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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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staff nine year old kemuel and his big brother, 13 year old bubba were in the family suv waiting for their mom to take them to school on wednesday morning. the car i seen a fat man in the back, smoking by me and a skinny man in the front with a gun pointed at my brother. londel "bubba" smith carjacked
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me i was like, oh snap, time to get my brother and we went to the house i was crying because pointed the gun at me. mother of carjacked kids it happened right here in front of my house. what the heck? i've been here since 08 and nothing like this has happened before. jeff bush>>:the two car jackers took off down the street in the yukon but it is a dead endso the came back by the house.followed by a third latrice ya'll have my keys. i have to change the locks on my house and do all of that stuff. i just feel so incomfortable because that is my private space. you guys are here in front of my house committing these crimes and that is not coolpulling out a gun and pointing it at a 13 year old and punching a nine year old in the face. police did eventually catch two of the car jackers but a third i'm jeff bush at police headquarters, kron four news.
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pam moore>>: tonight. accused of sexually assaulting a child under the agepolice say, 38 year old fabian salazar.knew the victim. and assaulted the child over an approximate two month period. investigators arrested salazar at his home today. and booked him on several felony charges. one of the charges carries a possible prison sentence of 25- years to life. his bail is set at 2- million dollars. it happened just after one - o'clock this afternoon. a school bus.carrying special needs students. crashed into another vehicle in the city's sunset district. here you can see the bus that ran up and over the sidewalk. near the intersection of 41st and moraga. two people were injured in the they were transported to a local hospital. san francisco police are not at this time.
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hundreds of protestors stormed a bart board of directors meeting in oakland tonight. they chanted things like "black lives matter" as they filled the room and brought the proceedings to a halt. police had to forcibly remove some of the protestors from the the demonstrators had a specific list of demands for the board of directors. they want charges dropped against 14 protestors who chained themselves to bart trains during black friday demonstrations. the district attorney ultimately decides whether or not the protestors will be prosecuted. not the bart board of directors. across california, state health officials now confirm that there are 59 cases of measles. 42 of those are people who may have visited disneyland since
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december. in addition, 10 people from other states and mexico have come down with the disease. those cases have also been linked to disneyland. health officials are saying that 82% of those who have developed the disease had not been vaccinated for measles. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. new developments in "deflate- gate"
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the scandal surrounding the new the team is accused of deflating footballs in last sunday's a-f-c championship game. according to e-s-p-n eleven out of twelve game balls the patriots used sunday were underinflated. potentially giving them an edge with an easier grip. the n-f-l is investigating if it was intentional. or whether in san jose. a football team for at-risk youth had their equipment stolen. now they're wondering how they're going to be able to continue playing. the team is known as "the san jose hit squad." it's a bay area-wide, spring football organization for at- risk youth. they all of their football equipment inside a storage shed that was broken into overnight. several thousand dollars worth of helmets and pads are now missing.
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the team is hoping police will catch the thief, or generate enough donations to continue their season.
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veronica cascio was discovered at the sharp park golf course in pacifica, back in january 19-76. 17 -year old paula baxter of millbrae. was killed one- month later. the district attorney says. officials cannot seek the death penalty in these cases because it had been declared unconstitutional that year. only to be reinstated in 19-77. halbower is still considered a suspect in death of two other san mateo county teens. from around the same time period. those cases are still under investigation. san francisco police are addressing a controversial video some are calling a case of police brutality. this happened sunday in san francisco's visitacion valley neighborhood. police say they noticed people arguing,.and cited three people
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for having an open container.and one for obstructing an officer. the video appears to show an officer berating the man in the wheelchair for running over his foot. family members of the man say the officer over-reacted. s-f-p-d is investigating to see if the officers acting properly. but no officers have been named or placed on leave. reporter>>: temperatures running
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its one thing to find out your car has been stolen. but imagine losing irreplaceable family memories along with it. that's what happened to one redwood city family.and now they are asking for your help.kron four's daniel villareal has their story.
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erin muglebee baby books stolen on wednesday morning erin and david mugglebee started their day as they usually do until they noticed their family minivan had been stolen the night beforeit was then they realized there was something much more valuable to them inside the van i started remembering erin would work on those books in the van while her children were napping inside itand recently the bookshad become even more important to the family after losing a bunch of video of the kids to a hard drive crash erin has been reaching out to the community for help finding the van, she's been spending time posting to various social sites like facebook and craigslist. so far the vehicle has not been spotted but she's received an outpouring of support from folks who have come across her story. erin is obviously heartbroken
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its devastating erin says having the car stolen is one thing but those memories inside the books are what she hopes will be returned in redwooc city daniel villareal kron 4 news. a pedestrian remains in the hospital with serious injuries.after being hit by a car in an upscale oakland community yesterday. police say, the driver may have been speeding. as kron four's haaziq madyun shows us. that possibility comes as no surprise to people who live in the area.
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if you have a story idea you'd like us to look into -- go to our website, kron4-dot-com and click on the my kron4 story tab. jacqueline bennett>>: it will be a little chilly out there tonight. how the clouds are gonna create clear faster tomorrow. clouds from this morning are well into the central valley. will psephology in the usual spots out there tonight. i live
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in the morning, the fog will be gone with mostly sunny skies. it be in the '40's mostly everywhere else in the morning m, by the afternoon and it will be in the '60s in the south bay.
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pam moore>>:three puppies found in a trash bag in the east bay. are improving tonight. someone spotted the terriers at a park in pleasant hill on monday. it appears someone tried to suffocate them. now they are recovering at the east bay animal rescue and refuge in concord. officials say, they are still too young to be adopted, so they will be taken to a foster home until they are able to put on some weight. in sports. st. mary's and stanford take on top 10 national teams. . while steph curry finds out if he was the top vote getter for the all-star game. gary has that. and all the sports. next!
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curry all-star starter not only was steph curry voted an all-star starter for the second straight year he passed lebron james for the most votes of any player with 1,513,324 james had 42,000 less last year he became the warriors first all-star starter
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since latrell spewell in 1995 this season he is front and center for league mvp discussion averaging 23 points and 8 assists per game curry had this message for the fans today steve kerr coaching all-stars steve kerr by virtue of the warriors clinching the best record in the west for the first half of the season will coach the western conference all-stars along with the rest of his staff kerr in his first season has coached the warriros to a franchise best 34-6 record today he talked about coaching the all-stars in his innagural season febuary 15 in new york's madison square garden and tune in at 9pm sunday night as jason interviews kerr on sports night live st. mary's at #3 gonzaga in spokane both teams unbeaten in wcc play
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gaels hung tough kerry carter 3-pointer for st. mary's but down the stretch the #3 team too much kevin pangos drains the trey he had a game-high 14 points final: 68-47 gonzaga st. marys: 15-4, 7-1 in wcc mens hoops - stanford/ #7 arizona joe lacob talking to someone else with bob myers off to the left 2nd half chasson randle nice drive and hoop for stanford 45-40 stanford arizona's great freshman stanley johnson down the baseline for the layup 65-60 arizona final: 89-82 arizona stanford: 13-5, 4-2 in pac-12 counzo martin tough time against arizona state codi justice drains a 3-pointer for asu he had 16 points cal shot 33% and turned it over 19 times final: 79-44 arizona st. cal: 11-8, 1-5 in pac-12
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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