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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 30, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it hit some went blonde debris on the tracks. no passengers were hurt in either direction or incident. >> catherine: ferry service also be affected. south san francisco ferry service to the east bay has been cancelled for the night. a bus shuttle has business set up in its place because of the high winds of the bay. >> catherine: at s f all travelers can expect delays of up to 90 minutes because of the windy conditions. s-f-o has a delay program in effect until 10 tonight. >> catherine: i'm catherine heenan here with chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett. >> catherine: who is tracking the latest on this extremely windy weather. >> jacqueline: oakland, 53 right now but it feels like it is 47. when are at 20 mi. per hour and does that one critic 53 but it feels like
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it is 48. when our 14 hour mile per hour here. even though it feels like we are in the '50s it feels like we are at a lot colder. and it will remain that way. >> jacqueline: half moon bay with 22 mi. per hour sustained winds. same thing in redwood city and oakland with 30 mi. per hour went in vallejo and fairfield. those are very strong sustained winds with gusts even stronger than that. power lines may come down out there. it will stay cold and temperatures will drop to freezing. when you factor the wind in it will still like it is in the twenties tonight. clear skies and gusty winds cut plus temperatures in the 30's. practically, bay area wide. it looks like it is five degrees cooler because of
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the wind. >> jacqueline: tomorrow afternoon, another chilly day. with temperatures in the '50s but when it would die down some leaving it with the cold temperatures of new year's day very very cold in the morning creek we are talking about twenties and thirties. a little warmer in the afternoon. we will have more information coming up! >> catherine: pg&e says it has 15=hundred people working at repairing downed power lines, and they have been able to restore power to more than half of the 116=thousand customers who lost service today. >> catherine: 50=thousand homes and businesses are facing a dark night right now. about half in the south bay and 15=thousand in the east bay. >> catherine: just under 1o=thousand customers are still out in the north bay. but san francisco. hit hard in the last big outage. has no outages. >> catherine: the wind knocking down trees has been
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a big problem >> catherine: this picture is from north snap but it is a redwood crashing down on the home doing major damage. --in napa. >> catherine: the high wind cause damage throughout the bay area today including the east bay and continuing our team coverage is scott rates where fallen trees and power lines are causing trouble on the road. >> reporter: this is a really hard hit area with the when we are receiving here. it is very sustained. let me step out of the way and let me show you. you can see cruised out here working to remove trees.
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>> reporter: i am not sure why this driver is driving down the road it is supposed to be closed. they're trying to clear the roadway to clear the east numerous of trees that had come down. you see what a mess it has been. all the power lines as well. we are talking about a mile have a stretch that has been shut down. just lit in half. split >> reporter: it has not let up. in shows you how bad is out here. this is what it looks like with a power pole split in half very scary sight with power lines down on a few cars right there. no one inside those cars thankfully want the power
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lines came down. however, is a big mess in that area and several people are out are without power. pg and heat are out and try to repair. >> reporter: they tell me that this section of concord avenue will be shut down for at least the next hour as they continue to clean up out here. so, there is still a lot of work to be done. >> catherine: are looking at these incredibly messy scenes and surprising that we are now hearing about injuries. >> reporter: yes when you see the lines down on cars like that such a scary sight. before pg at key word even out here they weren't sure if the power lines were alive or not? they are seen that everywhere. so
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obviously, if you do see a power line that is down please stay away from it. pge are out here busy trying to repair the lines. >> catherine: and don't forget. you can get weather alerts, forecasts, check radar, and >> we do understand that people have been delayed but everyone are safe. the good news is that the only out is that we have right now is between south hayward and hayward stations. we have resumed services and his bart and the concord everett area. so those are all three positive elements. >> catherine: are looking at the photos of cruelest out there which is looking like
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they are picking up tree trunks and branches. >> reporter: >> that was the power supply. i think pg and he does a great job making sure that their systems are robust. it is a real thing that has caught everyone by surprise is the number of downed trees. >> catherine: any estimate of when that big tree that you are talking about will be cleared away? >> is a pretty heavy undertaking because of the size of the tree and because we had so many cruel scrambling to go everywhere due to the weather. my advice is to be patient and build extra time into their travels and stay safe.
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>> catherine: that is jim with bart. they do very much for the update. >> catherine: still ahead a surfer is still lucky to be alive after a great white shark attack. >> catherine: ahead at 515 he tells us what happened. >> catherine: also the latest on the conditions in the sierra coming up at 530. and next was scientists now think might have caught the ball and the epidemic that killed thousands.
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>> catherine: the ebola epidemic that has killed thousands of people west africa may have started with infected that spirit researchers trace the origin of the public to a village in guinea. >> catherine: the first infection was a two year-old boy who live near a tree
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populated by a large colony of that. cystic could not find any trace of the disease to other local wildlife the scientists say is most likely that the bad first respite the disease to humans.
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>> catherine: taxi cab companies that have seen their business siphoned off by ride share companies like uber and lyft are fighting back over new years eve when those other companies are likely to have a surge in price >> catherine:the mobile ap, flywheel taxi cabs on your smart phone, is offering a 10-dollar flat rate as long as the meantime luxor cab is once again offering free rides within san francisco for fares valued at up to 35-dollars, as long as you are going home, and not to another bar or restaurant. that must be booked directly through the company. either way cab companies say it will be a big money saver
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>>rathbone/luxor cab: the price difference will be huge between an uber that will be on surge pricing or a lift that is charging up to 5 times their regular prices, taxi's will not charge multiples but will charge less , either ten dollars through the flywheel ap or free if you call our dispatch center and place an order through our call center. >> catherine:taxi competitors uber and lyft have made it clear when demand is high, like on new year's eve, so are their prices, sometimes going up 2, 3 and 4 times the normal rate. the companies stand by this surge pricing saying passengers will know about higher rates before booking the ride. >> catherine:if you're staying home for tuned to kron four. join me. gary radnich and george rask - to watch the fireworks on our new year's eve live show. >> catherine:it starts at 11:30 on new year's eve.
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>> jacqueline: it has been very cold out there and also very windy. with cold temperatures in the low 50s practically bay area wide and already dropping to 47 in daly city in fairfield creek check out the winds. very strong right now! dust and the '40's. --gust. generally in the 30's and 40's. the sole temperatures like that with the colts their selling in if feels a lot colder than what it is. we are in the '50s but it feels like we are in 45 in san francisco at 41 in oakland. it felt like this 44 degrees in santa rosa.
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the when the fis rate remains in effect until noon tomorrow. gust up to 50. >> jacqueline: of course this causes dangerous driving with falling trees and power lines. they are not quite as strong as they have been earlier in the date they will die down overnight but at 10:00 we will see plenty of winds and a 20 mi. per hour range. as we head into the 1:00 hour again, the same thing. >> jacqueline: i believe we will see some spots with 30 mi. per hour spots. we will talk more about that and temperatures going down and the next couple of days we will have more about that coming up!
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>> catherine: we saw this earlier in fact we are looking live now with the highway shutting down in both directions because of downed power lines. the power lines were blocking all lanes and this is the scene being played at in certain areas. pge have crews all over the place. in this case a tree came down and took out a power line and hit a car. the westbound lane had reopened the but the east bay still remains closed. we are still cleaning up the road. >> catherine: in mill valley and on and off ramp is still closed. a tree brought down power lines. that continues to be a problem according to the c h p. a downed tree was reported blocking the off ramp on southbound 101 and
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that continues to be a problem. i-238 and 880 and san leandro. again we are hearing a lot of these today. the down trees because of the high wind. >> catherine: the c h p is try to get worked out but the problems are starting to multiplied. "everything just - you know that point. it went from i am lucky to be alive. there is no doubt about that. with your friends to you it was a mole that it was a moment kevin swanson says he
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will never forget. he was of surfing with his buddy on sunday morning. the waves were smooth creek the surf he says was fund. that is until a gray shark attacked him. between eight to ten feet everything just- you know-change dramatically at that point. it went from serene, beautiful day with your friends to you know, violent. him under water. the sharply to between eight to 10 ft. gnawed at his head and pulled him under water. "it took me down. five ten it took me down. five, 10 ft. or something i'm guessing how what i was down there for. guessing how long i was downswanson was in surgery for
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>> reporter: about two hours. he says the laceration to his right leg was about the size of a pie-tin. >>"it looked like something that would never be able to be put back again." >> reporter:before swanson was flown to sierra vista regional medical center, two doctors who happened to be on the beach at the time he was attacked.came to his rescue. >>"i mean, i may have gone into shock. i mean who knows what might would've happened if they weren't there." >> reporter:now he's home recovering with his family. >> reporter: be able to tell his story.of how he came face to face with a shark.***and survived***
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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>> catherine: dozens of military divers will join the search for debris in the bottom and the bodies of victims. before the rough weather all rise. because of the crash is still unknown. >> reporter: pieces of lives lost are slowly being brought off shore. >> reporter: >> he is a good husband and my eyes and a faithful, and a great husband. he is a great husband for me. seven >> reporter: bodies found
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already in the java sea. there has been no signs of survivors. family members cried as something to it as they learned of the discovery. >> i apologize profusely for what they are going through i have to take responsibility. that is what i am here creek i am not right away from that obligation. >> reporter: the data recorder, and black boxes. >> every investigation is different. this has the floatable black boxes and the marches location transmitters. >> reporter: i am stacy reporting >> catherine: a major cyber- security firm is disputing the u=s government's claim that north korea was behind the huge hack attack on sony pictures.
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>> catherine: the st. louis based "norse" corporation says information it's collected points to a disgruntled former employee. >> catherine: norse says the person responsible for leaking thousands of emails and confidential files had worked for sony for ten years and was laid off last may. >> catherine: other people were also linked to the cyber-attack, none of them north korean. norse turned over its information to the fbi yesterday, but apparently the bureau didn't buy it. >>"the united states government has concluded that the north korean government is responsible for this attack. and we -- we stand by that conclusion." >> reporter:cnn says its sources in the fbi say its conclusion is based on its own assessment. >> reporter:also u-s intelligence - homeland security foreign partners and the private sector. >> reporter: >> catherine:they say the agency didn't share any of its information with norse because of the "sensitivity of sources and techniques."
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>> catherine: coming up we are keeping an eye on the temperatures as the numbers dropped print that is not snow! will have details of what happened.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: power lines are down and vallejo. traffic came to a complete halt it was blocking all lanes. the crews have been out trying to fix the problem. joining us on the phone, daniel. >> catherine: kind of progress are they making daniel? >> reporter: i starting to make a little bit of progress. there are trying to tackle the problem with the tree in the number to lange. and vallejo. it will still be a wild. --awhile. >> reporter: eastbound is
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still a bad situation because of that tree right there and crew members are trying to take a chainsaw to get it out of the way and open up a second late and get things going again. they are adding additional accruals to this project. to get it taken care of, catherine. >> catherine: is to clarify east found is moving but that is just one lane so it is moving slowly, i guess? >> reporter: the tree is completely over lane number two. it will be awhile. it's hard to make it out from here because it is starting to get darker. >> catherine: we will not even guess on when they will -- you have any inkling? >> reporter: i do not have any information because i am not in the best place to
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receive information from cruise but i believe that it will be awhile. this is going to take a while but if you do not have to come to this area please do not. >> reporter: getting here for me, personally was a quite an adventure. quite the task. it will be awhile so choose a different route printe >> catherine: does look like it will be a minute. and killed--and killed thank you, daniel >> jacqueline: those lands are not going to come down some. take a look. you could
5:34 pm
see how the camera was shaking with 20 and 30 mi. sustained when sprit of those are obviously a little bit less than what we see print best greetings art and the 30's and 40's creek even if he's out there. it is when the all round and temperatures are very much on the chilly side. sachs when you factor in the winds if stills even colder than that. the plant is expected to stay very dusty until tomorrow. --the temperatures is expected to stay cold.
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and the wind gusty >> jacqueline: best mainly up to 45. it was 65 mi. per hour. >> jacqueline: it will make it very dangerous to drive up there and in world remain cold. >> catherine: we have been talking about the frosty conditions high wind and chilly temperatures. it is quite a day in the day. --in the bay >> reporter: >> reporter: are you freezing? >> absolutely freezing. is a
5:36 pm
cold day. >> reporter: you have a leather jacket on >> i feel, like a muppet because i complain about the weather. i lifted california and i am used to it. --like a wimp. >> reporter:pge crews were out tackling one incident after another. >> we have crews throughout the north bay. most >> reporter: will be on standby to rest to other jobs as high when it is expected to last for a while. --high wind is e
5:37 pm
xpected to last. >> things are starting to look better this evening than earlier. >> with that being st caltran did a great job. when >> catherine: we are looking at i 880 and castle peak parent to look like traffic is moving very well creek >> sound card deck but like i said caltran did a phenomenal job on the rolls last night and we have things rolling. >> catherine: any changes? or does people need to know anything? >> glenn up towards kirkwood there's the challenge is accurate and that includes the sierra county that has been dumped as well.
5:38 pm
>> catherine: figures moving just great so no wonder you sound upbeat. >> if everyone my third piece into a sprint especially in conditions like these separate things will work out creek >> catherine: stay with us we have more news and (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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>> catherine: went it rains
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it pours. the varied and sulk when the wall of the morton factory gave way. no one was injured. and is now being checked for structural safety. >> jacqueline: gusts are stronger than that and trees and power lines are coming down. the wind is making it feel very cold current and will let you know we will receive relief from the cold. coming up!
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>> call the police. >> reporter: one can clearly see and hear a man identified himself. as the police officer. also being called to the police or to the person shooting the video to call 911. >> he did identify himself on numerous occasions as well as to the upper for. --as well as to the
5:47 pm
videographer. >> reporter: giving up on the arrest to get back in the car and drive away. >> the officer was well within his rights to go ahead with the pulp the rest. >> reporter: the dea office will issue to rest loren spurred for assaulting a police officer with hit and run at resisting arrest. both limit remain at large print rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: it is cold and windy and it will stay that way for the next couple of days. strong wind right now and it kills a lot cooler colder than that. with a wind gust up to 50 mi. per hour right now. if
5:48 pm
53 but it fills what it is 45 accurate in oakland is 50 but it feels like it is 41 degrees. down in san jose is 51. it feels like it is 45. when augustus 31 mi. per hour. it feels like it is in the '40's. and vallejo. and half moon bay 339 degrees in hayward and redwood city. >> jacqueline: the wind gust has been taking down trees and power lines. the sea curls are still working to remove this mostar tree as the when to get down earlier today creek >> catherine: >> jacqueline: it was the cold tonight and wednesday. tomorrow morning we will wake up to near freezing temperatures in some spots.
5:49 pm
it will decrease in to the afternoon creek new year's day with, i went and cooler air in place it will be very, very cold out there. freezing. >> jacqueline: sustained winds up to 30 mi. per hour. what was the cost at 45 mi. per hour still ticking down trees and power lines. it will make the temperatures still colder than what they are actually are. you will see a lot of 30 degree temperatures factoring and the when it will collect it is 20 in some places strict 37 in oakland and 26 is what it will still like. 42 and san francisco but it will still like it is 33 tomorrow, still on the cooler side as the wind will decrease in might feel actually a little warmer although, it will not be. >> jacqueline: temperatures
5:50 pm
will drop into the 20's and low '30's in locations that are highlighted it will state freezing for several hours for it in may impact your new year's plans depending on how cold you like it. temperatures will be in the '30's for the most part and a few low '40's. by midnight dropping and freezing in certain locations by new year's morning becoming very cold. >> jacqueline: winding down. we are expecting some drier and more conditions as we head into the next couple of days but the morning lows will remain cold. thursday slightly warmer but still believe early cold out there. not only in the sierra but here as well. here is a look at the extended forecast. tomorrow morning, cold. it will still colder than accurate
5:51 pm
thursday as we head into the weekend things will start to finally warm up. >> jacqueline: there is new snow to talk about. heavenly reporting 12 in. of snow as possible based on the condition of the ski resort some are receiving a couple inches of snow because of flurries. we'll be back after this.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine:high winds and low temperatures have bay area residents saying tim- brrr! >> catherine:these pictures sent in by you the viewers and our own veejays show what winds of more than 50 miles an hour can do. >> catherine:trees came down and lights went out all over the bay area. >> catherine:bart servicewas disrupted by trees on the tracks only big ships on the bay as ferry service was cancelled because of high waves >> catherine:good evening i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine:the fierce winds aren't letting up either. a wind advisory is in effect for the bay area until noon tomorrow. >> catherine:couple that
6:00 pm
with bone-chilling temperatures and it could make for a very long night. >> catherine:jacqueline bennett is tracking the conditions in the weather center.what can we expect for the rest of the night? >> jacqueline: the gusty winds and cooler temperatures. when you factor in the wind if bill's colder than what it really is. if you step outside at this hour that is 45 degrees in san francisco. it feels like 41 and concord and oakland. just 43 degrees in santa rosa right now and did the into the thirties tonight and factoring in the cold wind. sustained winds really hauling out there tonight at this hour. >> jacqueline: 21 degrees in santa rosa and a bottle. same thing that fairfield would 22 in san jose the dust are still in the 40 mi.
6:01 pm
an hour range. 48 at s f o. >> jacqueline: night it will stay cold. temperatures dropping into the '30's and feel like it is in the '20s and certain places. wendt will start to die down in the afternoon tomorrow but still pretty brisk new year's day will have, and wins the frigid new year's morning. we will take a look at the numbers and see when we will receive one or whether >> catherine: a live look at sfo tonight.which is experiencing delays due to the windy conditions. officials say travelers can expect up to 90 minute delays. >> catherine: a ground delay program is in effect until 10:00 tonight. so far there have been 105 cancellations and 165 delays >> catherine: officials say not every flight is delayed but it's a good idea to check with your airline before heading to the airport.
6:02 pm
>> catherine: joining us on the phone right now. officer daniel hill.he's with the chp golden gate division. >> catherine: as it did dark officer that could be even a larger problem? >> with the wind gusts we do expect trees to come down all over the bay area. it will be more difficult to see those so we advise people to slow down and make sure your high being like an inappropriate and make sure you have time to slow down if something is blocking your way. we have trees blocking freeways and streets creek and with that comes down power lines which are even more dangerous. >> catherine: have been telling people all night about power lines and down trees. are there particular spot where debris is on the road where people should avoid?
6:03 pm
>> main spot for a couple hours is in vallejo. went to doubt a very large tree that struck a couple of vehicles patrick we were able to escape that situation with injuries. without injuries. we are still working to clear the freeway at this time because it was a rather large tree creek we do have caltran and c h p out there trying to clear this. we have trees down all round the bay area. >> we are asking people to look out for yellow flashing lights or chp officers to police slowdown and give us a room so that we can get to run the situation safely. --get you all round. .
6:04 pm
>> the most part we have escaped without any injuries. we will like to make sure that it remains that way as it becomes darker if you become a cross or if you come across a downed power line or tree please use your highlights had been light and drive carefully. >> catherine:kron 4's scott rates is live in concord tonight where high winds knocked down several trees tonight.scott? >> reporter: several trees and several power lines. i will step out of the way because we have a lot of things going in one right now ppg and egis came on here in within the last 15 minutes. it is kind of dark. yet to see the power lines
6:05 pm
right there down on the two pickup trucks. luckily no one was inside those trucks when the lines came down and no one was injured. as a result of that it looks to be a very scary situation. >> reporter: crudes are getting to work on that. hecatomb what looked like earlier about a mile from where i am standing against the three trees that came out in the middle of that very busy roadway. on route 1130 this afternoon. mount and half portion creek had to be shut down for about eight hours as they worked to clear that roadway up. as you look at the trees, you see how much the sustained wind has been out here in concord. it has really been strong. that's where we were. down on the trucks.
6:06 pm
join us again p g at the working very hard to get the power restored to this area. i can tell you some homes on the other side of this business complex that i am standing end all around me in the dark charges business industry areas but there are some homes on the other side that could perhaps, be without power. >> reporter: trying to work on this area to restore power crews are busy. >> catherine:in the north bay. this huge tree came crashing down on a car in cotati. >> catherine:we're told a woman who was in the car was covered in shattered glass.but she was uninjured. >> catherine:emergency officials there 40 reported wind-related incidents.
6:07 pm
>> catherine:the weather is even playing havoc with bart. the problem is downed trees and debris falling on the tracks. >> catherine:service between hayward and south hayward has stopped in both directions due to debris on the tracks since this afternoon. >> catherine:there are also problems on the tracks on the oakland coliseum to the airport link. because of a power outage. >> catherine:but bart has been able to get the daly city line back on track. for a time service between the 24th and mission station in san francisco. and daly city was closed. a fallen trees between balboa and glen park blocked the tracks. and created a problem for commuters. >> i am going to take the bus. >> what am i going to do? i have called everyone in the whole wide world and everyone is out of town.
6:08 pm
>> may have to sleep on this bench. >> catherine:crews had to chop up the tree to get it out of the way. service was restored about an hour ago. >> catherine:frosty conditions high winds, chilly temperatures - it was quite a day in the north bay. this is what greeted most people this morning frost. >> catherine:cars were were lawns and roof-tops. ane as the day unfolded -- the winds really started to kick up. >> catherine:this power line was snapped. >> catherine:p-g-and-e crews are all over the place. >> catherine:and there will be 'extra' crews since the wind problems are expected >> catherine: the wage war to get your
6:09 pm
business on new year's eve.
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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>> catherine: berkeley police are looking for the suspect in a deadly shooting. that happened just before 10 last night on the 1900 block of san pablo ave. police said one person died, and another was wounded. the identity of the person killed has not been released. if you had any information on the shooting please contact the berkeley police.
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>> reporter: for some time now ride share services oftentimes get undercut taxi great script on busy nights like calling and years eve when demand out always the number of drivers can surcharges. now
6:16 pm
taxi services are fighting back. >> reporter: this new year's eve taxis will be set mythically lower than the ride share companies. >> a list that is charging up to fifth time up to five times their prices or lower the taxes will not charged as much we would charge less. >> reporter: with a $10 flat fee anywhere in san francisco. those that are calling plexor can't directly will travel free as long been you are going home and not to a bar or restaurant. >> is a safe and sober program. to give people options not to drive their vehicles on the years eve. >> reporter: passengers that we spoke with are not so sure.
6:17 pm
>> think that it will be all about convenience, not so much about pricing. >> special prices are just for one night and cap companies are hoping that the passengers have the choice and the search pricing of the other company sometimes the choice of the taxi cab is cheaper. and san francisco creek >> catherine: as we have discovered a lot of people are just getting ready for a party. >> >> reporter: >> we are having a party on new year's eve. >> we are ready for new
6:18 pm
year's! >> we are doing some customer dropped lost today. --drop off's. >> catherine: caviar, very nice. you can join me if you plan on staying home to ring in 2015. or gary radnich and george for our new year's eve live show. the only local and live celebration in the bay area. you will be able to see the big fireworks show from the comfort of your home and on starts at 1130 new year's eve night. >> jacqueline: it feels like it is even colder. when you factor in the plant is
6:19 pm
built like it is several degrees colder. in san francisco is still slack is 42. in oakland and san jose is still slack 43. all things including the wind gust that is very strong 33 mi. per hour gusts and half moon bay and 38 at s f o which is causing flight delays for over 90 minutes. >> jacqueline: 30 to ma per hour down in san jose. it went advisory remains in effect for the entire bay area tonight and through tomorrow morning. it will end at noon. if you stick with us overnight but it will make our 30 degree los to let the are in the 20s in certain places. >> jacqueline: the higher terrain, above 1000 piquancy those gust to 60 mi. per
6:20 pm
hour. here is a look at the morning low--when you factor in went on top of that it will feel like it is 20s and a number of places. >> catherine: >> jacqueline: it will still like it is in the '20s and cite the bay. say oakland for example. when you factor in the strong plant overnight if feels like it is 26 or 27 there tomorrow morning still pretty chilly in low 50s but the plant will die down at this point. it will fill warmer in the afternoon. >> jacqueline: as for nine years and will get cold new year's day with a freeze a lark creek >> jacqueline: know when tear it will just be that
6:21 pm
cold. --no land and-- no wind here just cold. >> jacqueline: if you have anything to do on new year's day bring a jacket. when you factor in that when it will remain or feel colder correct >> jacqueline: it will warm up a little bit friday and saturday creek >> catherine: the recovery effort is under way in the java sea as families deal with the devastating truth about their age just like 8501. the wreckage was
6:22 pm
found in the waters off indonesia. >> catherine:stacey cohen has the latest. >> reporter: pieces of lives lost are slowly being brought ashore. helicopters and drivers are sent to recover bodies and the lobbies of the 155 passengers and seven crew members aboard air asian flight 8501. >> he is a good husband and my eyes and a faithful husband, a great husband. i cannot name all of his qualities he is a great husband for me. >> reporter: several bodies have been found already in the shallow waters of the java sea as has an emergency exit door. there has been no sign of survivors. family members cried and some fainted as they learned of
6:23 pm
the discovery. >> every i apologize profusely for what they are going through. i and the leader of this company and i have to take responsibility. that is what i am here. i am not running away from my obligations. >> reporter: the key to the cause of this disaster remains undiscovered. the cop hits the voice recorder and flight data recorder and black boxes. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
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to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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6:26 pm
>> catherine: crews are working to repair a large sinkhole in san francisco's someone neighborhood creek the ground gave way on saturday. --soma neighborhood. >> catherine: official said the underground central
6:27 pm
subway,, which will connect the past zero and a neighborhood to chinatown has been installed beneath that stretch of the road trip is not clear yet whether roe buckled.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> catherine: i went wreaking havoc on the bay area with down trees and power lines. >> catherine: in large tree has blocked lanes on 5880. i-880 >> reporter: it is moving but very slow. >> reporter: both lanes are open to traffic as longs lots moving along fine.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: dan have a tractor pushing debris. crewmembers all here with chainsaws and other things to take the tree down piece by piece they made a lot of his ways. they have a crew member out there cutting trees from higher elevations secret to get things moving traffic in this area is very heavy. people are taking sides rose and shortcuts. which is lawful. if you're coming to this area please avoid it. >> catherine: if you are coming to the area, do not
6:32 pm
come to the area >> catherine: this looks like a smaller pile that a half an hour ago >> reporter: moving back and forth. chopping it into little pieces and getting it out of the way. hopefully, they will be able to open up these lanes. it's hard to say how long this would take from this angle. it will be awhile. >> catherine:thank you daniel. very much.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: and power line that has come down. it is hard to see in the dark. you can see pg and he cruised out here trying to repair. some of the power lines that have been damaged because of the wet. concord avenue had to be shut down for about eight hours today because three trees fell down in that area. however that road has since reopened. so far luckily not with all the damage and the area there has not been any injuries. reporting in concord scott rates kron 4 news. >> reporter: what a day it was here in the north the bay. people woke up to frost on their cars and a lawn. as well as their rooftop. the wind kicked up. and that caused some problems. the g and the word considerably
6:34 pm
busy as more crude for on standby to trick here and the north bay >> jacqueline: it is very chilly out there. it feels cold and colder than that. >> jacqueline: it feels like it is 44 thanks to the wind. >> jacqueline: less take a look at oakland creek is this the but it feels like it's 42 degrees because of the sustained winds at 29 29 mi. per hour dust. >> jacqueline: let's take a look at the wind gust right now is going on bay area wide.
6:35 pm
>> jacqueline: 36 mi. per hour at half moon bay and 35 at vallejo. >> jacqueline:-to treat the crew is still working on it on top of i 880. the still see down trees and power lines critic please take the easy out there creek drive slower than you'd think you should accurate when the guys rate is going to be in effect until tomorrow afternoon. >> jacqueline: not only could is tilted down trees and power lines it could still make things colder than what they actually are. >> jacqueline: when you factor in the land it is killing colder than that mainly in the twenties out the door tomorrow. and the captain and to purchase will be in the forties and low
6:36 pm
'50's. >> jacqueline: even though the temperature will be exactly the same in may fell attack warmer tomorrow afternoon because the wind will die down. >> jacqueline: picking up more snow at heavily because of their conditioning. if you are on the west side are close to the west side only an inch at norstar and at the sierra and tall. --tall. tahoe. >> jacqueline: new year's day freeze watch is in effect for those twenties and low '30's that we are expecting bay area wide. >> catherine: rob fladeboe
6:37 pm
reports that there are not enough that to go run for our homeless. >> reporter: shelters like the reception center are at cusk capacity and are looking at ways to bring cam more people from the cold. >> we have not had to chart anyway we have not yet had to turn anyone away so far. >> reporter: are as many as 7000 people on the street so any given night this individual is one of them. >> i purchased a place to get out of the cold. --just a place to get out of the cold.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: the meantime out rich teams are handed out coat and blankets. to those most at risk >> we have been going out there and other outreach providers will be in contact with them to identify anyone who looks as if they are particularly for real courage they will be prioritized for medical care and shelter.
6:39 pm
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>> catherine: our state is finally getting some much needed snow. a new survey of the sierra snowpack was released today. >> catherine: while all that powder is a good thing, it remains far short of what's needed to end the drought.
6:42 pm
>>"well, contrary to appearances, the drought's still on. unfortunately while we've had a reasonably good december, it seemed to be more focused. kind of fizzled out once you got past the foothills. i suspect most of the snow that we measured here today is fairly new snow." >> catherine:that survey says that california's snow- pack is about 50 percent of normal. >> catherine:a reminder -- you can get all your weather alerts, forecasts, check radar anddownloading our ***free*** kron4 mobile app. >> catherine:coming up. >> catherine:sports next!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: the evening
6:46 pm
everyone creek i can stand rubin in for gary radnich st do not worry unlike jim harbaugh gary will be back. >> reporter: the form of 49 as head coach was introduced as the current head coach for michigan. that is where harbaugh paid his dues as a student athlete. now it's time for michigan to pay harbaugh $35 million over seven years plus an incentive spir >> reporter: finally! jim harbaugh 5 a press conference he does not my attending. --finds a >> reporter: it is amazing what a date eight
6:47 pm
$35,000,000.60 would do to a guy. harbaugh goes from being a press conference will fall or, to the life of the party. --wallflower. >> reporter: he carry the goodbye to a michigan man basketball game. the players did their best make the the nimitz football coach still at home. donning his trademark khakis. harbaugh was so tickled he could barely wait until have time to address a michigan fans. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: harbaugh did a great job quickly turning stamford and the niners into a winning team spirit of the a tough act to repeat in michigan who plays a strong bid team east division. >> reporter: starting their search close to home. niners defensive coordinator the
6:48 pm
first candidate to be head coach position, the rumor mill has it that the seahawks scored nader is a candidate as well. he will not be able to be interviewed until after the seahawks season at and ku-- andends. >> reporter: change is often accompanied by skepticism but the way to answer concerns is to put a chance to ship product on the field. --championship product on the field >> reporter:suh suspended. not the first time to rid known for his wayward shake.
6:49 pm
he is not a repeat offender. since he's gone over 32 games without stepping on someone. he will pay a fine. and suit up one sunday. >> reporter: a big glenn ford motor dame creek the fighting irish the underdog. tied at 21. looking like the number one recruit in the country as he was the up last year out running the second accurate 489 touched down. 143 yds at the game at 28. when down to the wire with a field goal accurate >> reporter: sending the irish over the edge. >> reporter: and giant recognition for a giant we do have a pitcher madison
6:50 pm
bumgarner who is named athlete of the year by the associated press. he was automatic and the play offs accurate one of the best pitching performances in the history of the game. >> reporter: the warriors had themselves a little sugar around today. at tonight's game with the 76ers the two games going in or two teams quinn in different directions for went on the season with the warriors with 24 wins on this season. they have won nine straight home games as well. >> we do, each other. i am good on the block he's great midrange. great shooter. superstar
6:51 pm
>> reporter: he is a busy guy you the check him out sports night at live. jason bumgarner >> catherine: so harbaugh is a nice and cuddly percenter it seems like a different person creek >> reporter: he is happy. >> catherine: 2 been here. keep it here
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> catherine: former president george h. bush. is now resting at home. he
6:55 pm
thinks all of the doctors and nurses for his care occurred he is was the oldest living president creek >> catherine: scandal to get married on the 16th hole 8 golf course in honolulu sari, they had to move because of the president and france were played through creek but president obama later heard he called the present he called the couple on his phone to state he felt terrible and would have skipped the hole if he had known about it. >> catherine: everyone was really shocked hear that tape he had actually called them. they did not really mind. >> catherine: i will be on a rooftop tomorrow with gary. >> jacqueline: dress worn, in layers with a scarf and
6:56 pm
gloves and ear muffs. >> jacqueline: (laughter) >> jacqueline: in the 40's and oakland and at s f o which makes it feel really cold out there with the sustained winds. imagine how the wind will feel or make the thirty skill. it will be freezing already creek pleasanton and petaluma as well with concord near freezing and wrapup. but when it will make it feel like it is practically 20 degrees bay area wide. >> jacqueline: it will fill warmer than today. about 10 degrees cooler but warmer tomorrow. 20s and 30s on new year's day. because the wind will die down some.
6:57 pm
>> catherine: go out and have fun. thank you everyone for joining us and we will see you at 8. ealth insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income. to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today.
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