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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> reporter: mr. you dress for that if your boss in that right now the wind chill is putting a unit a called a start to start some boots be prepared for the weather today into hours breezy and cold. a freeze
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one of the monterey bay to the touch of morning partly cloudy out that yes will have sunshine has yet to the afternoon to do not warmer by very much by talk down to the mid-50s to the hindu we have warmer weather on the way a warming trend as we continue to the week into the weekend after the start of the new year coming up. >>george: a much lighter than usual ride all the metering lights have been activated there is no backup headed toward the
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some sale bridge and highway 92 no indication here of anything other and a 40 libri for westmount should we not tracking any hot spots. >>mark: a double shooting one person is dead this happened last night in a parking lot of san pablo ave his officers still in the parking lot is mia 9 house since the shooting we do know have been in the parking lot and not on the street when they see the police officers in the distance ride out they're focusing on this year. >>will tran: they're taking measurements that not have a motive behind the shooting >>: focusing on other parts of the parking lot as well it appears to happen ride from the 99 at the
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intersection of san pablo avenue and university avenue loss of arduous the investigators are still here we do know the victims for a man and woman the man was the nuns did at the same the woman she was also struck shoes taken to hospital and told me anything why does she still live this morning as far as a description of the suspect we're still working on land where opened allow the bill without it will have surveillance cameras to look at the footage. >> reporter: 10 real police are looking for two people who were involved in the shooting at the 76-station that along upholstery and also on the path less likely send this one person of hospitalized but is expected to build that
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police have not released as wishes of the suspect. >>mark: there been more force of the assassin aomori's >> reporter: most to monitor the of the stick of them a lot of undermines we chatted peace of mind and they invited invade the privacy to a sauce of the 2 week. the force happen on december 19, 1039 couple sitting a son of a parked car at a lookout spots on the 5100 block of grisly feed large foreign volunteers to the vehicle authorities said the victims did not see the person who opened fire or the vehicle the shots came from a random study of two
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men walk the two men park look out what less than a mile away from the force incident pointed a gun at him and brought them despite the corporation you shot in the leg of the senate mayo's both about--hispanic >> reporter: things can have bad as a matter where your police are urging residents to report any suspicious activity in the area >> reporter: 40 bodies have been recovered from the painfully and mystery flight of flight 85. it was lost to
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a search of latest a hundred and 52 people on board. six small planes last known ordnance the plane vanished on sunday on his way from indonesia have been calling store clouds as well as the to the plane that sitcom systems and the pilot and air traffic control doctrine of their the picture. the discovery came after several pieces of red white and black debris was spotted in the jobless sea near one no island. >>mark: watching closely is apologizing for what an employee did to your city police officers will have more or less story ahead and we're attracting very cold
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>>george: when it arise and ineffective and even though the meeting less have been activated there have not much of the back of here reb
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want to sit another relied ride for the bay bridge and the rest of the bay area >> reporter: officials are investigating another mountain lion sightings in hillsboro in the sanford is another one was spotted on friday it could be the same animal. he told us that he and his wife sought a mountain lion on their property and then they found the body of a bay near yes the morning that called for his reporting live he they heard a muffled line of one to the roof sheathing to is the set and will kill the idea-dear >>mark: the rain olallieberry is still causing problems. jim harbaugh on from 49 a to a wolverine. how the fans have of this is one of the change hundreds of new laws
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetene splen® lets you experience the joy of sug without all the calories think sugar, say splend™ >>mark: was a weather not just here but in las vegas cold temperatures there they
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could see snow on the year's eve. his bill one is no there in 2008. the warning messages warmly and in comfortable shoes it will be cold night was no possible instant sticking to the ground. >> reporter: there's a slight chance the weaknesses of snow in the bay area will be when the today and called all the way around the bay area is all levels will be dropping to 2,000 ft. if you're heading out right now there is in force on the map 39 santa rosa 39 navato 35 of pleasanton for 42 and apple and nine degrees in
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sunnyvale a gesture that a bottle of a if you are about to head out when speeds not so bad right now the winds will pick up again to the afternoon the bridges of fairfield in santa rosa and not so bad for the rest of the bay area it will pick of 7:00 this when the wind advisory kicks and the to my into marginal with the sea when does a to 30 mi. per hour gusts up to 60 when speeds up to 30. >> reporter: the careful if you're driving across a span afternoon highs in the fifties but it will be cooler because of the winds. it is to for redwood city across the bay and oakley you're only a 5650 in antioch and 53 degrees is
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that the four fremont also just to those conditions. is not going to be as breezing for tomorrow the winds will start to subside as into tomorrow afternoon on the senses also pick up his was the very chilly start to the year after that the into the weekend saturday and sunday to allow just one of the sun is out where back of the low 50s for the last buffalo we can >>george: the last week as really can't traffic from the bay area for the second in a row rely conditions in which the medicalize activated this morning and they were turned on about the usual time there was not much of a lack of it as you
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saw yesterday so traffic does appear to be even taper off and 05 mias to say why not start slow and take off from their alleged to the westbound ride how the senate to iran's possible we can say some congestion here we don't traffic is very light you receive a very light traffic no delays either of our south lawn and the richmond bridge looks good with the back of the toll plaza meeting of the latest 0580 westbound a quick test drive times a still 16 minutes hercules to berkeley 15 minutes to the san ramon the drive times have actually dropped a bit to 26 to 28 minutes for westbound ride and the baltimore past out to the dublin and to change. >> reporter: to ministers are covering this morning
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after gunmen ambushed them ride outside the church does happen in the grant hill never of san diego a to nelson and a car answers are not a soul of the of the starters to the firing into the vehicle >> reporter: police said the gunman fired four rounds into the one of the car a bullet grazed one of pastors chest and once is armed of the minister was marred the message from the nearby with us to look for the shooter and four a models. >>mark: dustin diamond will play the characters rich in essential say red bell is accused of stabbing a man in wisconsin bar across was that the diner was released after he posted bond he told police to several people arrested him as their friend initial the his effort has been punched in
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the face that mercedes will live out to defend her and believes he'll be exaggerated. him since process as a place is not happy mr. packer game of the net. he is ruthless and hospital. >> reporter: on the new laws could save children's lives and your child has the celeriac and to 2000-no is a matter of minutes for the body go into anaphylactic shock. >> reporter: air raids well --the air raid flair a key
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schools cannot be used at the pins even in extreme emergencies the beginning gave first ahold law requires public schools to stop all injectors and train school nurse's to administer them to students who need them under the new law is california pull the schools will have to to class of at the pan on hand starting january 1, 2001 of the big log, to affect yes means yes and people living in california in the league will not build his to the dmv the state will soon be allowed to stop homeowners association for finding people who replaced the laws would drop from landscaping >>mark: was is restaurants
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and photos will stop using all contenders a styrofoam of the was that the face of five for the dollar fine >> reporter: is the traveling citizen there's a lot of mobile application that claim a bigger challenge is there is better >> gabe slate: lot of the march up i found a couple great mobile applications that really can mature life easier and better when you are traveling to the airport that is coming up. for
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i cannot believe we found him for 10 days they wondered where campbell could be. it's shocking to see his face >> reporter: had no idea he was hiding in the masters we sold on credit list he liked to hide in the hole and side of the boxing ring whenever he gets scared that the left
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a lot and not after a successful last effort to find a pulse of the flight of chrysler's a to someone in the matches his new home spotted cat they set out to racal traction and abetted them was sarbanes she caught her cat just an hour and a half later i cannot believe it was empty and a swollen eye in broken nails but amazingly he will be just fine. >> gabe slate: sfo is looking mighty busy is the holiday season was richest the travel season his at
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scour through the wall and a one to show you a couple mobile application that i really like and i really think can make your experience travelling to the airport a lot better is very user-friendly and had a really good visually out for issues to see on an inflammatory issue kelsey to your it would tell you everything about bessie to decline as a have a window it had found that growth is like a yelped review application. it to live a better seat becomes available on your flight if the request to monitor an exact seat with a was up it
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will tell you a you change seats on the mall's only thing as when the plaintiff is not knowing when the war raised or lowered the price is ready to wait until the week of the flight to will tell you what the issue but it our way to deliver a prediction on a flight by four basis in a more specific and accurate this can help you save money we're waiting for it to arrive in keep track of it that offer to the second tracking of all commercial flights and also provides information for when booking by the high and low prices different goals for and learn how averages for being on time or delays.
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>>mark: the dow is down 27 points to close out around 50 will be watching the market this morning but it does apply will be a bit lower on wall street. we're expecting light trading today due to the fact that they're on vacation. >> reporter: coat dry air mass with the next four hours and here is why we have this cold front moving through and passing to the east to see it is dropping snow ride over to the sierra. it is cold outside whatever it is in the third is in the 40's that is the
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freeze watching here so we can expect chilly out there right now are less crowded conditions will have sunshine this afternoon we breezy and coal a high wind advisory in place to be careful of your driver as we're heading through the weekend for the fourth for the year as they were actually one of. all i come back all have specifically to that will solve all the rest of the week in the nixon for edmonton to go >> reporter: of course also the wind when advisory has an issue on the average. >> james>> jackie sissel: i am looking back at san francisco the sun is starting to come out in this is usually the coldest part of the entire morning the
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half-hour or so muff a 1020 minutes after the sun comes up is very cold out here is really the wind that is making an even feel colder than a definite and the windchill factor they issue when the advisory persona was traveling on a bay ridge be aware of it is for services let it affect system deployment over the next couple days. with the wind all year.
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>>george: there are to listen severs harmony to discuss just in time so even when the bay bridge does not. and for the golden gate bridge for the one on ride
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when the southbound off the wall low-grade one of my for for city apartment. >>mark: estimated chance for the former for bananas cost is expected to have followed him back in the playoffs but instead the finished 88 this season ceo did your it was a discussion that took place over a decent amount time to figure out what is best and more involved every organization has them in florida reason we're not able to pull this thing together and now it is time to will on a a six year deer and $40 million
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american high's play football coach in the n.c.a.a.. and they most in get paid most then nfl coaches. >> reporter: she found a range of fans and the motion son is game against the arizona cardinals mark the end of the jim hart our era for the 49ers some fans are not happy about it. is not one to benefit anyone if they will be changing hickel to all the time. i think you the time for change in coaches he won all four years is this
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organization from to move on. moving on is what he appears he was spotted at the detroit airport monday evening before fancy of the concern is and will be the next coach is getting back to the dynasty they had an affair walsh will be aware 9 adonis' to come back is going to be at about five years and i guarantee they will make history and be the first nfl team to win three super bowls back-to- back. >>mark: marino wireless connection that sum is less agreement with wireless is a they're looking into several new options the race was restarted this month are
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creating problems for cruise bill in the summer transit is the train products that bill would sister in the ground following the storm. now we know what areas we need to focus on and mention that we're prepared for in the future. close has had to adjust the schedule because of the storm the project is not delayed. >>mark: no word yet on the extent of the damage who try and figure will cause a car fire in campbell the fire started a lot to the less
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than the individual reported. >> reporter: will show you how dramatic chase came to an and there is a live look outside the beverage of for the toll plaza crystallized for chilean also when the.
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>>george: that been turned off as of 1 minute ago that is how like a traffic is they were asked to turn off more than half an hour earlier than they were yes didnt >>mark: support for testing
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7 a newspaper delivery and. --than is started in san francisco down the peninsula into the is that >> reporter: this emphasis will chemical delivery man was told that the 42 in the morning while delivering papers in san francisco in the castro district fibrils letter in the bayview in the chase began down 1 01 across the san mateo bridge the gap a 80 and slam through friends they said they drove officers the suspect vehicle did try to ram the officers initially the driver door of the passenger in downtown san leandro but
6:43 am
after crashing the bicycle into garbage and the passenger was captured in the driver drove into a cul- de-sac in trying to stay by running through the backyard of neighbors but police will not far behind. this is the song themselves face to face with several senses he navigated some initial frustration with others and as a limited down to the creek and the ballpark by that time police had encircled the area and a suspect was taken into custody about 1015 in the morning place said the two suspects could also be facing attempted assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. >> reporter: we're getting fresh snow in the sierra cold in pretty conditions
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here in the bay area coming up our latino what to expect for today and the new year after a break
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>>mark: the cold temperatures get more from the press before the market dips too low. all the new stuff on the set with all been wrong are ready for 15
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winters as a long plans here for things ever for supplanted they're more sensitive to the frost. >> reporter: large farms we and risk losing crops to stays below freezing for it isn't ours them have oral problem the finale takes so much if it is true that you hear about thousand dollars worth of damage. new have helicopters, and fly round to get air circulation that helps to the ministry uses a very special material to the texas/from frost their problems of things in your home you use to protect the plants in your garden bed sheets content will plastic
6:48 am
when i came resident with their very cautious because of the weather that's been 27 and 37 in the morning there but said all the beautiful lines and plants is investing it and do it outdoor plants to bring them inside and let them the house plants until things start to heat up. wendy whether on tap for today you the view from satellites and radar. >> reporter: pushing off diseases wireless getting self dry conditions for us it is cold outside thursday for is all on the bay area of physics in fact from the system that is rolling through dusty winds finical temperatures so not a lot of moisture associated with this the high wind advisory
6:49 am
kicks in at 7:00 this morning through tonight and tomorrow afternoon it will require breezing winds up to 30 m.p.h. this a to 60 maybe down trees possibly some down car lines and has is drive the this is to keep that in mind if you have to be out there and just for the weather has them to this after will have lots of sunshine because of the breezy conditions is going to feel much cooler only low to mid 50's the sun will be out not as breezing for tomorrow but if you have plans for new year's eve you want to be close to make sure you bundle up and is
6:50 am
warmer as the into the weekend by the start of next week was the first week of the new year them to be back into the low 60s. >>george: there has been a wind advisory and as it has not done much to create the back of the west on trim his some sever is ride high of 92 there was a reporter and is bound problem another letter to the westbound ride to the golden gate bridge and commit on 101 no bounds of my traffic very like this morning in the late frank as a has been at the richmond bridge received there's not enough traffic to the toll plaza to back up the ride on 2580 westbound we are however getting a problem getting our problem in
6:51 am
oakland on the nimitz freeway there some debris and the lenses caused the number of flat tires and related to sit out the you might want you to stay 580 instead. >> reporter: public presentation can be headed for some people of you are going to be doing the part ride share services despite the extra cost it has been known to search the pricing when they're in high demand is not clear how much there was charged on new year's eve it depends on the man lives inside the car or options was a less expensive they're not fly will said it will not douceur is pressing for new year's eve instead is a flat fee of 10 out for ride
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>>mark: it was the fireworks on our new year's eve live show. the rosters to marmite at 1130 new his life. [ female announcer ] nervous whiteng will damage your tth? introducing new listerine® healthy white™. it
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>> reporter: visiting children's hospital and then tied her to compete. >> reporter: being home so much fun she is a way of making everyone around her feel right at home she sits the software from the microphone system is in the pool that have gone hand-in-
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hand since she began the most decorated female athlete for gold and bronze this interview is different and audience of children really need to smile a distraction as an inspiration. she is so inspiring she is rising there was never a question whether she will come visit the kids here >> reporter: she is in
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training and a pool in a way room every day the hard work of the year there is no off- season when i'm frustrated and tired i think what is amazing kids and not have the same reason not to come here. ..
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>>mark: thing is so much for joining us on this cold tuesday morning we're looking at also 01 advisory post to your is a look at whether with robin.


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