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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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saliva of the san mateo bridge it can't take out the high-rise section. right around here creates a nice little arkin and nighttime. it's not the case this morning fog is that there is a to a quick look at the camera 40 this morning the golden gate bridge is being tracked all morning long.
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get even worse conditions there with a mile and half in hayward.
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fog advisor and place for the bay bridge. we have sought fog at the san mateo bridge as well. offs and the repairing the visibility here and either direction. your trip to the golden gate bridge the fog is not as heavy on the deck is and has been early this morning but that could be a very different situation had changed from minute to minute.
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domestic violence and abuse in the police department miller has not made any comments but the niners stay out last night and they take out a news release that says they're disappointed by what happened. so far this morning me still with the team he has not been suspended and this is big news because the niners made a net loss of news last season because of alden smith remake donald is also accused of domestic violence. >>: reporter: is no longer with the team for that matter. that of about what's happening with all the smith and he was with the team so great race was a big story last he knocked out
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his than fiancee at the time in the elevator. will the nfl promised to send out campaigns and will be a note brucellosis makes the news again. we will get the news car prison ask questions.
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press covers an announcement from linebacker patrick wallace was expected to retire leaving the forty- niners. the word came out yesterday he's 30 years old and appeared in 36 games last season. this is before undergoing the season ending toll surgery that he had. he made no indication of what was up after the surgery. he says yes fiber six years left in his body and when i come back i'll be bigger and better. he has been with the niners for eight years in san francisco now.
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and to also rebuilt. the original report are accurate it's going to take some time to clear.
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shooting at that intersection of stan would drive and dole drive as furman and been shot. no one was in custody.
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approach so that means no delays on 583 richman for the west on ride.
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down to eight. it tells us that the fog is developing through san jose. it's also picking up fog in the east bay valleys. it's a quarter mile visibility with concord martinez. less than a check that the fall did not look too bad. this is as traffic flows through six indian to the san ramon valley. the fog is not too big a factor here for you.
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storm that's an bound bringing us calls today but the system and that from should impact us tomorrow. respecting a few charts your wednesday. it's too terribly impressive right now is on the weak side. warm weather returns and 44 set by this weekend as easier temperatures get back up to the 80s trippet
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has a development many say it does not look good for the niners. one person saying that it is it just me or the they feel a doomsday for the forty-niners. another person agreed. he said a lifetime 49ers fan and this organization and appears to be running from the inside out. they're hosting the foot ball super bowl as we just watched them go.
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is the pedestrian flow bridge that you see the top of your shot. the lotus build on to the front of the road as well as your to re lane's of the freeway. this is not going away anytime soon.
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the east bay and a stated the score's one of the busiest it's going to be jammed all morning long. it's gonna take our recess to clear this load of lumber and overturned trailers that gets billed. is blocking the west, lance and also the on radford university avenue in the north from lane just west of the freeway. these live pictures courtesy of kron 4. will talk with them about the accident and the rest of the hot spots one returned.
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back below $50 a barrel in strengthening. this is going to drop the dow down to 17,000. were expecting a quick fall here with the beginning this morning.
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>>: reporter: women talk the chp yet but the initial report says that the drug during report a pothole he spell the lumber on east bound 80 but on west bound 80. this is a university and also the front they you concede it's basically down to one lane. i would not be shut surprise if they shut down completely. as you said it's like force our walls is what you're looking at. you can actually see the trucks that was carrying it. concealable of lumber right there. it's also on the shoulder and does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. >>: reporter: the is the
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ally of people slowing down and the area i would say avoid it this road if you can. it's not an option and a lucky will try to use it for west bound 80 backed up but this is not the morning to do that because this will be your while.
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mateo bridge we are ready solidly backed up we saw this coming 15 to 20 minutes ago its earlier and earlier that this was from 92 red is saturated coming to a stock the golden gate bridge ride is fog but moving well as the head and to marin and the rich member reach its has thing slowing a bit at the toll plaza but no backup for the interstate 580 ride west bound.
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the south tower in the span but decant this morning. there's one final shot for sfo. not picking up to much fog expect delays for the arriving flights.
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than you did yesterday.
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drug. it will be downgraded one level in the d.a.'s to five clashed truck classification system. also allow doctors to work with the veterans and legally and recommend pop for certain conditions. the dispensary owner says he by parts some legislation.
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20s were sitting in a camaro and they were shot multiple times. officers believe that someone walked up to the car and shot them they have witnesses including car workers there were nearby when the shooting happened. they're not releasing any information at this time.
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going to try to push share from the freeway on to the front row but even to do that they think it will take them a minimum of two hours so the looking at major delays for the interstate 80 commute with no time that this is going to clear some. will update this and the rest of the hot spots remember you could stay up- to-date with what's going on with the kron 4 mobile application.
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have underhand the interstate 80 in the west bound erection there's a major spill of debris blubber on the roadway. it's not only blacken the to rein him lane's of an estate 80 west bound but it's also jammed at the frontage road to the freeway between university avenue and ashby avenue. it's also blocking the ashby avenue on ramp to interstate 80 west palm. so again this is a oversize load that was traveling west bound part of a convoy of two trucks carrying large pieces.
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want to push all of this off the freeway on to the furniture road but even to accomplish that they'd take a minimum of two hours. so in the meantime look with this is doing to the traffic not only completely backing it to highway 4 but now beyond. it's also backing of the right to interstate 580 coming from richmond. if you normally take the richmond bridge east bound you may want to rethink your strategy this morning unless you plan on heading in that direction. if you're heading towards per clear oakland for human want to take a different route.
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crippled with slow and go and stop and go traffic for the last 20 minutes.
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what i've been. there's a quarter mile visibility in the east gate with a quarter mile visibility. upper '40's and the south bay we have san jose 49. a mixed amid
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the upper '40's the north bay 7 cisco 50 and oakland to 82.
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sunshine and summerlike temperatures. : reporter: their steady compared to this time last year. it's hopeful at different times those numbers are dropping as the been under the big city.
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see the mayor says that in the next few months she will hire a director of community safety and support the comprehensive public safety plan that will not only address prevention and intervention strategies with the plans for increasing the number of officers and the to the department. the main be a tall order to fill the census continues to outsourced revenues. never $80 million shortfall as they prepared a budget for the upcoming system in the
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year. the mayor is now working to put that much a proposal together create.
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