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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 31, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 33 times turning in the new year will hundred thousand people. well over that brazing the cold cost to
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celebrate and bring in 2015. six surf and sydney australia. awaiting for running the bay area dance for joining us on this year's eve morning. and then for also tracking the windy conditions, is calling it yesterday not so bad this morning still plenty breezy for some spots in here and look at the chilly wind forecasts >> : we are talking about very breezy conditions and higher elevation. and erica temperatures right now. drop to just above freezing conquered 33 degrees right now 41 out the door and san jose for a ruling was read out areas were dealing with when chilled a sourcing some readings the upper 20s right now that includes walnut creek at this hour. when advisory affect all o'clock this afternoon we did see people in the us $6 per hour again the wind is
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really starting to diminish but we're still talking about down trees and power lines a completely art was just yet and regards to this windstorm. later on some light approach would be on about celebrating new year's eve fireworks talking of preconditions for the embarcadero temperatures and 40's. thus when the deal with that much historical temperatures and frost advisory that goes into effect at midnight >> : and if you don't want deal with the chilly air chile nears live 1130 and will be out in his ninth glove topcoats not top hats but nevertheless trying to take precautions against was should be some cold temperatures lot of rollers of their answers will keep us warm. let's talk bargains and here on the tense los the downed tree. whats the reports of them. cloth of camino right now. and could be closer to millbury that
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was accorded imperiling gained a they hundred block the place until avenue both stretches north on softbound affected and also getting word of a power outage in san francisco affecting the north beach neighborhood. here the northeast corner of the city also knocked out signal lights along columbus avenue. specially in the city of lombard. if you encounter and a section or the lights are out treated as a for with stop. the red the bay bridge westbound very light and that it may it as an that moving the meeting was this morning so let the traffic is there when advisers for most bay area bridges bay bridge and sam taylor bridge words and changeable message signs are lit up and advise if high winds advising you to reduce your speed across the span. >> : things are both mental bay area this morning. but the it costs a lot from this yesterday. but fierce winds
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cause this trade come crashing down the middle of interstate 80 vallejo. but traffic was backed up during the evening commute. the meantime cars back on this morning for most people who lost power during the destructive winds yesterday were the hundred thousand customers lost power efforts so far piccinni loss car to 90 percent of those customers the ninth san jose cruz are cleaning up the tree that fell an apartment building seven triple the for a fire started. if she can now loss nine it o'clock knocking out power to the entire complex is a man who lived there thought that try to cut the tree and non back inside he found his christmas tree had caught fire. >> : the swiss to people on person transported hospitals now titillation among our across their be heading out to the scene here but to help those people displaced >> :
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our service back up and running this morning crews clearing bids it trees in several locations and a hit yourself a were down temporarily after the fish tree came down. caused major delays and a free online. airline this city lime back on track as well this morning blew debris and brought down the tree here on the track on glen park creating problems for commuters this afternoon service disrupted between the 24 straight mission station and san francisco and daly city. to encourage continues with the damage from the bay area check in with my come live in concord and lime thus singling so far this morning as ingo's damage already done you conceal large tree came crashing down on the 2000 block of grand street over headlines down with that and empower the right here regency also snapped it at&t
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call right here half that a lot of those fires assessing now on top of that the pickup truck. and you jeannie tells it to people without power this morning quoted the restored by 9:00 this residents here will made it mpg in the busy as of this morning so i 500 people across bay area still without power ever here tells me that this tree came down yesterday afternoon around 33010 the peak of the swing us also wanted to to get off the wires there so logically a plus this morning as a combat us to live counterplay said the 3000 block of granite block off until crews are able to come out and clear up the mess and that will take place over the next few hours >> : coming up keeping on bay area weather traffic bringing in the new year helping you celebrate and have a lot awhirl celebration are taking place among us here where right
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has attracted a power outage in san francisco or just heard also affecting some signal lines long columbus boulevard at lombard and a few adjacent interchanges. when you encounter intersection where the signals are out. it they say mistreated as a force stop. >> : coverage high winds damage from the bay crews worked all day over nine with fallen trees bay area wide. the tree that fell man wearing the raiders jacket. willow park golf club in castro valley. and she's
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come on in concord 33 yesterday afternoon with lawyers live in that area until the 45 last night because of power outages. pg&e crews must eight hours to respond and then pictures stenches to be part of our coverage is in on an air brake news at kron 4 news, >> : if and when advisory until 12 the session in the wind gusts extremes overnight oakland hills 62 mi. per hour gusts hayward 45 when is starting to diminish and talking about cold temperatures in to new year's eve full-year forecast of the break. and on puffs of the the thing
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when the conditions are on the bed. it picked up some moisture down south. don bakersfield there was enough on the ground for kids mcphee's snowballs and snow in california. when a storm from canada brought heavy winds along several inches of snow sec here same storm and california jurors to the rescued with a foot of snow on highway 138 and dec. 99 mounds. >> :
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and sierra nevada on martin's file survey of the year conducted yesterday and numbers disappointing once again. during shore explains >> : snow coming down side was number the department resources snow survey it may short cracked mirrors set up a tahoe this note was doing because snowpack and underwhelming 22 in. of snow pack that's about a third of where we should be. of course watter appear very important and snowpack brain important for water everywhere in california. elsewhere cera is doing better than appear 50% half of where we should be still need a lot more to go >> : new lot of storms to even catch up to average averages not going be enough to break the drought. >> : big weather story today
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having an year's eve is the very cold temperature expected. no surprise the have a freeze warding and frosted the visor in fact take a look a kron condition 7 cisco not too bad a 47 degrees so having to deal with at 20 mi. an hour. oakland dropping and upper 30's and tovey's temperatures continued to block concord now below freezing mark and 36 out the door santa rosa. when is beginning to diminish and picked up along a coastline that. half moon bay 20 mi. per hour sustained winds of 14 in fairfield area we do have wind advisory in effect until man. it could still continue to see down trees car lines. , conditions expected later on today and to " cut chile are highs are. upper 40's and 50's some of the close readings actually in the east bay.
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any of 4849 and pleasanton oakland hitting high 5754 for downtown san francisco. everyone on about celebrating new year's eve letter on cyclical conditions fireworks viewing beginning at midnight we have that going to fester until 9:00 a.m. thursday morning. temperatures dropping an upper 20s for for to favelas if this leith for concern for plant has usually about said talking out subfreezing temperatures for several hours and the pink color on the screen were talking about temperatures going below the freezing mark and then we have a fog advisory in effect for the maintenance of these bay shoreline. very frigid conditions make sure bundled going to celebrate new year's keep in mind a a special beginning of the dates and i catch me years live with us celebrate our shows conditions of a state and continue for the next several days noranda speak
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of checking extended models. temperatures will warmup that uncovered early next week >> : unless look at the four cassettes to the rose now george >> : bay monster couple and since right now when related down tree on the peninsula has close-up camille royale both directions. occurred and they hundred block here in the retail ave. fullsize of the roadway are shut down. the word from the street is to a low o'clock before they get those lanes reopened the squirrel off. also power outage in san francisco that affecting russian held ta girls held north beach neighborhood is also part of fisherman's wharf draw 39 affected by this i to the effect bay street the street. we do know some of affected on columbus avenue and remember signals out because of for stop >> :
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tracking are the bridges first the bay bridge for really traffic of very high winds. an advisory employes here for the san mateo bridge highway 92. wind advisories are in effect. also for the dumbarton bridge in from right across the golden gate there's no official advisory but there have been reports of some gusty conditions. for a trip to richmond bridge definitely on the advisory this morning very high spent out near this battle over the bay and gusty conditions both decks but no backup for the westbound ride. following the latest developments in the search for the >> : ballot by weather more pieces of the plane and bodies for flight 85 01. want to see to passengers and crew members on board >> : sphere they said that they have some are located the plane one official says the from the future large at
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the jealousy and other officials backing off that statement. >> : crews stuff on the main body of their craft lump passengers on a flight and then heard about his wife's death. >> : much as him but rarely cause of nicole >> : crews recovered 10 bodies so far and expects to find born days past and wait for more bodies to rise when the bodies will be taken to hospital for verification. world news pentagon says sent five prisoners from u.s. cuba to cover some of the resettlement to men from yemen three from to asia this comes after guards, no taskforce determined to the men didn't posed a security threat this of france's
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obama is called a decrease in number people housed and then something going on for years now that the five men are leaving hundred 27 people remain accord now. south korean activists says he's going to launch balloons carrying sunny interview for the your austria. the dutch version the source of zero engines franco assassination attempt on conjunction some original aim told the firm's leaders after hackers turn stood tech moviegoers and the u.s. company then went ahead and release it on line. actress says he'll start dropping 100,000 the bidis u.s. of the movie in the north korea next month >> : to carry the bay area for the bank robber has been caught since his father police say the man robbed the bank and now colonel roy all and a note saying he had gone on all money in the short the father called
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police and said the robber was the son who was across the street from the bank >> : and then arrested and booked into jail in month had of kron 4 more news self the officer called for backup know some sang yon to fart story come store for you coming up >> :
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watching wallstreet on this short trading day less than four hours down industrial average shot a gain 40 points of today's in the dow now back over 18,000 marks and 18,020 heading and are backed up after all into traffic on glendale lab new trait hit dominant power lines being sure oil spill on the road known her. almandine realism so wendy's still she zealotry coming down >> : huge crash landed on a car bomb was watching the trade it just fell down and led all the wire house san jose police defending actions of an off-duty officer 10 torres suspected hit-and-run
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driver to assurance of some video violence struggle between officer to win but the kron 4 rob floatable reports officer woes and his rights >> : the cellphone video shot lead on september 9th off- duty san jose police officer torres a woman allegedly stopped his car with her as an ominous across highway 7 and then left the scene. boston duty officer tried to get a license plate get a description penalty affirmation the dispatchers so he could get them to comply and exchange information >> : only recently focused on line one thing clearly see here the man identifying himself as san jose police officer also be heard calling the person trip in the video to call 9113 clear
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from of the officer did identify himself on numerous occasions as well as the video ton to suspects that he was a police officer and caught or cop >> : also shows the second woman getting involved and the star with for officer gives up on the arrest of a woman get back in the car and drive boy. officer well within his rights to go ahead and affects the rest of the time. peers what he was doing police had met only once said the story so far but the d.a.'s office issued for less onerous for assaulting a police officer hit and run are resisting arrest old woman or man large >> : future ravelling today for new year's eve with clear skies fog will not slow you down getting an art out of the sfo assorting why look
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at the airport there chile and still breezy weather traffic is next after the break >> :
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to those new year's eve of four semi is gonna be very cold might take a forecast of their kron >> : one day of the year went out and about it tonight. talk more to a close readings of the season leicester visibility was a problem for a long coastline where talking clear conditions the problems of dealing misfire work. we did a freeze watch crop fog advisor going to
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affect tonight. if you don't want corp. and brae the ago in the cold conditions kashmir's last special qualities tonight. but needed day planner if yes errands run temperatures for the most proper 30's and the response truck the freezing. dealing with morning lows right now unless when in the forecast is ahead in the afternoon highs today approaching upper 40's to mid '50's. bitterly cold temperatures certainly on the land that for watch for rv. lines of for some francisco. this is continue on some o'clock tomorrow morning and get this and the forecast coming of fatima's >> : more information about this country blocking both directions of coming up was first reported in burlingame but the maps have shown a and moderate. and turns of maybe a little closer broadway instead of mattel ave. and that may affect the location of the closure of the north and
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southbound side also getting word another tree down in daly city. also affecting the ride on up to me no route near mission boulevard and that is likely to be blocking the only one attraction there. the northbound side. also tracking partisan san francisco. has affected signal lights along columbus abase street beach streets and remember encounter intersection more lights are out treated as a for stop. they bring dried under adviser this morning dumbarton bridge martina's the nation's bridges richmond bridge and also san mateo bridge under wind advisory firm changeable message signs activated to indicate reduced because of the wind. those damaging winds it tarnishes big storm over the last 24 hours team coverage continues my call more of the damage in concord on what looked here
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along the 3000 block of kron street here encountered at the is the idea of how busy crews are tolars now apologize having promised by similar the tree came down during the day yesterday summer residents out cutting the tree away from cars won't the power lines still, the roadways pg&e crews having a hard time keeping up with all the dumb lines. these bay neighborhood is cleaning up this morning after store trees there came crashing down to check out the massive oak tree that fell over on the street here. impanel an avenue of cross/this automated neighborhood sully's half a dozen trees fall. trees down the entire block bottle grows trees and eucalyptus trees when picked up and they start to mowings to collecting toys. and this is
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a clean one of us hear the trees splinters missed my neighbor's house about 10 ft.. hard catchup workers busy yesterday restoring power is what's left of a home, scar she came home much jury sitting on top of the roof. with everything clear when she saw the damage >> : since side or the tree uprooted. enceinte the base of a tree. and so a
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homeowners association sod troubles clean for hours. within the brain sidewalk. here's some damage of the peninsula and the fire department bring others followed tree limb going right through the windshield of this car and continue to follow the latest is from denver on the bay area new damage happening this morning parches the line the parade
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bridge traffic will be moving smoothly on this new year's eve morning. >> :
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news to continue it tracking closure hero, and all royale burning gain your broadway now are both attraction shut down by downed tree and the estimated time of reopening a 11 this morning. likely be better off using to 81 no one inside of all camino this morning. >> : artichokes at the waterfront best place to do it. as evidence and the weather cold temperatures tonight yesterday's strong winds lot of people up the sidewalks here and then offensive set up to keep people from fall falling in
7:40 am
the bay. fire works launched from the barges on the bay. >> : the bill we less lending. people >> : margrave you be ready for big crowds loader are already sold out >> : texas companies sold have businesses sold off a company's debt over fighting back of rainier's even a mobile apps let's see book calves _ phone offering a flat fee of $10 and as long as a book your ride through the gap application >> : it and bus fare texas competitors when demand is high on year's eve search pricing goes into up and never drive home cost around
7:41 am
a hundred dollars >> : nears a lesser one the busiest days ever and the company as off operating a lot more study now you can use them in two runs in 60 cities across world that's up from 66 last year has up highestubert betwween 12;30- 2;30 new years day so cold conditions of your heading up the embarcadero mid-40s redman night. frexze >> : closer look in new year's eve forecasts and highlighting the weekend and returned
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is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ fled here from marlins. maryland cup be up and i came by stanford running the ball game 45 to 21. watching the wends phallus starting to die down and with ... cold temperatures. and
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bitterly cold temperatures talk temperatures in the upper 20s overnight. a lot of folks out about this, where timing the only nine of the year people back to step that light put it to dry conditions not too bad still dealing with what a wind in higher elevations concord below freezing out severances cannot too bad a 45 degrees and a full offer for five is on the south bay. so little bit breezy of their not as bad as will experience less night but still went to 28 mi. an hour long coastline half moon bay where were seeing a when julie pick up bread now 14 mi. an hour winds over in fairfield. and now the wind advisory expires as well at 12:00 in talk mccollum conditions in the afternoon of the sunshine but poison going to be called locations only messing up the upper 40's that includes any of pleasanton 52 high today in
7:46 am
hayward 57 up nappa. beginning at the never fog rises in the tech for much the bay area below one exception san francisco. will be too bad heading in the city but fireworks. but this is extending to o'clock thursday morning and we see temperatures upper 20s for some protective valets and talking about subfreezing temperatures several hours this concern will be upset and says it plans to have in your yard and pets you want bring them inside this morning. frost will dominate the bay area waking up in the first day of 2015. maintained recognitions and won't see any weather for the state. the trade off really cool temperatures will continue for the next several days and have been checking said moss under raindrop and site early next week will see warmer conditions for low 60s afternoon highs under par likely conditions. the timer now 946 roads right now with george not >> :
7:47 am
which check this, and burlington and oxen in royale confirms now the actual closure is in burlington at broadway. bulls northbound southbound lane strip down between broadway,. also at other closure of near boulevard el camino in south san francisco. and tracking the ride the bay bridges at wind advisories in effect for most of the bay area bridges like here the bay bridge link fully the note back up the light. when the advisory in place for 92 san mateo bridge ride again let traffic here as well as for the golden gate bridge and while there have been reports of gusty conditions you can see that there how briskly moving there are no official advisers here at the richmond bridge you're right on highway 580 westbound. let enough right now there are no backups to richmond on interstate 580 westbound.
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>> : the ball drops in times square to my pleas working to make sure that their celebrations will be saved to buy video from inside nypd command center. they expect to a million people during in the new year in times square. police say they received any specific threats will be patrolling the car city by air and sea on the grounds >> : 2014 bay area sports a big year special giants team coarsening as third world series this in just five years and lime san francisco 2014 postseason run ended with a new baseball diamond
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and now from catalina island where several boats have overturned because of strong ones now moving down the southern part of the state.
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is in view from sydney australia 2015 where were seeing three hours ago when half million people the other along sydney harbour attack all and in sydney opera house there the bottom left-hand side of the screen of the fireworks. then they zealand first place on the world to go out the 2015 with a burst of fireworks and the sky. onto o'clock in
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the morning our time. and celebration continues here is the day continues every hour over bring you another spot on world is a ring in the new year live look out of beijing preparing during in the new year and just about four minutes from now from one part this is their doings here because hoping to close 2022 and the winter olympics of the medals here including figure skaters her olympic gold medalist and famous pianist also perform a few minutes here >> : lost a home not got celebrate your 7 cisco watch your own year's eve live show. join catherine mackinnon. and george russ for new year's live party starts on 3 tonight kill
7:57 am
the fire show here in san francisco and a dealing with the cold weather the wind. just turning it to a tune and a channel for some light for new year's eve party more coming up after the break >> :
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stopping a year's leave to you with the ringing in the near year on the world
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celebrations from beijing and various see the 20156 seconds away in beijing and widespread pictures showing up earlier also reindeer and 2015 t u. had cut a field back medalist green and 20 to 15 bay area looking for to our nears the celebration began ready for the bitterly cold temperatures and concern so bad so breezy not as bad yesterday. and in the new year with the faa's advisory very exciting stuff here in the bay area temperatures will continue to drop all heading home and then dealing with the coldest temperatures of the season expecting numbers a drop in
8:01 am
the upper 20s small morning. the current conditions pretty chilly concord right now freezing 39 san jose san francisco however pretty mild 47 degrees. still when the author 20 mi. per hour sustained winds half moon bay 14 fairfield not nearly as bad overnight are rissole people having gus than 60 mi. per hour. an advisory to all this afternoon talk about the possibility of down trees power lines. the on this afternoon big story will be the bitterly cold temperatures close look at just local will get in your neighborhood coming up in my next report. >> : even following number of incidents all of which weather wind related into locations. ocarina roy l. peninsula's morning at broadway both directions down between broadway and palm. not on land shot down.
8:02 am
in one of the southbound lanes with that. again both of these cases and power outage affecting north beach fishermans wharf telegraph hill parts of russian how signal lights not gone along columbus day and beach and when you encounter intersection lights are out treated as a for with stock. regardless of how it was signaled originally bay bridge was bound light traffic high winds high wind advisory in place this morning for most of the bay area bridges certainly here at the san mateo bridge along the dumbarton bridge as well. >> : team coverage of the storm blowing through damage widespread around the bay area and around the state
8:03 am
down tree causing problems on the peninsula day later pg&e crews caltrans still busy trying to remove to a huge trees coming down around 630 last night as you can see the right in front not hearing of any major injuries to anyone but this section here seller of the broadway a hundred block of communal royale shutdown and will be shut down throughout the morning as they continue to try to restore power and only the section here those people without power and the tree came down condemn pretty hard some people still inside not evacuated as the conceive after this is over a half ago and at the entrance and possibly stay there and long term. meantime talk about powerhouses affecting people. bring in the met for than ski lives on this on our here. all on the kron 4
8:04 am
morning ears adjust the camera here. look outside analysts sought one fallen tree dark at the time or up there to the head and knocked down. a the her the snap then let's what off. the issues in my freezer fridge/have to the run the abortion store this morning and brought so i suspect what did up there is there with us and then you for showing us was rear porches why it took the microphone
8:05 am
from my hand and a good guy for spending time with us right now less of to see a pickup in the good news is our before we went on air: to expect have power restored possibly 0 around noon. >> : san jose cleaning up a tree if all the wrong apartment building on seven trees boulevard before fire started came down last night around it o'clock knocking out power to the entire complex and the man who lives there should decide to try to cut the tree up himself and went inside beckham his home and found his christmas tree had caught fire. >> : does this to people at him and his remains one person transported for solution. comment team coverage continues and
8:06 am
like all live in concord bring up damage their >> : of look yearlong of his thoughts about a grant street word just in the past half hour at&t repair crews city crews all right here on the scene quite domestically up this morning. see large tree crashed and taking out overhead wires and over here step at&t utility pole and half and not just sitting there on top of a parked pickup truck to homes this morning without power cord and the pga me consider the temperatures here in concord and 30 this morning. the crew is very busy over the past 24 hours of lost up to nearly 10,000 people across without power this morning as result of the when storms cut residents plotted damage >> : very windy cold such trees falling over a big tree falling run the park and guesses one fell to an
8:07 am
upstart cable for a little while. the month piccinni to homes to have power in this neighborhood there are still quite good mess to clean up crews arrive here unless half-hour in the meantime restaurant close here test may temper when this will reopen has a long >> : coming up the kron 4 more news snow bakersfield to apply skidding hat hard by cold temperatures in picking people across the state cousteau working to recover their age of flight 8501 what slip on so far
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to the tilt bridge traffic very light this morning as it is all other bridges most aldrich's this morning like this one have high wind at the advisers against and on the next on kron 4 more news at cold weather creating traffic mess for drivers across parts of california how many drivers got stranded in snell in
8:11 am
southern california >> : people in u.s. watched the interview what about people in north korea how what activists is planning to estimate the film there >> :
8:12 am
8:13 am
new the bay area brought us win the came to dry picked up some moisture and mutt
8:14 am
bakersfield. it surf flying yesterday afternoon sun just a little else other and just enough for the kids to make snowballs and the three drivers of the rescue of the strand of course no highway 138 san bernardino mountains and the storm system brought us the strong winds >> : now snow survey of the year was conducted yesterday numbers are disappointing once again members of the broader resources now survey made short thread that connects the sierra tahoe how are doing when it comes to the snowpack and it was underwhelming. currently 22 in. the snow pack your about 1/3 of where we should be. of course so other appear very important and the snowpack important for water
8:15 am
everywhere in california. us or sarah is doing better than appear 50% half of where we should be. we need a lot more to go >> : really need of more storms to even catch up to average averages not gonna be enough to break the drought. >> : tracking some very cold temperatures selling and over next couple days a look at your forecast then house nears the looking. prickled hope everyone has their extra layer on because he can't away with a party dress tonight pot not hold mess temperatures of the season and right now so preconditions and mixing the air around not as cold as we experience the next 24 hours. to go out here chile concord freezing mark san jose right now at 39 degrees above 40 is living a house in san francisco. when a factor sustained winds in
8:16 am
fairfield 23 for half moon bay area and as low when the on the coast especially high relation but the wind will continue as we had in the afternoon and advisory expires at noon. come conditions very cold conditions later on today out has ranged from upper '40's upper 50s. nappa 57 san 48 nanny at 41 pleasanton end of 50s on tap for this afternoon south base of 52 degrees north would city. once again celebrating your heading back home were heading for a timeout bring in an elite new year with fog advisory at midnight 15 to 9:00 this the morning see temperatures such a drop in the repertoire 20s our price of 33 area pop and on the screen in the case or talking about freezing temperatures possibility and the like ping-pong east a shoreline toward the red pencil in the kits or talk about faucet the advisory. several hours of subfreezing
8:17 am
temperatures and the grievous concern sensitive planting we have here for and keep in mind bring in the pets back indoors with temperatures below the freezing mark. maintain track conditions for the state temperatures below zero and tahoe. will be able make plenty of fresh powder and won't see much fog no systems in our direction. extended forecast shows will keep on the brisk show conditions and the weekend off afternoon highs 60s as we have an early next week >> : to continue to monitor some on the peninsula, norway all trees blocking millions in two separate locations the first here in burlington and where between broadway palm the roadway as close both directions. and then sells them francisco no. bottom- line struck down from hickey to the mission boulevard oneself on land affected there. in an amended
8:18 am
advisory in effect for the bridges with light traffic all around the bay area. now the usual back up delays either at the bridges or on the freeway. high wind advisory here as wells and 92 for the san mateo bridge. with changeable message signs that the all morning. and the golden gate bridge the signs are not on did a good sized area of the wind but all you have to do is take a look at the flag and then draw us how it got see it as an and the richmond bridge into marin county very strong crosswinds here at the stampede to the the advisers been issued for here as well. >> : search for the missing asia plane in the battling bad weather as the search for more of the flight 85 on pieces of debris and several bodies so far but hundred 62 passengers crew members on board and only seven bodies found
8:19 am
>> : indonesia officials say some are located planned one official says if the planes is a lodge at the bottom of. oilers douglas it and right now crews have found the bodies of the aircraft >> : washington state mannerless gives passengers on the plane heard about his wife's those passengers and found the same not just him but both parents early close uncle has told family >> : support crews recovered 10 bodies looking for more and the jealousy and more debris. renault ambulances at the airport wait for more bodies to arrive. and taken to hospital for identification >> : tag on says sen five prisoners from the u.s. prison long, obeid 2 covets tommy for resettlement. two men from yemen and three
8:20 am
from to nietzsche this comes after guantanamo taskforce determined men and then goes of the security threat in this move advances the present obama is " increasing number of people call it have there. this been going on for years now that the five men are leaving 127 people remain mequon, del. gore's security force rao entered a us is controlled town in northern iraq. common state militants control the town for several months iraq fifth mechanized division moisten members u.s. air support altogether and recapture the area. u.s.-led coalition carrying out air strikes against license since august >> : a sultry activists launch balloons carrying tv is so sunny the interview toward north korea. controversial a star in south robin james franco assassination attempt
8:21 am
on condoned. there shall uphold movie from theaters. after hackers threatened to attack moviegoers in the u.s. company later decided ago and released on line. this start dropping hundred thousand tvs and ust is of the filming north korea late next month. >> : back here the bay area said the pennsylvania robert caught in san mateo police this man here walked in the bank's south of communal royale ls week. had a gun and all money in the drawer. concerned father then called police brought roses son who lives across the street from a bank. he was arrested and booked in a trail of the robber pleaded not guilty >> : kron 4 morning news recalling 38,000 vehicles cause the problem details coming up >> : for a live look outside like conditions traffic across the bay bridge on wednesday
8:22 am
morning sunny but cold up there more details coming up >> : for
8:23 am
8:24 am
now this morning volkswagen recalling about 38,000 cars because of a fuel leak and the engine that may cause a
8:25 am
fire recall covers 20142015 model years of volkswagen beetle jet of the sock and 20 16 mi. of all dti national highway transport traffic demonstrations as drivers might find dozens of those cars when you do smell gas and chronic power control would take the vehicle to a dealer of the to for free so far no accidents or injuries >> : such as a police defending action of the officer tented rest of us suspected run driver capture some video. shows violence struggled to an officer to women of laudable reports. police say officer was was well within his rights. airline this initial to scale back in september of 27 was a police officer tried to arrest a woman for allegedly struck his car repairs allman did express my
8:26 am
highway 87 and left the scene. >> : call the vehicle again and ready adolescents by description put out information to dispatchers. somebody could get there complied the stop and go and have an exchange information. >> : call please self that pd. airline its recently posted video online one thing clearly see the man identifying himself as san jose police officer. and be heard calling the person shooting the video to call 911 >> : clear the tide the identify and soft as well as the video telling him the two suspects to was a police officer and what caught >> : sphere second woman getting involved before officer gives up on the arrest balls coming back in the car and then drive away. both eyes
8:27 am
rights and go ahead on affects the rest of the time period. he was doing please a man once said of the story here so far but the d.a. office says nonetheless rushed to issue arrest warrant for sisters of loss costs for assaulting a police officer hit and run and resisting arrest both women remained at large in san jose >> : saw had team coverage damaging winds continue to look at the issue is creating mill valley and other parts of the bay area more americans applied for unemployment at this last week when analysts are saying about the state of our cut the coming months what look outside golden gate bridge for light traffic a lot of folks are off on this year's leave day. forecast
8:28 am
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♪ ♪ hersy'spres.brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing - everhing. th hshe's spreads, thpossibilits ardelious.
8:30 am
tracking chilly conditions also some wind out there. but in new year's eve forecast and lime using its " right now until tomorrow morning talking what a close readings of the season thus far don't to be wrong it's chilly up there concord freezing still maintaining a low '40's on and tell fairfield's. up arthur's up the door center rows of 45 degrees right now oakland. chilly start your wednesday morning and there's still a higher elevation or near the deep when us $6 an hour. rissole loss nine and take a look at the afternoon to into the upper 40's upper 50s. chile a calm weather losses on try and santa
8:31 am
rosa 5648 year high in livermore and los 50s to help himself by 54 danton's death francisco >> : we do the freeze watch and frost advisory into effect at midnight. elegancies a call out about celebrating the new year. tonight and tell my o'clock tomorrow morning. we are talking about possibility of temperatures mid-20s low '30's. in bill below below freezing for several hours top of the effects of the holiday weekend forecast coming up in 15 minutes >> : colada when very little traffic this morning and that pretty much sums up all traffic story not talking unusual back a place incidents earlier this morning one in particular back up the arrive in the state 80 long gone. 48 minute minute commute time for berkeley and having the bay bridge you notice exceptionally light traffic meeting lights worn even on for an instant today. likely
8:32 am
won't be for quite awhile to the rest of midday and there are however still high wind advisories for most bay area bridges including sematech a bridge where the changeable message signed active all morning long devising of the wind advisory and the need gusty conditions here at the golden gate bridge not under official blessing of the dumbarton bridge is the this country >> : to coverage continues to serve differencing on the bay area of this country is causing problems lie everywhere. then kron 40 trans live right now >> : burlingame it's been a very busy overnight pg&e itself and crews. as it tried remove to a huge eucalyptus trees fifth hundred years old and came diagnosed. pit >> : 630 and then you conceive a cruise on the cherry pickers
8:33 am
right now trying to restore power. and the section of they hundred a communal riots south of broadway and not hard member. but public couple hundred people and publisher be restored next couple of hours >> : of these crews here there's no traffic going through the once piccinni finishes caltrans will release this road back to the public as the concern driving to this location talk to some people this morning and they say not a big deal got a problem what people have today off the >> : but they are scrambling to make sure their filth will be okay and won't completely thought out before they're used for all power and the war about it and piccinni told me they should be done right around new >> : having an hour out of the
8:34 am
ballots yesterday afternoon. said pat traffic backed up after the cross all lanes on wise to allow the entry took down car line across and he sees your cause an oil spill out on the road. northland was hard but we talked with us as physicians in realize the so in the til she zealotry coming down >> : is a huge crashed but it landed on a car. does getting in and was watching the trade just fell down. it landed on all the wires and then the concern sparking lotto's live but as a foil. if they're they're cleaning up after several trees came crashing down check out the mess of oak tree of all over in the street. see happen on callan at >> : around 8:00 last night. on a neighborhood saw i may have a dozen trees fall yesterday >> : and winds brought down trees across the peninsula are on the entire bay area look at this picture sematech i share fire department. what
8:35 am
this tree limb through the windshield of a parked car. dealing with this morning or americans applied for unemployment benefits last week but the number of applications still historically low level. that's a good sign the economy will keep growing in your departments as applications for it on clement benefits went up and also rose applications for job listings aid stayed relatively low lately which suggests some players holding on to staff and new hiring new workers >> : for solomon's employers added 2.6 5 million new jobs highest total since 1999 >> : dow over 18000 mark ubr planning first busiest
8:36 am
area can expect to pay for a lot. and then winds very damaging for tree is also proving too much for this flight barry university of maryland details coming up after the break >> :
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
when the water from the bay to the sidewalk metal fencing now in place hundreds of dolphins of people expected to cram onto the market there ought to watch fireworks extravaganza a far slosh from the barges out in the bay fact the organizers hoping for us when tonight. airline 4000 devices to overfishing and.
8:40 am
>> : and if you want great view retender the bridge on a great spot garry for cries watter bar already employ a cab for a flat fee. mobile app would shut see book calves when offering a flat rate as long as the boat to the apps. and once again free ride a within san francisco for fares up to $35. and 2,000,001 writer's tonight. and the new year's eve last year of the busiest days ever and this year is no exception. uber says of rights tonight could be over a hundred dollars and over says avoiding arrive between 1230 into 30. and if you are a foot high prices saying get the right right after the ball drops or swayed to see after word the
8:41 am
arrive home >> : coming up on morning news big deer fur hat back at some highlights with >> : five look here the going can seeing someone deconditions clear skies out there and light his condition was with the
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
looking back the kron 4 more news every passing year technology changing 2015 should be no down from a lot of innovation coming up for on the bay area kron 4 here to show make sure you stay caught off >> : . >> : give slaked kron for my tech beat is to keep it simple short clear. technology so confusing and intimidating try to break down with easy to understand started eight years ago the for a reduction of the i phone those historical moment and technology i was there was steve jobs of they'll live on onstage 2007 the size of the beautiful on the palm of hand >> : a pot phone internet cricketer >> : never forget that no one knew what he meant at the time and surf the web vodafone wanted to. then i phone on a dime of the smart phone market change our
8:45 am
lives. but what first came out there is a lot of skeptics by too difficult election of a phone call more multimedia device and a central fund >> : first year the phone caller doubt one gadget came up around the time watter blows enticement found allies as must it be the next big thing i did not take off >> : mobile a million of bias it's very simple five it only lets you read and send e-mail that says it paid semi products was nice every week sanskrit lot of it out as an try to show people the sauce to improve their life is >> : riding a bike to be terrified terabytes to the self balancing bicycle. periscopic forest by changing the direction they're a by truck and learn a writer as little as an
8:46 am
actor named. like showing off things make your life enjoyable convenient like the website willow officers and nine convenience nba will operate at much lower cost than traditional personal printer >> : willow a web site: tipple schedules 36 team and work out a personal trainer area of the a chat. next gadget for four years ago so my all-time favorite >> : -son or to battle a trend of sit sleep phones in bed speaker is woven in the super soph stretchy headband. wire version table will run team is acquire wireless luted version if you prefer no cable. they can help with wade relieve stress puppy falls naturally without the use of drugs and lime showcase what news comes of the future it technology not out on the
8:47 am
market yet but could be soon and change the way we do things eli coral smart phone where a light wave bendable flexible schedule proved shatterproof water resistant >> : not a concept products special affects many of us israel could be on the market within one year. look for additional any new technology should coming up and hacked to live as walls hearing from you like to see covered send me your ideas fend man twitter acted sleigh or on facebook or send me an e-mail >> : when he had become " a bear. diversity of maryland last night f foster farms with a stadium. and they're having a tough time with the wind. heavyset time adding insult and injury maryland losing a
8:48 am
game stanford 45 to 21 if with a forecast with erica >> : up to 60 mi. per hour. and certainly diminishing. a special and a higher elevation right now temperature pretty much bottomed out concord freezing mark and leaving the house in san jose to san francisco a mild in comparison 49 degrees. lots of sunshine clear conditions and still dealing meth preconditions about lunchtime will wind advisory will expire for the bay area. the afternoon conditions and on the cool side. upper 50s from the area of enhancing up 48 degrees 57 for oakland center rosa high 56 and 54 downtown san francisco >> : lot of folks out celebrating
8:49 am
the new year and catch the fire work. good news is talking about clear conditions for fireworks during the aborted their all but bad news is once we bring in the year we bring in this logic fossilize rate beginning in that session o'clock thursday morning temperatures drop the mid- 20s low '30's and you conceive that indicated by the hot color on the screen there with foster rise three into effect for less temperatures below freezing and make sure you protecting sensitive plans to have in your yard and bring in prison doors. satellite radar, shows clear conditions not only of the bay area but most of state. if that remains the case to have descended models not arrange job in sight for less than seven days. pre close temperatures is ahead of weekend but as a head early next with back to work for many of us to look for afternoon highs beckham low 60s import like quality conditions treelined tell what was happening obento
8:50 am
holders at snow bombed out comes the report. norstar 3 in. of new powder in the last 24 hours is a 24 in.. manages the news now for malraux's of the base of 23 and heading up the all time and time adult for long weekends they have 45 in. >> : pretty quiet morning here in the morning commute not centuries down along with the upcoming all right out. skip the visor is most bay area bit ridges this morning the bay bridge especially along with the dumbarton bridge. highway 92 san mateo bridge traffic is light as it is here at less risk of bumping another vehicle. 92 right on highway 92 and bridge. changeable message size will be active all morning long here's a look of the golden gate ride 1 01 north on soft on very light traffic here. no delays
8:51 am
through boring a what no one ride in summer and the richmond bridge. advisory employes here especially along mid span where the vest advisory conditions are pretty high. tracking ride as we mentioned along the mid peninsula there is a tree down. in south san francisco but along outcome me know at hickey boulevard its loss the northbound lanes. and another tree is down in berlin gained kron 4 will trend in on the scene of stating it. all together restore its roughly reopened opened by 11. hope to have power restored by noon with the trees when they came down they also took some power lines down with them. >> : >> : -and preparations underway at the moment police are working to make sure celebrations are set for tonight and video from inside the command center organizers said a expecting a million people to come in the near times square. and
8:52 am
they have never received any threats. there will be patrolling the city by rca and on the ground. >> : coming up on the kron 4 more news coming down in 2016. parts of the war already bringing in the new year taking a look at the celebration on the world. level outside 7 tel bridge and a very light traffic all on the bay area. on this wednesday morning get ready for closer to the cheers have in this way. >> :
8:53 am
8:54 am
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a proper house on your screen will 0.5 million people get along sydney harbor for the display was the suppressive impressive display in new zealand won the first places entered 2015 and in press the fireworks here person the sky others break of celebrations expected as the continued to go the biggest party in places like regional tear narrow here city >> : live look from the vatican celebrating the new year of zero presses thanksgiving boston this morning as the your right for the new year few hours from now watching oscillations through ceremonies right thing klystron the world bringing in local live celebration
8:57 am
starting tonight at 1130 bring fireworks were set francisco and apartments from the bay.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>> erica: perhaps some down power lines the biggest the resilience of the new year's celebrants said the cold temperatures on the way the tile freezing it is going to be in the near grammar and my next report. >>george: the continue-a very light traffic extremely welcome this is around the bay area even though you are talking about when to bring off because still see them very much in the evidence at the flags at the golden gate bridge and the sea its fee still has advisory's in place for here at the bay bridge also for the richmond bridge this morning christina's even the dumbarton bridge as a wind advisory along with highway 92 and the trip across the san mateo bridge again we see very light traffic here all morning long but the winds are still some of that the advisory have been up on the changeable message signs >>george: the winter of continue to wreak havoc with trees around the bay area
9:02 am
and as a consequence pyrolize one of those locations was tear on the peninsula and burlingame and kron 4 as well has more on that. >>mark: covers continuing list goes to will. >>will tran: a very busy overnight for pg&e crews as well as caltrans and the reason why we talk about the trees look at that one of two eucalyptus trees a hundred years old i talk to some of the tree experts out there they said is just the rules were too old they are writing that when on and they were not enough to withstand all of the strong winds that can down at around 630 last night and when it went down and took with is some power lines fortunately only this section here this is the a her the block of el camino real just south of broadway. if >>will tran: the sex in this clause power the hours
9:03 am
should be restored >>will tran: from the roofs of and walking around the homeowner still inside and of course good to have so many people out here doing work they have to shut off the roadway for the next few hours the soap will was to restore power is probably affect a few dozen or few hundred people then they will reopen the very busy road. >>mark: the root system is weakened from the drought. if >> reporter: crews are planning of this tree that's found an apartment builder on seven trees boulevard just before fire started it
9:04 am
came down last at around 8:00 p.m. knocking out power for this entire complex a man who live there decided to try to trip himself in when he went back inside of his home he found that it is christmas tree caught on fire for a key in this place to people because will be announcing approval of in this way. >>mark: the bart service is backed up and running as normal this morning service in hayward in south hayward was down temporarily after this huge tree came crashing down >> reporter: the wind blew debris on service was disrupted between 24 st. mrs. statement and san francisco that city but
9:05 am
again and is back to normal this morning >>mark: >> reporter: edge of the sea over the past hour the key a large city came crashing down yesterday afternoon to consider where sasson says not only did the crash but also to down several utility lines in at&t crews are here on the same look and to replace some of the utility pole this nafta. this happened yesterday afternoon and pg&e to homes or without power this morning the tree fell at all for caucus i the of the high wind gust landing on topple since he
9:06 am
and for selling all this pickup truck that has why isn't on top of his frustrated this is his demands his own has this morning that as much of saw can do nothing at all i can wait for the city that it's a long they're supposed to clean it last night but they didn't. >> reporter: their hour to remove the tree >> reporter: bay area is on
9:07 am
presence in the a really cold temperatures will have snow to parts of the state and sea cows infected people crews are still working to recover its a flight 85 01 with a council far and wide there's some debate among rescue crews in the battle against ices militants continue to the government said it had taken over at the nysa's controlled town and i rep. how they were able to capture that town. hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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>>mark>>george: track and accident san ramon valley 06 a southbound at crow canyon road involve the is one vehicle this overturn what is over on the shoulder not blocking any lanes only a brief slowdown for the stock lost 680 ride. >>mark: close and the cleaning up for the past 24 hours and castro valley command lucky to be alive the you're sitting as this fall of a trick that they say still all a man here in the raiders jacket the tree toppled over here at the willow park golf club this is an task of rally in and around 1130 yesterday morning and the new pictures is that kron 4 news room
9:11 am
live wires there it was a lot in them 45 last night because of all the power outages took pg&e crews eight hours to respond. about 300,000 people statewide were without power and one finds time about a hundred 80,000 alone here in the bay area and the part of our storm coverage. it is in the fall was the breaking news. >> erica: if you're heading into san francisco to celebrate the new year clear view conditions for the fireworks temperatures in the mid-40s we do have glossaries watch some sauce and dries to talk about as into the first official day of 2015 i have for these is on their return. veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. ♪ ♪
9:12 am
if u wa it go t anget ♪
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9:14 am
>>mark: welcome back. some of which lie in a study yesterday afternoon as most in just a little with the side of the roadway and the phillies for some kids to make snowballs and bakersfield and then with the same storm of 130 shares had been rescued and giving stranded in about a foot of snow on highway 138 is in december and in a mountain >> erica: talk and laugh pretty frigid temperatures these numbers are starting
9:15 am
to climb so in the 7:00 hour conference and 32 degrees 49 in downtown san francisco 43 given out in san jose when is a factor this morning not as strong as last night but there is getting strong so we're talking about the coolest air sent out to the ground the will only continue to diminish as a his to the afternoon we do have a one adviser in effect of the bay area until much time in the we are talking about conditions to emerge as a lover for a to low 50s the distilleries in hayward to have low fifties for lower peninsula and 48 degrees beginning at midnight leon fireworks when i've done
9:16 am
something about the bay is that frigid temperatures fall stilicho much of a loss of freezing temperatures and several hours to assure the second class are sensitive outside and i should bring their pets and doors. if >> erica: held a satellite and radar tracking this is i've been checking dixon the model not raindrop in sight will make some biddable recovery as we headed to the weekend afternoon highs as minister early next week >>george: with this is a monster very good conditions even here in san ramon with an accident on six a softball and croquet year- old is on the shoulder of mercy vehicles were blocking some of the right-hand lanes but there is not much of a delay if they the drive times are about 1618
9:17 am
minutes down to tell the come out walnut creek 06 a southbound again no major back the scare you might be as a mentor to the late at the bridges will have when advisers in effect in very light traffic for those few that will be driving this morning that tear at the bay ridge also a 92 and san mateo bridge to the writing is about and was bound is the sea at a high-rise you experienced the golden gate bridge look at this flag here before the bat out several times this morning and it is an extreme out who really blowing here while there isn't and advisory for this bridge to the seed ever be subjected to wince as it will for the richmond bridge discussing admits been so high above the bay and even the lower deck will be affected by those gusting conditions. >> reporter: in world news they're battling bad weather today as they search for more remains from air asia
9:18 am
flight 8501162 passengers and crew members from more than a special report only a few bodies have been found this episode are indicated the plane official was about all the jousting with officials have since backed off that statement to in the body of the aircraft is not yet been discovered >> reporter: he first heard about his wife's bad is not just him but he was a really close all ago when a close family another pass on the plane since that test and sister and her brother and the way to take off from surabaya the family is heading to singapore to celebrate the new year by
9:19 am
midday wednesday cruzeiro recovered seven bodies fully expected to find more and the date on anonymous the with the arrival of more bodies to the tech to hospital for identification was also recovered debris as a question about the plane's location and not about what it crashed. >>mark: of the stores where fallen the pentagon say sf five prisoners from deny this is prison at guantanamo is after the guantanamo task force determined not all the security threat and is will advance his presence of almost to the has gone on for years that into an ice is controlled town in a rock his long stay mrs. they
9:20 am
have control over this town for mechanized division of a u.s. air support or to go to recapture the area that the cheering out air strikes against the ice is millicent says all this. >> reporter: volkswagen is recalling about 38,000 cars because the field in the engine may cause a fire the recall covers 2014 to 2015 model years of a volkswagen beetle jet of a sauce and 2 of 15 models of the gulf and tci. this is hours might to the gas inside of the vehicle if you do smell gas precede the electronic car patrol like turn on tech the car to a dealer in the one to fix it for you for free so far no reports of injuries or accidents and one of after cases are still historically low levels this
9:21 am
is a sign that the economy will keep growing at the cases on of the benefits they go about 17,000 last week and the week average applications even hiring new workers in the first 11 months of this year its wares at 246 5 million new jobs at the highest total since 1999 the wall street has a doubt a place just below the 18,000 mark. >> reporter: the video shows a violent struggle between the officer and two women but as mr. flatten or forced the officer was well within his rights. >> reporter: a bystander shot this cell phone bill
9:22 am
back on 79 as an off-duty san jose police officer tried to arrest the woman who allegedly struck his car the of the officer saw the vehicle in a 10 to go ahead and try them as they get a description to the heat and add to get the to comply and stop so he can exchange information in the video on recently posted online one could clearly see and hear the man identified itself as a san jose police officer will also be heard calling to the person shooting the video to call 91 is for a cliff and revealed that he did identify himself on most occasions as well as the be all for state to suspend the he was a police officer and that he was a cop.
9:23 am
>> reporter: they admit that they only have one side of the story here rubble were made at large and san jose
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> reporter: he has been called by his own father san mateo police say this menu sea hero walk into a bag on south riyal as to he handed the teller a note saying the he had a gun and when all the money in the drawer the
9:27 am
father called police and that this is his son and his across the street from the bank the suspect was arrested and in jail he pleaded not guilty >>mark: will have the latest on the damage from the strong winds in the bay area and the powers to combat the outside as a second look at the bay bridge toll plaza lots of sunshine we stick to die down over the next few hours and the code is my so far in the season expected into our morning for new year's eve and new year's day.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> erica: will come back to the kron 4 morning news the time right now is a 29 we are focusing on commercial because it was a pretty chilly morning around the bay area concord dark to freezing weather and upper 40 right now however symphysis the 47th currently in oakland to the side of the '30's out the door in concord right now tim to are slowly but surely starting to climb and a ventilator
9:30 am
highs today will end up in the upper for supper fifties ties like this in your neighborhood 54 for vallejo open to the hitting a high of 57 degrees below 50 down in the south bank we are talking about pretty chilly morning his presence in the first official day of 2015 we never force advisory ineffectual 9:00 tomorrow morning and a love interest in the four has come up a 945. >>george: whenever saw the leader relies activating we have not seen any backed up the we have seen the wind advisory in effect all morning long and persists here at the bay bridge toll plaza and for most of the bay area bridges this morning even the dumbarton bridge have an advisory and courteous and vanessa rich as well as is also this
9:31 am
terracing exceptionally light traffic no battles or delays on either end are in either direction >> reporter: pg&e crews have been scrambling to try restore power after all the damage done because of the ferocious winds action froze have been called an pg&e says they have 1500 people out scattered across the bay area and directing down line like this one and mill valley. at one point there are hundred and 87,000 customers without power according to pg&e some crews are still out tackling problems especially on fallen debris now have been restored to marin county residents napa and sonoma county a stouffer said a
9:32 am
pg&e crews are focusing their efforts now disannul and is to restore power to those in the north bay. >> reporter: no. they did some the worst damage is today and apple--napa >> reporter: this is what the damage was light and not the the woman inside who is in her 80s according to neighbors was not hurt the but covered in dust fortunately she was ok it came straight across the entire house like a thousand have to the evening she walked into the area with a tree fell in area that is still a danger zone through the darkness to conceive the damage to homes read that because is redwood tree is
9:33 am
still standing there are fears a could fall on a nearby home at any time with this is some of the damage and apple history came crashing into this car industry fell on the truck in the area witnesses said the wins were more than dusting it was very very when the owls will is there to the outside to be honest killed his four homes have been ransacked and not all family fortunate that it did not close our house am terrified that it might not really grateful that our neighbor is safe. it is still when here and at the city on located directly across from home that was crossed by veteran the homeless to saw in this story there they're the reason for that their redwood tree that we talk about it still standing.
9:34 am
>> reporter: but could come down anytime >>mark: not to mill valley if you're headed other areas today there runs a major detoured it was back of after a large tree fell across all lines of traffic on lake del avenue the trip to the power lines because will to spell out on the road no was hurst's we spoke to someone who says she did not realize it was so windy into saw the trickle-down to watch a tree falls down and land on all the wires this but its parking fit >> reporter: a massive oak tree that fell over on kaelin avenue crown 7:00 last night this alameda neighborhood.
9:35 am
>> reporter: is a lot of old-growth trees a lot eucalyptus trees to the wind picked up and they started tumbling is in pretty interesting about five minutes ago level courtyard between 34 village of the his the entering this is our timmy this to appear the trees planted to miss my neighbor's house about 10 ft. this is what is left will she came home the tree was sitting on top of the roof was she saw the damage
9:36 am
it crossed the hood of the vehicle to give the prospective i'm 5 ft. 11 standing at the base of the tree adjutancy the route is now more than 10 ft. off the ground the seventh trade bill is somewhat less libri off the streets and sidewalks and have not figured out if the tree was rotten >>mark: it felt like to windshield of his car. in idaho woman shot and killed at a wal-mart will tell you
9:37 am
why the shooting could have been prevented it is a lot of the outside we have chilly temperatures on the way. life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
9:38 am
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dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. ♪ ♪ if u wa it go t anget ♪ life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
9:40 am
>>george: accidence of about on the shoulder no longer providing any delays to the south since a riot between walnut creek and dublin have a complete check straight ahead. >> reporter: and national news of a woman shot and killed inside of an idaho wal-mart the trigger for by her two-year old son. >> reporter: they guard the interests of the hated warmer at the unthinkable happened on a post christmas shopping trip the woman
9:41 am
several kids were in the electronics section to trick him as the firm would witnesses saw the film of victim shot here will happen next unimaginable from 82 accessed a concealed weapon that was inside of the victims first and discharge is tracking the victim is out mother died in the store wal-mart has been close to the day and grief counselors will be on hand for employees the store in evacuating as a precaution is a pretty tech is the right now that we are dealing with the woman and her family were visiting the area for the holidays investigators from seen all afternoon processing the scene of such as scene >> reporter: to, haoles
9:42 am
after christmas. sinecure tragic as accident >>mark: will be right back into kron 4 morning news continues loss of sunshine when starting tonight near warmer creek track is very light 0680 north southbound.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: the final snow survey is conducted in the numbers are disappointing >> reporter: with the snow coming down sideways in the snow survey made a short track right next to see aristotle when it comes to the snowpack and it was underwhelming currently we're at about 22 in. of snow back here that is about a third of were we should be of course the water appears very important in the snowpack they're reinforcing for water everywhere else
9:46 am
for this year is doing better than appear 50 percent have a worm should be still we need a lot more to go rubble to need a lot of storms the sea because of its average. and average is not going to be enough to break the drought. >> reporter: they're not talking about a lot of snow on this year's no ski report in just a moment the very cold temperatures if you're hitting the tahoe and back tomorrow we're talking about to below zero critical condition tear in the bay area as well a slow but surely the numbers are starting to climb pronounced still pretty chilly at 3949 san francisco santa rosa right now you're getting out to 43 degrees >> erica: the wind will continue to subside were pretty, conditions. it will
9:47 am
be cold little to the of the 40's and 50's for the high. presents a very cold 49 lead on this afternoon at 51 degrees in san jose and a lot of people will be out celebrating the new year clear conditions if you want to view those fireworks that illegal because it will be written in the new year with the freeze was in the faa's advisory extended until 9:00 tomorrow morning war with some of the cold as readings this season's thus far to subfreezing for several hours of a sure to protect your plants and can to bring them inside this one to be a cold night with the good news is to see a bad weather as we headed to the weekend selling and redder shows drive in this is where or to maintain that not a range of on-site >> erica: as we did bator on monday 06 is your afternoon high and problem data conditions still they
9:48 am
use a pretty cold temperatures around the area and is as we headed to the weekend that is a look at the bay area forecast the sec a look at our whole for the snowbound bought tom ski resort. nine into the fresh milk powder to iran now is 948. for >>george: as the continue to month's allied traffic from the variable wind advisory still in effect for most of the bay area bridges as we had all morning long here at the bay ridge we've also had is receive very light traffic and has not been any heavier than this december sale branson also still under an advisory here in with the change the golden gate bridge tech a look at
9:49 am
the flag will be monitoring all morning long efficacy which is blowing almost in line with the bridge so southpaw you be facing a head when all your way in which it could still get buffered and you'll hear on the wrist and rescind unfair bridge is the sea around mid span >> reporter: conspectus of the biggest tourism made headlines across the country in 2014 >> reporter: 80 michael brown of black and for for a similar was gunned down by one police officer in august in the weeks following his death ferguson so intense and sometimes violent protests on the streets was to defend his actions as self-defense a grand jury agreed in november and its decision led to new onerous and poses the ferguson and across the
9:50 am
country into in this letter in a separate is a grand jury and s.i. decide not to bring charges against white police officer and is so caught so-called death of eric garner. igniting the process nationwide the threat of violence was again became a reality and the worst possible place a school in a seattle washington suburb five students died including the gunman after he went on a murderous rampage the ldp committees saw simpson's marriage looked legalized. but kansas idaho and wyoming the practice is now legal in 35 states in the district of columbia is sensible another potential supreme court showdown. if >> reporter: 2014 was the year for some of america's
9:51 am
biggest forestry is to make news off the field in the film's bad the damage as a series of his players were accused in some convicted of domestic violence have led by baltimore ravens are rewrites knocking his wife of conscious and hotel other.. >> reporter: ms. of vehicles were recalled for minor of will to life-threatening the fax gm emitted that is the recall the faulty ignition switch at least 32 deaths have been tied to the switch the converse is a fund has been created for the families of victims >> reporter: this is a tragic problem the chair never happen and must never happen again perhaps the most recalls more anxiety despite impact in a very small few the threat of ebola the threat of the disease and millions of americans into a panic after a small group of people in the united states contracted it to people will fly very of the other from sierra leone have died after flying to the united states. >>mark: will be right back
9:52 am
as the kron 4 morning news continues their lead traffic at the bay ridge try to die down and built a lot of down trees.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> reporter: lakes superior state university has released this year's level of boards will benefit from the queen's english from its use of use and this uselessness. bae were most commonly used as a endearment. hack footy cray cray.. >>mark: if it is and whether that is a very cold temperatures tonight yes to that with the wins a lot from the bag a huddle
9:56 am
thousand people are expected to climb on the embarcadero to watch the fireworks to start at 1159 the fire to be launched from on the back and organizers hope will be less when it tonight. no rain no-fault clear skies a little cold we're already have about 5000 devices that will be going off. for >>mark: and if you want to have a great view the rest of the crowds the water board is already sold out.. music-- >>mark: with the five cops our sydney australia and impressive display over the sydney harbour bridge with viruses morning 5:00 a.m. our time was midnight and
9:57 am
sydney one half million people gathered along the harbor. new zealand on the first is in the rosa into 2015 >> reporter: have 05 or so as well other imprints the parties expect that as the continue with the biggest celebration are once the defense by rio de janeiro and in a city will be very cold wind chills and in the teens and time the ball drops in times square to your planning to stay home tonight you have to do with the crowds than us captain gary and george for our big new year's live show added impetus and i will bring you the fire or show live from send francisco to be a great party is a tradition every year >>mark: was a good place to watch it will be very cold tonight at the code is 9 of the season so far will you back here live tomorrow morning to start your new year at 4:00 a.m. have a great as a new year's eve
9:58 am
will see you tomorrow. 7
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