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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 30, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> catherine:now at eight wind >>trees down >> power out. >> pam: >> catherine:no end to the mischief caused by winds topping 50 miles an hour. >>whoosh >> pam: >> catherine: 4you can see a power line has come down right on top of a pickup truck there >>whoosh
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>>in vallejo a tree falls on a freeway and snarls traffic in both directions. >>whoosh >> catherine:homes crused in napa. >> catherine:bart shut down by trees on the tracks. >>it looks like i'm stuck here >> catherine:kron four chief meteorlogist jacqueline bennett tracking the windstorm and watching the mercury drop. >>whoosh >> catherine:and the countdown begins. as the bay area gets ready to celebrate new years eve. cab companies say they are the smart alternative to ridesharing. >>the price different will be huge. >> catherine: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> catherine:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:good evening i'm catherine heenan >> catherine:strong, frigid winds have downed countless trees. knocked out power to more than 100-thousand bay area customers. canceled more than 100-flights. >> catherine:and it's still going strong. >> catherine:you can see some of the damage here.
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>> catherine:hundreds of images coming into our newsroom tonight. >> catherine:it also feels freezing bay area wide tonight. we have team coverage tonight: >> jacqueline: tonight the wind will stick with us making it feel freezing overnight. temperatures will reach in the freezing mark in some locations. and those locations will select that it is in their 20s. it will still be brisk out there as we head into new york day. njord's day. we will talk more about the numbers coming up. >> catherine:j-r stone live in napa, where a tree crushed a house. >> reporter: they are catherine. the hill takes a runs the home. we are on the
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other side of the street right now and there is a reason for that creek 100 ft. redwood tree believed to fall that is the reason why the homes have been attacked for it--tagged. >> reporter: the tree, although is dark outside is still sitting in the middle of this house. >> reporter: this is what the damage looks like in napa up with the tree in the middle of this house. neighbor was not hurt but covered in dust and said. >> i jump up and check to see if she was ok and fortunately she was >> reporter: with a tree in the middle of this house. she walked me to where the tree fell in an area where it is still a danger zone.
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through the darkness you can see the damage. this redwood tree is still standing but fears that a couple on a nearby home at any time. this is some of the damage here and wrapup. here in napa >> reporter: witness system is the wind was more than dusty pruitt--dusty--gusty >> i was scared to the outside. that when it was definitely coming through. >> i am very fortunate that it did not crushed our house. >> reporter: fortunately no one has been injured. keep in mind is still wendy. i can tell you that some of the homes have been read
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that with people living in the homes. they are keeping an eye out. keeping a close eye on the redwood tree that could come down at any moment. live in napa j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine:scott rates on trees down in concord. >> reporter: yes. trees and power lines catherine very strong and continues to be struck out your right now. i just spoke with p g ed e. crowe you to see what they are doing to rid it will be all here throughout the night. it has already been a very long day. all care and galaxy way taking care of a downed power lines. all over the concord area. >> reporter: in has been a day of cleanup would do well
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and the bringing down power lines and trees all over the bay area. three trees came down tuesday morning for cbc h-p to close the major roadway. this is one of the biggest trees to come down on concord avenue victor it to swing hear industry causing a big headache. trying to cut this thing down. about a mile and a half stretch blocked off for eight hours today. while the crews worked to clean the trees out of here. >> reporter: luckily no was inside the pickup trucks when the lights came crashing down. causing power outages all over the area >> we were inside and the lights flickered and we heard a snap and the power went out with that old note
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does something had broken. there is that dandling power culprit it will be a long afternoon. >> reporter: despite all the trees and power lines to come down so far, i think lee there has been no injuries. reporting live in concord scott rates. >> catherine: a big surprise to people that there has not been any injuries. correct? >> >> reporter: luckily no one was inside those trucks or it could have bet a lot worse catherine. >> catherine: live in vallejo where a tree blocked a road late on i 880. it has been a big problem for a long time. >> reporter: the road is
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clear catherine creek i sure there will be some slow rollout or traffic but once you get to the area you will notice that all of the lanes has been it was a very large eucalyptus that fell over the two lines here and you can see where from earlier in the day where the tree just fell down completely blocking boat traffic. in both directions. it was a real mess. when the freeway stops moving is just back cree--bad, taking a the equipment in removing it. >> reporter: the tree has been cleared which is the good nose and hopefully people can get home soon. -- the nose--good news.
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>> catherine: there are some delay spirit of bart has been able to get daily city back on track. service between mission station in san francisco and daly city were clothes for a while. falling trees between double what and glenn park had created a big problem for commuters. >> catherine:closed for awhile. >> catherine:fallen trees between balboa tracks. and
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created a problem for commuters. crews had to chop up the tree to get it out of the >> catherine:julie craig of alameda sent these photos. >> catherine:she writes "in front of our house on holly street, alameda. at least six of these are down on our block. one car was hit by a fallen large eucalyptus tree." >> catherine:we have a crew on the way to check that out. viewer kristen corkill sent us a photo of her backyard in moraga --- a huge tree >> catherine:was blown down -- but no one was hurt. and this photo was sent in by fred and edna martin - they call it "high wind." >> catherine:you can share your photos - at "breaking news at kron dot com." >> catherine: problem for viewing fireworks over the bay. this new years eve - the biting wind could be a deterrent. >> catherine:but not for our
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vicki embarcadero for a sneak peak. >> reporter:that's if you can stand the elements. earlier today, you could see the water lapping up onto the sidewalk. >> reporter:these metal fences are set up to keep people from falling in. >> reporter:hundreds of thousands of people expected to cram onto the embarcadero to watch the fireworks extravaganza that kicks off at 11:59. >> we will move for and they're ready to go for tomorrow night. it will be a lot less windy for tomorrow night. no f o g no wind and no cold creek. >> reporter:all launched from double barges on the bay. >> reporter:i made a trip onto the barge and it seems all the pyrotechnics are good to go.
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>> reporter:jeff thomas is the show producer. >> reporter: we've got about five thousand lights that'll go >> reporter:and if you want a great view right under the bridge. we are expecting a big crowd tomorrow nite. >> reporter:bad news is that waterbar is sold out for new years eve - good news. if you need to take the chill off, they're happy to serve you in the bar. >> reporter:either way. >> catherine:join me, gary radnich and george rask for our big new year's eve live show. >> catherine:it's the only local and live celebration in the bay area. >> catherine:we'll bring you the fireworks show live from san francisco. >> catherine:the party starts at 11:30 new year's eve night. >> catherine:coming up at eight: >> catherine:that air asia flight that went off radar has been found. it's still not clear what went wrong. >> catherine:then: >> catherine:what causes this south bay officer to call for back up, and why some say he went too far. and someone is in the market for a new car after today's violent wind storm. and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey,
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>> catherine: more on our breaking news -- the last big wind storm of 2014. yuri gar-booze of union city sent this to our facebook page. >> catherine: it was taken around 4:30 this afternoon. and sent with the message "have to go shopping for a new car." share your photos - at "breaking news at kron dot com." >> catherine: and don't forget. you can get weather alerts, forecasts, check radar, and more. with our free kron four mobile app. >> jacqueline: we actually will be freezing in certain places. tomorrow. sustained winds still in the 20 mi. per hour range including and half moon bay. 24 in redwood city 25 in oakland and in fairfield. dust even stronger than this. thirty mile per hour gusts at san francisco.
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>> jacqueline: with the wind gust it feels colder than with it is accurate this is what it feels like if you head out the door right now it feels like 39 degrees in oakland right now 39 and concord and 31 in livermore and san jose. it will continue over night. strong winds will stick with us into tomorrow morning by tomorrow afternoon it will start to drive down. above 1,000 ft. dust will reach over 60 mi. per hour. --gust >> jacqueline: will get to the temperatures in just a moment still seeing wind gust continuing into the 1:00 hour. and two tomorrow morning 20's and '30's as
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mentioned with freezing temperatures. you can see the morning low to marleau current pleasanton and concord 36. vallejo and fairfield + livermore. it will still like it's 20 degrees it will collect the is and 20 in oakland. >> jacqueline: the wind will start to die down some it will fall like it is warmer. killing like is more comfortable. coming up for new year's it will become colder and years eve and new year's day. that plusher extended forecast coming up little later. >> catherine:bodies, debris
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and aircraft parts have all been pulled from the sea near where the air-asia was last reported on sunday. >> catherine:dozens of military divers will be joining the search for debris and the bodies of victims.. >> catherine:the divers hope to continue the recovery effort before some rough weather arrives. as stacy cohan reports the cause of the crash is still unknown. >> catherine:stacey... >> reporter:pieces of lives lost are slowly being brought ashore. >> reporter:helicopters and divers are sent to recover bodies and belongings of the 155 passengers and 7 crew members aboard air asia flight 8501. >>"he's a good husband in my eyes and a faithful husband a great husband. i can't name all his qualities he's a great husband for me." >> reporter:several bodies have been found already in the shallow waters of the java sea. as has an emergency exit door. >> reporter:there has been no sign of survivors.
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family members cried and some fainted as they learned of the discovery. >>"i apologized profusely for what they're going through. i am the leader of this company and i have to take responsibility. that is why i am here. i 'm not running away from my obligations." >> reporter:the key to the cause of this disaster remains undiscovered. the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder -- the black boxes. >>"every investigation is different. this one i believe will underscore the need for floatable black boxes and emergency locating transmitters." >> reporter:but right now, job one is the need for families to recover what they can.of their lost loved ones. i'm stacey cohan.reporting. >> catherine:just today - another problem for air asia. >> catherine:this is an air- asia plane that overshot a runway in the philippines. 159 people were onboard. >> catherine:officials say crew members activated an emergency slide to help everyone get safely off the plane. >> catherine:no one was hurt
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- and high winds are being blamed for the incident. >> catherine:still to come -- a south bay police officer is accused of bad behavior. >> catherine:tonight: you can be the judge. >> catherine:also -- something has happened to french laundry's pricey wine list, and it has nothing to do with the restaurant renovation. >> catherine: >> reporter: we will check in with jim harbaugh fanfare. also the warriors to play tonight and the detroit lions. coming
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>> catherine:
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>> jacqueline: dust and the 30 mi. per hour range. and a number of places.--gust your >> jacqueline: 4 for forecast is coming up in just a bit.
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>> catherine:ahead at eight. that storm that's keeping jacqueline so busy is causing chaos for many of you tonight. this is one of many bay area scenes where trees are down in the south bay.
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thank you! thank you! ¬°gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you. >> catherine: first crown ford chief neurologist jacqueline people want to know what it will stick around? >> jacqueline: by tomorrow afternoon in the wind will start to die down soon creek he passed mainly in the belly and the higher
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terrain seeing the dust even stronger right now. --gusts. >> jacqueline: 32 in redwood city and it will stay that way until we had over to the midnight hours. >> jacqueline: take a look at this, san francisco... and oakland 47 but look how it feels what the wind in place. it kills like is 43 in san francisco and 39 in oakland. 41 in san jose and 30's in concord. not only as temperatures dropping into the '30's but when you factor the wind gust it feels like it's in the '20s. for your new year's eve the when it will start to decrease in to the
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afternoon. it will be freezing practically bay area wide on new year's day. >> catherine: i went knocking down more trees. just bush joins us an alameda creek jeff? >> reporter: look behind me you see where the st bill dell about one hour ago. about 40 to a thief the high. according to get this thing cut into pieces. this is what this look like it is a massive tree creek you can barely see any real at all creek very narrow routes. >> yes, a just missed us calling up and it felt as we
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watched. i sat there and goes! and there it was. >> can see that the roots are really shallow and then has a very high land but shallow. everyone is looking at the tawdry wondering what it will topple over. -- everyone is looking at the tall tree. >> reporter: there is a good thing that there were no cars. just 10 minutes ago he drove by and said you know what you are not going to look at the car that was smashed over by the tree. at least six trees have come down here in lme that. -- allen e. puckett--alameda
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>> catherine: and large tree bills over causing oil to spill on the road. there are also power outages in the area. after the tree came down. we talk to a witness that did not realize how wendy was until the tree came down. >> it was a huge crash i thought it came down on a car but i watched as the tree fell down and landed on all of the wires in it all started barking. i thought that it was water but it was oil port. >> catherine: lee still read the report heavier when it sets a tree plunging into the car and onto the street. --alecia reed
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>> reporter: to feed off the ground, at this enormous tree came crashing down on route 4:00 p.m. as revenue. this car was the only street to sustain damage. crushing the hood of the vehicle. >> reporter: the home owner associations cleaned for hours all the debris off the street and all the sidewalk. >> if residents complained about the noise we may have to stop and work tomorrow. >> reporter:alecia reed kron 4 news.
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>> catherine: this power lines snapped. >> catherine: pg&e had to put extra crews to work. >> catherine: in the north bay. this huge tree came crashing down on a car in cotati. >> catherine: a woman who was in the car was covered in shattered glass.but wasn't hurt. emergency officials there say there have been at least 40 reported wind-related incidents >> catherine: at s-f-o -- travelers can expect delays of up to 90 minutes because of the windy conditions. s-f-o has a delay program in effect until 10 tonight. >> catherine: ferry service also being affected. >> catherine: ferries from south san francisco to oakland and alameda were canceled for the night. because of the high winds on the bay. >> catherine: a bus shuttle was set up in its place. >> catherine: boats that were supposed to move -- like the ferries -- are not moving. and boats that were *not* supposed to move. are out there. >> catherine: the coast guard says at least nine vessels were set adrift around the bay area. some were dragging their anchors.
8:37 pm
others had broken free of their moorings. >> catherine: a suspected bank robber brought to justice. wait until you hear who turned him in. >> catherine: the famed restaurant "french laundry" shows up on the police blotter. we'll show you what happened. >> catherine: and next: >> catherine: how a 2-year- old shot and killed his mother inside an idaho walmart.
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>> catherine: edmonton, alberta - police say they are investigating the deaths of seven adults and two
8:40 pm
young children at three separate but connected edmonton-area crime scenes. >> catherine: police chief ron knecht at a called the killings a "senseless mass murder." he woman found monday night by officers responding to a edmonton home. >> catherine: the bodies of three more girl were discovered a few hours later at a northeast checked on reports of a evening. >> catherine: a man matching the restaurant in the edmonton saskatchewan on tuesday >> catherine: in idaho a two year old boy mother today while they were shopping at a wal-mart. >> catherine: it happened here in the town of hayden, 40 miles northeast of spokane >> catherine: the toddler was seated in a the gun went off. >> the woman had a permit for a concealed weapon she'd been visiting the area - and had her four children with her. >> catherine: a suspected peninsula bank robber has been caught -- by his father. san mateo police say this man walked into a bank on south el camino real last week. >> catherine: he handed the teller a note wanted all the money in the drawer. >> catherine: a concerned father called police, saying this is his son who lives across the >> catherine: the suspect-- mohannad shehadeh was arrested andhe's pleaded not guilty.
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>> catherine: offering a $10 flat rate--flywheel (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> catherine: as long as you are going home and not to a bar or restaurant you can have a free fare creek would directly through the company. the cab company will be a big money saver. >> the price difference will be huge. taxis will not charge multiples accurate we would charge less. either $10 if you order through the application. or free so if you call our dispatch center in place an order that our call center.
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>> catherine: kid barry clear that when demand is high prices will be higher to four times the normal rate. they stand by the surge prices that passengers will know about the price and will confirm before booking ride through it.. >> catherine: we're getting more photos of the damage from today's windthe gusts. strong enough to topple huge trees around the bay area. and cause damage like *this.* >> catherine: more breaking news - ahead. >> jacqueline: we have the potential of more down trees and power lines. with the 40 forecast coming up after the break. >> catherine:in sports. the 49ers interview their first coaching candidate. we will >> catherine:. and new
8:43 pm
michigan coach jim harbaugh gets quite a greeting in the wolverine state. dan rubin has that. and all the sports. next 7
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>> jacqueline: when the dust at 38 mi. per hour at s f o. when the dust 30 mi. per hour and half moon bay. >> jacqueline: it feels like a 43 in san francisco and 39 in oakland and concord. and also in livermore. as you can imagine, it will become worse creek. >> jacqueline: we will see the dust and at 30 mi. per hour range. the wind gust can still take down trees and power lines. we will hit the freezing mark at pleasanton and concord creek
8:46 pm
napa up 30 at livermore. it was still felt like the twenties there. >> jacqueline: not quite freezing in the afternoon but it will still like it occurred >> jacqueline: not so in to new year's morning creek look like a frigid morning is a head for new year's day. we will hit the '20s al all parties in places highlighted here. if you are headed out it will be chilly but by midnight will be very, very cold creek. it will be freezing literally creek >> catherine: >> jacqueline: we will finally start to warm up and
8:47 pm
little bit on friday and into next week if you plan on staying home to ring in 2015. join me, gary radnich, and george rask for our new year's eve live show. >> reporter:the only local and live >> reporter:good evening everybody. gary is off tonight. >> reporter:but don't worry. unlike jim harbaugh. gary is likely to return. >> reporter:the former 49ers head coach was introduced as the current head coach for michigan. >> reporter:that's where harbaugh paid his dues as a student athlete. now it's time for michigan to pay harbaugh. 35 million dollars over seven years. plus incentives. >> i am not comfortable with that at all accurate as i said. >> i feel like it is the only personality that i have.
8:48 pm
>> (laughter) >> the other walls were all taken. >> reporter:finally! jim harbaugh finds a press conference he doesn't mind attending. >> reporter:it's amazing what a day and 35 million dollars will do to a guy. harbaugh goes from being a to the life of the party. >> reporter:and mister sunshine wouldn't stop there. he carried the good vibes to a michigan mens basketball game. (cheers & applause) >> reporter:the student section did their best making the new mens football coach feel at home. donning his trademark khakis. >> reporter:harbaugh walked out to a king's welcome. he was so tickled. he could barely wait until halftime to address michigan fans. >> reporter:harbaugh did a great job quickly turning stanford and the niners into winning teams. it'll be a tough act to repeat in michigan who plays in a strong big ten east
8:49 pm
>> reporter:the niners are going to have a tough time replecating the success they had immediately after they signed jim harbaugh. >> reporter:but they're starting their search close to home. >> reporter:niners defensive coordinator interview for the head coaching position. >> reporter:the rumor mill has the seahawks defensive coordinator dan quinn as candidate number two, to be interviewed after the seattle's season ends. >> reporter:the detroit lions got a nice shot in the arm today from the n-f-l. na-dom-ican-sue had been suspended for sunday's playoff game against the cowboys. >> reporter:after league officials thought the 300 pound defensive tackle intenionally stomped on packers quarterback aaron rodgers. >> reporter:that wouldn't have been the first time for suh. who's pretty well known for his wayward feet. >> reporter:but today, the n-f-l said suh is *not* a repeat offender, since he's gone at least 32 games without stepping on anyone. >> reporter:suh will pay a 70 thousand dollar fine in- lieu of the suspension and suit up sunday in jerry world.
8:50 pm
>> reporter:bowl time in music city. and a big win for notre dame. >> reporter:the fighting irish were the underdog. taking on number 22 l-s-u. 3rd quarter. tied at 21. tigers freshman leonard fournette. loking like the number-one recruit in the country as he was dubbed last year. outrunning the irish secondary for an 89- yard touchdown. he scores three times. rushing for 143 yards. but notre dame would tie it at 28. >> reporter:the game went down to the wire. until a 32-yard field goal by kyle brindza with time expiring locked up the music city bowl for notre dame. irish win 31-28 >> reporter:warriors hosting the sixers. >> reporter:and right now the score is. >> reporter:speaking of the warriors. our own jason appelbaum sat down with klay thompson and asked him about the chemistry he has with fellow "splash brother" steph >> i am good on the block
8:51 pm
and he is great merit range. he is one of the most talented shooters. >> reporter:again that interview will air this sunday on sports night live at 9 pm. we'll have an update on the niners search for a coach and playoff highlights. >> reporter: many of us think he is great. but it also depressed things that madison bumgarner is pretty great too. the associated press thinks that madison bumgarner is pretty great tugrik >> reporter: catherine. >> catherine: jim harbaugh looks like a pretty
8:52 pm
different guy? all funny and sweet creek >> reporter: yes patrick he is pretty happy. --yes, he is pretty happy. >> jacqueline: when it is strong enough to take down trees and power lines and make it feel like it is freezing tomorrow morning
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>> catherine: thieves broke into the world famous. "the french laundry" restaurant in napa valley. making off with some very expensive wine. >> catherine: a reported 76- bottles. sheriff's officials say they were valued at over 50- thousand dollars. >> catherine: however, the l-a times says they were worth over 300-thousand dollars! this photo was posted to the french laundry's instagram account. >> catherine: it shows a door that was busted open on christmas day, while the restaurant was closed for remodeling. >> catherine: sheriff's officials posted wines on facebook. >> catherine: they include a "screaming eagle 2002" -- menu price: 65-hundred dollars per bottle. >> catherine: and some others reportedly dollars each. >> jacqueline: we will already be freezing and son spot but it will still like it is in the '20s. >> jacqueline: 20s and 30 bay area wide.
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>> catherine: that's it for the kron 4 stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile
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