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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 30, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>mark: thing is so much for joining us on this cold tuesday morning we're looking at also 01 advisory post to your is a look at whether with robin.
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dickensian we have light dusting of snow. >> reporter: how one is once again today with the can expect for the new year for knowledge and back to the desk. if >> reporter: in preparations for the colts not already on the way to stress in the east that there but up in a jacket tinges are going to be so low is a parking lot and travel avenue second
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person was a woman she was less to the hospital is an asset she is still alive this the 1900 block of san pablo ave to now newsletter that's still the sand and not leaving any time soon they're focusing on this area here ride off in the distance we do know that the shooting took place in the parking lot because all the while the early morning hours that the second measurements from this location all the way over here. >>will tran: they do not believe the shooting syphilis and the parking line next to the parking lot uc loss of buildings there.
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>>mark: it happened along ' along 7:00 last night police said is one person was hospitalized and expected to be ok to have not released a discussion of the suspect. >> reporter: developing news and the news's navy says for the bodies have not been recovered from a job listing painfully and in the mystery of aires flight 85 01 was crass and to the job scene with 162 people aboard the bodies are found about hundred miles from land 6 mi. on the plans last no ordinance the plane vanished on sunday on a swing from indonesia to singapore have no and how
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storm cloud as to what happened to plain ab is exports sitcom systems and a pilot and air traffic control don't pay to the very picture. a big navigate communicate in that order nobody outside the plane can help you yet to solve the problems we're home at the bottom of the chain is still have traffic control to us on the grounds going on the discovery came after several pieces of red white and black the break a spotted. >> reporter: near boulogne island minister saying it feels like the worst year in aviation history is not the case 2014 has the most aviation deaths since 20051150 people have died this year and that is not counting is a relatively low
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rate compared to the massive numbers will fly every year jim hart or will be introduced as new head coach team seale says it was just time to move on every organization has them and
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for ever reason you're not into full this thing together and now it's time to move on. >>mark: the press conference to introduce him as the close of the warring >> reporter: fishes are looking to force or another mountain lion sightings in the peninsula just days after one was spotted plans to california ministers or ambushed outside the church are covering this morning will tell you what happened. . more details of that remains is the acceleration. female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids.
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more than a dozen tires at one time the sea is the town is 16 and 17 cars on the shoulder do a flat tires on the stretch of the nimitz freeway to the it this week shut out their use 580 instead to downtown oakland that the reference to qualify as the nation's first >>mark: officials are not investigating another mountain lion sightings in hillsborough to save this one was seen on friday it could be the same animal this edition from last friday and held resident
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told them that he and his wife sought must rely on the property and then they found the body of the baby deer cheater was she leave immortalize of will to peru as he believes is the same animal that killed the deer in our yard >> reporter: have been notified they added if you ever see a mountain lion appear as large as you can to make lots of noise but never run. >>mark: easier said than done.. coming up there looking for a man who ambles to ministers it would lead to the ambush on the other side of this break. will have the tilden we're down to a third is in all of his renown the we do have when the conditions today highs on in the mid-50s.
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>> reporter: after the other man was alone at 342 morning while delivering papers and resurfaced five hours later in the bayview and in the chase began down 11 across the san mateo bridge and of
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a 80 investing through the streets of san leandro. he was on all the rock thrower megawatt terms the suspect's name on the wrong side of the rope on off from traffic is them to a fence police said he also drove in officers investing as a result of his passenger in downtown san leandro but after crashing his bicycle into a garbage can the past year was captured than the driver drove into the cul- de-sac and try to skate by running through the backyards of neighbors the police will not far behind >> reporter: the suspect came as officials allowances he navigated some initial frustration with others eventually he made it down to the creek in the ballpark the suspects taken
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into custody about 1015 morning in addition to vehicle theft and variety of traffic relations police said the suspect could also be facing assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. >>mark: a scary christmas for people living in alabama would explain the incredible story coming up from can lee enel rgh a wea introding w coate enamelealttootaste its iqueormu plenhes ak sts withatur calum.. ..nd gtly lish... .fortron heahy emel. rengen t enal at ptectyoureeth intrucinnew lgat enam heah tohpas. plenh anpoli r hethy amel
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good talk >> reporter: alabama from a bill and that is outside our telling the people to jump to safety and a dramatic rescue is caught on camera you're here from the man who recorded this on christmas day. >> reporter: he caught the dramatic moments before firefighters arrived on his camera we need him to jump
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the cousin called le foyer but they're still more people and hurt another child to they ran to the back a woman in the bill is telling the child inside and you can see people are trying fifth to gain access to the burning building 51 and the community came fifth never tonight it to one side of the firefighter's death after getting the child he fell to the ground it was instead to grab his camera outfit of the site of repeated man of the guitar of the story first for this the great gift to relive that moment and save someone's life is a really good feeling. six
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people hospitalized from burns and smoke inhalation. >> reporter: mammograms on the rise will say what is happening in where exactly for us no more of wireless connection on bart station for now why the service is stopping.
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scov broside d diovern excitingcombinatioof ttes. richdarkhocolate coveng st ceers. flaved with exot fru juices. i's chocole anfruiflavors li you'veeverexperiend bere. scov broside. >> reporter: off chilly and wendy ali tuesday morning for hilda looked at the forecast we still sees no
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level down to 2,000 ft. >> reporter: this cold front is the dry cold front is pushing through the right over the easter was right now dropping from light snow over this year mexican to see chilly conditions along the bay area of is said caution rosemarie icy we do that watches and warnings and pledge with areas you see highlighted here by blue high wind advisory now to new tomorrow for knowledge
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glossitis to traffic. >> reporter: on the cold temperatures in the bay area you mention the wends advisory has been issued for the bay bridge >> jackie sissel: have gloves t-shirts and other the nine still cold mostly it is because of the wind advisory is in in effect since around 330 this morning when i drove across early this morning to talk to walk the temperatures is cold out here the thing you'll notice is not a cloud in the sky is the great place to be nearby when island. this is bitterly
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cold out here it was in the 30's respected team to continue to drop over the next couple of days by new year's visit we could be and freezing temperatures here in the bay area sobol gulf and as i it would be called before it gets warmer it is absolutely forseen out gifts--out here. >> reporter: here is a look at the traffic of the light >>george: there's nothing deceptive about this look and a slight film is like all of all the reaffirm to build this debris when i spoke with the moment ago there were telling that for the sea its feet may have pushed most of that debris
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over to the center dividers of a man not have the dispatch during the month and you you concede there is asking a little bit of a delay on 880 north bluff this is still a fraction of what you normally see at this hour because even though minimize were turned on for our while this morning to return azov and under an hour that is the shorter cycle time i've ever seen for minimize and of every it's the to see why they're not needed here even with the wind advisory. >>george: 5 you have an easy ride in and is determined as well that no delays on the eastbound and westbound at the west and of the bridge you may still run into some sluggish traffic from foster city leading out to 101 when a disabled vehicle on the connecting ramp that was backing of the traffic a little bit on was down 92 >>mark: residents are
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worried because that happened with more showers of ron hours. >> reporter: will seek a lawyer does to be at peace and good and a lot on their mind is carried out people invade their privacy we tried to get peace of mind controls are now more frequent a full sense of security to saw to the 2 week. it happened on december 19th 1039 a couple sitting inside a parked car and a lookout spots on 5100 block of grizzly peak boulevard when a bullet pierced the the vehicle the story said the victims of the nastiest the person (on them or the vehicles the shot came from. >> reporter: 7 natural to drive on on sunday night from 1132 men walked into a man park a lookout spots less than a mile away from the force incident when a
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gun at him and brought simply say to despite the cooperation he was shot in the lake the victim was able to describe the suspect both hispanic men one of them 17 years old the other around 25 dissected do not believe the incident are related they're concerned there tech plays an anomaly upscale neighborhood of things can happen it does not matter where you are. they're urging residents to report any suspicious activity in the area. >> reporter: did not plan on getting your work bay started during your commute you're writing our system because there are no longer be a wireless connection on the station for now they're offered on the free trial basis about downtown census court of and there are
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looking into several long to sir wireless >>mark: 5 presidency in a house fire a false force came in and around 545 this morning. no word yet on the extent of the damage or there any injuries. >> reporter: coming up the number of new laws are taking effect in the new year including one that could save children's lives. he was bitten by a great white shark his speaking out on the attack coming up. >> reporter: here is a live look outside the russian central felber is is very light at this hour and at all morning we seem like traffic all around the bay area
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>>george: we are tracking a very light ride around the bay here is a hazy look at
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the ride for walnut creek on interstate 680 the headlines are northbound traffic coming up out of the san ramon valley just before i went to 4 on the opposite side of the freeway and southbound ride light enough there is no backups to leading down to live on the road. >> reporter: hundreds of new laws take effect in the new year had one of the new laws could save children's lives. if your job had a severe reaction to food allergies like peanuts or be staying there is a matter of minutes before the body can go into anaphylactic shock >> reporter: their way swell and become blocked having this at the pan had the consent of life and at the pan and the sound of epinephrine is the fastest way of stopping and galactic stock. --anaphylactic this going to stop at the phenylephrine under the new
7:41 am
lot ease california's school will have to two packs of at the penn should ever become necessary. >>mark: their new law that have impact on the new year starting january 1st yes mean yes will become the new standard for consent for sex between college students and people living in california illegally would not be able to get the and the registration and are licensed starting in 2015 this that will be allowed to start all also session of find a peaceful to request of laws would drop friendly landscaping similar laws second affected about 50 will be right back. if
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>> reporter: will have started in concord and dublin 42 in fairfield and 46 in redwood city it is cold out there will be closed tomorrow and go to start of the new year we have been talking about the wins is not too bad right now there are starting to pick up take a look at fairfield is a 25 mark our little breezy out there in half moon bay those numbers will increase the winds will increase as we get to the morning and to the afternoon and will be busy
7:45 am
all the way up to tomorrow afternoon and here's why. >> reporter: is pushing off a to the ease of was grim snow showers and to this year track and this is tear and the bay area and partly cloudy and this is it will be called all day and those numbers will not come by very much there is a look at future cast take a look at the new casino breezy is going to be as easy it to the afternoon and investors ought it was start to get really breezy along the peninsula out on the east bay you need this card and that have for this afternoon as to continue through wednesday morning will start to say those winds subside. >> reporter: this should be cancelled by noon tomorrow to look at why should this afternoon is not want to warmer very much we're looking at low to mid fifties around the bay area will be much cooler because the winds will feel so strong as one to feel like it is in the '40's out
7:46 am
their ticket 57 cisco 56 the senate sale 54 livermore and you get to 54 and vallejo. just accordingly. >> reporter: is the seventh day around the bay forecast not as wendy for wednesday thursday to start the new year so be prepared for an you have to go out celebrated all just of you may have a dress or some high hills so make sure you blow up as your headed to a from the card is be prepared there is some warmer weather that is on the way to look at the numbers for friday saturday will be the warmest day sunday gets even better you will have some sunshine out there and mild conditions for the start of the new year. >>george: we actually aren't tracking something that resembled long list of traffic this, nimitz freeway north about a 80 we have been talking about this for awhile now been are still slowing because there's so many vehicles on the shoulder 880 north bomb
7:47 am
between 23rd and fifth it has backed up the ride is almost looks like a normal commute was slow traffic heading up from just before the coliseum coming out of san leandro even with that is not quite as bad as a typical tuesday. it >>george: this really is the only slow traffic will not see any additional issues. for you're ride to the bridges and has been a very like look at this even though the meeting last activated for brief time this morning there quickly turned off and on 90 to the san mateo bridge the trip across to span is still only 11 minutes. because traffic is so light in the golden gate bridge ride 101 of the bomb the southbound look at the sunday morning almost as rare as if you hadn't written for him to stay 580 no backup lead into the so pleasant so if the slow selling by a written on interstate 580 west bought.
7:48 am
>>mark: a so forbidden by young great white shark is out of the hospital adjust to this after he was rushed to the hospital is not talking about the sharp attack he has the story. >> reporter: no doubt about that i thought i was like on to the life. he was out surfing with his buddies sunny morning the waitress moved he said was find it was not until or rupture attacked him everything changed dramatically at that point from calm supreme beautiful day with your friends to violent the sharply to be a 10 ft. nodded his head and pulled one water. five-to-10 state about how long of down there for. the lesser risk to his right leg about the size of the southern cal never be allowed to be put back again.
7:49 am
>> reporter: i was in shock and no one to happen his home recovering with his family and to be alive and being and to tell the story became the fifth phase with a shark is survived. talbott backed out there of the peasants of cattle and the same spot but i will be out there. for >> reporter: the beach where he was attacked by a shark is still open but there are signs posted warning people of the shark attack. >>mark: transportation on new year's eve can be a headache some people are having a private ride services despite the extra cost. it is not clear how much it would charge new year's eve this year they have not said if they will raise their prices for new year's eve the fly will say
7:50 am
they will not be surging prices instead there's a flat fee of $10 per ride the 3:00 tomorrow on san francisco and new year's eve. >> reporter: was a big year for the bay area of earthquakes outbreaks in her next as before to talk about fishing has a look back a toast to 2014. tech music (recap-2014) said francisco construction project is to read and spectacular fire. she fought the wheel well spending five and half hours and some zero timber to before the plane landed
7:51 am
(music) state senator southern california burn flames drive a 10,000 people out of their homes. i live is the rampage authorities said he and the material to make a homemade bomb in his apartment.
7:52 am
mr. williams' life and from the 16th due to hanging. unforgettable unmistakable and undeniable a product of the bay area goodbye to a landmark and hello to an icon. the larger earthquake to hit the bay area since the 198925 years ago struck about 320 this morning
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(music) >>mark: as a rebel the new year to more intense the fireworks with our show featuring gary and catherine and george. it is marmite at 11 30 million received here on kron 4 will be right back.
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>>mark: authorities are not asking for photos of passengers to help identify the bodies listed elements coming up will have when advisories on the bay bridge when the conditions in the bay area very cold temperatures will have the latest on the bridge and live reports. the cold temperatures along the bay area winced chills--wind chills.
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>>mark: good morning. >> reporter: you can hear the wind we are tracking when the conditions in freezing conditions here is robyn with the look at the weather. >> reporter: cold and freezing around the bay area that only increases is alive you from the golden gate bridge where the sun is shining with the winds are definitely chilly out there where partly cloudy conditions we have tried
8:01 am
cold fronts and is moving through no rain for us and bringing down our tempers and increasing our when this is the headed to the afternoon sunny when the highest on a topping out into the mid '50s there is some warmer weather on the way we will talk about what to expect for new year's eve mistake's will talk about for the warnings in place finish to get rid of the conditions. >>george: it is not a hot spot that is a warm spot on the nimitz freeway is already cooling down it was here on a northbound were in the last hour there was a problem with debris and the way between 23rd and fifth avenue those two exits concrete metal debris that flat as many as 15 a 17 tires for causing those cars to move over to the shoulder and back of the ride the they have clear the roadway if there is not going to be a caltrans with four out there during the morning hours caltrans crew will be clear that the
8:02 am
reformers to to divide a sometime later conditions are quickly returning to better than normal liniments northbound to have been to the bay area's bridges look at this bay bridge ride no backup to the latest it out of the macarthur maze from the east shore. >>george: even with the wind advisory and the san mateo bridge was off we were seeing some of seoul's traffic getting off the rest of foster city even that has cleared not aware back to the 11 minute drive times. >>mark: berkeley police are looking for shooting suspects two people shot one of them killed this happen at a parking lot and san pablo ave. >>will tran: police officers are still the same they're hoping to talk to witnesses more important a lot of the stores behind me they're hoping for the day they're looking to go inside talk to the manager and owner of the
8:03 am
place to rent for servants videos. no arrests in the case it happen more like the right here. >>will tran: right now about 10 minutes ago they remove the victim's car and crime scene cleaners that are cleaning up the mess that will reopen this to the public we do know that the two victims were a man and woman the man died at the same new information to pass along the woman she was rushed to highland hospital she was hit by what is to believe a gunshot from shotgun but she should survive her injuries as far as who is doing this whether or not they were targeted this simply do not know. you concede this rebuilding that is a barbecue restaurant in berkeley. it was open at the time they do not know the
8:04 am
two victims of the customs at the place of course the investigation continues. >>mark: will check back with him as to get more information >> reporter: new diesels this morning on the shooting in emeryville it said 260 math from richmond was shot in the face at the gas is to last at happened along upholstery. the gunmen fled the area before officers got there the victims had non- life threatening issue-- injuries >>mark: there but an uptake in violent crimes. rescind the sauce armed robberies have residents and the grizzly peak neighborhood were ripped into a salt between the two week period a couple sitting inside a parked car and look out spots a car drove by and fired at them and on sunday night to lead walk a to a man parked a lookout spots and robbed at gunpoint and despite the cooperation he
8:05 am
was shot in the lake. most people come out here for peace could have a lot on their mind detectives do not believe the incident related. >>mark: is concerned with the rock was also a second place in a normally quiet neighborhood. is that the patrol in the area >> reporter: developing news this morning in indonesian official said it is 95 percent likely the degrees spotted off the coast, is from the missing plane that found floating objects the door is not asking for for capacitors to help with identification cnn and the stephens had been following developments from the airport. breaking this morning the devastating discovery and is a concerning the number of bodies of their age 8501. 6
8:06 am
mi. from the aircraft last known location i think the debris concerns a catastrophic event i expect the plane are listing to the official said the debris found the missing air is a flight 85 01. so far no survivors are ready and to a three day search for the plane. >> reporter: this love one's were said to pray for their loved ones the family will move forward. he stresses and those to say my heart is satin for all the families for the flight 85
8:07 am
01. words cannot express how sorry i am. >> reporter: their pc together will cause the plane to go down. on the transmission some air as 8501 providing little to no clothes. --clues >>mark: officials are looking for a force on the mountain lion sightings on the peninsula will have more plus to california ministers to ambush outside of the church recovering this morning will have more will happen there and so was for son-in-law's vegas they are looking for possibilities of snow on new year's eve will tell you what that means for the big celebration. and taken alive
8:08 am
the tear at the san mateo bridge a cold and windy morning a lot of sunshine and like traffic on the stand.
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>>george: the mineralize return on and turned off this morning before even an hour at transpired as been a very light and easy ride
8:11 am
here and was bound to wind advisory was issued a very early in the morning was a new just 45 minutes of health of the california highway patrol. >>mark: s.a. some modest losses going back for we have seen backflow of the 18,000 mark and the dow almost 49 points for and business will try to overturn the california law that banned sale use plastic bags have collected more than enough signatures for the november 2016 ballot it qualifies the first white than a single use plastic bags left the bank suspended until the voters weigh in. laws was restored to the market with the dollar on lister and protect marine life. the ban will lead to job offers. >> reporter: investigating another mountain lion
8:12 am
sightings in hillsboro it might be the same animal his video from last friday where killed or residence robert walpole kron 4 knows he and his wife saw month's online on the property and then they saw the body of a baby deer yes the morning he called police again reporting that she heard what she believed the mountain lion the fed was on her roof sheathing to the same man of the killed the deer in her yard. >> reporter: what officials have been notified that said you never see a mountain lion near area appears larger and mx lot of noise but never run the still ahead on the kron 4 morning news of former sale by the bill actor is in trouble this morning a to the stabbing someone on christmas recess on the story coming up and we're looking at cold temperatures from the area when advisory in effect the stars at noon today continues to tomorrow thus the to 60 m.p.h..
8:13 am
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>>mark: will see a similar scene there on new year's eve. there is a winter weather advisory in place hundreds of thousand of residence are rain in the
8:16 am
new year in cincinnati. >>mark: show will go on without snow. >> reporter: will have that much snow hit the we're expecting a light dusting to leverage up and down to 2,000 ft. possibly for places like mount hamilton on diablo recognizing on those areas will dismiss the in the sierra did concede a light sprinkle their drive to this is a lot of the area of not just a dry cold front that continues to push off to the east will focal temperatures. --if you're heading out of town for those of you getting out the door right now it is cold outside the '30's and 40's the numbers have not budged much santa rosa 35 concord and 43 degrees in livermore saw you definitely need to bundle up when i get back to
8:17 am
talk a little bit more about the extended forecast new year's eve that is right around the corner a lot of good will be heading out to celebrate and you'll be partying how little to address for although it is for the cold and chilly right now we do not warmer weather on the way will get all that in just a minute. >>george: could not be better this morning we're tracking an exceptionally light ride around the bay area starting with the bridges you concede there is no backups the mid relies are off their turnoff for less than an hour this morning to the west to bomb ride will were not required for that. traffic deaths a lighter than usual here in for a while there was a delay the was in the the rest to foster city out 2101 that was cleared up and speaking of 101101 marin ride could not be easier no
8:18 am
delays the marin county and traffic account the golden gate bridge for it. >>george: no delays at the toll plaza no delays the richmond on 580 westbound between the hoffman split and here at the toll plaza a quick look around the base of the drive times of the 16 minutes hercules to berkeley for 81 as spot-- westmount 19 minutes to the current drive times to the altamont pass and the dublin to change. >>george: melon and delays >> reporter: to ministers are recovering after a gunman ambushed them right outside of the church this happened in the grant him a little san diego office you metal sitting in a car answers parking lot was somewhat brought out to
8:19 am
start firing into the car. i heard a bunch of bangs but did not know what it was the first thing you think is gunshots if i did not know. >> reporter: the gunman fired four rounds into the window of the car a bullet grazed one pastor says and what the tutors are the other minister was not hurt the investigators found a guy in there by the there are still looking to the shelter and for a motive. >>mark: another former stasi star isn't trouble with the law thus the diamond is accused of stabbing the man on christmas day he was a little gel after posting bond and told police the seven people or harassing him as your friend that do show the his girlfriend has been thrust in the face he pulled a knife to defend her am. paris as this process has to take place and he is ok with
8:20 am
that he is not happy he missed the packers game yesterday but other than that we're letting the court do its thing. >>mark: he has released from hospital. >> reporter: before brazil yesterday's two suspects are in custody after still and a newspaper delivery van and leading police on a wild chase for several hours is started and san francisco continue down the peninsula and in the east bay police said is that the cisco chronicle delivery van was still at 342 in the morning of delivering papers in san francisco castro district every such as five hours later in the bay view and then the test began. down 11 across the san mateo bridge them of aiding then invested through the streets of san leandro. the suspect was going on and off the road making wild turns. if >> reporter: the suspect was
8:21 am
seen driving on the wrong side of the road toward all traffic and slamming through a fence. police said he also drove at officers at some point the suspect vehicle did try to ram the officers as worked at the officers eventually the driver track of the passenger in downtown san leandro but after crashing the bicycle into a garbage can the passenger was captured. the driver drove into a cul-de-sac and tried to escape by running through the backyard of neighbors but police were not far behind. the suspects of the face-to-face with several offenses he navigated some initial frustration what others eventually he made it down to the creek and the ballpark but by that time police had encircled the area and the suspect was taken into custody about 1015 in the morning in addition to vehicle theft
8:22 am
and bribery of the capital violations police said the suspect also be facing a to a saw with a deadly weapon on a police officer. >>mark: still ahead on world war two veteran running from coast to coast for a good call will tell you why coming up 7
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8:24 am
8:25 am
>> reporter: a 91 year old veteran from chico is on a big mission he wants a piece of war were to history to hit back to where--help some when the war. >>mark: he is running across the nation to raise money and raise awareness. he started at the jury in san diego >> reporter: 75th memorial service. and now we're retired as nursing that no one in the and people are being educated about it where was to raise a concern.
8:26 am
>> reporter: they should know we do not want to forget those things in those stocks is in support of the family. we're all very proud of him. i have to amend that i am the warrior of the family so i worry about a lot of their travel by himself. since time he runs he tries to pick between three to 10 mi. a day i run every week except christmas week three days a week even though his own christmas vacation is still taking the time to list of issues and go on a run to keep in shape. >>mark: he started his run in october of 2013 so far his run is taking him as far of new mexico its plans to get back on a trial this week had headed section by section of his go toward georgia. >> reporter: if you're
8:27 am
looking to jump start your work day on bart it may not be so easy to answer those early morning e-mail's will explain why plus the 49 is as coach jim harbour will be introduced at the new code for michigan and less than our will have the latest details how fans feel.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>>mark: less is more on the
8:30 am
fourth half from robin. if >> reporter: that's how the year is going to end and begin we have high wind advisory will be in france from noon today at 7:00 this morning is it was the amount our guest of the 60 that made you may see a lot of debris on the road from down trees and power lines and some hazardous driving conditions of the advisory for the bay bridge and the 3:00 hour to keep in mind. >> reporter: total on to that steering wheel as you work the way across the span will lead to know if any of the advisories come up. we have this cold front that is moving through and is dry and not having any moisture but temperatures will be down it will be so when the in this afternoon highs low and mid 50s today that is about an the same for san mateo 50 out of the more
8:31 am
you're 64 vallejo a 65 and apple, dress properly bundled up you may want to put some extra blankets on that bed tonight it will be cold tonight into tomorrow morning. >> reporter: talk about the days ahead and which can expect for the new year. >> reporter: 14 coverage for the cold temperatures in the bay area we are talking about when all across the bay area if you have a wind advisory kron 4 and jackie is life with more >> jackie sissel: the winds are picking about here looking back toward san francisco and i have the islands of protecting a little bit of all the eucalyptus tree out here are really starting to just decide the issue that when adviser on the bay bridge as robin was just talking about and 3:00 our youth the sea traffic moving across the bridge you're really getting blown around out
8:32 am
there and the temperatures are very cold we spent the sea to to come over the next couple of days gone to freezing levels tomorrow and on new year's day i can tell you that coming into a lot to say it was already in the 30's so obviously this kid i scare out of the windshield or wednesday freezing over. pfft >> reporter: that is a live report >>george: it cannot be better when i track any hot spots or much of anything in a way of slow traffic this morning we did have some delays on the nimitz freeway in of my rope and even they have cleared of this a quick look at the bridges with a major allies are active for less than an hour this morning and have not been needed for quite a while. why is it traffic on all of the approaches here as well as the the midway tram for highway 92 to had --san mateo bridge >>george: if you're having to enter marin county to
8:33 am
take a look at the golden gate bridge you find no delays here or even to marin county are 101 southbound the drive times still around 25 and 27 minutes from navato down to the golden gate bridge. >>mark: happening today jim harbaugh will be introduced at the new head coach at the university of michigan a major chance to the former foreign and is close to the expected to have his old team in the playoffs is a it was a disappointing 8 and 8. they say it it was just time to move on. is not saying jim you're fired are you're not here this month in a more or him same his novel to be here it was a discussion that took place over a decent amount of time to figure out what was best for everyone involved there's always still differences there's always is in every organization.
8:34 am
now it's time to move on will not able to pull it together. >>mark: the contract is a six year $48 million contract election the highest-paid coach in the n.c.a.a. football and some coaches in the nfl. how the san still about the bay colt changing >> reporter: sunday's game against arizona cardinals mark and other jim hart our era for the 49 years some fans are not happy about it is not really benefiting anyone to keep changing head coaches. >> reporter: others think it was a time for change in coaches for years he won all four years for the most
8:35 am
hard he gets them there to the nfc title game honestly it's time to move on that should never traded at locksmith. but that was also the decision that is why you have to move on a movie on is what he appears to be doing him a spot at the detroit airport monday evening before fancier said is getting back to the dynasty that had set is one to be a real 09 dynasty come back it will be about five years and i guarantee this the niners will make history we hope is right. >>mark: genie has built the ninth the past two seasons before that he was head
8:36 am
coach for new york jets and the cleveland browns 33 wins and 47 losses. >> reporter: if you're ride on bart station there are no longer be wireless connection on bart station at least for now they terminated its license agreement with wireless inc. yesterday. it was offered on a free trial basis. there are looking into several new options for wireless connections. the rain storms restore earlier this month are creating problems for crews building the sonoma and marin area rail transit and commuter train friday addis start trying.. our crew door and village and its major everything is said and done right the first time a ready for revenue service. it was a significant amount of rain for sure. we want to make
8:37 am
sure we are prepared for in the future. >> reporter: have to adjust the schedule because of the storm but the contract is not delayed if >>mark: coming up to pull is apologizing for one of the employees to the new york city police officer take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge a beautiful looking morning it is windy and cold. at hpenshen men e ve b for day th o sma cat. mirrs. everydayhey sh wh do bety b but caonlyeel at'shapping. onhe senthay betifuskins realed do is ffert. with o quaer msturingcrea it helpskin el me fi anelasc. really wanto fl e dieren? takehe de 7 y te.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>mark: the mayor cited as i please process to a new leader accused of having blood on his hands after two police officers were murdered in wake of the demonstration your city police officers or turn their backs to the mayor at the funeral for one of those fallen officers. and players from the man is still high school basketball team will be allowed to wear t-shirts reading i can breathe during the warmups the players reprieve was little they cannot play in the tournament if it were the shirts and attorney for one of the players said the unifies would disagree yes set to lift the ban they came as a lawyer preferred in a federal court motion
8:41 am
violate first amended right. >>mark: this at once to avoid the cost of the law. >> reporter: they made the hands of no suggestion to set was released yesterday employees action appeared to be spontaneous and have that one of their brooklyn restaurant nine please officers entered they said the officers were not receive service but chose to leave out in cowboy the adjustor what is a crusade of reactions have been taken toward the crew member. do the storm system will win through picking up the wins rain on the temperatures are you prepared for the chilly conditions of the next two to four hours i latino to expect after the break.
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ iyou nt it ♪
8:44 am
♪ gout d geit ♪ >>mark: called him to have the potential to the hurt california's farms have more on farming from the racing come across before the mercury drops the freezing level. it would pass to frost damage this is already brown for 61 to 7 run plans advantage nursery and committed doing things have infested planet.. large are
8:45 am
to be at risk losing crops if it is too cold for two long and may stay below freezing for a to 10 hours than you ever problem you're probably here to get really bad you hear about of the dollar or the damage at a to metals whenever they run out there called the plan to attack helicopters come out yet air circulation that helps too. >> reporter: it is a very special material to the tech the plan from frost their province of things in your home to you to protect the plants in your garden into untenable plastic also areas of agriculture.. they're very cautious recall
8:46 am
the weather in 2737 in the morning they're protecting all the beautiful mines and plants is the best thing you could do with outdoor plaza bring them inside and make them house plants as they start to heat up. >> reporter: on a to the morning is want to be cold and breezy all day today they're heading out to lead to the to and the 30's and 40's make sure you grant that coke and a scarf and a sweater and be prepared after hitting into the sierra to get some fresh snow to the system and a blow to the east of us will not grant any rheinhessen not happen a lot of russia to the impact it will be the strong winds and to the conditions around the bay area the sec a look at when speeds right now is not to matter little breezy out there and fairfield a little windy in half moon bay if it is was a hell was his one is
8:47 am
what he rotogravure out there. >> reporter: the dutch oven and the winds as it continued to the afternoon of the peninsula and the east in the south bay getting into some action into for moscow hour in december sale 80 in san jose and is the up and down block the afternoon i went advisory to into the bay bridge and 3:00 hour this morning to to to keep in mind, and them by wednesday morning those winds will start to subside when i was the billing with this for wednesday afternoon, into tomorrow even and then the winds will start to subside hear the seven men on the four have with the breezy conditions tied will not be that one today you're talking a and the low to mid '50's for your high this afternoon. >> reporter: that's when for to market heading out for new year's eve is want to be downright cold blows up into the 20's and 30's
8:48 am
the first in the new year temperatures will not have lots of sunshine and a laudable one a chance at a look at is it will get a little bit better each day are into the weekend who who clear saturday into sunday for a new year will be slightly warmer that's the look at whether perry >>george: we are still monitoring of very light ride around the bay we're not tracking any hot spots and one new hanson and i will point that out to you in a moment it will cost little time on the nimitz freeway here was the ride at the bay bridge out and this could not be any better no back of snow delays no metering lights and we are problem freeing and into the free across and and on highway 92 of the commit for the san mateo bridge berrylike traffic in both directions when not even see in the crowding in the lines of 92 westbound in the east and west bound traffic flows and the golden gate bridge the bride is the
8:49 am
very light south down and all found no problems on the presidio parkway in getting into law ran the of the richmond bridge an easy proposition here would know that the house on 580 westmount interesting and the one as a them to point out to you is a brief delay of the nimitz freeway southbound as we get down to the corridor tracks all from the coal role for the dumbarton bridge. >>george: it was an accident on the shoulder. >> reporter: public transportation on this eve can be a headache for some folks if it manages not the most in need for and won some people will be taken private ride shares services despite the extra cost to have been known to do sirs' pricing or when arise aren't hired a man is not clear how much it was charged it depends on the man sidecar option and less expensive they have not said there were raised the prices they're saying they will not be doing concerts pricing
8:50 am
and said there are french a fee of $10 per ride until 3:00 a.m. new year's day consent francisco allies are putting the final touches to the big new year's eve celebration at times square on the 12,000 lb. ball have been spruced up paulus and tested to insure everything is ready for the big lead to more. >> reporter: and took out at the sea lies more than 2500 panels made by water for crystallite the melody like a friendly chancellors. out in a 16 million different combinations if the patterns are not programs on no one knows for sure recall will look like when actually brought your stayed home for nine years if you will to do when a freezing temperatures fatal to kron 4 from your home you can watch the fireworks on new year's eve live shell hit pitching gary kaplan and our own georgia last all-star to
8:51 am
marmite at 11:30 p.m. on a year's eve
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>>mark: a live the gold medalist mr. frankel is a holiday break and cause a lot of visiting children's hospitals she said the kids help inspire to compete >> reporter: bay home is so fun to see as a limit at one around her feel right at home. it's always there and it's me smile that is my secret to another of the credit field athlete in for gold and brown i have been..
8:55 am
and all is the children really need a smile a distraction as an inspiration. missy's gift is not delivered to every hospital room radial my dog is a hundred and 20 lbs.. she is so inspiring her hot she inspires me she said there is never a question web issue come visit the kids here osseous own from college with a holiday break and the kids are so all some and i have so much fun and cannot imagine coming home and having a to see them in the case is not really time off sid and training in the pool and in a way room every day the hardest work out the 2 hours a day the two are in the cool and you know you'll want to get an unbelievably
8:56 am
hard there is no off-season i want to do something taken sparkly for christmas but this is an is it not be complete without giving >> reporter: should always the one who receives the most when i for sure tired i think about the amazing kids and they're doing everyday i i have a single reason not. >>mark: 90 to the coming in about there is a flight the debris was found in the sea will have the latest. . the lead advisor on the ridge will sit there when the conditions in the hills and very cold image is morning. .
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>mark: and that you for joining us >> reporter: it is chilly out there and is also lending dignity when speaking of him look at the forecast >> reporter: it is pretty out there and quite chilly. >> reporter: on aid to greece is santa rosa we can expect the this afternoon we do have the cold front that
9:00 am
is pushing to the bay area still levels of our resolve to put the 500 ft. so far no snow sunny for the afternoon but it is still chilly outside. . so when it arise and will be in place today unsealed tomorrow the extended forecast includes a little bit of a warm-up to when i come back will talk about new year's eve who can expect the new year and a high for this afternoon. >>george: we attacking innocent in my riding on the bay area is a holiday like conditions for this new year holiday week and for the bay bridge we did see me realize activated this morning with their offer less than one hour tech to live here at the west about why you see why there no middle allies there is no traffic to require them and the ninth to arrive for the san mateo
9:01 am
bridge which in the six and 7:00 hour was all but then some never got back the fortaleza right now is a 11 minute drive times and if you're heading for the golden gate bridge you'll be delighted with the conditions here know that a to know the last week to buy the southbound or northbound. >>mark: one person dead and the other one in the hospital a double shooting happened last night at the university avenue >>will tran: they're removing the victim's car for the analysis when the shooting took place at 945 last night on a 90 on the block of san pablo ave to people involved a man and woman the man died at the scene the woman was west highland hospital as a survive for injuries there was a business of our shoe business that was open at the time they're not sure of the shooting are connected in any way to the business.
9:02 am
whether or not their customers and if it would target shooting the victims' names are not being released at this time the hope of witnesses and will serve as cameras in this parking lot could lead them to the suspect or suspects. >> reporter: the end of arab and 49 is in the beginning of one for the machine will ring them are on track to this house a turnaround program ounce this alliance and our mission with the announcement did once bitten political edge. before we began eye to recognize a few individuals that are here today if first there are members and the border region's executive offers figure for coming members of the guys we want missy and coaches from writing for a former football coach gary muller and harry hamlin and all of the many former and current football players are with us today thank you at this time
9:03 am
have i like to introduce the into the river still missing are the former to the edge of the 24 locals and a michigan school history. jim harbaugh-everyone is here thank you for that is great to be with all the today i want to welcome all of the people here who have come from all over the place to report this important news are like to single out some people here and i quite special and they made a special effort to join us you heard we have former coaches from michigan and lloyd carr their mall and jerry hammond the machine faithful already stopped to stick their hands and thank them for all they have done over the years for this great university. let me do
9:04 am
that as well as the and so closely held me in thinking through the coaching transition all the gentlemen with a simple phone call we had them here who made a huge effort the holiday break in snowstorms and denver to join in the suburbs to that thank you. we also have today michigan region cathy white perry dyson and and richard all of whom have been so helpful in the process that we constructed that resulted in this recall. jim harbaugh-limits that are present allegis alive less than six months ago this summer he was terrific to me in council that person to brainstorm with the 14 lead at the touch some of what
9:05 am
the university seeks his destiny of being leaders invest in academics and athletics. and finally i invited members of my team to a home have not themselves out to start this project the image of bp and saw three of them you hear my solicit for the head coach is also know that i broke one of the car rolls and negotiation i fell in love with the guy from the other side and his name is don vinson and he played in another part to bring in the courtroom. jim harbaugh-sides of the preamble could one to get all of this are the program is really what it's about the ming and machinery recognize the same press on december 3rd i ask to be patient with me as we
9:06 am
started the search and we pledge to you a delivered nation of the work and we discussed our broad and we will search for this coach we did that if we went through a decade that will point of view today many fans alumni past players into the time to give me input i even talk to our current team twice about this decision says is that our philosophy apple so to them are very pleased and proud to announce the 20 of his football coach and a difference in michigan jim harbaugh. the rotunda and the famine is sarah she is here with their children: denver them all down and is kennedy are here will to all the and a special welcome to jack and jackie harbaugh jack was a
9:07 am
coach here in michigan for a number of years and his wife jackie terrible incredible assets to our mission and family and their building was safe to be an exceptional leaders and athletic. jack was a close ally played here and as i told him he never had a bad day he was as a positive influence and i am glad he's back on our program i mentioned that talk a lot to people in one particularly famous pro coach would then broadcast for many years told me this year and i did get a great coach you get the best coach in football again college or pro and jim harbaugh their large great coaches out there his brother was one when a minimum on are less will you adds, any of these cultures
9:08 am
one at all levels college and pro is hard to find someone to compare with a mile bragging because he excelled in all levels this guy is just like them try to go on about him he won 49 games in four years with the sentences will for the niners this amazing and considering that he has really shop compared is an elite including an he faced a lot of competition in the pros sure was a candidate for it is for jobs and open yesterday and yet he chose to come home machine and jim will make the same salary he was stated the niners did assign the seven year deal in the year from now our review the football program for rest in the university
9:09 am
would determine inappropriate deferred compensation arrangement which act as a into account market conditions at the time and as another lot up to it is out of a talent like this i do not plan on talking more about paid until the at peace with the fact that we have a win-win deal who thought about a way to signal jim coming home and i looked around campus and realized it amazes everywhere to that wang amaze watched and i give to these to the family and friends as a reminder of the very special event for guy came home. please join me in welcoming them to his first press conference at the jay ireland and he harassed family head coach of the university of michigan jim harbaugh.
9:10 am
jim harbaugh-thank you very much diapause as my voice that them get rid of the mail on sunday after alvaro and and i lost my vocal cords a little bit tile knows all the trip on the way in area is all had said all that. they're very special words that in the english language that we all concurrence this family befriends the teammates is victory out was reminded of another very special word
9:11 am
when i was driving into and are this morning and that word is homecoming our families had three all comics an average in in my lifetime the force was a 1973 when my dad was hired to coach the secondary and the u.s. commission and we came in in march early march we had nowhere to live i he said harland will lead to his department was in the basement of the golf course is one heck of a deal with the there was a blizzard that head and our room at that time the city was shut down and everything will shutdown will my brother and i had a run of the golf course there was is baseman
9:12 am
baseball batting cages for three weeks that it was having on their frith since in 1982 i was referred to in an instant athlete to play if for legendary code year hemmer my first thing i love tennis player the first team meeting close to math and somehow never best single down my entire career now to the 14 to come back to the football coach to have to tell you that i thought but that and about that since the time was young lad 1912.
9:13 am
jim hart are--jim harbaugh --i have no other word to describe how feels it in a server and the university of michigan at a football coach she is holding young jack harbaugh did and that his grandfather i call my jet quarterback his two years old this at our barn 06 years old son jimmy hard rudder to get into graduate
9:14 am
from high school or to the king stood guard college in the fall his self katie are brought is for my mom and dad jack and jackie out star on non-aligned kennedy john phil brown's daughter i also want to think of very important people the border regions at the university of michigan old to think president cecil for the bank as leaded directed for having the confidence that shown in me to bring your the university of michigan also to thank brady and or hope my married friends and
9:15 am
outstanding service to the university of michigan they're on at the university of michigan football program and a place to have such a tremendous foundation to stand on. jim harbaugh-it was built by brady by gary maul my motion map for a tear him park men and women will serve in the university of michigan for over a century for more than a century have been playing football at the university of michigan of the former players their family is a flood of standing on this foundation that is so rock- solid a full-time stand on the shoulders of stall tall
9:16 am
man, i cannot think you enough the students to faxing the enthusiasm that you all shown to my family and i talked about and this can is excellent this about greatness and you have my pledge i will carry forward the tradition of excellence of the university of michigan football program thank you very much. >>mark: the big announcement winning the lottery so the speak as jim harbaugh new head coach and returning home after a storied career in the mid '80s as far was one of the greatest quarterbacks in university of michigan and
9:17 am
they all come for him and his family more on the kron 4 news we come back.
9:18 am
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>>mark: and released and to north korea is a bit high is roasting a mediocre movie all-time. for >> rob black: the reviews are not that critical and about 18 million the opening weekend that pull in more because i like things--apple ito will lead to a rented provided by streaming it. think about this had they released it 300 to 400 imported hundred + million dollars for one of the game was as polite of the city
9:23 am
began last month sunny is an awesome amount what is a their losers but they did miss the opportunity to have their place in that there's no movie has ever got that much publicity. >>mark: a thing as a little too soon to if you cannot have hundred million dollar pr a month in a mess on would have made it without a scandal cameraman and a really low gasoline prices in very low oil prices the only touching since marilyn other countries. >> rob black: that would follow the a lot of judges is interested will add low blow in four years it takes is a lot of the 2008 financial craft this is when the economy was struggling
9:24 am
with some of about $900 for families believe hundred billion dollars for all the economy was wrong in this case is too much supply and not another man the man was a year and have the back of the levels where it's needed supply will continue pumping right now the ground to crow about march because their head. it could go lower >>mark: this talk about the billion dollar they're excited about this public offering >> rob black: a lot of resources here what they are doing section at they're not in a lot of stuff is for his time and expansion at of the debt 1/6 glance/sentence a surprise and they do well in the middle east. will they do right is the millennial is what they do eat fast
9:25 am
food ride now call the ship might steer a buttery potato barn and this brief apology from the fivefold been announced and is the perception is if and that is doing this company so well the and the degree is like apple smoke bacon to recover relished. >>mark: alas ask him are prenups just the wealthy? >> rob black: the quest-- answer is not a lot with the not like doing that i could second into an affair during the divorce in their career for part that and or the finance the duties that were happening in the marriage you want to set this up the south of fort at the time for such a family we're bringing a can it to the relationship you to consider prenup discussion in
9:26 am
finance finances separate. prynne are not their words.
9:27 am
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and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income. to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. >> reporter: we're dealing with the coal from moving to the bay area to dry cold front will bring a fresh new snow into the sierra and our snow levels into the bay area drop down to 25 on your feet but so far we do not have any snow that impact will this system strong winds and cold temperatures are high wind advisory the tech is at noon and goes into noon tomorrow it was a lot of the bomb to the up for guy was a guest in this is as the into the
9:30 am
afternoon 60 mild our down trees and downed power lies afternoon will definitely those wins as we got off the bay area bridges the high when advisers are replaced tomorrow will be just as cold and them with the freeze was tomorrow and into thursday morning ring the pact to bring the plant since at and below-this afternoon low to mid 50's is not going to be very warm today it will feel even call this the other went to be so strong >> reporter: to force the central the three sentences of 52 for redwood city fifth in livermore and only 55 degrees and apple will be nice and sunny out there is a breezy and sunny will pretty cool. here's the seven they're on the bay extended forecast it will subside whatever to start thursday in the new year and it will start to warm up expect to see a gradual warming trend friday and
9:31 am
saturday saturday at the sun that is even better loss of sunshine is likely warmer temperatures take a look at those ties will be bouncing back into the '60s for the first week of the new year mild conditions on the way. >> reporter: we have team coverage on the cold temperatures in the wins in the bay area below and advise you for pretty much all of the bay starting to that going into tomorrow >> jackie sissel: and is telling everything to do what i thought was really cool it is an illustration of how talk is out there on the bay this morning on or near one island. were saw what the weather in the wind and cold temperatures because of that when the the bay bridge had it when advisory there are 3:00 this morning that chilly i went out there which led the
9:32 am
swiss to even increase and when a crees' we spent the sea its timber to decrease roberts talk about the low temperatures we spent the sea or early in over the next two days tomorrow night and years eve and new year's day we spent the sea temperatures all the way down into the low 30's at the left early this morning in the north of attempts is already in the third is we expect to see those jobs even i thought a live shot. >>mark: one of the cold spots and a lot of people of temperatures down near freezing and frost. >> reporter: on this tuesday is a chilly one here in the north may take a look at this car will give you a fine example of just how cold it was overnight the concede there is frost all over this car and that is not as light frost is pretty thick in is one to six of time to fall the size
9:33 am
hardcover and frost and is never the eye from loss of frost on rooftops as well as cross cover loans even as the man had a touch on the tech whatever to dampen down into the '30's and is expected to be that way for the rest of the wheat some residents are by putting sheets over their citrus fruits as a to see right here and there was this normally i see a lot of people out in about an early morning hours walking their dogs but not to than hardly a soul out here it could be because of the holiday week but in may because this is nice to stay inside to stay warm. >>george: a quick check of traffic as we are tracking a light and easy ride for this holiday week no hot spots in the back of fortaleza any of the bay area bridges this bay bridge ride has been recall more along it will minimize or activated in
9:34 am
the 6:00--and a 5:00 hour they were very quickly turned off in fact destroy the cycling time i remember they were activated at 549 and turned off at 640 there or not even on for an hour and for highway 92 to avoid any of the heavily congested traffic on the backs of the ride to drive times never got much above 12 to 13 minutes another only 11 and you're heading to the golden gate bridge you're going to have a very easy to tell whether your northbound into marin county or southbound coming from its will roberts to the late from navato or we down to the golden gate bridge. will take a quick break it will be right back. pfft
9:35 am
9:36 am
>>mark: if you plan on starting the work they will be a little harder there was no wireless connection at least temporarily the internet as license agreement wireless
9:37 am
collection was offered a for a tryout basis. they said they're looking into several new options the brain wireless connection back. >> reporter: the way some start earlier this month to are creating problems that is the commuter train presents and is called a smart time for truck crews are dealing with various saturated grounds following the storm our crews are working diligently to mature everything is said and done right the first time the will be ready for revenue service it was significant amount of land for sure right now we know what areas we need to focus on amoco we are prepared for in the future. cruz has to in just schedule because of the storms but this is the product is not delayed. >>mark: was traded to manchester the bay area today and how ended to a lab outside very light traffic chilly in windy out there on tuesday morning.
9:38 am
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>>george: as the tech a quick look at traffic here is in a great ride at the bay bridge no metering lights in the latest and just and a 11 minute drive time from the macarthur maze and to downtown san francisco. >>mark: to live with us this morning suspected of stealing a newspaper delivery van and leading police on a wild and long chase with todd chase live yesterday to restore in san francisco down the peninsula and in the east main. >> reporter: dissever cisco comical delivery van was stolen after fortitude in the morning or delivering papers and san francisco castro district every surface five hours later in the bay view in the chase began down 101 across the end of a 80 in seven states through the streets of san leandro the suspect was on on the road or throw the key while terms the suspect
9:42 am
also said driving the wrong side of the road to all come traffic is an offense police said he also drove the officers at some point the suspect vehicle did either of tried to ram the officers for. >> reporter: 8-office plaza in downtown san leandro after passing a bicycle and a guard and pass it was captured the challenge of the two cul-de-sac and tried to escape by running through the backyards of neighbors the police were not far behind the suspect found himself face-to-face with several offenses he navigated some initial frustration with others eventually he made it down to the creek and the ballpark by that time police had and circle the area and the suspect was taken into custody about 1015 in the morning in addition to
9:43 am
vehicle theft and variety of traffic violations police said the two suspects also be facing a to the saw with a deadly weapon on a police officer at this ever since all of justice. will have the weather forecast for the new year will to live with outside take a look at the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: more details coming up after the break
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>>mark: the war is out for burglars to just wanly and even though snow is expected the with the weather advisers follows biggest allies of the fireworks the compass the show will go on
9:47 am
without snow >> reporter: that our resolve down to 2 to 5 on the fee is fairly chilly out there so far no signs of it is no will keep an eye on hostly-will be and i say this time on the outside right now we're dealing with chilly temperatures there were some sunshine out their most it could conditions nice and sunny as it continued through the afternoon temps is a gusty winds and cold fronts went through and i guess rain the high set on top out in the mid '50s this is one is going to get if you also whether it will return will have a warming trend on the way that should the days ahead will get to that just a minute speech as for showing when does it want the 10:00 this morning we're just about their pledge to 28 m.p.h. and fairfield and that is meant for another day as it headed to the afternoon will it really brings it on the peninsula out the is that consumer
9:48 am
harahan just when the offer on brought the afternoon into tonight the ones who start to subside on wednesday if this is a little bit, and when it arise in his starts today is supposed to end at noon tomorrow we would definitely keep an eye on the timing of that >> reporter: here is a look at images around the bay area most in the '50s loss of sunshine and breezy conditions 56 for oakland december sale 53 for santa rosa and 54 for san jose. make sure you dress in layers of the code on the nascar and had a definite what's needed today here is the seventh ever on the bay if the forecast tomorrow is not going to be as when the it goes overnight and dropping into the '30's may be even some of both parties. bill will part
9:49 am
cloud conditions in warmer conditions as we headed to the weekend whether you're in this morning. >>george: whatever on the bay area the bay bridge has been so there aren't zero delays or problems for the westbound ride from the east a sort san francisco and from the east bay toward senate sale of the 92 rich camille is also a good one with no delays in either direction and the golden gate bridge and lastly a
9:50 am
look at the ride to the research center fell bridge and was about camille no delays at the toll plaza to back of the ride and to stay 580 westbound >> reporter: 3 buyers have been retrieved not 41 headed affected to people on board they're on board that flight and the flight was such a from one of today's the by the sun about a hundred miles and six small planes last no ordinance as to what happened to admission to this date, says the same pilot don't paint a very
9:51 am
good picture aviate navigate communicate in that order nobody outside the plans went to help you >>mark: the small plane came crashing down in the front yard a witness said the plane was flying low and their racket when straight down into the ground crashing and bursting into flames. the aircraft went down the front yard of a couple dozen homes became very close to hitting structures. emergency crews said the pilot was the only person on board and did not survive the crash
9:52 am
>> reporter: jim harbaugh is not a head coach at the university of michigan that mark the end of the gem are rock era of the forty- niners this is some fans are not happy about it is not really benefiting anyone the change had coach all the time. a listing it was time for a change in coaching four years he won all four years for most are at a guest in their the nfc title game. this special organization. those also are barred decision you have to mow on its woodcarver
9:53 am
appears to be doing it was bought at the mitre airport monday evening before fancier the concern is where he is going or who will be the next coach. >> reporter: getting back to the dynasty had is one to be a real ninus dynasty come back is one to be about five years i guarantee the niners will make history. we carry the harbor and deduction life on our air this morning if you listed watching in a society of kron 4 >>mark: public transportation on new year's eve is what to be tough some people are opting to take public ride shares despite the extra cost. is not clear how much it will charge on new year's eve-year a lift and sidecar option part of left the expense of with the have not said if there raise their prices. they're not
9:54 am
surging their prices and said they're offering of flat fee of $10 per ride until 3:00 in the morning and san francisco. if you're staying home for new year's eve we have new year's life here all kron 4 and featuring gary catherine and george is start marmite at 1130 will be right back
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>> reporter: level when it arise if a today tomorrow it will jumping into the 30's is the sea and land. >> reporter: river chilly conditions >>mark: will be a new year's morning will be back alive tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. do not forget the stick connected with the
9:58 am
mobile application kron 4 tom facebook into the pages have a good day.
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