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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> catherine: britons tonight in oakland a freeway shooting has left one person
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injured and has created significantly more traffic than normal. this is to see on interstate 580 near the brett went off brett wood to lake are blocked around 330 this afternoon police say there was a shooting at the crash is a clear which came first thereto vehicles and all the letter: one has a bullet holes in it. we had a crew on the way. >> catherine: readiness of south korea where american ambassador martlet bird was attacked while giving a lecture in seoul. the picture from the yonhap news agency shows him and looking dazed and bloodied after he was slashed by a man with a razor. clipper is being treated and is expected to recover. his attacker is described as a man in his 50s who shouted, that the rival koreas should be at unified. it is a stamp stanford graduate he has been ambassador since last year and has the most
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unpopular since his time in seoul. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: now to restore it will only see on kron4 the owner of a small store with his the with and dropped and it was caught on surveillance video. it had been in january but police are leasing that bill for the first time here on kron4 will be someone or recognize the persons involved. kron4 haazig madyun has the story. >> reporter: >> yes he is actually hit with a pistol a few times. >> reporter: you are looking at exclusive deal of smoke store clerk been pistol would interrupt here at the said creek plaza location and brentwood. this is a that occurred back on giving or 25th of this year. no arrest had been made certain what a broad look at it says is time for investigators to release this video tape to
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show if someone were recognized or hope that someone will recognize the persons involved. >> a shot does bring out. >> reporter: he says the bullet just missed the court as for the suspect he says was wearing distinctive clothing. >> we are hopeful that the release of this bill would trigger someone to come for. >> reporter: if you recognize what this video you are asked to contact brett will police department. >> catherine: a second suspect has been arrested in a homicide case that happened in gilroy last month. yesterday gilroy police are rested 22 year- old rodrigo creek he was suspected in the murder of a man used by two teenage girls. the same morning the
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victim was found in his home. police already have another suspect in custody 19 year old gabrielle ortiz of san jose. of san jose. they are looking for another woman. >> reporter: burglars breaking into high in stores in the middle of the night and cleaned out have struck again. this time at an all bills for new bush and steiner. that is where kron4 dan kerman and joins us live with details. dan. >> reporter: is afternoon but were doing a lot of cleaning up with broken glass that was a visually replacing that glass that was broken in this location. back live on the corner of bush and finally to say that the police have decided to step up patrols but not to the road here but many of the areas or smash and grab have happened. sec reporting
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live in san francisco kron4 >> catherine: is still to see of that crash happening at 711 before noon at bridge way ave and intersection said the employee stated that a car came crashing through but no one was injured. it is not clear if that building had structural damage. >> catherine: and a california lawmaker is pushing for vaccinations for day care workers. senator tony mendoza's want to require all preschool and day care workers to get their shots. because of the measles outbreak. >> catherine: he says those workers have close contact with children but must be protected. there are no current requirement for day care workers to be
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vaccinated if the bill passes that would change that include vaccination for whopping cough and flu. >> catherine: people trapped in an apartment building on fire or forced to toss their pens from the windows. the dramatic rescue coming up at 515 and also the report is out on ferguson the jury police department. it details at 530 and next to smoking pot calls allergies?
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>> catherine: it is the season to be sneezing pyrrhic and researchers are adding something to the list of possible colin sirs disparate sources. 23 states have legalized marijuana in one form or another non u.s. researchers say that the cannabis pollen or smoke nature may trigger a fever like symptoms. more than 50 million americans suffer from allergies experts are now calling for more research on the side of that of marijuana. >> catherine: still ahead they were left for dead in a garbage bag in the east bay park next these three little puppies are ready for new homes.
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>> grant: update on the chp said three vehicles were actually involved is crash came first. a possible suspect has been detained another may still be on the loose. >> grant: kron4 jeff bush is live tonight. jeff? i know that on the scene what it is looking like now? >> reporter: directly to the south let me move out of the way. two cars right here. in the eastbound lane planted
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at his direction creek chp has to left lanes of eastbound 580 barrett causing a lot of problems you see that has stabilized a little bit. collecting as much evidence as possible the police are looking at the vehicles. >> reporter: caltran will be moving in here with their equipment derrick this investigation will be going on for quite some time. shanty here on eastbound fight a zero and a height of the afternoon commute is just a mess hall here. --out here
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>> grant: going onto hours now. yet it's the light colored vehicle has bellotto's. --bullett holes. it is always hectic this, knight is even more this evening. >> grant: will continue to follow this story throughout the bar broadcast. >> catherine: to mike investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a three alarm fire in vallejo. it ripped through an old school district building. kron4 mike pelton has the story. >> reporter: this building used to house offices. and has been vacant for many years. there is a lot of burned the greek left
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behind. arriving early this morning to take pictures to peace everything together. many transit's live inside of the building for several years. over the time police has responded to several smaller fires. >> reporter: here near the corner of of napa st. officials called for three alarm as smoke came through the windows. along with a man and his dog trapped inside. everyone did get out of the building but neighbors are not shot that it did catch on fire. -- shocked were >> reporter: you surprised to see it on fire last night? >> know i was not shocked. surprise that happen when it did.
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>> reporter: fire capt with the vallejo fire department says they do like the transit and the building started the fire. it was scuttled to be torn down by the end of the month. kron 4 news mike pelton >> catherine: menlo park is getting some new high-tech firefighting gear cameras that can find people trapped in burning buildings. here is one of them in use on the east coast. the cameras can see right through the smoke and pinpoint hotspots on walls. they cost $90,000 each in menlo park is by 11 of them. the million dollars in funding comes from a development agreement with facebook for a is a new well west kappas and mellow part. >> reporter: the apartment
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building was blazing when firefighters arrived. the 21 in one of them elderly, were trapped in a second-floor bathroom with their pets, the firefighters pushed a dumpster in to place to provide a soft landing spot. one after the other day made the 20 ft. drop. did teen the women out was not so easy. >> grant: as the flames spread they climbed up ladders to reach them and pulled them to safety. the fire happened two weeks ago but the video has made public last night as a ceremony honoring the firefighter actions in saving the dog's owners. >> grant: what they seem right there creek everyone got out safely safely. >> catherine: they were abandoned. left in a garbage
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bag to die in a east bay park. but now, three puppies are thriving. in fact, as kron4 to receive as bastille reports they are doing so well, they are ready to be adopted. >> my sweet darlings. >> reporter: for the past few weeks these three puppies have been nurtured by their foster parents. >> they were so small a pound need constant care and to see for yourself, just how far these pubs have come. >> reporter: this is a video of the pups days after they were taking in by an east bay animal rescue them refuge. it was back in
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january won a couple discovered the three in a trash bag at a park. >> we just had to do some think. >> it has been wonderful. >> reporter: couple's love them so much that they are keeping one. >> this guy is staying. >> reporter: ray gonzales with the rescue center said so far they have received more than two dozen requests to adopt the up spirit --the pups >> reporter: in the meantime it is back to cuddle time with their foster parents which they seem to love very much. >> reporter: we are going to
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continue with clear skies later on tonight. they and coast and the upper 50s. >> reporter: we are going to do it again we will also talk about graeme chances. --rain chances >> catherine: coming up this stunning admission made by the defense today in regard to the testimony beginning in the trial of the boston marathon bomber.
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agents raided more than 30 so-called maternity hotels in southern california. the officials say federal agents are cracking down on what they are calling maternity tourism in southern california. this week the rate more than three dozen so-called maternity hotels, where four women are about to give birth. their aim to have the children born and the you as many lots of federal benefits report >> catherine: federal agents are ready more than 30 so- called maternity hotels in southern california that officials say cater largely to pregnant women mainly from china. >> it is not legal to have your baby born in united states but it is illegal
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to ride out about your reasons for traveling creek >> reporter: court papers show authorities are looking for evidence of the slough of offenses including bringing in an orbit of on document visitors custers the fraud and tax evasion.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> grant: we will have updates on the breaking news stories throughout the evening >> reporter: today was warm and the upper 60s and to lower 70's. half moon bay will get to 62 degrees on the cooler and. san rafael with 67% in oakland as 71. we will do this again tomorrow. some locations even warmer. >> reporter: temperatures will continue to fall. as the sun set to rid 66 degrees. in certain
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locations. dropping those temperatures. lower 40's for most of the region and upper '40's to lower to ease across the coast and the day. tomorrow morning temperatures lower fees at our '40's. --lower temps >> reporter: we will talk more about the weather coming up in your 7 day forecast. >> catherine: the third is in police department engage in a pattern of discrimination against african americans. that's the conclusion of department of justice civil rights investigation. polo sandoval has the latest details. >> reporter: accusations
5:33 pm
against the ferguson police department of national last summer. some people in the st. louis suburb accused the police forced unfairly targeting african-american street today the federal government says many of those allegations are true. >> reporter: a scathing justice department report concludes card is simply the engage in a pattern and practice or discrimination against african-americans. >> reporter: findings of the civil rights investigation revealed racist jokes shared among ferguson officers and court officials. statistics show a this appropriateness our arrest rate among black citizens between 2012 and 2014. and an excessive number of traffic stop despite persistent 67 percent african-american population. >> this investigation not a
5:34 pm
community that was deeply polarized; a community where deep distrust and hostility often characterize interactions between police and every resident. >> reporter: attorney- general eric colder ordered the federal profile with the police shooting of michael brown in august and a second report issued by the the old j e effectively closed the books on the purchasing officer who killed brown. federal prosecutors say darren wilson actions did not violate any civil rights. >> to all of those who have closely followed this case and engage in the important dialogue that is inspired, i urge you, i urge you to read this report in fall. >> catherine: chilly cut in its battle with congressional republicans escalated today with a house
5:35 pm
committee subpoenaed records from a private e-mail account she used was secretary of state. the committee has been looking into 2012 terror attack on a u.s. diplomatic compound in libya. the credit enough for first reported by the new york times on monday. the private e-mail reported by the new york times on monday. the practice reportedly pyelitis specific guidelines for administration members. >> catherine: the keystone x l pipeline project has been voted down an attempt by senate republicans to override president obama of the toll on the legislation still today. >> catherine: senate republicans needed 67 votes but fell short by five the keystone project would have delivered oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. supporters say it will create jobs and lessen our dependence on other nations. critics say the u.s. needs to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. this was the
5:36 pm
third bill president obama has issued during his administration. >> catherine: the supreme court heard arguments today in case that could affect health care in america the case argued that congress authorize subsidies but only for people living in states that establish health care exchanges. if the court rules for the plaintiffs, more than 5 million people close the subsidies which help them pay for insurance is the third time the affordable care act has been challenged at the supreme court. >> reporter: testimony and the boston marathon, trial got underway today in massachusetts is the insider louis has details on what happened >> reporter: catherine, but the tragedy between the most high-profile case of terrorism and the u.s. since
5:37 pm
1911 with the image of an explosives going off near the finish line sixth in to the nation's collective conscious it is a jury of 12 that would decide the bombers fate. >> explosion. >> reporter: 18 people were chosen from a pool of more than 1308 are men 10 are women are all white and 12 of them would decide his fate. >> reporter: it has been nearly two years since the violent act of terror injured 264 and took three innocent lives including an eight year old boy. this morning in the epic and of city redefined boston strong the now 21 year old defendant are rush to court shackled and orange jumpsuit. >> catherine: it might be a part of an important part of your routine but the man who
5:38 pm
created the scene serve coffee system says he is not proud of his invention. >> catherine: we will expedite at 5:45 p.m. did-- we will explain >> catherine: and next price of a silicon valley how out of control and a task force one single mom to move into the crotch. --garage
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bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> catherine: a single mother in san mateo is getting a lot of attention. she becomes a symbol of the crazy price of housing in the bay area. the call jones
5:42 pm
is now looking and a converted space for a thousand dollars a month. the trouble began when she lost her job and apartment when she was pregnant with her 18 month old daughter. she is now present pregnant with a second child. nichol spend some time in a shelter the fall of the work in moved in to be converted spaceship is not complaining. >> catherine: nichol says the experience has changed her attitude toward homelessness. and while this is the ideal living for her little family she is grateful for a roof over her head. according to szold the average property grant and sam until is now $3,600. >> reporter: we are talking about showers. coming up for the 7 day forecast.
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>> catherine: >> reporter: on sunday, he was just able to get a brand new car and he keeps his running believed in the back thinking who would want his running place? also, he did not take them into the house because he does not want to forget that when he has to practice on monday night and into tuesday morning someone did the unthinkable creek >> i do not understand the value it is for the guy because i have you done that and there's also. the running plays are special for me there are not going to get any function for that. a listing have the
5:47 pm
same exact lake that i do. if you are not mean you are not using that for anything practical. >> i guess it was calculated he knew what it was worth or what ever the case maybe he saw it and he grabbed it. pundit for money. --pawned >> will not be real my chances. i can still get around. --will not derail. >> it is not easily replaced. >> reporter: he has to replace two of them. it will take a least one month for each of them operate in it
5:48 pm
will cut into his training time. there is a good chance he would not be able to compete in the meet this week ahead. >> catherine: the man who invented the cake cut the symbol sur, a plastic cup use the machines like a carrot says he is not part of this achievement. janssen told the atlantic that he sometimes regret his invention because it creates too much waste as bad for the environment. he said he thought it would mostly be used in offices. in any case is too late to brood about it he sold his interest and the company in 1997 those pot based coffee machines are now and another three of american homes. --pod
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>> reporter: in our area comfortable temperatures into the met upper 60s. livermore 66 degrees the temperatures will continue to stay mild for most of the evening and then it will drop in temperature tomorrow morning will be in mostly 40 degree temperatures. about 34 napa but and fairfield. and for now >> reporter: 221 degrees overnight. 51 degrees overnight. quickly warming up into the lunchtime
5:50 pm
tomorrow and the mid-60s. continue to stay warm and lower 70's for most of the region and inland areas. >> reporter: sunnyvale 74 degrees may be time records. fremont 71 degrees. more sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70's. vallejo 70 degrees patrick north bay and peninsula looks pretty good. >> reporter: laura 70's for most of the weekend. with a slight chance of showers. storm tracking and run tuesday night potential for isolated showers. lasting until thursday of next week. >> reporter: a lot of snow over the last seven days.
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>> reporter: people behaving badly coming up!
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. breaking news.a huge backup right now on 580 in oakland.after a driver was shot on the freeway. this is the scene -- from our partnership with abc 7. >> catherine:good evening.i'm catherine heenan the shooting happened just after three this afternoon on eastbound 580 near the broadway exit. >> catherine:that's where kron 4's jeff bush is live tonight with the very latest.jeff? >> reporter: chp is still on the scene and this investigation will take quite some time. but the heavy police response following the shooting and car crash you will notice that the cars and bob and this car crash are both
6:00 pm
facing the opposite direction on the eastbound 580 creek the cars were turned rough for some reason creek the broker has by for six large caliber bullet holes in the passenger side. >> reporter: i can tell you that caltran crows are here coming out the area tried to lead up to this crash site so the drivers will have some ability to park anticipate that there has been a crash scene investigation along with a crime scene investigation and shooting. oakland city >> reporter: are going to stay on top of this story. for now just bush reporting live in oakland. >> grant: and look at what speed is like. it is not good at all. you can see the
6:01 pm
point of the accident caused or crawling by creek . you see how things are speeding up rather nicely. >> grant: 3 vehicles have been involved. one possible suspect detained and the next one can be on the loose. britain is of oakland. --breaking news >> catherine: happening january 25th and and a smoke stop store employee was pistol whipped and robbed --- and it was caught on surveillance video. it happened january 25th in the city of brentwood. >> catherine: kron4's exclusively obtained this video. investigators say their leads have gone cold and now it's time to alert the
6:02 pm
community. >> catherine: they say these men are considered armed and dangerous >>".violent individuals" >> catherine:the 3-men were seen leaving the store in a white chrysler town and country van. police want anyone with information to call them. >> pam: >> pam: >> catherine:the mother of a northern california baby found dead near the sacramento faces involuntary manslaughter charges. >> catherine:23 year old samantha green made her first court apperance today. she was arrested saturday in the death of 20-day old justice rees. >> catherine: shothis body was found last week - just west of sacramento. investigators believe he died from drowning or
6:03 pm
hypothermia. >> catherine:explosive new details of a department of justice report on a pattern of racist police behavior in ferguson missouri. >> catherine:months after the angry protests surrounding the police shooting of michael brown. that report says that ferguson police targeted blacks in cases including excessive force. >> catherine:and city officials even sent racist e-mails. however.the department of justice says evidence did 'not' support charges against the officer who killed brown last august. >> catherine:saying there's nothing to contradict darren wilson's testimony that he feared for his safety. >> catherine:the attorney general agrees --but says there's nonetheless a toxic pattern
6:04 pm
of racism in the city. >> catherine:the report includes evidence of racist jokes being e-mailed by ferguson police and court officials. >> catherine:it includes more than two dozen recommendations to improve the city's police department and court system. >> catherine:tonight city officials say they're still reviewing the report. >> reporter: cold temperatures overnight. you can see the yellow color that is very nice this evening. it will stay warm for an next couple of hours. highs are around the area along '60s and '70s accurate oakland will get to 71 degrees concord 70 into
6:05 pm
the afternoon and 70 with a handful of '60s spirit half moon bay as 62 degrees. antioch is also on the cooler side was 61 degrees. >> reporter: we will continue on with the warming trend. would >> reporter: those temperatures into the '40's. >> reporter: you may need to grab a new light cold creek to purchase was a nice. -- coat >> reporter: enjoy the nice evening. and we will talk more about showers coming soon. >> catherine: a reminder -- you can get all your weather alerts, forecasts, check radar and more. by >> catherine: coming up.
6:06 pm
>> catherine: consummate larry reed is taking the blame for not keeping his constituents' safety rick scott rates talked to him he is alive and oakland with a more accurate scott? >> reporter: i spoke with the senator and he is frustrated. he is upset about what is happening in his district. this is a 21 year old marcus west jr. carrot family member said he was shot in front of the house and he grew up and pyrrhic and busy with the scene looked like a neighborhood right here. four or five gunshots is what was heard. very little affirmation has there released. they state that
6:07 pm
the suspect to have been in a car because they did get away quickly. larry reed was buried " bogle when he spoke with me. --vocal >> must sides are down in my district but we are still losing an incredible amount of young women and young man to gun violence on our streets. a lot of kids are growing up not knowing who their when who their mothers and fathers are and be raised by grandparents accurate. >> catherine: more cases of that deadly super-bug in southern california. which hospital is now issuing a warning. >> catherine: and a northern california on a mission to save lives. how her one kidney donation
6:08 pm
is helping a dozen people. >> catherine: and san francisco police.are looking for the suspects behind the latest smash and grab crime. what they targeted this time.
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
>> catherine: a second los angeles hospital says several patients have been
6:11 pm
infected with a "superbug" linked to a medical scope similar to last month's outbreak. >> catherine: cedars-sinai medical center says confirmed four patients contracted the disease. during procedures between august and january. >> catherine: we're told one patient died from an underlying medical condition. >> catherine: 68 other people had the procedure during that timeframe. the hospital says those people got free home test kits to monitor their health. >> grant: san francisco police comparted that the bomb sniffing dog alerted his owners or master's if you will, of one suspicious package or more than one. t as they called the san francisco police bomb unit. we do not have specifics or where exactly that s f o.
6:12 pm
the bomb sniffing dog alerted his master that something may be all right. --may not be all right. >> catherine: up next. >> catherine: another san francisco audio and visual store.becomes a victim. we're live with a look at the string of burglaries.and what police are saying about them. >> catherine: plus.the three puppies left for dead, are now up for
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> catherine: burglars operating under the dark of night -strike again. >> catherine: the target.another audio and video store in san francisco. >> catherine: the thieves smashed the windows.and took off with whatever they could.
6:16 pm
kron 4's dan kerman is live in san francisco with the latest on this string of smash and grabs.dan? >> reporter: this window at music lovers will smash as they got away with tight end audio equipment. --highend >> reporter: police say there was three to four suspects involved and got away in a pickup truck creek. >> reporter: authorities are reviewing security surveillance and to identify suspects creek although, and they did had their faces covered so it will challenge or make a challenge for us to identify the individuals. >> reporter: this is becoming more and more common of high end storage throughout the city.
6:17 pm
we are >> try to figure out if this is the same group of people or copycats. >> reporter: another smash and grab at the wells fargo history museum with the target being gold nuggets. and last month at the harmon know at the harmony house and video and california on california street. >> we are hoping to capture the suspected this was to happen again. >> reporter: the owner of the store says what he will like is the closed circuit tv camera crew out that in the meantime he welcomes the patrol. the new window behind it has bar separate so if they smashed you it will be a lot more difficult to get inside the store.
6:18 pm
reporting live in san francisco. >> catherine: an east bay man hopes he is lucky enough to take home three puppies left for dead in a garbage bag. today.the puppies are doing much better. >> catherine: back in january, a couple found the abandonded dogs. >> catherine: since then, the east bay animal rescue and refuge group as well as a foster group teamed up to care for the pups. >> catherine: two of them are now up for adoption. the rescue group says they will evaluate all of the applications and then make a decision. >> catherine: the pups first must be neutered but they will be ready to go to their new homes next week. >> reporter: searching all of the way through the north east and back down to arkansas and even parts of texas and new mexico and are seen snow and freezing rain. in our area we will see quiet and cold temperatures >> reporter: the
6:19 pm
temperatures will continue to fall overnight. and to the 40's. maybe a couple of 54¢ francisco. napa fairfield the livermore creek. >> reporter: temperatures will fall into the mid to low '30's for ukiah. >> reporter: thursday, lunchtime a lot of sunshine. easily into the mid-60s by the early afternoon some of the areas could seek low to mid 70's. all around the area it could be upper 60s and concord redwood city as 73 degrees and sunnyvale could possibly tied a record for tomorrow. daly city 69 degrees as ever
6:20 pm
fell 71 degrees. >> reporter: even into early next week, a storm chance could possibly move again tuesday or wednesday. lasting until about thursday. >> reporter:www.sno report >> catherine: coming up! she lost her son and husband and now she is on a mission to save the lives. >> catherine: police raid maternity hotels the legal and a booming business. --
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illegal >> reporter: coming up people behaving badly! tonight at 8. television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now,
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>> catherine: a san francisco hospital is getting ready to perform a rare six -way kidney transplant. >> catherine: it will involve 12 surgeries over the next two days.with six people giving up their organs to six others who desperately need them. >> catherine: kron4's maureen kelly life saving procedures was kicked off by the generosity of one woman. >> reporter:meet zully broussard.the sacramento area mother is the only one of the six donors who is not related to someone getting a kidney during this transplant chain. >> reporter:she originally
6:25 pm
intended to donate her kidney to a friend, who ended up not needing it.but zully decided to give up one of her organs a complete motivated after losing her son to cancer 13 year ago.and more recently.her husband. >>i know what it feels like to want an extra day and not being able to have it so if i can some how with god's help then it's all worth it. >> reporter:but with the help of a computer software program.developed by a former transplant recipient.she will end up extending the lives six people. >> reporter:zully's medical information software program which was able to match up five other patients who have family members willing to donate their organs.but aren't a match with their relatives.the sixth patient.comes off the transplant waiting list.doctors call it a domino type of transplant. >>her kidney goes to the first recipiant, there donor gives to the next recipiant on down the line >> reporter:the transplants will take place thursday and friday. at california pacific medical center. six surgeries happening simultantously each day.making it the largest kidney donation chain happening at one hospital on the west coast. >>13:55 the logistics
6:26 pm
involved with having enough teams is a bit challenging in fact one of the obstacles we've had to overcome is having enough sets of surgurical instruments for them all at the same time >> reporter:zully's friends say they aren't surprised by her generosity. zully says she's just beginning to comprehend the ripple effect of her decision. >>it's kind of overwhelming i thought i was going to just don't know, but the fact that so many people can have life extension, that's pretty big >> reporter:zully will be able to meet the person getting her kidney.and the 10 other donors and recipients for the first time after they've all had a chance to recover. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine: this shocking statement by the defense lawyer in regards to the boston bomber trial.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
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>> grant: the bomb squad is act as f zero. the bomb squad dog did called alert to its masters. regarding a package creek it is unclear if the dog sniffed explosive material or drugs. this facility is not connected where passengers are located however, the bomb squad is on the scene. we will keep you updated. >> reporter: the shooting and car crash on eastbound side a 0 per it at least one person was shot and and the hospital. one suspect has been arrested. caltran has
6:31 pm
moved in to assist with traffic and warn drivers of the impending slowdown to lovelace of the east downside is completely closed and traffic is forced to go into the one right lane. c h p said it will be here conducting their investigation for quite some time in oakland kron 4 news. >> reporter: another smash and grab burglary. that music lovers. breaking through the glass at 4:00 a.m. and stole hiking and music equipment--high end. paul is has the true pollees has vowed to step up patrols in those areas creek. >> reporter: police are
6:32 pm
hoping that someone will recognize the individuals in this store surveillance video that is the what and rob the store clerk. >> the act on the video was violent. >> reporter: you can recognize the individuals in this video please contact the brett what police department. brentwood >> reporter: spending the day walking with a prosthetic specialists and to have this placed on his lake. he says his insurance will pay for a replacement lamb and hopes that all money traced online can go towards helping children that are not as lucky >> reporter: another big story here and, corporate
6:33 pm
take a look at this look to buy one of three copies of bandit back in january. thanks to t l c at foster care that are big enough and healthy enough to be adopted. only two will be adopted because the foster parents are keeping one. >> reporter: a new dating application designed for rich people called the tender-the poor people. women do not need to disclose how much they make but man will have to make at least $200,000. with talk more about this new application at 8:00 on kron 4 news. >> catherine: there was a law enforcement raid in southern california this week -- cracking down on what's called "maternity tourism." >> catherine: it's a booming and illegal business -- charging women to come into the u.s. specifically so their babies are born here.
6:34 pm
>> catherine: that means lots of federal benefits for the newborns. agents raided more than 30 of the 'maternity hotels' tuesday. >> catherine: they say they cater mostly to pregnant women from china. >> we thought that there was something and the walter kerr it--water. >> they're mostly of china dissent. >>big like nine months. >> catherine: lots of local residents had wondered what was going on. authorities say companies posing as tourism businesses promoted themselves >> catherine: to chinese customers on the internet. they charged as much as 50- thousand dollars for customers to come to the u.s. >> catherine: and give birth.
6:35 pm
>> catherine: opening statements began today in the boston marathon trial. it's been nearly two years since the deadly the life of the 21 year-old suspect is at stake. >> catherine: chris welch reports on the bombshell that defense lawyers unveiled today. >> reporter:with victims watching in the packed courtroom, the first day of the boston marathon bombing trial provided jurors with a peek at the strategies of the prosecution and the defense. >> reporter:both sides agreeing dzhokhar tsarnaev helped carry out the april 15-th, 2013 attack at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> reporter:his own defense attorney going as far as saying "it was him" who took part in the attacks. >> reporter:however, tsarnaev's attorney says the real question is *why* he did it. saying dzhokhar was heavily influenced by his brother, tamerlan. >> reporter:meanwhile, prosecutors made an emotional appeal to the jury. painting tsarnaev as a terrorist, whose goal was to kill as many people as possible. >> reporter:the prosecution says the motive for the attacks can be found in the boat that ultimately became tsarnaev's hideout before his arrest. >> reporter:there, tsarnaev allegedly wrote messages
6:36 pm
explaining that he believed the u-s government is an enemy of islam. >> reporter:now, 12 jurors will have to decide whether tsarnaev is guilty of the 30 federal counts he's charged with. more than a dozen of which carry the death penalty. >> reporter:i'm chris welch reporting. >> reporter: we had a one day across the bay area but temperatures are starting to cool down. livermore 63 degrees creek concord 62. >> reporter: across the inland the least we had the upper 30's and or 40 sprit so cold across those parts concord. >> reporter: temperatures are easily won the up. low to mid 70's so we will continue to feel springlike into tomorrow afternoon.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: vallejo warming up to 70 degrees. and the afternoon. across the north bay 60 degrees. >> reporter: leaving you with the 7 day forecast. we have our next lane chance on tuesday night possibly into thursday. --rain
6:38 pm
thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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>> catherine: stunning new pictures of will believe to be a japanese world war two battleship which sank more than 70 years ago. microsoft co-founder paul allen's as he bounded off the coast of the philippines. the ship was one of the largest and most powerful and the japanese fleet. it was torpedoed and bombed by u.s. forces in 1944. what about the crew members died. allen said he respects the wreckage as they were great and plans to work with jack
6:42 pm
palance with japan's government to make sure the site is treated keeping with japanese traditions.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: steve kerr... >> everyone within a game or two of each other we are not in that position. we had a five games difference occurred we are in good shape we are trying to get better occurred. >> gary: giving you the word or re alan kerr--ray allen
6:46 pm
>> gary: he says no, he will sit out for the remainder of the season. spike lee production if you remember, he got the game with no acting ability stood toe to toe would then sell washington and did not look out of place. >> gary: i sit jason kidd, when he could not, with the money he went to st. joe's to play basketball. i did do jason kidd banquet junior and senior year. those were the dates i will go out and will love the bay " spirit --those days i would go out and do a lot of the banquet speaker.
6:47 pm
>> i used to do it. but i am doing one banquet and you know that you are doing to me when someone says they heard that story before. >> catherine: that is kind of fruit. --rude >> gary: smiled when i said a serious but piano, you know that you are doing too many free dame would separate--free banquets >> gary: i send you want me to come speak at your affair i say $10,000. now you know how many i'm going none. >> gary: we have more! brian
6:48 pm
say began the giants' general manager. it's not a bridge registered a certified genius--is now a registered certified genius. >> i think that we have proven to do something good and the first round and then prepare for the playoffs. >> gary: i have won three in five years cannot relax this week and not worry about sandoval coming or going or any of this doubt that is tied up my mind all year long. >> you count your blessings and look back at people who
6:49 pm
did not make it this far with you. either passed away or no longer with the organization. we have had a lot of success. >> gary:sabian has head issues. no, just kidding is practice. just practice >> gary: e s p n says they cut and a live parrot--cut in live. >> gary: base hit and drew a walk been left the game in
6:50 pm
the sixth inning. >> gary: i have to admit when i was on the radio. was there anything that jumped out when you watch rodriguez? >> gary: and not being funny. much someone serve time like michael dick. i wanna go there and collect their tran to minimills. when someone serve is penalty i root for the person to come back and do well. but you do not? >> reporter: deck is you. you have a big part. that is you >> reporter: do not.. don't people hate the yankees? i hate the yankees. traders
6:51 pm
going to hate i am a hater. --haters >> gary: everytime i see rob fladeboe... on ash wednesday the priest has had fun with hughes reason for sandoval leaving for boston creek the congregation boot diskette out through during massacre it--the congregation booed the cout --scout. >> gary: people are going
6:52 pm
what a guy that is. he had his salary reduced. no one likes to give money back when you go from 19 million to 50 million is a leisure if your point from $100 to $75. that is all i'm saying. --19 million to 15 millio n. >> catherine: weather when we return!
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> catherine: cupertino based company sold just
6:56 pm
under 17 million bones and the last quarter of the year and that more than a million of samsung. iphone 6 and 6 + now in more demand. >> catherine: the insider tonight. along with kron 4 news at 8:00. michelle what the weather. it has been gorgeous michelle. >> reporter: if you got today was warned it will be warmer. it was nice in the '70s more springlike and temperatures will lapse into early next week and we are talking more about duane coming into the plot--coming to the bay area. >> catherine: i can only
6:57 pm
gaze out the window but it does look gorgeous. we will see you at 8:00. bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top-trending stories. i'm always thinking about my customers. it's still very important to me that i play a little. >> victoria beckham's controversial clothing images are being today sexy. is it high fashion or just morbid? opening statements will begin this morning in the boston >> marathon bomber's attorney admits the alleged killer's guilt, but can he avoid the death penalty? >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. >> the new california version killer lawsuit. why the victims' families are taking the county to court. >> he's going to a very safe place. >> does chris brown have a nena gets a new man? you won't believe robin and pharrell's big blurred lines payday. we investigate hollywood's
7:00 pm
infamous hillside burglar. tim mcgraw and faith hill were among the targets. >> he's terrorized the rich and famous, breaking in to their mansions. >> over $10 million lost. >> where was the officer who helped crack the case? >> this was three years of agony. >> let's go inside. >> he only made a couple of mistakes and it's sometimes all you need. >> the latest celebrity and pop culture news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> victoria beckham's crime of fashion? the modeling controversy with her new couture collection. hello, everybody. i'm louie aguirre. >> i'm thea andrews. we go to the blurred lines payout. >> posh took her bow at new york's fashion week with little fanfare and it has everybody talking. is beckham redefining the term drop dead gorgeous or is the fashion's ongoin


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