars. >> reporter: if you like to note explore more of the top search terms being has has a listed an interactive web site. >> reporter: with tracking bay area weather within fog
8:47 am
out there and some chilly conditions. >> reporter: temperatures right now aren't and de chile and freezing in parts of the north bay. let 364 navato 36 degrees for navato not but it's 5555 in hayward.. you'll see a lot of sunshine but she will not see high temperatures. you will see higher winds tuesday and wednesday. what have a slight chance of rain and east bay hills but for the most part the bay
8:48 am
area will stay dry and colt. >> reporter: appears many people are taking is not the we got the least the day off. the lights were activated but only lasted an hour and a half because of the low traffic. we did see some condition and the 6:00 hour by 7:00 it was apparent that we were having a much lighter than usual ride. even with the fog there has not been any problems on the golden gate bridge. there are no delays on interstate 580 westbound. 18 men is heading up for the coyote valley on the 101 is under 30 minutes from
8:49 am
highway 37 told the golden gate bridge >> reporter: was the carlson is back with our home this morning she was rushed into surgery 10 months ago for a brain tumor she was pregnant at the time and delivered a healthy baby boy while she was in that column. she is now moment with her husband and son all three are exhausted but they are grateful that they are back together. >> reporter: organizers are expecting bigger crowds at the festival. 14,000 people are expected each day during the festival of that's up from 10,000 each day to last year's festival. >> reporter: did you end up with a gift card the chin know you will not be using any time soon you can't turn
8:50 am
the card into a hole card hold carter cold hard cash. reyes and carpal you can trade urquhart is and for cash it is not an even trade. depending on how much the card is worth a could be at the transaction free c fee,, >> reporter: the widely popular movie the frozen has grossed all lot of money and products associated with that movie. the strange death of the general in world war two was one of the top book sold
8:51 am
>> reporter: most people were surprised and i phoned on christmas day but one grandmother was not. the problem is i am not a quick to handle one of these this is something i know nothing about. >> reporter: piquancy it to occur while that the foam was chocolate the video has said over 600,000 uses christmas views since xmas ...
8:52 am
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>> reporter: the raiders in december for the season finale. they're greeting broncos' defensive coordinator. justin it enough to peyton manning lateral escort and a touchdown but then it was all denver after this. the denver broncos are number one the raiders lose 47 to 14. the loss the interim status to keep the head
8:56 am
coaching is. >> reporter: stanford agley primordial church serving about 800 chicken sandwiches. to play only 16 mi. away from the stanford home. some really tight season. the school play the game on >> reporter: the races where to get on dozens of floats ready for the roses parade. they have to do each flow by hand the fresh flowers will
8:57 am
be put in place this week. if it's too cold the glue will not dry quite right. the massive works of art will be ready to go on new year's day in pasadena. >> reporter: jim harbaugh is going to michigan and has been confirmed. and the search continues for a suspect who fired shots at los angeles police officers and an neighborhood people are asked to stay in their homes. will have weather and traffic coming up we have a thick fog in the area.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> reporter: type stores
9:00 am
were meant following two days of searching for missing plane says it is likely at the bottom of the ocean. foggy and chile on this monday morning were details are coming up. >> reporter: light traffic around bay area were seeing fog. this chilly out there so you definitely need your jacket. >> reporter: is hazy but it should improve as the morning progresses. the temperatures are currently on the chilly site san carlos is 46. it is the
9:01 am
freezing temperatures in the livermore area before the week's end. strong winds with this system is coming through is not have a lot of rain. it may get little bit warmer as the week progresses progresses past wednesday. >> reporter: is been a remarkably great ride this morning we have not tracked in the hot spots this morning currently we're looking in very light traffic in the bay area. traffic is so light and the toll plaza area that the media lights were turned off after only at hour-and- a-half. the bay bridge could of been backed up but it hasn't been. once we pass 7:00 the conditions kept improving. >> reporter: jim harbaugh
9:02 am
and the 49ers are parting ways harbaugh coach the team last night in their win against the arizona cardinals. >> reporter: on the front of the forty-niners facility could be cleaned out their lockers they've made a lot known that they love jim harbaugh and if it were up to them he was still be the coach of the forty-niners. the 40 niners are now looking for new coach. after going 49 wins in four seasons three nfc champion steps one super bowl. one of the players gave him all ball that was intercepted. he left the field one last time talking to his players
9:03 am
talking to reporters he did not come not and flat out say that i am taking the university of michigan joppa although there are reports that that is a done deal this morning. jim harbour speaking their lots of great memories spent a tremendous four years spent a pleasure to to work in surf this organization and these players and this football team. >>: to was my decision he would still be here were me and him and a connection. you could see it in the way he comes to work every day the guy loves the game football i believe in the still could play he was the would be out there. >> reporter: i will head to
9:04 am
the locker room and try and talk to the players you can follow me on twitter or kron 4 will try and they love jim harbaugh and meant it was possible that he could be going to the raiders but the chatter is getting louder and louder that good university of michigan and is a done deal. he was the quarterback in the '80s at the university of michigan. >> reporter: second day in the search for missing it missing a supplying 162 people were all on board the weather may have played a part in the disappearance of the plane. searchers do not know where the plant plan is currently located.
9:05 am
>>: the weather conditions played a part we know that the capt. requested a climb in altitude and we all we also know the dx4 deviation from the path because of all voiding the thunderstorms. and we know the there were severe thunderstorms in the area. >> reporter: the search and rescue says that they believe that the airplane is at the bottom of the job the day a the a c java sea... >> reporter: the incident has thrust both schools into the spotlight to do for the three day tournament in fort bragg. and that was because
9:06 am
they had t-shirts on that says i cannot breeze. breathe... the girls' team did not make the pledge stating that they would not wear those t-shirts and were not allowed to play. >> reporter: today is the last day to apply for disaster assistance and now up the center closes at 6:00 p.m. until then you can get help in person or on line or on the phone. get help you with the essential repairs and other disaster related needs that are not covered by insurance. >> reporter: police are still searcher for personal shooting at police. there is a citywide alert lapd says that they were driving their patrol car in south los
9:07 am
angeles at least one person shot at them they returned fire they do not know if they opt out if anyone was shot the police officers were not hurt. and they're asking residents to stay indoors as they cast the search is currently under way. >> reporter: said people fired three * add sheriff's deputies as they were sitting in their car the deputies did not see the car or that assailants crime stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to a not leading to an arrest. >> reporter: coming up on kron 4 news officers are investigating a deadly crash and sonoma county. sony pictures is expanding their on-line distribution of the controversial movie called
9:08 am
the interview what it's doing now in theaters and on line.
9:09 am
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9:11 am
with signaled very light traffic patterns. here the san mateo bridge lsi as the east bay bridge and there's hardly any traffic at all. is slow enough to make me wonder if there's some kind of it struck obstruction if there is we will let you know >> reporter: new video in this morning of of deadly crashes and laconic. police say the crash happened around 9:30 a.m. but crews were on the scene most of the night as p.m. sorry on the pick up lost control on the curve of the highway just north of the database and ran off the road and off a clef. the truck landed on its roof right in the water. when rescue crews made it to the same the driver was already dead. chp says
9:12 am
national park police saw the truck run off the road they may have been trying to stop the driver for traffic violations. >> reporter: as the default oakland and san jose despite the fog will have changes to the wednesday what you know what else is on tap.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news were tracking a pursued here with our helicopter partnership
9:15 am
abc seven news and were getting wet word that this might of been a newspaper delivery van this white vehicle the to seeing this person being pursued by police agencies were not sure which one would believe that we're in south san francisco right now. the vehicle is now exited on the freeway and appears to be going the wrong way down the street. it is on the wrong side as you can see of the yellow line. the details are very sketchy we just picked up this pursued in progress and were trying to determine the exact location and the whole the pursuing agency is that is after this vehicle. you can see this is extremely hazardous driving on the wrong side of the roadway. and the speeds are very fast there. this could be in this the city of airport boulevard the best information we have right
9:16 am
now that this is south san francisco. as this vehicle continues to be pursued we do not know if there has been in the chp helicopters have joined his pursuit or not so again we are tracking this life. trying to figure out exactly is the the bart tracks right there's a that would put this perhaps closer to el kamal al camino real out if that's possible- speculation. in areas making a u-turn underneath the train tracks we've lost sight of what ever pursued vehicles were behind them so we don't know if they were able to make that turn behind this van but we did learn that this might have been a newspaper delivery vehicle agassi is driving off the roadway near the railroad tracks that were unclear as to whether or not
9:17 am
the driver of this vehicle has been successful in evading the agency that was following them >> reporter: so we do not see that pursuit vehicle nearby. as crossing underneath some railroad tracks again to the best of our knowledge this vehicle in south san francisco as we continue to watch it. there is the dividend apparently and he's trying to go through a fence there's no markings on the vehicle. there is another person vehicle looks like california highway patrol will doctors on the same level. and just struck a car try to back up. is says san francisco chronicle on the door on one of you and make that out. our sources told us that this was some sort of newspaper delivery
9:18 am
vehicle were correct. it concedes sam francisco chronicle painted on the side door. >> reporter: they're on a different level of this vehicle and that's why they were unable to engage a pair but where there clearly close to it so we are uncertain right now and looks like this vehicles headed south of southwest as we can see the shadows on this side of the roadway. we understand his vehicle was in the the city of sao san francisco as we continue to follow this pursuit. there you see another bar train so that so put subtle little bit west of downtown san francisco. and closer to el camino real out. they're a lot a city streets there it
9:19 am
without having a helicopter shot pullback we don't know what the vehicle was still being pursued. all we are still in sight of the chp this following it. like our video just got out there we will be keeping an eye on the situation. >> reporter: no indication of what this original purpose of this pursuit was. it is still seen driving at here on what appears to be city streets but it is uncertain whether not the pursuit vehicle still has the insight. >> reporter: wouldn't know seth the tribe for the vehicle police the taking a defensive stance not being very aggressive right now
9:20 am
for public safety sake. the truck keeps pulling into different guards and lots trying to hide and turn around and making its way back out. we talk to some chp officers a little while ago. looks like the strike high gear. there's a motorcycle officer at the intersection regis went by. just moments ago he drops some one off on that corner of the passenger seat. >> reporter: and looks like it started from the san francisco bayview district of the set francisco chronicle tropical stolen when into hay word. this san francisco police department is following the struck he's really aggressive in going
9:21 am
down a wrong way at times. we saw a bus to a fence he's like the look of a pre is the lotus side of the road. he said this in this residential neighborhood going get a pretty high rate of speed. they're not mabel able to make a stop just yet. >> reporter: said this was the suspect up possibly suspected stolen vehicle. also the word from our producer that the person that was seen jumping out of the vehicle may have just: a bicycle in trying to continue their invasion from the authorities. with the least to chp vehicle part of this pursuit. there
9:22 am
is another chp car and pursuit. this is not south san francisco but is in the area of hayward and san leandro. even though you don't see it in this that there is at least once chp vehicle right behind this suspect. >> reporter: the word is he one of the san mateo bridge multiple agencies are trying to bring this chase to in any that are taking precautionary measures. this appears to be a stolen delivering paper delivery truck. we have several close calls here is is crossing over the yellow longer the driver is going very fast. it struck at least one
9:23 am
vehicle will try to back up innocences escape. >> reporter: at our last look in traffic report of the san mateo bridge i notice that there's no traffic going by on the eastbound direction so that would be from the peninsula headed back toward hayward. they must stop all the traffic. there must of been a traffic break in place. the pursued is currently active. the chp does not provide public informational about this pursuit. they haven't attempted to ram it or stop it at this point >> reporter: this in officers right behind getting someone person get out of the " moments ago and
9:24 am
now there's a chase on foot was chp and now they're looking at possibly jumping over the fence but the officers are and presumed. were watching this like signal here from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. problem to break away from the pictures right now we're gonna watch this situation closely. will be back after the break
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> reporter: a quick update on a breaking news story the we been following the chase is still under way in the hay word. start with a stolen newspaper delivery truck. they chased them all with the san mateo bridge were following this high- speed chase the the city's streets. the man is now
9:28 am
hiding in this hayward neighborhood the police are in not pursued. the suspect is still a large somewhere in the street will come back alive when more updated information.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> reporter: you watching breaking news coverage on kron 4 morning news. there is a suspect at large in this they would san leandro neighborhood he just let from a white chronicle newspaper vanda was suspected to be stolen. in the pursuit one person left the the echo about eight minutes ago. but the driver kept for several more minutes and then by lee dropped out in a residential neighborhood and our helicopter partnership with abc seven news we been tracking the suspect we have
9:31 am
immense we had them in sight but we have now lost sight of the suspect but the person was last seen in this neighborhood. this pursuit originated in the bayview district. and went down the peninsula of went up highway 88 terror 880 >> reporter: one of the suspects got on a street corner and sat on the bike but the police did arrest them. why they're in pursuit of the driver of that stolen van. with some run up to the backs of unsold homes tried hide in the shed for few minutes but the house helicopter had spotted them he disappeared into the
9:32 am
brush and police have surrounded the neighborhood looking for the suspect. >> reporter: the chase across the san mateo bridge and a flight in technion or 10 san francisco police cars chasing the stolen base and across the bridge so was a pretty big pursuit. >> reporter: the suspect is running looks like he's carry either football or rugby ball. he's been holding onto the ball the whole time news running from police. >> reporter: is very strange for this person to be holding onto a sports hall. we did notice that when the chopper and zoomed in on the street sign this is daniels it would definitely put him in san leandro. near chabot
9:33 am
park or in that area you see is pretty dense brush with this suspect disappeared. is hard to know whether he's contained in the area that's been cordoned off right now but by these pursuing agency several of which were california highway patrol. >> reporter: several agencies are involved in this chase. across the san mateo bridge up interstate 880. every turn here as the chase happened in that case is now on flood. our helicopter partnership with abc seven news is trying to zoom in and he was wearing a
9:34 am
blue t-shirt and carryall looked and looked like it to be a football or rugby ball. the telling residents to stay inside their bonds with their doors locked while they're pursuing the suspect. >> reporter: its seemed like they had moments where they could block the van but they were not being aggressive be did not see the police where there were other cars around and other people do they were doing their best to follow him and not being too much to stop it or of being aggressive towards the. >> reporter: there is a shot of the vehicle that was abandoned in this cul-de-sac when the driver boat drove the that is when he bailed
9:35 am
out and took it on foot and started jumping fences and running through back yards. we did see him for a moment and looks like he was gonna try and hide in the shed but then he quickly retraced his own steps and hopped a few fences and to our eyes and leasing looks like he disappeared in the thick brush and trees. >> reporter: he was a male wearing a blue sweat circ shirt and jeans running seduced this is a description of the assailant that they're in pursuit of. this is a very dangerous chases fast moving through the city streets cars were swerving to get out of the way of this man he was driving on the wrong side of the road the see the police are currently on this same but the suspects are drawn.
9:36 am
gone... they stopped short of ramming the vehicle appeared. >> reporter: saw another suspect jump out of the fan running through the streets he grabbed a bicycle and he he has been arrested. this is and and nicole this set as a suspect of this stolen newspaper delivery van. it is a canine unit is here for reasons of evidence they do not want open the door but one wonders if they don't want to let the dog catch the scent but the dog joined the pursuit of that hasn't
9:37 am
happened so far. the person we saw run it was just running helter-skelter through back yards. >> reporter: this is a densely wooded area in this neighborhood we're somewhere near the interest sections of the deal and daniel basse the intersection signed we saw when the helicopter was taking footage. looks like we're golf course jim boat. it will continue to follow a latest on the suspect this scene in a stolen san francisco chronicled news banner will be back with more news.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> reporter: our breaking news for police to look still looking for the
9:41 am
suspect of a stolen san francisco chronicled van hees and the san leandro hayward area. what and video on the right that's where the video and the driver want to this neighborhood. this started in the san francisco bayview district. he stopped right in this cul-de-sac. were look at the description of what he was wearing. all blue t-shirt holding all rabi or football we followed him were you able to see a glimpse of him he went down in the ravine back behind these homes. this is the lake chabot golf courses back there. the start and in
9:42 am
the bayview district in went down the pole dance alone and to the san leandro neighborhood. the suspect ran off into the woods behind these homes and to this remain. helicopters are above trying to locate the suspect. >> reporter: officers with guns right now are trying to find a suspect in the woods. they do have one man in custody right nine that jumped out of the van on a grab the bicycle and thus the they're still continuing the search for the other off suspect who was actually driving the vehicle.
9:43 am
9:44 am
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9:45 am
>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news as we continue to follow this breaking news story that
9:46 am
started in the bayview district has ended up in the hills of san leandro just east of interstate 580. this is very sent near the san leandro creek. a stolen newspaper van pulled into a cul-de-sac here. the driver accented on foot jump news and back yards and was being followed by the pursuing agencies and by helicopter here with our partnership abc seven news that where a book to track the suspect into the trees in the dense undergrowth by the creek. then the helicopter lost sight of him. so you now see a search of the area. >> reporter: as numerous agencies have now joined in this pursuit. >> reporter: we then saw the
9:47 am
van come to a stop in the hayward area the suspect for getting out of the vehicle one hop on a bicycle and was arrested by the police. the pursuit continued for the driver. many drivers were caught had to swerve out of the way of approaching vehicle it was driving on the wrong side of the road. police were waiting at that point taking precautions to make sure that they were doing anything to ran the vehicle. >> reporter: as a vehicle right in front the event just kept taking off. as as in a residential neighborhood at that point he jumped out and so far looks like he has eluded police officers. the
9:48 am
backyards are bordering the golf course it was wearing a blue t-shirt with a white lettering and it looks like he was carrying a football was some kind. annie kept tearing the ball as he was hopping the fences. the focus is on this area of municipal park and looks like the police are having a tough time finding this guy because he's now in a what it dense area. >> reporter: now we don't know where he is that. hopefully with base and the dogs and that aid in the search then be able to pick up his sense. never gear
9:49 am
avenue all those homes or near the san leandro creek is a very large area for the police to search for the suspect. hopefully they're getting the word out going from hope don't and hopefully the people in the neighborhood nosed to keep in up the doors locked. the chase is been going on quite some time. >> reporter: is when there's a ball park right now they're standing by the stolen van right now and with the other officers on other blacks in this neighborhood walking around in this neighborhood looked searching for the suspect. you went into the woods behind these homes.
9:50 am
>> reporter: and looks like the start and then the baby to district area in the bayview district areas where this takes start it chase started.. is scenes like the please settle a number of at opportunities to stop the suspect but they didn't taking advantage of it. it is the san francisco chronicled delivery truck. at 1.1 of the suspect is out of the van and grabs a bicycle and takes off but that suspect was arrested.
9:51 am
>> reporter: thing he was bought fans right there in one of the pursuit vehicles backed out of the way which gave him an escape route which he took and that's how he ended up in cul-de-sac. this was just moments before the helicopter lies lost sight of him as he jumped to the back yards and ran on hop the fences the and the shad and then came out. >> reporter: the san mateo traffic eastbound was completely absent and we wondered if there was a traffic cold and we just found out that they did have a traffic cold a traffic cold hold... the three big
9:52 am
initials on the back of the shirt the start is now so far away we can't make it out. >> reporter: is since things have quieted down but they are actively hunting for the suspect. will follow the latest in the san leandro neighborhood as the hunt continues was this driver of the stolen vehicle
9:53 am
9:54 am
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sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number. >> reporter: breaking news story the hunt continues for the driver of a stolen san francisco chronicle delivery van. the cases concurrently continuing. a left inside is a live look is the hunt continues for the suspect who abandoned the vehicle.
9:56 am
we got out of the vehicle in downtown hayward. the driver of the vehicle is still the search for him continues. he does this appear to some thick brush right now and last police from several agencies are looking for him and pursuit. >> reporter: police cars followed him across this them retail branch the san mateo bridge. the description of the suspect yes this is the guy that they're looking for this is a still photo that was grabbed from the live images that we broadcast this morning. he looked to
9:57 am
be a white male or hispanic ball to a dark beard he's wearing a blue tees shirt with white lettering on the back and little on the fly some athletic pants with sneakers. >> reporter: we got out of the stolen delivery ban and started running to the neighbors' yards he was carrying it looks like a large football or a route to be ball and he was really holding on to that. rugby ball >> reporter: he sideswiped a press prius.. stay with kron 4 and nine and a whip kron- 4-dot-com we will be following this throughout the day.
9:58 am
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her sister is raising her daughter,. did you choose drugs over your daughter,. tilt i'm clean and sober. >> dr. phil: we don't want her in a hoody but this is okay. you got arrested, you're on probation grvment this says you are a probation. you are not what i would consider drug free. >> dr. phil: here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk with about hard things. >> dr. phil: i tri to be an emotional compass to point you in the right direction. i am not giving up on you. [cheers]


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