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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 4, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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start. we're breaking down a forecast for parts of the day. or looking for continued temperatures with the continued tool with the temperatures continue to be in the '40's. by later on today by noon time of the lunch hour with the temperatures in the low '60's at this point. mostly clear and sunny.
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will have a full look at your forecast coming up in 50 minutes. don't forget you can get updates with our mobile application.
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coming in at 31 minutes. the drive time for interstate 680 is not that at 18 minutes. if you tried to get our 580 coming from osama pastel to the dublin interchange the factious shave some time off that drive. : reporter:, many music lovers at the corridor of bush and stunner. you can see that they have a broken window of side of the business. is the second time this business owner has been hit in a similar fashion. is the fourth store that has
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been hit with a similar scrap shotand grab. according to the police and the witnesses they say are rung 4:00 a.m. this morning three men and a pickup truck came up to music lovers. they broke the window with an unknown object is and all three of them with a 80s and masks on and went inside the store and started pulling of equipment out of it. >>: reporter: there were able to get off their were described as three adult males with goodies on driving a red pickup truck. the most recent one was just a week ago at an february 27th at san francisco provisions store. this is where it was very similar in
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a way. different color description of a pickup truck and a different prescription of the suspect. obviously the police department is curious to know if these crimes are linked in any way. the police department was just about five minutes ago and they're talking about there being a connection. >>: several similar reason i cannot say it's the same people doing it by going into the system and the businesses and grabbing the items. reporter: who told us that he was hit less than a month
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ago very similar. this is and a way that was done. the broken window when and satin stole $20,000 with a quick appear is still collectors and the torture and to figure what exactly was taken.
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>>: everyone else they flit what caused the fire is still under arrest addition were expecting a fire investigator here on the scene with the next half an hour. this is an extensive damage to the inside and outside of this building behind me. take a look at this affair erupted late last night. the school district office buildings is near the intersection in the blaze did go into three alarms. there spark and flames poured in from the windows. it's now vacant and firefighters toughest that many people live here and 15 were here last night. initially the risk concern that a man the dog was trapped inside the building. >>: everyone that all safely in the fire investigator will determine the cause of the origin of the fire. the person that live inside the belly like we started the blaze. does the and smaller
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fires here in the past. we said that one firefighter suffered a punctured one to its hand.
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ttes. richdarkhocolate coveng st ceers. flaved with exot fru juices. i's chocole anfruiflavors li you'veeverexperiend bere. scov broside. : complete traffic check coming up.
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look at the shot for focus and on the forecast. let and conditions at 8:00 hour. with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. it's in the mid 40's for the look. one given to the proof 36 of the head inland. three this afternoon is the warmest time did they.
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pleasanton and livermore in areas 38 to 39 degrees. 43 and san jose low '40's out near oakland. everyone will enjoy springlike weather this afternoon. amid the upper 60s for this afternoon. as a look at the storm tracker for 70 rung of a forecast of sunny conditions for thursday and even into saturday and sunday with temperatures the steadily climbing. there really is that thursday through saturday timeframe that required to see the warmer superior for the next several days. this cloud certain relent-their role
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morning the death of actor and nimoy it at last week has inspired people to post follows on social media of the $5 comedian that show the former prime minister transform to resemble star trek. people are drawing and stops with a sharp our brows and signature ball here on the fiber. a spokesperson said that the bills are inappropriate because this does the canadian symbol of pride. it's not only catching on in canada but it looks like people are doing the same thing here in america. people have altered it lincoln and the other money to have those.
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local make a wish foundation has to play house designed and related bills. they've and mashed of the playoffs for the architectural out and read. the issue which stepped in and said that there was a violation of rules trippet.
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling. >>: closed places pay close attention to the drivers that are crossing a memo park. all these ladies taking a stroll also turned to be crossing guard. and that happens more than you think the last minute decisions that have flight
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changes of its own. recently a dry written killed. one would think it was a wake-up call to keep people off the tracks as said it wants to know say it again. you can only give my train of your on the track. a driver of the pickup truck dry roast duck because traffic was jammed. one moment he moved up a few inches behind the current front but still was on the act of tracks were trains travel at speeds up to 7 9 mi. per hour. the drivers as contracts for one minute and eight seconds. it seemed like a lifetime as the train were approaching. he must be 59 ft. away from any active foot train tracks. it's just so happens that of some buyers are from the memo park police department saw her and pulled her over.
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>>: i tried to talk to the driver she was issued a ticket which is the bargaining think about the price of getting hit by train. unless your trainer one of these vehicles in need to stay off the tracks.
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is how the days when to break down three different times a day 7 and noon and 3:00 p.m.. during the morning hours and seven mostly clear and cool temperatures still on the upper thirties to low 40's in the mid-40s. we are struck to see some of those temperatures begin to creep upwards on the front thermometers. by noon time and the lunch hour clear skies looking for mild temperatures and the low 60s and quickly warm and beyond that point. i threw in the afternoon will be sunny and warm. kids getting at a school in a policy be there to pick them up. temperatures there in the mid to upper 60s with a few low 70's here and there around the bay.
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it's still chilly in the north they were looking at a lot of my upper 30 still. some families there in wine country. while more detailed forecast coming up at 745. will focus in on yourself a. here's.
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track the commute for the east bay right and it's running at about 28 minutes as you head out of the east bay for the downtown san francisco. : he needs is laid-back to train. and if he does not get back as soon as he possibly can there's a possible chance that he will not compete this weekend. we're showing you this picture and video is name is registered steiner. he was out with his family and friends are monday night celebrating his birthday become some into san francisco he gets into his house and he forgets to take into his house is
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running blade he comes out on tuesday morning heads to work while the striving he says that something was wrong. >>: someone broke into his car and made off with his prosthetic leg that's worse $30,000 even worse it takes a lot longer to replace. 0 every moment loss is a moment he cannot train. when we tracked him down here's what he had to say about the theft. he loves working now he wanted university of oregon to run track. the
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olympics in 2016. he said he wanted back any as a sponsor to give them another one. but he said that the sponsor should not be responsive because it's his mistake he lost his leg in 2010 because of cancer. he is having a rough morning a truck recall in this morning to see if we can talk to him once again and maybe the police to permit can recover it. soon as we hear back from him over and over to his house and try to get a interview.
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pedestrian signals and signal timing. the critics say that'll take away much league needed parking spaces. decem betsy a. says that over a five-year period there was more than a hundred and 20 collisions involving pedestrians.
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woman that lives and missouri said she does not want to see the same thing happen again. berkeley city council has enforced a policy among police officers. the berkeley police are in the middle of their own investigation looking into how they could handle the post ferguson protests. see
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: reporter: on at the corner abortions done at the height and visual store you concede that window that was busted out. this is the second time this store has been hit and just last month. this is also the
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fourth up high and audiovisual store that has had similar robbery. what happened here at music lovers according to the police and witnesses they say around 4:00 a.m. this morning three men wearing hoodies in a bandanna drove up in a red pickup truck at the start smashed the front window unclear they smashed the window when inside and started pulling all kinds of things outside. in fact according to a witness they said they then went back and forth several times times >>: reporter: aziz said we had a chance to talk to a witness about what he saw and we also had a chance to talk to the police department because this is the fourth one and less than a month create ironically
8:03 am
the owner of the store says that the first time happen a month ago was exactly at 4:00 a.m. and he does have surveillance video inside the store and obviously that will be a big part of the investigation as they said four times in less than a month you have one today yet one a month ago at the same story 1 and february 22nd stamford cisco and another one on february 27th and san francisco obviously the police want to know of these are connected in any way.
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>>: reporter: this building has been vacant for many years the district office of the vallejo school district's new this morning the fire captain tells me that this building is waiting to be torn down and the of the month it coffered is before 10:00 last night the fire officials tell me that due to the size and the amount of fire that caused the three alarms that their biggest concern is the report that the man and the dog was trapped inside the building the building has have been big vacant for years and they have many transit that live here as possible as many as 15 or here last night. they conducted a thorough search for the building. >>: reporter: the fire investigators will cat determine the cause of the blaze. they say that it is suspicious and responded to
8:06 am
many smaller fires here this before. speaking with a fire captain this morning he tells me that the people that were is here was treated for smoke inhalation they tell me that one firefighter did suffer a puncture wound to his hand. unfortunately he was expected to be just fine. :
8:07 am
here's a quick look at the storm tracker for live temperature page. the neighborhood near you and we will be back with the complete update on the forecast. indeed whether any time with the mobile application. now hour featuring a dedicated weather application download that today.
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the 21 year-old has pleaded not guilty to three federal charges his lawyer says there, to try to show that he was influenced by his older brother hoof died after the bombings. if convicted he could end up with the death penalty.
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friday and saturday. as the next seven getting into the load mid-70s. sunday into monday with a few clouds beginning to arrive in tuesday night were seen chance of rain and forecasts. it looks like will see some what what weather by the middle of next week.
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one north bound.
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backed up here and slow from the richmond parkway on 580 west bound.
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the government does not support the alliance to see isis and iraq and syria.
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this is just the first lawsuit to be resolved
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is a cable from new hampshire rather hundred and 75 lbs. and only 18 months old is likely to get even bigger in fact the dog eats the five prongs of bucket per day.
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>>: reporter: is and today is the still local event at the mill of with the saddam is to risk our-car-. the bill does and does not realize that someone broke into his car overnight and multimedia feels the wind in his hair any realizes the someone broke into his car made up with a laptop but more importantly his running away they uses full the olympics. sphere
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>>: reporter: every day i go to practice and i couldn't take in and every night we can imagine if you go into practice and you don't have your running shoes and san timers' than that. i don't see what value it has to them.
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>>: reporter: it's not just his leg that needs to be report-dutch replaced was
8:35 am
window also. in this to get this tool all body shop which and i will take your time much longer he just got his car a few days before that. he was debating whether not to get this car or a honda accord. you'd be in the back and not visible but this car worked for him. we have done our web site to those that want to welcome all as well. set
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attitude and a national funny sight total funding and the search for and there. they contacted us for twitter feed and wanted to do something for him as well.
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the peninsula tracking the ride unbolt the dumbarton bridge and 287 west bound. it's still quite heavy with the guadalupe parkway 85 to 81 no one is still pretty jammed up. and the ride on 90 to west palm heading all the way of to interstate 28101 the big peninsula ride is jammed as you head south. the bay bridge is still backed up into the mcarthur maze it's worse than and looks.
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focus in on that briefly.
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oakland staff assistant both coming and at 52 degrees. here's your temperatures are going to be this afternoon. we're talking mid the upper 50s and maybe even the low '70's.
8:51 am
nine new inches of fresh powder for the norstar. that is the weather. were heading to traffic this morning. rest of tracking has brought this morning.
8:52 am
the west bound ride and it's still backed up from between castro and the richmond parkway for the right to the toll the
8:53 am
reports say that chris brown and snowfall their and his longtime girlfriend cruelty is not the one who gave birth. according to its dmz he's sharing a nine month old daughter with the 31 year-old model name means neo. she seems to be taken an active role in the little girl's life. he seems to of lofts are girlfriend and the past hour cruelty tweet did one could only take so much before the best of luck of chris and his new family.
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>>: reporter: this happened early this morning they talked about the six messrs. gray read that with three months around. four of them have involved high end of visual stores. this one was
9:01 am
one that just a month ago was at the same location. what happened early this morning? police and witnesses said it that are round of 4:00 a.m. this morning three men wearing the geese and also mask on their face drove up the red truck and broke a window. this is a high and all audiovisual store. they went inside and took several trips in and outside the business as they were carrying merchandise back into the truck. this is much like the smash and grab robbery that we've seen around the city. at least five including this one. let's go and the city over the last couple of weeks and mark what they seeing. back on january 19th a seen the patagonia store a broken tube. >>: reporter: the wells fargo museum on january 27th. and on february 22nd
9:02 am
the audio and video lottery division was hit on the 27 than the music lovers both back in february and in march. are these connected are the police able to connect the dots? >>: reporter: in just a few minutes ago he was up from rhino still collecting evidence. there is a video monitoring system inside the business and they are currently right now trying to go over that to see if there's any evidence on
9:03 am
there that can lead to a potential suspect. three suspects are wearing the these with masks and a break pickup truck is all they've seen at this time ticket : reporter: i just spoke with the fire investigators they tell me that this fire spark somewhere in the southwest corner of this building. this building is that office. but it is been making vacant for several years. the whole lot of burned debris left behind. over the past couple of hours the fire investigators showed up to begin taking pictures of fire capt called this a suspicious. they say many people live inside this building over that time crews responding to several smaller fires in the building used to house
9:04 am
offices to the unified school district and caught fire just before 10:00 last night. fire officials called for a three alarm as the smoke poured out of the window. >>: reporter: this a this appears that everyone got of the building safely. one of the people living here was a treated for smoke inhalation. because of all the trash inside the building the fire officials tell me that the blaze quickly spread and they believe that the people living inside started the fire. they also tell me that this is scheduled to be demolished at the end of the month.
9:05 am
start for the protective valleys in the upper '30's overnight. play-doh 3952 currently in concord. low fifties for downtown san for cisco. now as we head into the afternoon focusing on the forecast specifically in the east bay we have lots of sunshine with temperatures getting close to the 70 degree mark. mild warm conditions with clear skies continuing by 8:00 tonight. we do have a big warming trend to look forward to.
9:06 am
this is heading towards alamo back into san ramon. 580 again as a heavy red leading up to highway 13 with a mix of course stand- up as well. you're right into dublin is not bad and the commute on 680 south kron is much improved. we have not yet seen much and the way of the corridor ride. it's still pretty sold hisself a freeways' the drive time is up to 47 minutes from 85 up to the money the expressway.
9:07 am
ease a little for the west of ride. drive times troubled 20 minutes it's a ride to the golden gate bridge and the trip from marin county is no longer backed up or delayed for the cellphone ride.
9:08 am
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from last to the irs is to make sure that the numbers add up. offs so people may get back more money some people may have to pay the government back. they say that some rig tax returns were held for review early in the final filing season. as of last week they have been processed.
9:13 am
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9:17 am
low fifties for downtown silver cisco and oakland and 49 not and livermore valley. by this afternoon temperatures slightly warmer than what we saw yesterday. we will see plenty of '60s 66 your i and fairfield. redwood city a high of 68 and 69 degrees in sunnyvale. all and all were going to see dry conditions high pressure dominant over the weather pattern. scott storm tracker for a satellite and radar as the only dry conditions but for the entire state.
9:18 am
numbers are coming out. >>: the headline is disappointing and january will revise of a hundred atp toppers ahead in the last month. basically there say february is a weaker than expected because it was cold. there's tons of oil industry getting a lot of layoffs. were getting a decent number of jar reports from the federal reserve. that's really what's driving wall street right now. bork as slowing it was a hot or cold. the number came below expectations.
9:19 am
>>: mondays when a be the big announcement on the i watch. but there's three reasons why apple is pounding on why you might want this. we have watched as a mother to is that other a lot cheaper. but the new ways to connect as a lot of young people really connecting with others. people love new forms of connecting. they could figure out a way to communicate with one another and not pulling out your phone in a meeting. it's things like getting directions what you're walking through down the road the have biometrics answers. >>: originally jobs can mouth and i pad. we thought we were going to read web
9:20 am
site. i would expect will disappointment but people connect with each other.
9:21 am
and is expected to continue. i say probably not because it's the end of everything we've been talking about. this is processed food. kellogg's when bonkers. it's been around many years it's a great company it's had a great growth but people want protein carbohydrates and that kind of combination of food. >>: the tram and mark is the seventh or straight quarters of the stereo going
9:22 am
down. where of eggs are on the uprise. it's something i would say is ok as are going to lose you money but it's probably not to grow exceptionally.
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9:27 am
call maternity tourism at southern california. at their rated the maternity hotels yesterday. for women are about to give birth. the letter trending give birth in the u.s. so their children can obtain u.s. citizenship. itself this said there was the unusual alert try out of print . t.
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9:30 am
>>: would g. steiner losses late in 2010 because of cancer but he never lost his dream of being a world-class athlete. on sunday he just got this car. he keeps his running late in the back. he thinks who would want his running play? he does not take into a house because it does not want to forget them but he has to practice. on
9:31 am
monday night into tuesday morning someone did did the unthinkable. >>: was a in a bag? >>: know it was just wide open in plain view on the floor. it wasn't even on the sea i get it was calculated he knew what it was worse. --worth. >>: use said that if he took your walking like that would have been fined its replaceable. is this what
9:32 am
could derail your making your chances of 2016 or the next couple years. >>: i would save the real objective the walking like i was still limited get around with a trip wire running blade you can really replicate the amount of power and force the second give you for training and a level trending i'm able to do on that lake. --leg. yes to replace two of them could take a week to a month for the new ones to arrive. he has a meat this saturday and it's a good chance he will not be able to compete. for
9:33 am
looks like all arriving flights are on time right now. in terms of temperatures read not everyone for the most part in the 40's is not cannot withstand the temperature up temperatures in the upper '30's. these images are restarted to warm up with warm conditions in the afternoon. racine upper sixties to low seventies. but it clap this evening it will be clear with a light breeze in the forecast. temperatures drop the atom to the '50s and we will see '40's and '50's develop overnight. rich got a look at the storm tracker 47 there were on the day forecasttracker
9:34 am
bound on the stand that the accident occurred. it's causing a center from the west of traffic flow and that is why we're back up again and why the drive times are spiking for the san mateo bridge and the west bound ride. we're tracking the commute here for your right on highway 580 and the 24 we're still backed up heading to the mcarthur maze
9:35 am
process of support that was released. we also have supports biked potential police. this drop the three months ago in the ferguson verdict was a leak release. five police officers used teargas against those were valid. the people live at berkeley said the doors to the same thing happened again. ahoy
9:36 am
impacts. they're creating a lot of plastic waste. this is all those caicos were lined up there were sold last year they put them all around the earth 10 times if they put them and to end. john sold as the creator of the coffee maker he says that he doesn't even own one of those coffeemakers. they're deeply committed to come and more sustainable. the manufacture of the and the scope is involved in the spread of the super bug. it never got permission to sell the device trippet
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student and a gramm is due in court. right now matthew is expected to go to trial in june.
9:42 am
my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get roundup 32-oz. concentrate for $18.97 at lowe's.
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: the department of water resources finished third winters survey. a short jump through the fresh blanket of snow goes to a lingering drought. not surprising
9:46 am
since pass ratings have been coming up lower than normal which means far less water for california party had to cut back to the severe crop drought conditions.
9:47 am
factor this morning. the fact temperatures only climbing for this point forward. 49 in livermore take a look at symphysis go very monitor right now. lots of sunshine and not only for today but for the next couple of days. we're looking forward to a warming trend today is 30 warm that we saw yesterday. were getting pretty close to 70 look at pleasanton with a high of 66 and 65 for down tussive for cisco. in a storm tracker for satellite read our view shows clear dry conditions of the bay area. high pressure and early control of our weather patterns.
9:48 am
into early next week and as i mentioned we will see a storm with a few isolated showers tuesday and wednesday. nonspeaking of tile work went to look at the snow bomb got comp ski report.
9:49 am
backed up the ride at the west end of the bridge but again have the east bound back toward hayward. what you need to know for the commute is out of the east bay we're jammed up again along highway 92 for the backed up with half the distance from the toll plaza out to see the mets freeway. tracking the right to the quarter the still a hot spot quarter
9:50 am
the fourth lane south of for most of the span admitted that of the third plane and you're rich member dried is no longer backed up at the toll plaza so that means no longer any delays for west of 580 as you come on of richmond.
9:51 am
in and raid device. there's a security block called free to attack and is being blamed on a old government policy. even though the practices is abandoned several years ago many popular web sites have gone and their browsers are still trapped into accepting the weaker software. so far there's no evidence that they've got the weakness. apple and global are saying the working and updates. many of the security conditions are currently contract jobs that the company planned to turn into a full-time apple employee positions. the process is called from the quality services. from october that it andbring their own security guards and two staff to.
9:52 am
affordable care act. the question borders of both sides for an hour-and-a- half. opponents of the law at telling residents of states to set up an exchange insurance market to get federal substance it's just dumb say that the kennedy question is did indicate what his decisions will be back in 2012 with the decisive vote to uphold law and require that americans have health insurance.
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the school district's main office. it was occupied by homeless people one firefighter suffered a puncture wound to his hand.
9:58 am
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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